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Truth is. Love is.

Truth’s expression = divine love.

Divine love = the perfect and divine orchestration of the present moment for the highest good of all. 

Truth is ever-present, yet always beyond form. It’s expressed into reality through our conscious awareness of it. Its expressed state is divine love, which is the perfect unfoldment of the present moment for the highest good of all.

We are not simple recipients of divine love. We are an integral part of its expression, as we are a creator within the Creator.

Divine love is the living Thought of God that creates the highest good for all of Creation. It’s birthed into reality through our desire to create this perfect Will. This living Thought flows from God’s mind and through our desires to give form to the present moment. In our oneness with the Supra-conscious Mind of God, the highest good for all is manifested through the fulfillment of our divine desires expressed through the creative act of emergence.

Divine emergence is the creative power of our Supra-conscious flowing through us. Instead of our previous creative mode of striving within the limits of our conscious awareness, we sit as an open gate to the supreme wisdom of our Supra-conscious, which possesses the full awareness, far beyond our own, to manifest desires which bring about the highest good for all. This utmost good is the divine orchestration of the present moment, reflecting all the divine attributes in individualized experiences that create peace and joy. This means for you, and for all.

A slumbering mind doesn’t express divine love because it doesn’t know Itself. It assigns false attributes to itself and others that extend fear and guilt into creation, which keeps it endlessly striving to protect and defend itself from a reality of attack and suffering it unknowingly created through fear and guilt. Love is greatly misunderstood in this environment because it’s subjectively perceived through the darkened lens of false attributes. In Truth, where divine love is, there is no fear/guilt. They are two separate states of consciousness; two different states of being.

Forgiveness is transition between these two states of consciousness. It’s the unwavering choice to no longer assign false attributes to the creative name, I Am, and only assign attributes of Truth, whether to ourselves or others. This choice is a powerful creative act because what we are conscious of being is manifested into reality. As we awaken, for a time our mind habitually assigns false attributes to ourselves and others. However, as we persist through this transition by consciously replacing the lie with the Truth, the Truth begins to shine in our reality as the perfect unfoldment of our present moments leading to ever-present peace and joy.

In our oneness, all minds are held within each other. We can extend fear/guilt, or we can extend Immortal Love’s Living Light into our shared reality. The choice resides in what attributes we choose to assign to the creative name, I Am. The potential to experience divine love is always present. As we abide in the consciousness of Truth and no longer the illusion, we experience its perfection.

When we know our true Self, we know divine love and its immortal and changeless characteristics. We are its Ray of Light. As souls begin this awakening into who they are in Truth and the recognition of their creative power through divine emergence, all of creation is touched by the consuming Living Light, the very love of God, through them. Their Light spreads until all that is known and expressed is Truth and Love.



Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

22 thoughts on “Truth is. Love is.

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  2. You say:

    “We are not simple recipients of divine love. We are an integral part of its expression, as we are a creator within the Creator.“

    This is our Father’s purpose; to make us the exact expression of himself. Like Father…like son.

    And you also say:

    “In Truth, where divine love is, there is no fear/guilt. They are two separate states of consciousness; two different states of being.”

    There are no “maybe’s” with God, only certainties and when we understand that we were purposed to be completed in His image and character with an absolute certainty we can rest and have full confidence in patience that He will bring us “all” to Himself, in likeness of Himself. We are asked to stand still…meaning to let Him do the work in us and He will bring our daily needs to us, the good and the evil for both are teaching experiences that bring us to the awareness of Love…or truth…or
    God…all names of the same.

  3. The world looks for truth in a fancy frame…tangible, ornate and visible to the eye. For the world believes it is the outer frame that gives truth its authority. Yet the picture within is scarcely recognized because the frame’s grandeur obscures it. “Look how stately is the frame!”, proclaims the world, believing truth must be held in a significant and beautiful frame.

    Yet, truth always appears without a frame, for it is its own expression. Truth sits plainly in the open, but is ignored because of its inherent plainness.

    “If this was true, would it not be wrapped in a beautiful frame?”, sighs the world, as it passes over the truth for something more appealing.

    But Truth can not be framed, for it is alive and carries within it the very immortality of God. Truth can not be contained because it is ever expanding and eternal in its depth. And always, when truth is at first encountered, it appears plainly, as a rock among a pile of other rocks.

    For it is not possible to see truth’s beauty until one seeks for the LIFE within it; for the life is its power, and its power is its beauty. And the life we seek is given to our awareness only by the Spirit, our blessed voice for Truth.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think of anything as being from ourselves, but our sufficiency is from God, who also made us sufficient as ministers of the new covenant, not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.
    ~ 2 Corinthians 3:5-6

    • How so:

      The kingdom of God does not come by observation…truth comes from the spirit within. All the outward rules, rituals and observations are “framed” observations as you say. Truth makes life return to reality. We are passing through this dream of duality of the carnal and spiritual to understand the difference in that which is real from the unreal of self determination.

      It is a course of learning obedience through the things in which we suffer. All that we experience brings each of us to our accomplished purpose.

      Truth is easily assimilated, in fact it is ever present. When we remove the “framed” obstacles which is the lie for the truth, the symbol from the real, the type from the shadow, we then can see this truth, this love, our Father. When there is just truth left after all the natural parallels are dissipated we are one..again.

      Your “framing” of the truth is so thought provoking as is Rachel’s for your messages are ones of truth where you attempt to strip away all the false narratives, leaving only that which is truthful and good. When the simplicity of love is our desire and goal we care not for all the description.

      • The Truth is pure and simple. Its strength is in what It is and that only It exists.

        Truth enters our awareness when our minds are “humble” so that we are fully open to it, not thinking we know, when we don’t. It isn’t showy, pompous, or of a contrived grandeur, so it doesn’t come in any of these outer “dressings”. Because many people believe the senses, being disconnected from the Light of Truth within, these “dressings” are often tools (sometimes deceptive tactics) of the mind of senses to attract people to what those using them claim to know or be in regards to Truth, but are not. The outer is often used to distract from the lack of substance.

        In the story of Jesus, who revealed one with a consciousness of Truth (Spirit of Truth), we see how Truth revealed itself in and through him, very humbly and simply, beginning with his humble birth. It is the same now … it comes to those minds open to receive it in the stillness and receptivity of their soul.

        Truth is for all.

    • Paul explained it but, only the committed understand: “Yes, of Gentiles also, since God is one; and he will justify the circumcised on the ground of their faith and the uncircumcised through their faith. Do we then overthrow the law by this faith? By no means! on the contrary, we uphold the law.” ROM. 3:29 –Those following man-made-covenant, saying it is of God, believe &practice God’s laws having been done away with. “Breaking the law is sin!” Therefore, if we do not have God’s law, sin must be the breaking of man-law. Which can only be construed as worship of man/satan has won.

  4. Life is constant, always has been and always will be. We are here on earth experiencing life other than what is real for a short duration to “understand” that what God has designed for us is good enough and we need not give our alternative desires nor opinions. All of our given vanity of a negative alter ego…pomp….pride, etc., is to teach us to remain within God’s will and way….not out of fear but out of love.

    Truth is…for all…and we all will receive it in it’s completeness without exception. Each in our own order. A simple desire to love without any recognition, nor to want anything in return, nor to be outstanding in the eyes of any…is a disposition which can be taught easily once self is second place. God is making this gradual change in all of us degree by degree..until all of self is swallowed up into all of Himself. The term “I AM” describes this Truth of oneness.

  5. I can personally testify, without fear of God; love does not exist! –On return from the Nam, I feared nothing because, I did not give a damn for God nor man. –Policemen later told me they did not confront me on anything because, they knew it would be to the death of some of them and me. I still have no fear of what man mite be able to do to me. However, I now have no doubt that GOD is TRUTH! —Those that are in God’s eternal glory will have a void between them and all else. However, for God’s good purpose, HE said Jesus and angels in heaven will look upon hell & those in it forever.

    • Eldon,

      Your comment stirred up these thoughts ….

      When I was younger I was fearless because I didn’t care. It was a reckless and self-destructive state of mind. As I grew to care about others, my life, etc, fear came along with it. The more I cared, the more the fear seemed to grow (which could be perceived as a fear of God as I wanted to love perfectly but felt I couldn’t) – but this also is a self-destructive state of mind, only different. My fear was ground in a fear of myself … I was afraid of what I was capable of because of my past … thus in some sense, I feared what God would allow me to be capable of, thus a fear of God. HOWEVER this fear was rooted in a lack of understanding who I was and therefore, believing false attributes about myself like I could harm or be harmed; I could hurt others or be hurt. In believing this about myself, I experienced it in my reality, as we experience what we believe to be true about ourselves. Thus, this belief was strengthened by the many witnesses that I myself created by my beliefs. I wasn’t aware of my true Self, nor the true Likeness of God in whose Likeness I am made. I wasn’t aware of how I created my reality and that it was a projection of what I believed to be true.

      As I continued to seek the Truth from the Spirit, I gained the awareness of who I am in God, and I recognized I Am his perfect love, which has no fear (or any of its counterparts like anger, depression, guilt, death, sin, arrogance, etc) in it because it creates nothing to fear. In this growing awareness, the many tentacles of fear began to uprooted from my mind and fear started to fade.

      ALL fear is an illusion that covers the present moment like a dark cloud. It hides the perfect love in the present moment we could be experiencing as peace, joy and abundance, because lost in the illusion of fear, we only see fear, thus create experiences of fear. Fear is an illusion. Love, which possesses no likeness of fear, is Truth. You can’t mix illusion and Truth. You can’t see both as true, you live in one or the other based on what you believe is true. Love is greatly misunderstood by a mind that believes in fear.

      Our perception of God is intimately linked with the perception of ourself, because we come to know God through our own awareness. This is why in all our seeking for Truth, the Spirit of Truth focuses on revealing to us, who we are in Truth. We perceive who God is based on who we believe ourselves to be. If we believe fear is real, we believe fear is a part of God, thus we hold a false image of him. If we believe God can be both love and fear, then our understanding of him is also an illusion, because it isn’t based in Truth. Truth is undivided. Fear divides, Love unifies. God is undivided and without conflict within himself, thus he isn’t fear and love – he is only divine perfect love.

      In Truth there is no fear in divine and perfect love, in God, and in our true nature. We are the “son of God” (likeness of Love), not the “son of perdition” (Likeness of fear) as we imagined ourselves to be in a deep blindness to the Truth.

      The Truth sets you free.

      • Well explained. Sounds like my path…I think it stands for all of our paths. 🙂

      • Why do you believe dogs bark? Why do swans fly away from bathing tigers? And never have closed their eyes, but lightly at night. No one has love you less at any time of your path, whether you knew or did not know. Then you questioned if you created the idea to comfort yourself? But no one has loved you less, whether you called it fear or called it God, or whatever you comforted yourself believing? The real issue, you real plan was merely to draw you closer, by giving you acceptance, and never merely to free you.

  6. Fear and Love from another angle…

    Love cast out “all” fear….as in being afraid of God however in the understanding of the translations fear was translated from the word equivalent of “respect.” We are not to obey God out of fear Of Him, but to love and obey out of our respect for His love of us. Fear and respect are distant cousins however one obeys out of fear of torment while the other obeys out of an understanding that all is good.

    God is “Love” absolutely and all that is, is of God’s love. “Ungodly fear” brings us to the school master of a higher calling. Everything is positive…and there is no loss of love in the Kingdom.

    • Yes, I understand what you are saying. However, “grace” is a process of understanding God. “Fear or, belief” is the process of “Wisdom or, acceptance”. ROM.5 Through Jesus we have obtained access to this grace in which we stand and we rejoice in our hope of sharing the glory of God. More than that we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, which produces character, which produces hope, and hope does not disappoint us because, God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit which has been given to us. —I am a gentile that grew-up with no teaching of God’s laws. However, I always felt &desired to do as HIS law required but, the USA people used “patriotism” to convince me to break God’s laws for their personal gain. —God’s word tells me to let it alone because, vengeance is His business. YET, HE tells me to speak of HIM to as many people as I can. —When the truth of one’s study is taught by the Holy Spirit, we know Jesus told of the rise &fall of the USA. Looking like the fall will be in this old man’s life-time. I have no fear for me but, fear for those not believing!

      • We’re on the right track.

        All things, including fear were created for a purpose, as temporary as they may be, but in our end fear will be displaced by the maturity of God’s love. Everything in time.

        All who rise above God’s will, whether person or country will be humbled, there is no doubt. Assyria and Cyrus were pagan enemies of Israel, yet God used them to correct Israel. All nations will bow the knee to God’s will and He will use each as He wills to do His good work of redemption.

        Yes, I also grew up thinking what a great place to grow up in, however always felt uncomfortable when people talked about “being better” than others because of nationality. When God gave me a greater understanding and a love for “all” of His children, patriotism and the like had no meaning to me. It is indeed sad to see people with these outward rules of grandeur as Thoughtware and I were discussing. It is a true blessing to see all as one and one as all.

  7. Each reply is good and right-on. However, there are two types of fear. I think fear of “physically being harmed” may be the main topic here, which I have spoken a little in that direction but, the fear of knowing myself nor anyone is worthy of God? I have come to know (As Rachel said), when God forgives HE remembers no more of it but, my memory is not as controllable as is God’s and there (now) many that don’t know or will not accept. —Is this our business or, must I come to depending more on God and let HIM tend to His business?

    • Eldon, the “truth” is whether we see things alike or not is not as important as our respect and love for one another…in spite of…. If I am in error in my understanding or whether another is, if my love and respect changes because of a difference in perspective, knowledge or of a doctrine “I” am not in a place that God accepts. Unconditional love is just that, my love cannot be dissuaded by where another comes from or their current belief. Our love for another must be based on the “potential” and the future full redemption of the other whenever God chooses for it happen. We are to see that we all are a work in progress and when this redemption happens it is up to God…and we accept God’s timing and will for each of us…each in our own order. We go through this life to be made in our Father’s likeness and character, not to be categorized into good and evil. All things work together for good… for God has no evil lasting intent for anyone…for evil is only a tool to teach us and discipline us to accepting our better everlasting life. There is nothing to lose but our carnality of self will we were given to teach us to love as God loves. We are to consider others and want for others exactly what we want for ourselves. To be one with God…in spirit…

      We must have a single eye, we cannot have an eye for one which is evil and another for one we consider good. The tree of life in the garden represents Christ where there is only unconditional love whereas the tree of knowledge separates others into camps of good or evil. This cannot be so for in the end…”As in Adam all die so as in Christ all shall be made alive, but each man in his own order, Christ the first fruits and then those as His coming?” In other words we will each be completed in the order in which God calls us. This is not saying some, but all. My love for God is becoming an all consuming love because I see God includes all in His fullness without exception. This is oneness.

      It seems as though we see things pretty much alike as I see a devoted disciple of Christ. None of have all the answers all of the time u til our fullness comes and come it will for you as well as myself. Where you or any other are in their walk right now should make no difference to me or any other for I know God will bring us from where we are to where He is. So in error or in truth, we accept others as they are until they become “As He is.”

      Love to all.

  8. Speaking of love…and fear…in part…

    We tend to fear what we do not know or understand. When we believe in a God that would administer endless torment, of course we are going to fear Him. We are going to fear our outcome and whether we are “good enough.” These fears come from the unknown God, from our own blindness of who God is. We were born with this blindness, this vanity, not willingly as says the scriptures but we were subjected and given a hope from being set free from this vein, selfish condition. This condition is the fallen part of mankind, the carnal mind of reasoning and understanding. We were born spiritually blind in order that God could teach us obedience through the things in which we must suffer, just as it says Christ learned things through His suffering.

    However as we or when we are enlightened to the true nature and character of the one true God, our fear starts to dissipate. When we are allowed to see God as He is, a Father of unconditional love and forgiveness He is no longer an “unknown” God to us and therefore we do not fear what is unknown to us anymore. When the fiction of an unloving God that would endlessly punish His children for missteps that we were subjected to unwillingly, is revealed to us we see a purpose in the good and the evil that comes our way. We see a course through a redemption process that is guided by love from our beginning to our end…in Him. When we understand that God’s love that has been with us from the beginning (before the world was) has never changed even after the event of the fall (which was God’s doing) we see a course in life designed to teach all of His creation “It is better to obey than it is to sacrifice.” The sacrifice of an acknowledgment of doing another wrong through an apology and repentance is not as good as having never done any wrong to our neighbor in the first place.

    God has created a life for His “creation man” in accordance with His vision, not ours and for us to understand His will completely and absolutely…we had to be given a mind of our own reasoning…for awhile…. called a carnal mind. It is a mind darkened from the ways and of the true character of God. There is a limit placed on it’s freedoms and is limited to how far it can go and “no further.” This teaching process is to teach oneness, and to live within one will and not a life fragmented into as many thoughts as there are people.

    So fear has its purpose in establishing a respect for our Father and this fear is born out of not being able to know God…for a time. Once we are left to our own will and intellect for awhile, reasoning as did Eve, that we know as well or better than our creator, when we don’t, then our light starts to return to our being. When we start to be awakened to who we are in reality and who and what our true Father is…fear ceases to be. God is love and if love cast out all fear, this is because of the revealing of Himself to us…revealing to us there is no punishment for any..only a corrective process from our temporary “subjected” place of vanity.

    Once God reveals His complete and true character to us and that all we have suffered through is only for our ultimate good and to teach us of His oneness and purpose, fear ceases. Fear is of the unknown God, but now that we know Him there is no longer “any” fear of our journey for we know that all we experience in this life is by a loving Father with a good predestined plan that will complete us as He is. Let us come to a peace and rest in understanding that God keeps His promises to us. One is “Every knee will bow to the will of God.” Our judgment is is unjust if we judge any unworthy out of fear of the unknown. It is a blessing to know God’s judgments are all corrective and redemptive in nature in bringing us all to His likeness and character, each in our own order.

  9. Could the return of Christ be anything more than the awareness that we are Christ, which is the individualized extension of God’s Self projected outward into our experience as the very reflection of Truth? This return to Christ consciousness brings the dissolution of our false, fragmented image of Self which has hidden the truth that we are ONE with God’s Self. Christ is the awareness of God as our Self (Father), and our individualized extension of this Self is the Christ (Son).

    Our Christ has been asleep, dreaming of existence as a separate self, contained in a body and covered with the blasphemous names of fear, weakness, limitation, imperfection and more. In sleep we created (dreamed of) a “blasphemous” reality that reflected these names, in which Truth was relative to the whims of our separate self, where Truth and its opposite co-exist.

    The return of Christ also means the return to our awareness that the Self flows through us, creating an experience which always reflects the attributes we attach to Self. Being unaware of the creative nature of Self, we experienced our own creation as if it somehow created itself through a separate aspect of itself. For example, we believed God to be separate from our Self, which is to say an unseen aspect of creation that created all other aspects of creation. We believed “nature” creates, of itself, destruction and calamity without regard to truth’s laws of love and harmony. We unknowingly created “fear”, which is the belief that all creation is separate from our Self, and could, without warning, turn on us to cause great suffering. In sleep, we created a reality which encompassed the belief we are a separate self in a way the mind could accept as “real”.

    Most oddly, we believed that the creation created our Self, and we became separate “bodies” created through the joining of other bodies, and reality supports the “truth” of this belief, which no mind could deny by examining the outer reality. And in this is the foundation of all “illusion” as “truth”.

    As our Christ awareness returns, we recognize that we are not a mind trapped in a body, but a mind experiencing a body. And in the light of this awareness, we recognize that our Self, which we had long believed was one with our body and separate from all, is God’s Self, the Father in us. Our individualized expression (Christ) is an extension of the true and proper awareness of Self, determined and experienced based on what we believe and know our Self to be. We can therefore recognize our dream because we have awakened to discover our true nature is one with God, even the very extension of God’s self expression.

    How our previous understanding of what we believed to be true, even the false image of Self (God) we held up, fights against us using creation’s voice to deceive and lull us back to sleep! Like a small child, the Christ (our true Self expression) does not want to wake up. Our false Self image will use every deceptive tactic the mind can accept to affirm it is the real self, and Christ, the expression of God’s Self, is false.

    And as a single match is all that is needed to ignite a forest, so too is our awakened mind enough to awaken all by the light of Truth. Christ has returned in the minds of few, which awareness fills the one, true Self we all share and creates a shaking in the minds of those who sleep. The creation of the false self rises up with the deceptive voice of fear and vulnerability, weakness and lack, such that the Christ in others may remain asleep and unaware it creates its own experiences.

    Yet it is all only as birth pangs, for the awakened Christ knows its Self, and that its consuming fire, the living light of Truth, has entered the darkness.

    • Yes, I also believe your fundamental understanding of this . Jesus was “His” name, Christ was His God likeness, His “anointing” as we all will receive the same Christ likeness or “anointing.” A pattern is what is made first to replicate all that comes afterwards. Christ is our pattern of which we are being brought to His same image and character. He is not the only son born, but the “first born” among “many.”

      Why is it so hard for many to see this? We must ask ourselves why would God want to have “children” that is not of His own likeness and character? A horse is not born of a cow nor are we born of anything or any likeness different from our spiritual Father. God’s likeness and character “is” the anointing, the Christ. “Let us make man in our likeness and image (character),” pretty much established exactly who we are to become. God “is” the gift to mankind and all He is in spirit…so will we be.

  10. Life is exactly as to plan. God’s sovereignty and will has never been altered by any and what is, is as it should be…the good…and the evil. There is no power other than God and no power that God has not allowed another to possess. When we understand the “good” purpose of evil for example, we see a loving God that has a plan to teach us to live within “His” means, His will and His purpose. There is not one hair of any sovereignty and power outside of God. Instead of blaming and believing in some myth about another being with power to usurp God’s sovereignty, it would be better for us to understand that “all” is good and all things that happen and are are according to the plan.

    God is love, and when we seek truth in a singleness of understanding that God is love and His outcome for us is only this same likeness and love that He is, we see a oneness that is beyond all carnal comprehension.

    It is a positive journey through negative experiences if we can even call them negative…for all things (good and evil, positive and negative) work together to bring our Christ likeness to fruition. Let thine eye be single…

  11. hi, today, i want to attempt to talk about what we label as KARMA…
    i sometimes see people say you have to pick one or the other, but not both(good and bad).
    the whole world plays out every detail of our SPIRITUAL SELF(which binds us to eachother).
    each goodness and each badness both play out of whom we all are(hense: human HEART).
    If YOU see the world is coming at ya, and its gonna grab ya. then that means that you have faught against urself for so long.
    the more you fight agianst the world(which is the holy spirit), the stronger t he world will fight back against you.
    the only way to win against the world, is to LOVE the world(in all its messes, and miracles).. .the way you LOVE THE WORLD, os to know that every detail of the world, represents YOUR OWN I AM)…

    a preacher lives in goodness, and rejects badness, but even a preacher cannot escape the badness in which is his own.
    as he makes the world a bad place to make what he does be good, even HE, will have to CONFRONT his OWN HEART..
    to love the world, is to CONFRONT your deamons… and fix all that is wrong(in i am)..
    as we tell ourselves the t he HOLY SPIRIT does not JUDGE, it will play out BOTH the good and the BAD at the same time(through the world:which is I AM(collective).

    if you can understand what im trying to say,then within the cracks, you can see how KARMA is a live living spirit…
    it is our own HEART energy, as we FEEL our spiritual SELF(through the EVENTS of the world).. cooincedence.

    • Antihacker, I see your point in accepting that what happens to us for our good comes from experiencing both the good and the bad, of which I agree.

      Oneness is seeing “all” things working together to bring us to a good place, to His likeness and character. Good and “evil” are both part of the journey and the trials, test and tribulations are what teaches us God’s will, His ways, and our obedience to Him. God did not create anything to or for the detriment of anyone. Evil was created by God (Isaiah 45:7] in order to teach us obedience. No created thing is by chance or happenstance. God being love only creates things to bring us to this same persona of who He is and what He is like and what He expects of us.

      Peace comes to us in circumstances of evil as well as in good when we see that both good and evil are the two hands of God working His will upon us. One hand meets out our correction and discipline while the other leads us into all righteousness by example. It takes a little persuasion of the left hand to “encourage” us to follow as the right hand leads.

      Karma, being events that effect one’s circumstances in life must understand and see that “all” that comes to a person in this life is intricately and lovingly directed by a Father who is all about maturing His children. It is written…that if we do not accept the discipline and the corrective process in this life by our Gather God, are not being raised as sons…but as one without a father. We must accept all that comes our way with an understanding of seeing life in a singleness of vision with a oneness of purpose. There is nothing that can happen to us except that in which brings us to perfection. This plan of making us whole (as some call salvation) encompasses the tools of good “and” evil to bring us to a state of all that He is. If we desire to see the good in all things with a singleness of purpose God will give us the desire of our heart. In order to see this oneness we must be willing to accept others as one with ourselves.

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