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Our soul is a living door to the divine expressions of the Most High.

God is beyond creation, and our soul is the means of His expression. Our soul rests between the uncreated and created to translate one into the other. It’s the doorway through which divine potentials from the Mind of God are expressed into reality. Therefore, Truth is expressed through us, which makes us infinitely valuable in our role and purpose in creation.

Every living soul’s purpose is to convey the immortal Light of Truth in individual Rays of expression, so the one Self (the Christ) possesses endless manifestations and yet is still a harmonious whole. Therefore opening the door of our soul to commune in oneness with the Presence of God is the birth of our true expression, which is also an aspect of God’s expression. This door opens when we deeply recognize and know we are the door, because we are what we are conscious of being.

This understanding of the purpose and nature of our soul is our true Power, because in this awareness we are consciously connected to the only real Power, Truth. We initially connect to this Power through the I Am Prayer of Oneness. This Prayer is the conscious movement of the Light of Truth, through our soul and into reality, such that we become an integral part of Truth’s expression flowing into Creation.

Lack of Truth keeps this door shut. The sleeping mind, which lacks Truth, blocks this doorway keeping the Light of Truth from shining into reality. The sleeping mind believes every mind is separate and isolated unto itself. This belief in separation from the one Divine Mind creates illusions of lack, fear and a false image of itself, which hides our true nature as a soul gate of the Most High. Because the sleeping mind doesn’t know Truth or itself, it abides in darkness and creates darkness (elements of death), clothing reality with corruption.

Through communion with the Spirit of Truth we awaken to our divine nature as a soul gate, through which we receive and give all things of divinity. This inner awareness begins a deep and comprehensive transformation in us, which translates into a transformed reality. The opening of this door is the end (crucifixion) of the sleeping mind, and the resurrection into the singular Divine Mind we share with God and all our brothers and sisters in Truth.

Through this open door, our intimate connection to the Most High is reestablished and we convey the divine thoughts of God into created form. The realm of consciousness governing humanity changes from darkness to Light because we now create in complete oneness with the Supra-consciousness of God through emergence. The earth transforms to reflect this shift, purging all the elements of darkness and filling it with reflections of Truth. This cosmic shift causes reality to alter, shake and transition until heaven and earth are joined as one.

When you see a reflection not of Truth, stir this holy power within you by assigning to the creative name, I Am, an attribute of Truth in place of the opposite you see. Let the feeling of that attribute sink into your being, then rest in divine emergence trusting it will manifest as you’ve consciously willed. Persist in this faith until your mind fully accepts that oneness with the Most High is all there is. Then you will begin to step into your true purpose as a soul gate.

In oneness with the Voice of the true Self we say, “I AM the door”. May these words find their home deep within you.

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”
~ Revelation 3:20

I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture.” ~ John 10:9

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

14 thoughts on “Opening the Door

  1. Hi Rachel. Sometimes I cannot follow your depth but today in the end I grasp it. Yes I am a door. Surrendered to the LORD fully to use all of me for His purpose in this world. Wanting to be used by Him in anyway He guides me♥️ Blessings over you Rachel, hugs Judy

    • I’m so grateful. 🙂

      In unawareness of Truth, people look to a God outside of them to help them and others, this creates a false image of God and themselves because it doesn’t reflect the Truth. We are created, as one with God, to express the Truth of God, why we are called a “son of God”. Through us comes what we seek and desire. We are a gateway between what we desire and what is expressed, because through our intimate connection with our Father/Creator, we possess all things. Without him we are nothing (false understanding of our self), but with him we possess everything (our true state). When we begin to think and function according to this understanding, we enter our ever-present power.

      It is through our conscious awareness of who we are in Truth, by which Truth is expressed. The understanding held in Truth possesses the answer to every issue as Truth’s wisdom creates the effects of peace, comfort, joy, health, holiness, perfect abundance, loving kindness, etc. There is much to know and yet once Truth is known from within it is simple, clear and logical.

  2. As I read this, the tabernacle constructed by Moses at the instruction of God came to my mind. With it’s gates and doors leading from one “compartment” and ascensions to another, your explanation and your article of entering in through the door was the spiritual explanation of this natural experience. As in the outer camp of Israel representing the world at large…they could not enter in within the gates and walls of the tabernacle in their present condition until conditions were met and a transformation took place….in consciousness, a revealing of their souls journey. So as your description, we must enter in through the door step by step, qualifying “by obedience” to move through the door from the place of the flesh to the place of the spirit. As the outer courts represent the 30 fold, the holy place the 60, and the holy of Holies the 100 fold we can see a parallel in this walk you describe in the spirit. If we look at this natural picture we will understand our spiritual self better and how we move from consciousness to consciousness through “the gate” into the outer courts from the world. We then progress on through the door into the soul realm (holy pace) and then when we are well established in and through experiencing the “rituals” of the soul realm through partaking of the shew bread (Christ), then the complete light of Christ (the seven candlestick) and as our prayers ascend to God (from the leaver of incense) before the curtain “leading into” the most holy place…we can then participate in the soul being made one with the spirit or the Holy of Holies. Christ made a way on the cross when the veil was rent in the temple from top to bottom representing the soul and spirit was now no longer two but one compartment and the place of God in the spirit (Holiest of Holies) would bring our soul back to the higher calling in Christ Jesus…making the two one.

    As good and pleasant as it is to see the natural parallels as I present them here…the natural in no way compares to living the reality in the truth as is explained in this article. A description as I present here is but a “knowledge” of the truth and we must learn to move from the knowledge of the truth to “truth” itself which is the likeness of God. Desiring love to equally come to us “all” is the condition of heart and mind that will bring us together in the fullness of God as “one.” As we move into the “soul gate” from the outer court we move from it into the “spiritual door” or through the veil where there is no longer any difference in the one than the other for our soul is now one “again” with the spirit. Our spirit within has never left the presence of God for no sin was ever allowed into this realm of oneness as explained in the tabernacle. So it is withIn us. The spirit within our temple in which we are, patiently waits for the soul to enter in through the “door” which is Christ…making us compete in “them,” the Father and the Son.
    When these two places come together in oneness and completeness this is when we become as He is…the ”I AM.”

    All things lead to Love for this is the only destination there is, there is only oneness. We just have to leave our dream place of duality and enter into this oneness…through the door…which is Christ by “the way” of Christ.

  3. hi all. i thought this would be a good time to express the secrets of MYANs.
    They all Understood that they were all part of something much bigger than themselves(the real christ aka SOUL, aka LAW).
    Each Person as an example, was a STRENGTH for Everyone(they also seen the holy spirit within the stars).
    through the HOLY SPIRIT, Their own Identitys becomes WORLD EVENTS.
    Each Person was Part of the CROSS (the same cross that we misinterper as dying on).

    Each Person saw Every other person through the cross(heaven on earth). Each name is part of a LAW. 2000 years into the future, the very same laws govern everything. the Pyramids and every other place you see ancesteral knowledge, used the Eternal Laws to Write the events(for all of us)(even the original BIBLE(which is spread around the world in many religions)) was written through the laws. a lot of it is interpered through Man(instead of holy laws). We cannot interper without knowing the laws(Divinity)

    As a lot of people say they do things for christ(or other names), but at the same time, reject all people,. You cannot do things for christ or any other name while you reject your fellow mankind(which goes against the LAWs).(we are all holy)

    When it comes to truth, we tend to use it as thought something has to be true or untrue. but what TRUTH STANDS FOR(which will never change), is our own IDENTITY withing the HOLY SPIRIT(we are all ONE).

    Anyone who thinks they are protected by christ, but at the same time reject all people, are fooling themselves.
    We must get rid of our religions so we can re-align with the CROSS(the real DOOR).

    for christ to die on a cross is a BAD THING, not a good thing.
    it means that mankind has lost its ways, and forgotten the holy spirit(note, there was never a person name christ)(ITS IN ALL OF US).

    If you still think christ is a man, then you will never know the holy spirit. Each person has christ in them. each person has every other name in them. Each person is a gift(giving) for the whole world.

    The DOOR is called the CROSS..(living by the)
    God is a doorway that requires every person on earth as one body to walk through.
    Think of CHrist as meaning (peace in all mankind). so when you see the word christ, all people are in that name.

    for preachers, You first must let go of your religions. try to understasnd the new concepts of the HOLY SPIRIT.
    the HOLY SPIRIT does not judge, it will play out every detail of our own heart(which we all share).
    The BEAST is created when we all turn against one another. this recent virus is the beast(it is our own doing(through distrust)).
    the holy spirit will play out the beast without judgement.
    it is our own HEART that will be within that beast(you cant run away from yourself).

    To Know Love, is to align with all that is(the I AM). to see I AM in everyone, is to give strengh to the Holy spirit.

    I did many experiements with great success.
    one was to give value in people without saying a word(true trust in the holy spirit).
    these people have a habbit of making wrong choices. but each time i had FAITH in them, they did not make bad choices at those times. When i quit trusting in them, they went back into the habbits of making bad choices.

    another experiment i did was to consiously create physical events.
    i wanted to use the holy spirit to prevent an accident.
    so i asked the holy spirit what it would look like.
    the next day, i was driving, and thought of a DEER in the road. no such deer was there, but hours later when it got dark, i went back home. and again, this thought of a deer came into my mind. without any proof, i decided to come to a complete stop in the road as i approached the top of a hill. not less than 2 feet in front of me, was standing a deer.

    these typed of events happen on a regular basis. when you understand the true nature of the HOLY SPIRIT, you become AMPLIFED.

    • When I read this, the following came to mind…

      The illusion surrounds us for one purpose: To teach us the truth about LOVE.
      Love expressed is DIVINE HARMONY.
      Divine harmony is JOY.
      Joy is PERFECT PEACE.

      • “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes I will give some of the hidden manna to eat. And I will give him a white stone, and on the stone a new name written which no one knows except him who receives it.” ~ Revelation 2:17
        _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

        This name, “I AM” is received from the knowledge of LOVE, as taught by the Spirit of Truth. You who have received this name are given the eyes to see all in ONENESS, which is DIVINE HARMONY and your blessed assurance that you are able to create PEACE.

        Do not be alarmed by the SHAKING, for it is the inevitable result of the old reality dissolving away as it is replaced with the MOST HIGH, which is the reality of DIVINE LOVE, created by the Christ, into which you have awakened. Let no unholy thought be consciously expressed, and you will recognize that you are creating an ever increasing sphere of peace, which can not be disturbed. This sphere of the MOST HIGH is being co-created/revealed by all who have sought for the TRUTH about LOVE and now understand they can affect reality.

        Cover others who come to your conscious awareness, without respect to physical distance, in every attribute of DIVINE LOVE as received by the Spirit of Truth. When you consciously extend your new name to another, you will create peace around them that cannot be disturbed. Say in your mind, to one who fears, “I AM the Presence of Perfect Comfort”. Say to another who is ill, “I AM the Presence of Perfect Health”. See these thoughts as LIGHT flowing from your mind and filling their mind. As you do this reflect on the oneness of God and the “I AM” Presence within them. In so doing you extend your PEACE to them, which expands your own.

      • I once described the Self as an elevator, shared by all, that directs our conscious understanding of Truth/Love upward “floor by floor”. This adds a bit to the original idea as well as the previous comment.

        Our awareness of God is determined by our current awareness of Self. Since there is only one Self (Christ), when a mind initially becomes self-aware it believes it IS the one self, and that this self “lives” in its body. Therefore the mind initially confuses its physical body with the Self, believing it exists among a multitude of many other selves (bodies).

        Consequently, the mind uses the body as a learning tool, using it to look “outward”, into reality, in order to understand all that affects the body both positively and negatively, as well as its proper operation. The mind seeks to understand how to best enhance the body to achieve its goals and find its joy. When it’s body sees other bodies, the mind believes it sees a myriad of separate selves, and therefore believes God is also a separate self, within its own God-body containing a God-mind. This is the beginning of the dream of separation, which is but the experience an embryonic mind becoming becoming self aware.

        Our illusion is SELF-CREATED in order to teach us about the ONENESS of the LIVING LIGHT of INTELLIGENT INFINITY, namely the MOST HIGH frequency we can consciously understand as divine love. If the mind makes the FREE-WILL choice to learn the TRUTH ABOUT LOVE, it consciously makes a call to LOVE’S frequency and is able to learn by the Voice of the Spirit of Truth. As the mind persists, and begins to apply the lessons its learned in the face of deception and illusion, it grows in self awareness, which is to say its consciousness of oneness EXPANDS. After appropriate learning, the mind arrives at an open “Door” by which it may enter a higher illusion (new floor) governed by the higher laws of oneness it has it received from the Spirit.

        As the mind continues to seek for the Truth about Love (The Oneness of Intelligent Infinity), its understanding of Self continues to expand and yet another door is discovered, revealing still another reality operating at higher laws. Thus you can understand that our free will seeking of Truth and perseverance in learning will open a never-ending series of doors by which we enter ever-higher realities, each more reflective of oneness, and the true nature of Self (Christ).

        That being said, because Self is one, all minds create individually expressed realities that overlap and interact with the reality of other minds which may not as yet made the choice to seek for Truth. It is impossible for the mind to comprehend the laws that govern the floors above the one he currently inhabits, unless the mind desires Truth, in which case truth may be shared from the higher to the lower. This “blindness” to higher levels of understanding is the cause of every religious argument. Minds that dismiss Truth from any other mind or other aspect of their reality, do so for only one reason: These are the minds which have not yet made the free will choice to seek the truth about LOVE. If the choice for truth is made, always will the Self teach the mind to ascend higher using its current reality.

      • Who are these Overcomers? And what need be overcome?

        These are those who have overcome the limitations of the world, even able to create a sphere a peace beyond the finite mind’s understanding, fully governed and projected through our inner door to intelligent infinity, which is God, our source.

        These are the peace-makers. These are those who invested their life to learn the language of the Spirit such that they could be inwardly taught the Truth about LOVE. These are the first fruits through which God will create an outer reflection of Truth so beautiful and full of joy that all who perceive it through their sensory experience will desire to comprehend its source. It is by the peace-makers that the incomprehensible words of truth will be translated into sensory experience so that truth’s light may be perceived by sleeping minds.

        Those who know the Truth about Love are those who have made the free will choice to KNOW THE TRUTH. Those given this gift of “sight” are able to “see” that GOD’S LOVE IS ALL IN ALL and come to realize that TRUE PEACE can not be received until ALL have entered into it. Can the shepherd be truly at peace when even one sheep is lost and suffering? For if even one remains without, he worries night and day and his peace is not complete.

        In our understanding of oneness, we see that all are God’s reflections, even as individual Rays of Light extend from one sun. As the creator is in us, so too are we an extension of our creator. We are made in God’s image, we are a creator within THE creator. And it is this Christ that will save all.

        When we see God in everyone we realize that FREE WILL can not be violated, for it is upheld by the strength of God. Therefore, all must come to truth as their free will so directs. Yet also do we recognize that truth’s LIGHT in our words can not be properly translated in the minds of those who sleep. No matter what is spoken of love’s beauty, its light can not be comprehended by those who have made the free will choice to keep their eyes shut, so to speak.

        What then is the purpose of seeking if our truth can not be used to awaken those who mistakenly prefer the darkness of sleep? And if truth is not comprehended, how can he who sleeps desire its light? And even more, if these can not awaken, how can we enter into the peace of God when even one remains without? Is seeking truth futile because the words of life can not be understood by those who sleep?

        Our seeking is not so that we may awaken others by our words, for it is not words that will be used to save all, but rather the PEACE we create through the EMERGENCE OF TRUTH within us. As we rest in our knowledge of the Truth, consciously aware of the open door of our I AM presence, the light flows through us and modifies the dream to reflect the kingdom of God in our own sphere of reality. God within us goes forth and translates the Truth into a language all sleeping minds can understand – a BEAUTIFUL OUTER REALITY. Instead of words, the spirit will use us to create OUTER REFLECTIONS of joy and beauty, reflecting an experience higher than anything the sleeping mind believes it could ever create.

        While not the TRUE PEACE that awaits us, these spheres so created by the peace-makers will reflect such freedom from limitation that ALL who see it, especially when compared to the increasing limitation in their own realities, will desire it for themselves. And this of their own free will.

        And without words the overcomers will be able to create a DESIRE FOR TRUTH within the minds/spirits of those who sleep. Not by preaching, but by God’s use of our realities to write the truth upon their hearts and minds. When they are thus awakened, and the truth illuminates their minds, they will recognize that we are of the truth and will freely receive the words given us to share.

        And the life carried in our words will give life to their spirits, that these too will comprehend the truth about their Self, and their oneness with the divine love of God.

      • I saw people trying to love you and you began to draw back, and you began saying~”I don’t know if these people are perceiving correctly”? As they continued sharing their love with you, you began to modify your reactions to make sure you were loving accurately so they could perceive you in a certain way. The more you did this and people were trying to get close to you you became confused as to whether their responses were normal, or whether they were of the higher sphere. The more people tried to assure you that their intentions were normal and natural and that their love was pure, the more dubious you became as to whether they were sleeping. At that point you had no actual way to know, because there was no reference point for you to base your impressions on. You weren’t sure what ‘type of light’ they were emitting. When they asked you to just, let go, and let them love you as they were, you wanted to find intimacy, but you had to reserve energy, in case, it was an illusion. You didn’t want to fall back into sleep yourself, so you created a scenario in your, love patterns that would try and facilitate certain responses that you needed from others that would give you assurance. In the mean time they continued to love you freely, wondering if you would ever come to a normal conclusion that was a conclusion of acceptance, or if you would rely on a stripped down version of your love so you could interact at a certain level. They continued to search for your heart, and hoped that it would eventually surface. Never knowing if you had ventured far enough to do so, because you had limited your interpretations about their awareness.

    • Now it might do some good to explain, look into, have a concept of why any of that is important to you? What are you seeking for? why do you have a need to be amplified? Do you want to be amplified in relationship to Him, or in relationship to the world? You can gain all the world of metaphysical manifestation and still not know Him. the two do no automatically go hand in hand. Put your hand in the Hand of the Man who stilled, the Water, Put your hand in the Hand of the Man who calmed the Sea.

  4. God’s love is based on what He Knows not on what you Know.
    God’s love is based on what He knows about You, Not what You know about Him.
    If you want to know wisdom, find out Who He Is.
    Seek to find out Who He Is. What His Name Is.
    He Has Placed His Name Above His Word.

    • Mishai, I thought as I read thougtware’s article of response and yours to it, I thought I would ask how your response adds to… or clears up what Thoughtware had to say in the spirit of love? And can I ask is the name “Thoughtprayer” given in sarcasm to Tnoughtware? Because I believe it is. We can change our “name” as many times as we like but our “nature” is revealed by our words of choice.

      You say-

      “God’s love is based on what He Knows not on what you Know.
      God’s love is based on what He knows about You, Not what You know about Him.
      If you want to know wisdom, find out Who He Is.
      Seek to find out Who He Is. What His Name Is.
      He Has Placed His Name Above His Word.} end quote

      In response to each of your lines above I would ask one’s reading this to consider another view…and that is not meant to be argumentative or condescending, but only to try to clarify what your purpose is in saying and responding in the manner that you do. What’s in a name? Whether it’s Mishai, “Thought-prayer” or the many other names you give yourself, it doesn’t change what your true “nature” is. We can hide behind many attempts to claim to be someone we are not,… but in Christ we are who we are…and will come to be. We must leave the “nature” (name) of Jacob and become the nature (name) of Israel, allegorical speaking. We must change from the deceipt of the first Adam (our carnal nature, Jacob) to that nature of Christ that we are to seek within. What’s in a name? Our nature whether it be of a carnal religious mind or that spiritual nature of Christ.

      To each one of your lines provided above, in the spirit of understanding…..I respond and ask how you believe these contradictory statements?

      1. God’s love “in us” is based on how we come to know God’s likeness and character and “participate” in it.

      2. God is love and His love is based on who He is, and for us to find Him, His love, it is all about finding out about Him, giving up our own selfish reasoning.

      3. We can have all wisdom, and have not love and we are nothing. There is knowledge, wisdom and understanding, but without love (God) to guide us in the proper use of these principles, we “ beat the air” meaning we produce a lot of words without the understanding of how to apply them to acquire this love.

      4. God is a spirit, a “nature” of love and it pertains to all men accepting this “nature.” In Hebrew the word name means “nature” and often they were named of the role they would play in God’s experiences for them. To find out what “His” name is is to find out what His “nature” IS. What’s in a name? Love revealed.

      5. So, He has placed His nature above and in His Word which is Jesus Christ. And this same word will be within us.

      You seem to believe that because your doctrinal differences are different from those of others it gives you the right to speak to others as you do. The Bible I read clearly states the opposite, that we are to respect and tolerate the beliefs and doctrines of other because our love for others “IS” TO BE GREATER than our differences. Does not the scriptures teach this explicitly where it says if one man esteemed one day above another and another man esteems every day like we are not to let this be what defines us….but how we conduct ourselves to one another in our differences? Do we accost others for our doctrinal differences or do we show respect, patience in our differences and love others in spite of where we are along this path of life. We all need to continually consider these passages that teach leniency toward one another instead of having a combative nature. This combative nature is not of Christ and this religious stance of “righteousness” is not from the realm of the spirit but is of the realm of the systematic religious order of man, the false church because it teaches another way which is not of love, but of knowledge and doctrines. Knowledge and doctrines can be good “IF” they lead one to the love of Christ.

      Mishai, I would hope that you will five some thought to what is religion and what is spirit. Religion is man’s way of worshipping God and being spiritual is God’s way of worshipping Him. One way is relying heavily on the law of words and the other by the spirit of the spiritual Word which are the attributes and the loving nature of Christ. What’s in a name? It depends where our source is.

      I hope this may help any who may put differences of opinion, knowledge or doctrine above the respect and love one should have for their fellow man. Be patient, God will bring all to Himself from where we are to where He is…in our order and time. Let us forgive all differences until we “all” become one in the spirit of our Father.

  5. Stated by one who knew his true Self, Jesus Christ said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6)

    When we can also call our self by these I Am names, with understanding and sincerity: I am the Truth (the Light), the Way (the Door) and the Life (the Resurrection and Life), then we are awake to the Christ (our true Self) within us. We no longer sleep and dream of death in which we experience what we are not (the darkness, separation and death). In this remembrance of who we are as a “Son of God” we’ve returned home from our prodigal journey (Journey is used to reveal the Light in such a way that only darkness can reveal), and we are one with our Father.

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