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The Spirit of God (The Spirit Essence of Truth and Divine Love) is a Spirit that constantly gives all that it possesses. As we awaken to our true Identity within this Spirit of Life, we too abide in a continual state of giving from an endless abundance.

Fashioned in our Creator’s likeness, we are an ever-flowing fountain of the attributes of Truth (eternal peace, ever-present joy, invulnerability, unconditional love, divine harmony, perfect abundance, holiness, etc). As these attributes pour through us, they are reflected back to us from our reality, but in greater expressions than what we gave, thus we gain, which in turn we are able to continually give more. As we give from this endless abundance, others gain and so do we. Thus, the fruit of giving is pure joy that is experienced by all.

Giving is gain. It is the source of ever-present joy.

Divine attributes are expressed through divine emergence, and only through emergence. Emergence is the divine presence of God orchestrating our experiential reality through our thoughts and expressions for the highest good of all. Because knowing what the highest good for all is beyond our knowing, we rest as an open gate as the supra-consciousness of the Mind of God shapes our reality through our consciousness. This dynamic is the nature of our oneness with God. Emergence is divine harmony expressed, experienced and known from our Source, through us and to others. It is the flow of the divine attributes from the divine Mind, through our fractal component of the divine Mind giving shape and experience to the reality of forms. It is a continual act of God’s expressed love to all through us and therefore to us.

When we rest in emergence, we are constantly extending the divine attributes into reality in a perfection beyond our conscious awareness. Because what we give, we receive, in emergence we are constantly receiving expressions of the divine attributes back from our reality.

Giving, in accordance to Truth, is gain and not sacrifice or loss to anyone because the source of giving is the Eternal Source of Abundance, God. The idea of sacrifice comes from the finite sleeping mind, which inherently believes it is separate from its divine Source. Because it believes in lack, it creates a reality of lack. Perception is reality.

Giving begins with our thoughts. 

The likeness in which we imagine others and situations is what we create. Our imagination is the creative center of our mind. If we imagine lack, sacrifice and loss, this is what we manifest. To create a reality in which all gain, we first recognize giving begins with our imagination.

What we imagine for others is one of the most significant ways we give (the essence of prayer). When we fill our imaginations with the expressions of divine attributes, we hold in our thoughts the experiences and feelings of unalterable and continual peace, joy, harmony, abundance, and etc. for others. For example, through our imagination we create a peaceful scenario in another’s life, and therefore we give them what we know we consciously possess in Truth. Likewise, we can give any spiritual attribute we are aware of such that others can be benefited by these attributes. As we let go of contradictory imaginings and rest in emergence, by which these attributes are translated into forms and experiences in reality, these imaginings are perfectly expressed in reality. To give our imagination to Truth is fundamental in experiencing true abundant giving that manifests ever-present joy.

Joy is the fruit of Giving.

When we begin to awaken, this all important element of Truth that states Giving is Gain can be hard to accept in certain areas of our lives where we convinced ourselves that we don’t have enough, giving is loss, or giving demands sacrifice. It isn’t giving that demands sacrifice or loss, but our belief in sacrifice that creates reflections like itself. However, as we continue to give our faith to Truth and give from a mindset of abundance, our reality will testify to this Truth by returning to us more than what we gave and therefore strengthening our belief in it.

Giving is pure joy, and joy is the reflection of our true inner being. Our nature is to continually give of our endless Source and therefore be a reflection of that Source into Creation.


So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver. ~  2 Corinthians 9:7

“Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.” ~ Luke 6:38

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

29 thoughts on “Giving is Gain

  1. Rachel, If these points, and ponderings and patterns that you are sharing are true, what I find missing is “Who you are as a person”. It’s interesting but I believe, it’s interesting in this you were saying there is no sacrifice in emergence. But what I actually see, and perceive that ‘you’ Are sacrificing, is “who you are personally.” I think, I can see most assuredly that who God made you to be as a person has disappeared, sacrificed from who you were meant to be. This is a loss that is truly great.
    My prayer is,that God will give Yourself, back to you, and back to the rest of your associates.
    I think that would be the biggest gift. To see Rachel returned, and given back.
    Thank you Jesus, for this prayer.

    • He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it.
      ~ Matthew 10:39

      Our LIFE is our TRUTH. This verse can be more easily understood as: He who finds the truth about himself will give it to others, and he who gives out of the love he truthfully comprehends, will become this love.

      And as we give our life, we grow, for to give is gain. And more than this, sacrifice is impossible, for to give is also joy.

      • Matthew 16:26
        What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?

        Here we see an individual that has exchanged their soul to gain access to the truths of the World and the teachings of mankind whether it be self truths, or self examination based on personal understanding without accessing God, and His ultimate intentions and recognition.

        When God has plans for a given soul, and they have renounced their will, as you mentioned in your explanation it will not always lead to nirvana.
        Even as a plant growing in the wild does not experience nirvana.
        It must be taken care of by a benevolent overseer, and that is representative of God.
        If you have made the mistake of thinking that mind over matter is Truth, then quickly put God over Truth and you will have an understanding of where the kingdom of God is planted.
        Nirvana is not a reality, but part of an illusion.

      • In Australia, does Rachel believe that it was one person’s negative thought that has burned a billion animals to death, or does she believe the collective evil thoughts of all the people in Australia caused this?
        The Australians have thought evil so they reaped evil. Or rather the animals reaped it for them. Maybe it is that the animals are all evil, and that’s why they reaped it. Any way, that is Rachel’s teaching.

      • Sonny’s teaching is, that the Sovereign God burned a million animal’s to death in Australia because he knows what’s best for us, and we should never question His love, because we all know He loves us. Eventually God will reconcile all the animals. and He is doing a work in us so why be interested? Just be comforted and be quiet.

      • Truth reveals there is no death. Nor is there suffering. It is only the BELIEF that these lies are true that makes their reflection appear real. LIFE is TRUE, and all Truth is eternally changeless – therefore death does not, nor could not, exist.

        Belief is a prison – and if you believe in death, you are bound by this belief. The same is said for all belief. What appears before you is always a reflection of your belief. Believing something is true is a very strong delusion and always a counterfeit of Truth. Seek TRUTH from the Spirit, the only TRUTH TEACHER – and you will rise above all you ever believed to be true.

        In truth there is only Joy and Peace – eternally expanding. When you KNOW this – you have entered into God’s rest, and no lie, though others believe it to be true, can affect you. This is important to understand as I will explain below.

        Now you have said that “Nirvana” (which I assume you to mean “Joy and Peace”) is an illusion. This is your belief – and therefore you proclaim a reality of pain and suffering as true. Without KNOWLEDGE your belief in suffering causes it to become “real” to you. Illusions appear real, which is why they are believed, yet this does not make them true.

        Knowing is above belief, and Truth can only be KNOWN rather than believed. One can however, of their own free will, seek for Truth by consciously BELIEVING that it exists – but I am not talking about this. Unless this choice for Truth is made, and Truth is sought from the Spirit of Truth, one will not understand that the thing in which he believes, no matter how much he believes it, is not true.

        So you see that this dream is simply the composite creation of sleeping minds believing a multitude of opposite ideas are true. This is why we see reflections of life and death, joy and suffering, love and fear. Truth has no opposite.

        I have said previously that a SHAKING is upon us. This is because Truth is already dawning in the minds of countless people who are awakening to the knowledge of their self and the TRUE comprehension of oneness with the Father. Truth is a VERY SHARP sword, and dissolves lies as effortlessly as light dissolves the darkness. This SHAKING will appear in the minds of people who hold on to BELIEF instead of truth. This is the prison called “sleep” – and because the realities their belief creates can not interfere with those who REST in TRUTH, they will need to be awakened out of their sleep through their outer realities. This shaking will be, in most cases, uncomfortable – and increasingly so for those who cling to a BELIEF in God, rather than a KNOWLEDGE of him. Even so, this shaking must come that the NIGHTMARE of hell may be ended for all – ESPECIALLY THE ANIMALS.

      • Even so, this shaking must come that the NIGHTMARE of hell may be ended for all – ESPECIALLY THE ANIMALS.

        So here you have professed your belief in Hell. And your belief in Nightmares.

        Not a very genuine or honest outlook. I don’t think these ideas are honest for you at all.
        None of it is real. An imaginary outlook.
        I don’t have any idea of how you would convince yourself to believe in such a paradigm.
        Pretty much a mind game.

        Whether one believes in death, has nothing to do with it’s reality.
        You’re trippin out man.

      • Truth most certainly looks “unbelievable” and even “foolish” apart from knowledge. (Now I am using the word “knowledge” to mean truth-filled understanding given by the Sprit of Truth, or “righteousness”).

        I’m sure you would agree that what the Bible declares is most certainly NOT foolish, right?

        So, in Proverbs 12:28 we read:
        “In the way of righteousness is life, And in its pathway there is no death”.

        And we see in Eph 5:9 that our righteousness is freely given by the Spirit:
        “for the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness, righteousness, and truth”

        So, we see that death is only an illusion that can be avoided if one finds the way of LIFE, which is truth-filled understanding received from the Spirit of Truth, which becomes our RIGHTEOUSNESS.

        This certainly challenges current belief, but as you know, Jesus, (who was the “Way, the Truth and the Life”) revealed to us that death was an illusion we could be overcome, for he did not die.

        Again, death and suffering remain only because the sleeping sons of God believe death has dominion over life. However, Truth is reigning down on those who seek for righteousness, and this belief is dissolving even now. And as Truth replaces the illusion, we will better understand the wonder of Revelation 21:4:

        “And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.”

      • So, The Former things Have Not Passed Away Yet.
        You, are, good at quoting. And that is good, no problem there.
        The problem (assuming that the word problem is not an illusion) is you are taking sayings out of context.

        For instance Jesus, Never said death was an illusion.
        He said< He who BELIEVETH IN ME, will never see death.
        He did not say death is an illusion.
        As I understand, You, personally do not believe in Jesus.
        So, you will see death.
        Secondly there are other statements, that Jesus made about death, that give context to an interpretation that you are trying to hold on to, that would correct the Context.
        Death is not an illusion. What Jesus was referring to is "the Second Death".
        Meaning "Hell". Hell is the second death.
        Also, Jesus who said that, about death, died on the Cross.
        So, in context, Jesus himself experience death, so it is not a reference to death, in the grave. Death is real.
        And it is not a reference to "an illusion".
        It's a reference to HELL.
        In plain English, the saying that Jesus' made, is interpreted in context as this~
        "He WHO BELIEVES IN ME', WILL NOT GO TO HELL (the second Death), But WILL PASS IN TO

        Bringing Context to your own personal life.~
        If you truly did not believe in death, you would be eating meat, animals.
        So, I believe, you are experiencing, or practicing, or believing
        thought patterns, explanations, hypothesis, that are developed from non contextual belief patterns.
        Many people, all of us, are guilty, or do experience these type of errors, or mis interpretations from time to time, but you seem to be using semantics to create a format, or paradigm, that doesn't hold true, as a format for a belief system, concerning word meanings that hold no reality.
        Jesus, was not trying to disassociate people from normal, life, thought patterns.
        He was trying to describe the Truth with His words.
        As an example~He said "You are in the World, but not Of the World".
        the Bible says~ SIN CREATES DEATH.

        Thanks for your patience. You've been very kind.
        Keep listening for the voice of Peace.

      • Thank you, I will indeed keep listening for the voice of Peace. 🙂

        But, you know, I wonder if you’ve considered that your comments conflict with Jesus’ message. Jesus and his disciples always preached the KINGDOM OF GOD – never anything about his upcoming crucifixion. In fact the disciples didn’t even understand what he was saying when he spoke with them in private. You’d think something so important would be declared early and often.

        Its interesting how binding belief can be – even at the expense of Truth. Here’s just one example.

        You’ve repeatedly said that God is love and you must BELIEVE Jesus died for you or you will go to (be thrown in?) hell. Now I know countless churches preach this same, easy to digest message. Yet look at what they are really are saying.

        You have said God loves you if you believe a certain thing, and also God is entirely unloving toward you if you believe something else. And this strange belief is justified by the simple idea that as long as God loves you specifically, it matters not all if he is unloving to someone else. Since countless people believe this, and entire religions are based on it, people accept this duality of God as Truth.

        However, the Spirit of Truth could never teach such a message – just as Jesus never did.

      • Where did you get this idea that God is entirely unloving toward someone?
        The position of unloving is on your part. You, or the said individual has chosen “not to love God”.
        God is the author of Love. why wouldn’t “you”‘ love him? is the question.
        Jesus said, Come unto Me all you that Labor and are Heavy Laden, And I will give your rest.
        And He that Cometh unto Me, I will in no wise cast out.
        Notice, He said, “You come to Him.” The Him coming to you is a given.
        So, you have said That, I said God is unloving to someone?
        Than is a creation in your own mind. I am quoting what Jesus said, and correcting your misunderstanding
        so, if you go on thinking that way, it means you have chosen to ignore what “I am saying”.
        You have free will to love God. God already loves you.
        You have to make the decision to love Him.
        Also, as another example, Why would I be sharing any of this with you, if I didn’t love you, or if God didn’t love you? Jesus is the one giving the Love, we are the one’s responding. Giving the love back.

        How you might ask yourself, would you as an unbeliever, know more about what Jesus taught
        than someone who is directly His follower?
        It’s because you are trying to interpret the message based on your own ideas, and have ignored
        what Jesus said.
        You have a predisposed Idea, that people that believe Jesus message are duped, and it taints everything
        you are hearing.
        I think it’s good that you’re asking the question, because it needs to be corrected.

        You might keep in mind the idea, that Jesus is a living person, and happens to have a direct speaking
        relationship with His followers. So, that’s a pretty interesting misunderstand on your part, the idea
        that Jesus is a dead corpse, and people only relate to Him as a historical figure, and all the Church, or Churches, that you refer to read His messages but none of them can understand, but You?
        Obviously Churches have problems, because we are human beings, but you have problems too and that doesn’t mean you cannot read??
        This is a about real people with real problems coming to a Real God, who loves them, including you.
        It’s interesting that you separate yourself from relating to this one people group, but claim unity with everyone else.
        So, that is an issue about love on your part. It’s not God separating you into a group being unloved,
        it’s you separating yourself. You’ve blocked yourself from God’s being able to demonstrate His love
        to you. God is coming to you every day, but you’ve close the door.
        I don’t think you could blame the Church or anyone else for that.
        You’ve definitely shown you have missed the core teaching of Jesus about that.

        So, you might try an experiment. Let a believer in Jesus, speak for Jesus, to the best of their ability.
        And then see if it matches what you believe?
        Jesus, is not uptight about scrutiny, and neither am I.
        So, if after hearing this you believe more in God’s love than I do,
        You should come further towards the Church, (and I am talking about the Church who is people)
        not the institution, (because I cannot speak for an institution).
        So, if the reason the Church is speaking to you, is because of love, and you cannot see that, then
        you are resisting the people, not just the message.
        You are afraid of the People. That’s the tie up. So I think ‘you’ should love more.
        I don’t think if you have the kind of love you claim, there would be a block there.
        I would push through that, because, who someone is associated with, a Church etc, a doctrine, etc.
        is not the issue. The issue is Love.
        I know I haven’t withheld any. If you interpret love out of a person, tweak it out of them, out of their conversation because of a bias against an organization, it’s not them, the person you are speaking to, that is failing the test of love, it’s a judgment against a liturgy.
        God is bigger than an organization, but He is not bigger than the person speaking to you, as far as
        a judgment. Judge the love, of the person if you want, but judge your own as well.
        Then maybe you won’t come up with quite as critical an interpretation.
        Yours, In Jesus

      • Ok, my friend – we have gone as far as we can together.

        I’m sure we will talk again. 🙂

      • We have gone as far as we can go to get her.

      • Ok, I re-read your comments, and I guess I can kind of see where you are coming from. It’s a lot to take in, but from what I understand you are saying is that God loves me, but if I choose to reject God’s love, I’m sent to hell, which (from the movies anyway), is definitely not a place I want to go. So it got me thinking long and hard, really weighing out the pros and cons.

        At first I didn’t really get it, but now I think I see what you’re getting at. I realize that I would have to be pretty arrogant to reject God’s perfect love, and since arrogance is NOT a godly trait, I guess eternal punishment might be justified. If God is going to be so loving and kind as to hold his love right out there for the taking – and I turn my nose at it? Whoa! That could make him extremely angry. So I see what you’re saying.

        But, here’s my real question. Since I did my best to seek for truth, and was quite obviously duped by Satan (which, no matter what you say is still kind of unfair because he’s like a trained deceiver, but whatever), do you think I might get a more lenient sentence – or would I have to do the full eternity? Do you think God might, after like 1000 years, give me another chance to accept his love? You know, kind of like parole? I think this is super important and wondered if Jesus might have given you some intel on that.

        And do you think I would be incinerated instantly, which I suppose might not be all that bad in the long run. If so, do you think incineration would qualify as an “eternal” punishment? Maybe not. So then I wondered if it was just hot enough to make me really uncomfortable. And I remembered this one time when I got in a hot tub that was WAAAAAY too hot when I first got in. Seriously, like burning hot. But I was amazed how quickly I got used it. So I was thinking, maybe I would get used to it and then feel like, you know, it’s not really that bad. But, being super smart, surely God already thought of that, so I’m sure he systematically ratchets up the pain so I would never be comfortable.

        Bottom line, from what you’re telling me, God doesn’t mess around – so I want to make sure I don’t reject his love… and then regret it.

        Like I said, its a lot to take in, so any input you can give me would be appreciated.

      • My thoughts on your comments, are, that you are not honest.
        How would You answer someone who is dishonest.
        For instance, You do not honestly believe in God’s love.
        Because you are not convinced of His character, and probably because you are basing it on your own.
        So, my next thought is, basically thinking, you are acting as if you are an unwise teenager or young adult in a college class. I am left with the idea, or rather question of, are you being serious, or sarcastic?
        I can continue, and will be glad to comment on your questions, but you would be left with trying to decide whether this is a serious subject or one to be heard with humor, meaning sarcasm.
        One thing though, to give you credit is, you did reply. You responded to my statements, so you gave me the benefit of the doubt, that I have the ability, to “reason too”.
        So, I have that much to stand on.
        But just to make sure, that I am not simply “wading into” a pool of sarcasm, you can still answer that question for me. Then I can answer sarcastically and try to match wits, with you.
        Nothing wrong with that, but it would definitely be helpful if you can be honest with either me or yourself about that. So, I can answer in the vein you are wanting.
        If on the other hand you are asking actual questions, that you are pondering, You, would need to know if I answer, that my answers might seem plausible, or implausible, based on your own honesty.
        If I answer you honestly my answers would be helpful, to an honest inquiry but they might also seem obtuse for the reason, that you are asking me to justify God’s position, and His justice.
        So, I am automatically at a disadvantage for speaking logically.
        Are you trying to bring God down so you can understand Him Logically? Is that what you/re after or do you want to understand the Full Revelation of God’s Love, as it is revealed, to One humble servant?
        For instance, I am not God, but neither can I deliver sarcasm to his door, and expect an honest answer from Him, because then I am asking as a dual character.
        Which Character are you acting as. A true honest person asking for revelation from God?
        Or a sarcastic fencer, wanting to thwart knowledgeable relationship.
        Examine what your current relationship is With Me right now.
        Am I a humorous fool to you, or an honest practitioner.
        Give me some answers as to how you would like me to speak.
        Let me know what your part in my answer is?
        Am I an equal, or a fool.
        Then I will try to answer if God is a fool.

      • Oh Mishai, my friend, I’m so glad all of our interactions are captured on this blog. One day, hopefully soon, you and I will share a cup of coffee, read them together and have a good laugh.

      • It’s good to laugh, and it’s good to find understanding. Let laughter lead to a wholesome relationship. Yes, a cup of coffee is important.

      • If you didn’t find the conversation interesting, or on a level of importance, that’s ok. I find issues of the spirit are important, I could only hope to stay successfully there.

      • So, let me change my direction here. If my commentary was too serious for you, knowing probably that you are an agnostic. ‘ I assume that’s how you see yourself. ‘
        I think basically you were asking me to break down God’s system of justice. And you were questioning his ability to judge righteously?
        Your question covers a subject that is more in depth than I think your commentary covers.
        I was trying to say in my statements, that you must first establish that you have Faith in God.
        I am saying here. ~~ Do you want to try establishing a relationship with God only after you have understood ‘if you are satisfied’ with how He is judging you and all the implications of That spelled out or you then will not Want to know Him ? Or do you want to know Him as your Father, based on Faith?
        If you want to know Him, based on works, then He can spell out all the implications of what that means for you, but that would be an inaccurate picture because it would not include an understanding of His grace.
        So, let me how you SEE God, and how you see Me. That’s what I was trying to say in my previous post.
        You are trying to get a “handle” on God, before you are believing His love covers all the bases.
        You want to make sure His love is broad enough, before you can agree to His existence.
        Ok I am just a participant in this thought pattern with you, but I think you could explain better if His Love is strong enough, big enough and broad enough, to convince you of His Nature, or if you need a critique of His justice system before you can See Him. That’s obviously between you and Him, but I do know His focus for you is on Love. If you have an absolute Need to understand His justice and judgment He can provide that, but any judgments you have against it will make you a judge, and not a Son.

      • God’s love, to me is all that exists. And God is the source of this love.

        And since God’s love is all there is, then God is the source of ALL things, and therefore everyone must be an expression of this love, and made in the image of this love. The idea of hell, to me, could never exist because it is the idea of being forever separated from God’s love. Since God’s love is all there is, nothing apart from this love could exist.

        This is why I used humor to reveal some of the very real questions that someone considering the idea of hell must ask themselves. Yet, I also realize the belief is so widely taught and accepted, people do not question it. But it would be wise to bring these questions to God.

        Jesus, to me, is the picture of Love personified, and a type of who we ALL are in Christ. Christ is returning not in a person separate from others, but in the DIVINE MIND that is one with all. And here is my true confession: The mind of Christ is the mind we ALL share with God, who is the source of our Truthful thoughts, and the very source of the love we have sought. We are ALL an aspect of Christ in different stages of revelation.

      • The mind we share is creative, and always so. The very nature of all we experience as “real” is but a projection of our thoughts, energetic expression (sub-atomic particles) that appears “real”. Saying this more clearly, our mind is like a projector creating a three dimensional experience. We look “out” into the creation, through a body that itself is a part of the creation and do not know that we, in oneness, are the creator. Our mind, and the thoughts that project from it, create everything we experience.

        The projected reality appears so real it has become the source of our truth. By “believing” that what we experience outside of us is real, we have made creation the source of truth rather than God. This is the meaning of worshipping the creation rather than the creator. Read Romans 1:18-32 in this understanding.

        Now, when a mass of people coalesce to PROCLAIM the reality of hell, and justify within their minds that God’s love could behold evil, this belief is actually manifested into the projected reality according to the energy behind the belief. Therefore, hell does appear in reality – and is manifested in the slaughterhouses of innocent animals, where millions are daily tortured in heinous ways simply because man justifies it in his mind as acceptable in love. It is carnal man, not God, who has sentenced these conscious entities to hell – and it is man that delights to feast on their suffering. Sadly, this returns horrific suffering back to man.

        No longer will this continue, for man does not understand what he is creating. And since the vast majority will not awaken inwardly, he will have to be shaken outwardly that he may understand that he is creating his own misfortune. Likewise, the many who feel called to turn from the outer creation and look only within for Truth, will more easily discover it and create good-will for themselves and others. By the contrast, those in Truth will be known – and their words be given power to help others find their way into peace. There will be no peace for the mind of man that sleeps, lest he believe he knows the truth and continue to create horrors.

        This “life” we think we live is not life, but only a nightmare created by the darkened judgement of sleeping minds who do not yet know that the mind they possess is shared with God. But the light is coming to manifest the truth in the midst of all that is only believed to be true. Not by power and might, but by the compelling nature of divine love’s eternal and ever-present gift to the human mind.

        For by the light, all will come to love the light.

  2. Yes, giving is to gain. For what we give we are given the more. “With what measure we meet will be measured to us again. If we participate in the giving we will overflow without measure. “Giving is Gain” is put so eloquently put.

    “What we imagine for others is one of the most significant ways we give (the essence of prayer). So true.

    it is our desire for others which is our nature of giving. Love and joy is desiring like minded people to fellowship with so to give is to get in like measure. Speaking from one’s heart without the legalities is something you do so well. This is because you are connected to the source and need no man to teach you. Grace is so much above the law, where you dwell. So well said and your growth in the spirit is witness to a loving God.

  3. This expression IS the explanation of your person and your desire. It reveals and makes plain……..

  4. The sacrifice is giving up self to become as our Father is. You have the plan of God we’ll within your “imagination.” Bless you much.

  5. The Fighting Cocks and the Eagle

    Two game cocks were fiercely fighting for the mastery of the farmyard. One
    at last put the other to flight. The vanquished Cock skulked away and hid himself
    in a quiet corner, while the conqueror, flying up to a high wall, flapped his wings
    and crowed exultingly with all his might. An Eagle sailing through the air
    pounced upon him and carried him off in his talons. The vanquished Cock
    immediately came out of his corner, and ruled henceforth with undisputed

  6. when it comes to death, MAN dies, but spirit doesnt.
    through the DOORWAY OF GOD, every peson and every animal becomes an EXTENTION of our GREATER I AM(the source of power).
    when you live in the SPIRIT OF TRUTH(which is the source of the WHOLE WORLD), you see that even as one ELEMENT DIES, the other elements REBUILDs, and the world still lives(even after our own individual DEATH(2nd). 1st death is spiritual death(everyone died as one body:forgot what spirit is). and the 2nd death is individual deaths. but to walking through the door of god(which takes every person on this planet to do as one body) is to live in SPIRIT(with everyone else as the SPIRIT doesnt die(LIVES IN ALL THINGs).

    Lets take the ANMALS as an example.
    we ask “do animals have souls”. and to ask this shows that you(we) are dead in spirit(forgotten).
    when you live in the spirit(the ONE NESS), you know that each animal is an extention of SELF(“I AM” THROUGH THE DOOR leading to the spirit: takes everyone).
    every SOUL lives not only in every person, but the ONE SPIRIT lives in EVERYTHING(consists of all souls)..

    what we need to realize in the spirit, is that BOTH the COCKS and the EAGLES are part of ONE BODY..
    what one part does, through SPIRIT not only affects everyone and everything, but what we see through the events, show us what we CREATE WITHIN OURSELVES(through the s pirit of truth)(no matter HOW we interper truth to be)

    IN SHORT, everyone who died 2000 years ago UNDERSTOOD t hat their life(whichconcist of ALL SOULS), is till ongoing and WE within our own timelines, HOLD SPACE for all those souls(which past people are part of our being as well as FUTER PEOPLE).

    what the spirit is is PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE ELEMENTS that is a part of our own IDENTITY.
    the strenghts of spirit are manifested into the WHOLE WORLD as the whole world is made of TIME(2000 years in the past, and 2000 years into the future as ONE EVENT:from spirit).
    NOTE: you see tv shows where they try to live an event called SACRAFISE. you see people cutting out HEARTs of people and show them the heart before their deaths. what confusions that causes is that now, we are forgetting, that the WHOLE WORLD is our heart being relieled to us.(I AM

    WORD represents GLOBAL EVENTS(not ink in bibles). when u TRUST spirit and have full STRENGHT, you know your HEART because your heart is represented through the whole world(using DEVINATION)(every bible is a tool of devination, but doesnt work ALONE).
    there is not ONE RELGION on earth that teaches what any bible says..

    again, there is no person named christ(or any of the other names), and no one died on a cross.
    BUT there is a validity in the words once ya take the misinterpertations away.
    the CROSS represents EVERYONE on this planet Walking THROUGH THE DOOR OF GOD(which leads to the ETERNAL SPIRIT) together as one body, and through that body(which consist of births and deaths) is the constant FLOW of the spirit in which NEVER DIES.

    christ BEING PART OF A LAW(law of opposing forces) is the FREQUENCY of GIVING.
    when you see LIGHT in others, and know through SPIRIT,, they represent some aspect of the I AM(through the father aka ETERNAL SPIRIT ), you are GIVING life to someone else.
    and it is that GIVING in which the s pirit never dies.

    • So, when did you make all this up? When you were 5, or 10, or 25, or 38 years old you sat down and started daydreaming and hypothesizing, coming up with how you wanted to see things connected?
      Have you ever considered, or understood that God began dealing with men starting with Adam and Eve, and then He found a man who believe in Him, named Abraham, who rejected all the World’s hypothesis, and wanted to know the True God, of Heaven and Earth, that God that made Earth, and man.
      Then that God began working with the families who believed in Him, and the Revelation continued with the Jews. And the Cross is in the continuation of that story, as God promised to send a Savior.

      So, the idea that is being brought to you by the Father, by God, through His Son, through the Cross,
      is that Man lost His identity, and standing through Sin, and so Jesus became the substitute through the Cross.

      So, God made it very simple for you. He said I will send my Son, and those who recognize who He is are my Sheep because they are hungry for the Truth, and they will recognize it, if they are true in heart.

      So, what God is asking you, to Do, is to Believe. You don’t have to surmise or make things up or try to Work at some spiritual connection to get it. You simply Have to Believe what God Said through His Son, and then God will make all the connections of Spirit for you. Through the living man Jesus.

      So, the only is One connection you will make through Him. Not through my spirit or through any ones death, or their past lives.
      It is a personal relationship with God, Himself that He wants for you.
      This is Not a Religion, it is simply walking with God, Jesus.
      It is simple do you believe what Jesus said? Speaking to you personally.
      If you do, or if you are wanting to, then God is drawing you through His Love.
      And that’s how He always works through His Love, not just through “togetherness” in the World.
      It’s about You, and Him. Believing in Him.
      You cannot talk to someone you don’t believe In.

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