Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Reclaiming Our Identity



The Prayer of I Am connects us to the consciousness of Light, and through rest in emergence we become the Light.

There are two overarching states of consciousness; a consciousness of darkness and a consciousness of Light. The concept we hold of our self determines our state of consciousness, and our state of consciousness determines the world around us.

Through the dynamic interplay between the Prayer of I Am and divine emergence, we actively engage our transformation from the consciousness of darkness to the consciousness of Light. The Prayer of I Am connects us to the Light, and resting in emergence allows the Light to flow through us and give expression to our true Self. Like the journey of the prodigal son, our spiritual path is an awakening to remembrance of who we truly are; to our true Father, to His Name as our own, to His inheritance (all the divine attributes) given to us, to His Likeness, and to His Reality of Truth.

Through the Prayer of I Am we are consciously choosing to leave the consciousness of darkness and its storehouse of lies, the sub-conscious, which was formed around the false image of our self. We no longer identify with this self who bears the unholy name, I am + opposites to divine attributes. This Prayer acknowledges only our true Self, because it professes the true name of our eternal Father and Creator, the holy I Am + divine attributes. When we are holding this Prayer deep within our consciousness, we are connecting to our true Self, and the divine Mind of God, which makes this Prayer infinitely powerful.

Through the interplay of the Prayer of I Am and emergence we creatively engage the supra-conscious for the first time, so that Light (Truth) begins to break through the darkness (illusions) of our perceived reality. In the Prayer of I Am, in which we consciously embrace our true Name, nature and likeness, our mind ceases to create reality from the content of our sub-consciousness. Instead, we connect to the supra-consciousness, the divine Mind, the source of our true Identity. In emergence, we no longer seek to strive, control, or manipulate our external reality. This rest allows our mind to disengage from the sub-conscious and be a gate for the supra-conscious. Our trust in the supra-conscious mind of God manifests every moment for the highest good for all as it brings the divine attributes into being. In a stillness of being, we become the Light.

As we embrace the Prayer of I Am inwardly, and rest in emergence outwardly, we become an open gate to the expressions of Truth. Inwardly, we are connected to the supra-conscious mind of God as our governing creative source. Outwardly, we rest in emergence which allows the infinite wisdom of the supra-conscious to create our reality according to the fulfillment of joy for all. In this, we reclaim our right and true Mind, therefore we reclaim our true Identity, as the Light of the world.


“Until now you have asked nothing in My nameAsk, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.” ~ John 16:24

“You are the light of the world.” ~ Matthew 5:14



Spirit of Truth


Be stilland know that I am God.

(This blog was inspired by a comment on the last post.)

The Spirit of Truth is the holy Spirit of God who is ever-present with us. It’s the Spirit of absolute Truth and Divine Love that unites us all as one because He is in all.

The Spirit of Truth is our sovereign Teacher whose function is to translate Truth into ways our minds can comprehend. We come to know Truth through Him because we are taught Truth by Him.

As our most intimate companion, the Spirit reveals the same Truth to all of us, yet in ways that we can individually understand according to our level of awareness. Regardless of our current belief system, if we seek Truth in humility and openness of mind, He will lead us into all Truth as we need to know it. He is in all, for all. As a Light in the darkness of our mind, He is the voice of comfort, peace, encouragement and unconditional love. He doesn’t condemn, blame, extend guilt, or make afraid, but he removes all these false attributes with which we mistakenly clothe ourselves and reveals our true garments of Light.

As we receive revelation from the Spirit, His words of Life awaken us from the illusions we imagined.

Communing with the Spirit of Truth

Communion is an individual practice, so different techniques work for different people,  but here is a suggestion of how to begin.

Find a quiet space and time in your day. Try to make it the same place and around the same time each day as this routine will greatly facilitate your ability to quiet your mind and listen.

Sit with a notebook and pen. Writing focuses our thoughts while keeping distracting thoughts at bay. Often revelation flows through our writing in the forms of instruction, impressions, visions, and word pictures. You can trigger this flow of thought by writing down questions, or even words you may want to understand more deeply like faith, trust, love, etc. These regular times of written communion plant seeds of thought, which the Spirit expands through circumstances in our lives to reveal truthful understanding. The Spirit can use anything to teach us, and over time we learn to see his instruction in just about everything.

Consciously engage the Spirit of Truth as one who is ever-present with you as your Teacher, guide and friend. In connecting to the Spirit, use whatever name is most comfortable to you, for example Father, Christ, or Holy Spirit of Truth. You may find quiet peaceful music helpful in calming your mind to facilitate your connection. Pour out what is in your heart in written words and then take a moment to be still and listen. Try writing down what you think you hear. Let your mind sink past all the noisy chatter in your head in order to listen. Prayerfully reading books you are spiritually drawn to is another opportunity for the Spirit to reveal truth to you. Again, write down the ideas that come to you.

Seek His instruction as you ask: What do I need to see? If a situation comes to mind, ask what do I need to see or learn in this situation? Don’t assume you know. This is a dedicated time to let go of all you think you know, and listen for what will be a totally new perspective. As thoughts come to mind write them down. Let your pen explore deep questions. Often our questions are prompted by the Spirit to lead us to what we need to know next. With the intention of learning from the Spirit of Truth, impressions, and ideas will come to mind. Write them down. Over time, the revelations of the Spirit will become vividly clear.

Try to include written statements of gratitude.

As you dedicate time to this sacred communion, your ability to hear and discern the Truth will expand. This communion takes commitment, persistence, patience, and repetition as your mind adjusts. This personal communion is the Spirit’s function. Therefore, if we make the time and engage it in all sincerity, our sacred communion will grow so rich that it will be our favorite and most valuable time of the day.


But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you. ~ John 14:26

“But you, do not be called ‘Rabbi’; for One is your Teacher, the Christ and you are all brethren.” ~ Matthew 23:8

“But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” ~ Hebrews 11:6



Door of Oneness


Oneness is the spiritual attribute of the divine Name “I Am” that is the door to all the other attributes because in and through oneness the other attributes are expressed.

The Prayer of I Am states who God is, who we are and who others are. When we state I Am Peace, I Am Love, I Am Abundance, etc. we are stating the Truth from our Source (God) into all of Creation in unity of oneness.

Divine forgiveness is the process of making what was separated one again. Because any kind of separation is an illusion (delusion) of our mind created through our imagination, forgiveness is a process that uses imagination to bring our mind back to Truth. Where we used imagination to harm, the Spirit uses it to heal. Forgiveness is seeing the Truth of God, ourselves and others where we once saw a lie. As we commune with the Spirit of Truth, all our thoughts are brought to Truth. Through his instruction, thoughts of life replace all thoughts of death, which alters the landscape of our reality into one of peace.

Forgiveness is the key that opens the door to the spiritual attribute of oneness. When we perceive harm committed either by us or to us, often our response is a form of attack (anger, passive aggressiveness, withdrawal, defensiveness, desire for separation, un-forgiveness, blame, self-pity, apathy, victimization, retaliation, vengeance, etc.) When this occurs, in our mind these attributes take the place of our true attributes, so that a false image of ourself and others is projected upon the screen of our mind. These false images bind us to an illusion in which we are separate from our true Identity and the divine attributes.

Forgiveness is the process of removing all forms of attack that keep these false images of separation real to us. We are choosing our true Name in the Prayer of I Am and accepting this as our identity instead of the false image of ourself that could harm or be harmed. In this we choose oneness over separation. When we stand firm upon the attributes of our divine Self through the Prayer of I Am, we withdraw our mind from the forms of attack and back to the Truth. Through the use of imagination, we can re-write our past stories. We can go back to situations where we responded in forms of attack and instead choose to respond with the Prayer of I Am. We imagine the divine attributes extending from our Father, through us and to others, creating oneness where there was separation.

Our true connection with others is through our thoughts. So these words of life are infinitely powerful for us and others as all is brought into the Light.

To be the expressed, divine, I Am means our mind is full of Light (Truth). This process of forgiveness is how our mind is renewed in Truth as it melds into the divine Mind that only knows Truth. 

Be Free Set Free



Imagination’s Power



The Prayer of I Am moves deeper into our awareness as we place our I Am Identity in the center of our creative consciousness, our imagination.

Imagination isn’t just child’s play, it’s a faculty of mind we use every day, all day. It’s the part of our mind that pictures our reality within, which in turn projects it without. It’s used to create outwardly what we believe is true inwardly.

What we imagine to be true is what we believe. What we believe in this present moment is what our mind projects outward giving form to our reflective reality. For example, we take what we’ve learned or experienced in the past and imagine a future. We imagine a future we want, and one we don’t. We imagine all kinds of things, images of our selves, and situations. Our mind is full of conflicting images and corresponding inner talk. The result is a chaotic reality of these vain imaginings fused together, much like a night dream. Our reality isn’t a static form, it consists of dynamic energy that changes according to our thought life.

With a lack of awareness of our true Self, we imagined a false image of our self. We imagined we were spiritually naked and lacked the divine attributes. Because we believed our vain imaginings, we created a reality of lack. In desperation, we created idols, which we then trusted to provide for all we believed we lacked; peace, comfort, joy, purpose, and love. Although we initially believed otherwise, idols can’t clothe us with spiritual attributes. Therefore idols leave us naked and subject to fearful imaginings that project a reality of lack. Instead of reflecting our true expressions, we reflected their opposites.

As the Spirit melds our mind into the Divine Mind, we are instructed in the truth of who we are. Where we once filled our imagination with lies and manifested a false image of our self, we now willingly choose to fill it with the spiritual attributes of our true Self, as an immortal fractal of the divine Mind. Comprehending our true Likeness as one made in the likeness of God, we are given a choice to see something different within, therefore the ability to manifest a different reality without. It gives us the ability to manifest a reality of peace instead of fear.

Through the faculty of imagination, we engage the attributes of the Prayer of I Am as our own, in the present moment. The Prayer of I Am brings all the images we’ve made about ourself to the Truth. By imagining we are the divine attributes, the mind resurrects the words of Truth giving life to our inner talk (cause), which then reflects truth and life into our experiential reality (effect). Because we don’t know how our present moment will express the spiritual attributes, we don’t concern ourselves with how these attributes will translate into our reality. We rest in divine emergence and imagine ourselves in the present moment as an expression of the divine attributes.

Our true Self is expressed as we let the Prayer of I Am settle into our powerful imagination. In this way, we become as a child and through our mind find entrance into the Kingdom of Peace. Imagination gives us the ability to rewrite the story of our life according Truth, and thus change reality as we’ve always known it. It’s a significant creative step within our mind that enables us to take the Light we perceive within and shine it outward.


“Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.” ~ Mark 10:15

“Therefore be imitators of God as dear children.” ~ Ephesians 5:1


Prayer Remastered



In the name, I Am, we pray. This is our final prayer as the morning star arises in us all as one.

In prayer, we extend our will to God’s will with the hope of transitioning ourselves, others, or a situation from one state of being (or condition) to another. Our prayer life constantly evolves throughout our spiritual journey as our will slowly aligns to the Divine Will. Once our will is fully aligned, prayer as we know it is forever changed because we are the expressed will of God.

In the awareness of our sacred Self, we make our final prayer. Our prayer elevates into a new meaning, creative expression and power. In this awareness, our will is fully united as one with God’s will, therefore whatever we ask is done. Our prayers are transcended and evolve into the outpouring of the life-giving spirit, I Am.

The outpouring of the I Am, the prayer of our true Self, is uniting our present conscious awareness to the spiritual attributes we possess in Truth, so our mind projects their expression into reality. What we hold in our consciousness, in the present moment, is what we outwardly manifest. So, what and who we presently believe ourselves to be, we see reflected back to us from reality. The Prayer of I Am is the mindful act of connecting who we are as an immortal fractal of God’s Self to our present awareness. It’s a profession of all we know ourselves to be in Truth as taught by the Spirit of Truth AND manifesting it into reality.

The Prayer of I Am is articulated as: I Am (fill in spiritual attribute). For example, I Am abundant. I Am love. I Am Health. I Am Peace.

Characteristics of the Prayer of I Am

Here are five characteristics of this sacred prayer:

Possessing all Things: Prayer of I Am acknowledges that we possess all the spiritual attributes. Therefore, we possess all things, which are reflective forms of those attributes. For example, when I state with understanding, I Am Peace, then experiences of peace are manifested. When we believe in the perfection and completeness of our sacred Self, who lacks nothing, AND rest in divine emergence by which our true Self is expressed, we experience the reality of possessing all things. (Matthew 6:33, Matt 5:9)

Of the Present Moment: Prayer of I Am acknowledges that we possess the spiritual attributes NOW. It’s not a request for a future attainment, because in Truth the present moment is the only time there is. Therefore, the prayer is stated in the present, I Am

All Inclusive: Prayer of I Am professes that the spiritual attributes we possess are for ALL and given to all through us. When we state, I Am Peace, we state this for everyone, no exclusions. (Universal ForgivenessI Am is the name of oneness, the name of us all. (James 4:3)

Rest in Emergence: Prayer of I Am allocates all trust to God by resting in divine emergence in order to manifest spiritual attributes into a reality of forms. It doesn’t trust in effort or striving, which denotes lack and separation from the spiritual attributes. Also it isn’t according to our expectations, because we are not consciously aware of how the highest good for all in any one moment would appear in the reality of form. This prayer recognizes we are open gates to the supra-consciousness (Christ mind) that creates through us as we rest in emergence. Because it is the name of oneness, in this prayer we speak in unison with the Spirit of God (Christ) and not just of ourselves. Therefore, it is infinitely powerful and nothing is impossible through it. (Matthew 6:25-32, John 5:19)

State of Gratitude: Prayer of I Am extends sincere gratitude for what we already possess and therefore know will be reflected in reality. This acknowledgment of gratitude confirms we know the Truth, and our creative consciousness manifests it into reality. (Phil 4:6, James 1:6)

The Prayer of I Am changes the landscape of reality. It unites our consciousness to Truth, so that Truth can be manifested where there once were illusions. A mind of Truth (righteous or right-minded) is indeed very powerful. (James 5:16)


 “If you ask anything in My name, I will do it.” ~  John 14:14


Manifesting I AM


As our mind melds into the divine mind, our identity changes.

The center of our thought-system is our Identity. What defines our identity, defines our thought-system. Therefore, when our identity changes, our entire thought-system follows.

The Spirit of Truth’s teachings center around who we believe ourselves to be. We begin our spiritual journey believing certain characteristics define us and end up believing their opposites are true and immutable. We shift from I am weak, to I AM strong, from I am unholy, to I AM holy, from I am unloving, to I AM love, and so on. This metamorphosis of mind comes about by the perfect and meticulous instruction of the Spirit.

What we presently hold in our consciousness as true about ourselves, our reality reflects. As we hold the attributes of our sacred Self as being present within us now, they begin to manifest outwardly. As our mind begins to perceive and think from these attributes, not just thinking about them, then it begins to project their reflection.

We manifest what we believe we are right now, not what we think we’ll be in the future. Truth is right now, in the present moment, because Truth always is and in Truth the present moment is all there is.

“I am” is the unifying name of us all; you, me, and God. We all call ourselves “I am” … then attach whatever characteristics to this name. It isn’t our physical name alone, like Rachel, that defines us but much more importantly our shared name, “I am” and what we attach to it because what we attach to “I am” for ourselves, we associate to others, and we shape our understanding of who is God and what is Truth around those characteristics.

In the Truth of oneness with our Source, the characteristics of God (I AM Holy, I AM Peace, I AM Love, etc.), are also our characteristics as we are immortal fractals of our Source, God. In Truth, I am peace, you are peace, God is peace; all is one. What varies is our individualized expressions of the underlying attribute. If an attribute isn’t true for God, it isn’t true for ourself or others. Though God, as the Source, possesses these characteristics in a way that is beyond our knowing, how we experience God as our Father, as our Source, is through the characteristics we share with Him. For example, to truly know the love of God is to be the love of God. It’s an incredibly beautiful intimacy of knowing.

As we own these characteristics, through divine emergence they reflect outwardly, although we don’t know the specific forms they will take. For example, when our peace is an extension of God’s peace, we don’t know the exact form it will take because the form serves the highest good for all. Whatever forms are used to orchestrate perfect peace for all are beyond our conscious knowing. Therefore, we have to let go of forms and simply focus our attention on “I Am peace”.

The characteristics of God are already a part of us, they are our sacred Self. We mistakenly believed ourselves to be something opposite and therefore our mind created a false reflection of our identity. In embracing the Truth of our true Identity, we consciously release all we thought we once were that isn’t of Truth. We release the forms that these false attributes projected outward, and we put our faith in who we know ourselves to be in Truth, and we become who we’ve always been.

Vision begins within. Enlightened eyes only see the Truth. In oneness, our shared name is “I Am.”


“And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.” ~ John 17:3






Mind of Miracles


Methodically the Spirit of Truth integrates our mind into the divine Mind making all one. Our mind begins creating according to the Laws of Eternity and no longer the Laws of Time. In this change of governance, our mind transitions from the space-time continuum that ties us to the past to the eternal present moment that unites us to our true Source.

Time is experienced as the relational dynamic of cause-and-effect. We do something in the past (cause) and it has a future impact (effect). The space-time continuum is the framework of a reality that supports this dynamic, so that what occurs in the past determines the future. Space-time creates a delay between cause and effect, therefore the the link between the two isn’t always apparent, therefore when we understand the link we gain knowledge. Yet, it isn’t knowledge of the reality of Truth, but of the dream reality, thus it isn’t true knowledge, but a lower wisdom that ultimately keeps us in bondage to a past we can’t change.

This relational dynamic is how the dream reality is created. Our thoughts, which established our reality, are defined by our past learning which is based on our judgments according to cause-and-effect relationships. Our judgments reflect the wisdom we feel we’ve gained by understanding the connection between particular actions and their consequences. We can’t go back and change the past, we can only work within the outcomes the past projected forward. Therefore, we judge all we perceive in order to create desirable outcomes.

It’s impossible to free ourselves from judgments about our past and future in this structure of reality. We will always make judgments because this is how we create a future we desire, and try to avoid one we don’t want. It’s how we survive in the dream reality, but it is also how we create our own bondage. We are tied to the past.

Because the past is continually brought forward, destruction and decay are inevitable. The space-time continuum supports the belief in destruction as everything in time dies. If we want Peace, we must abandon this entire thought-system and learn a new way of creating from the Teacher of Peace, the Spirit of Truth.

We learn from the Spirit that the reality of Eternal Peace is structured differently. Within this spiritual realm there is only the present moment because the only Cause is the true Source that is ever-present. This Source, God (the Spirit of absolute Truth and Divine Love that we experience as the Holy Altar of Light within us) is the Cause to every experience and expression in this Reality. Every moment is new. The past supports it, but the past doesn’t define it.

Truth and Divine Love, which are ever-present, define the present moment. When the Cause is ever-present and the present moment is all there is of time, then the Cause and Effect are united in a singular present moment. There is no delay as in the space-time continuum. Therefore, Truth is instantly reflected in the moment. When the changeless Truth defines the present moment this singularity of Cause and Effect is possible. The underling expression of peace, joy, harmony always exists, the only differences are the many expressions and experiences it creates.

This transition from one creative dynamic to another is challenging. The mental metamorphosis requires letting go of worldly wisdom we spent years obtaining and overcoming reflections of an immutable past the dream reality gives witness to. However, as we rest in emergence, we engage the creative dynamic of eternal Peace. We no longer chose to submit our will to the past as our source and truth, but to the eternal present of our Perfect Cause. Being led by the Spirit of Truth, we cross over from one thought-system to another. We systematically let go of the lower wisdom we gained in the dream reality, and embrace the wisdom of eternity that comes from the supra-conscious Mind.

As our will aligns to our true Source, our mind becomes an open gate by which divine thoughts flow. Instead of our judgments based on past experiences defining our thoughts, our thoughts come from our true Source. Through emergence, divine thoughts are able to be translated through our minds and shape reality. Our mind is no longer spilt off into a dream reality, but is reunited to the Divine Mind.

Space-time with its dynamic of cause-and-effect taught us why there can only be one Cause, so that we would freely give our will to the manifestation of this one Cause and its magnificent expressions that are far beyond what we could create with a separate mind. This opening of our mind to the divine Mind brings the eternal into the finite, the light into the darkness, and creates a landscape of miracles, where the present moment overrides space-time, until time as we once knew it is no more.

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me. ~ Revelation 3:20


Return to the Light


We see with our mind. If we are asleep, we see a dream. If we are awake, we see the Truth. 

As a sleeping embryonic soul, our physical eyes are part of the image of our dream self, as is all our body. Therefore, our physical eyes don’t see truth, they see the dream our mind projects. Our physical eyes are simply the projectors of our mind’s thoughts. As a sleeping soul they see a dream, just like the image of our self in a night dream sees the dream and not us sleeping in a bed.

As we awaken from the dream, we recognize that all we’ve seen and thought was true, was only an illusion. True vision comes from within, where our mind’s eye is able to see the Truth beyond the illusionary reality. It’s here we perceive the Light by learning from the Spirit of Truth. As our mind awakens to the Light of Truth, how we perceive through our physical eyes changes. This change in vision brings about our metamorphosis from a sleeping embryonic soul to an awakened soul, a fount of living waters, a gate for the divine thoughts of God.

In this metamorphosis of mind, we begin to see the dream as unreal. As our mind’s eye fully opens to the Light, we begin to see reflections of peace as our physical eyes begin to project peace. We transition from darkness where what we see within and without is void of Truth, to the Light where what we see within and without is one with Truth.

Our individualized will determines what our mind’s eye sees.

The turning of our will from serving and manifesting the darkness of the dream (fearful thoughts) to serving and revealing the Light (divine thoughts) is central to the metamorphosis of our mind.

Our individualized will is the center of our thinking mind. It’s the decision maker our mind follows. It judges what is good and bad, right and wrong, true and false. According to its judgments, our mind projects and manifests the reality we see. It’s the realm of choice, and we chose what we see.

Our mind can be governed by fear or divine love, it’s the choice afforded by our free will. When it’s governed by fear, we walk in darkness unaware of truth. When it’s governed by divine love, we rest in emergence and experience the reflections of Truth.

As part of our development as an embryonic soul, we experience a dream of darkness that our will may know and freely chose divine love. As we return to the Light, we are simply becoming aware of who we are as one made in the likeness of God. We learn from the gentle voice of the Spirit of Truth that divine love resides in the present moment. As we rest in emergence, we can abide in the present moment and experience the peace it inherently possesses.

In emergence, we make a free will choice to become an observer to see all situations as divinely orchestrated. We no longer judge the present moment but greet each moment without complaining, welcoming instead the entrance of peace.

Emergence is a supra-conscious act of the divine Mind because it orchestrates our present moment for the highest good of all. This level of orchestration far exceeds anything an individualized mind could create. When the mind is full of the Light of Truth, it sees every present moment in the peace the Truth projects. The will no longer seeks to create a specific form based reality, instead it rests in the knowledge that the supra-conscious will create a reality of ever-present peace.

Initially, it’s a challenge to rest in emergence as we push through fear. Fear tempts us to judge our present in a negative light and seek to physically change it. But the Spirit constantly reminds us that our reality changes from within, not without. As we direct our will to no longer serve fear, our present moment is revealed for what it always has been; an intimate reflection of our Creator’s divine love. This perfection of orchestrated thought that creates harmony and peace for all only occurs when we rest in divine emergence, where we are a gate to divine thought. In this, we pass through the narrow gate of metamorphosis and return to the Light.

We followed your River of Life until we returned to the Light. This is the Righteous Reign. 


For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. ~ 1 Corinthians 15:53


Renewing the Mind


As we meld into the divine Mind, we experience a natural, logical and systematic integration. The divine Mind (mind of Christ) isn’t a spiritualized idea beyond our attainment, but about becoming who we truly are and always have been. It isn’t fantastical or magical, but a real metamorphosis of our mind, giving it ability to process divine thought. It’s growing in soundness of mind through a transformation into the spiritual realm (thought-system) of abundance. Divine thoughts conveyed through this mind are able to translate the reality around us into eternal peace, harmony, and joy.

The source of what we see is our mind.

As an immortal fractal of the divine Mind, our mind is like an open gate to the one divine Mind. In this, we are each the creative consciousness center of reality. True vision comes from the divine Mind and has the ability to transform our reality from things to fear, into a reality of peace and harmony. Vision shapes energy into the reality of forms we experience. What we see begins with what we see within. What we see within defines our thoughts. Our thoughts and the energy they project shape our reality and all our experiences. Thus, true transformation begins with perceiving the Truth which then our thoughts and the beliefs support. Transformation through our thought life is how we engage the divine mind we all share and embrace its power to transform us from the inside out.

Because our thoughts create our reality, other people and situations appear as we inwardly perceive them. They are reflections of our thoughts and thought energy. What we experience does not often appear immediately correlated to our thoughts, but it is a result of thought energy. For example, if we cater to fearful thoughts in one area, we’ll create fearful experiences in other areas. This connection often goes unrecognized to the sleeping mind as it doesn’t clearly see how it is creating its reality. We are the source of the fear energy thus we are the ones creating situations to fear. The reality follows our thoughts. Our reality isn’t separate from us, it is a projection of our minds. By the renewing of our minds, our realty can be greatly altered. If the reality was the cause of our experiences and not our thoughts, we would be in inescapable bondage.

  • If we complain (projecting thoughts of dissatisfaction), we continually create situations to complain about.
  • If we rush (projecting thoughts of lack of time), we create situations where we never have enough time.
  • If we are unforgiving with anyone (projecting thoughts of guilt), we suffer from a poor and degrading image of ourself.
  • If we think in lack whether physically, emotionally or spiritually, we experience lack.
  • If we hold fearful thoughts, we create fearful situations.
  • If we extend hurtful thoughts, we create things that induce hurt.
  • If we think we are vulnerable, we create harm and suffering.
  • If we condemn, we create reflections that induce more judgment.
  • If we have attack thoughts, we create a reality that attacks us.
  • If we are dishonest, our reality is dishonest with us.
  • If we have a taking mentality, then our reality takes from us.

Mindful Spirit-Led Practice

Our reality and our experiences change through the renewing of our mind. A prayerful, spirit-led practice retrains and reorients our mind to see differently, therefore create a different reality. As we daily sit with the Spirit of Truth, our minds receive divine thoughts. Throughout our day, the Spirit will bring these divine thoughts to our awareness as it retrains our minds according to Truth. As these divine thoughts come to mind, we are able to replace contrary thoughts with Truth.

When we complain about our present moment, it’s because we fear what it might bring. By being lead by the Spirit, we learn to rest in emergence where divine thoughts can be conveyed and experienced rather than harboring fearful thoughts about what we experience or perceive. Initially this rest is difficult because fearful thoughts have owned our mind. Yet, the present moment is where we experience the expressed love of God. When we rest in the present rather than complain, we become consciously aware of God’s love which drives out all fear from our thoughts. When there is no fear in our thoughts, then we will not create anything to fear in our reality.

As the Spirit connects us to the divine Mind, our mind is transformed and able to convey divine thoughts. God’s divine thoughts begin to flow through us, and in this our reality starts to become one of unalterable peace, invulnerability, harmony and joy.


And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

~ Romans 12:2



Metamorphic Rumblings

Angel Wings

As we gaze into the Sacred Looking Glass, the living light from the Holy Altar illuminates our mind transforming our thoughts into liquid gold. We enter a metamorphosis marked by the rumblings of transformation as our mind methodically becomes united with the four pillars of the Altar of Truth (Divine Self, Timelessness, Law of Love, Emergence).

Truth begins to illuminate our mind to such a depth and degree that it transforms us from the false image of our self into expressions of our true Self, an immortal fractal of the divine Mind. Up to this point we understood concepts of Truth (the purpose of our prodigal journey), but now we become reflections of Truth. During this metamorphosis, light invades the darkness, truth consumes the lies, divine love drives out fear, forgiveness replaces judgment, and perceptions of illusions become knowledge of Truth.

As we meld with the divine Mind and rest in emergence, we gain victory over the lingering illusions in our mind. Illusions exist because our beliefs support them. Thoughts, energetic projections of our beliefs, extend out from us and give shape to the reality we perceive. In emergence, we stop catering to illusions. The past no longer determines our present moment or future, and we no longer seek to control or govern our future. Emergence is a present-minded state of being that allows our thoughts to become divine, which create reflections of eternal peace and joy.

In emergence, we no longer pay attention to the forms of reality originally created by our discordant thought energy. Instead, we attune inwardly to the energetic vibrations of Truth, which extend gratitude outward. We no longer appease our fears through the multitude of idols established to protect and defend ourselves. Instead, we turn to the Truth within by which we create nothing to fear. As we rest in emergence, the divine Will moves through us in ways beyond our conscious awareness and fashions our present moment in the perfection of peace and harmony for all.

As our mind shifts from dreaming to waking (from illusion to Truth), we experience metamorphic rumblings signifying our transformation. Our mind experiences an energetic confrontation of our two opposing belief systems that manifest as rumblings in our emotional and physical sensory experiences as it tries to decipher its truth:

Is our truth what we perceive with our bodily senses even though it counters what we’ve been taught by the Spirit OR is our truth the revelations we’ve received from the Spirit of Truth despite what we see? 

These metamorphic rumblings result from our mind’s struggle between the apparent truth of the perceived reality and the teachings of peace revealed by the Spirit of Truth. It’s a “David and Goliath battle” between the core beliefs of these two opposing thought-systems; most significantly that love is conditional (unkind) verses love is unconditional (kind), thus it’s a “war in heaven, the realm of love”.

Because of these rumblings our beliefs come head to head in which only one belief system remains standing. Despite the illusion’s taunting, our faith, which has been perfected in Truth, overcomes the illusion. No matter now real and powerful the illusion appears, faith enables us to rest in emergence (the divine orchestration of our present moment in accordance for the best interests of all).

These rumblings fill our sensory experiences to cause us to engage our will so we transition from one spiritual realm (thought-system), to the other. They require us to push into Truth in a way we otherwise couldn’t, but in a way that is necessary for the metamorphosis of our mind, from which all of reality is manifested. As we rest in emergence instead of running to our idols, these rumblings serve to awaken our mind. It transitions from creating a dream where we suffer the effects of giving and receiving conditional love, to unveiling the Real where our true Self only gives and receives unconditional love. For a mind that has abided in darkness where love was unkind and created endless witnesses to this belief, the mind is seemingly at war within itself as it questions and tests its true beliefs.

These rumblings are a powerful and deceptive tactic that appear to affect the wellbeing of ourself and others. Striking at the very heart of our belief system, they taunt and tempt us to find peace in idols. These illusions are physically experienced, therefore the only way they are overcome is through divine emergence. The Truth we hold is able to defeat the apparent realness of these strong delusions and replace them with reflections of peace.

Our mind resists letting go of what it currently believes. The mind learned to believe that what it sees is true, yet its has been taught by the Spirit that what it sees actually violates Truth (i.e. fear, suffering, pain, lack, death, decay). It’s a very difficult transition for the mind. However, the blessed gift of emergence, where the mind is fully given over to divine Truth, assures that we will no longer create a reality according to our old belief system. All we once thought, believed and held onto erroneously as truth is released, cut off, and purged.

All things become new.


For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world— our faith. ~ 1 John 5:4