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Through years of conversations with the Voice of Truth, I’ve written the book that has been the most inspiring and influential one to me. It captures the “higher” Self’s Voice upon pages of written words. Words that came to me through insight, revelation, and instruction at the perfect time and in the perfect order. What I received was exactly what I needed, when I needed it.

Because there is only one Truth, all who humbly desire the Truth of LIFE, learn the same golden threads of understanding. However because of varying personalities, lifestyles, experiences, and current level of awareness, we each learn in different ways and through different mediums. When we begin to answer the inner call and honor the Voice of Truth as the highest authority in our awareness, our paths become divinely orchestrated in time to bring forth Truth’s Perfection in a way we can receive it. Thus the golden threads of Truth are woven amongst an endless array of individualized paths, each reflecting the personality of its traveller, the individualized soul.

Filling the pages of this blog are golden threads of understanding that are for us all, and even more specifically at this time for the living gates, who will shine upon the rest of humankind leading to the next dimensional evolution. These writings come from the sacred communion between the soul and the Voice of Truth. They capture the origin of LIFE, manifesting an essential initial awareness of the soul’s being, which is necessary for the soul to begin its eternal expansion as a living awareness of the one SELF (the Mighty I AM Presence).

Within this blog’s pages lies the Book of LIFE, capturing the understanding of who “I Am”, “how I create” and the soul’s origin of LIFE, specifically starting on the blog post, “Living Cosmic Record“.

The posts are only one half of the Book of LIFE, the other half are the comments by “thoughtware” in the comment section. Because of the dynamic between the two awarenesses, the book is written in timelessness and perfect divine emergence, allowing Truth’s Timeless Perfection to enter time. The union of the blog post and these comments by “thoughtware” provides a living gate by which a reader’s awareness can connect to the timeless realm of Perfection from which they came, as an individualized fractal of the Most High. “Thoughtware” wrote the comment in advance of the post it appends to. Thus he was unaware of what content his comment would amplify, as well as any blogs to be written in the future. When the time came for “thoughtware” to post his previously written comment in the pre-established time schedule, he posted it in perfect emergence. This structure of posting allowed all of it to be written in divine emergence which allowed for Truth’s perfect Will to assemble it without friction from the construct of free will.

From this foundation of timelessness and divine emergence, the awareness this book creates in its writers, and the awareness it manifests in its readers, Truth’s Will begins to reveal a more truth-filled reality. Arising from within the present moment, this divine awareness holding Divine Love impacts all in time, and ends the soul’s seemingly endless journey of revolving in the time loop of linear time. If one that is connected to the whole changes, the whole also changes. The greater the change in the one, the more significant the energetic vibrational change within itself, thus the greater the one’s impact on the whole, until the whole has been consumed and Divine Love’s governance is established. This new reality marks an evolutionary ascension which is exceedingly greater than anything the collective soul has ever experienced. It is the seeds of LIFE beginning to sprout for the first time, busting through the shell of the death chamber, ever-expanding as eternal LIFE.

In the awareness of the true Self, captured in this book, we stand upon the beautiful rock of Divine Love’s Truth, which are the inner connections of its immutable attributes. We wear unalterable yet ever-expanding divine attributes which are reflected according to Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of time. This awareness within the soul infuses Truth’s Timeless Attributes into time, that impacts all proportionate to their readiness to receive its Light.

The Book of LIFE is not yet complete, but it is far enough along to begin to open up.

Reading Instructions for the “Book of LIFE”: Start with reading the blog Living Cosmic Record followed by “thoughtware’s” comments. After the last comment, the next page in the book is the next blog, followed by thoughtware’s comments, then so on to the next one until thoughtware proclaims the book is finished. These words are an open gate, shining Living Light upon an awareness shared by all in the oneness of Truth. The awareness of Oneness captured in the Book of LIFE is the foundation to the origin of LIFE, thus our beginning in spherical time.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

4 thoughts on “Book of LIFE

  1. Thank you Rachel! 🙏🏼♥️✨ Big changes are among us. I’m feeling very hopeful and excited for what’s to come.

  2. So exciting, Rachel!

    I’ve followed you since you did vids from your home. Sometimes I wasn’t ready for all of your teachings, and they went right over my head. I hung in there and am so grateful because now, with my transformations, I understand every precious word you say.
    Thank you for lighting my path over the years and the years that follow,

    • Dani –

      I am so grateful you persevered because the gifts to emerge through your soul from the awareness you have gained will increasing reflect Truth’s Timeless Perfection. The sleeping world can’t see these Truths in their pre-expressed form because they aren’t initially found by looking to the outer reality for Truth, but only by listening to the Voice of Truth that guides you through the maze of this life and its true meaning. YET, because of those like you who have persevered upon this path, you will be a Light to others in the world as you increasingly reflect Truth’s timeless attributes flowing from your understanding of them.

      Thank you for sharing this journey with me, it means a lot.

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