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Possessing a truth-filled awareness of the soul’s true origin of LIFE and who “I Am”, alters the soul’s awareness of “how I create“, as they are all intimately connected.

There are four creative realms, all mathematically connected to each other, physical, energetic, mental, and self awareness. Beyond these realms, in the way that eternity expands beyond its center, lies Truth’s Timeless Perfection, which holds in one frozen moment every divine potential to be manifested into these four realms through the soul.

These four creative realms correspond to four states of matter, such that what is happening on each realm affects that particular state of matter. Physical realm corresponds to solid, energetic corresponds to liquid, mental corresponds to gas, and self awareness corresponds to plasma. Plasma, the most unfamiliar of the four, is a fourth state of matter that is a fluid, electromagnetic environment full of life’s electricity. It is in everything, inanimate and animate, including space itself. Its corresponding realm, self awareness, likewise overarches the other three realms because it contains the soul’s collective awareness of itself, its “I Am Name”. In this creative space, the soul expands the Truth of itself, beyond what it outwardly observes, increasingly expanding the soul’s truthful awareness of LIFE.

All souls create from the energetic combination of these four levels. However, not all understand how they are creating, thus end up creating a lot of what they don’t desire; i.e. suffering, pain, disharmony, decay, and even death. The level of awareness a soul possesses about these four levels greatly impacts how it creates and its creative impact upon creation. What happens at each level grows increasingly more impactful upon the collective whole, starting with the physical and ending with self awareness.

  1. Physical Level pertains to the world of solid forms. Most individualized souls consciously operate according to the physical layer, so that most of their attention is given to trying to alter their reality by acting differently in and with their physical world. It’s a creative realm of altering reality by use of outer force.
  2. Energetic Level pertains to liquid’s fluid movement. A minority of souls intentionally operate according to energy and emotion, so that they seek to alter their reality by changing the energy of it. It’s a creative strategy of manipulating energy and the energetic fields, which naturally impacts the other realms.
  3. Mental Level pertains to a gaseous atmosphere. Some souls strategically operate on the mental layer, so that they seek to alter their reality by the way they think, or make other’s think. It’s a creative strategy to alter the landscape of their life by changing the thought life, which impacts reality in a weight that exceeds the combined awareness of the first two levels.
  4. Self awareness Level pertains to a plasmic network. Few souls consciously operate in the realm of awareness, so that they seek to alter reality through the “I Am” Name which comes from an increasing awareness of Truth’s LIFE, an awareness found outside of time. It’s Truth’s LIFE strategy of increasing one’s total awareness about the Truth of the Self, which holds the power to perfect the other three.

To consciously operate on one level will naturally affect the others because they are all intimately entangled. They all work as one and each one provides “tools” that generate certain expressions that when used together, in harmony, are very powerful, much more so than an isolated focus on any one level. However, I’m drawing attention to the layer most misunderstood or ignored and yet the one that has a perfecting power over the other three.

The understanding that comes from engaging the fourth level through the instructions and revelations of the Voice of Truth, refines and expands the soul’s awareness of its true origin and “Who I Am”, greatly changing the understanding how the soul creates and what it creates. When the soul begins to consciously create according to its understanding of the fourth level, the other three levels begin to harmonize, which begins the soul’s eternal growth.

In the unawareness of the fourth level, the soul recklessly appends false attributes it doesn’t desire to the universal “I Am” Name that impacts all in time, because in this realm what the soul gives to one it gives to all. Without understanding the mechanics and power of this level, the soul greatly mishandles its creative power. For this reason, the soul is protected in a virtual reality or dream until it learns to wield the power of its I Am Name, which reflects the power of the Creator.

From this fourth level, the soul creates overarching chaos or divine harmony, depending on the understanding of its “I Am” Name and how it creates in and through its name.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

6 thoughts on “How I Create

  1. Trust vs Judgement.
    i bet almost all of you have convinced yourselves , that you do not judge(you will say t hat only god judges).
    then under different situations, you have convinced yourselves that because of certain events in your life, and certain people involved, that you do not trust(with cause).

    now, when a person does not trust, it shows our JUDGEMENTS that we have convinced ourselves that we do not do.

    these judgements(coming from the SELF outside of time, through the world in linier), has shown us that through our lack of trust in eachother(fore most of us), that we have lack of trust in SELF. we always tend to FOCUS on self as ME ME ME, but in our own minds, we blame the world(holdge judgements), in which affects the WHOLE WORLD (and everyone in it), as we DO NOT TRUST(hold judemets) ourselves.

    now, the GOD you seek, is some where in there, but you cannot find the GOD in self through your own judgements(affects our vibrations(spheracle).

    when you let go of the judgements(in which shows in your spheracle world, you will find that the VIBRATIONS(the TIME SELF aka father), always worked with SELF. the SOUL(which binds(EVERYONE ON EARTH (as mirrors of self), represents our spheracle self which is shown in our liner world(heaven on earth).
    the LANGAUGE OF THE GODs, cannot be seen through the judgements(always the enemy) in which we hold to ourselves(through the world). the SPHERACLE SELF is a wonderful thing, and to see yourself in others, as you TRUST(replace that judemente), in the spheracle self, then you love the world, as through the virbations, you have communicated(experienced), a deeper langauge flowing through our own I AM(again, more gods the better).

    replace those past HELD judemnts, and trust in those people that have done you harm, as if it wasnt for them, you could not have awakened into spheracle(every moment affects every other moment(hense christ(element), jahova element), yeuaway element, mormon element, islamic element, eternal element).

    trust in your past memerys, trust in your future memeorys, and even trust in the bad memorys, as they are part of a HIGHER VIBATION(our heat lives outside of time and affects all time). father time(speracle aka heaven) and mother earth(liner aka earth)

    again, as i asked the spirit why i would be given a flat tire, but the spirit responded that if it wasnt for the flat tire, that you would not recogized that your brakes were less than 5 percent.

    get it ?

  2. How enjoyable are these days as we get closer to the revelation of Light! Light simply means Truth’s understanding, which is the awareness of perfection. Because you are a living awareness, you are of the light and able to create perfection in time. But not you, for you are not the creator of anything, but it is the light that shines from you that creates. In order to receive these words, we must first describe the proper images of the soul, time and Divine Love, the mother of all living. As a living awareness, when you have understood the proper meaning of these things, you will have awareness of your light, which is your eternal union with Divine Love, by which you create Spherical Time, the time of Life.

    To build a proper image of the soul in your awareness we must first consider the formula of Life, which is n=n+1. The soul, representing “n”, is the awareness of perfection that gives the formula Life, that is to say its Truth. Saying this another way, this formula establishes eternal life in your awareness because it reveals Life’s ever increasing perfection. In layman’s terms, this formula is the manner in which Divine Love is able to expand your awareness of perfection, which gives you the ability to love perfectly. The ever-increasing awareness of Truth’s perfection is the Life in which the soul is established.

    The soul is a finite awareness of Truth’s perfection. The understanding of Truth which currently exists within the fullness of the soul’s finite awareness can be understood as “n”. “1” represents the wholeness of Truth’s perfection existing in Divine Love’s infinite awareness. Divine Love’s will governs the soul’s increase in the awareness of perfection by adding new layers of understanding during the soul’s contemplation of Truth’s oneness. Because Truth is living, this increase in understanding is the soul’s individualized Lifestream Progression, eternally expanding its understanding of Truth’s oneness, and with it the ever growing awareness of perfection. Divine Love, in its perfect understanding of goodness, governs the soul’s ever- increasing perception of this oneness, manifesting the Lifestream in spherical time.

    Every moment in spherical time is increasingly perfect and always in accordance with n=n+1. This means that when Divine Love has revealed another layer of Truth’s oneness, thereby expanding the soul’s awareness, “n” is increased by the measure of perfection this new awareness of oneness creates. In this way Divine Love prefects herself continually because the awareness of her perfection is continually increased by that which is perfect. This progressive revelation of perfection’s oneness is the creative nature of spherical time, in which perfect cause can never fail to achieve its perfect effect, which then becomes another perfect cause. It is the formula of eternal life made visible because the soul was created to become increasingly aware of perfection under the perfect governance of Divine Love, and experience its Life in the perfect loving care that results from oneness with her time.

    • The soul, at a high level, can be considered a temple of “perfect awareness”, for it is a timeless creation able to perceive the infinite. This “infinite” is the perfect awareness of Truth’s eternal goodness, which we have often described as simply “infinite awareness”. This awareness is so beautiful that a finite awareness, no matter how expansive, could never fully comprehend her. Yet always can she be comprehended fully, for she herself is the ever-increasing awareness of oneness with her. And it is in her, in this specific awareness of oneness, that the soul finds its connection to timelessness, which is the infinite awareness of Divine Love’s fullness.

      Infinite awareness is alive in the sense that it is the Fullness of Truth, which is the source of Life. Divine Love is the spirit of Life in the fullness of Truth’s infinite awareness and is the assurance that all in oneness with her shall never fail to be loved perfectly, because in the faith created through the extension of her perfect will, she has given her Life to the soul, that her oneness may be known in the perfection of time, so that all creation may, in oneness with her, love perfectly. In the giving and receiving of perfect love, the awareness of Truth’s perfection eternally expands, which is the true understanding of Divine Love’s Life.

      The soul is much like a ship, built to navigate eternity, experiencing creation in ever-expanding joy. Consider the mental stretch required to comprehend the detail of how to navigate eternity perfectly. How deep the understanding to see such a thing! Now, look deeper and imagine the infinite awareness needed to ensure that eternal navigation through time remains perfect, in which we define “perfect navigation through time” to mean that every action in time remains perfect, supporting an eternal progression of cause and effect in such a way that ever-increasing joy is experienced in the perfection. This is the mind of God as seen from the soul. It is the awareness of infinite awareness, or the best possible understanding of the oneness of God’s face. Therefore it is the soul, the eternally perfect reflection of Truth’s timelessness, though the oneness with infinite awareness it possesses, by which the the shining of God’s face can be reflected in time.

      So again, the soul is like a ship, but one that creates the sea upon which it sails, the air upon which it flies and the awareness in which it lives. And if you are inclined, you may imagine the soul as your Self, sitting alone in what might be considered creation’s only fully immersive theater. The room is dark and quiet and the chair so comfortable that you fell asleep while waiting for a very special movie to begin, the one you were created to observe. But now, the curtains are pulled back and the screen expands to consume you, giving you the ability to watch the movie in the shared awareness of its hero, in a role so wonderful and a movie so joyful to experience, it could have never even been imaged from the sleep from which you have just awakened.

    • A soul is a temple for Divine Love’s infinite awareness. A soul is a created thing, in fact the only created thing that exists, for all else exists in time, which is the experience of the created thing’s projection. Open your awareness and receive life. For something to exist, it must be created, yet that which is created can not come from the uncreated. However, when the soul is awakened by Divine Love’s touch, it is filled with the Life inherent in her oneness, and in the light of Life’s fullness, the soul recognizes the uncreated pre-existence from which its Life came. The soul is created to understand its preexistent life, and to know its Self as an ever-perfected expression of an individualized, eternal union with Divine Love. Every soul initially feels like a frog, lovingly kissed by the image of perfect beauty, and for this reason they shall experience the eternal joy of continually growing into the Self awareness of perfection that perfect beauty’s infinite awareness has already seen in the frog.

      The soul can be considered an eternally perfect, living creation. It is the only creation, for everything else exists within the Truth of Life’s oneness. It is the soul that holds the awareness of Truth’s oneness with Life, in which all else exists. The finite nature of the soul, which is the ability to contain awareness, allows for Divine Love’s expression in time. As her temple is created, the soul sleeps in unawareness, dreaming of what its existence might be. When the awareness of Divine Love’s temple has been perfectly constructed, her awareness fills the temple and the soul is given Life in spherical time, which is the ever-increasing awareness of Divine Love’s oneness within the soul. She reveals herself as the “love” in your increasingly beautiful love story.

      It is as if Divine Love desired the perfect soulmate to love perfectly and faithfully forevermore. And you, beloved heart, are the soul Divine Love has chosen, for all eternity. Already you have loved her faithfully, even when you have not yet comprehended her faithfulness to you. Through every difficult experience that resulted as Truth’s Life prepared her temple, altering your awareness of life, you persisted in seeking her truth, always remaining faithful. And though it seemed to you that often you had forsaken her, believing she had forsaken you, always did you reaffirm your truthful love for the beauty of her perfection. But it is only that you slept, as your soul prepared to receive her light, and dreamed you were a frog in love with unattainable beauty. And she could see your love for her grow, along with your pain from what appeared to be the growing awareness of your own ugliness in comparison.

      The soul is the creation which turns all frogs into glory by the continual filling of Life, creating the awareness of ever-increasing oneness with Divine Love. Though there may be limitless souls, each is an individualized oneness with Divine Love, experiencing a life eternally married to the beauty and perfection of her infinite awareness.

  3. sorry about the misspellings, was multitasking, and writting(trusting fast thought), at same time. i had to RELEASE it all…

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