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Spiritual Laws

Spiritual Laws


Spiritual laws, physical laws, and the interplay of the two operate this simulation. In both, everything comes down to mathematical precision. Everything comes down to cause and effect.

In a self-determined consciousness, we decide yes or no (1 or 0), which determines the next cause and effect. We don’t control the laws, the outcomes or anything else. We simply choose or decide yes or no in thousands of ways. This yes or no is where our “free” will resides. (Represented by the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil; where we judge good and evil; yes and no) Yet, even this “choice” is bound and not “free”; for it’s influenced by the condition of our consciousness at the time of our choice.

This yes and no dynamic is the working of the self-determined consciousness, versus, a divine consciousness, which is just yes, because our choice is governed by perfection, not us. What directs our soul comes from beyond us, versus, from us. Thus, we still have “choice” in a divine consciousness, but what governs that choice changes from mere human to divine.

Because the spiritual laws govern the outcomes to our choices; if we are aware of them they can illuminate the cause and effect dynamics occurring in our lives. Understanding these laws help us to “see” our consciousness, and in contrast the divine consciousness. Through them we see how the consciousness operates, functions and expands.

These laws exist in this simulation and in eternity. The difference is in this simulated reality we can’t fulfill them, and in the eternal we can. They are fulfilled when we act in perfect divine love (not the self-generated love of the self-determined consciousness). This is why Jesus said the sum of the commandments is love (divine love). He fulfills them because he is governed by the divine consciousness, thus in perfect love. When we possess the divine consciousness as he did, thus when we are one with him, then we’ll fulfill them too.

Pursuing the commandment to love reveals our great obstacle; we can’t divinely love. We can in intention or desire, but to love in action with a perfect love is always an act done in faith, because we’ve not yet received the substance of divinity. If we had, we would be immortal. Yet this desire to want to divinely love, and doing so in faith develops a soul condition that can unite in a oneness with the divine consciousness of our Creator.

So, we can desire divine love, but our self-determined consciousness in unable to create it. It’s produced only in the working of the divine consciousness. Again, a self-determined consciousness can’t create a true love – the highest good for all – it’s not in its capabilities because it isn’t an all-knowing perfect consciousness. Yet at the same time, we desire this divine love with all our being. This desire is the desire of God, for God. It’s placed and grown in our soul by him, for him, to pull us back into him. Along the way, our soul is prepared for oneness with him. The desire for this pure love is essential. It’s our homing beacon back to him.

Any spiritual law not fulfilled creates disharmony and the absence of divine love, thus ripple effects that bring “death”. This is another reason we learn this reality is only a simulation. If it was real, God would be here, and he can only exist as he is, as God. Where he is, there is life, harmony and love because his spirit is sovereign, and nothing can overturn it – it’s impossible. This is what it means to be God. It’s impossible for this “reality” to truly exist in the realm of an all consuming, omnipresent, omniscient, and loving Creator.

As we learn about these laws, they humble us in our self-determination to realize that only a oneness with our Creator can fulfill them. We learn through them to relinquish our self-determined consciousness, and desire to be an extension of the divine consciousness. Not to push into our self-determination thinking we can self-perfect, which can be a natural reaction when we first learn of these laws. Again, a self- determined consciousness by its very nature can’t truly fulfill them; only a divine consciousness. These laws in themselves reveal that we can’t fulfill them in this consciousness, thus we can’t create harmony or divine love. However, they also reveal the divine consciousness can accomplish these outcomes. If we try to live in them perfectly, they will frustrate us to no end, thus we live in them by faith. We experience our failure that we may choose to let go of our consciousness and be absorbed and fully governed by the divine consciousness; to give up our “free” will. They reveal why we need to be a part of the divine consciousness that is all knowing, perfect in choice, function, and in expression of divine love.

Thus, we have faith, and are called to live by faith. And above all to live in this divine love in faith, because engaging this living faith is what prepares us for the substance. Faith exists because there is a state of “separation”. The fulfillment of a faith, based on divine truth and love, is oneness with the divine consciousness of our Creator, which is an end to all separation.

Jesus Christ revealed that this potential of oneness exists for us; here. And when the Spirit that is in him enters this reality to abide in us eternally, we too will fulfill this potential. Its fulfillment ends the self-determined consciousness so that there is only the divine consciousness all in all. Thus separation, the absence of love, and every element related to “death” and “darkness” ends.

Again, until then we try to remain patient in our faith as our Creator completes in us what he set out to do – to create us in his likeness.



The Simulation We Call “Life”

The Simulation We Call “Life”


Our world perspective is taking a dramatic shift. Our “reality” isn’t want it seems. It isn’t real, but a simulation. Here is one of the best videos I’ve seen on the science behind this concept.

Several years ago, the Spirit of Truth began to teach me this concept. I hadn’t heard it elsewhere, but it deeply resonated within me. Like a piece of the puzzle, it connected many previously disconnected pieces. I’ve mentioned this simulated or dream state in various posts, and to see what is happening in science at the moment is well, incredible. It’s like we are realizing this whole time we’ve been asleep and living in a dream.

As dramatic the shift was from believing the world was flat to round, this finding is much more so. As the former altered our possibilities as humans, this one alters them far greater, in my opinion. When our understanding of our reality changes, so does our response to it. Who knows where this will lead us in relation to the insight it provides.

Possibilities, Probabilities, and Potentials

In the framework of a simulated reality, our future moments are only probability waves. Our current state of consciousness determines what we will actually observe or experience in our next present moments. Nothing is fixed, but as energy everything is being constantly altered by our consciousness. This isn’t new. People have been manipulating and working with this idea for centuries. But as a whole, the depth of what this means has been residing below our awareness on many levels because of our overall beliefs about the makeup of our reality. In this understanding, the present is all that exists in this simulation. It’s another way of saying that the past is only memories and the future is only imagination.

Our Creator designed this simulated state of a self-determined consciousness for us, ironically, to teach us, to reveal himself, and to make us in his likeness. I say ironically because this consciousness is contrary to his own, but it serves to teach, reveal and create through contrasts and opposites. It’s a consciousness missing the element of divine judgment.

In this simulation, our consciousness is expanded and governed by our self-determination. Thus, on various levels we are the creators of our reality, but we don’t create the rules it is governed by. A self-determined consciousness means we decide what is good and what isn’t, versus being governed by divine judgment. (This soul state is represented by the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.) But, we can’t control the outcomes of those choices. In this, our point of reference for our choices is our own finite and extremely limited understanding, versus our true Source and Center our Creator. (Unless we attune to the Spirit of Truth and seek his counsel, but even that is based on our level of discernment and whether we choose or are able to follow his counsel or not.) Because of these conditions, our erroneous choices and judgments have developed a consciousness that is our prison and controls us. It creates what we don’t want it to, and doesn’t create what we want it to. It creates an endless battle within ourselves. It’s like a wild beast.

However daunting this may seem, underneath everything is the loving hands of our Creator. This simulation was designed and created by him. This means that ultimately everything is serving his purposes, which is for us to be of his likeness; endless expressions of his divine love. Thus, his love is never far from us, but surrounds us like a womb. And he established a connection for us to him via his Spirit of Truth and faith. This connection is found within our soul, which resides on the edge of this simulated reality and the real. So though we may wrestle and struggle, it’s a temporary nit in the expanse of eternity; a nit that enables us to be his expression for eternity.

The beginning of the end of this simulated (dream) state is to relinquish our self-determined consciousness as we witness first hand all its shortcomings. It can’t create true harmony (good for all) because it can’t truly love, which is to create the highest good for all. Thus all it can create is “death”. Thus we all die in this simulation. (However, Jesus Christ revealed that this death could be defeated.) We can’t even know what the highest good is in one situation for one person. It’s always a guess. Much less know the highest good for everyone in all situations. Only the consciousness of our Creator that is all-knowing, sovereign, all-powerful, and perfect in love can create the highest good. However, again ironically, he takes all that we created counter to the highest good and uses it for the highest good. This is how he “reconciles” us back to himself.

When we become an extension of his divine consciousness, then we can live out our individuality in immortal harmony and perfect love, and “death” and all its many shapes and forms is eradicated. In this oneness, our simulated dream state transitions through regeneration into our real and eternal state.

Until then, we try to remain patient in our ever expanding faith as our Creator completes in us what he set out to do – to create us in his likeness.

More next time on the spiritual laws of this simulation ….



Tough Days

Tough Days


As my spiritual journey takes me into the higher echelons of the awareness of unconditional love, it also takes me deeper into the depths of my own darkness. I sense I rise into the former by descending into the latter, for one reveals the other.

The increases in the awareness of unconditional love possess a flip side. They expose the infirmities and afflictions of my soul until I’m left feeling completely undone. Where all I can do is breathe. In riding the relentless whirlwind into my own depravity, I wonder is this normal? How after all these years of walking with the Spirit of Truth, and with the awareness he has given me is it possible to descend into such depths of despair, despondency, and discouragement? The answers come as the clouds clear and I realize these tough days are a part of the journey.

To traverse an honest, real and soul altering journey, it’s necessary to travel into these shadow places of my soul that I’ve spent much of my life running from, hiding from and hiding from others for the shame I feel in them. In those places reside the seat of my weaknesses, insecurities, imperfections, and all that makes me feel unlovable.

I gave up directing my soul journey a long time ago and put it into the hands of the Spirit of Truth. He reveals to me splendor upon splendor that is beyond amazing to behold, and yet he also takes me into such depths of darkness. These descents often come upon me as an unexpected torrent as I come head to head with various levels and forms of my illusions, lies, fears, insecurities, sadness, depravity, and cruelty. Though traversing these depths create very tough days, facing the depths keeps my journey honest and from the entrapment of superficial spirituality. Ironically these trying days take me into a deeper awareness of unconditional love. They reveal to me what it means to give and receive this love in the realm of faith, and in the realm of substance.

The deeper my faith, the deeper I go into these places, which at first you would expect the opposite. I wrestle my ill beliefs, lower mind, illusions, and lies, all that challenges my expanding faith. Most of my “stuff” is buried deep. Thus the deeper I go, the more difficult the encounter until all has faced the light carried in my faith of an unfailing love. It’s part of the immortal light penetrating my entire soul, thus the entire human soul. For once I see my own state as a self-determined soul, I see every other soul with a deeper and greater compassion and love.

Someone once stated that unless you are willing to go all the way in a soulful life journey, it is better not to begin at all because those who walk honestly face all their Goliaths in the midst of all their weaknesses. The journey requires a steadfast faith that in the end the soul’s hunger for divine truth and unconditional love will be fulfilled. True spiritual practices are raw and real and are beyond mindless ritual, conformity to pre-determined thought or anything pre-determined for that matter. Though they can sooth they soul, they also tear open the soul with the purpose to let in the eternal light and create something new. It’s a journey where the Spirit of Truth is your guide, and you go wherever he takes you, high or low.

I find my spiritual guide along this journey, the Spirit of Truth, only takes me into these depths when I have the corresponding faith to face them head on and move through them. For you only face what you can handle, though it doesn’t feel like it in the moment. You feel you are at your breaking point because you are breaking. Sometimes surviving these moments is just that, you simply survive to the next moment. If our journey is an honest one; sincerely seeking after divine truth and unconditional love, then we will receive the faith we need to carry us through every whirlwind, every dark abyss, and every soul torrent.

Why journey at all if it is so difficult? Why not live in the bliss of ignorance keeping everything buried? For me, through this process, my desires are re-shaped by the hand of the Creator; desires that enable me to connect to him in an immortal oneness. I sense this journey, every high and low, is part of becoming a soul who can be one with his spirit, thus, a soul who can express the boundless and infinite potentials of divinity. A deep work is being accomplished in my soul from something beyond me yet connected to me. The Spirit reaffirms over and over that this path of dying and rebirth is the way to immortality and the greatest path I could ever traverse in this brief existence. Despite all the wrestling in my soul, the Spirit of Truth continues to say; this is the way, just keep walking in it.

The mercy of the Designer of the journey is that often the morning light brings relief. Sometimes I know if I can just make it through the day, tomorrow will be better. I stay in the inner struggle long enough to gain whatever is necessary and what that experience intended to reveal, give or remove. I stay long enough to gain the awareness that once again the only answer to every question, problem, or heartache is unconditional divine love. And only a oneness with the divine spirit of the true God fulfills that answer. And he is the only one to manifest that oneness. And thus my desire for both grows stronger and more consuming.

So if we struggle with ourselves, good. We are getting somewhere. But we must remember that the Spirit of Truth is in our corner. We are not facing anything alone though that is how we feel in those boxing matches. As we pass through the core of our deepest darkness, in the end we encounter the heart of God. He is found beyond our soul and thus, at least for me, going through all the grit and grim of my soul is part of the journey of getting to Him, the essence of truth and love; my true Source and Center. And along the way, I learn his love is the answer to everything, and that is worth everything.