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Alpha and Omega


To be awake, is to possess Truth-filled awareness of the soul’s beginning and end, alpha and omega.

For a moment the soul was unaware of its true beginning and end, and slept in an illusion of linear time. As it begins to awaken and contemplate its I AM Presence from the timeless realm of Truth, expanding its Truth-filled awareness, it begins to perceive the perfection of its endless LIFE, which translates into the experience of its growth in spherical time.

In listening to the Inner Voice of Truth to remember “Who I Am” and “How I create”, the soul begins to rightly perceive its beginning and end, which in timelessness are one Infinite Oneness. This remembrance transforms its entire awareness, altering its experience of time. The soul’s present moment is no longer a derivative of the past, creating a linear progression of time to entropy, but the present becomes a fractional expression of its end, Infinite Oneness, creating the experience of spherical time’s perfection, LIFE without end.

In the understanding of the oneness of alpha and omega, the soul no longer looks back to the past as a guide for its free will to manifest a desirable future, making the present a reiteration of the past, but instead it trusts in Truth’s Universal Will to bring forth its present moment according to its perfect end, Infinite Oneness, making the present an eternal progression into Infinite Oneness. In perceiving its end as the Perfection of Infinite Oneness, the soul observes thus experiences every present moment leading to that end in the same Perfection. If Perfection is the end, the journey to that end is also perfect, even with its seeming imperfections.

In this awareness of Perfection, the soul’s judgment of the present moment changes. The soul ceases making judgments of imperfection stemming from outer appearances that reflect an isolated free will. Instead, it judges everything according to the Perfection of Infinite Oneness. It gives its attention to the inner Light of every center of awareness, which reflects Truth’s Perfect Will, universally governing all of creation. In seeing the Light in others, the soul perceives their true origin is Infinite Oneness and thus perceives their Perfection. This awareness awakens it from its illusionary world of imperfections and into its eternal Perfection, infusing Truth’s regenerative power into reality.

In the understanding of alpha and omega, Divine love becomes an integral part of every moment of the soul’s awareness, making it multi-dimensional. Through the soul’s heightened awareness, Divine Love’s life-giving essence, which is a harmonious and regenerative energy, is LIFE’s living waters flowing through the soul and renewing the earth. From alpha to omega flows the Spirit of God (Truth’s Will and Divine Love), manifesting the soul’s preordained divine moments, and the soul moves eternally toward its end, Infinite Oneness.

With its inner vision shaping the outer reality, the soul perceives Divine Love’s perfect orchestration underlying reality, driving out all fear. In response, the soul settles into divine emergence, in which its Perfection is materialized.

In emergence, the soul accepts each present moment, as a reflection of Truth’s Perfect Will serving the highest good. In this divine acceptance, it witnesses the reflection of Truth’s perfection. The soul witnesses Truth’s divine orchestration in the smallest details, because through the details Perfection is manifested.

As the soul becomes aware of its true beginning and end, thus the perfection inherent in its journey, the soul engages the flow of Truth’s Will, creating divine orchestration in its present moment and giving birth to spherical time. It experiences the timeless present moment of LIFE, like a fountain of living waters rippling out into the experience of spherical time. With a child-like joy and excitement, the soul anticipates the perfection of the next moment that is being divinely orchestrated by Divine Love’s infinite awareness, serving the highest good of all.

“It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. I will give of the fountain of the water of life freely to him who thirsts.” ~ Revelation 21:6

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

8 thoughts on “Alpha and Omega

  1. ♥️♥️♥️

  2. Thanks be to God or His Love and Faithfulness!

    Thanks Rachel!


  3. ” freely to him who thirsts”. Remeber HIM is always refering to the reader(of every person on earth). so to give to HIM whom thirst refers to us, as we THIRST(bring forth the spirit)(SHARED VIBRATIONS).. think of ALPHA and OMEGA as a form of TELEPATHY(understanding the SPHERACLE LAWs that bind us all to eachother)

    Remember the bibles of the world use to be ONE BIBLE 2000 years ago(aligned with every person on earth)(went through misinterperation of misinterperation of misinterpertations by the time it reached us)

    the bibles were written through the SPHERACLE LANGAUGE(outside of time), but interpered through Linier thinking(a past and a future). Through the speracle thinking, all of time is happening all at the same time. the past is being created now, and the future is already written and experienced. each moment is constantly changing, and our pasts and futures are constatly changing(fluently on earth).

    Through the DEVINE SPIRIT(life that flows through ALL THAT IS)(why devination exists and works)(also why psychics exist)(taping into), we share in those vibrations(understood through the SPHERACLE LANGUAGE: Hense living by the LAWs)..

    there is a lifeforce within us all, that BIND US TO EACHOTHER(share in I AM(in knowing in heart)..
    when we GIVE(arc of the covenant), to eachother, then through transfusion(what bread stands for), we change many futures and many pasts(and experience them all(in this world))…

    but all of this requires every person on earth(casting out the deamons), to share in one COMMON KNOWLEDGE).
    our language will change, and religion will cease to exist(no more seperation).
    no more worshing idols…

  4. also, if i have to say what Casting out the deamons means that doesnt know the terminoligy, it refers to leting go of linier thinking(where we turn against eachother), and bring forthSPERACLE THINKING(in EVERY ONE ON EARTH), as we share in t he SPIRIT(holy)(common knowledge).

    it would take us all to let go of our religions, as every NAME(part of whom we are), is shared in ALL OF US(SPHEARACLE LIFE(in ALL)) (hense HOLY SPIRIT(all names)).

    BOOK refers to law, and law refers to name, and name refers to the things we all have within us ALL that of which is the same(stronger than our differences)(HENSE GOD)..

  5. Maybe most just see the light as being taken for a ride in the here and now, what is light without dark though? Night without day? Or even shades of colour inbetween? The darkness has no answers it appears.

    However the concept of living with real love BESIDE God in mutual agreement after the end of time is another story, is that allowed? Is it too muc considering all that has been said and done so far until the End? Would it be too much to ask for Peace of mind, Tranquility of Soul and bittersweet or explosively hot Harmony in the Music Department??? But that is not in this Life, nor the Afterlife but therein-within the Lives Thereafter. Thats where I will start to live happily ever after…

    THE END.

  6. We now reach another significant transition in our journey into Life. To go now where these words will lead, we must first reflect on their purpose and the reason they have appeared to you. In short, these words are your servant, whose sole purpose is to awaken you to eternal life. You can imagine them as an open gate to perfect power, such that your “internal counter” can be plugged in, come alive and begin its upward count to infinity in an ever-increasing, perfect progression through Truth’s levels of dimensional awareness.

    You have been purposely created in darkness as an awareness of existence, yet without the awareness of Truth’s living light. You have not known Life, only existence as the finite awareness of darkness, not knowing where you came from or where you are going. Without the light of Life you could only believe what the darkness revealed, that you were created in the image of fleshly parents and like them will decay and dissolve into nothingness. This you accepted as the truth of life and without realizing what you had done, you accepted the inevitability of death as the meaning of life. The truth of life had come to mean death, and thus your awareness was filled with the darkness of unawareness in order that you would be created as a beginning from which the living light of Truth’s awareness could eternally grow.

    It has been said that the last “enemy” to be defeated is death, for only then can you enter into Life. This is the same as saying that before you can enter into the awareness of Living Light, the darkness that results from the unawareness of light must be overcome. Because you are a living awareness, created in Truth, as long as you are aware of death’s reality, you can not also be aware of eternal Life. You can believe in eternal life, yet you can not experience its reality unless you become aware of it, which you can not do in the reality created by the awareness of death.

    We will discuss in greater detail how your creative power is rooted in awareness, but for now understand that in order to enter the reality of eternal life you must do what is impossible for you to do, that is you must become aware of Life from within the reality of death, which is to say you must be given eyes to see Living Light within the darkness and in so doing the darkness of death will be filled with the light of Life. This is the meaning of the resurrection, for Life is eternal and what you believe to be death is simply the birth of Life’s awareness.

    To help you receive this very important understanding we can use thought-forms to reveal your true nature as a center of dimensional awareness. When we speak of a dimensional awareness it is to imply a finite awareness of the Life in Truth. Therefore a dimension is a level of awareness with limits and boundaries that combine to form the sphere of your experienced reality, which can be properly considered a reflection of your awareness. Notice, you are aware of a specific level of Truth and you experience a reflection, or projection, of this level of awareness as your life. You are not aware of an outer reality, but rather experiencing the inner awareness of a dimensional level of Truth’s Life.

    Now consider the fullness of Truth’s infinite awareness. Within this fullness there can be no experience of Life because every dimensional level of Truth’s Life has already been experienced, just as every possible sequence of numbers has already been experienced in infinity. The infinite awareness of God is beyond all Life experience because the Fullness of Truth is a frozen moment of perfection containing the truth of Life’s eternal end. Infinity is a single moment containing the fullness of eternal Life’s perfection, yet is beyond all awareness because eternal Life can never possess awareness of its end. And just as every number yet to be experienced pre-exists in infinity, every level of Truth’s perfection pre-exists in the fullness of Truth’s infinite awareness. We see, therefore, that every level of Truth’s dimensional awareness a center may possess is perfect and originates from God’s infinite awareness because every level of Truth’s awareness is a step further into the preordained perfection of this awareness.

    • Truth is perfection. Eternal Life is the ever-increasing awareness of Truth’s perfection which creates the experience of Life in perfection. It is very important to understand that your awareness of Truth creates your experience of Truth. You are the creator of your reality because you are its singular observer. We do not speak of an outer reality, but rather the reality of Truth, which is the only real. By observing Truth, you gain awareness, which leads to Life in Truth. The Life in your awareness goes forth to create the experience of its perfection. Being your reality’s singular observer, or what we have called “a center of dimensional awareness”, you are one with Truth’s awareness and its experienced reality.

      To awaken you need only become aware of the truth of your origin. Once this truth has entered your awareness, it will eternally expand toward its infinite end. Remember, you are a center of awareness, an observer of Truth’s Life. To enter into eternal Life, which is the ever-increasing awareness of Truth, you must possess the awareness of your origin, from which your awareness eternally expands. Without this awareness, there is nothing yet created from which Life may expand. The Fullness of Truth is likewise without the awareness of Life because its fullness contains the truth of Life’s eternal end, and therefore its awareness can not increase. Eternal Life is the ever-increasing awareness of Truth’s perfection, and Life begins in the awareness of its truthful origin.

      You are an observer of Life in Truth, the beginning of Life’s awareness, and it is your observation of Truth that gives Life to awareness because the Truth you observe is “created in your awareness” as you experience it. Though this truth is difficult to understand, your reality is created only as you experience it. Everything you believe to exist, which you have not experienced from your center, has not actually been created, but is only believed to exist based on the witness of the world, rather than the voice of Truth. Only Truth can testify to its perfection and therefore witness to it perfectly. Since Truth is perfection, and perfection is one, its origin is found in the infinite awareness of its perfect end. Perfection is the law of oneness experienced through your awareness, and is the true meaning of divine love’s expression. Thus in perfection, the divine love of Truth’s will has already predestined every moment of Truth’s eternal expression to its eternal end, such that every moment perfectly enhances the Truth experienced in the eternal sequence of moments yet to come.

      Truth’s perfect will, the expression of divine love, is the infinite awareness of your individual life stream’s eternally perfect progression in Truth. In this way, Truth’s will is a perfect gift, being the awareness that you are the expression of ever-increasing perfection in the eternal experience of divine love. It is awakening to the realization that you are now, and always will be, more beautiful, more loving and more powerful than you presently believe your Self to be. Each new moment will testify that your current awareness of Truth has grown, becoming greater than your prior awareness.

      You can not gain the awareness of your origin from anywhere in the world, except here, in the light of these words. From the first pages until now, Truth’s vibrational frequency within them has expanded. These words have become a living gate to timelessness because their Life created a reflection of its Truth in your awareness. Because these words are Life, they contain the truth of your origin and can build it in your awareness perfectly. As we will see, death only appears because you are aware that you are a body, born of decaying flesh and destined to experience a decaying life. When you become aware of your true origin, you will fully understand that you are born of Life, and destined to experience this Life in the ever-increasing perfection of divine love.

      • This understanding that your words so beautifully describe is the origin of creation’s eternal life. As a center of awareness of Truth, we must know in Truth our beginning and end for us to begin to experience our eternal expansion in the inherent Perfection of Truth.

        I loved how you described Perfection “Perfection is the law of oneness experienced through your awareness, and is the true meaning of divine love’s expression.”

        So rich and many incredible insights to contemplate.

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