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As we grasp more firmly our true power through our I Am Presence to govern our reality in harmony and peace, we recognize our time to shine is upon us.

From the Spirit of Truth, we receive the Living Thought System by which we give immutable Peace to ALL. This thought system of Oneness, received from the Spirit of Truth, includes the living dynamics of: divine forgiveness, being an open door, Law of One, divine emergence, giving and receiving, being a life-giving spirit, the Prayer of Oneness, the Power of One, being a creator within the Creator and the other attributes of our true Self which all converge to enable the outpouring of the Spirit of Peace into reality. Once received by our mind, this Living Thought System creates a pathway for Immutable Peace to flow from the Great I Am within, through our mind and into reality.

As the Light of Truth illuminates our mind, healing it from the false belief of separation from the Divine Mind, reality begins to reflect this Light in expressions of immutable Peace spreading to ALL. What we are conscious of being is reflected into reality by our thoughts and emotional energy. In the conscious awareness of being our true Self, reality begins to reflect our inherent Holy Light, which outwardly appears as Immutable Peace.

As a creator within the Creator, we are the gateway to the Creator’s expression. His Light flows through our conscious awareness to express its divine light patterns in reality’s tangible forms. When we are conscious of being the Holy Light within, our spirit is set free from its false Identity, and it shines its true Likeness as the Self of God. 

When transitioning from a false perception of our self into our true state, it takes conscious attention and focus on the True, until the True is all we perceive. It’s a time of mindfully extending the Peaceful Light of the Great I Am into all situations, regardless of outer appearances. In this, the Great I Am acts through us in unexpected ways, but always in infinite intelligence so that Immutable Peace is created through us. What was once real (the illusion) becomes unreal, and what was unreal (The Truth) becomes Real.

This transition requires patience with outer appearances as the Great I Am acts through us. Our mind creates within the construct of time, such that a peaceful reality doesn’t just appear instantly, out of no where. As reality transitions, to maintain its cohesiveness, anything that newly appears in a present moment must possess a “backstory” (the story of its past cause). In oneness with the Divine Mind, our mind simultaneously creates our present moment with a backstory. A new moment is always wrapped in its past which causes the mind to believe it extended from the past, instead of being newly created. Otherwise the mind would dismiss it because the created present moment would appear as if by magic. Consequently, the initial transition into Peace occurs slowly because every newly created moment has a backstory that intersects with all of reality.

Because immutable Peace comes through us, we must stay steadfast in extending our Peace in Oneness to ALL others and not return to disharmonious thoughts and feelings while reality transitions. At times, our mind will habitually respond in thoughts and emotions according to our previous false judgments, like we’re picking up our tattered garments we just took off and are putting them back on. When challenged by discordant appearances, we consciously choose to extend the Peace from the Great I Am presence within, shining the Truth into reality. As an open door, though it feels powerless this quiet, conscious act ultimately creates Immutable Peace. We patiently persist until the Truth is all we perceive.

Immutable Peace is created when we consciously choose to disregard appearances and instead fix our attention upon shining our Great I Am presence so that Peace extends from this Living Source to ALL. In this, we begin to shine the peaceful radiance of our Creator.

Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.~ John 14:27

“It is time for You to act, O Lord (Christ within), For they have regarded Your law as void.” ~ Psalm 119:126

“Then Jesus answered and said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do; for whatever He does, the Son also does in like manner.” ~ John 5:19

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

3 thoughts on “Time to Shine

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  2. What is the “shaking”? What is its cause?

    Have you considered the vastness of your conscious awareness? Are you not amazed that you can comprehend the deep things of Truth? Are you in awe that you can begin to step into the limitless sea of eternity through the mental process of thought? These are miracles, no small things to be discarded as trivial.

    And yet we have developed in a reality where we have given our authority over to appearances. That which appears strong – is accepted by our minds as such. Truth became tainted by the outer voices of our physical world and we lost ourselves in a sea of conflict, for in appearances nothing remains as it first appears. This is the meaning of shifting sand.

    But know this, you are infinitely more than that which you outwardly perceive. And though one may not yet be conscious of this fact does not negate the truth that every human being is a creator of his own sphere of reality, and each sphere exists within the infinite mind of God. This is why it is said that we are creators within a creator and that without the awareness of Self as it is in Truth, one creates unknowingly, which is to say “in darkness”.

    Yet now many are awakening, and becoming ever more conscious of the TRUE nature of Self, and it’s inherent divinity. Divinity can be best understood as a consciousness governed by Truth, which has its source in The Father. Truth is, in its simplest understanding, the extension of God’s Self in oneness with an individualized consciousness. Thus, a divine self is one who has become consciously aware that Truth flows through its Thought system, awaking the mind to LIFE. The Self has awakened, or been switched “on”, so to speak.

    Now, when those of the divine mind begin to consciously create, they do not consider appearances, but rather extend the truth out into the “darkened” spheres of other-selves. There is no limitation as to time or physicality, but instead a conscious projection of peace into creation as light into a very dark place. This initial shining of light creates The Shaking.

    Consider a reality that has only known darkness, and has become so familiar (and dare I say comfortable) in the dark that shadows of truth are accepted in leu of the real. Darkness becomes the reality and Light is considered either “unreal” or at the very least, “afar off” from the known. But now look! Light has dawned and the darkened reality of ignorance comes “undone”! Where there was once darkness, like a rising sun the reality now reflects something new, different and distinctly unlike the comfort of ignorance. It is important to consider that darkness is not about evil, and light is not about “good” as these terms are defined in the reality of darkness. Darkness is IGNORANCE OF THE TRUTH, while light is KNOWLEDGE OF TRUTH, made possible by the development of a LIVING THOUGHT SYSTEM. Only in darkness could truth have an opposite, for in Truth there is always the ETERNAL PERFECTION OF DIVINE LOVE .

    Darkness can not comprehend the light, and therefore a mind ignorant of Truth can not comprehend what is happening to its reality as light enters it. As the light begins to shine, (which shines as lighting from the East to the West, for it affects ALL consciousness as one) those in the darkness will feel as if their reality is coming undone, for indeed it is. Because these minds are asleep (ignorant to the working and POWER of Truth), they will look for safety in the outer appearance world. They will seek out all manner of outer devices to protect them, looking for peace and safety in that which they believe to be strong. The longer they cling to the outer appearance world as their source of Truth, the more difficult will their reality become as the light presses upon them. And for those who love the darkness, they will create calamity, for their thoughts of “attack” and “taking” project outwardly, creating attack and loss in their own sphere of reality. This is the shaking, and it is caused because ALL, whether asleep or awake, are of one mind. As some consciously awaken to the knowledge that they create peace by that which they extended into the feeling (spirit) world, so too must those who extend disharmony be recognized by their own creation. Truth is no respecter of persons, and once ignorance begins to fade, the darkness will become increasingly apparent by its contrast with the light.

    Yet this shaking is a great gift, in that like a child who refuses to wake up, it serves to awaken ALL who desire to remain asleep. The light is one, and as more awaken into the understanding of how to create peace, their creation will gradually cover all. Those who recognize the divine nature of this peace will be served by their own darkness, because by it the light will appear all the more beautiful and desirable. You see, the majority of sleeping souls look to their outer appearance world for a savior, be it religious or secular. The peacemakers are called to be a light in the outer appearance world, that those who look there may, by its brightness, perceive and desire it, AWAKENING THEM TO THE KNOWLEDGE OF TRUTH.

    And by the shining of this light, by the conscious creation of Peace through the sons and daughters of God, ALL will come to the awareness that God’s Kingdom has come.

    • Incredible words of insight and revelation. They convey the current state of our reality in such a way that enables us to negotiate its tumultuous waters as reality awakens to the Light of Truth. To understand our true nature as a creator within the Creator and that true Peace comes through us (as we generously extend it to others so that we are without conflict or discord in our minds and hearts) enables us to create immutable Peace about us regardless of outer appearances. How blessed to perceive these Truths, but even more to share them. In their Light, we are able to perceive our true Power, so our mind can act according to that Power and shine the Peace of God.

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