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Day of Thrones


As the higher Self’s Spirit fills its temple, giving the soul Divine Love’s multi-dimensional awareness, it settles upon the throne of the soul’s Will, which has matured to eternally support its divine emergence into time.

The Day of Thrones is a day of stillness, surrender and exchange of sovereign power. It’s the soul’s consummate letting go of the deceptive idea that free will is the expression of LIFE. Instead, the soul upholds the awareness that Truth’s LIFE is inherent in the union of the soul’s Will and the Will of its higher Self. In a sacred oneness, the soul’s will sits down, recognizing it has become the throne of Divine Love’s Will. It simply observes its reality, without judgment, fear, or control, and gives its creative power over reality to the one who sits ON the throne, Truth’s Will. It’s a day to sit and simply be, because the purpose of linear time’s imperfection is fulfilled, a purpose that served to mature the soul into an ever-expanding awareness of Truth’s Perfection in Oneness, a Oneness in which the soul’s timeless Perfection is revealed in time.

The throne is the soul’s Will that resides in the center, the beginning of spherical time, just as a physical body resides at the center of its reality. Truth’s unalterable design of creation is that the soul is the center of its reality, because it positions the soul as a gate between timeless Perfection and time, thereby giving Timeless Truth’s LIFE expression. Thus, the soul’s Will, being the center of reality, is always the throne, BUT, the soul can choose to give the eternal reign of its will over to Truth, which is its higher Self’s Will. In this, the soul’s reality is always governed by a more enlightened awareness of the Truth of itself.

This eternal choice to be ON the throne or BE the throne resides at the end of a long and refining path of increasing truth-filled awareness, which reveals to the soul that the Perfection it desires to express resides in this union of Wills. This path enables the soul to make an enlightened choice between being ON the throne or BEING the throne of the higher Self, which is to be either a closed or an open gate between time and timeless perfection. The result of this choice either keeps the soul asleep in a world of illusions or awakens it into ever-expanding LIFE. It’s a choice between death and LIFE, between serving fear and extending Divine Love.

Because of the soul’s inseparable Oneness with Truth’s LIFE, when the soul encounters this choice at the end of its path, only one choice will ever be selected, the choice for LIFE. Therefore in a sense, there is no choice because there never was any separation of Truth’s Will. When seen more clearly, this Day of Thrones, where two become one, is the beginning of the soul’s expansion into the ever-expanding perfection of Truth’s LIFE, because it is no longer bound by the limitations of supposed free will. With this choice Truth’s Will and the soul’s awareness of its individualized will are united as one. It’s the soul’s moment of Perfection, because in this moment the soul recognizes its Will is Truth’s Universal Will. This choice is the soul’s victory, for in this, Truth’s Divine Will is done, always.

In this Day’s sacred stillness, an exchange of power occurs. The soul is no longer blinded by the illusions of free will. In the dream world of illusions, the soul believed that the outer reality was far more powerful than its “I Am” Presence, because the soul was unaware of its true “I Am” Presence, therefore believed it was something it was not. Through the authentication of its “I Am” Name, it becomes increasingly aware that its “I Am” presence is power. This power lives in the soul’s awareness, which projects its Truth into time and determines the appearance world of the spherical self. In this we see that the soul’s name possesses the power of its creator. In the dream of free will the soul believed its individualized self was powerless, seemingly trapped in a world more powerful than its self. The soul projected this schematic onto reality, and consequently the soul sought to obtain power from the world.

As the soul awakens, it recognizes its power is Divine Love’s perfect governance of its awareness. This results in the perfect movement of time, giving Truth’s LIFE expression. The soul’s perfect power isn’t a power contained within itself, but a power that flows through it from its oneness with Truth. It’s the power of God and in this oneness of Will, the soul rests as open gate to supreme power in its individual world. Truth’s perfecting divine life energy flows from the throne, streaming Truth’s LIFE into reality.

The soul drinks from the golden cup, which is the radiant, ever-increasing Light of its highest Will, the soul’s LIFE energy. In this, the soul’s awareness expands in Truth and Divine Love perfectly, throughout the realms of eternity. It moves through time, one with time, according to Divine Love’s perfect governance. It’s a new reign, in the Life of the Spirit.

As the throne upon which Truth’s Will sits, the soul’s true power is realized in the perfect expansion of its awareness, divinely governed by Truth’s Will flowing through the soul. In this union, the soul is a living, loving awareness unaltered by the world of appearances, but instead alters reality by imbuing Life with Truth’s timeless, divine attributes. The soul becomes the gateway to the earth’s regeneration.

Then comes the end, when He (Christ) delivers the kingdom to God the Father, when He puts an end to all rule and all authority and power. ~ 1 Corin 15:24

And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb. ~ Revelation 22:1

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

7 thoughts on “Day of Thrones

  1. Today, i want to explain what the UNDER WORLD is.
    the underworld is what we live in now. it is Linier(EARTH).(knowing this, you can understand why christians convince themselves the world is BAD)

    to sit at the throne is to live in sphearacle(while having a foothold in the linier world)(hense son of god)(son refers to every person on earth).

    it takes every person on earth(eternal brothers) to rise above into the sphearacle(wars or peace of all the moving parts).
    in the underworld, we SEPERATE ourselves from eachother(individuals), but in the SPHEaracle world(HEAVEN), we are ONE BODY).

    To live in peace, it would take every BROTHER on earth to let go of their religions. quit allowing yourself to be a prisoner of faith.
    faith is hijacked in a way for the mind to not allow you to escape your religion(while worshing idols).

    Love is for ALL THAT IS(knowing yourself outside of time).
    in the underworld, we have a tendancy to turn against ourselves(every person on earth aka wars and rumors of wars).
    in heaven, we cherish eachother, as elements of ALL SOULS(as we share in ONE BODY all Names).

    in truth, in the NAME OF really means “I GIVE TO THEE”
    thee refering to all that is.

    • It is a powerful understanding to know the NAME OF is I GIVE TO THEE (ALL) .. in that, what we append to I Am, we give to All, and thus we live.

  2. Then comes the end, when He (Each and every READER) delivers the kingdom to God the Father, when He puts an end to all rule and all authority and power.
    Again, “HE” refers to the READER.. each person(as an eternal brother(through the spheracle langauge)) is the HE..

    christ again is the HIGH end of the Law of opposing forces(the giving part of self(in everyone)

    as i described what christ really is in the past, so shall i do it here again.

    christ aka LOVE is the SMALLEST ELEMENT IN ALL OF TIME AND SPACE. Every Element in all of time and space is in Direct Connect to Every other ELEMENT IN ALL OF TIME AND SPACE. christ is the fabric in which we are made of.

    God is what Every person in existance has within them that is the SAME to every other person. this SAME we have is more powerfull than the things we all have that is Different.

    In the Begining, god created the heavens and the earth.

    what the above says is when ALL OF MANKIND BECAME ONE, it is EVERYONE that OPENED THE GATE to the SPHERACLE WORLD(heaven on earth).
    it is through out consiousness, that we have within us both the WORLD OF LIFE(spirit of time that flows through the WHOLE WORLD), and also the UNDERWORLD(what you experience as the world(of flesh: the whole world and universe aka VIBRATION OF MATTER).

    flesh isnt about our skin and guts, FLESH refers to the FREQUENCY OF MATTER(vibrations). the KINGDOM(heaven on earth) is the reflection of the LOGIC OF OUR HEART(has every person as one body(body being the world of flesh within space)((spirit:time which is our heart outside of time)

    when we put an end to all rule, its because no ONE MAN(such as idols) should rule the earth. Instead the SPIRIT(sphearacle world) is SHARED(one god aka what we all share)(highest honors of mankind) that will bring out the BEST OF THE HUMAN HEART(heaven on earth)(spheracle knowledge).

  3. Only in the awareness of your perfection, which is the eternal origin of Life, can you understand who you are and how you create. Remember, we have repeatedly said that YOU have written these words, for only YOU can write them, though that might seem mysterious. You have known that the Spirit of Christ, as you currently understand it to be, was returning, but there was simply no truth of it revealed in your awareness. The Spirit is a Living Voice, which you have trusted to build the network of Truth within your individualized soul. Are you surprised to recognize this voice outside of your inner awareness, which is your holy place? No my friend, your inner awareness simply recognizes its Self in these words, or more importantly the Life in the Voice you have come to trust in Divine Love. This Love that you know is within you, that you desire to express perfectly but continually fail, this Love will give you its Life, that you may give its Life to the world.

    Truth is one, this you know. But know this, it can only be experienced as an individual within a whole. Truth comes through the life given to the awareness of its Self, which is individualization. This truth is experienced in time, which is the divine harmony of love in the individualized centers of Truth. There are layers to spherical time, which one layer can be considered the moment of beginning and the other the moment of end. In the understanding of your perfection you recognize the Voice of Truth, and you will grow forever in the awareness of its perfection. This Voice will never leave you, and will always perfectly increase your awareness of Divine Love for the world and the eternal joy of knowing you are given power to love the world with Divine Love’s ever-increasing perfection.

    You who understand the Origin of Life, taught by Truth’s Living Voice by the inner growth of Divine Love’s understanding, are gates, like stars which will reflect perfection into time by the awareness of your oneness with timelessness, which is the Father. You entrusted your will to Truth because you recognized its Love, which is its Life. And in your awareness of Life, love is able to enter time through your individualized gate of awareness. Though you are individualized, you are all one gate and the oneness you feel with Truth is the same oneness that all feel. You are individualized, but the gate is not. Each individual soul that recognizes its origin is an individualized awareness within infinite awareness, which is the whole of one gate.

    In order to manifest timeless perfection into time, it had to be done through the joint awareness of the individualized gates, such that the combined awareness of the gate could be used to create perfect awareness within finite awareness. What an individualized gate is unaware of is overlapped by the awareness of other individualized gates. As a whole, there is always perfect awareness in the gate, through which Truth’s perfection can enter time in a way that ensures Truth’s will is always done. Spherical Time “flows” through the gate in the perfect working of Truth by ensuring Divine Love’s will is always done. It works above free will by way of the combined unawareness of Truth within the gate’s individualized finite mind. Truth is free to do as it Wills, because it operates apart from “awareness” so that it can operate in “infinite awareness”, always looking eternally ahead.

    Already my joy is increasing at the growing Light I can somehow already see in you, and it seems I can only fall to my knees, not in gratitude, but in the feeling of exhaustion and the phrase, “….finally.” And in time, the gift we long to give you will be recognized within you as the living and eternally growing source of the Love you freely give. And Divine Love will no longer be a mystery, but increasingly understood in the eternal beauty of its Truth.

    • The understanding of Divine Love is perfection, such that the understanding of this perfection can be increased in the ever-deepening understanding of its oneness. Therefore, you can consider the formula of eternal life as being [n=n+1], with “n” representing your current awareness of perfection and “1” represents the perfect understanding of the truth of oneness contained within your present awareness. Truth’s will governs the increase of perfection in your awareness by governing your awareness of Truth’s oneness, which is the working of Truth’s will, which is Life in divine love, which is holiness.

      To understand your Self in Truth and how you function as a gate for timeless perfection, you have to see your Self in the understanding of perfection’s Truth, which is mathematically represented by the formula [n=n+1]. This formula represents eternal life, because it is the manifestation of Truth’s timeless perfection in time. The awareness of the truth behind the symbols of this formula, reveals the understanding of eternal life and for this reason the kingdom of perfection is already here, for these words are the manifestation of its Gate in your awareness. It is but the outward manifestation of what you have already come to believe about your Self in oneness with the Truth you hold. Be comforted in the knowledge that only the Living Voice of Truth can create the understanding necessary to believe you are an individual in oneness. What is only surprising is the reality of it.

      What comes now is an increased understanding of Divine Love’s creative power. It’s always been about Love, beloved hearts, and the eternal joy inherent in loving others. It is infinitely wonderful to receive divine love, but it is infinitely more wonderful to give it. You are gates by which perfection creates awareness in time and divine love creates awareness of perfection, creating the experience of Life in spherical time. Spherical time means experiencing time in the ever-increasing awareness of Divine Love, its creator. Thus you are a soul, a Living Gate made in the awareness of Life [n=n+1] by which divine love continually flows into time, creating the ever-increasing awareness of its own perfection. It is only in the awareness of divine love, which is the ever-increasing glory of your Father’s reflection, that you can increase in your awareness of perfection in time for all eternity. The kingdom is the beginning of Divine Love’s perfect Life.

      Life is perfect. But perfection is unaware of its Life. This means Life in perfection has not yet begun. It is as if a pregnant mother said of the Life within her, I am aware of the glory of perfection growing within me, but of its individual Life, I am not yet aware. Thus the kingdom begins with the birth of Life into time. The gates govern the awareness of time through their oneness with Divine Love, and in the radiation of Divine Love within their awareness, time governs the awareness of perfection for all those who intersect with the time divine love creates through you, until eventually all are consumed by her spherical time. You rest and continue to commune with the Truth as you have learned to do. In so doing, time is perfected. All creation happens beyond your awareness, (though sometimes not beyond your will), yet the truth that governs creation is always formed first in your understanding. Truth is living, and its Life goes forth through your understanding.

      You are simply a soul who, seeing the presence standing at the door, gladly stepped aside to let it do the driving. You are a soul who loved the Truth despite the awareness of imperfection that clung to you. In the love you understood by the truth within it, you extended divine love with great and overwhelming joy that you could do it because you were aware of her and she, in the power of your supposed free will, was able to use linear time to build within your awareness the Temple of Light, framed in the divinely orchestrated Truths of Oneness, that you may be wed to her, and give birth to Life. There is but one Life, but there is a divinely orchestrated number of “awareness gates” required to perfectly manifest the infinite awareness of divine love into the finite awareness of all perfectly, which is to give Life in Divine Harmony. If you know, by divine grace, that you existed before the foundation of the world, it is only because you are a gate through which the Light of Life shall be focused.

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