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Energetic Garments


The energetic field surrounds our soul like a garment. This energetic garment holds all the emotionally charged stories, beliefs, memories and thought forms we possess, even going back generations as states of consciousness are passed down through the collective mind.

In the darkness of a seed state, our energetic garment is sown in the unawareness of who we are and how we create. As a result we are cloaked in a covering or filter of powerlessness by which we view ourselves and our relation to reality, manifesting discordant states of pain, suffering, decay and destruction. It’s like wearing dirty garments and therefore believing you are a pauper, therefore limiting yourself to a pauper’s suffering life.

Truth-filled understanding comes in like an expert Launderer and cleanses our energetic garments, returning us to the awareness of our one Self, which is a state of ever-present power, expressed as rest, joy, peace, harmony, abundance and divine love.

Truth-filled understanding, which is the “Living Spirit of God (Absolute Truth)”, produces a transformative shift in our consciousness from a sense of powerlessness to immutable power. As our self perspective makes this 180 degree turn, we perceive our true power as a divine being expressing Divine Will. The Divine Will directs our desires through which its inherent power leads to metamorphic changes in our expression. This immutable power fuels the divinely orchestrated movement of all energy, which begins to alter our entire energetic field, transitioning our outer expression from darkened garments of decay and destruction to light-filled garments of timeless expansion.

Truth-filled understanding energetically moves into our outer consciousness and impacts reality, through four mental processes. As the Living Life in Truth flows through us, it harmonizes discordant energy, thus reality.

  1. Awareness – First, by the Light of Truth-filled understanding, we become aware of faulty thoughts and beliefs, which reflect attributes of a false image of the self. This initial awareness begins to weaken and break apart the faulty thought-forms.
  2. Release and Replace – Second, we consciously release faulty thoughts and replace them with our Truth-filled understanding, which actively engages our inherent power to alter reality. We no longer blame or complain, but in our creative power choose to own and renew.
  3. Sending out Living Light – Third, we energetically send the Light of our understanding to others and situations that reflected these faulty thought-forms. In this, our outer consciousness engages a state of harmony, through which the Divine Will flows.
  4. Gratitude – Lastly, we express gratitude for our ever-increasing awareness, Truth-filled understanding and the rejuvenation of our reality. Gratitude’s vibratory action clears our energetic, creative pathways, making room for the flow of Divine Will’s expressed harmony.

Each time we become aware of a thought-form born of darkness, our mind engages this process infusing it with Light, which is utilizing our power. During this renewal of our mind, energetic field, and reality we aren’t concerned with how or when the physical reality will be altered (i.e, the body, relationships, situations). We leave this detailed reconstruction to the Divine Will’s infinite intelligence that is far beyond our knowing as every moment is divinely orchestrated to express Divine Love, which is the Highest Good of All. Instead, we watch in expectation to see a perfection that is beyond our ability to conceive.

Everything we observe with our bodily senses is a reflection of our understanding. The only perpetrator to our resting state of timeless perfection is our lack of awareness. Therefore, the renewing of our mind by Truth-filled understanding is needed to reconstruct our energetic field, which in turn rejuvenates our physical reality. Through this regeneration, we become doorways to the divine.

Author: Rachel

My passion is cultivating a deep relationship with God and helping others to do the same. I LOVE sharing with others insights that God has taught me and hearing what God has taught them... thus my blog, Stirring the Deep. My focus is on a relationship, not a religion. Life is in the relationship. I believe in a balance and unity of body, mind and spirit. I feel it's important to nurture all three for they all affect each other. I try to live in the present, where the Holy Spirit is. And I try to do all with the motive of love. I've come to believe life is a journey and not a destination. It isn't about perfection, is it about growth.

20 thoughts on “Energetic Garments



    • your comments are always an encouragement to me 😀

      • Its such an amazing echo of wonderful Joy and Pain. as the song goes, Like sunshine and rain, sing it loud God’s Children. If i typed this anywhere else i will usually get tha im a little dramatic are you not while still agreeing. LOL i love CONsoulA†ION prizes Ill takem HAHA as you Rachel are such a gift. Its good to know were all still in the good game ~

  2. The Garmets refer to TIME ITSELF. the CLOTHES refer to the PATH(direction) of our consiouosness as our own HEART is shown in time and through every person and event.
    the WHOLE WORLD shows the other side of time as our own hearts are displayed for us on a platter(the world)(how the devine works).

    sometimes an event that you go through as a child may not make any sense until 10 or 20 or even 50 years later.
    each experience in our Indiviual Lives reveal a PATH as the HOLY SPIRIT(love being the smallest element in all of time and space) is GIVING us the TOOLS WE NEED. not only do we percieve our past selves and connected to them, but we also SENSE our future selves and every person we will come in contact with). SOME PAINS ARE FUTURE PAINS(some senses refer to what is coming(listen to your heart)

    Each DNA holds space that contains 2000 years of activity(what binds us to our ancestors(alive in the eternal(but frozen as a seed)).

    again, ALL OF TIME is happening all at the same time.
    imagine 2000 years into the past. a person’s mind starts to wonder.
    as that person is frozen in place, that WONDERING creates GARMENTS(through the whole world), in which WE NOW are on the other side of that WONDERING.

    the GARMENTS are the result(in which is the GOD(actually the eternal heart) that we sense(outside of t ime).

    • Oh Wow!! just Awesome AntiHacker ~

    • Giving me the deeper meaning also to my Spaceman suit Guy. He wears the suit for different environments. I suppose Like the full body armor of God Or he may fear the elements as he is always NowHere. Being Vague while actually just talking about some creative im working on for fun The Tools, Excellent as um lets just say YES I get too wordy and i sometime get lost in translation cause i have been thinking in my own head. Your words here tho. There in my head Thank you!!!!!!

  3. Father I pray for Rachel today, as recently she has been going into a dream state which is very illusory.
    During this time she has experimented with many attempts to access the deeper thoughts of the spirit and of soulish giftings which can never be accessed or understood without God bringing the initiation.
    I know that, which she seeks can only be found and only be possessed when one is linked with the true God. Father, when she has discovered you, or You have discovered her she will be able to rule and reign in the dimensions you will provide. At that time she will be able to speak into the physical dimensions, to alter body, relationships, and situations, because of her faith in You. You have left it up to her to choose Your path and obtain Your divine Will, but it is when she asks for You to invade her world that she will experience World dominating power. Jesus, only the Holy spirit can recreate her energetic field, but it can never be done without her awareness of Your divinity. Only You Father are beyond time and space, and
    you desire to bring Rachel into the plans you have for her.
    Father, today I pray that she would see herself as clay and You as the Potter.
    Please reveal to her her pre existant state that she had with Jesus before the World’s foundation.
    Only then, will she ever know true love and come out of the psychological shell.
    Let her experience Your Love, and Your Life.
    Break the soulish attempt to find Life without You Jesus.
    I release your Angels, and the Host to bring her awareness.

    • I hear ya Mishai Good Thoughts Still i realize in the sphere of personal thoughts usually a few linear paths at one time may be perceived. i found this out by just watching my personal AV journals Turns out I can talk to myself for weeks HAHAHA and get so much more out of my yesterdays. like today i was in yesterday just trying to get to today realizing today was awesome just doing this See i may be way off course as really im just heading North its all good from there well south has its lessons Hey Im pushing send now cause otherwise I drown in my own foundational weeds BIG LOVE EVERYBODY ~

  4. LOVE ISNT GIVEN, IT IS THE SUBSTANCE, WE ARE MADE OF. to be one with god is to recognize god in self(our senses change).
    the world is the FLESH, and we are but the elements(jesus is just ONE LAW, but the HOLY SPIRIT uses ALL NAMES(LAWS).
    the names themselves dont matter. what matters is the logic (of god in I AM)..

    even if you listen to what messiah says, even he cant escape the laws…
    we are saying the same things as messiah, but with the knowledge of god in I AM).

    there is no weakness in ourselves as we are ONE WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT(love being the smallest element in ALL OF TIME AND SPACE).

    • Father God, here we see one who does not know the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This one is following a path of Gnosticism. This Gospel that he preaches intimates and teaches that one may find wisdom, power and spiritual enlightenment if and when he is able to succeed and laws and obtain a certain framework of knowledge. This idea and Gospel was birthed from a godless standpoint many years before Christ and has been the foundation for many religions. It is man attempting to understand himself “without You God”, without knowing Your divine form, taking imaginations and seeking for a divine point inside oneself. However, Heavenly Father, you have taught us through your relationship with Abraham, and through the Jewish People that YOU are the One God, and that there is no other. It is only when we learn from YOU that we understand the truths that will allow us to understand you.
      You sent your Son Jesus to preach the Gospel of Salvation, which is not Gnosticism or a Salvation by mental process, but a true spiritual Relationship with You, Father, and to Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
      You redeemed us from the Gnostic Path of trying to achieve right standing and wholeness and healing through mental achievement or the path of mental purity. We can only achieve purity when we are redeemed from our Sins.
      I pray for Antihacker today who is confined to a system of Laws and not free in your Holy Spirit Father.
      I pray you may bring revelation to him of the True God, and of Jesus the Messiah, and Saviour.
      This is a New Way of thinking that frees man from trying to save himself, and make himself righteous.
      Father, if only he knew the power that awaits him in this FREE WAY OF WAlKING>.
      I pray you would quicken his time to find you. Let Him know who he was in heaven with You before he was born, that he was with Jesus.
      God is a Person, and personal God. We praise you Father.

  5. one other thing that we must learn, is that when we talk about god in the original content, we have to INCLUDE EVERY PERSON ON EARTH in that label. religion’s version of god is out of wackl, As for god to INITIATE is for all of man(as one body) to initiate(as we are made of love)..
    if you go down path a, and i go down path B, even as our paths are different, we still follow a path(that is god that has BOTH a and b)

    the main purpose of GOD, is that there are things that every person shares together that is much more powerful(we are one) than the things that devide us(different). God was intended to be used as ALL OF MANKIND together as ONE BODY.

    the holy spirit being the smallest element is what BINDS us to eachother(high end of the law).
    what every person on earth shares together that is the same as just a tiny example is that we all in our own ways, get to experience the HUMAN LANGUAGE.

    At the same time we are experiencing the HUMAN LANGUAGE(human heart), we also have a foothold within the ETERNAL LANGUAGE(the true holy spirit: all laws working together(through us with consiousess as our own)).

    again, we are not in deep thought, but ALIGNING(awakening) to the true knowledge that is potrayed.

    even as messaih may see us going down the wrong path, he himself is saying the same things we are saying. just within his own language. he is not aware yet of the god that has always been at ALL OUR SIDES(as our hearts(logic) are ONE).I AM THE WHOLE WORLD(through the eternal laws). and being one, every person on earth is ONE with I AM(TRUE GOD)…

  6. Though God be at your side, He desires to reside Within you. The path is not far from you but right before you that “”If you believe in your Heart, and confess with your Mouth (language), that Jesus is Lord, You shall BE Saved””.
    This Salvation package includes the knowledge of the Heavenly Father, Who is a Personal God, in this language we are talking about He is desiring A Relationship, with you.
    This is NOT a gospel of laws, but a gospel of the freedom from laws.
    This is God loving you and coming to reside in your Heart.
    This will separate you from all others and bind you to His heart.
    This will separate you from the language of the sin of the human heart,
    and will give you the heart of the Father.
    You will become separated. Separated to the Father.

    • the Relation ship in GOD is in I AM. the sin is SEPERATION. we may go around and around in circules. there is no escape from the laws, as it is the LAWS that give LIFE.

      to be ONE WITH GOD, which includes, christ, johova, mohamad, allah, islamic laws, eternal laws, and everything in between. to BE ONE with jesus is to be ONE with the HIGH END OF THE LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES(as we are GIVING ELEMENTS).

      every man on earth is an ETERNAL BEING FIRST(as we are all brothers)(god’s children aka I AM).

      sometimes we are shoved a religion down our back, and get stuck on repeat, that concepts get hijacked.
      truth, trust, hope faith is used in such a way to be IMPRISISSONED in your own religions. the JESUS you seek is SELF( and self includes ALL OF US).

      the SPIRIT is I AM which is the SMALLEST ELEMENT in all of time and space. and every element in all of time and space is in DIRECT CONNECT with every other element in time and space(through the ETERNAL LANGUAGE aka FATHER(aka I AM)..

      • there is a force in UNDERSTANDING, that through the ELEMENTAL FORCE, binds our very identity to EVERY EVENT ON EARTH(the HEART in the FLESH)(again, we are the ELEMENTS).

        when the ELEMENTS work in coordination with every cell even within your own body, you stay healthy.
        when the ELEMENTs start to go their own ways, the body falls apart, and the consiousness within that body, becomes a frozen seed(in soul).

        Within the LANGUAGE in which each of us is portraying, there must be a COORDINATION that ALIGNS(cross) with the ETERNAL LAWS(spiritual(mind) to NATURAL(flesh aka workd).

        In the Eternal, the distance in the past(vibration) is the same distance in which we affect the future(vibration).
        the data in the past and future is the same data, so as we are creating new pasts, we alter our futures.
        both the Past and the Future is all happening NOW(through the eternal heart aka OUTSIDE OF TIME).

        the whole world is GARMENTED with TIME(as every event on EARTH reveals to us the exact DATA in which is held in ALL OF TIME and space(every element connected aka HOLY SPIRIT)..

        I AM is part of that holy spirit as there was NEVER ANY SEPERATION.
        god isnt waiting for me, or me waiting for god in some fashion, we are always ONE WITH(I AM).
        again, the definision of HE and HIM in the bible = THE OBSERVER(you).

        i am always at peace, cause i see myself in the whole world, and i dont have any judgements. i am not afraid of being BAD, as well as not afraid of being GOOD. i am both christ and satan. DO YOU FEAR ME? cause if you do, you will determin my strenghts as WE ARE ONE, and we are the SAME OBSERVER(eather falling apart or working together)..

      • God doesn’t want you to go around in circles. His love is coming to you in a straight line. Seeking to give what only He has for you.
        The devil will continue to shove the “LAWS” down your back, as he has always done.
        But Jesus will deliver you from religion. I will pray for your spirit.
        “Father let this one who is an atheist come to know your love today. Let him find true love”.

  7. jesus is not lord. JESUS is a way to lord.

    Jesus aka HIGH END OF THE LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES(love being the smallest element in all of time and space(binding all elements together)), it is only through the HIGHER END OF THE LAW(the giving end)(mistaken as a person), that each of us is ONE WITH GOD aka ONE WITH EACHOTHER. we ARE GOD, and even you are saying, but still holding a religion. when you rid a religion, you see the LORDSHIP in EVERYONE, as everyone represents the HIGHEST HONORS OF I AM(in all things)(love being the smallest elemement that BINDS US TO EACHOTHER). the UNDERSTANDING of the ETERNAL LAWs is how u become saved(no more fighting against your OWN JUDGEMENTS(that we tend to place on eachother))

    the FATHER = I AM(highest vibrations aka LINK TO HEAVEN NOW) aka always around us(ARC OF THE COVENANT: all men are created EQUAL(IN i am IMAGE)..

  8. The Heavenly Father is trying to reach through all of these ideas that you have invented about yourself and your world and how you are interacting with it. As you pull into a vision of yourself being defined by historical imaginings you begin to separate yourself from all forms of love into a paradigm and type set that reflects a psychotic paranoia against the romance of your spirit. God is trying to reveal himself to your spirit, and it will take time for him to come against your anger at communicating love. You have become so separated from love, that your language has devolved into a kind of alien mix of self covering religion from the prosaic to the terse. God is seeking to bring you into a life of simplicity and love.
    Be very patient because it will take time for you to learn to love and not to rely on corrupt similitudes.
    God’s language is very pure and is the only thing that can break into your heart. Stay patient with yourself because the language of the heart will stay beyond you if you stay in a hyper critical slang spirit. Love is what God is offering you. And the purest form.

  9. also, CREATIVITY is life given from the god in self… your ability to CREATE will allow you to overcome any TRAPS that the world may suck you into… dont be afraid to CREATE.. to see how to CREATE, all you have to do is STUDY CHILDREN. the more creative they are, the more ATUNED TO LIFE they become as throw in time(aligning more with the god in self(works in time))..

    • You said you were One with the Whole World, so how could the World Suck You into traps? That doesn’t make any sense. If a child had God in self, they wouldn’t have to be disciplined. No, none of this makes any sense. You must seek God and God alone in the teacher. Father, I pray today for this one who has never known you, never known his origin, never known your plan for him. Reveal yourself to him as a runaway Child, and bring him home to your love. Let him finally experience love. Let him have You today Jesus as his new companion. Let him discover you as a creative child.

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