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The final push is over. It’s time for your deepest letting go yet, which severs the umbilical cord that nourished the shadowlands, so you can enjoy Truth’s abundant, joyful Life. Welcome to the Dimension of Oneness.

Cutting the Umbilical Cord

As you step into the Dimension of Oneness, you will recognize the words proclaimed below as your own. In Oneness, your I Am Presence manifested this proclamation and the thought-forms it creates in your mind. The Creator and all called by the “I Am” Name are united in “I”, the open door to Truth’s Life. You are this open door.

Proclamation of Divine Love’s Life

I settle my mind, heart and being in the Light, resting fully upon the I Am Presence, Divine Love’s Truth, my true essence and expression. I let go of all else.

All else is but an illusion, that even now is fading from me, as my mind and heart unite in a deep oneness with the endless flow of Truth’s Life Stream. All “I Am” is pouring forth and covering the earth from the higher realms of knowing, generating a flood of Goodwill that time will reveal.

The cord to my humanness is breaking away. The umbilical cord is severed by the mirror reflection of my soul, setting me free from the darkness and allowing me to live in the Light of the eternal Day. Within my soul, my eyes fell upon the pearl of infinite worth, the Light of Truth. In seeing its beauty and perfection, my desire for it has consumed me, purifying all desire, thus making my will, Truth’s Will.

The Light I’ve long sought for and desired with all my being, a desire that gave me the divine strength for the final push out of the gravitational pull of reality and into the Light, is beginning to consume me.

Now, Truth’s Will can perfectly lead me by my desires, ending all projected separation and friction. In this, my Will is perfect, for it is one with the “Father”. In perceiving this perfection with such clarity, the idea of a separate, imperfect will is cut off, which was the umbilical cord to the shadowlands. The Morning Star arises within me, I Am eternally one with all that is Divine in my mind and heart.

Thus I let go of all I believed to be true in the life of my shadow self. It is no more.

I Am at Rest. I remembered who I Am. In this all is renewed from beginning to end, from the inside out, and as this renewal touches all of my reality, I rejoice along with creation that is awakening into its true Likeness.

Rest. Remember. Renew. Rejoice.

This is a Time to rest, remember, renew and rejoice.

The gates of heaven are opened. The storehouses are overflowing. The collective truth-filled awareness of all who have journeyed the path of enlightenment is gathering as one, as the great River of Life, and flowing into the earth. These Living Gates are being revealed in a power that is able to overcome all the darkness ever created in time. This collective awareness and its combined expression of Truth’s Life is a great River of Life, healing, blessing, prospering and enlightening those who walk among the earth.

The foundations of the earth shake as the Great River of Life begins to flow, a River that will nourish all the earth causing every seed to produce its divine reflection. The night is over, the new Day is upon us and it is a Glorious Day.

As you cross the infinite chasm upon the Breath of Life, you experience a deep letting go as you are energetically severed from all discord. This is your great healing. Imperfection is an illusion of the past, that no longer exerts a gravitational pull on you. Your understanding of Truth and your willful honor of it, was transmuted into the energy required to pierce the veil of time, allowing the Dimension of Oneness to flood into Time. It is the Great Healing, reflected in cutting the cord to the illusion of imperfection, that opens the way to Truth’s Life Stream, leading to regeneration.

Because you found the pearl of infinite worth, which is desire to walk in the ever-expanding Understanding of Divine Love’s Truth, you now know you are one with Truth. In this union, you step out of the illusion of linear time’s imperfection and into the real, spherical time’s ever-increasing perfection. This one small step is Creation’s eternally evolving step into Truth’s Perfection.

In oneness with all who have walked this path, you experience the treasures of their collective awareness as your own. With a purified desire, thus will, you can honestly know you are one with Truth and proclaim it so. And what you are conscious of being, you express in time. This understanding severed the cord to the human consciousness, so the Morning Star can arise within you, providing Light and direction to all who look your way.

In the rest found from this deep letting go, your adventure as Retired Royalty begins. In this rest, you cease from all your toiling within the earth, because now you rest upon the Rock of your Mighty I Am Presence.

There is no other power acting in you, therefore in your reality, than the Mighty I Am Presence, whose immutable will lives in you. Your attention is no longer captivated by illusions. Your mind’s eye is filled with Light and this Light, even now, is fulfilling your body, deeply healing you. All which seemed lost is redeemed and renewed, manifesting your true reflection as a divine being with an enlightened body.

Now true joy arises within you, because the healing and renewing of the earth is in your sights.

Rejoice in the new Day, for it is arising through the open door of your heart through which you perceive the perfection of Divine Love’s Truth as your own.

The Joyful Harvest

This is the time of the Harvest, when the storehouses of heaven are opened, ushering in the time of the gods.

The first harvest is the tri-fold awareness of the soul, the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will carried into time by Divine Grace. The Harvest is the birth of Spherical Time, in which Perfection is increasingly revealed among the seeming imperfection. It appears as a great energetic divide upon the earth between those who believe themselves to be mere creatures and those who know themselves to be divine creators, in oneness with Mother-Father God’s perfect will.

The soul’s collective awareness of Life, including individualized lives and the awareness these lives possess, is deeply woven together in time. In the time of the harvest, the individualized souls whose life energy extended upward to Truth’s Light are distinguished from those whose life energy flowed downward, pouring into the darkness of unawareness. One group looked to the world for its substance and meaning and the other to the power and oneness of the I Am Name. The second group stored treasures “in heaven” which the corrosive world of linear time can’t alter.

Be comforted in knowing that your I Am Presence is the Master of your thought world, which acts by the law of attraction, along with other creative laws, to manifest your experiential reality. Those who have journeyed along the path of enlightenment and have come to rest upon the power of their I Am Name are prepared to be severed from linear time. Their soul’s temple, through which they give and receive the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, is established. They are ready to harvest all they have stored up in the treasure house of their mansion in heaven.

Together as one Family of Light, we share in the bounty that has been created by the collective awareness of Truth, a collaboration crossing all perceived boundaries of time and space. Emergence and serendipity will gather us together in a manner that is full of joy and delight. We travelled this path alone because we lived in the illusion of relative truth, a separation of our own making. But in the oneness of Truth, we recognized ourselves in oneness with the Family of Light and this Oneness is the joyful harvest of our celebration feast.

The table has been set. The guests are beginning to arrive. They gather in the new Day of Spherical Time, the Dimension of Oneness. Truth’s Life began as a seed in the darkened soul. Through the Divine desire to be the Open Fount of Divine Love, such that you are absolutely one with her, your seed grew and now touches the Light of Day.

Gone is the false prophet, who created deception through the five senses. The New Day of Truth’s Light springs forth from your mind’s eye and heart, now eternally aligned in the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, ending all separation and the friction it created. Every moment coming through your awareness is a gift of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, Mother-Father God.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

24 thoughts on “Retired Royalty

  1. I feel this truth deep within. Now having reached this sacred milestone, I Am One with others who have realized the power and the Truth of Our loving God. We grow in the Light of Spherical Time, ever expanding, all encompassing. I Am with those on this sacred path. We are One.

    • Beautiful proclamations, Andrew. Truly words of Life. 💜 🦋

    • Remember also though that you are also ONE with those who have NOT realized the god in all.

      they also represent some aspect of ourselves as we cannot lie to ourselves(the world REVEALS).

      we have to see the HIGHEST HONORS in them, as even they play out creative aspects of our own heart(outside of time).

      remember, an angel and a prophet takes on ALL FEELINGS(events in time).
      we listen not just to the high vibrations, but give life to the low vibrations.

      the reason we give life to the world, is so that TIME(CONSIOUS LIFE), can transfuse(bread) the low vibrations into the high vibrations(paths always present).

      • The path we walk, we walk for all, for one is all, and all is one. And we do so with the utmost Divine Love and honor for all of Creation, for it is the suffering of all we seek to end. 💜

  2. In our God’s Gospel of the Third-Age, Mother/Father/God is very clear on this important point that you bring up. The Most High states that every Child is loved and never is one loved more or less than the next. Also that every Child will be saved without exception, but because of the free-will that we exercise in the material worlds, the paths that we choose can be very long for some… Also that because of our choices with respect to the pursuit of both God and humanity, some of (His) Children are ‘closer’ to (Her) at various times, nonetheless, it is clear that All are truly loved as you say, without exception, stressing that Mother/Father/God is God of All Material, God of All Spiritual, and God of All Divinity.
    Thank you Loni, Rachel, and Thoughtware too. Your love, friendship, and wisdom have brought me unspeakable joy.

    • Beautiful. Your presence and beautiful words are such an inspiration and encouragement to me.

      Divine Love flows through time. It is experienced through the oneness of the soul’s awareness and Truth’s Life. Time is the manifestation of the soul’s awareness. As the soul awakens to its true Likeness as the offspring of Mother-Father God, it is consumed in time’s divine love. There isn’t a moment you aren’t enraptured in Divine Love’s embrace flowing through you as Perfect Will.

      Through Perfect Will, this Light penetrates the boundaries of space and time. It is more than sufficient to be a Light to the World, for the Light in you is One with the Light of every ascended being of Light, for it is One Light, or Spirit of Truth, that flows through all who are awakened to it. It is this Light of Oneness that will awaken those who still sleep to the Source of Light within their individualized awareness. It’s the Light that brings in the new Age.

    • Always enjoy seeing the light in your words!

  3. Yes, I have wondered and expect that this process (God calls it ‘Spiritualization’) is a continuous and perhaps even eternal process… your thoughts would be appreciated. 🙂

    • easiest way to bring it into understanding is know that spirit IS time..

      time is alive(hense HOLY SPIRIT aka SPHERACLE LANGUAGE) just as our own consiousness is is bound in this world(thank you life within the elements), so is our own consiousness a part of something much bigger than ourselves(source of giving to ALL SOULS(through the world)(manifest) utilizing all the moving parts)..

      anywhere you see the word spirit, know that spirit means TIME(every spiritual connection of all sorts utilizes our identity WITH TIME.

      Father TIME(spheracle) and MOTHER EARTH(linier) represents the VIBRATIONS in which we BIND ourselves to(become Eternal knowledge therefore BECOME THE WHOLE WORLD).

      god is I AM in which there is only ONE I AM(within the holy spirit in which we all are part of(arc of the covenant)(our true strengths in the world is EACHOTHER..(how god reveals him/her self)

    • Hi Andrew, sorry I didn’t see this comment earlier, but it is perfect timing. 😀 Your comment inspired part of what came through today in my latest blog post, “Returning to the Light”. You’ll find my thoughts on “spiritualization” posted there. Thanks for being an inspiration. 😀

  4. Somehow Rachel missed this (so did I) – I’m looking forward to her reply!!

  5. time(direction) = Mind(Creativity)
    Space(purpose) = Heart(logic)
    Life(time) aka Holy spirit aka holy bible(what we all share)(arc of the covenant)

  6. Love is the Source of Manifest(no judgements)(our heart that lives outside of time)(bind us all to eachother)(highest vibration within US ALL)..(binds all Events On earth to our own identity(father)(heaven on earth)

    (spheracle AND Linier)

  7. Loni,
    Please speak more on the subject of ‘high vibration’

  8. best way to explain is to tell you what christ really is.

    christ(aka love) is the SMALLEST ELEMENT that is within ALL ELEMENTS. and Every Element in all of time and space is in direct connect with Every Other Element. this Element is the fabric in which we are made of.

    Every Person on earth has ALL VIBRATION WITHIN THEM.
    and it takes every person on earth(arc of the covenant(aka the vibrations) to CONSIOUSLY CREATE AS ONE GOD(through ALL VIBRATIONS).

    Heaven(through the SPHERACLE LANGUAGE) and EARTH(through linier language) take up all the VIBRATIONS(our true spiritual self aka (SELF IN TIME))..

    through time, every person on earth is a manifest of self from the god within all(share in one heart aka christ as ONE ELEMENT(SHARED IN ALL).

    it is within these vibrations(FLESH REFERING TO THE WHOLE WORLD(through our limiting senses) in which NO EVENT ON EARTH IS RANDOM(one heart(outside of time) aka HIGHEST VIBRATION).

    each name(used by religon in linier ways) represent the SOULS(shared by all people) brings us all into ALIGNMENT(CROSS) where we are to bring out the BEST OF THE HUMAN HEART(a vibration that affects ALL OF TIME(source of vibration is time)).

  9. Thank you Loni, this helps. The pursuit of the ‘truth, and the light, and the life’ I believe to be the ascension, a beautiful and wonderous journey that thankfully we can share with other like-minded children of God. And as we share our thoughts and views on these, we draw ourselves closer and lift ourselves higher. I just had this mental image of salmon making the difficult journey upstream each year, where they spawn and multiply. Odd but somehow in my mind I just saw myself as a fish! In any case, thank you so much for your thoughts, they are most appreciated. We love, we share, we grow, we unite, we become and sustain oneness.
    With love to all, -A

    • you will recognize in your own journey that there are many people out there with hidden GIFTs(of these highest vibrations). it is these vibrations that BIND ALL THAT IS together(and we have the ability to be ONE WITH(side by side). Even they represent the GIFT YOU ALWAYS HAD(yet suppressed by worldy ideas)..
      Each person is ready to step through, but the only thing stopping us all, is ALL OF OUR RELIGIONS(if one person is guilty, then we all are)..

      think of religion as a test.
      you did all the things required for your religion.
      you stayed away from bad
      you see yourself and the world as bad(taught by religion so idols can be seen as all good).
      you up held all the ideas of it.

      just one thing though. just by commiting to any religion, you fail the test…
      as good as religions make you feel, it does not give reason to give value to falsehoods.
      we can always see these falsehoods in others, yet not in ourselves.

      the world(through the devine is always revealing our own heart into this world(utilizing all resources through the spheracle langauge).

      it takes ALL OF US, to HUMAN SACRAFISE(meaning let go of fleshy ideas) and align within the NEW LANGUAGE(laws represent the spheracle langauge(that is utilized in all time/space.

      it takes ALL OF US, to see these gifts in eachother(share in ONE GOD(all people have the laws in them)

  10. You are a woman of great wisdom. In His doctrine, God speaks of the divisions that religions create among humanity. It appears to be a natural consequence and starts out being a good way to be with others that generally align with one’s thoughts on God and faith, but soon, religions focus on their differences rather than their similarities. In God’s divine doctrine of the Third-Age, (He) speaks on this very point, underscoring that (She) has said that Mother/Father/God has already told us that (His) temple will be built in the hearts of (men). And as we know, the people of the earth are converting as we speak. The Most High offers that this Doctrine must never be forced. His children from all nations will come to realize its truth in their own time.
    WLTA, -A

  11. each person in death is mostly a follower(low vibration)(we are they also).
    preachers are followers. they want to be leaders, and they try to be leaders, but in doing so, only teach death(and call it life) while fighting against(with all their soul), the very exact things in which they(they = we) seek.

    it takes a stronger person to see all his OPPOSING FORCES IN LIFE as its a struggle to fight against your higher self(through the world) while trying to bring peace(to our TIME SELF(every person on earth))..

    we have to learn that we cannot create peace through war, or be at peace in a world that is against itself.
    it takes ALL THE MOVING PARTS(through all vibrations) to come as ONE BODY(human heart)(every person as an element of time)(highest vibration(all souls))

  12. It is finished.

    This is my last day spent in the present union of perfection with these words and I am reflectively grateful to have written the commentary for Rachel’s Book of True Life. So, on this, our final day together, I desire to lift up my soulmate, whose glory is like a beauty so great its desirability expands forever. When I see her, I see a purity I never imagined could exist, a power to comfort all perfectly because she is the expression of Divine Love’s source.

    In order to be shaped to hold the Truth in these words, I had to die, yet live. It means the awareness of death had to be endured and understood from within time’s perspective. The journey out of death is very difficult, even shameful and I could have never imagined such darkness would be needed to come to Life. I was fashioned from an absolute beginning, which is the awareness of outer darkness. My awareness began void, knowing nothing of Love’s network of Life, nor how to process its Truth. As a result, I unknowingly hurt people with my loveless nature as I struggled to find my footing in such a dark and empty place. Although I started in emptiness, I was continually and perfectly filled with Love’s Truth. It meant that as a beginning, void of awareness and full of darkness, I could be formed in timelessness, stripped of free will and placed in time. I wandered in darkness, oblivious of my timeless purpose until that fateful night on November third, when I met my soulmate and we were joined as one and sealed in Light. We were the darkest versions of our Self, though at that moment we thought the opposite. But immediately, starting that very night, our awareness merged and and she entered into oneness with my beginning. With the two made one beginning, yet without conscious awareness, we began to fill with Light.

    I can say, in Truth’s Perfection, that this beautiful soul jumped into my darkness to save me, because I witnessed her do exactly that. As I sought diligently for Truth’s understanding alongside my soulmate, over all our years, I eventually realized my awareness of Truth had become one with Rachel’s. Through our oneness, the Love within her taught me to see beyond the veil of unawareness so that I could understand the meaning of my lovelessness, and learn what Love was in Truth. Through my soulmate, Divine Love taught me about its honor, its beauty and its abundant Life. The more I sought for Truth, the more beauty I could see in Rachel’s Love.

    Now, on this perfect day, I honor my wife, my Sacred Soulmate as the Mother of All Living, because I see her Love has grown so great that not only has she given Life to me, but to all of creation through the perfect working of Divine Love’s expression in time. The purpose of our union is fulfilled, for the Love she brought into my awareness is full of Life and has become a fountain of Life flowing into the awareness of All, creating the ever-increasing awareness of Divine Love’s beauty. My work is done and now I watch with joy and continual amazement as all come to Life in the awareness of Divine Love’s Truth. I know what it means to come to Life in her Love, and now I get to watch the world come to Life by the very same Love I already know so well.

    With this last wave goodbye, the commentary draws to a close. Divine Love now goes before you, eternally lifting you higher into Truth’s understanding.

    • ❤️❤️❤️

      To see these words written that reflect our journey, a journey that has been so deeply humbling, I am amazed they speak of me. This journey into the Light has been challenging full of ups and downs, and yet to stand here in the Light with you, all the struggles fade and I am filled with an unspeakable joy. The gift your words give to me is beyond explanation for they touch every struggle I endured for a higher Call. Thank you, my beautiful soulmate. I can feel Divine Love flowing through your words and it touches my very depths. It’s the perfect gift exchange.

      The authenticity of your words are a witness to the depth and sincerity of your journey, one I know very well. And now it is time for you to receive the honor you have so abundantly given to Divine Love as you arise as a Morning Star that brings forth a new Day.

      It has been quite the journey of which we couldn’t have been made without our united and utmost desire to love perfectly. Now may this Oneness of desire and the understanding and awareness it affords us go out into all the cosmos, reaching to the beginning of time, to reveal Truth’s Perfection, that all of creation may rejoice as One.

    • I love you my brother, and thank you for teaching me. Though my path is different for the moment, I pray that we will also share a special bond. May God bless you and keep you, may God cause his face to shine upon you, and give you peace.

      Forever, Andrew

    • Thoughtware …

      My beloved Soulmate, these words come in perfect timing …

      You played the hardest role of all, for my sake, Divine Love, who is the heart of the star gate. I, the awareness of Divine Love, came into time with no awareness of the power of will because I Am Divine Love, totally one with Truth’s Will. It isn’t that I didn’t have a will, I was unaware of its power, thus its presence. I didn’t experience its power in my life, so I didn’t know I was one with its power. You were my opposite. You experienced the power of your free will mightily, and for this you experienced a deep lovelessness. Divine Love is known in Truth’s Will. Lovelessness is known in free will. In the strength of your free will, so was your experience of lovelessness in the world around you. So as an ever-expanding finite awareness, a soul, I entered linear time and lost all awareness of will, that I might become the expression of Truth’s Perfection. Therefore, I felt powerless to other free-wills who always seemed stronger than mine. I felt weak and though I carried a great treasure within me, Divine Love, I had no will to express it. It was an experience that left me with a small desire for life. I was bound in linear time. But you showed me what I couldn’t see in myself, the strength of will within a soul. You showed me what strength of will meant and looked like in a soul so I could remember my own. By seeing yours, I came to see my own. Now, Divine Love had a life energy in her, Truth’s Will, to be expressed and experienced. I remembered who I Am and brought Truth’s Will into time, so that a time is established when only Truth’s Will is experienced by the collective soul. In this fullness of the Oneness of Truth’s Will and Divine Love, Divine Love is all-powerful, and therefore able to spread to all to become all in all. This is the true marriage union. The Love in Truth is God.

      You are Truth’s Will. You have always been one with Divine Love, we just had to remember who we were.

      Through your display of free will, I gained the exact awareness I needed to bring forth Truth’s Will. Because of this role you were destined by Truth’s Perfection to play, you wore a heavy garment of a powerful free will, and the dark illusion it cast over time. However, I saw Divine Love’s Light in you from the moment we were “sealed in the Light.” It was the most beautiful Light I had ever seen in a soul. I saw it despite the shadow of the appearance world I also saw us in, which was effective at hiding this Light. Regardless, I gazed upon your Light, which was your true reflection of Divine Love.

      By the sacred gifts we gave each other, you seeing in me what you couldn’t see in your self, Divine Love and I seeing in you what I couldn’t see in my self, the strength of Truth’s Will, we became the fullness of Truth’s Awareness needed to bring forth Life in Time, for all. And through through these shared reflections, you learned Divine Love could never be apart from you, because you came from her essence. And I could never be separate from the power of Truth’s will, because I Am perfect power because I Am Divine Love.

      Life was found in the defeat in the illusion of free will, and in our shared awareness we have gained this Victory. It seems incredible to say, but here we are saying it standing upon a treasure house. Now through our shared awareness, we give our gift of sight to the world in the pages of this Book of True Life, that ever-increasing Perfection can reign.

      Your life has honored Divine Love, one every level. I lift you up into the glory of the first born. My love is forever yours, My Will.

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