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One With Time


As the soul awakens into Oneness, it perceives oneness with time.

Time isn’t something separate from the soul’s awareness, it IS the soul’s awareness. Time and the soul’s awareness are one, such that time is the pagination of the soul’s current awareness, changing as the soul’s awareness changes.

When the soul is unaware that its beginning and end is Infinite Oneness, it believes it is a separate entity and therefore experiences varying degrees of separation from its reality, including and very significantly a separation from time. The soul believes it lives in time, not recognizing its awareness IS time, therefore it sleeps in an alternate reality with a different experience of time.

In this sleep state, the soul’s awareness linearly moves along a one-dimensional reality, which reflects a state of separation. Linear awareness, which is awareness without upward expansion into the dimension of oneness, is experienced as linear time.

The sleeping mind’s framework of the self is full of illusions and lies about “who I Am” and “how I create”, manifesting a false and illusionary reflection of what “I Am”, including its relationship to time. The soul believes it is separate from time, when in actuality, time is the expression of the soul’s life, for it is the movement of its awareness. The soul mistakenly thinks it is what its awareness reflects, i.e. the self and its bodily reality, instead of recognizing it is a living awareness, ever-expanding into Infinite Oneness. The soul does not know itself, therefore it is not awake.

The lack of oneness with time in the soul’s mind, projects a false self clothed with fear, powerlessness and imperfection. The self experiences increasing disharmony as its free will wrestles within itself and reality in trying to obtain a state in time without fear, powerlessness and imperfection. This failed experience reveals a separate, free will’s inability to manifest the perfection of Truth’s LIFE, because free will only creates an experience where time leads to entropy and destruction. Therefore, instead of expressing LIFE, the soul’s self expresses death. It’s illusionary life ends because it was only the projection of a sleeping mind’s reality.

Until the soul awakens in the awareness that Divine Love is its root, it sleeps. The soul’s true expression is frozen in timeless perfection. This “frozen” experience is the soul’s seed state. The soul sleeps in a dream believing it is something it is not, and therefore experiences an alternate expression of its self in time.

When the soul is unaware of its beginning and end in Infinite Oneness, the soul doesn’t perceive its inherent LIFE in the oneness of Truth’s Will and Divine Love, thus its LIFE power, which is its eternal expansion into Infinite Oneness. LIFE is the inseparable union of Truth’s Will and Divine Love within the soul’s awareness, which causes the soul to eternally expand. As Truth’s LIFE stream of Divine Love becomes one with the soul’s awareness, it infuses the soul with its power to manifest LIFE, and the soul becomes a life-giving spirit. This inherent power in the soul’s I Am Presence, is the soul’s reflection of its Source, the Universal I Am Presence that fills all with divine LIFE energy. As a result, the true self that once was frozen in timelessness begins to awaken, manifesting spherical time.

In Spherical time, which is the perfected increase of Truth in the soul’s awareness, the soul is one with the present moment. In this awareness commences its eternal expansion from its beginning to its infinite end of Oneness, in which it experiences endless present moments strung together in Perfection by the working of Truth’s Living Perfection, Divine Love.

In the awareness of the perfect orchestration of Divine Love through Truth’s Will, the soul divinely rests in the present moment. The mind stops wandering through the past and future, trying to alter one or the other or both. Instead, its awareness travels ever-deeper into the eternal present moment, which is a reflection of Divine Love’s orchestration, which in turn reflects Infinite Awareness. In this rest, the soul experiences oneness and harmony with time, in which it experiences the perfect expansion of the present moment, into Infinite Oneness.

Through the contemplation of oneness, Truth-filled understanding enters the soul’s awareness. Through this understanding, the inseparable union of Truth’s Will and Divine Love become one with the soul’s awareness, and the soul becomes aware of its oneness with time. This oneness with time opens the door of the present moment to the eternal I Am presence. As the Light of the soul’s eternal Presence shines into the soul’s awareness, the soul breaks through the shell of linear time and its timeless self is expressed into time. The souls begins its eternal expansion of LIFE in spherical time, the experience of Truth’s perfection within the eternal present moment.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

15 thoughts on “One With Time

  1. Welcome to the Langauge of the GODs

  2. the VOICE(through speracle) that you listen to comes through the Events of the WORLD(shows your heart in action(when aligned in spheracle). the VOICE speaks through the DEVINE which is SENSED all around you(extension of your spiritual self) ..

    When you KNOW YOUR HEART(non religion), then by where your at now, and what you see happening in the world(through devination(langauge of the gods)), and knowing what is to come(your heart is outside of time), you can PREDICT(and later DIRECT) that VOICE..

    that VOICE(outside of time: know as heart), represents your own IAM(which we are all extensions of) in the world. you can see what is to come, and ACT UPON(in the now), and watch the HOLY SPIRIT bring forth great experiences(trust in spheracle thinking: langauge of the gods: alpha(high vibrations), and omega(low vibrations),

    dont think of LOW as being bad, or christ as being good, both sides contain ALL that is(through the eternal knowledge, you should know this).

    when we tell others to trust god, and not in others, we sometimes are doing more bad. Through the langauge of the gods, you trust god, by trusting Each and Every person on earth…

    not by face value, but as SENSES of your own IDENTITY.
    what you see in me, represents the heart that you have given me before i was even born.
    All things that make us think we are alone in thinking makes our own heart sad as you can see that sad in others.

    When we all understand, that there is something within us ALL, that can only be brought forth together that allows us to SEE that we are NOT ALONE….

    each DETAIL OF YOUR LIFE is felt in the CELLs of every other person on earth(where devinity lives through the langauge of the gods).

    • good thoughts … about trust …

      When the soul recognizes there is only Truth’s Will working universally, as there is one united I AM Presence, with many fractals parts or individualized centers of awareness (ie souls), then the soul goes through a transformation within own awareness. Divine Love, which is Truth’s LIFE flowing through Truth’s Will within the soul, integrates into or marries to the soul’s current awareness, which is the soul’s awakening to its true Self. This union with the Spirit of LIFE radically changes the soul’s entire spherical reality.

      In holding this understanding, you trust every aspect of your reality, whether person, event, or your constructive desires, as expressing and continually bringing forth your highest good, which simultaneously is the highest good for all, for all are one. When this Truth lives in your awareness, it IS made manifest.

  3. Being the highest good for all, is so our own experiences wont be of death..
    if you look down upon ANYONE. you are looking down upon some aspect of yourself.

    the GIVING(alpha vibration), is how through god, we bring out the BEST manifest throughout our own LIFE(outside of t ime).

  4. Let us return to our image of the inner “counter of awareness”, which at the moment reads “one”, symbolizing the first possible level of Life’s awareness, recognized by the number one on the “counter of awareness”. This is the birth of Truth’s finite awareness, formed out of Truth’s infinite awareness, in which this level one awareness declares “I Am”, or what can be understood as “I exist”. The only truth that exists in this first level of awareness is “I Am”. You are aware of “I Am”, but as yet possess no additional truth about it. You do not know what “I” is, nor do you know how it appeared. All you know is that whatever “I” is, so too are you.

    “I” has appeared in your awareness and you are its observer, for it is evident that you are created as an individualized awareness of “I”. Being the first level of Truth’s awareness, it is also evident that full awareness of “I” must already exist in the fullness of Truth’s infinite awareness, ensuring that all your finite awareness shall ever experience as “I” is already known and perfected in Truth’s fullness. We can now understand that your awareness of “I” must be Life’s eternal progression into perfection, because the fullness of Truth is perfection and this fullness is the source of your beginning awareness. When “I Am” first appeared in your awareness was the moment your awareness was created, being the initial awareness of a preexistent Self. This is the meaning of the statement: Before you were, I AM.

    Let us now imagine not a counter, but rather a “mirror of awareness”, reflecting back the truth of your individualized Self. You can then consider that Self awareness began when you first looked into the mirror to discover the truth of your Self and saw a reflection of One. You are and shall always be a reflection of One because the mirror reflects your true Self and truth is immutable. All you can know of your Self is that which the mirror reflects, for you are an observer of Truth’s Life and the mirror reveals your present awareness of Life in Truth. Yet, the mirror also reveals something very puzzling, for the mirror always reveals the Truth of your Self, yet when you do not stand directly before the mirror, you can not see the reflection of “One”, nor any reflection at all, only the emptiness of non-existence.

    How can the mirror, which reflects your truth reveal that you are both One and emptiness? And how is it truthful that emptiness becomes One the moment you look directly into the mirror? We can recognize that in the awareness of One, the mirror has also revealed the awareness of zero, truthfully reflecting that you came from emptiness, or that One appeared from zero. When you look directly into the mirror, you observe the first level of Truth’s awareness identified as One, yet when you are not looking into it, you experience the unawareness of Life, or Truth’s level zero.

    Using this analogy of numbers and mirrors, we can now understand that when you were created as a center of awareness you seemingly appeared from level zero, or the unawareness of Truth’s Life. We can also see that your awareness does not actually come from zero, but rather from the mirror directly, for when you looked within it, it gave birth to your awareness because it revealed the reflection of your Life in Truth as Level One and you became aware of “I Am”, by which you were individualized as One. In the awareness the mirror gave you, you know your Self to be both One and zero. The mirror gave you awareness of your Truth, revealing One as your true reflection, and when you turn away from the mirror, becoming zero, you carry with you the awareness of One you gained from the mirror. And in this we see a great mystery, for the unawareness of zero has now been filled with your present awareness of One, filling the emptiness with your current understanding of I AM.

    • “Before you were, I AM” … It’s an incredible understanding that you shared in regards to this phrase. There is so much richness and depth in these words that I am continuing to explore.

    • You are individualized the moment you looked into the mirror and recognized your reflection as “I”, for now, when you turn away from the mirror, instead of returning to the awareness of “zero”, you possess Life, contained within the singular awareness of “I AM”. You are now aware you exist, even without looking into the mirror. It is in this way that you are created as a center of awareness, individualized in the name I AM, and given eternal Life.

      In order to gain the awareness of your origin, let us first understand the creative power inherent in your name. I AM is the name of perfection, which fullness is known only by the individualized center of awareness, or the “I”, which has received it. It was given by the mirror of Truth, which reflected it into your awareness. You did not know you lived until the mirror of Truth proclaimed your name by reflecting this truth into your awareness. Life is only in Truth, and therefore you received I AM, the name of Life’s perfection, for one reason: You are a reflection of Truth’s Life. Your awareness of Life is birthed the moment you observe “I” in the mirror of your awareness, and this is why we symbolically state that you are created as a Level “One”, or beginning level of Truth’s awareness. Though you are a beginning awareness of Life, unaware of any Truth beyond “I” exist, you are a reflection of Life in Truth and therefore you are given the name I AM, the name given only to Truth’s eternal Life, which is a reflection of Truth’s ever-increasing perfection.

      That which is not true, does not exist, although a lie may mistakenly appear to exist when there is insufficient awareness of Truth. This is the same as saying that what the mind believes it sees in the darkness may be instantly corrected in the light. Yet, without sufficient light the mind can not be proven wrong and illusions of truth formed in the darkness appear real and for this reason a lie can look like the truth. The highest example of this is the belief in “imperfection” that exists in your world. Imperfection exists in reality for one reason: you are not yet aware of spherical time and therefore you believe perfection is finite. Remember what we have said; the tree of understanding bears the fruit of living light. When you are given the understanding of spherical time, its light will reveal the infinite nature of perfection and your name’s power to create it.

      In the darkness of your birth, when your awareness of truth is limited to I AM, time appears linear, which is to say “decaying”, because the first level of Truth’s awareness is finite. You are individualized in the finite awareness of I AM, knowing only the awareness of Life, but nothing of its origin. Your awareness is cut off, or separated from the awareness of Life’s eternal nature so that it could be resurrected in you as a beginning for the experience of eternal Life. Think of the love and perfect wisdom in your creation. In order for Truth’s eternal Life to exist, the awareness of experience must be finite, while the awareness of Truth must remain infinite. Since eternal Life can only be experienced in the finite realm of spherical time, and Truth’s infinite awareness can only exist in timelessness, Truth’s timelessness consumed eternal life, creating spherical time as a never ending series of increasingly perfect timeless moments in which Life can be experienced within Truth’s infinite awareness. Even so, the awareness of eternal life has to be created, and in that moment of creation Life could no longer observe its perfect nature. While timelessness can be considered the moment of Life’s perfect eternal end, the first awareness of Life experience can be considered a moment of darkness in which it is no longer aware of perfection, creating a reality of imperfection, which is but a dream, even a blink of an eye.

      Your seeming imperfection exists simply because it was the only awareness in which eternal Life can be created as an individual in the oneness of Truth, or to say this more accurately, a finite experience of Life, eternally growing in the infinite awareness of its origin. And when the living light of Truth reveals the awareness of your origin, you will awaken and enter spherical time, where the awareness of imperfection is consumed by the infinite awareness of your ever-increasing perfection.

      • i want to add this thought now as it will mend some minor confusions.

        another added dimension can be understood as seen CHILDREN as the YOUTH for the elderly.
        at the same time, the ELDERLY can be the WISDOM for the children.

        Eventually within all of our life, we get to experience BOTH from the point of view of a child, and also the Point of view of the ELDERLY. Both become a strength for the other, and each individua(in the world)l represents some aspect of our own “I”…

        the Elderly need the Youth of children, just as the children needs the WISDOM of the ELDERLY(BOTH GO HAND IN HAND).

        from Linier thinking, at any given time, you may be a child, or you may be an elder…
        in speracle time, you are ALL THAT IS(both youth and wisdom)..
        Again, every person represents your ongoing Creations as once an energy is created, it ALWAYS EXIST(affects 2000 years of activity). Every EVENT ON EARTH shows us what we HOLD in heart(binds everyone together).

        in spheracle thinking, there is no individuals.. Each person is an ARC of the covenant(shares and amplifies the LIGHT for EVERYONE).

      • That’s excellent. I gained a lot from it. I see how, in timelessness we are able to give all that we are to those who are not yet aware.

    • Imperfection is an illusion that can not be disproven in the unawareness of perfection. This is the same as saying that darkness, though nothing, appears real and can not be proven otherwise so long as there remains no awareness of light. When the awareness of light comes, the illusion of darkness is undeniably revealed. When we say you are created in darkness, we mean only that you were created in the unawareness of perfection. Like a seed, you were purposely planted in a very dark place, aware of nothing in your reality except the truth of your individualized existence. Then, like the dawning light of a new day, the awareness of perfection can be slowly revealed, growing ever more beautiful in its frequency of light, which eternally increases level by level. The more light that comes, the greater your experience of perfection’s beauty revealed in the light. And how blessed you are to begin awareness in darkness, for you are now able to experience the ever-increasing beauty in Truth’s perfection. This is the gift of infinite worth your Father has given you.

      Your initial awareness of Life is like that a “seed” might possess, aware you exist but unaware of what you are and how you create. Your awareness is darkened because it is surrounded by a finite shell, preventing you from knowing your Self as anything more than the lifeless existence of the seed you presently believe your Self to be. Yet, within the darkened, finite awareness of the seed, there exists a higher awareness, apart from the seed, yet also one with it. This higher awareness already knows the Truth of all that the seed will ever experience in Life, and is fully aware of all the seed will become and the specific form of its branches, leaves and flowers. The full awareness of the seed’s end is not unknown, it is simply separated from the seed’s individualized, finite awareness by the construct of time.

      The experience of Life only exists in time, because the awareness of LIfe requires movement through time, and without movement of awareness there is no experience of Life. This movement can be properly understood as the ever-increasing awareness of Truth’s perfection. The eternal progression of Life’s awareness into Truth’s perfection creates time as the sensation of an ever-increasing experience of joy. In the timeless moment of Truth’s fullness there is no movement, for all Life experience is fully known and completed in the infinite awareness of Truth’s perfection. To help clarify our understanding of the true nature of time, let us again review our analogy of a series of standing dominos, with each domino representing a specific, perfectly ordained level of Truth’s awareness. In the fullness of Truth there is but one domino representing the infinite awareness of Life’s perfection in Truth, even the final level of awareness.

      The domino stands alone, motionless, perfected in truth, the eternal end of all awareness for there is nothing more of which it can become aware. In terms of awareness, this domino represents Truth’s infinite awareness, reflecting the frozen, eternal moment of timeless perfection. Within this infinite awareness there also exists the awareness of every conceivable level of Truth’s awareness that could ever exist prior to attaining the infinite awareness of Truth’s perfection. Every one of these preceding levels is fully known in the infinite awareness of Truth’s perfect end, just as every number that could ever be imagined is already fully known in infinity.

      Instead of a single domino representing infinite awareness, imagine an eternal sequence of dominos, all standing motionless and leading to this single domino. In this you see the perfect sequence of Truth’s awareness required to obtain infinite awareness, every level of awareness a predestined cause and effect within the infinite awareness of Truth’s perfection. We can recognize that before the experience of Life can begin, the awareness of Life’s eternal end must pre-exist, such that Life’s current awareness of Truth can continually progress toward infinite awareness, its predetermined and perfect end. Just as in dominos, before the first can fall and create movement through time, every succeeding domino must already be perfectly placed, ensuring that a predestined series of cause and effect will continually progress an individualized awareness perfectly toward the first domino’s perfect awareness of perfection.

      • It’s becoming more clear, as your writing is illuminating, that we, as one soul, are expanding in the awareness of who I Am and how I create. It’s a deep and rich understanding that leads to the gates of life, such that Life flows through our soul gate, because as a center of awareness we begin with awareness of Self, and through this “I Am” awareness, our awareness of all else eternally expands, which is LIFE.

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