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Star Gates


The soul began its formation as an individualized fractal of the Mighty I Am Presence within the darkened womb of unawareness. With the potential of Life not yet expressed, it was connected to eternity, but not a part of its timeless expansion. With its first self-awareness, it recognized its individuality in “I am”, yet without any other awareness of Truth it believed itself separate from the One Life. As a result, it perceived the self as endless fractured pieces, or isolated selves. This neophyte understanding was the genesis of relative truth.

When an individualized soul is unaware of its true I Am Presence of Oneness, its mind’s eye is closed, which produces a dormant energetic state. The soul sleeps. It possesses Life, but that Life is not yet expressed. Because of this inner duality, the mind experiences an illusionary dreamworld of opposing forces, which forms a belief-system of relative truth. As the soul matures through the understanding of Truth, the mind begins to perceive there is only one “I AM”, of which it is an inseparable, individualized fractal. The increasing understanding of its I Am Presence creates an energetic frequency that begins its Life’s expansion, like a growing seed. The soul begins its awakening as a creator within the Creator.

As an individualized fractal, the soul is like a spherical gate connecting the infinite with the finite. In the infinite space between the two halves is the realm of understanding. There are seven interconnected areas of understanding, seven sacred truths, that cause the soul to function as a gate. When the mind’s understanding is illuminated with these sacred truths, it awakens, opening a connection with Absolute Truth’s Timeless Realm, enabling its unexpressed Life to project into reality. This open gate illuminates reality with Life’s energetic frequency, by which ever-expanding Perfection is expressed. In this illuminated state, the soul gate becomes a shining star.

During its dormancy, before the soul possesses SELF-awareness, the mind maintains seven opposing beliefs to these sacred truths, the seven unholy lies. Void of the Light of Truth, these darkened perceptions are based on the soul’s faulty paradigm of separation. When the mind accepts these unholy lies as true, the soul’s gate of oneness to ever-expanding Life is sealed shut. Derived from relative truth, these lies create a “lifeless” vibration because relativity’s opposing qualities cancel one another. As a result, the soul’s energetic field projects an illusion upon reality’s spherical canvas. The soul isn’t creating anything real, but is lost in a world of lies it believes are real, projected from a lightless star. The occurrences within this illusionary world deeply ingrain the unholy lies into its belief system, thus into its energetic field.

Within the energetic field, these unholy lies produce ten discordant energetic states that inhibit eternal expansion: fear, anger, self-pity, selective and special love, depression, apathy, lack, unworthiness, control, and pride. These energies fuel the soul’s desires and drive its will. Despite fleeting highs, the soul manifests endless expressions of disharmony, perpetuating a fractured reality cloaked in suffering, pain and isolation.

Because the illusionary world reflects the unholy lies, the soul must look elsewhere for the Truth that will set it free and must turn within to the Source of its I Am presence. As the soul begins to turn inward to Truth’s Living Voice, the mind’s understanding grows. Through divine revelation, the seven sacred truths replace the unholy lies. These truths unseal the gate within the soul, producing a metamorphic effect upon the mind, its energetic field and its reflective reality.

Understanding the sacred truths cleanse the soul’s energetic field from duality, thus from destructive and chaotic energies. As these seven truths become anchored in the soul, the discordant energies are replaced by ten harmonic energetic states: immutable peace, divine harmony, inherent creative power, divine love, ever-present joy, magnanimity, perfect abundance, infinite value, restfulness, and honor. As a result, these harmonizing energies begin to govern the soul’s desires by the working of Divine Will, which perfectly harmonizes the one, united Self.

Through the soul’s understanding of its individualized I Am Presence, the Source’s Radiant Light shines into reality. The soul becomes an open gate, a star shining Living Light in an individualized array of divine expressions, manifesting a harmonious reality that ever-expands into eternity.

Seven Unholy Lies/Seven Sacred Truths

  • Relative Truth vs Absolute Truth
  • Linear Time vs Spherical Time
  • Striving of Self Will vs Emergence of Divine Will
  • Self Judgment vs Divine Harmony
  • Temporal Body of Lack vs Life-Giving Spirit of Abundance
  • Creature vs Creator
  • Separation vs Oneness

Author: Rachel

My passion is cultivating a deep relationship with God and helping others to do the same. I LOVE sharing with others insights that God has taught me and hearing what God has taught them... thus my blog, Stirring the Deep. My focus is on a relationship, not a religion. Life is in the relationship. I believe in a balance and unity of body, mind and spirit. I feel it's important to nurture all three for they all affect each other. I try to live in the present, where the Holy Spirit is. And I try to do all with the motive of love. I've come to believe life is a journey and not a destination. It isn't about perfection, is it about growth.

8 thoughts on “Star Gates

  1. Open my eyes Lord -The ONE.

  2. 1.11pm and exactly so true. What a threshold to try and push thru. I never believed in the word try before. But yes. I am ~


  3. Fractured What an amazing topIC~

  4. Relative Truth vs Absolute Truth
    Linear Time vs Spherical Time
    Striving of Self Will vs Emergence of Divine Will
    Self Judgment vs Divine Harmony
    Temporal Body of Lack vs Life-Giving Spirit of Abundance
    Creature vs Creator
    Separation vs Oneness

    Once we recognize the LAWs that flow through our own LANGUAGE, then you WOW to all the creativity that the HUMAN HEART(through everyone) displays within our own world(which represents our WHOLE HEART).

    Reletive Truth vs Absolute Truth lives within the laws(law of opposing forces).
    Linear Time vs Spherical Time again, LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES..

    even within that ONE LAW, there are many laws(such as LAW OF DUPLICATION. these laws even live within the OTHER LAWs.

    The Best way to describe how to see t hrough these laws is to IMAGINE what a HUMAN would look like from an ELEMENTAL POINT OF VIEW. this is a different LENSE in comparison of how an ELEMENT would look like from a HUMAN PIONT OF VIEW.

    when we SWITCH our MENTAL TOOLS(see through the eternal rather than man), the VIBRATIONS CHANGE(effects everyone on earth).
    through the ETERNAL LANGUAGE(what a human would look like from the ELEMENTAL POINT OF VIEW, everything becomes WAY MORE CLEAR(empty your mind and let your heart flow(VIBRATION)).

    When you look outward at night towards a star, you see a bright light, but that light represents all the LIFE you have given to all ELEMENTS through the laws.

    that STAR(ARC OF THE COVENANT), shows us from an ELEMENTAL POINT OF VIEW, what we are creating from a DNA point of view.

    each LIGHT shows our own VIBRATIONS within a FROZEN STATE(that MOMENT consists of SO MUCH LIFE)..
    the light represents our own GIVING, as their are many WORLDS WITHIN WORLDS(dna)..

    • Two different states of consciousness one of opposing qualities and one of absolutes … the journey of enlightenment awakens us from one to the other. In the process how we perceive (see) everything changes.

      wow … so powerful “the LAWs that flow through our own LANGUAGE” – thanks for this.

  5. Also, Time is Weighed by Events.

    the more events attached to an event, the faster time becomes(vibrations)

    space represents LOGIC(through the laws), our vibrations change, therefore our LOGIC changes..

    (Time:direction = Creativity:MIND)
    (Space:Purpose = Logic: Heart)

  6. Even through these laws, does the virus we just experienced came from. the world has a way of fixing itself(through the same laws in which BIND us to each other(eternal laws)). The virus represents a faulty logic in which our PURPOSE(heart) shows DIRECTION(path) of our own futures(created in present and creates future in the past)…. as each person turns against the other, the LAWS produce SPIRIT(source of our heart) onto every event on earth(created by self))..

    the CURRENT SITUAATION shows outcome of our own PATH in heart…NOTE: no experience is bad, it is actually good, because being healed consist of a trusty SPIRIT in I AM(the world)…

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