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As a reflection of our inner transformation, our outer reality goes through a complete metamorphosis from darkness to Light. As the foundations of the illusionary reality are overturned, a haven of peace surrounds us created by the Great I Am Presence within us.

At our center is the Great I Am Presence of God. Encircling this Holy Light is the mind of our individualized self. Encircling the mind is the outer reality the mind creates. As a dreamer, our individualized mind is darkened because we are unaware of our inner Holy Light, therefore we create a dream reality of destruction and death through our choices and beliefs that are void of the Light of Truth.

In the awakening of our true Self, our mind methodically merges with the Divine Mind of God, becoming completely one. Divine thoughts of peace replace illusionary thoughts of conflict, changing the energetic vibration that shapes our sphere of reality. As the Great I Am begins to extend into reality through our awakening mind, its energetic waves of Holy Light begin to flood the earth, dissolving everything unlike Itself. The lying thoughts upholding the illusion are revealed, and the darkened reality built upon the identity of the false self is systematically undone. This causes a massive transition which overturns everything the darkened mind established, and in its place a reality of Light arises created by our true SELF.

During this transition, we are the creators of peace in oneness with the Great I Am within, by which immutable peace is established for all. As a creator within the Creator, the Great I Am within leads us in paths of peace through divine emergence. As we consciously focus on extending our inner peace to all, the infinite all-knowing Mind of God, in which we all share, orchestrates our reality in ways beyond our conscious awareness to manifest an ever-expanding sphere of peace.

Immutable peace isn’t created by constructing defenses in the physical realm to protect ourselves. It’s the effect of the Holy Light within, as it is translated through divine emergence into our outer reality. As the storms of change surround us, if we are tempted to step out of emergence and gain our own peace by attacking what we fear and setting up defenses, we will experience continued unrest. In doing so we are energetically holding onto conflict and disharmony, therefore we experience this disruptive energy in our experiences. Further, by responding to the illusion as true, we keep it real in our mind thus our reality. The Light of Truth will reveal what we are actually creating through attacking/defending by their disruptive and destructive effects, so we can make a choice for Truth instead. What isn’t of Truth, isn’t of peace.

Outer peace is a reflection of inner peace. As we fix our attention on the Great I Am within, AND let this Holy Light of Divine Love extend to all (Prayer of Oneness) through emergence, we create a haven of peace around us. By not condemning, complaining, attacking, and defending, but instead divinely forgiving, accepting the Truth, extending loving kindness and giving gratitude, the inner Light flows through us and into reality creating immutable peace. To experience peace, we generously give our peace to all from within, for what we give we receive.

The storms of change will subside as the collective mind is filled with Light, and its reflective reality transitions from darkness to Light. Truth is one, and shines in oneness. As the Light shines in the minds of those awakening, it spreads like a fire through the collective mind with unquenchable power to renew all the earth.

During this transition, times of stillness in which we consciously rest in the Great I Am presence within are essential and very powerful. Don’t let the gentleness of this power tempt you to believe it lacks divine strength. Because Truth is, it needs no force. It only requires your mind’s recognition, the creative mechanism behind reality. As we continually focus on this Holy Presence, we bring the powerful energy of understanding, gratitude, and loving kindness into every situation, and in this inner outpouring we create immutable peace around us.

“To give light to those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death (illusion), to guide our feet into the way of peace.” ~ Luke 1:79

“Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” ~ John 14:27

“Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.” ~ Luke 6:38

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

15 thoughts on “Haven of Peace

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  2. OH yes This IS/real!!!!!! Oh My Lord The Merge!!!! Rachelle is this really you? WOE!!! i am silent i have to be just to know one more thing ~

  3. I have not even read this yet and yet i know wow. before I do i just am learning to contain it. You know. I didnt think i would type anything at all but then this thing was revealed to me yesterday. The merge Last year As i saw the train coming but this is what i didnt see coming The child like spiritual immaturity. Yes 2012 BOOM out of the gate Fire spiritually Immature, but used in ways i never saw until later when silent as the water fell on my face and i buckled Not only 2012 when everything left my life as i gained everything and as a few years went by in Bliss I lost again to those I over watered. Just cause yes the spiritual level of maturity. 5 years goes by and i overlooked it Levels of spiritual immaturity. As The Spirit of Truth Our Father is neVer done i realized WOE I have become childlike again but didnt think about the maturity again because after all in my heart and mind i passed that along time ago OOOPS LOLOLOLOLOL Amazing and so many things i want to echo back to you and share from the last few years and the parallels of the more on more but i dont have to here ya know? Yes you do. So the blue shift has been solace but know also it can be decades in this state even if we mature in it. Good news The future no matter what is Bright. The promise The witnesses The revelations the IMpossible and i have to say Rachelle I almost almost say this everytime? Are you real? O yes! O ~ This message that i have not read yet has come at the perfect time thru what connects us all past space and time and place, The Holy Spirit ~ LOVE U’s ALL

    • one last thing the text is in the format you always type in and proper. How it appeared in my email Lets just say it feels God Given Thats why I also am stunned Ill share a screen shot in the future it is good ~

    • Travis – I get it … and your experience has been my own, and I would say most who walk this path toward the Light. So often we feel we are spiritually mature because we are further along than where we were. And we are advancing into the Light as the Light, but as we continue to turn to the Holy Light within and see the likeness of our true SELF in contrast to the self we express, we are humbled and realize there is yet still more – we are but babes gazing into the Holy Light of Truth. Yet as each child is at his/her perfect stage of growth, so are we.

      As we continue to look into the Light, we continue to grow, but if we accept our current level of outer expression so that we accept any attribute of the false self as our own and stop looking more deeply inward, darkness will continue to shroud our mind. Nothing is done counter to our will and the beliefs we hold, which is an aspect of being a creator. So we must press forward and never give up, knowing we are already the perfection we desire, we need only the Light of Truth so we can see ourselves and others in the fullness of Truth and not according to the false image we set up while unaware of our true Self.

      It’s only Truth we need: to know the Truth of who we are, who we are one with, and that our desires to express this oneness aren’t beyond our attainment. Our persist desire to express our true Self keeps moving us forward until we awaken into the fullness of our true Self.

      We are merging, leaving the lying thoughts that shrouded our mind in darkness and pushing into the Light where knowing the Truth enables our true Self to be expressed in all its glory, perfection and holiness.

  4. now i am trying to do this new thing, silence

  5. Luke all day long yesterday OK SHHHHHHHHHHH fine ~

  6. another layer. Each Person is an extension of self(such as animals have souls)…. when 2 people argue against eachother, they are in argument with some aspect of themselves(through the holy spirit aka greater self). Each Person in existance represents an ongoing aspect of OUR OWN HEART(true self). To see nothing but peace in others is a giving of god(to all)(spreads through the WHOLE WORLD).

    the ETERNAL LAWS bind us to one another( we share in one knowledge:the knowledge that never changes in time(IMMORTAL)).

    when we STEP INTO the holy spirit(the collective I AM THROUGH THE ETERNAL LAWS), the whole world reveals to us every aspect of what we create in oruselves.
    when we give energy to one area, it takes away from something else(ballaneces with LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES).

    Each name from every religion requies all the other LAWs… each time you ADD ONE NAME to the other names, each and every name becomes stronger. (NOTE: every name is in all of us:makes up the human heart(immortal)).

    • Just this morning I was reflecting on the Law of One, in which we are one with God (His I AM, our I Am) and we are one with each other (your I Am, my I Am). It’s a very power understanding to hold that echoes through your words.

      How we energetically qualify our “I Am” (which is based on what we believe is true) is what we experience. Understanding this dynamic is understanding our true power. In this, it is for the benefit of all to only extend loving kindness, unity, thoughts of peace, harmony, and equality because then we not only give this high energetic vibration, but we receive it. As we focus on the energy we are extending (felt as our emotional state or feeling), the outer form or experience follows accordingly. So our main focus is on harmonizing our feeling, versus the current state of reality because the former determines the later.

      And, according to this Law of One our energetic state not only impacts our own experience, but the experience of others with varying effects depending on their receptivity to our level of vibration. To change forms and experiences, we change our energetic state. Our awareness of the nature of our true Self gives us the ability to extend a harmonious energetic state of peace to all. Though we may initially feel push back from our reality, if we stand steadfast, the Light in us will overcome all illusionary darkness we perceive outside of us. Our lack of Truth created the illusionary darkness, and it is the Holy Light of Truth within us, extending outward that transforms it into a reality of Light.

      • Rachel, i will always experience the things that u experience. being part of ONE BODY allows our WORDs and events to align…
        even through my own words, i already know the EVENTS you go through(this comes with the LAWS).

        In my world, everything keeps aligning. in that alignment, i can see the path of my own heart(in which binds us all through god).
        we all have a foothold in the Human Experience as we are all ETERNAL BROTHERs of the ETERNAL Experience.
        the whole world represents whom we are(as a whole).
        the LIGHT we see is the Light we give. and to see the BEST both in the HUMAN AND ETERNAL EXPERIENCE , shows us the IMMORTAL HEART in which the whole world reflects.(purest)

      • Words beautifully spoken … to perceive our true SELF opens our eyes to our true Father that unites us all in an incredible brotherhood of his reflection – now for the earth to awaken to this truth.

  7. The Veil

    The veil that covers our light has a concept (illusion) of life within it because it is integrated into our self-awareness. The veil connects in part to our consciousness and fills it with darkness, that is to say false beliefs about our self. The veil distorts our light pattern (our true self) and creates a projection full of darkness (ignorance), which is a reality of lies that the mind believes are real.

    The veil also causes the mind to harbor disharmonious thoughts, which strengthen the veil by increasing its apparent realness. Consequently, the veil can not be dissolved through any outward action or appearance. The veil’s only purpose is to contain the mind in a “sea” of disharmonious feelings, from which it can not awaken to truth. As our light shines through this veil it creates an darkened projection of the outer world that the mind interprets as real, which creates an illusion of insurmountable power.

    How then is the veil dissolved? How can the projected darkness (shadows), which the mind accepts as real, ever be altered?

    The veil has so integrated itself with the mind that it becomes infused with our self-awareness. Every aspect of “reality”, so to speak, projected through the veil is void of truth, including our self image. Consequently, the conscious awareness of our self is also void of truth, yet accepted by the mind as true. This false image of self is believed to be real because the mind believes the reality projected through the veil’s darkness is true. Since the mind has no ability to simply believe its concept of self is not true, the darkness of the veil must first be revealed by the contrast of light. This is the process and purpose of the inward journey into truth.

    Since the veil can be analogously considered as a “covering”, through which our light pattern is obscured, all we perceive outwardly has already been projected through the veil and is therefore corrupt. Likewise, every thought that is stimulated and affirmed by the outer projection is also corrupt, even though the mind does not and can not believe this.

    Always does the sleeping mind believe that what it “sees” projected is real. Now, when the mind consciously turns inward (which is the meaning of The Turning we call repentance), the veil no longer has power, for it only covers and obscures that which is projected outwardly. Repentance enables the mind to look directly into the source of its Light, that it might flow through the inner eye unimpeded by the veil.

    As the mind’s eye is filled with light, it grows in the awareness of truth. And as it persists, the light reveals a growing awareness of the true nature of Self. This absorption of light through repentance is a time of growth and preparation such that the mind may ultimately dissolve the veil. When the mind turns back to the outer projection, it again looks through the veil, revealing a reality that now contrasts with the reality it perceived during its “time” of repentance (looking into the light). It is important to again consider that the veil presents a false version of the self, which is given “life” by the mind and accepted as real. Therefore, looking outward through the veil immediately causes an illusion of “conflict” to occur between the Self revealed in the light’s source versus the self seen projected through the veil.

    For example, repentance may reveal the self as limitless, full of ever-present vitality and surrounded by peace. However, when gazing outwardly through the veil’s darkened ignorance, the self may project sickness, limitation and attack on all sides. This “conflict” between light and darkness is the beginning of the “War in Heaven”, which is the first tangible vibrations of the NEW BIRTH.

    For many, repentance stops at this point and the false self is accepted in the justification that the true self will be realized only after the “death” of the false self. It is this faulty belief that gives rise to the idea that heaven only exists after death. However, for some upon seeing the contrast between the true and false self, the mind continues to repent by turning to look into the light’s source that it may grow stronger in its understanding of the true nature of Self. And just as a plant is strengthened as it turns to the light, so too is the mind enlarged as it fills with Truth.

    Even so, when the mind turns back to the outer world, as projected through the veil, its light pattern continues to be darkened, further increasing the contrast between truth and illusion by the light that has come to fill the mind through persistent repentance. At this point the mind may grow weary because the outer world does not yet reflect the peace and joy revealed by the light. The outer veil still exists and the mind may be tempted to succumb to the apparent “realness” of the outer projection, discarding the truth it acquired in the light because it seems powerless in its ability to alter reality. The mind that accepts the light as its truth, but also accepts the world as true, sees reality as yet “unsaved” by light of God. It justifies this rationale by a belief that God will save reality in the “future” and until such time light will exist “afar off”, but the world will remain darkened.

    However, some people will look upon the contrast of light within and darkness without and repent all the more, which is to say persist in the inward seeking of truth directly from the source of light. As the mind continues to “look” into the light eventually something marvelous happens. It awakens.

    When the mind awakens it has made a permanent shift into the knowledge that the Light is True, and all it perceives outwardly through the darkness of the veil is false, no matter how real it may appear. For example, when the mind perceives “sickness” anywhere in its outer reality, it fully understands that there IS NO SICKNESS, regardless of the projection. The mind sees all in the light of holiness, because it knows that only holiness exists, regardless of other’s projected behaviors. All perceived limitations such as lack, aging, fear sadness, etc., are no longer accepted, for the mind has awakened to know the TRUTH IS TRUE AND NOTHING ELSE IS TRUE. Only what it has seen in the light does it accept as real, and the outer projection is understood to be an illusion. The projection is only a vivid dream.

    At this point the mind has “opened” a small hole in the veil, creating an open gate by which the veil is torn and the source can shine outwardly in its incorruptible perfection. Repentance is no longer necessary and the mind now begins to consciously project the source of light directly into the illusion. As the light pattern streams through the open gate, untarnished by veil, reality slowly and deliberately begins to reflect truth and what is within begins to be reflected without. The light begins to shine in the darkness, dissolving the illusion created by projecting light through the darkened veil of ignorance.

    The mind does this initial projection consciously, in the full awareness of what it is doing, yet without being reinforced by anything of the outer world (i.e., the outer doesn’t immediately change). Yet once the Shining begins, it can not be stopped as the hole in the veil, so to speak, grows increasingly larger until the veil is dissolved altogether.

    This is the NEW BIRTH and the realization that the True Self can create a sphere (personal reality) of light which others can perceive through their veil. The veil will lose its ability to deceive others because it will be dissolved by those who labored to become open gates through which the truth may shine and be reflected in reality.

    So it is that the first born awake through an inward repentance, that the rest of the children of God may be awakened to their true Self through an outer repentance, for the truth will be freely given to all by the open gates.

    • As you said,

      “Always does the sleeping mind believe that what it “sees” projected is real. Now, when the mind consciously turns inward (which is the meaning of The Turning we call repentance), the veil no longer has power, for it only covers and obscures that which is projected outwardly. Repentance enables the mind to look directly into the source of its Light, that it might flow through the inner eye unimpeded by the veil.“ end quote

      It prompted many thoughts on the subject of what it is we are to “overcome.” The veil as you refer to which is our flesh made up of the warp and weft of many aspects of self. Without this repentance ( or change ) being prompted in our hearts there can be no movement from the natural to the spiritual, from self to Christ. As I read, and reread this and other‘s comments relating to the veil (self and ego of the flesh) it reminded me of many stories of “the turning” and what this turning represents and what it is we are to turn from. Yes, the veil of flesh of the carnal mind does obscure the light just as the veil in the tabernacle in the wilderness obscured light from reaching into the chamber of the soul “on the other side” of the veil.

      As we meditate on these things, we begin to see “the turning” beginning at the rending of this veil within (represented by the natural) making a way into the holy of Holies which is none other than the spirit of God Himself. I see this turning as you describe as a place and time of a new beginning as we turn from ourself and our concept of truth to having a new perspective coming from a different place in our temple, moving through and past the veil of self. In thinking about this veil (self, ego, carnal mind., etc.) I think of just what this “turning” is from and what is a good example of it. I could think of no simpler story than that of Diotrephes where having started in the faith he started loving the praise of self more than the truth of seeing “all” praise God. He had not been brought through the veil (his flesh) into the holy of holy place (Within) enough to see the difference in the pride of knowing something from that of “being” something.

      The veil of the flesh does obscure the goodness of God that lies so close and is available for the asking if we ask “according to his will.” I think the story of Diotrephes explains the root of our main problem in such simplicity. He took the things that belonged to God and made them an idol unto himself for his own selfish glory, pride and ambition. The glory ( God’s likeness and character) and praise that originates from God and only belongs to God, Diotrephes stood in the gap (or the gate) and took a “stolen image” made of gold (God’s spirit) and made it something of no effect. When any of us take the things that belong to God and redirect those things for recognition of self, this is the abomination of idolatry. The gift of God comes from God and is given to all without respect of persons. Diotrephes pointed to himself as someone great, having the keys to heaven whereas Paul pointed all away from himself to the one who had the actual keys and “way” to the Father. The point made it is through the name (nature) of Christ and no other we progress to the likeness and character of God, which is called heaven.

      A lot of good food for good thought.

  8. Nice blog thankss for posting

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