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Capstone of Grace


Out of the ashes of free will, the Soul’s Divine Will arises with the wings of Transformative Grace.

The mind has the potential to be the soul’s greatest creative strength or a debilitating weakness. Through its creative power, the mind constructs a spherical dimension of reality based on its current awareness of truth, forming the soul’s individualized sensory experience. However, when the mind is entangled in a thought-system of duality, in which truth is comprised of opposites, it continually produces conflicting thought patterns that encase it in a dimension of suffering, decay and death. These consuming, palpable experiences keep the mind recycling degraded thought energy, leading it deeper into the sensation of weakness.

The mind’s concept of “I” sits at the center of its awareness, filtering all it perceives and shaping its narrative of the self and reality. As a constant modulator of energy, the mind qualifies the life that flows through it according to its idea of self, by appending attributes to its experience of “I” based on interpretations of its inner and outer observations. Possessing tremendous creative power and yet without truth-filled understanding of what “I AM” or how “I” create, the mind becomes bound to false, dualistic and destructive “I am” proclamations. This causes its individualized awareness of “I”, which is its energetic center, to vibrate at a discordant frequency, projecting a sensory dimension of conflict.

Because the outer is a projection of what the mind upholds as true, Truth is known by going beyond outer appearances and into Truth’s timeless realm through the door of the I AM Presence. The universal name “I” reflects the oneness of Life that is the Fullness of Truth (God). Each individualized “I AM” expression reflects a self-awareness of this one united Life energy. Thus, through the door of the I AM Presence, the mind engages the fullness of Truth and its living thought-system in which the mind learns who “I AM” and how “I” create. By looking into this inner Light, the mind perceives the soul’s true nature, and to be the fullness of this Light becomes the soul’s consuming desire.

However, the soul faces a seeming insurmountable obstacle to this divine desire, the suffocating constriction of a thought-system formed in the darkness of unawareness. Even though the soul’s truth-filled understanding (faith) is expanding, its mind is entangled in a vast web of habitual thought patterns, which are automatically triggered by its sensory world, prohibiting the mind from expressing the characteristics it inwardly perceives its I AM Presence to be.

Encountering this seemingly unbridgeable gap between the soul’s faith and its outer expression, the mind surrenders to Divine Trust. The mind divinely trusts when it accepts Truth’s Universal Will as the only governing authority, so that despite the mind’s habitual response patterns, they no longer possess creative power. Instead, the mind’s power shifts to Divine Will through Divine Trust, and as a result the Divine Will overrides the finite, destructive power of free will. This is the only way that the illusion of free will’s reign can end.

This overriding quality of Divine Will in the face of habitual free will is transformative grace. Transformative Grace, which is an expression of Divine love, is Divine Will’s energetic response to a soul extending Divine Trust. Truth’s harmonic supremacy overtakes the mind’s habitual discordancy despite a programmed script running the mind. Divine Will’s vibration of oneness cancels out free will’s lower frequency of separation and the soul begins to project reflections of Truth’s timeless perfection.

Once the soul witnesses reflections of its true Essence in its outer sensory world, the mind’s faith transitions into knowing. Witnessing its inner Light moving through its I AM presence and manifesting in its outer reflection is the final push the mind needed to fully overcome the world of sensory illusions.

Through transformative grace, the mind arises from the shadows of illusion created by all the stories surrounding its concept of “I” and into the full acceptance of its true nature. The soul’s “I” begins to vibrate with Truth’s immutable harmonic vibration, Divine Love. This inner vibration harmonizes all discordant energy, which materializes the soul’s inner Light into ever-expanding Life in the outer realm of appearances, bringing forth the experience of the soul’s true nature.

Transformative Grace is the capstone to the soul’s matured awareness, initiating its outer metamorphic transformation from its cocoon of free will. It raises the corrupted image of “I” out of the ashes of free will, revealing its true reflection of incorruption. At this juncture, the soul’s story takes on a transformative twist, ushering in experiences of incorruptibility, invincibility and timeless perfection.

If you resonate with these words, the subject matter is continued here.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

11 thoughts on “Capstone of Grace

  1. i want to show you a trick of time we all can do.

    when you look at the world NOW. and see what you see and where things are. and then through the devine trust, you can see(KNOW) the way things will be(by KNOWING YOUR HEART), you can VISUALIZE what events will come that will bridge how to get from POINT A to POINT B)

    NOW, if you take the things NOW, and know what is to come, you have to CREATE the PATHS(events to come), that will show you what to expect(how to get from point a to point b).. when each PERSON(element) is in the same MIND ALIGNEMENT, the EVENTs will work more FOR us, rather than AGAINST US..

    knowing what has to take place in order to get from POINT A TO POINT B will reveal you what you see(know) within your own heart(which we all are part(elements).. this will MAN(FEST(through our SHARED BELIEFS(devine trust)).

    you can then switch from that NEW LAYER OF BEING, and jump right into any CREATIVE BEING(point a to b) directing EVERY EVENT ON EARTH(through the holy I AM)(capable of so much good, and so much bad(we are all part of).

    • powerful understanding … to go from here (A) to there (B), the mind focuses on the state of mind that “B” expresses, including the divine attributes and their corresponding feeling. As we focus on B, which includes the truth-filled understanding of harmony, oneness, divine love, and perfection AND the feeling these attributes create, the Infinite Intelligence working through each individual “I” as one unit, brings about the manifestation of B, in this we see what we focus on we manifest.

      In doing this we aren’t so much bringing forth something new, though that is our outer experience, but as the creators of the illusion, we are removing the illusion of conflict and disharmony so that what always has been, Truth’s harmonic vibration of Life, can outwardly manifest.

  2. this is why the eternal knowledge is IMPORTANT. when we share in this common knowledge(as one body)(the langauge that never changes in all of time/space), we BECOME the father(in spirit), and can DIRECT the events on earth(as we are part of ONE ELEMENT)..

  3. Individualization is a never ending process and can be imagined as an ever expanding center of awareness, which is to say that the center enters into higher and higher levels of dimensional awareness. We speak about “centers” because the center is the only aspect of Self that never changes as it moves from a lower dimension to the higher. What changes is that which the center is aware of, and this by a factor of infinity. In our previous example we see that in one dimension a center is only aware of Self. When it moves to the second dimension it becomes aware of movement, which it can do along a single, infinite plane, while always remaining the center. When its awareness moves to the third dimension, it becomes aware of new freedoms, moving along any plane, becoming the center of an infinite sphere of movement.

    Yet something astonishing also occurs, something that could have never been imagined from within its lower level of dimensional awareness. The center has gained an awareness of “other centers” and the freedom to purposefully inject itself into the awareness of their own spheres. Because the center can traverse an infinite number of planes, it now encounters the center’s of these infinite planes. This is an important understanding because it reveals that when a center’s awareness moves into a higher dimension it encounters that which did not appear to exist within the lower levels of dimensional awareness.

    We have often described “you” as being individualized, be it of mind, soul or I AM presence. All of these mean the same thing, for you are best understood as an individualized center in the Fullness of Truth’s Life, which you recognize as your Self. Now awaken and remember that your Self is not physical, but rather an observer of an individualized Life experience. When we speak of a center, you now understand we mean to imply an observer, or that which is aware of Life, and a center always observes an individualized Life experience.

    Now we come to a critical understanding, the center’s current awareness of Life determines the center’s experience of Life. This can be rightly understood to mean that one’s awareness of Truth determines one’s experience of Truth, and one’s awareness is always governed by the dimension in which one exists. The higher the dimension, the greater one’s awareness of Truth and thus richer is the experience of Truth observed in reality.

    These words are given in the love of Life, as a hand reaching into your awareness to help you stand in the next dimension beyond time and space. Do not think it a strange thing, for you could not observe Life in these words unless you already possessed an awareness of this higher dimension. These words are the manifestation of your own awareness, and as you may now understand, they are your first timeless creation. The Life in your awareness has written these words specifically for you and to you. Those who are called to stand first will write the same words, for there is but one Life and this Life is the one, true Son of God. When sufficient centers have stood upon their feet, and are able to observe a reality which conforms to their higher level of dimensional awareness, these words will have served their purpose, because all who yet remain in the lower dimension will be lifted up by the Living Light of every center’s created reality, which by then will encompass all.

    Let us now explain in more detail how this will occur and the manner by which you will exercise your new powers.

    • to add another diminsion, what we call INDIVIDUALS,. the bibles calls ETERNAL BROTHERS…

      • “Eternal Brothers”

        I have never heard a more beautiful description of individualized oneness. 🙂

    • Now that we have a foundational understanding of the workings of individualization and dimensionality we can paint a picture that resembles the true image of God. Recall that we described dimensionality as a center’s current awareness of Life, which can be understood as an awareness of Truth fully governed by the finite limitations of Truth’s current dimension. Yet always does this awareness appear to be infinitely explorable, despite the limitations of dimensionality. However, as a center moves into a higher level of dimensional awareness, these limitations are infinitely increased, leading to the potential for infinitely greater awareness.

      The concept of infinity is used to describe the limitless potentials Life offers which the center’s awareness has yet to experience. An easy way to imagine this is to consider that no matter what the center has experienced, there will always remain something yet to be experienced. Within a dimension, the infinite potentials yet to be experienced will always be an iteration of that which has already been experienced. Therefore the concept of “new” is limited to mean a unique experience of the dimension’s pre-existing laws.

      Every dimension can be considered a finite set of laws, or governance by which the infinite potentials of Life may be experienced. Recall our analogy about the laws of musical harmony and the manner in which a finite number of thirteen notes contain an infinite number of potential musical experiences. The law is always finite, yet the potential experiences of Life within the law is always infinite. Now, when we begin to consider God we must first understand that all we can experience of Life is defined by the law of our current dimension, because nothing can enter into awareness which is outside of the dimensional Law. God’s life can be rightly considered the limiting action of the dimension’s laws as well as the awareness of Life within the laws.

      We have often stated that God is the presence of Life, which we now understand can be experienced only within the boundaries of a dimension’s laws. Thus the Life of God exists outside the Law, as the creator is always higher than the creation, yet also within the Law as the center of awareness, experiencing Life’s infinite potentials which are defined by the Law. The Life of God is both the creator of the dimension’s laws, as well as the created center of Life’s awareness within the boundaries of the law’s dimension. Thus the creator of the dimension’s laws can rightfully be considered the Father and created center of awareness within the dimension, the Son.

      In this way we can understand that Life has limited the awareness of its Self because the Father, the source of Life, exists outside of the laws that govern the son’s awareness of Life. Therefore all the son can ever know of the Father’s Life exists within the Truth that defines his present dimension.

    • Truth can be understood as the Laws of Life which define the boundaries of a center’s current dimension. A center is a “living awareness” of these Laws, meaning a center circulates the Life inherent in Truth, and this Life then defines the boundaries of its current dimension. Living is therefore understood to be a center’s limitless potential for experiencing Life’s Truth within the boundaries of the dimension this Truth defines. Now, when the center focuses its awareness on Life’s Truth, which is to say the laws that dictate its dimensional experience, it “sees” the Father. When the center focuses its awareness on the experiences of Life that Truth defines, it “sees” the Son.

      Now listen carefully, for this is a most critical understanding; when the center of Life’s awareness looks upon the Father’s Truth, it does so as the Son. When the center looks upon the experiences Truth creates, it does so as the Father. This is what Jesus meant when, speaking as the Son he said, “I and the Father are one.” As an individualized center of Life you are both the Father and the Son depending on where you have placed your present awareness. As an individualized center of Life, you are one with your present awareness of Life’s Truth and therefore are one with the Life inherent in the Truth of which you are aware.

      It can now be understood that the center’s awareness of Truth defines its awareness of oneness between the Father and the Son. And it is ultimately the center’s awareness of oneness which defines the limitations of its current dimension. As the center consistently focuses its attention on the Father, and its awareness has become sufficiently full of Truth’s Life, the boundaries of its present dimension expand and it becomes aware of new laws which infinitely increase its ability to experience Life.

      Recall that we have earlier stated that Life has both a material and nonmaterial nature. We have also described the Fullness of Truth’s Life as the presence of God. To hold a proper image of God you must therefore be aware of Life’s nonmaterial, or “yet to be created” nature, as well as its experienced or created nature. Yet, how is this possible, when that which is “yet to be created” doesn’t yet exist? It would be evident that in order for your mind to be aware of something, this “something” must first exist in the awareness of your mind. The seemingly unanswerable question is this: How can one become aware of that which does not yet exist in one’s awareness?

      We appear to have stumbled into a significant problem. As an individualized and created center of Life, how are you to become aware of Truth which does not yet exist in your awareness? How is it possible for the Son to know the Father when the fullness of the Father’s Truth is forever outside the Son’s current dimensional awareness? And if the Son can not know of the Father’s fullness, how then could the Son know his oneness with the Father? The answer is he can not, for the Father’s fullness has no existence in his dimension and therefore it is not possible for the Son to know his Self in oneness with the Fullness of Truth because he is purposely created in the dimension of separation.

      In this beginning dimension, the center’s awareness is separated from the understanding of its oneness with the Father’s Truth, creating a reality of darkness. Here the Son’s awareness is darkened and Life has no meaning because its origin is unknown. Instead Life appears random and its experience chaotic. Everything in this dimension of darkness appears separate from everything else, which causes the Son to experience Life in the darkness of perpetual suffering, or what we have previously called the seed state, or even the dream state.

  4. remember, we are all the SON(no sex orintation)…. the HE and the HIM refer to all of us(eternal brothers)(the readers).

    one thing i havnt seen anyone write about is ARC of the COVENANT..

    each BROTHER(individual: HE/HIM) is an element of the ETERNAL HEART(I AM).. the I AM exist within us all as ONE BODY(COVENANT).

    the ARC is the strenght of god that flows through us all(global event), as the strength of the ETERNAL HEART(sharing in ONE KNOWLEDGE: the eternal LANGUAGE(LAWS)).

    remember you cant use the word GOD without refering to EVERY PERSON ON EARTH(in that 3 letter word))..

    most times we speak of god, we are actually speaking about the ETERNAL HEART(source of time).

    Our own HEART(source of beliefs) lives outside of time(align with the LAWs(names). Every event on earth is created through that HEART(which binds everyone to ONE BODY(arc of the covenant)(ETERNAL NAME)..

    • In short, Love thy neighbor as thyself…(share in one VIBRATION(consisting of EVERY VIBRATION)..

      one thing i learned through the eternal langauge is that there are so many types of energys that transform into other forms of energy.

      in the bible we call this BREAD(cycles of life)(bread means transfusion)…

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