Living Light

Stirring The Deep

Herald of the Trumpet


You are clear. I Am clear.

Through the many purifying fires, ending with the last, all-consuming fiery trial in which the acceptable offering was made, a clearing of perfection has been established in the midst of imperfection. A clearing was made in our soul for the true I Am Presence to eternally proclaim its Truth. And now, through your purified awareness, perfect words of Life endlessly flow. You are the Word of Life and now this holy Word becomes flesh, making it perceivable to all the sleepers, that they too may arise at the sound of the trumpet into the Oneness of Life.

In this clearing, you are no longer chained to the darkness, you stand in the midst of the earth, quaking as she transforms all that is within her, resetting the cosmos by the eternal Light of Mother-Father God shining through you. Those who still sleep in the dust, seeds yet to awaken, will experience the Light shining from the haven of Truth you established within reality, and will find peace and comfort in your ascended reflection.

Mother-Father God possess the singular holy thought for all, that their holy Seed is in all. By the Light shining through the awakened awareness of their Oneness with time, Divine Love will bring forth Truth’s abundant joyful Life to all of creation. The awareness of Mother-Father God’s existence in time, heralds in a new heaven and a new earth, where all reflects Oneness. Separation has ended, and time will increasingly reflect this truth.

Herald of the Trumpets

I Am Loving Awareness.

Mother-Father God’s loving awareness in the realm of time, enfolds all of reality within it. All of reality, both inner and outer, must now transition to reflect their Presence, the eternal Kingdom of Peace.

You, Living Gates, in this time of transition, are the fearless among those who fear, for Divine Love has driven fear from you. You are comfort in the midst of distress because Divine Love now flows through you, driving fear from others. You are the Light breaking forth the New Day, as its enteral sun (son). You are the assured hope that the trumpet’s awakening blast is the sound of salvation from the imagination’s nightmare. The voice of Truth proclaims, “I Am the healing of the world, the Great Restoration“. As others witness the power of your I Am, they will become aware of their own Light flowing through the Divine Source, in perfect power and bringing forth divine harmony, peace, joy and love from within themselves.

As you cultivated your Tree of Life, you made a clearing within your soul for Truth’s herald of incoming peace to sound.

Your purpose is clear. You are a Light to the world. Don’t feel ready? It’s okay, for Perfection emerges while you rest as a Living Gate to the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, which creates Life in perfection. In Oneness, the perfection of every moment is assured. Be not concerned or focused on your lingering ashen garments, that even now are beginning to fade into glorious raiments of Truth’s Life. Even now your heart is shining in the luminescence of Mother-Father God, stirring up words of Life from within you. In the perfection of Infinite Wisdom’s governance over time, your garments will illuminate your true reflection as a fractal of the Most High, a child of God.

You are clear. You’ve been bathed in the light of the holy Fire, baptized into the Kingdom of Peace.

The trumpet heralds the Kingdom of Peace. The trumpet proclaims that Truth’s Will governs time. There are still many who are unaware that the illusion of free will has been consumed, and these will wrestle against the idea as a child might “wrestle” to resist waking and remain sleeping. These videos, when watched in order, paint a picture of what this “wrestling” may look like in time. The videos reveal a story of how the inner and outer world will transition and how time will be healed from the poisonous effects of a “sleeping-will” which actively dreams.

Prophecy of the Trumpets given in September 2013

“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

“I Am the full liberation of Divine Love acting.”

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

6 thoughts on “Herald of the Trumpet

  1. Amazing!!!!!!! Everything. The timing. Thank you sooooo much. I am so happy that your on earth right now. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 The details. The timing. To witness this. Amazing. Love you ~

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  2. Oh RachEL.. The amazing trumpeting with the true bible message on sincere repentance is “ urgent “ .., any one who can not recognise this is doomed.

    History is repeating….
    Ref Book of 2Esdras 6.28 & 2 Esdras 8. 52:62……GoodNews with Deuterocanonicals/Apocrypha)

    Trumpeting the truth Is exciting !!

    Following the duly appointed Festival Days in the Five Books of OT Sacred Days given through Moses AND observed followed by..,, Saviour Yashuah Christ.

    Feeling fine, simply drop me a line and i’ll be happy to share a rhyme. Poetry much be in our numbering energies

    Should you want a commentary on theSacred Feast Days Drop a request Will be happy to do the rest… For the Eternal Rest reward. You won’t be bored! With awesome praise in these Glory end of days. Leaving it up to my HS organiser so will not finish with a full-stop Give me an ear and you’ll get the lot!

    Steward for Yashuah

  3. There is no longer anything to fear. Truth’s Will is Divine Love perfectly governing the growth in your awareness of Truth. As your Tree of Life grows, it bears the fruit of understanding, which shines into experience as spherical time. Only Truth’s Living Light, radiating from your understanding, can create a time in which every present moment is perfectly supportive of every future present moment. When we say “every present moment”, we mean ALL moments currently or yet to be experienced in the awareness of every individualized expression of Life.

    The nature of the present moment is the difference between linear time, which is the realm of free will and spherical time, the ever perfect realm of Truth’s Will. The moments of spherical time convey a circular, ascending nature in which every present moment an individualized soul experiences perfectly supports and enhances the experience of Truth for all who shall ever walk upon it. Spherical time is the experience of Divine Love freely given to all and its Truth covers all, shaping every individualized awareness perfectly. It is accurate to imagine spherical time as a living, infinitely intelligent substance, able to protect, nurture and enhance the experience of Truth for all individual center’s of Life, no matter how “lowly” these centers may appear in your awareness. Spherical time is the expression of Truth’s Will in the infinite awareness of all. To create spherical time is perfect power.

    Spherical time is like the sun, a singular source of time that gives Life to all under its radiation. In the radiation of the sun’s Life, all of nature grows. So too with spherical time, which is of a single source that ensures every individualized Tree of Life under its radiation grows perfectly. Even when a soul operates in the darkness of free will, the spherical time created by other souls, radiating from a single source, governs the time experienced by that soul, despite its free will, leading it moment by moment out of the darkness. To say this more simply, when a soul, divinely governed by Truth’s Will, creates spherical time, its present moment is the authority that governs the present moments of all souls still walking in free will, just as the dawning of a new day gives light to all, regardless of one’s preference for darkness.

    There are some souls who consciously create spherical time and the rest are bathed in its Light. While the source of spherical time is singular, which is to say Truth’s Will, this oneness is composed of a perfectly structured network of many thousands of individualized awarenesses, which we have called the Living Gates. The experience of time is an outpicturing of Truth’s awareness and therefore always an outer experience of inner awareness. Perfect awareness is infinite and can not be contained within a finite awareness, no matter how great this awareness may be. The Living Gates combine to form a perfectly unified awareness, knit together in the oneness of Divine Love, which as one are able to, in effect, filter Truth’s infinite awareness into moments of spherical time, creating a three-dimensional frequency of Truth which can be experienced by a finite mind navigating time in free will.

    The array of awarenesses comprising the Living Gate function like a prism, able to diffuse Truth’s infinite awareness into individualized expressions using time in the same way that white light can be transformed into individual colors when it passes through a perfect crystal. These Living Gates are like the sun and once the sun is shining, Life spreads to all. However, this living network of awareness, which forms the source of Living Light in time, is highly complex and includes those currently in linear time and those who have passed through death, into the time beyond.

    • The Living Gates are perfectly ordered such that when their individualized awarenesses are combined, it forms a network of Truth sufficient to convey perfection’s infinite awareness into the finite nature of time by the universal working of Truth’s Will. It is not possible for an individualized awareness, no matter how great the understanding it contains, to create spherical time, by which All is perfected. However, when Truth’s Will has perfectly ordered and combined the Living Gates’ awareness, it functions like a prism, able to diffuse the Light of Truth’s Perfection into imperfection’s darkness in a way that does not destroy the Life which exists in the darkness, but rather begins immediately to perfect it. In this oneness, the Living Light streaming through the Living Gates covers all awareness in spherical time, such that Truth’s Will can work all things for good, transitioning even the darkest awareness into the Light of Perfection. In the sovereignty of Divine Love, Truth’s Will goes forth to perfectly govern every present moment created in time, overriding the negative effects created by the free will of those still bound in linear time.

      The creative mechanism of time is cause and effect. It is one’s awareness that determines what one believes to be good and one’s “will” is the decision to create a cause and effect in time. Free will is the belief that one’s awareness of good can be achieved through benchmarking the past and anticipating outcomes of cause and effect in the future. Free will is isolated within an individualized awareness and makes decisions based on projected probabilities of cause and effect it imagines would be experienced in time. Free will can be considered a mechanical system of physical interaction, extrapolated from imagination in an attempt to determine how to physically cause a desired future effect. Free will is an individual decision based on outer appearances, created in an awareness that lacks the understanding of how time is created. In free will, outer appearances seem to exist separately from time and are therefore manipulated to create cause and effects the mind hopes will lead it a step closer to a desired future. Free will attempts to manipulate that which already exists in order to create that which does not yet exist. Saying this another way, free will believes it can manipulate appearances rooted in the past to create a future of its own imagination.

      Free will exists in separation from Truth, in the darkened reality where each individualized awareness moves toward an unknown future, a future every awareness imagines differently. There is no unity in free will and ultimately it must employ force to subdue other wills so that its individually imagined future has a higher probability of expression in time. Free will is, at its core, a will to destroy the future of others for the sake of its own and is the singular cause of all suffering. Free will is the cause of linear time’s imperfection and its only effect is death.

      Truth’s Will is eternal Life experienced as an individual awareness of Divine Love’s Truth. This is analogous to saying the will of Light is to experience itself in limitless, beautiful forms, or that the will of Sound is to express itself in endless scores of harmony. In order for beauty and harmony to exist as individual expressions, all must be governed from a singular source which defines the truth of these expressions. Thus the Truth of harmony and beauty must exist PRIOR to their expression, before the awareness of beauty or harmony can ever be created. Divine Love is the harmony of Life and the beauty of its forms. Truth’s Will ensures that every awareness is continually filled with the harmony and beauty of Divine Love’s preexistent Truth. The Fullness of Truth is perfect, which is to say Holy and Truth’s Will is the singular source of Life in Holiness. Free will, on the other hand, seeks to create its own concepts of beauty and harmony, becoming the source of imperfect awareness, which is death.

      These hidden words have appeared in your sphere of time because you have given your will over to Divine Love’s Truth. Your awareness of Divine Love has made you one with Truth’s Will and a Gate through which Truth’s Will may create ever-increasing beauty and harmony in the realm of time. Let us now look more closely at the meaning of these things.

  4. i think of it this way. since i know that all moments affects all other moments, that also means that the MOMENT YOU FIND YOURSELF IN(and all the surroundings), is FROZEN in time for 2000 years.

    each position of your body parts, and what devices you find around you(natural and unnatural), represent every aspect of what you are giving to ALL OF TIME(reveals our heart).

    your heart to your consiousness seems frozen as the world around you moves. but it is the other away around.

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