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Primordial Staircase

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The primordial staircase is our spiritual journey out of the consciousness of darkness and into the consciousness of Light, where we become beings of Light.

The primordial staircase is our conscious engagement of the primordial spiral of creation, which possesses the Truth of Creation. When we sincerely choose to seek Truth above all else, then we engage the Spirit of Truth and embark upon our upward journey through the realms of consciousness. This choice for Truth is a willingness to let go of ALL we hold as true in exchange for the Truth. In this liberated state of mind, our minds open to receive revelations from the Spirit.

Truth comes from beyond us and the sensory world through revelation from the Spirit of Truth. Our experiential reality is a mirror of our beliefs, not Truth unless we have a mind of Truth, thus one with the Divine Mind. Therefore, Truth isn’t known through our senses and physical perceptions. These modalities reflect what we think is true.

When we believe a lie is Truth, we create an illusion. Illusions are misconceptions of ourselves that have been given a living expression through our will. Because we are in conflict with Truth, we experience a reality that lacks divine peace. If we choose not to seek the Truth, we stay trapped in our illusions, thus bound in a consciousness of darkness that creates a reality of unrest.

At the center of our understanding of Truth, is the awareness of our true Self. The concept of our self defines not only who we believe ourselves to be, but others, reality and God. Therefore, our spiritual journey is one of an ever increasing awareness of our true Self. Every accepted belief (our truth) is challenged along our journey because we begin where every belief is a lie. We learn who we truly are, how we create and our role in creation as we ascend through spheres of understanding until we meld into the Divine Mind.

Each complete rotation of the upward winding staircase represents a sphere of understanding. What we learn is opposite of the lie we held as “truth” when we started our journey, therefore our upward ascent requires us to advance in faith into a new belief system. Once we’ve comprehended one sphere, then through the revelations of the Spirit we advance into the next sphere, and so on.

Upon the graduation from one sphere to the next, we face a “leap of faith” situation in our reality where we are called upon to act according to the Truth we’ve learned from the Spirit despite what our physical senses are telling us is true. Upon our choice for Truth, we enter the next sphere where we not only gain the rewards of choosing the Truth, but also continue to expand in our awareness of Truth that keeps us ascending upward.

One such leap is the choice to honor all creation as I mentioned in my previous blog. When we choose to honor all of creation then we enter into a new sphere of understanding that takes us deeper into the awareness of divine love, which is the life force of our true Self and creation. It’s what sustains us as a being of Light, like the air we breathe. This willful choice is a graduation into the next sphere that begins the removal of the false image of ourself, therefore it’s very significant and often met with opposition from the false self.

We are the Light of the world, but what obscures our Light is the false image we hold of ourself. Through our upward ascent into Truth, we shed the garment of the false image until all that remains is our true Self that has been kept in holiness. When we know our true Self, we become a Light in the World because the false image that covered our true expression is removed. We don’t have to try to change who we are, but only come to know who we truly are and this changes everything.

To come into the awareness of our true Self is to be born again, because with this understanding we become a new creation, and from us extends a new reality in accordance with Truth. The Primordial staircase is the path of our birth into our true expression as an immortal fractal of God.



Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

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