Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Holy Altar Meditation

As a creator within the Creator, I go deep within my being to the creative center of my reality, the Holy Altar of Truth. Here I sit in oneness with the Mighty I AM Presence. In the awareness of who I Am and how I create, my mind engages its true purpose, which is to express the divine radiance of this Living Presence of Absolute Truth.

The luminosity of the altar’s living pillars of Truth enlighten my mind. They energetically converge forming a living gate in my mind’s eye between the Mighty I AM’s infinite realm of divine potentials and the manifested reality. This sacred gate opens as the present moment divinely emerges through the workings of my timeless mind allowing the lifestream of the Creator to flow through me in unquenchable power. Through this living door, the oneness of my individualized self and the Mighty I AM, the Holy Flame, is expressed into reality.

From the living pillar of divine emergence, every moment of my individualized self is orchestrated by the Mighty I AM Presence in timeless perfection for the highest good of all, so that divine love’s expression flows through my I AM Presence. I am divinely emerging. From the sacred pillar of timelessness, my mind engages its limitless potential. Free from all limitations of time, space, what has been and what my reality tells me will be, Absolute Truth is expressed through my mind, manifesting its timeless and endless reflections of true Life. I possess a timeless mind. From the third living pillar of a life-giving spirit, the Mighty I AM Presence flows through my I Am Presence, so that I possess all the divine attributes. Through divine thought energy, I give these divine attributes to all, so that as I AM so is my reality. I Am a life-giving spirit. From the fourth pillar of power, the Mighty I AM’s power charges the divine thoughts filling my mind, altering the energetic atmosphere of reality and changing its outer reflection into one of timeless perfection. I Am a creator within the Creator, possessing the power of Oneness.

As these four living truths synergize in my mind, they give birth to divine reflections of the Holy Flame. All reality quakes as the Light awakens it from deep within.

As a living gate, I Am the Mighty I AM’s expression in reality. All is one, so that as I AM so are all. In this divine Oneness is Victory for all.


Reality Reset

When the focus of our creative power shifts from the outer reality to the inner Light of our true I Am Presence, reality experiences a reset as the Light within our true Self begins to dispel the darkness manifested by the false concept of self.

Awareness of our I Am presence’s inherent power is freedom and victory for our self and its reflective reality, because by its power, the perfection of our divine Self is expressed. By turning inward to the true I Am Presence as our creative source, our mind engages its trifold creative power: the Holy Flame, the Holy Altar of Truth and the Holy Present Moment.

The Holy Flame
The Holy Flame is the Living Presence of Absolute Truth (God), the Light of Life. This Holy Light is the source of our I Am Presence and our true reflection, in which there is no darkness. In this Oneness resides the unbounded creative power of the I Am Presence because it is a fractal of the Mighty I Am Presence. In this power, what we proclaim the “I” to be reality reflects. When we proclaim something about our individualized self, thought energy is produced shaping the outer appearance world. When our proclamations are according to Absolute Truth, they carry the living power of God into our sphere of reality, which eternally expands through the dynamic workings of the four pillars of the Holy Altar of Truth: divine emergence, a timeless mind, a life-giving spirit, and a creator within the Creator . (The attributes in bold reflect the 7 Sacred Truths)

Holy Altar of Truth
The Holy Altar of Truth is supported by four pillars of living Truth by which the Mighty I Am Presence expresses Itself through our individualized mind, so that the potentials held within the Mighty I Am Presence are transmuted through our mind and into reality. The Holy Altar of Truth is the mind’s active engagement of the Holy Flame that gives It outer expression, revealing our true Self. The first pillar is the awareness that we are divinely emerging in the perfection of the all-seeing eye of God. The second is the awareness of the workings of a timeless mind, unrestricted by time and space that Absolute Truth may be expressed. The third is the awareness that we are a life-giving spirit, an open door to the Mighty I Am Presence whose Light of Life shines upon ALL. And finally, the fourth pillar is the awareness that we are a creator within the Creator, in which we create in oneness with the power of our Creator, so that as one we are the ruling authority overall all our sphere of reality which impacts all other spheres, as all are united in oneness.

The Holy Present Moment
When these four pillars energetically converge in the individualized mind in the Holy Present Moment (Holy Instant), the mind becomes a gate so that it expresses Absolute Truth into reality. In the Holy Present we are one with eternity, the Presence of God. It’s the creative space between the previous moment and the next to appear, in which our individualized mind connects to the infinite realm of divine potentials ordained for our individualized self. Everything we perceive outwardly is a past reflection. The true present moment is indiscernible to the human eye, as light takes time to travel so that what is expressed can be perceived. Thus, this creative, holy space isn’t outwardly seen, but accessible to our mind so that its projected Self experiences the divine emergence of perfection.

In this gap between what was and what shall be is the awareness that we are completely free from the past because all that exists in the Holy Present is Absolute Truth and its ever-present divine attributes. Therefore, the Holy Present is the moment of divine forgiveness, in which we release all vain imaginings so nothing of past discord is carried forward into the next moment. This awareness of creative freedom from the past is a pivotal understanding as we emerge out of a darkened mind. When we focus on the true I Am Presence as our creative source and not past discordant reflections, backstories that shape reality reflect our creative choice. The past illusions no longer limit us, instead every moment is born of Absolute Truth. As a result, the present emerges in perfection directed by the all-seeing eye of God, working through our individualized mind creating a reality reflecting the divine Self of Absolute Truth.

We sought the Light and it illuminated our inner vision. As a result, we spiritually awakened to who we are and how we create. Because what we are conscious of being reality reflects, our increasing Self-awareness brings about Absolute Truth’s expression into reality, which is the divine Self. As we focus on our true Self’s trifold creative power and not limit our minds to outer appearances of the false self, the Light of our true Self invades the darkness and reality undergoes a reset. The Infinite Intelligence within our I Am Presence orchestrates reality to reflect Absolute Truth, infusing creation with the spirit of victory.


A Timeless Mind

A mind possessing absolute Truth is a timeless mind. A timeless mind perceives reality as an ever-expanding present moment divinely orchestrated by the Divine Mind. Moment by moment, the mind’s increasing awareness functions like a light illuminating the pre-existent divine potentials for its individualized self so that they are expressed into reality.

Timelessness is circular, like an ever-expanding sphere. We see this circular movement in the cycle of a day. However, in the dream of a sleeping mind, the mind imposes a linear continuum of time upon this movement because of the relative truth it holds as true. In relative truth, all things of “life” must express their opposite, which causes the movement toward decay and death. In timelessness, there is no “degrading” movement, because in the realm of absolute Truth there are no opposites to abundant Life. Therefore in timelessness, every moment harmoniously layers upon another, so as the mind expands in SELF-awareness, its individualized self experiences ever-expanding reflections of beauty, vitality, joy, and abundance, which is Life.

Our ascension up the primordial staircase reflects this timeless pattern because it’s the movement of the true Self, who is the expression of absolute Truth. Our prodigal journey up the primordial staircase is one of timelessness occurring within a mind still believing in time, like life starting to grow in a shell. Though the shell appears lifeless outwardly, there is life expanding within. During our awakening, absolute Truth expands within our mind and our finite dream reality (shell) breaks or fades away as our true Life expands, revealing the true Self in creation.

Every divine expression an individualized Self will ever convey into creation pre-exists in absolute Truth’s Living Presence (God), which contains every divine potential for every individualized mind/self for eternity. As an individualized mind’s eye perceives and illuminates its particular divine potentials, the mind transmutes them into thought energy that gives expression to an individualized self and its corresponding sphere of reality. As a result, each moment the individualized self experiences unfolds according to the all-seeing eye of God, thus it’s expressed in a height of perfection only fully known by the Creator. As a result, the Self experiences the Creator’s radiant Spirit of Divine Love through divinely orchestrated potentials, in which the Self manifests divine love (the highest good for all) in its reality.

The energetic movement of these three dynamics: Truth’s Living Presence (The Creator), the Spirit of divine Love (spirit of oneness connecting the Creator and an individualized mind), and the individualized mind (the Creator’s mechanism of SELF-expression), is Truth’s trifold creative force. As our mind receives awareness of divine potentials from the Spirit through our thoughts, will and desires, we experience them as our creations. This experience of being the giver or creator of life is our Creator’s gift to us, as well as a reflection of our oneness with our Creator.

In this understanding, we realize that everything that will be expressed already exists. We are only aware of the divine potentials currently being revealed. As we surrender to divine emergence these potentials are manifested through our individualized mind. In divine orchestration, there are no missed moments or opportunities because every divine potential for each individualized I Am presence is perfectly expressed. Thus, there is no need to try to control or manipulate future experiences, for they already exist in perfection. This is the heart of our rest and joy.

This divine unfoldment of our individualized self through a timeless mind is like an infinite beautiful garden and in the center is a Light. As the Light’s luminosity increases spherically outward it reveals the beauty and wonderment of a garden brimming with Life that always existed but was unseen, thus uncreated.

Understanding the timelessness of absolute Truth transforms our mind into a gateway so that the true Self can be revealed. This understanding establishes our victory, because what we are conscious of being, we become. Victory is experiencing the perfection inherent in absolute Truth as it is outwardly expressed in the divine Self.

So when this corruptible has put on incorruption, and this mortal has put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written: “Death is swallowed up in victory. ~ 1 Corinthians 15:54


The Vibration of Truth

When our inner eye is illuminated with the Light of Absolute Truth, our feeling world is energized with Divine Love, the holy vibration of Truth. As this vibration cascades through our being, it awakens the Life in what once appeared lifeless.

When we spiritually awaken and universal Oneness is revealed within us, we recognize that each individualized “I Am” presence is a unique expression of the Mighty I AM Presence, thus our presence is the expressed Presence of God.

As expressions of the Mighty I AM, we are all united within one Presence, yet each self is an individualized expression of this Presence. The name “I Am” we all share reflects this oneness, and yet it also reflects our individualized expressions because no one knows our particular experience of “I Am” but us, thus we each hold a unique position in the expanse of creation.

Individualized selves housed within the Mighty I AM Presence comprise the expression of divine love, which is the experience of the Spirit of God. Divine love is the harmonizing, energetic flow of Truth’s life-energy from the Mighty I AM, through an individualized self, to all other selves, then back to the Mighty I AM. It’s the beautiful movement of the Mighty I AM’s energetic life force moving throughout creation perfectly orchestrating it in divine harmony, thus oneness.

Divine love, the expressed power of absolute Truth, is the harmonizing action that enfolds every thought in its timeless perfection, creating divine harmony in the present moment. Therefore, divine love is the experience of the inseparable and immutable divine attributes (peace, joy, abundance, strength, beauty, etc) for each individualized self in the present moment, in accordance with the highest good for all. This height of perfection manifests as the mind surrenders to divine emergence, in which it resides as an open gate to the Living Presence of Absolute Truth, God.

Therefore, Divine love is expressed through a mind prepared to convey absolute Truth. As our mind shifts from relative truth to absolute Truth we become a receiver and giver of Divine Love’s energetic movement. Because divine love is timeless and has no opposite, it isn’t a whimsical feeling that comes and goes. It isn’t for some and not others, given at only certain times, or expressed in varying degrees. These are characteristics of “relative love”or “special love” that are derived from relative truth, in which the mind believes opposites co-exist, thus opposites must be expressed. Relative truth is governed by duality, time and personalized judgments making any giving of “love” inconsistent, thus relative to the giver and receiver. The specialness of relative love can only be perceived when it is withheld from others.

When our mind no longer holds relative truth as true, but instead absolute Truth lives within our mind, we are enlivened with the holy vibration of Divine love, the life force of the Creator. As a result of the harmonizing action of divine love, the mind’s thought energy CREATES harmony, peace, lovingkindness, appreciation, gratitude, goodness, understanding, and wisdom, without any opposite. Therefore, divine love doesn’t favor one over another, it’s ever-present, and it’s always expressed in its fullness, like the sun’s life-giving rays that fall upon all of creation without selection or judgment. It’s the power sustaining eternal Life.

Thought energy is the silent creator of reality. To the slumbering mind that mistakenly attributes all power to outer forces, thought is viewed as meaningless mind chatter that is sometimes expressed in words. However as we awaken to Truth, we recognize thought energy is the power of creation, and is the conduit of Living Truth being expressed into reality, thus divine love being experienced.

In the budding awareness of our inner Life, this living vibration of Divine Love appears as a little light within our true Self surrounded by illusions, like the first bud of spring among creation’s winter sleep. As our mind transitions from relative truth to absolute Truth, we recognize what the outer appearance world of duality, including our bodies and its feeling world, suggest as true are illusions and therefore we give our thought energy to our emerging inner Life. As we continually focus on our true I Am Presence within, its Life begins to awaken by the Holy vibration of Divine Love. Through Divine Love’s harmonizing action, our individualized self is revealed as a life-giving spirit of perfect abundance, conveying the divine attributes into our sphere of reality.

Divine Love Meditation: I sit in the beautiful radiant Light of absolute Truth, Divine Love, and it flows through me like a mighty current of which nothing can hinder or stop. There is nothing more powerful, for its the life force of the Mighty I Am Presence of God. In this awareness, I charge my feeling world and all my reality with divine love that Truth may be expressed creating a landscape of miracles.

“It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life. ~ John 6:63

As for me, I will see Your face in righteousness; I shall be satisfied when I awake in Your likeness. ~ Psalm 17:15


Illuminated Vision

The inner eye resides at the center of an individualized mind and sits like a gate between the infinite and the current finite expression. What the inner eye perceives as true shapes the mind’s energetic atmosphere, which the mind then translates into thought energy. This thought energy gives expression to an individualized self and its sphere of reality.

When the inner eye is open or awake, it’s an open gate between the Infinite Presence of Truth and the finite and yet ever-expanding present moment. Therefore, it’s an extension of the I Am Presence of God, so that it functions as the eye of God. In this oneness, it receives absolute Truth and through the mechanism of the mind’s thought energy, it projects an individualized Self that reflects the attributes of the living Presence of Absolute Truth, i.e. God.

When we unaware of Truth, our inner eye is “closed” or in darkness. The mind, being unaware of its oneness with the Presence of God, and yet active because it possesses the living Truth that “I AM”, exists in a sleep state and perceives a dream world. In its slumbering state it believes the dream is real because its individualized nature experiences it as real, but the mind, having never been awake, doesn’t recognize it created the dream.

Relative truth, which is based on duality and time, makes the mind’s dreamworld seem real. It is unreal because every opposite cancels its opposing state, creating a darkened void. However it appears real to the slumbering mind because opposing states, like life and death or peace and unrest, are separated by the mind’s construct of time. Because the mind perceives the existence of both, it believes both are true. Because of this belief, the mind exists in a reality of duality, absent of the Light of absolute Truth.

As a result, the mind dresses its concept of self in the garments of duality and time, creating an imaginary self which is projected upon the screen of the mind. This false concept of self is analogous to the shell of a seed. The shell is bound to corruption because its purpose is to fall away when the inner life (true Self) is ready to be revealed. To a sleeping mind, which is unaware of its true I Am presence, this outer reflection is all it perceives, so it assumes its shell-like nature IS the self’s true reflection. Therefore, the mind believes the self is finite, limited, corrupted and bound to decay and death. Attributing these characteristics to the self is the source of all discordant feelings, which create discordant situations. In this powerless state, the self and its darkened mind believe it is a created thing, subject to the whims of its outer reality.

The true Self is the Life within the seed. When the inner eye begins to looks inward into this Life, Truth’s Light begins to awaken the mind. In the growing awareness of absolute Truth, the mind perceives the changeless nature of its true Self, thus its previous concept of self is shown to be false. As a result, the mind begins its transformation from relative truth to absolute Truth. Guided by Truth’s Living Voice, the Spirit of Truth, the mind reasons with the Spirit regarding the validity and rationality of relative truth reflected in its outer reality and the absolute Truth it perceives coming from the Light within. As a result, the mind’s thought processes begin to assimilate to absolute Truth, so Truth can be expressed in the outer reality.

The mind only accepts what it believes is true. What it believes is true, it gives its thought energy to, which manifests its concept of self. Because the mind fully believed in relative truth, duality and time defined all its thought processes, creating a limited and corrupted self. With the incoming Light of Absolute Truth, the mind makes a metamorphic shift to absolute Truth. By contrasting the two concepts of self and their realities, the mind perceives the insanity of relative truth versus the perfection of absolute truth. Through this enlightened understanding the mind is able to accept absolute Truth as true.

As we focus on the Life within as our true Self, we no longer give life energy to the false self and its sphere of reality, because we no longer hold it as a true concept of self. For example, when we perceive outer weakness, we don’t try to make what is weak strong, but instead we recognize there is no weakness, only divine strength. In this, our thought energy shifts from the shell of the corrupted, false self to the true Life within the seed, the incorruptible nature of our true Self. Every dualistic reflection is a call to awaken to our absolute nature that our inner Light may shine.

Once the assimilation to absolute Truth is complete, the mind’s eye is fully opened. As an open gate to the Presence of God, our mind conveys divine attributes into reality and the Presence of God is individually expressed as the individualized true Self.

“The lamp of the body is the eye. Therefore, when your eye is good, your whole body also is full of light. But when your eye is bad, your body also is full of darkness. ~ Luke 11:34


Power of I AM

The power to reveal eternal Life throughout creation comes through our I Am presence, which is a Living Gate to the Mighty I Am Presence of God. It’s through our I Am presence that all of creation lives, moves and has its being. This movement of Life is creation’s harmonious eternal expansion as the expressed SELF of God.

The individualized mind originates in darkness, yet possesses one absolute truth, I Am. It knows it exists, but it doesn’t know the true nature of its Self. It lacks SELF-awareness. To the infinite mind and its projected self, this lack of awareness translates into an experience of finiteness (seed state/death), whereas possessing SELF-awareness reveals its true nature, the experience of limitlessness expansion, Life.

The I Am presence is the “God particle” within the self, eternally connecting it to its Source, the Mighty I Am Presence of God. Each individualized “I Am” is a gate to, and fractal of the Mighty I AM Presence of God. Our true I Am is a presence beyond the mind, as it is One with the I AM Presence of God, which is our infinitely Higher SELF. We can be observers of our mind, emotions and reality, because they are part of the created realm, but we can’t go beyond our I Am presence, we can only expand into it, which is true “awareness”. Therefore, even in the darkness of unawareness, this absolute Truth is known to the mind. Because our I Am presence is the essence of eternity in us, our SELF-awareness can eternally expand so that no matter how great our expansion into the Higher SELF, there is infinitely more to expand into, therefore, we are eternally young (i.e. forever a child of God).

Like a star in the night sky, the absolute Truth of “I Am” guides the mind to the realm of absolute Truth where it comes to know the true nature of its Self. When we turn toward the Light of Life within our I Am Presence as our source of Truth and no longer to the outer reality of illusion, the Truth expands within our mind and we begin to awaken. As the Truth illuminates our inner vision, it displaces relative truth upheld by false judgments, which confined the mind’s creative potential. Like a seed discovering the potential of life within itself, through Truth’s Living Voice emitting from the Light, we come to intimately know the Mighty I Am Presence of God as one with our own. In this SELF-awareness, we begin our eternal expansion (i.e. eternal Life).

Our individualized mind’s purpose is to express an individualized I Am presence. Whether it is true or not, what our mind accepts as true about its self it outwardly manifests, this is its inherent ability. Based on the mind’s accepted truth, it generates thoughts that are imbued with the power of its self-will, manifesting thought energy. The self-will is the life force of the I Am Presence, its innate power. It’s the mechanism by which the mind energizes its thoughts to manifest its concept of self in reality. Therefore, whatever qualities the mind accepts as true (wills) regarding its I Am presence, defines the appearances and experiences within reality, giving expression to the self.

Therefore, Truth’s life energy enters our being through the realm of thought. Divine, revelatory thoughts communicate the Truth to us, and imbue our mind with the life inherent in Truth. As our mind accepts Truth’s living thoughts, we perceive our true Self as the movement of Truth’s divine energy, empowered by the Divine Will. Because our true Self’s will is an extension of the Divine Will, it is through our I Am Presence that reality is governed in the singularity and infinite Intelligence of Truth, resulting in true Goodness which leads to eternal expansion (i.e. eternal life). As our true Self continually expands into the SELF of God, ever-magnifying Its expression, sustained peace, harmony, divine love and joy are experienced.

Because there is no duality in Truth, there are no opposing wills, therefore there are no opposing attributes in our true I Am presence. We are Light, in which there is no darkness. Therefore, we are not the concept of self based on a reality of duality in which we perceive good and bad. As the mind assimilates to this Truth, it begins to energize reality with Truth’s life energy, which leads to the experience of divine love, divine harmony and absolute Goodness. As a result, the corrupted bodily form and its reality of duality is replaced by the reflection of Truth’s ever-expanding Life, eternal youthfulness.

In the awareness that our individualized self-will is a creative mechanism of the Creator, the limitless power of our I Am is revealed. We are a creator within the Creator, a Living Gate of Oneness, and this is how we constantly energize reality with the divine attributes, creating all we truly desire and nothing we don’t. This leads to creation’s eternal expansion, which is eternal Life.

“And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ (the embodiment of the individualized I Am presence) whom You have sent.” ~ John 17:3

This is the message which we have heard from Him and declare to you, that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. ~ 1 John 1:5


Sacred Winds

The thought energy of Truth creates eternal expansion within our being, manifesting eternal Life. This energy is the Breath of Life that awakens us from a sleeping seed state, giving Truth expression.

The purpose of our mind is to give Truth expression. As we grow in the awareness of Truth, our mind begins to fill with divine thought. These thoughts radiate divine energy which possess the infinite Intelligence of Truth. This Intelligence divinely orchestrates (divine emergence) every present moment so that it infinitely supports every other moment, manifesting divine harmony. Because there is no duality in Truth, only Goodness, there is nothing to oppose it. This singularity gives Truth its ultimate power that sustains its harmony. Immutable harmony enables creation to express timeless perfection so that it is perfect and complete, yet ever-expanding. Truth’s divine energy is experienced as divine love, which is the expression of the highest Good for ALL through each individual mind’s unfolding present moment.

The ever-expanding, self-sustained harmonic nature of Truth reveals its inherent life. When Truth enters the mind it creates a living vibration of divine energy within our being. This energy is the life force of the Mighty I AM of God moving through us, the Breath of Life, giving Truth SELF-expression through our being.

Our spiritual awakening into the awareness of our true SELF prepares the mind to convey the timeless and singular nature Truth and therefore extend its life-giving energy into creation. Every moment is a conveyor of Truth’s divine gifts when our mind is prepared to receive and give them. When sufficiently prepared through divine revelation, the sacred wind of Truth flows through us and into our sphere of reality imbuing it with its life-giving presence.

The mind is continually creating. It creates what it believes is true, centered around its concept of self. In its sleep state, the mind is unaware that its true Self is an expression of absolute Truth. Without the Light of Truth, the mind fills the void with its own relative truth about itself through its individualized judgments of good and bad or right and wrong. As a result, it experiences a reality of duality in which each individualized mind sits as judge, shaping an illusionary concept of self. However, the mind can only accept opposites as true when they are separated by time, otherwise they cancel each other out creating nothingness (i.e. illusion).

The slumbering mind mistakenly accepts that time, duality and their resulting illusionary effect, are aspects of absolute truth. As a result, the illusionary reality becomes the mind’s source of truth, blinding it to the true Source, the Mighty I Am Presence (the Self of Truth), which the self engages through its own I Am presence. In its blindness, duality and the self’s role as subjective judge are upheld as true. As a result, the mind projects a reality of opposites that can’t exist in Truth, nor can Truth exist in it, i.e. an illusion. The mind imprisoned by the beliefs it declares to be absolute truth, becomes encased in a world of darkness in which all it creates is canceled out by its opposite. This inhibits its creative expansion, fostering a seed state.

In the dream of time all that is created is destroyed, thus eternal life appears beyond reality. However, in Truth, it is already here. Truth is ever-present, therefore so is eternal Life, which is the effect of Truth’s thought energy. We experience this Life when our mind is able to receive and give divine Truth so its life-giving energy is expressed through us and into reality.

As we grow in the Self-awareness that we are Truth’s timeless expression, our mind is lifted out of the construct of time. When the singularity of Truth illuminates the mind, we recognize only Good (which incorporates every divine attribute) exists, negating duality thus a mind-set of judgment. As divine thought supplants individualized judgments, a reality of immutable harmony is manifested, allowing the eternal, ever-expanding SELF to be expressed.

Reality is the reflection of our current self-awareness. Because there is no duality in Truth, as our mind is illuminated with Truth, we mentally enter the timeless realm of knowing what was, is and will be as one perfect whole. Concepts of duality are replaced by the Truth of oneness, and time is replaced with timelessness. Without duality and our corresponding judgments which continually foster discordant energies, our mind transmits the divine, harmonious energy of Truth into reality. This sacred energy gives the One SELF a living expression, Life, and the corrupted image of the self born out of judgment (the shell) falls away.

By giving expression to Truth, we are life-giving spirits. As we receive and give the divine Breath of Life, it flows through us touching all of creation with divine power, divine harmony, infinite intelligence, and timeless perfection, which together express the perfection of divine love. Because reality reflects our current self-awareness, reality follows our inner awakening, expressing timeless Truth in which there are no opposites, only Goodness.



As creators, we are the writers of our life’s story. Our programming language (ethereal pen) is our inner vision comprised of thought energy, which our mind projects upon the screen of reality, creating a living narrative.

Every moment has a backstory that tells how that moment came to be. Backstories wrap each present moment in a story of time that connect it to the past and future. They are the mechanism by which a timeless mind creates coherency in an illusionary world of time and space.

The past doesn’t exist but as a story within our mind, so the cause to our present moments isn’t a non-existent past, but the frequency of our thought energy (thoughts and the energetic structures they create). Our thought energy charges our reality with certain qualities (i.e., gratitude or complaining) and then our mind constructs a story of time reflecting those qualities connecting the past and future. Therefore, backstories are dynamically created moment to moment according to the present energy we are extending into reality. As a result, our life can change in a moment in desirable and undesirable ways. It’s also why when we energetically hold onto past grievances some things never seem to change.

When we are unaware of how we create, backstories hide our mind’s creative prowess and power. The past appears to hold the cause to our present experience, so that we don’t recognize it’s the present energy we are extending into reality that creatively effects reality. When the effect is mis-named as the cause, the true cause of how reality is created remains unknown. This misunderstanding of the true cause to the present moment entraps us in a world of suffering we unknowingly create, while blinding us to our ability to create a reality of peace and joy.

Our inner vision is a perceiving/receiving as well as a projective mechanism of the mind. According to our accepted source of truth, whether it is the outer appearance world or Truth’s Living Voice (Spirit of Truth), our inner vision is correspondingly darkened (asleep) or illuminated (awake). Depending on the source, our inner vision energetically projects darkness or Light through the mind, which creates our present moment and its supporting backstories.

When our inner eye is closed, the mind sleeps. Without the Light of Truth, the sleeping mind’s individualized judgments based on the outer reality (relative truth) stand in the place of Truth. False judgments are based on past interpretations of experiences, which become the personalized meaning we give to things, and our accepted truth. Because judgments are based on the past, the past appears to be the cause to our present, therefore hiding the true cause, thought energy. When our judgments are the substance of our thoughts, then our inner vision is full of darkness (lack of Truth).

Without the light of Truth, the only way the sleeping mind can create is according to its judgments. These judgments, full of corrupted and erroneous thoughts, project an energetic field of disharmony. As a result, the mind creates backstories which support disharmony, and we experience conflict, suffering, and harm.

When we turn to Truth’s Living Voice, the Spirit of Truth, as our source of Truth, our inner eye begins to open. As Truth illuminates our inner vision, divine thoughts replace false judgments. Our subjective judgments become irrelevant and nullified because the Truth is clearly seen and known.

As our mind becomes an open gate to the Divine Mind so that it receives divine, revelatory thought, backstories are created by the Divine Mind in oneness with our awakened individualized mind. As our reality is energized with divine qualities, the backstories reflect these qualities so that we experience peace, joy, and perfect provision.

Understanding how the narrative of our life is written allows our mind to consciously create according to the ever-present Truth and no longer according to past judgments. As our inner vision is illuminated with Truth, the backstories enfolding the present reflect the most desirable and unexpected outcomes, creating a landscape of miracles.

“The lamp of the body is the eye. Therefore, when your eye is good, your whole body (reality) also is full of light. But when your eye is bad, your body also is full of darkness.” ~ Luke 11:34


Seven Sacred Truths

As awakening dreamers, we witness the Light of Life dawning into reality. As we witness the Light, we know we are shining the Light.

Once our mind matures into a Living Gate for the Divine Mind so that it is able to receive Its divine thought, Truth goes forth like the shining of a lamp and Its Light is reflected in our reality.

There are seven mental constructs that prepare (mature) our mind to be a Living Gate so it can convey the holiness and timeless perfection of Truth. As these constructs converge in a harmonious integration within our mind, they create an eternally open door through which Truth flows allowing its Divine Radiance to be expressed in reality, so that we become the Light of the world. The harmonizing effect of these seven constructs is reflected in the seven musical notes and their illuminating presence is represented in the seven colors of the rainbow.

As our awareness increases in these seven constructs, our mind goes through a profound metamorphosis, which enables it to convey Truth’s holy and harmonious qualities into reality. Through this metamorphosis we transition from a counterfeit truth to Divine Truth. When we hold the counterfeit truth as true, the Truth is unknown. As the Truth becomes known, the counterfeit is made obsolete as it is clearly seen as a slumbering mind’s illusion. As a result, the mind is prepared to receive Divine thought, creating an inner feeling world of harmony, gratitude and peace that are outwardly experienced as healing miracles.

Our mind shifts from:

  1. Relative Truth to Absolute Truth
  2. Time to Timelessness
  3. Striving of Self-will to Emergence of Divine Will
  4. Judgment to Divine Forgiveness
  5. A Temporal Body of Lack to a Life-Giving Spirit of Abundance
  6. Creature to Creator
  7. Separation to Oneness

Transitioning out of a counterfeit truth which derived from a darkened mental space void of the Light of Truth, takes diligent and persistent attuning to the Spirit of Truth, Truth’s living voice. The mind bound in relative truth’s distortions can only receive the Truth drip by drip, like oil filling a lamp, because of the counterfeit truth it possesses in Truth’s place. When we believe something is our truth, we’ve assigned it the characteristic of immutability, thus to alter our truth is a methodical and diligent process. It’s only through our continual communion with the Spirit of Truth, who intimately knows our vast web of interlocking lies, that we break free from the illusions we exalted as true.

As our awareness increases, these overlapping and interconnected mental constructs reveal our true SELF, so that we come to understand who we are and how we create. Once our mind accepts the ever-present nature of these seven sacred constructs, then Truth flows through us, transforming reality by bringing forth the Light; which is the Righteous Reign of Absolute Goodness.

These seven constructs are deep and layered and their light fills the volume of this entire blog. Led by the Spirit of Truth, we ascend the primordial staircase and our awareness expands drip by drip until our mind is able to convey Truth. Our cumulative understanding transforms our mind into a Living Gate for the Divine Mind. Divine harmony and Divine love (Truth’s reflections) energize our lifestream, creating the highest good for all. The Divine Truth beyond us, flows through us, and into reality which reflects the Light of Life back to us. In this we witness ALL is ONE.

By shining the Truth into reality, the mind becomes a co-creator of miracles as the Living Light infuses the darkness with infinite intelligence and enfolding divine love bringing reflections of timeless perfection where shadows of death once dwelt. The ultimate miracle being the birth of our true SELF’s expression into reality.

And he said to me, “What do you see?” So I said, “I am looking, and there is a lampstand of solid gold with a bowl on top of it, and on the stand seven lamps with seven pipes to the seven lamps. ~ Zechariah 4:2


Transitioning Time

When our source of truth is absolute Truth, every present moment is the effect of Truth. Our perception of time changes, initiating a metamorphosis of the self into ever-increasing expressions of Truth’s timeless perfection.

Like a seed in the soil, we are being sown to be an ever-expanding expression of the Mighty I AM Presence of God. During this embryonic state, our mind is prepared to be a Living Gate to the Divine Mind, so that Truth flows into our awareness, governing reality in a perfection far beyond the capability of an individualized mind and imbuing it with increasing divine radiance.

This embryonic state of consciousness (dream) provides a contrast between light (divine nature of Truth) and darkness (relative truth, which lacks divine qualities). Through this contrast we come to comprehend who we are as a Living Gate, a state of being that enables us to perfectly express the SELF of God. Being aware of our true SELF is essential to being our true SELF. What we are conscious of being (our self-awareness) we create, therefore being aware of our true SELF is a creative mechanism of LIFE. Once our self-awareness matures, we arise as life-giving spirits in oneness with the Mighty I AM, so that this Holy Presence is expressed into reality.

As a Living Gate we possess an individualized mind, yet are one with the Divine Mind. Being a fractal of the Divine Mind allows us to experience ever-increasing joy, delight and fascination with LIFE. It gives us an ever-increasing experience of our creative power. It provides the incredible experience of ever-increasing growth, harmony, abundance and beauty. Being finite, yet ever-expanding into the infinite, gives us an experience of eternity that doesn’t stay the same, but continually grows richer in the radiance of divine attributes.

So, we are sown in contrast to our true Self, that we may become intimately aware that we are Living Gates, being one with the Mighty I AM Presence. We were sown in corruption, dishonor and weakness that we might be raised (awakened) in incorruption, glory, and power. We were sown in the experience of a temporal body (false self) that we might eternally experience the limitless nature of a life-giving spirit (true SELF).

To provide the needed contrast, the false self image within the dream reflects the opposite of the true SELF. Initially, outer appearances in the dream are believed to be real and therefore accepted as our source of truth, causing us to believe we ARE the false self we outwardly perceive. This unholy belief shapes our relative truth because it accepts that past appearances are the cause of our present experience. This false interpretation corrupts the awareness of our self.

In this belief-system, our mind harbors thoughts which manifest a limited and finite outer reflection, the likeness of a seed. With the cause of everything dwelling in the past, time is perceived as extending the past into the present. Defined by these limited perceptions, the mind clothes itself with a temporal, finite body of weakness and decay, so that the body reflects the mind’s concept of itself in time. Believing it is housed within a finite body, the mind’s creative potential is therefore bound to the limitations of the body.

During our spiritual awakening, our source of Truth shifts from the outer reality to the Spirit of Truth flowing through our inner gate. The contrast between the outer reality of the false self and our growing inner awareness of our true SELF intensifies. The contrast provides fertile ground by which the Spirit of Truth reveals our true likeness as a Living Gate for the Mighty I AM, so that we might be this gate. Our awareness of being the Mighty I AM’s Living Gate is the only way in which ever-expanding perfection is created and experienced.

As our source of Truth shifts from the external to the Eternal it commences a profound metamorphosis within the mind. Opened to Truth’s illumination, the mind takes on the qualities and nature of the Light of Life, like a seed starting to grow. Every moment becomes Truth’s effect, and time is perceived as reflecting eternal harmonious growth. This renewed perception of time liberates the mind from creating according to the limitations of the past.

The mind’s concept of its individualized self transitions from a temporal body bound by its relative truth to a life-giving spirit expressing Truth’s timeless perfection. Its self-awareness continually expands as a spirit who is unlimited by physical form and governs reality in oneness with the Mighty I AM. As a Living Gate, corruption becomes impossible, and the self’s expression grows increasingly more radiant, dissolving the temporal limitations of the false self. The mortal has put on immortality.

This shift in our source of truth and its effect on our perception of time is essential to awakening into the awareness of our true SELF. The light of this awareness initiates our metamorphosis into a life-giving spirit, reflecting the holiness of our Creator.

Arising as Living Gates, we infuse reality with Truth’s immortal lifestream, which creates an ever-expanding divine reflection of Truth’s timeless perfection.

So also is the resurrection of the dead. The body is sown in corruption, it is raised in incorruption. It is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory. It is sown in weakness, it is raised in power. It is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body. And so it is written, “The first man Adam became a living being.” The last Adam became a life-giving spirit. However, the spiritual is not first, but the natural, and afterward the spiritual. ~ 1 Corinthians 15:42-46