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An energetic dimension is a soul’s current level of awareness, reflected by the spherical self, which is a manifestation of the energetic vibration of the soul’s awareness. As a soul’s awareness of Truth’s LIFE increases, it ascends into higher dimensions, transforming the spherical self.

As the soul’s awareness of Truth increases, the mind remembers who “I AM” and how “I” create. It remembers its Mighty I AM Presence (Father) that is its beginning and end. This awareness brings Light to the soul’s understanding of its origin, which it initially forgot in order to gain the awareness of individuality. As the soul remembers its “I AM” Presence of Oneness, the spherical self reveals the dimensional reality of one SELF, bringing forth immortality.

There are infinite dimensions within the timeless realm of Absolute Truth into which the soul eternally expands as an individual in Oneness. Yet as previously mentioned, the soul never reaches complete Oneness because its awareness would be infinite awareness and dissolve its individuality. Thus the purpose of the soul’s existence is to give expression to Truth’s LIFE. The timeless realm of Absolute Truth, which is infinite awareness, contains all the SELF’s potential expressions in one moment, which are sequentially realized by a soul’s ever-expanding dimensional awareness. As infinite awareness, the timeless realm is an infinite white space with no movement between moments because there is only one timeless moment in which all exists. Because there is no movement there is no expression of LIFE. The awareness of this LIFE only comes through the soul’s increasing awareness of perfection, which engages Truth’s Universal Will to manifest its current dimension in which the soul experiences its spherical self.

Think of three concentric circles. In the very center is the soul gate, a center of awareness of Truth’s LIFE. The next circle is the soul’s current awareness expressed as its spherical self. The third outer circle is the infinitely higher self or Mighty I Am Presence, which the soul advances into. Once it reaches this higher sphere from its current sphere via increasing awareness, this third sphere becomes its spherical self. Then the soul perceives yet a higher sphere, a fourth sphere in which it can advance, and so on for eternity. In summary, there is the center of awareness, the spherical self manifested by the soul’s current awareness, and the unrealized SELF in which the soul is ever-expanding into to as its awareness in Truth increases.

Each dimension is a grouping of present moments that expresses the soul’s LIFE stream through the continual movement created by the ceaseless flow of cause and effect. This flow is determined by Truth’s Universal Will in conjunction with the soul’s current awareness of Truth. As a soul’s awareness expands in Truth, the present moments guided by Divine Will lead to the next dimension.

As an ever-expanding center of awareness, the soul’s awareness is always expanding into its “I AM” Presence. To expand into the next dimension of the one SELF, the soul’s intention is set on becoming the higher self it perceives it inner self to be, which means its source of truth is beyond its current dimension. If the soul looked to its current spherical self for Truth, it wouldn’t gain the awareness needed to manifest the next dimension of its higher self that is reflective of deeper aspects of Truth’s Oneness, therefore it wouldn’t expand into the next dimension. It’s in the seed state or first dimension that the soul learns how to connect to the next dimension through the doorway of its I AM Presence, which enables it to express ever-increasing dimensions of the one SELF.

The transition from the first dimension to the next, from a seed state to an eternally growing entity, is the most difficult and traumatic for the budding soul. As an ever-increasing center of awareness and in order to manifest the awareness of individuality, LIFE had to begin as a journey out of forgetfulness and into the fullness of Truth. For infinite awareness, in which there is no movement, to express Life, which is the presence of movement, Truth’s LIFE makes a fractal of itself with a beginning of utter unawareness that continually expands into the infinite awareness from which it came.

As the soul remembers its origin, it perceives it came from the fullness of Truth. In this awareness, the soul transitions into the next dimension reflecting oneness, thus ever-expanding LIFE. This initial transition requires the soul to come out of an illusion created by its unawareness and into an awareness of Truth that is 180 degrees different than its illusionary beliefs. This extreme turning from one to the other makes this initial transition the soul’s most difficult, like a tree’s initial transition out of a dormant seed state and into an ever-growing, living entity.

When the soul’s beginning and end are rightly seen, it sees the perfection of its embryonic path. Each individualized path is one which LIFE takes from utter unawareness to awareness of its SELF in Truth. Because every soul originates as a “Thought of God”, each soul is a fractal of Truth’s LIFE which experiences the perfect journey into Truth’s divine love. In Truth’s timeless perfection, each soul’s LIFE eternally ascends into higher dimensions of oneness, manifesting greater and more expansive experiences of oneness with Truth’s LIFE, and its spherical self which is the expression of its love.

I AM Loving Awareness.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

5 thoughts on “Ascending Dimensions

  1. MIND(TIME) = creativity(purpose) = LIFE
    Heart(SPACE) = logic(direction) = LIFE

    manifest(vibrations) we never die

  2. i think i got the purpose and direction wrong…..

    MIND(TIME) = creativity(direction) = LIFE
    Heart(SPACE) = logic(purpose) = LIFE

    manifest(vibrations) we never die

  3. i want to try to attempt to show you how to read minds(so to speak). (a trick at least).

    if one person is sending a message(in the form of deep wishing from heart), the HEART presses on the strings(which bind us all to eachother) that BIND US TO EACHOTHER(through the understanding of the laws)..

    so when someone sends that message, the message does not get percieved in the form that it was sent.
    instead, the message gets broken down into the laws, and then resets itself to our own understandings(within the same strings).

    so if your thinking as an example, the car is red. i may perceive it as the vehicle is BLOODY.
    even though the info would not make sense, through the laws, you understand whats on the other side of that thought(feeling from heart) comes from.

    the word BLOODY may be associated with the colour red(as even the word blood itself may have impact on many parts of your life.

    Understaing the laws, you can take the word car/vehicle, and understand the the only assoications with BLOODY CAR is that the car is red.

    now, that was just a made up attempt to try to give you an example of how to utuilize the UNDERSTANDINGS GIVEN(and recieved within your own ways(all part of the same laws(but the info is different)..

    And even as our awarenessess grow, man(individualism) will fade away, as living by the true laws, there is NO LANGUAGE OF SEPERATION(casted out the deamons).

  4. also, each and every one of us, need to understand, that when we give life(in the natural world), you recieve life from the spiritual world)(karma as a label)(THAT PERFECT BALLANCE: CROSS: all NAMES(laws)).

    a lot of people been taught to wait for god, not understanding that god is self(we only judge ourselves) and we are wating for our own heart.

    since we are made of life(LOVE)(outside of time), what we give, we recieve. so as preachers as an example, destroy life to make their own idols important, they destroy the very exact thing in which they seek(not understanding the laws)(the world is bad, our heart is bad, man is bad).

    to recieve anything from the GOD(in all its forms), we have to be the GIVERS OF GOD(as god represents ALL OF US).
    to see nothing but the ETERNAL LIFE in everyone, allows you yourself to be a PEACEMAKER(ETERNAL BROTHER)…

    to see ETERNAL IN ALL OF US(as we are extensions of your own SPIRITUAL SELF), is to bring out ETERNAL GIFTS FROM YOUR OWN HEART(manifesting(SEEN) through the WHOLE WORLD(I AM:GIVE LIFE)(see yourself in EVERYONE)..

    • beautifully said, in these words are reflected the creative power we all possess that I’ve been seeing much more deeply… ” to receive anything from the GOD(in all its forms), we have to be the GIVERS OF GOD(as god represents ALL OF US).
      to see nothing but the ETERNAL LIFE in everyone, allows you yourself to be a PEACEMAKER(ETERNAL BROTHER)”

      Thank you for all you share.

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