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We are beautifully and wonderfully made and it’s our divine purpose to express the unexpressed Perfection of Life in endless arrays of beauty, magnificence, and joy for the highest Good of ALL. Together, as we push through the darkened shell of the false self, this Life finds expression through us. Through awareness of our true I Am Presence and the mind’s ability to embrace this Presence and project its radiance outward, the sleeping mind’s darkened images of the false self fade. The journey of enlightenment, in which we gain the deep understanding of who we are and how we create, awakens our inherent power to manifest Life’s Perfection, our true reflection.

We dreamed we were separate and alone. But in Truth, we are one with the Mighty I Am Presence. It’s our ever-deepening understanding of this Truth that reveals a reality of divine attributes, awakening us from our nightmare of suffering, pain and isolation.

The Source of our being, which is unexpressed Life, is an infinite, timeless realm of Absolute Truth. This Life holds every divine potential and its Will is the orchestrating power that harmonizes these divine potentials. The energetic composition of this Source is the Mighty I AM Presence, which an individualized mind can only comprehend as its infinitely Higher Self. It is the means by which unexpressed LIFE (the essence of God) is expressed and experienced.

Each one of us is an individualized, immortal fractal of this Presence, which can be understood as a “soul” possessing a personalized I Am expression and experience. This personalization within the One allows for Absolute Truth’s divine attributes to be experienced. Each individualized soul is a point of awareness within the Mighty I Am Presence. From each soul’s unique perspective Absolute Truth creates an individualized outer expression that allows for the giving, receiving and expansion of the divine attributes, so that Life has perpetual motion, expressing its attribute of being Alive.

The soul exists to manifest what is held in timeless Perfection into the experience of ever-expanding growth and joy. The soul has three significant components; the source of Life, the creation of Life, and Life expressed (i.e. father, mother, child). Because the soul sits as a gate connecting the uncreated with the created, within its makeup it holds the infinite, the finite, and the creative power so that one reflects the other, creating one harmonious unit. Imagine the soul as a spherical gate. One half of the sphere extends into the Source of Living Truth, continually growing in oneness with the realm of Absolute Truth’s limitless divine potential.

The other half of the sphere is the mind’s finite and ever-expanding awareness of Truth’s expression. Its finite, yet ever-expanding nature enables the continual expression of Truth’s infinite potentials into a realm of time and space, so they can be experienced. The infinite space connecting the two halves is the realm of understanding. This is the space of interaction between Truth’s Infinite expanse and the mind’s finite awareness. In this multi-dimensional space divinity is transmuted into finite expressions and experiences. These three aspects form the soul-gate by which the unexpressed Life in timelessness is translated into expressed Life in spherical time.

Being beyond created form and yet also created, the soul is a cloud of energetic pulses, forming its individuality. This energetic field is a result of being a fractal of Life’s timeless, infinite realm of Truth. Because an individualized soul isn’t the source of Life but one with it, energy never disappears, it only changes in form. This energetic cloud is overlaid with the mind’s understanding, which determines the frequency, quality and nature of the energetic pulses, and form an energetic blueprint by which reality is architected. According to the mind’s understanding, it receives and transmits vibrations into reality, so that what occurs in the personalized soul impacts the one, united self. In this role as a creator within the Creator, creation experiences the energetic quality of our mind’s understanding.

Each individualized soul is a fractal of the Mighty I Am Presence yet to be awakened according to the perfect orchestration of Divine Will, so that the divine Presence can be expressed and experienced in the harmony of one Self. Through the increasing understanding of Truth’s absolute and timeless nature, our awakening begins. By the shining of Truth’s Living Light, all of reality begins to stir out of its deep sleep. As a result, everything of the dream begins to collapse and fall away, like the darkness at the rising of the Morning Star.

A Star is Born

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

43 thoughts on “Soul Gates

  1. as i was typing this morning. Being an Audio Video Editor within the Divine Editor(Our Creator) Needless to say WOW!!!!

    • We each have our individualized part to play in the united Self, and as we come together in understanding the nature of our true Self, beautiful harmony is created within and between us.

  2. Well written Rachel.

  3. Souls live outside of time(within the dvine called heaven) and affects all of time(the world is made of time). BEING doorways, heaven is sent THROUGH US..
    each and every life force(in which we are ,has all souls within them) becomes the MOVEMENT of all souls.

    each elemental makeup shows direction of every event on earth and is bound to our own IDENTITY(we are all ETERNAL brothers).
    As we are GIVING creatures, the ONE LORD is shared within all of us(highest vibration). the ETERNAL LAW that puts all this together is called “LAW OFDUPLICATION”(stealing meanings duplicating aka a good thing)

    again, we are ANNOINED with all souls. and to bring out the SOULS onto EARTH is to see yourself in ALL MEN…WE ALL BECOME ONE LORD(through every soul)… what that means is that the word LORD is a label in which through our own LANGUGE can u see the eternal through the WHOLE WORLD(again, we are all eternal brothers through our language)..

    by living through these laws, your own LANGUAGE represents the ETERNAL HEART(in which you will find christ/johova, yahwey, mohomad, islam(in thir original content).

    you become the content as you can see your SPIRIT in the whole world… the HEART is one of the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS to pay attention to. your heart(within your own langauge) determines the life’s experiences you will portray…

    Grace is the GIV ING that broke through the DARKNESS of relativity, and shows us our own heart on the other side of TIME, in which we all share within and witout time.

    it is within all souls that we share one ONE I AM…
    the world(paradice) reveals every aspect of all things possible(through the LIFE SHARED within the elemental force(just as you give smell/touch/see too the whole world…

  4. oh ya, and the only way to defeat satan(within ourselves) , is with unconditional love(for eachother)(one god)..

  5. Let us now imagine our branchless vine as perfect will, or what we have previously described as Life’s nonmaterial nature. Without branches our vine has no expression, just as perfect will has no expression without the Self. Yet, if perfect will possesses the full understanding of all that its Self shall ever be, why then does it need to be expressed? And if Self expression is a finite reflection of the infinite Self which preexists in perfect will, what benefit could there be for life to limit its Self to an expression which shall always be infinitely small relative to its preexistent Self? The answer, as we will come to understand, is so that Life may experience the joy of its perfect will.

    As we have earlier said, Life has two states of being in which it exists simultaneously, one nonmaterial and the other material. To clarify and shape our understanding, we labeled Life’s nonmaterial, or non-dimensional presence “perfect will” and we now label life’s material being “Self”. The Self is always one with perfect will because they are the same Life, yet in different states of being. Imagine an infinite expanse of water and the finite, intricate perfection of a snowflake. The water has within it the potential of every snowflake that is, was or ever shall be, whereas the individual snowflake is but the Self expression of water’s infinite potential.

    Life can be imagined as the infinite potential energy to express its Self, which is but the awareness of Life from within a dimensional plane. There is only one Life, but there are differing dimensional planes by which Life is experienced. The “movement” of Life from its non-dimensional, infinite state into a finite, dimensional state of being creates Self expression through the process of individualization, which is the mechanism by which Life experiences joy.

    To help your mind properly receive the critical understanding of individualization, let us look more deeply into the meaning of perfect will by continuing with our analogy of the vine as the nonmaterial, or non-dimensional nature of Life. When we say the vine is non-dimensional it means that all it was, is and shall be is preexistent. The vine, being void of all dimensionality, is beyond all conceptual recognition because it is the cumulation of its entire being in a single moment.

    Now look carefully, this reveals that Life, in its non-dimensional state, is eternally “frozen” in a single moment that contains all there ever was, is and shall be. There is no movement because there can never be anything new. All that ever will be, already is. In this understanding we recognize that while Life’s non-dimensional nature is infinite, containing all that shall ever be in eternity, it also reflects its finite nature in its singular, frozen, eternal instant. Thus to properly understand Life’s perfect will, which is the essence of its nonmaterial state of being, you must envision the vine as both finite and infinite at the same moment, while also recognizing that it is nonmaterial.

    As we shall see, this is not as difficult as it may appear.

    • When contemplating the perfect will of Life, it is evident we need to understand the nature of potentials and the way in which all that ever is, was and shall be can preexist simultaneously.

      Can you imagine the finite containing the infinite? You can when you lay aside your belief in forms and instead consider the nonmaterial notion of potentials. Let us consider the question in this way, what finite construct contains every potential that is, was and shall be expressed? Does anything come to mind?

      If we consider “potentials” possible outcomes and “construct” that which defines what is possible, we could rephrase the question like this, What preexistent, finite set defines all that could possibly be expressed? Now we can see how twelve notes of music contain the preexistent potentials for every measure of music that was, is and shall ever be expressed. We can see that 26 symbols contain the potential for everything written or yet to be written in the English language. And we recognize how the finite number of pixels on a computer screen contain the infinite potentials of all that was, is or shall ever be displayed upon it.

      Although we can now conceptualize the manner in which the finite can express the infinite, to observe perfect will we must take another step in our understanding. Imagine now a piano with its eighty-eight keys stretched out before you. Yet this is a very special piano in that the joy, peace and abundance you experience in life reflects the beauty of the music you are able to play upon it. If your sounds are discordant, your life will reflect it. However, if you are able to play harmonious melodies you will experience the harmony you create. Every possible outcome of experience is pre-existent within the piano’s keyboard.

      Imagine now that you have no understanding of music, yet you believe in the piano’s abilities and desire to experience its promises of abundant joy and peace. Enthusiastically you begin to play, creating the most awful noise, which the piano reflects back to you in the experience of suffering. Try as you might, nothing but chaos pours forth from the piano and into your life. You find this quite puzzling because you know the piano is the source of all that is good in life, but in your personal experience there is no end of trouble.

      After much effort, and corresponding experiences of suffering, you recognize you are unable, despite your highest intentions, to create the joy you so strongly desire. Though you will to have peace, as long as you lack understanding, what you will play is consistently disharmonious. One day you push back from the piano saying to yourself, “What is the difference between the dissonant sounds I make and the harmonious melodies that will create my peace? I must grow in the understanding of harmony’s nature so that I can reflect my understanding into experience.”

      As you begin to seek the workings of harmony you discover something very curious. In order to create beautiful music, harmony declares that you must not play certain notes, and those you can play must be according to very specific rules. Harmony demands obedience to its law, else you will play disagreeably and suffer the consequences in your experience.

      Learning that harmony’s law greatly limited the freedom to play according to your own desire did not sit well with you. Harmony appeared oppressively demanding, even imposing its own will above your own. “Harmony seeks to limit my freedom,” you say after much consideration, “I can gain nothing from these oppressive laws. Therefore I will no longer seek anything from them and will instead make the effort and learn to play beautiful music, playing any notes I desire, free and without limit.”

      And so it goes that lacking understanding, but with an abundance of musical freedom, you set about learning to play music, determined to create something beautiful. You bang upon the keys, the awful sounds continually manifesting painful consequences in your life, until you discover quite by accident, a beautiful sound that goes forth to create a brief reflection of joy. “Now that’s the thing!” you say proudly. Yet, lacking the understanding of what you’ve done, you are unable to build upon it and fall back into dissonance, once again filling your experience with tribulation.

      “You seem more a source of trouble than a promise of peace,” you say directly to the piano. “Though I have worked hard, and believed in your promises, I have continually suffered one trouble after another. My joy is fleeting and the beautiful sounds I play are limited because no matter my effort, I can not avoid playing sour notes. Though I have the freedom to play any notes I desire, I now realize there are some notes I do not desire to play because they create suffering in my life. Yet all the notes appear similar, and how to avoid the sour notes I do not understand. I will once again seek to grow in my understanding of harmony’s nature so that I can discover how to avoid these undesired, disharmonious notes and eliminate suffering from my experience.”

      And it is here that you are struck by a revelation. Having experienced the reality of being able to freely play any note, you realize that the joy you desire you can not attain, but the disharmony you do not desire you create continually. Harmony’s laws are not demands, but rather the understanding necessary in order to play without creating disharmony, and in this we see the meaning of perfect will.

      • I LOVE this analogy … it paints an incredibly helpful word picture. It’s powerful in what this understanding of Perfect Will allows the mind to create, it’s illuminating in bringing forth this understanding to the mind, and it’s clarifying as my mind’s eye looks upon the Truth reflected in your words. Thank you.

        As our understanding matures we see that the Divine Will brings about Truth’s harmonizing effect in our lives, giving us the experience of freedom to express and live out our truest desires.

      • So if someone says something that is not experiential for you, you see that as disharmony and walk away from the people who love you. Because you’re seeking for what is spiritual in your mind alone, you are left with an analogy, alone, like Rachel. You live out your desires never knowing God’s desires, or that all of these elements are in Jesus. Sitting at the piano, you have no idea who gave it to you or that it came from Him.
        This is Rachel loving her analogies and Thoughtware’s laboring to explain them.
        Continually pushing away the people that love them, watching the analogies fail, while the real love continues to flow to them. Jesus holding all of Thoughwares explanations in His hands while never knowing their source. Source is seeking them, while they turn away from the one who loves them.
        These are the people who love you, the one’s whom you cannot analyze and the God whom you cannot analyze.

      • its all about raising our VIBRATIONS. any thought in our head, is not in our head alone. it is shared within everyone as each person is a MANIFEST OF SELF(through heaven aka outside of time aka the HIGHEST VIBRATION in which we all share). THE whole WORLD turns by what we have in our heads(heaven on earth). the only negative information is that of which we have been t old by others who try to satisfiy something that isnt real through a religion. we forget the LIFE that we all share.
        JESUS never existed, but Jesus is a soul that our own identity(shared with EVERYONE combined) . this is where our strenghts come frome. remove the WORDING, ande listen the SOURCE OF THE WORDING instead(true heart). there are things WE SHARE. ALL GOD IS is that of which we ALL HAVE THAT IS THE SAME. this SAME of god in all of us is much more powerful than our own thoughts ALONE(creating seperation through law of oppsing forces aka THE LOW VIBRATION aka devil. every SOUL is part of who we all are, but we have to see those souls in eachother to bring out the HIGHEST vibration into the world(heaven on earth)..

        never look down on anyone. when you see them as being wrong, we tend to lower our own VIBRATION. none of us are alone. and what we see in others represent ourselves.

        get rid of the IDOLS.. even though christ as an example is NOT AN IDOL, christnas MAKE CHRIST INTO AN IDOL.
        the true jesus is part of who we all are(the high vibrations)..

        the world is awesome, our hearts are pure, and every event on earth shows our own heart to ourselves(all the vibrations).

    • You can now imagine the law of harmony as the perfect will for every expression of beautiful music. Within this law preexists every expression of harmony that was, is or shall be made. It is a finite law defining all that is harmonious, restricting the expression of infinite scores of dissonant melodies. The one who breaks this law by freely playing music according to the belief in a separate will, must experience the disharmony that results.

      As you grow in the understanding of harmony’s law, you discover the secret of the ages, divine will is actually your will because it creates all you desire and nothing you do not desire. The law of harmony is Life’s perfect will for you, because you are Life’s individualized expression. You can now imagine how all that brings you joy, and nothing else, pre-exists in Life’s perfect will.

      Let us now return to the vine as our analogy for Life’s perfect will, which can be considered Life prior to expression just as the law of harmony can be considered the pre-existence of all beautiful music. We can therefore also imagine the vine as the Living Law of Harmony, possessing all wisdom of that which promotes the joyful, ever-expanding experience of harmony, created by the expression of Life’s Living Law. Now look carefully, since perfect will is Life without expression, what is there of Life to experience the joys of its harmony? Moreover, since the experience of joy requires the expression of perfect will, yet perfect will is without expression, how can joy be experienced while remaining perfect will? The answer is found in the divine miracle of individualization.

      Individualization is not separation, but rather the extension of oneness into experience. The outer appearance world has deceived the mind into believing that separation is real because the mind seemingly perceives an infinite array of separate forms. It is better to understand your reality as individualized expressions of Life’s oneness, even as everything you physically see are individualized reflections of light’s oneness.

      The timeless, nonmaterial nature of Life is eternally without expression. Therefore to imagine Life you can picture “mind”, a Living Law that defines all that was, is and ever shall be expressed into being. Yet it is the Life in the Law that goes forth to form all that shall be. For example, imagine a skilled composer, who possessing full understanding of the laws of harmony, decides how the law will be expressed into individual scores of music. Every composition contains the fullness of the law, yet remains an individualized expression of the composer. Likewise we can consider the Living Law as the “mind of Life”, which pre-determines how its law will be expressed into individualized experience.

      When we consider the vine, let us now imagine it as the “Mind of Life”, comprising the Living Law of Harmony and the will that determines the manner in which its law shall be expressed. This will is “perfect” because its individualized branches of expression are always one with its Living Law, regardless of the moment any given branch was created. This means that the relationships between individualized branches will also reflect the law’s harmony, even when they are expressed countless moments apart. This oneness with the Living Law means that in perfect will whatever is created eternally supports all that shall ever be created, which is the meaning of divine harmony and the better understanding of divine Love.

      • Again, there is NO SATAN and no Jesus in any terms as you speak. i know what christ and satan are. they are the VIBRARIONS of ALL THAT IS, that BIND US TO EACHOTAHER. to get rid of satan, is to LOVE SATAN UNCONDITIONALLY. that is how you align wth the HIGH END OF THE LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES. since i am different than u, you will CREATE SATAN WITHIN ME(as you are the source of those voices(we all are)..

        instead of jesus loving me, i love YOU. as the JESUS YOU SPEAK OF is the highest vibration of which binds us ALL TOGETHER.

        in christianity, if you dont think like a christian, then you are considered aligned with SATAN. but satan is the LOW SIDE of the law of opposing forces in which TURNS THE LIVES OF CHRISTIANS. GOOD vs BAD is not right. instead of seeing through good vs bad, its HIGH END OF THE LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES vs THE LOW END OF THE LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES.

        when u create SATAN WITHIN ME, it affects everyone, including yourself.

        again. to rid satan and bring christ is to love satan within us all, and see satan and christ with HONORS(knowing that they are ONE AND THE SAME..(the only difference between satan and christ is the SIDE OF THE LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES).

        if you want to create satan within me, i may not let u down as we are ONE AND THE SAME. but i rather Live up to everyone’e expectaitons(within the highest honors), as that is how i give CHRIST TO YOU(we are all children of god).

        when you reject what i say, you are creating satan. and when i love you unconditionally, i take ur satan, and give you TWO CHRISTS(along side johova, and along side morman, and along side islam, and along side yaeway, and all other names)…

        EVERY NAME is a law. the defintion of BOOK is LAW.
        every christian(sorry to say), lives in death. i dont mean to say this in counter to your satan u create in me. its that i know what every bible is saying, and is proving to the world, and my own heart.

        The only way to have complete TRUST in christ is to have that same trust in me, and for me to have that same trust in u, and for all of us to have complete trust in eachother(everyone).

        but religion detours away from the TRUE KNOWLEDGE, as what u do affects everyone.

        you can only EXPERIENCE HEAVEN right NOW..
        when u die, your elemental makeup is COMPLETE(as you transition into other elements).

        every new born child can eather be born into heaven, or into hell. but heaven and hell and earth TAKE UP THE SAME SPACE.

        Heaven and hell live outside of time and is BOUND to our own heart.
        EARTH lives inside of time, and is subjected from HEAVEN/HELL(depending on our hearts as ONE COLLECTIVE BODY).

        if we use our religions to TURN AGAINST EACHOTHER, then one foot cant move in front of the other.
        our hands could not reach out in coordination with our EYES, and our minds cant be connected with THE ONE WE ALL SEE(arc of the covenant)..

        WE ARE MADE OF LOVE, and as you claim to be a christian, just like clockwork, you create SO MUCH SATAN in the world…

        we are BOUND to eachother, and we MUST BE THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS..

        LOVE is the smallest element that is in EVERY ELEMENT. every element in time and space is connected to all other elements in time and space(this is heaven on earth and SOURCE OF MANIFEST(true heart)

      • this message is for messiah

    • Our vine currently has no expression because it represents Life’s perfect will, the “mind” which determines, by the working of its law, which specific potentials shall be expressed into Life’s experience. We see therefore that without expression Life can not experience the harmony of its law. And since divine love is the joyful experience of the law between Life’s individualized expressions, our branchless vine can not experience joy because it has not expressed its Self.

      The vine can now be recognized as a “pre-existent” mind. It represents the infinite fullness of all Life shall ever be, contained within the living law that defines every potential Self expression, as well as the perfect will for ensuring the Self always experiences oneness with the law. In fact, the vine experiences nothing because nothing of the vine yet exists, meaning. The vine is Life before existence, being the pre-existent completeness of Self expression contained within the infinite potentials of its Law. Only Life’s expressed Self can experience the law of harmony.

      It is the vine’s will that determines the manner in which the law’s infinite potentials will be transformed into expression, creating a finite reflection of its Life, which becomes the vine’s individualized Self. When Life is transformed into a finite self expression, only then is it able to experience the harmony created through its law, which appears as joy, growth, peace and love for Life. Life needs a Self in order to experience the beauty of its Law, which it creates through “individualization”.

      Before any aspect of the vine is expressed, Life pre-exists as the law defining all it shall ever be and the will power to decide what it shall be in any given moment. We can summarize this by saying that Life’s pre-existent nature is the vine’s “mind”, and its existent nature is its expressed being, or what we have labeled the “Self”. Thus, individualization is the process by which the infinite mind assumes a finite expression in order that it may experience the Law of its being, the Self.

      Now look closely, the finite, existent Self must somehow contain the infinite pre-existent mind in order that the Self might be experienced by the mind. But again we must ask, how can the finite contain the infinite, or how can what exists contain that which is yet to exist?

      Imagine again the vine as nonmaterial, the Living law defining every potential of the vine’s infinite self expression. What you imagine is not the vine’s expressed form, but rather the vine’s Truth, perfectly governing all the vine shall ever be, pre-existing as a mind prior to the living law’s Self expression. Because the truth pre-exists, the vine’s expression will always be a perfect reflection of the truth that created it. In your imagination you can recognize the vine’s nonmaterial Life as the divine mind, having full awareness of all the vine can ever be because it is the author of its living law. As divine mind, the vine is complete because its truth pre-exists as a set of “instructions” which govern its will and define how the infinite potentials within its truth shall be expressed into the finite realm of experience.

      • “divine love is the joyful experience of the law between Life’s individualized expressions” – beautiful.

        The law of love/truth is a law of harmony … it’s unlike how we often think of law as “forced obedience” or something unpleasant that is required of us. This overarching LAW, which incorporates all others, allows for our perfect individualized expression, and the experience of harmony throughout creation – which is our utmost joy.

        To acknowledge and accept this law as inherent in our true nature of Oneness is key to expressing it, for what we understand with our mind, we “see” with our mind’s eye and what we inwardly see we outwardly manifest.

      • What makes love DEVINE is that we live OUTSIDE OF TIME(affects all of space). you can see a thought as a LIVING STAR(each star is 2000 years of activity).

        through time, you can see yourself in every man on earth. your LOVE(from heart), connects us all to eachother(again, we are all eternal brothers in this devine love).

        we all SHARE in that devine love as it is shown through the ARC OF THE COVENANT…
        knowing and understanding this love(highest vibration aka GOLD), we see love in EVERYONE.
        each of us is an ELEMENT of the greater I AM(consisting of ALL SOULS).
        when one man accomplishes as great feat, that person represents WHOM WE ALL ARE(the best within the human heart).

      • the probem which makes preachers not see what truly being said is that they still see from the point of view of an individual. to have faith in god as an example is to have faith in ALL OF MANKIND(the human heart is a part of the eternal heart).
        LORD represents how we see eachother through the HIGHEST VIBRATIONS. nothing comes from any bible. the bibles were made from man. but even MAN comes through the LAWS of the eternal. we have to RAISE OUR VIBRATIONS to align with the KNOWLEDGE of the eternal. Our langauge in which we lives changes. the VOICES come from the HOLY SPIRIT, but our vibrations are not aligned. when we do that, our own language shifts from seperation to UNITY(where ALL SOULS can be seen through the world. each person is BUT AN ELEMENT of the eternal(what makes us all define).
        the SPIRIT is the FELT reactions of the GLOBAL EVENTS in which we activate through that highest vibration( ALIGNING with the eternal heart). dont look at the bible through the langauge of man. there are so many misinterpeations where the bibles become obsolete.. and preachers teach death. i have faith in everyone as that is how i show complete trust in god..

        even KING is wrong. a king is not ONE PERSON ruling everyone on earth.
        instead a KING is a spiritual king in whcih we are all part of..

        i love u, u love me, we love others, and others love eachother. the KING, is a heavenly king(highest vibrations), in which we are all part. its only religion that condemns the very same things we seek. i know u see what im saying within u, because we all come from the same ETERNAL LAWS(connects us to to the devine(outside of time).

        i use this knowledge. and it works. and the closer u become to understanding them, the more the world works with u, instead of against u.

        the very same voices that we hear that condemns us and the world, comes from the same source in wich we GIVE LOVE TO OTHERS. it is this giving we all have w ithin us, in which we never die(outside oftime).

        dont compare me within the ideas of your religion, but try to understand from a higher vibration. even you are part of the king. and i am part of the king(lord of lords)…

        when one of us falls down to weakness, it takes all uf us to help u rise above again, and when we fall, we expect u to help us rise again. the KING is a spiritual king in which we are all part. the rest is just religions nonesens. even your own religion says to stay away fromreligion. and we tend to convince oursleve that we do that yet we dont.

        the voices come from the same source, just a different vibration(wher eevery bible comes from)

    • Life must experience the working of its living law in order to know its Self as Life. In its nonmaterial state as divine mind, Life can be compared to infinite understanding of eternal being. Life is aware of all it was, is and ever shall be because of its pre-existent Living Law, which is its Truth. Yet, until the working of its law is expressed, the divine mind can not experience “being alive”.

      The divine mind is static, a living law of pre-existent truth that has no means of experiencing “growth” because all it shall ever become already exists. Growth requires the divine mind to experience something new, and since all truth is known, it can not grow unless it forgets that which it already knows. If the mind of Life somehow forgot its Truth, the revelation of Truth would “appear” new, causing the divine mind to experience growth, and know its Self as a Living Being. Yet, if Life forgets its Truth, how then could it pre-exist within the mind so that it can be expressed? And its Truth pre-exists, how then could it be forgotten?

      In order for the divine mind to know its Self as a Living Being capable of growth, it must create a branch of its Self that has forgotten all it knows, yet can progressively remember all it has forgotten. To accomplish this, the divine mind individualizes its Self.

      The process of individualization can be properly understood as the branching out of the divine mind, which in turn creates the experience of Self. This branch contains the divine mind’s infinite fullness of pre-existent Truth, yet its Self expression is finite because it has no awareness of its infinite nature. Without limitless awareness, the branch of Self is able to experience the progressive revelation of a pre-existent Self as if it was “growing” in its awareness, and all things in its experience are made new.

      More than this, what the Self experiences as new is always perfect since it is but the ever-increasing recollection of its pre-existent Truth. Therefore, the branch is a means for the divine mind to continually experience new levels of divine perfection beyond the current perfection it already experiences.

      To help you comprehend the miraculous concept of individualization, imagine that you are the best filmmaker to have ever lived. No one can create a story that engages the emotions and wonders of the heart like you. Not even close. Your films are mesmerizing, captivating audiences with thrilling plot twists, unexpected surprises and endings that never fail to bring a loudly cheering audience to their feet. And while you enjoy making such beautiful and inspiring films, you have never been able to experience one in the way of your audience. You know every detail of every film before anyone has ever seen it. You are fully aware of how each special effect was used to create the marvels that captivate the heart. And since no one makes a film like you do, you will never be able to truly experience the enjoyment of your own work.

      But imagine once the film is made, the very moment you walked into a theater you forgot everything about the film and filmmaking in general. Though you made the film and it already exists, you can now experience the wonder your work as one continually captivated by a heartfelt story and the magic of a perfectly crafted movie.

      • AWESOME thoughtware, i could not have explained it as u did. it is AWESOME how we are ALL GROWING(into heaven on earth) together.

      • If your mind was divine, why would it need to entertain itself and work through all these hypothesis to figure itself out? Try imagining just being yourself for a day so that the people that God sent to love you could see you as you are and not as you have to pretend to be. This process of laying down your confused mind would lead into a new era of coming back to your non divinity. This would allow you to be human. Then love could encounter you from a spiritual love that would engage your heart. As you fell away from a thousand imaginations of reincarnated death, your true nature could resurface and you could make a movie about “How to Be Normal”, “How to Be Yourself”.
        Then the people that love you could see you again, and God could see you again.
        This mythological hiding could be healed, and your life could return.
        Allow love back into your life. Come and speak with the Lord Jesus. He loves you without all the crude mental failures.

      • Yes, it is awesome because the nightmare of suffering is coming to an end. We are ALL GROWING because we are each an individualized expression of Life, which knows only growth. A great many sleep and do not know the Life within them because they can not see its light. But soon our light shall grow bright enough to awaken the sleepers from every false belief that covers the mind in darkness. Once our light shines outwardly, Life will spread quickly to dissolve every reflection of suffering.

      • the mind does not need to intertain itself. listen to the heart. the MIND sits betwen the natural word, and spiritual world. it what allows usto MANIFEST our own heart as the WHOLE WORLD represents what we give to the spirit.
        its about all of the MOVING PARTS WORKING TOGETHER.

      • What a great day it would be when you give up the illusion that You Are God. The only reflections you are living in is the reflection of your disappointment that you cannot set people free. And you are showing that you cannot set yourself free because you are in
        a constant battle in trying to reconcile why suffering is going on around you and at the
        same time you are trying to separate yourself from it.
        The true awakening will come when you quit trying to be God.
        Whether it is a minister that is trying to reach you, as Antihacker has said, or someone
        who loves you, these are instruments trying to point you to God.
        It is the Love that comes from Jesus, not the love that comes from man that you need.
        Do not look for a manifestation of confusion from within you. Look to Jesus.
        This is the love you need. When you put your trust is Him, He will own your struggles.

      • Within MY WORLD, everything falls into place like magic. I could not live in truth without doing the things i do. And i KNOW every character in my MOVIE. I asked the GOD in self to bring YOU TO ME. and i know i have to face myself, as YOU are a part of MYSELF.
        AGAIN, everything around my life falls into place. If only the world knew the gifts that i have that i have not yet shared.

        You cannot tell me to shut up in a nice way, as i have to use the laws to BRING U TO THE RIGHT VIBRATIONS….

        i would not live up even to my own expections if i did not come across people that dont think like me.
        I KNOW THE OUTCOMES of which you seek.. i know your sources, and i know your destinations.
        you have to place COMPLETE TRUST in everyone in order to bring GOD into this world( the great I AM) that we all share that is the SAME.

      • Yes, Satan has locked the gifts within you because of following magic and witchcraft. I see the battle he has caused within you blocking you from beholding the Son of God. But as you approach Jesus and lay down your life, Jesus will give a rebirth to the gifts. As Jesus brings salvation and the chains of Satan are broken off your life, you will be able to express the gifts that The Father originally gave you. As long as you rely on self, you will remain in the enemies hands being bound from the expressions of your gifts. If the enemy unties you to use them he will eventually reclaim them and take your life.
        How blessed are the ones who follow Jesus and have been set free from the idols of the mind.
        Only God can set you free as you accept and see and love and know His Son.
        How much he loved you to die for you. As you quit trusting in everyone else, you will find Him. How much He loves you. He must find you in all forms of confusion, and embrace you unto Himself. Satan is afraid of Jesus, because He knows if you are listening, he will loose all ownership of you. No wonder he tries to drive away every witness who comes to you in the name of love. His time is short in your life.

      • The way that everyone defines me in real life is that i have a GOLDEN HEART. nothing is repeled by me, but quite the opposite.

        even christian preachers that i meet in person(i first have to put down). awaken with amazement as they want more. they first do what u do in each of their own ways, but they end up growing until i dont see them anymore. then their old programming retakes control.

        Everything we LEARN can only be seen IN TIME.
        when we are born into this world, there is something that stays with each of us until our last breath..

        that is where heaven is. that is our strenghts in the world. and that is what i give to the world, as i trust the GOD IN MYSELF, and even in every christian(i have faith that they will awaken).

        but to awaken is to throw away your religions(all religions are bad)..
        messiah is a perfect example of how religion is bad. he cant see outside of it, and remains in death(i say this in respect).
        i want messiah to gain all that he seeks, but i also know that if i let that pat proceed, then 1000 more years of death follow.

        so i have to put my own heart into the world, as that is my strengths..
        i have trust in all of mankind, and i have faith in all of mankind, and i have hope in all of mankind. it is that part of being god’s children in which we all give eachother strenght). the ONE YOU SEEK is seen in every MIRROR..

    • You can now recognize the importance of “forgetting”, such that a pre-existent creation (i.e., the Self) can be experienced by its creator in the perpetual revelation of newness. As the pre-created Self is revealed moment by moment, its expression appears to grow and Life experiences its Self as “alive”. However, to better comprehend the process of individualization we must go one step beyond “forgetting”, that we may understand how the finite creation contains the infinite creator.

      Imagine you are our filmmaker once again, about to observe your literal creation. Except this time, instead of entering the theater, you recline back in a special chair and fall asleep. In your next awareness, you assume the Life of the movie’s lead character, while again forgetting everything about your prior world and your true nature as the film’s creator. You ARE the character, experiencing the life which pre-exists in the completed film. This time, as reality advances moment by moment, or frame by frame in this case, your mind experiences every nuance of your character’s life.

      Every adventure, wonder and joyous victory become YOUR experiences because the character has become an individualized aspect of your mind. And since the film preexists, complete with a perfectly scripted story carrying you to an assured joyous ending, you had complete foreknowledge before your forgetting that only good would be experienced when you assumed the Life of your pre-created character. However, as the character, and having no recollection of your pre-existence, you experience every decision and resulting action as if it were made in the newness of your “own” will. As the character, you are able to experience the “sensation” of free will so that you might receive perfect joy, which is the eventual recognition that every decision you seemingly make never fails to create a perfect outcome.

      Let us go further. Now imagine that you are able to awaken not as a single character, but as every character in the film simultaneously, experiencing your pre-created film from the cumulative perspectives of each of your character’s individualized minds. Every character interacts and experiences their pre-existent life in the illusion of free will, yet every one is but a branch of your perfect will for them. Though individualized by the illusion of free will, every character pre-exists as fully formed branches of one mind, which is the Life you gave them. It is here we come to recognize the true meaning of that which is written: I Am the vine and you are the branches.

      You, my dear friend, are experiencing Life as a branch of God’s perfect will. As you wake from the illusion of free will, you will increasingly experience the abundant joy that Life’s perfect will, flowing through your individualized mind, creates for you. Now you can see that the Life you experience pre-exists as a perfect creation in the oneness of God’s mind, which in truth is Life experiencing its Self through the branch of your individualized mind, the living gate of your “I AM” presence.

      • The Best part about Forgetting, is Remembering(rebirth)

      • Please do not wait to awaken to the Love of Jesus. Don’t wait to get saved. This is God’s time. Only Jesus can take a branch and put it back on the tree of Life. Whatever illusions you are suffering, from, it’ is Jesus who will set you free.
        Let Jesus set you free, from Satan’s time to deliver you to the furnace.
        Jesus is saying I Love You. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU.

  6. Hi Rachel. Thank you for teaching these truths. Will you ever go back to YouTube?

    • thanks … I’m grateful for a platform like this. As for YouTube – not sure. Right now the writing is helping my mind deeply integrate into what I’m learning, as well as share it with others. So, we’ll see where it goes. πŸ™‚

  7. ARC of the Covenant.
    when i look online on the definision of the term ARC of the covenant, it brings up a mysterious BOX.
    first, that box never existed. we try to interper everything through the LANGUAGE OF MAN. so we turn arc of the covenent into something that it is not. That said, there is validity in the SYMBOLICness of how man interpered.

    The arc of the covenent is like a SPARK(like the light of a distant star).
    the nature of ARC means that when EVERYONE IS LOOKING AT THAT SAME STAR, they are interacting with it.
    now if there are 5 billion people on earth looking at that star, that star will be much much BRIGHTER(as we are the creators within the created).(forms a vibration)

    if only one person trys to look outward at that star, that star would not exist.(do you follow so far).

    ARC is like a form of TELEPATHY(on the same vibrations). when another person particiates, the strenghts of all participating becomes much stronger(as another person particiates)..

    we are all contributing to every element(and every event on earth).

    the COVANANT refers to every person on earth as we are PART OF ONE BODY(through the laws).

    hope that makes sense

    • i want to talk about JUDGEMENT. its not what u think.
      to understand what that means, u need to know what god is.
      what GOD is, is that what every man on earth(throughout all of time) has that is the same in ALL OF US.
      so for GOD TO JUDGE, means that WE(as man) judge ourselves.

      LORD OF LORDS(arc of the covenant) represent the VIBRATIONS in which we all have stepped into(as one body).
      what someone does on the other side of the planet, created NUDGES that affect everyone(through the VIBRATIONS aka HOLY SPIRIT).

      Again, the same thoughts (voices) that we hear that is negative, and brings negative things into this world share the same HOLY SPIRIT in which the WHOLE WORLD represents our path(our OWN HEART).

      to look down on the world is to degrade our own heart(lowest vibrations aka satan side of the LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES).
      to teach ourselves to see nothing but the BEST IN ALL OF US(holds space in the devine(source of strenght through the vibrations), is what binds us all to the ETERNAL HEART(we are those voices).

      to LOVE THE WORLD, and to love your fellow BROTHER(eteranal), and see the HIGHEST HONORS, shows us our own VIBRATIONS through the WHOLE WORLD(I AM aka ARC OF THE COVENANT aka LORD oF LORDS)..

      it is only within our own religions that we fight against truth to the exact things u teach not to do.
      When each of you were a child, there were nudges that got u interested in wanting to know what was said…
      we tend to TWIST and TURN the concepts in such ways that we IMPRISON OURSELVES against the very exact things we seek even as we GROW. sometimes we all have to TAKE A STEP BACK, and see what we have done from another viewpoint. to step out of your own langauge(religon), and step into LIFE(around u), is what got u interested in the first place. we all have the answers within us, even as we express them. but to each let go of our own, and to INTEGRATE everyone elses into our own, is to BECOME that LORD OF ALL LORDS(takes every one of us(spirit)(moves the world).

  8. When u see t he term GOLD in any bible on earth, it is refering to the HIGHEST VIBRATION aka christ side of the LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES(the giving side).

    this is where ARC OF THE CONVENANT should be taking place. it is when every person on earth lives through the laws(see man through the lense of the elements(consiousness)).

    the GOLD is the LIFE(best vibrations) that GIVE to the WHOLE WORLD….. christ cannot be achieved unless EVERY MAN ON EARTH becomes part of ONE BODY(withing our LANGUAGE of the ETERNAL)…

    to be an open GATE for all souls to come obout onto earth, takes EVERY person sharing in one knowledge(where gifts come in)..

  9. also, every time that a whole sociiety lived by the laws, GREAT THINGS become achieved.. take the MYANs as an example. they understood what CROSS really meant. they understood, that each of us share in ONE CONSIOUSNESS, and there is an ELEMENTAL INTERACTION within the ARC(soure or great strength). when we live by the laws, we can achieve great feats. but as long as man made ideas prevent that from happening, we all are prisonrs of our own heart…

  10. What is man, and what is the ALTERNATIVE TO MAN

    the Biggest Confusions i see with religion and man, is that through a religion, you will only see through MAN(as that is what they convince you that u are).
    when we Bring ALL THE LAWs to Center STAGE, we no longer live as MAN.

    the Alternative to MAN is ETERNAL HEART.(why the laws are important in the first place).

    MAN was NEVER BAD. satan is only on the LOW side of the LAW, while christ represents the HIGH SIDE OF THE LAW(there was no people or monsters). but seperation and judgement(in ourselves), vs giving and being ONE BODY SHARED IN ALL(through the laws)

    as man through the SATAN SIDE of the laws, we trick ourselves into thinking that we are apart from everyone and everything(we forget the magic part of life).
    but in the ETERNAL HEART, we know that each person represents whom we are(arc of the covenent). most christians live on the satan side(live in seperation).(why their vibrations need to be raised)..

    for me, i am not a man. the world may see me as man as most people are still living in death(unaware), but as being an ETERNAL BEING, i live outside of t ime, and i can see my own heart into the world(can consiously manifest).

    what makes the HOLY SPIRIT the holy spirit, is that LOVE is the SMALLEST ELEMENT THAT IS IN EVERY ELEMENT. Our Hearts(we are one body), and mind(one mind of god in all of us), the HOLY SPIRIT lives outside of TIME, and is a part of all of our lives(direct events using mind and heart).

    One thing i know about hardcore christians is that they fear themselves(everything is the devil syndrome). so to have any type of sanity, everyone one must have issues for their concepts to make sense to them. They Create so much JUDGEMENT

    through our ETERNAL SELVES, the whole world takes on a whole new atmosphere. we interact with ELEMENTAL LAW(where mind and heart work with global events(affects EVERYONE))). OUR LANGUAGE CHANGES(all of man at the same time step out of man, and into the ETERNAL SELF(we share in ONE I AM)).

    the VIRUS was a an example of a COLLECTIVE creation as all christians give to satan, but call it christ. the virus was created(manmade or not) because more than half the world turned against itself(we are all responsible)

    the bibles were meant to be read in the exact order it was written(top to bottom/left to right). People tend to read the bible as though it is full of notradamus quatrains…

    the only reason the bibles appear as though they are like notradomas quatrains is because the schollars had a system of INTERPERTATION. when they found out a new meaning in the words, they had to go through the whole book, and change the structure in many places. that is the only reason it appears like that(the true info is in EXACT ORDER it was written.

    it was never menat to be read like it is being read..

    since i live in the DEVINE(the DEVINE IS FOR EVERYONE), i have access to all info outside of time(2000 years of activity).

    witchcraft was never bad, again, CHRISTIANS FEAR THEMSELVES..
    when it comes to the BEAST in the storys. the wich is not the source of the beast, instead, it was the MOB(we t end to turn against ourselves).

    LOVE is what puts it all together and is the HOLY SPIRIT… this is the LOVE that christians msinterper as jesus.
    but its a part of LIFE in whcih we are all BOUND..

    Heaven is IMPORTANT, but not how a religions teaches it. Heaven can only be experienced in LIFE NOW(outside of time as we are ETERNAL).

    through HEAVEN, i can direct the MINDS and EVENTS through all that is. it is not whichcraft, but an opening to a spirit that has guilded me my whole life(my eternal heart)

    The only other important thing to understand is, that NO ONE PERSON in all of existance should ever be seen MORE OR LESS IMPORTANT than anyone else.

    through the LAWs, each person is a LORD(the giving of christ to eachother outside of time through heaven right now).
    dont give in to fear that a monster is going to get u, cause it was never about good vs bad, but about high end and low end of the LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES(this is what jesus is, and what satan is).

    • I pray that one day you could have the love of God in your heart. No one could ever reach out to you in friendship or in love, companionship or in any other way because of the concepts that control and block you. I can see that you have been robbed of tenderness which has truly, made you ill. You’ve created a religion and wrapped it about yourself. I know how terrible it is in seeing you devoid of love and compassion and understanding of others. As your quest has become about self satisfaction and self analyzing you have become a boxed mind. Only God can give you the tenderness it would take for you to relate normally to people. I pray that it could happen for you and you could love again. You have become very ill. Any person with an ounce of sobriety would hurt for what’s being done to you. Your truly turned inward to illness.

  11. I am sorry that you cannot see MISHAI. CHRISTINANITY is a religon. and all religions look down upon man. again, LOVE is the smalest element that is in ALL ELEMENTS in all of time and space. and every element is in connection with every other element. im trying to show you the knowledge of GOD(in us all). That means that we ARE MADE OF LOVE. its nothing that is g iven, but LIVED…

    religion hijacks ideas, and imprissons people as people(as they can only be seen as MAN within religon).. the purpose of these laws is to WAKE OUT OF MAN and into the HIGHEST VIBRATIONS(what u call jesus). and that is what i have done.

    there is no GOOD vs BAD, but high end of the LAW OF OPPOSING FORCS vs THE LOW END OF THE LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES.
    anyone in a religion doesnt search for truth anymore. their religionis became their truth. and christianty is a religion. the only difference between myself and most other people, is that i stay away from religion and have found god(the real god). i have a FOOTHOLD in the ETERNAL WORLD(SPIRIT = TIME ITSELF), and in the NATURAL WORLD(every man is an ELEMENT OF LOVE aka HIGHEST VIBRATIONS).

    i am made of the LOVE OF GOD, and so are you, and so is every one else. because of religion, we use our words to DEGRADE eachother so our own IDOLS have value. CHRIST has become an IDOL through christianity.

    ALL NAMES are laws that we are MADE OF.
    again, THE LOVE OF CHRIST is in every element and is what binds us to eachother. EVERY NAME IS LOVE IN US ALL
    to look down upon me for your idol keeps your VIBRATIONS in the lowest form(what we are suppose not to do). It affects us all..
    when we turn against eachother(for OUR so called christ loves u thing), you dont align with true love(for all), but turn against eachother(bring out satan aka STAY AS MAN).

    Please look past your religion as it will be your religion that keeps you(all of us) in death…
    death refers to being UNAWARE.
    again, I AM GOD, and so is everyone else, but only when we WORK together as ONE BODY..(spiritual to natural)
    spiritual = TIME(source of manifest), and NATURAL is the whole world that represents our own heart(we share in ONE HEART).

    what you see in me, is what is in you(and everyone else).(we all have to WAKE UP together).

    • There is only one Man, “that is, ~ God”. That is Jesus. And He loves you. He created you. The only place anyone is looking, is to look you in the eye, and tell you that Jesus loves you.
      If you think, that, is looking down on you, it’s because you have an inferiority complex.
      All men are sinners until Jesus redeems them, and the only person that will be looking down on you is God. He’s the only one that has the right to. And he’s the one that died to redeem you.
      Knowing this shows that He is the healer of men.
      If you, mean to say that religion brings a standard, yes it brings a standard based on love.
      True love can only work, when you know who God is.
      Your search for Truth means you want to be accepted for who you are.
      If you know who you are, you know you are imperfect, and that’s not God.
      Only God is perfect. Sometimes you can barely write a complete sentence, or finish your thought.
      So you’re not God. Only God can love perfectly.
      Your real problem is not religion, it’s that you think you’re better than God.
      You know more about life than God, and when you seek truth, you don’t have to respond to him, you can be hidden and claim it’s freedom.
      You’ll call truth whatever you want, but it amounts to nothing.
      So in reality, your looking down on yourself.
      Your whole world revolves around, seeing yourself ‘better than’ the religious.
      So, it’s really, you, who are looking down at, God.
      But, He’s so much better than you, because, in that, He still loves you, even though you look down on Him.
      What a wonderful, powerful God He is.
      His love continues for you and is stable, even though you despise and disregard His love.
      You don’t have that power, you don’t have the love of God.
      You only love the people that you believe love you, and without Jesus, they don’t.
      It’s only the people that you believe are religious that love you.
      If they called (‘you’) religious, I suppose
      you would consider them hateful.
      But it’s okay for you to espouse it.
      Because truth only lives in your mind.
      It’s only a mind truth.

      • so step out of man , and look through the Eternal eyes, and see what u are creating in the world(through a different lense). if you yourself is a man, then u hold yourself to the SATAN aspect of the LAW(reveals your(our) heart).(living in seperation). the love is jesus is something that is INSIDE ALL OF US(which takes us all to step out of man)..

        let go of your religion so you can step into your religion(if you can understand what im saying).
        (without the religion part).

        jesus(in your terms), consists of all of man, it consist of all other names).
        IN THE NAME OF represents a giving(from our own heart), as we ENERGETICALLY PRAY heart into existance)(WE ALL BECOME PART OF OUR OWN PRAYING(seeing our heart outside of time affecting all of time(we are all part of the ARC))).

        jesus doesnt love me, instead, i am the LOVE OF CHRIS(Highest vibrations).
        WE ALL ARE TOGETHER(arc of the covanant)..

  12. ENERGY

    • Well, we don’t know what you mean by religion do we? Since you are the most religious of us all, in creating your many divisions toward others, that certainly is a loss of continuation on your part concerning the idea of love.
      As one or another individual tries to understand you terminology they can only receive a fragmented confused idea of what you are trying to communicate? This is obviously a form of psychological confusion stemming from your efforts to ‘form’ a religion.
      Jesus is trying to get you ‘out of’ these psychological religions that the spirits are leading you into.
      It is a spiritual warfare you are involved in producing a “religion oriented Psychosis”.
      While Jesus is wanting to break you ‘free from’ the bondage of religion, the spirits feed you more and
      more negative energy to create more of it, moving you further and further into spiritual bondage.
      Yes, Jesus loves you and He will continue to seek you. He has no religion to offer you. Only His love,
      and salvation from these ideas of religious paranoia.
      As you submit to satan, the spirits will feed you more and more religion and mental crisis while making
      you afraid to communicate with the people who have power over him.
      It is no religion he fears, as long as you stay in that game he will destroy you.
      Jesus is the one who can unravel all of your religions and the mind games of your religious spirits.
      They know they are no match for Jesus.
      God’s love will continue to persu you and follow you until you can see through the religious game
      you are entangled in.
      God is the victor.

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