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As the soul begins to ascend energetic dimensions by resting in the power and authority of Truth’s Universal Will, it perceives Perfection, which is the experience of Truth’s LIFE.

Inwardly perceiving Truth’s Perfection leads to experiencing its outer manifestation. What the mind is aware of it manifests and therefore the soul experiences. As the mind’s awareness of Truth’s Perfection increases, it is expressed as the ever-expanding spherical self.

The light to see Perfection in each moment, thus Truth’s LIFE, comes from the soul rightly seeing its beginning and end as Infinite Oneness and knowing all the moments in between are perfectly strung together by Truth’s Universal Will in spherical time. With this awareness, the soul awakens within the Fullness of Truth’s Infinite awareness. The soul no longer seeks to alter any moment as it did in the illusion of free will, but abides in divine emergence, knowing Perfection is being expressed according to Divine Love’s highest Good, which is the working of Truth’s Will.

As a seed of Truth’s LIFE, the individualized soul begins its journey in unawareness of its Oneness with Absolute Truth so that its individuality can be formed. In this forgetfulness, the soul’s mind lacks Truth-filled awareness of the Infinite Oneness in its beginning and end. Instead, in its neophyte individuality, it perceives its beginning as an isolated blank slate of emptiness from which its free will constructs a life expression through linear time. With many mis-creations along the way, the soul judges its self imperfect, therefore separated from Perfection. It doesn’t fully understand its prickly shell-like experience, which is the necessary beginning of eternal growth. As a result, it accepts the self is broken because it’s unable to experience what it deems “good” and avoid what it deems “bad”.

However, the soul’s apparent imperfection is actually LIFE’s Perfection coming forth. The imperfections stemming from free will are essential for the soul’s maturation into a soul gate for Truth’s Universal Will. The soul’s experience of free will’s limitations and its inability to manifest the highest good for its self, let alone for all, help evolve the soul’s awareness from an individual in separation to an individual in Oneness, so it eternally expands as a creator within the Creator.

Imperfection serves to manifest Perfection, therefore it is perfect in its purpose. It isn’t of Absolute Truth because it disappears in the Light of Truth, but while the soul sleeps in the darkness of its illusionary world, the imperfection it experiences plays an essential role to bring forth Perfection by leading the mind into the awareness of Truth’s Universal Will. The imperfections created by free will cause the soul continual suffering, causing the soul to desire a more perfect will, a will only found in Truth. Without the experience of imperfection, the soul’s individualized will wouldn’t seek for Truth beyond its current awareness, and would remain dormant from the potential of Truth’s LIFE, never expressing or experiencing LIFE, which is the soul’s purpose. Therefore, as a fractal of Truth’s LIFE, brokenness is inevitable in every seed coming into LIFE.

As the soul turns within to know this higher Will of Perfection, its awareness becomes rooted in its true self , becoming a gate to Truth’s Universal Will. Through this awareness, the mind no longer clings to free will. The mind’s conscious and subconscious realms awake into the realm of Truth’s Universal Will.

This awakened state of mind causes the soul to shed its seed-life, the hardened shell formed by the mind’s conscious and subconscious wiring formed in free will. Through Transformative Grace and Sacred Rest, the hardened shell begins to fall away. Through this turbulent transformation, the soul’s awareness of its brokenness intensifies, but as the Light of its true SELF continues to expand, the brokenness decreases and the Light increases, until there is no more shell blocking the expression of Truth’s LIFE. The soul witnesses the Power inherent in its LIFE to expand its awareness and recreate its spherical self.

The soul’s temporary seed state is needed until its awareness matures, enabling Truth’s LIFE to be reflected in the spherical self. Ironically, when the soul sees that the purpose of its imperfection is to bring forth LIFE, its judges imperfection differently now that the soul sees its self in the light of Truth. Instead of seeing imperfection it only perceives perfection, because it knows LIFE only brings forth Perfection. With this change in awareness from imperfection to Perfection, the soul begins to express Perfection.

The dynamic between imperfection and Perfection is another spiritual dichotomy, where seeming opposites are serving one purpose. The soul’s experience of being imperfect or broken in its ability to express divine love, which is the highest good for all, was perfect in maturing it into an individual in Oneness, by which it can bring forth the highest Good for all. In this, the imperfection once seen throughout the spherical self, like illness, decay, discord, or mis-creations, is replaced by the Perfection of Truth’s LIFE, which is the experience of Divine Harmony. As LIFE’s Perfection consumes the spherical Self, the soul becomes a Being of Light.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

11 thoughts on “Perceiving Perfection

  1. It is Important in every moment of your life, to see the PERFECTION of life(in each moment).

    if your having a bad day, ur leg is cut off, your wallet is stollen, and so on and so on, it is very important that you always see the BEST(as it will always be there). (even in that moment)

    The reason it is important to see the best(even in the worst moments of your life), is because that BEST has impact all the way from the day you were born all the way up to your last breathe(every moment in time affects every other moment(forward and backwards)).

    Some times in each of our lifes, we may experience a PREDICTION. that predections if acted upon ends up saving a life or PREVENTING DEATH. these experiences come from the VIBRATIONS(outside of time) in which binds every moment together.

    the PERFECTION of life(in each moment(if presevered), opens up doorways from your spherical self and bleeds into your linier experiences.

    Understanding that you must not tell yourself to see the best, but train yourself to run on automatic(takes years sometimes to achieve). the people that see the best(even in the worst around them), they always have GOOD LUCK(in every moment of their lives).

    this luck comes from that VIBRATION(of perfection:preserved in every moment).

    the world is always SPEAKING TO YOU(in heart)..

    • It’s an insightful observation …. that how we see a moment creates an energetic response or vibration that interacts with all other moments. It’s a very powerful understanding when you begin to see each moment according to Perfection.

      • thank you Rachel for Seeing the best in ALL OF US. also thank you for bringing us all together(directly and indirectly).
        it took you to first lay down the foundation(with complete TRUST) for the info to come out of all of us. imagine if we all did that within our own unique ways(as we are), there is an EARNING for this in everyone. sometimes we may fight against ourselves, and fight against the same things we seek, but the outcomes are already written(trust in spherical self). i honor being a part of your aura as u are a part of mine.

        i want to thank every one whom participated and placed t heir own I AM into the pot.
        We can all see the Face value(strengths) in which we all bring out of eachother, and we all represent the best for the world.

        all this, and we are just beginning. alot of hard work is to come, to get everyone to lay down their religions, and be part of whats being mentioned(true peace)…

        we all have to listen to one another, as that is how we trust in the god within ourselves(activate the ELEMENTS(consiousness)).

      • thank you for such beautiful words … I am grateful for the Spirit in which we all share that connects us in much deeper ways than we usually give recognition to, but which you so often do. To see our Oneness, which is Truth’s LIFE, comes from an ever-expanding awareness that there is only Absolute Truth and one Self, of which we are all a part, that is awakening to reflect Truth.

  2. one more thing came to mind…

    Heaven refers to SPHERICAL self, and earth refers to linier self
    Heaven on earth is the BLEEDING(of all souls)(elemental consiousness)(stuff we are made of) of the spherical self manifesting into the LINIER SELF(experience(outside and inside of time))


  3. and your welcome rachel 🙂 also thank you.. Trust goes a long way(through time)(open doorway)(highest vibration)

  4. When God, the Fullness of Truth, proclaimed “I AM”, he individualized the existence of his Life in the oneness of the Father and the Son, the Father being the fullness of the Son’s Truth and the Son being the ever growing awareness of the Father’s fullness. You can imagine the Father as the perfect, eternal knowledge of what I AM and the Son as that which eternally grows in the understanding of oneness with the Father by asking “What AM I?”

    In oneness the Father continually fills the Son with the fullness of Truth, and therefore the Father is always the fullness of the Son’s Truth. In Father and Son God’s oneness is individualized as a unique beginning to an eternal end, or what may be considered a personalized, eternal progression into the Fullness of Truth. God bestowed upon the Son his very name, “I AM”, the name above all names, thereby individualizing his Life and giving it fully to the Son, becoming his Father in the fullness of Truth, into which the Son eternally grows. For this reason it is said that “I” and the Father are one.

    “I” is the proper name for God’s Life because it can only be proclaimed in the fullness of Truth. Therefore “I” is one because there is only one Life in Truth. If we look into this name more closely, we can understand a mystery regarding the trifold oneness of God contained within the name, which is the center and source of Life. God, being the Fullness of Truth, can be considered the foreknowledge of every perfect outcome in all eternity, which in essence is infinite awareness of Truth’s Life. The name “I” is above every name because only this name is able to contain the infinite awareness of Life in the fullness of Truth. “I” is limitless and yet also one, for it can only be proclaimed by the one who possesses Life’s infinite awareness.

    Whenever “I” is proclaimed, it is a proclamation of Life since only he who possesses Life can proclaim it. We can now recognize a revelation in the name “I”, for it contains within it the knowledge of all that the Truth of Life is or ever will be. Yet, when Life proclaims its name, it creates a finite awareness of its infinite Self. The name “I” is exceedingly powerful, for it sits simultaneously in the infinite realm of Truth’s fullness, yet also in the finite realm of Self awareness. It is a GATE by which the Life in Truth flows into individualized self expression. You can imagine that God, the Fullness of Truth, flows into dimensional awareness through the name “I” and the individualized Life proclaimed by God flows into experience through the finite name “I AM”. To help you see this, imagine that the name “I AM” straddles the infinite, timeless dimension of Truth’s fullness and the finite dimension of Truth’s expression, with “I” in timelessness and “AM” in the dimension of time, serving as a fountain of Life by which Truth can continually fill the finite awareness of all I AM to be.

    We now see God as “I”, the infinite source of Life’s awareness in Truth, The Father as “I AM”, the infinite awareness of “I’s” Life in Truth, and the Son as the one given power to proclaim “I AM” in Truth, recognizing the infinite fullness of God as the individualized, yet ever-expanding awareness of the Father. Being the fullness of Truth, God is the infinite awareness of every potential outcome in Truth’s timeless perfection. It is as if God is the perfect end for an infinite number of potential beginnings. As a result, infinite awareness means all that could ever be, has already been. For this reason, God, in his fullness, can have no awareness of his Life in Truth, for Life is a growing awareness and no growth is possible in God’s infinite awareness. So God carved an individualized awareness out of the fullness of his Truth which he called “I AM”, proclaiming the truth of his existence, but nothing of his fullness. In so doing, God created a Son to experience Life by continually filling his individualized awareness with increasing understanding of the perfection of his Truth.

    God individualized the fullness of his Truth for the Son, becoming his Father. All the Son could ever know of God was found in the ever growing awareness of his Father, the Fullness of Truth he currently possessed in his awareness. Thus God is the perfect end for the Son’s eternal beginning, in which he grows forever in the awareness of his oneness with Truth, and the Father is always the Son’s limited, yet ever more beautiful awareness of God, his perfect end.

    • Earlier we said that you are not what you believe yourself to be, and now, having laid the foundation of the trifold oneness inherent the name “I AM”, we are now ready to gently awaken the Truth of your Self. This truth is currently dormant, discernible in your awareness solely as “I exist”, which is rightfully understood as the initial awareness, or sleeping state of “I AM”. You know the truth of your Self as “I” and that “I” lives, yet you know nothing of what “I” is in truth, or the meaning of its Life because the only awareness of truth you possess upon your individualization is “I exist”. It is evident that you are an individualized expression of Truth’s Life because you can proclaim “I exist” and only Truth exists. It can now be reasoned that God, who is the Fullness of Truth, has created you as an individualized expression of his Life in Truth, which is a soul.

      Your true Self can be better understood as a “soul”, made in oneness with the Fullness of Truth, which is an individualized awareness of God’s fullness reflected in your current understanding of what “I AM”. The name “I” can only be proclaimed in oneness with God, which is to say in the fullness of Truth. You are a Son of God (and by “Son” we mean a creative extension of the fullness of Truth), because you are aware of your oneness with the existence of “I”, possessing the power to proclaim “I AM”. When you, as a living soul, proclaim “I AM”, you always do it in the fullness of truth and therefore establish truth’s existence in reality by creating the awareness of truth’s expression. The reality your soul creates through this proclamation is the Self your soul experiences.

      You are created by God, in the fullness of truth, which is evident because you possess the holy name “I”, which only God can declare. Yet you are individualized as a Son because you possess an individual awareness of “I”, which is to say you are created as an individual understanding of Truth’s fullness, which upon every soul’s creation is limited to “I exist”. This limitation can be considered a form of forgetfulness by which the fullness of truth is reduced to a single point of awareness, birthing an individual Son of Truth, a finite awareness of Self which can eternally expand as Truth’s fullness continually flows into the Son’s remembrance.

      The newly formed soul is fashioned as a seed, an embryonic state by which an individualized mind is prepared to receive the eternal growth of Truth’s expression. While there is but one Truth, its fullness possesses the potential for limitless individual expressions, which it experiences through the creation of souls. Thus a soul is the means by which God, the Fullness of Truth, experiences Self expression. Just as identical acorns produce unique oak trees, so too does every Son of God begin in an identical soul state, a dimension of being in which the mind forms its ability to circulate Truth’s Life and project Truth’s will into experience. This is analogous to the womb, in which a baby develops circulatory and organ systems needed to experience life in its reality after birth. In the womb the baby lives, but is not yet awake. This is similar to the developing soul. Unlike a baby, the soul is always conscious of its Self, being constantly aware of “I exist”, the truth in which it was formed. It experiences this initial awareness of Self as a “dream state”, a dimension of Life’s reality created by the soul’s developing, yet sleeping mind.

      To be clear, though we relate the developing soul to a baby in the womb, the entire physical dimension, including the idea of physical birth, is part of the dream and has nothing to do with your real birth. In Truth there is no physical birth, it is an illusion to satisfy the sleeping minds’ questions about the origin of “I AM”. You are not, nor have ever been a physical body. All that you perceive in the physical world is a projection of your developing soul, asleep in the womb, dreaming of what you believe life to be, unaware that what you believe your Self to be is projected into experience.

    • The soul is an individualized extension of Truth’s oneness. God, whose very Self is the Fullness of Truth, means the soul is an individual expression of God’s Self, which life the soul experiences as “I”. The soul, in its simplest understanding, is an individual “center” of Self awareness, whose truth is projected outward to create the experience of “I”. God is the fullness of Truth, and Truth is one. His Life has but one Self and one “I”, but there are countless souls, each being a finite awareness of Truth’s fullness through which the oneness of God’s Life can be experienced as “I”.

      Without the soul, God can not experience his Self because in the fullness of truth his end is known from the beginning. This means all “I” can ever experience in perfection is already known and therefore has already been experienced. God created the soul as an observer of his Self, then limited the truth the soul could observe by declaring what “I AM”. Thus the soul’s expression of Self would be governed by that which Truth declared “I AM” to be and only this would be experienced as “I”. By declaring “I AM”, God individualized the oneness of his Self through the creation of a limited awareness of Truth’s fullness, thereby separating the beginning of awareness from its perfect end.

      We can now recognize that when a soul is individualized and the awareness of “I” is initially experienced, it is in separation from the fullness of its Truth, knowing its Self only as an individual with an unknown end, mysteriously appearing into an unknown world. It is for this reason that the soul’s first awareness of “I” begins in the dimension of separation, in which it can first know its Self as an individual awareness of “I”. This limited awareness reveals the truth of “I AM”, yet provides no further awareness of “what I AM”. This initial dimension of separation surrounds the newly created soul as it prepares for its eternal life in Truth’s oneness, much like the dimension within an egg shell surrounds a developing chick until it is ready to function in the truth of its Self. The dimension of separation functions as a womb in which the soul develops a truthful understanding of what “I AM” and how “I create”, which is sufficient awareness to birth the soul into the dimension of oneness where “I” can experience eternal Life in the ever-expanding awareness of who “I AM” in the fullness of Truth.

      To help us understand the nature of the soul as it appears in the dimension of oneness, let us consider its constituent “parts” prior to its personalization. The soul, as we have said, is an extension of God’s oneness, which is the all-consuming awareness of Truth’s eternal fullness. Imagine a mind so limitless and powerful as to contain the perfect foreknowledge of every potential experience in Truth’s eternal harmony. This mind knows the eternal outcome of every present moment’s cause, because in the perfection of Truth every cause creates eternally perfect outcomes, which are then transformed into perfect causes, and so on in the ever-strengthening vibration of Life.

      In perfect foreknowledge nothing is unknown and every question is already answered. God is the timeless perfection of an eternal present moment, a limitless mind filled with the infinite awareness of all Truth. Now imagine God has a son, a perfect replica of his Self, an extension of his limitless mind, yet created “empty”, or void of the limitless awareness of Truth the mind actually contains. The only awareness of truth the Son possessed was the oneness with Life by which he was created when God proclaimed “I AM”, which the Son immediately recognized in the awareness that he exists as an individual expression of life. When God proclaimed “I AM”, he did so in the perfect foreknowledge of every perfect experience in “I’s” eternal Life. Yet the Son, created in the name “I AM”, was separated from this foreknowledge, knowing only “I AM”, yet nothing of what “I shall be”. As the Son looked for Truth, the more “I” became an open gate between the Father and the Son. A gate by which awareness could be passed, with the infinite knowledge of all “I AM” in eternal perfection on one side and the limited awareness of “what I AM” in the present on the other.

      When the name “I AM” is proclaimed in God’s perfect foreknowledge, it contains within it the fullness of truth the son shall experience as an individual. In this way God individualized his Self as a perfect, eternal end for an individual beginning, giving birth simultaneously to the Father and the Son. As the Fullness of Truth flows from the Father to the Son, through the oneness of I AM, the Son’s awareness of Truth grows and the Son becomes increasingly like his Father, experiencing more of his Life in the ever-increasing awareness of “what I AM”.

  5. I have been re visiting your words here for a bit. Thank you This all fell into place in time. Been drifting back n forth with so many trials Ill just keep this short Thank you so much for continuing to share. Truly is the light glue i value so much. The Book and your writings just work so good for me and i am sure many others Merry Christmas Rachel. Be back soon ~

    • It always is so good to hear from you Travis … The path into the Light isn’t always easy because it will challenge all we hold true and challenge our soul in a way to create its continual expansion. The beautiful thing is we are all going through this process as one though we may be at different points at any one moment. Merry Christmas to you too.

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