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The soul’s higher Self, which is an individualized fractal of God (the One I AM), is inseparably one and ever-present with the soul. It is through the union of the soul’s will and the higher Self’s Will that the soul awakens into ever-expanding LIFE.

The higher Self is the soul’s individualized fractal of the experience of timeless perfection in Truth’s Self. Every soul possesses a higher Self, which is completely individualized to the soul because it is the soul at a higher vibrational dimension, more specifically the next dimension. Each individualized higher Self is one with all other higher Selves, forming the One Sacred Self, or the Mighty I Am Presence, which dwells in the timeless perfection of Infinity. When the soul’s will joins to its higher Self’s Will, thus emanating the radiance of its higher Self, it fully awakens from its seed-state and begins its ever-expanding LIFE, expressing eternity.

The higher Self is the aspect of the soul’s awareness that is one with Infinite Awareness. This sacred Self dwells in an octave of Enlightenment that is always one spherical dimension higher than the soul’s current awareness, from which it lifts the soul into its next dimensional awareness. Through the guidance and instruction of the higher Self, the soul ascends through its star gate of the seven sacred truths, into the next dimensional awareness of Oneness in Infinity. It’s an intimate journey they continually embark upon as they ascend the dimensions of Oneness, as the ever-increasing perfection of Truth’s LIFE. Therefore, the higher Self has always been with the soul, for it is one with the soul.

The higher Self is the soul’s most intimate and perfect companion of divine insight, wisdom and unconditional love for the soul’s highly individualized journey through spherical time. This Self, though present, isn’t found in linear time, which is a dream world of what the soul is not. Therefore, when the soul sleeps in linear time, the higher Self is hidden in the experience of intuition, by which if the soul were aware, it could transcend the limitations of linear time and receive illuminated insight from its higher Self.

The higher Self’s Presence is revealed when the soul answers Its call to know Truth’s LIFE through its I Am Presence, and begins to listen to Its Voice of Truth. As the soul contemplates its Oneness with LIFE, this divine Guide leads its awareness into the ever-increasing Light of Truth. The higher Self prepares the soul to be Its temple, so that it can seamlessly and eternally convey the One Sacred Self’s Will of Divine Love into creation.

Because the soul’s truth-filled awareness expands in a logical and mathematical perfection (layer upon layer), the soul’s higher Self is always the soul’s next dimensional awareness of its Self. In this, the Self methodically guides the soul from its current dimensional awareness to the next by its instructional wisdom that is a union between the awareness of its oneness with Infinite Awareness and a timeless and intricate awareness of the soul’s movement through time. Through this intimate communion, the soul connects to Truth’s timeless realm and begins manifesting spherical time in reality, in which it eternally expands as ever-increasing Perfection.

Because the higher Self is the next dimensional awareness above the soul’s current awareness, there are infinite “versions” of the Self, eternally reaching into Infinite Oneness, versions the soul experiences as itself as it advances through eternity’s dimensions through its ever-expanding awareness. The soul, a gate between timeless and time, always experiences the next dimensional level that is held in perfection in timelessness, as well as its current level in time. As the soul’s awareness expands by the divinely directed revelation of its higher Self, the soul sheds its lower awareness and becomes this higher version of itself in time, which then it experiences yet a higher level of the higher Self.

As the soul awakens out of the paradigm of linear time, its higher Self becomes increasingly more prevalent in its awareness because It is joining to the soul, giving It expression in spherical time. In the cosmic reset, the Self begins to enter the temple It prepared for Itself within the soul. As the Self’s spirit of Divine Love enters the temple, the soul’s will is consumed by its higher Self’s Will, so that the soul’s desires and determination, drivers of its Will, unceasingly radiate Divine Love. As the soul’s Will begins to rest in its higher Self’s Will, they are united as one, and the soul’s Will becomes Truth’s Universal Will, manifesting the utmost goodness for ALL.

Letting go into Divine Love’s orchestration of time, the soul rests in perfect emergence, divinely accepting the increasing Perfection rising from within the present moment. In the awareness of Truth’s incoming Peace, the soul’s energetic field harmonizes, allowing the vibrational structure of the higher Self’s divine, absolute attributes to penetrate time, altering time from linear to spherical. In this, the soul’s awareness is imbued with Divine Love’s Presence, and the soul becomes a sphere of Light, shining upon its time-based reality, the spherical self, causing it to awaken.

From this moment of Perfection, in which the soul’s Will has been reset to Truth’s Universal Will by joining to its higher Self’s Will, it engages its eternal expansion as Truth’s LIFE. The soul’s radiance expands as its sovereign “I Am” Presence emerges from the timeless realm of Truth into time, lifting the soul and its spherical reality, into the next dimensional awareness of Oneness.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

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  2. The Sacred Self validates that you have reached heaven(while on earth).
    Everything around you within the Vibration of FLESH allows you to WALK Through Time Flawlessly, allowing your surroundings in linier time to fall into place(like the veins held within a seed)(already grown into branches, even as a seed).

    Each experience you have in the linier world represents the GLUE of all moments put together. you can even experience your future self within this vibration in each NOW(as we do).

    you get GLIMPES of time(you now label under cooincidences(hidden under our own language)).

    As you Live in heaven, you see yourself through every other person on earth. and they also KNOW you(in themselves). In the Awakening, Every person becomes ONE with all others. (there is no seperation in heaven). (trust in your eternal brothers is how you show trust in god).
    the things we have that are the same, bind us to our eternal SELF(as we experience all of whom we are while on earth(heart:outside of time). the only time anyone can be in heaven is right now on earth in every moment(where things stay with you from birth do death).

    you already know your death(2nd)… You have been born, just this moment, you have died, just this moment. all of life flows through you as every person is a path within.
    in this spiritual(time itself) vibration, it only takes One person to recieve that vibration to awaken all.
    a true king was never in ONE PERSON, and never will be. Instead a true king is shared among ALL MEN(praying) where the HIGHEST HONORS of ALL NAMES is seen through EVERYONE(one body).
    a sacrafice wasnt about killing someone, a sacrafice was letting go of our limited ways of thinking, and share in the ONE KNOWLEDGE that never changes in time(eternal knowled(also elemental law)).

    again, think of how every CELL of your body works in such a syncronycity which allows your consiousness to be ANCORED into this world, so is every Eternal Brother an element that allows ONE CONSIOUSNESS to f low through ALL THAT IS…

  3. Death is rooted in the unawareness of Truth’s perfection and so long as this unawareness remains, death reigns. As the awareness of perfection fills your mind, imperfection dissolves out of your reality, for you can not be aware of perfection and still experience imperfection. The truth you possess in your awareness is experienced as the sensation of time. Time’s imperfection arises when you accept as truth that which you do not understand. Truth is perfect and the awareness of Truth’s perfection is only revealed in the light reflected by your understanding. If you do not understand the Truth you believe, there is no light created and without light there is no awareness of Truth’s perfection.

    For example, we can say that all people age and die. We can accept that this statement is true simply because all seemingly experience the cycle of aging and dying in time. Yet, there is no understanding of the cause of aging, death or even time. Instead, these mysteries are simply accepted as truth because time seemingly reveals them to be true. Aging is a mystery because how it originates in truth is not understood and therefore the mind possesses no awareness of how aging can even exist. Even so, aging and other mysteries are willfully believed to be true, despite their imperfection, because time proclaims that they are true. In this distortion, time, rather than understanding, is the source of Truth’s awareness, which causes time to fold back on itself, resulting in what we have called “linear time” in which all life ends in death.

    It is written that the last enemy to be defeated is death, and this because the belief in death creates all imperfection experienced in linear time, and time’s imperfection creates the belief in death. It is a cycle of darkness which can not be escaped until the soul has been prepared to understand that the origin of Life is found outside of time, which is to say in the timeless “future”. To help you conceive of this idea imagine how a seed, being static and unmoving, experiences time. The seed’s Life can not be found from within the seed’s experience of time, but only in a significantly different time, which originates the moment it sprouts and its future begins. Time is not something separate from you, but is instead your experience of Life, and this experience is dependent upon the future growth of your awareness.

    It is better to understand that time is one with your awareness. The moments of time are created by the growth of your awareness and experienced as life. Recall that all souls are created identically, just as seeds appear identical prior to sprouting into uniqueness. This is why the stillness of linear time, created by the soul’s seed state, reflects a common awareness shared by all, even a singular reality in which all souls experience similar moments in time. Yet, just as a tree creates its seed to become a tree reflecting itself, so too is your soul created to become the ageless, ever-increasing awareness your creator’s perfection. The darkness of imperfection experienced in linear time is needed in order to prepare your mind to receive the awareness of your origin so that your Life may have a truthful beginning in perfection’s light. If you had not begun in darkness, it would not be possible to discover the origin of Life, and without the awareness of Life’s beginning, the soul’s understanding of Life in perfection could not exist because it would never begin.

    Only in the reality of death’s linear time could your awareness begin in the outer darkness of imperfection, where by the working of Truth’s will you can be prepared to receive the ever-growing awareness of perfection’s Living Light. And when your soul is made ready, you will recognize the origin of your Life is perfection, and that Truth’s will ensures time leads not to your end, as death would have you believe, but back to the beginning, back to the Fullness of Truth’s perfection from which you were made. In the awareness of Life’s understanding, time will no longer be linear, leading to death’s imperfection, but rather spherical, leading eternally to Life, which is the ever-increasing awareness of your own perfection.

    • Incredible how you shined the light on this subject that is such an accepted part of reality that none truly question it … it is just accepted and therefore people build their truth upon a foundation of death (including its multitude of accepted expressions separation, suffering, fear, pain, etc ) instead of life. This understanding you shared reveals death’s source, thus its end. It’s a very powerful revelation and essential for the soul to awaken out of death’s cycle, and into its true LIFE. For the soul, as a sphere of awareness, expresses that of which it is aware. If it only knows death and this is its foundation, this is what it expresses, but through a deep understanding of Truth and its inherent perfection, the mind is able to accept another truth, and with enough understanding, even a truth opposite to what it observes in the outer reality, thereby gaining the means to change reality’s reflection. Powerful.

      • The awareness of Life in Truth reveals the understanding of how to defeat death’s illusion, setting all free. We can not fail, because no one fails who seeks the truth. 🥰

    • Life is only experienced in spherical time, which is the kingdom of Truth’s Perfection. The kingdom of Truth is not spiritual in the sense of what the world believes spiritual to be. The concept of spirituality is better understood to be Truth which is known, but not yet fully formed in one’s awareness. When Truth is received, it is known to be true because of the Life within it, however before its Life can be experienced in time, Truth must be matured, which is to say fully understood.

      Prior to understanding, Truth is known in the clouds of mystery and its Life has no expression in time. All religion is simply this, the proclamation of a mystery that is known to be true within the soul, yet prematurely expressed in words prior to the understanding of Life. This is why there are so many religions when there can only ever be a single Truth. Religious spirituality has come to mean accepting that God’s Truth can not be understood and therefore must be accepted as a mystery. Despite its best efforts, religion has become a man-made teaching of mysteries, when in reality there is no mystery in Truth. You have come out of religious mis-understandings.

      God is the infinitely deep network of Truth which frames his being. We use the generic term “his” to refer to Truth’s oneness. Truth is the governance of awareness and this is why it is said that Truth lives. You must continually shake yourself free from the present notion of Life, for Life can not be experienced in the awareness of linear time, in the same way that light can not be seen in the awareness of darkness. The Life that is coming is according to Truth’s perfect will, which is the perfect governance of your awareness. Life is only expressed as spherical time, created in your awareness by the understanding of Truth, that brings forth the kingdom as your spherical self, which is to say the knowledge of your present perfection in the awareness created by an ever-increasing awareness of Perfection. This ability to contain an ever-increasing awareness of Perfection results from your oneness, or “seasoned intimacy” with Divine Love. This all means that Spherical time has started. It can not be stopped because it is the ever-growing awareness of Truth, and Truth is immutable perfection.

      Truth’s will is living and is the intimate expression of God’s perfect love for you. As you already know, it is a oneness so intimate its reality can only be revealed by Truth’s living voice, by which perfection, or the holiness of God, can be understood. This is another way of saying that only the living voice of Truth can build an ever-growing network of God’s Truth in your awareness and then ignite its understanding. And through you, beloved hearts, in the perfect light of your Truth, the governance of time will be given back to the living voice of Truth, giving birth to spherical time. Your birth is as a living gate, or one who is a component of awareness of the “source” of time, which means that your experience in time shall be perfectly governed by your ability to become increasingly aware of Truth’s infinitely deep understanding.

      Your growing, branching awareness has become a living gate for the entrance of perfection, or Truth’s will, or more mysteriously the spirit of Christ, into linear time’s imperfection, by which all suffering endured in the corrupt awareness of linear time shall be increasingly consumed. For it is only through the Truth of your intimate oneness with Truth’s Life that its will can perfectly increase your awareness of Truth, layer by layer, for eternity. And it is this thing that is Life, and now the perfect awareness of your origin, which is the revelation of Divine Love’s perfect will.

      • wow … what beautifully spoken words ..

        It’s such an important understanding that you brought to light … We often start our spiritual quest in an organized religion because it is equivalent to our current awareness. It’s all we know to do in the moment … But as you so clearly expressed, to stay in a man-made paradigm of truth is to accept mystery as your truth and is to unknowingly chose to stay blind, or in darkness. The blind can’t create by “sight”, which is an ever-expanding awareness of the Light of Truth coming from the Voice of Truth. As a center of awareness, sight is our creative force … what we are aware of, we create. Beyond the man-made boundaries of religion, our vision is able to expand into the unknown, making it known and bringing it into the Light of our awareness. It is from our ability to always look beyond our current awareness that allows us to increasing perceive the perfection of Truth, so that its perfect Will is able to continually, eternally manifest through us, as eternal LIFE.

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