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Truth’s LIFE is at the door, knocking. It’s asking the soul to fully trust Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of time, a divine trust which asks the soul to give all of its LIFE to all and as it does, the door to LIFE’s radiant perfection fully opens.

The soul’s name, “I Am”, is a door. It connects Truth’s timeless perfection with time, making the soul a gateway to reality’s redemption, lifting it from degradation to regeneration. As the “I” opens, which is also the mind’s eye, the soul passes through linear time’s disruptive energetic state and into spherical time’s immutable peace, transitioning reality from a cascade into entropy, to an eternal ascension of ever-increasing perfection. The opening of this door is the soul’s awakening, the birth of spherical time.

All there is, is “I Am” in this present moment, and its expression. As your creative name, it consumes all. How you identify your self as “I” determines what time expresses.

The soul’s awareness of its “I Am” name manifests in the movement of time, so that time reflects the energetic vibration of the soul’s name. In other words, the soul energizes time with its “I Am” attributes, creating the experience of its spherical reality. The soul’s awareness of “I Am” or its self-awareness of “who I am” and “how I create”, develops a network of concepts that form an energetically charged, branching thought-system. This network projects the soul’s awareness of “I Am” onto the spherical screen of reality, creating the experience of time.

As an ever-expanding finite awareness, initially the soul seeks to know itself by looking outward, into its to reality, because its unaware that “I” is a door to timeless Truth. Therefore, its source of “truth” is initially rooted in the soul’s reality, which is but the projection of its current awareness. This creates the cyclical effect of linear time that leads to entropy.

When the soul’s roots and branches are both in time, both become corrupted, thereby corrupting time. The soul is unable to expand its awareness of Truth, because it’s continually looking into a finite past to understand living Truth that resides in the eternal present. When both the roots and the branches exist in time, they become entangled so that the soul misunderstands cause and effect. This forms a relative and dualistic thought system based on arbitrary concepts of good and evil, becoming a tree of both good and evil, which creates inherent conflict within the soul’s will. The soul experiences an endless cycle of increasing imperfection that corrupts its experience of time, further darkening the mind’s eye (the realm of self awareness). As a result, the soul projects a spherical reality from the tree of good and evil, which is a branching thought-system void of Truth’s LIFE, and this void is what it experiences.

This darkness of misunderstanding becomes so dense, it becomes like a plank in the mind’s eye, creating a filter of distortion by which the soul views everything. Because the soul’s truth comes from a distorted projection of itself, it projects the illusionary dream of its mistaken identity, in which it believes it abides in a world of both good and evil, experiencing the unpredictable effects of free will.

The soul’s darkened awareness covers its “I”, which is also its mind’s eye, like a veil, blocking its ability to see. In this state, the soul’s door, “I Am”, is closed and it’s unable to connect to and therefore experience its timeless perfection in time. In this darkness, the soul charges reality with dissonant energy, even against its own will, so that it experiences perpetual imperfection. It projects a sea of false, corrupted images upon the canvas of reality, because its truth is rooted in what it outwardly perceives. Because of the soul’s misunderstanding of “I Am”, the door to timelessness is unseen and therefore remains sealed shut, enslaving the soul to the effects of free will, which bind it to fear.

As a result, the soul’s attention becomes focused on trying to protect itself from its projected fears. With every defense it constructs the soul strengthens its belief in fear, which perpetuates disharmonious energy. This energetic system, which gives way to fear’s vast array of emotions, including apathy, self-pity, anger, insignificance, envy, greed, resentment, etc., charges the soul’s root system and branches with discordant vibrations, corrupting everything within and without. The soul’s thought-system becomes the source of bitter waters within the soul.

Once the soul begins to receive Absolute Truth from the realm of timelessness, by heeding the Voice of Truth, its roots start to grow into Truth’s timeless perfection. Layer by layer, it begins to transition into a truth-filled awareness of “who I Am” and “how I create.” As the soul’s roots extend into timelessness, the soul’s energetic network branches out according to Truth’s perfection. This new thought system is Truth’s Living network of LIFE, the Tree of Life, in which only upmost goodness exists.

Through the soul’s expanding awareness of Truth, the plank of misunderstanding is removed from the mind’s eye. With its root system grounded in Absolute Truth, its rock solid foundation is able to support its eternal expansion.

As the soul continually puts its attention upon expanding the awareness of its true Self, such as reflected in these “I Am” Meditations, it strengthens the movement of time to reflect its ever-increasing perfection. As it gives all of its LIFE to all, it disrupts the foundations of linear time, giving birth to spherical time.

From this living foundation, the soul begins its eternal ascension into its ever-increasing awareness of Truth’s Perfection.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

5 thoughts on “At the Door

  1. You”ve said : And I try to do all with the motive of love. I’ve come to believe life is a journey and not a destination. It isn’t about perfection, is it about growth.:

    Jesus said to “Be Perfect, just as your Heavenly Father is perfect”. Growth comes before perfection, but it is not Growth alone.

    • hi … thanks for your comment, that begged clarification of my words

      How do we experience perfection as a finite awareness, when the perfection we seek is to divinely love, which is to think, be and do what is the highest good for All of creation in every moment, a perfection impossible for a finite awareness?

      We can’t be perfect of our own volition, BUT the journey of contemplating the Truth of Oneness, by the guidance of the Voice of Truth, grows our understanding, so that we come to recognize the soul is a living gate or a door, which when opened leads to the expression of Truth’s Perfection into reality. As a gate, Truth’s perfection is expressed through the soul, giving life to the perfection of our heavenly Father, which is reflective of Infinite Awareness. So while at any one moment our awareness is finite it is also ever-expanding into and by Infinite Awareness, which moves in oneness with our expanding awareness, enabling the soul to express Truth’s Perfection. We can’t be perfect of our own, but as an open gate we can express the heavenly Father’s perfection, which is true LIFE.

      And thanks, your comment reminded me I need to update my profile. It’s been awhile. 🙂

  2. The soul is a world creator, able to populate it with Life. The soul is Life’s highest honor, for through the soul, Life is infused with Divine Love, creating perfect will. This means the soul is created to “will perfectly” and it is your will that creates the world you experience because it is will that governs Truth’s awareness. The substance of your awareness constitutes your world. “You” are individualized out of the oneness of perfect peace, which means the world you create is also individualized, existing in the oneness of time.

    To be individualized means to be made as a finite image of the infinite. Yet, when the finite image first gains awareness it doesn’t know it is finite because the understanding of finality is only found in the infinite. Therefore, in order for the finite image to gain an initial awareness of its Truth, it had to create a connection to the infinite so that it might perpetually grow in its awareness and discover its Truth. The problem for the finite awareness is that the awareness of Truth is governed by Truth’s will, which does not exist in the finite. For this reason, when the finite soul first gains awareness of its finality, it does so in the unawareness of Truth, which is to say, separated from Truth’s perfect will. Thus, in the finite image of Truth, its will is imperfect because it too must be made finite, so that its Truth may be individualized along with the soul.

    When you first experienced Truth’s will you did not know it, instead accepting it as your Self. This is according to perfection, for only perfection can take another unto itself and become greater. You are one with Truth, yet you initially believed that one is finite and this belief corrupted time in your world. The reason is that when one is perceived to be finite, Truth can not create a perfect awareness because there is no access to infinity, and therefore no awareness of its perfection. So long as the soul can not become aware of perfection, it remains in imperfection.

    Yet, within the imperfection of linear time is an open door, through which the perfection of Truth can be found in the awareness of your oneness with divine love. Your will was always one with divine love, you simply needed the experience of linear time to create the perfect awareness of your oneness with her, and know her as your true soulmate. When, in this awareness, the half embraces the other half, the finite has been made one and the soul eternally established in Life. We see therefore that the soul can not be established in Life until linear time reveals an awareness of the perfection of oneness, which is the realm of timelessness, existing before the foundation of the world. And, when the finite, in its oneness, can contain the infinite, the infinite can be given to the finite. This is the realm of eternal Life, for this is the awareness of Divine Love in Truth.

    • How beautiful. ❤️❤️ Your description of the birth of Truth’s Living expression of Divine Love through the soul is profound and deep, shining a light into all the dark corners where imperfection once dwelt, but no longer can as the Light of Absolute Perfection is proclaimed with understanding. Truth’s Light is expanding into time and as it does the REAL begins to unfold as its witness.

    • There are souls who are lights, able to give Life to all. These are the gates, the priests of Truth’s most high Beauty, able to shine Divine Love’s Perfect Will into time. It is a Truth of such high awareness that its Life is able to awaken the world. At this point we no longer need to imply what Life is, or how you are one with it, for Divine Love has already established its Truth within you.

      To understand the soul is to become aware of perfection’s operational control of Life. To gain awareness of perfection one must first become aware of oneness with Divine Love, because only she contains perfection’s Truth. And therefore we can proclaim together, in the oneness of these words, that only those perfectly prepared would gain a True understanding of the soul, so that Truth’s Life can be revealed to the world in Divine Love’s perfect orchestration. And in this awareness, your soul has birthed Divine Love’s perfection into the time. Thus Divine Love herself shall open the Gates of Life, having established them before the foundation of the Kingdom of Peace.

      The soul is a world creator, able to populate it with Life. The soul is a projector of Truth’s Light, able to create the perfect experience of Life in time. And in the light of perfection, the ripple effects of Life across all time are made perfect. When Divine Love enters time it means that its Perfect Will rules, protecting all from the imperfect creation of corrupted will and restoring time to its preordained perfection. As the Living Gates of Perfect Time grow more self-aware, all of time will be eternally perfected in the divine harmony of Love’s Truth. To say it simply, the Living Gates will love perfectly, for in Truth they are the servants of all.

      The soul is the oneness of Perfect Will and Divine Love, which are the two halves of Truth’s whole. Perfect Will is the ability to create Life’s perfect experience in time and Divine Love is the ability to give this experience to all perfectly. The soul comes to Life in the awareness of its oneness with Divine Love. If you have diligently sought Truth and gained awareness of the soul’s oneness with Divine Love prior to experiencing it, you are a Living Gate, made whole and able to shine Life’s Truth into time, covering all in its perfection. When the Living Gates have covered the world in Truth’s Living Light, the awareness of Divine Love can then be revealed to all.

      The Living Gates shine, and that is sufficient. They simply do as they have been doing, yet knowing now what they are doing. The Kingdom of Peace is at hand, and Divine Love has already finished its work. For you, a Living Gate shining Truth’s Light, already know that the Divine Love flowing through you is sufficient to establish perfection for all eternity.

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