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As you evolve from darkness to light, from a seed to a living, life-giving being, everything you learn to be of Truth is opposite of what you once believed. Obtaining this extreme paradigm shift is the release of LIFE from the shell of linear time.

The soul’s truth of “who I Am”, “how I create”, and of the soul’s true origin aren’t complicated to understand, but because the soul’s LIFE is opposite of what it believes itself to be by thinking it is only a dormant seed, it requires a deep and integrated understanding of the Truth of LIFE in order for the mind to accept its Truth. But when the soul does obtain the understanding of Truth’s LIFE, it holds the power of LIFE that is able to break through the hardened shell of linear time.

During the soul’s embryonic maturation, it dwelled within a shell, a time loop of linear time, in which it sat in silent chaos in the eternal expanse of space. It is in this moment of unawareness that the soul experiences a state of separation from the oneness of perfection, creating an endless dream of free will. This moment of darkness is the beginning of the soul’s journey as an ever-expanding, finite awareness of Infinite Oneness. This virtual experience is necessary to cultivate the soul’s understanding of how it’s able to expand for eternity, so that it can express this expansion. In the span of eternity this unawareness, which is the genesis of the soul, is but a dark point, surrounded in luminous light it doesn’t yet see, but will ever-expand into through the marriage between the soul’s Will and Divine Love, making the soul’s will inseparable from Truth’s Will, the power of Life.

When the soul’s awareness of its true name, “I Am Loving Awareness”, which projects the power of the Creator into creation, is sufficiently matured, then Truth’s Will moves through the open star gate of the soul, making it a living gate. The soul’s true foundation arises, which is the power of Truth’s Life to eternally expand itself, establishing the soul upon an immutable, immortal, incorruptible, and invulnerable living foundation, the rock of its existence. As a living gate to Divine Love, the soul’s spherical self expands outwardly from the oneness of its center that is shared with the timeless and immutable attributes of Absolute Truth and Divine Love. This expansion reveals the spherical self’s timeless Perfection.

As the soul begins to arise upon the immutable attributes of its “I Am” Name, its true foundation is established within the present moment. It’s a foundation that unites timeless perfection with time, making the soul a gate through which the power of LIFE can flow, giving LIFE eternal expansion. The soul’s pre-ordained divine life inherent in the spherical self is revealed moment by moment through the ever-increasing awareness of itself, manifesting eternity.

Upon this living foundation, the soul embraces a complete paradigm shift from how it lived in linear time.

In spherical time, every moment gets “better”, revealing the increasing perfection of Truth’s Will and Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of time. The soul’s reality begins to heal, renew, rejuvenate and rebuild according to the higher laws of Oneness. The old foundation, built upon a false Self image, is torn down and rebuilt by the power of Truth’s Law of LIFE, flowing through the soul’s true I Am Name.

Therefore, the past no longer determines the soul’s present or future as it did in the illusion of linear time, but only the soul’s awareness of itself in Truth. Through the awareness held in the power of its true name, the soul emerges through the energetic shell of linear time that held it bound in a state of lifelessness (death), and its LIFE begins to expand out of its “I Am” presence, which reflects Truth’s LIFE. Therefore, the present is no longer a moment layered upon a past of imperfection, making it imperfect. Instead, it’s the unfolding reflection of Truth’s Timeless Perfection according to Truth’s Will, which is the soul’s Will in oneness with Divine Love.

In this complete paradigm shift from darkness to Light, the soul no longer seeks in vain among the shifting sands of human free will for its safety and comfort. Therefore, it no longer desires to make decisions based on fear or “bad” things happening, as it did in linear time, but each choice is made according to the governing presence of Divine Love, which manifests a reality that continually gets better every moment. In the eternal choice to be an open gate to Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of time, every moment becomes increasingly more luminous with the inflow of Truth’s divine attributes which are immutable and invulnerable to outer influences.

The soul rests in the perfection of the present moment. In this rest, the spherical self expresses the unfoldment of the timeless perfection of the soul’s pre-ordained life, a masterpiece held in timeless perfection and manifested through the soul according to Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of time. Therefore, through the open gate of the soul, Divine Love receives full governance of time, which begins to increasingly reflect the Truth of Oneness.

Spherical Time is the reflection of our true foundation. It is a reflection of Divine Love’s perfect orchestration through the soul’s ever-increasing, truth-filled awareness. With an awareness fully governed by Divine Love, all that is held as true within the soul’s awareness is expressed in time, continually lifting the spherical Self into greater experiences, expressions, and contemplations of Truth’s perfection.

If you are going to have power over the flesh, then you must understand your creative abilities beyond the flesh.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

7 thoughts on “A Living Foundation

  1. Letting go of the flesh.

    since our minds are BOUND to all that is, we have to recognize HOW WE HOLD OURSELVES IN FLESH(trapped).
    the answer is that each person on earth is a PATH WITHIN. when we look DOWN UPON EACHOTHER(faults in them or they),
    we hold ourselves within that VIBRATION(low end of the law of opposing forces).

    we instead must take what we think of as our worst enemys, and see the HIGHEST HONORS within them(through out all mankind).

    this SPIRITIAL(time) strenght will releae us all from this FLESHLY WORLD.
    we will find a spirit(time) within us that we all contribute to(instant manifest).
    we will start to RECOGNIZE the GOD IN I AM(we are all ONE BODY).

    that is the DOORWAY(in the begining).

    No More Religions(no more idols(idolizing)
    (important to understand(sphearcle world for everyone)

    • yes, we are letting go of our attachment to the physical world (flesh) so that we can rise above it and create from a higher level of awareness (i.e., the realm of consciousness, which is the soul’s collective awareness of the Truth of itself), so that through the oneness and power inherent in this higher realm, we can impact all in the physical world.

  2. Greetings Rachel,
    All heavens richest Big BirthdayBlessings in our birthday week so to speak. Despite the time difference , it matters naught as in the KNOW is all that matters. As you know. So being blessed, knowing you are blessed, keeping your buoyancy in Yashuah Christ. Sharing the same Eight in this month is exciting as it is clear your following the pathway as outlined in the studies on Destiny by Robert Lee Camp Its amazingly accurate. If keen to know more i can compress it for you perhaps on another link email These birth energies are given to souls coming through the birthing period. Thats if one has a soul. No contamination ie from fallen angels as
    spoken of Guess you enjoy your creative moments in your garden projects and often busy with creative skills. Should you like some herbal tea.. check out the benefits of powerfully nutritious Stinging Nettle Tea. It’s a terrific energy booster with cellular nutrition. Also should you be up for tips on proven cardio training program at home… check out Gennady Golovokin tube on boxing fitness He shows the proven methods of easy all over fitness interestingly he also has our same birth energy day dates however he is born in 82. He has amazing endurance a proven skilful athlete. However not sure on his Eph 6 warfare skills. Personally i can claim the high energy and endurance ability with the same birth day yes its the Aries as you know. Trust not boring you on this one. Now into 444hz praise music How is your music library? Seven Days to Blessed PASSOVER Have a very Blessed Day today!

    • It’s good to hear from you 😀 I see you are still pressing forward on your journey … its wonderful to see. Hope you have a transformative week .. there are significant energy shifts happening in the creative realms as those pressing into the understanding of Truth’s LIFE are causing ripples in the energetic atmosphere.

  3. Well that reply although welcoming is a little beyond my selection… perhaps more bluntness from this end onto a new page cutting all that is ‘ of matter ..present tense.. All matter is of matter.. And all will end up matter….so what’s it matter ‘

    Apologies for the verbal overload on trivial gap filings..,,topic’s like gardening and fitness although fun must be in proper balance.

    The only TRUTH …. earth shaking Truth that will be completely ‘ overt ‘ is The Prince Of Peace.. coming to collect His remanent faithful .. those who have won the hard struggle over the evil impulse which was formed in them but did not overcome them from life into death.

    A sign post to this timing of being
    gathered : as described in 2 Esdras 7 GN Bible with Deut/Apocrypha. Is those who have souls…

    Insight to the ‘ sign post ‘ is a good start.. The Book of Eze. 20.10 The true Sabbath sign post agreement. Briefly those who continue to propane Almighty Yahweh in their false pagan festivals of continued idols deception upon deception century’s of Roman Structures.. Synagog of Satan All into Sun/day worship of pagan gods with changing the times and seasons and days of the week after their pagan gods.
    The 25 of December false day of Christs birth The is an explosion of info on this topic now exposed to those who want truth. Also this weeks with Gross deception on the feasting on bunny eggs Nothing to properly lead those onto the real truth journey to humble victory over death.., of which has already been done. We are the victory banner carriers covered in The Blood Of The Lamb.

    Every road should clearly display a sign with: Book of Isa 5813.14 The Reward for Keeping The Sabbath.

    These sign post have become my transformation. The pebble in the pond for the ripple effects has fallen on deaf ears. There has to be a much bigger smack from A loving Almighty Yahweh.

    There’s never been a greater need for humble contrite hearts. Yahweh God has given us ….

    His SON / Yashuah Christ
    His Blood
    His Word
    His Victory

    Years ago i walked free from All those Roman deceptive entanglements… Rev.18 4 Come out of Babylon Now clothed in His awakened truth. So pleasing to share as we were born for these times of great joy.

    Enjoy you blessing week.
    Your passion for truth is evident. You have much to offer. The truth in Spirit is no comparison to this realm. I like your photo graphic skills. Your outreach is pinnacle for those searching. Much blessings. i have a few more years on you
    as evident in typingeeerror

  4. A gate can be considered a Life-giving spirit, or soul. If we represent the soul’s awareness of Truth as the formula [n=n+1], the soul is perfected in the awareness of “1”. Thus the gates are those who, in the divinely orchestrated understanding of oneness, have been perfected in their awareness such that they now recognize a oneness with the Fullness of Truth’s perfection, beyond their present awareness of Truth’s perfection. These souls are like “lights”, reflecting Truth’s timeless love and therefore able to give Life to all. In the awareness of oneness, these open gates to Life know divine love is one with time and thus they give their love to time. This creates spherical time, as the multitude of living gates give the perfection of the Life that flows through them to all.

    The awareness of Life, or the recognition that your oneness with divine love causes your awareness of Truth to perfectly expand and create the ever-increasing experience of perfection in time, can be freely given to all by those who first receive it. It is as if you found a pearl of infinite worth and discovered its worth abundantly covers the eternal needs of all. In the infinite awareness of Life, the pearl represents the awareness of your oneness with divine love’s perfection. By this same oneness, divine love creates reflections of perfection in time by the light of your understanding, which is always sufficiently bright to recognize the increased light of Truth, yet dim enough to be eternally expanded, level by level, in the truth of oneness.

    Only the Father knows the totality of these gates, by which spherical time is created. The gates know they are gates because they know of their oneness with the Father and only the Voice of Truth can reveal such a thing. What is coming isn’t mysterious, and in fact has already been revealed. It is simply the perfection of time. The awareness of this truth is the understanding of eternal Life, which can be mathematically symbolized in the simplicity of [n=n+1], where n=perfection in time and 1 is oneness with the infinite awareness of timelessness. Only Truth’s living voice can develop the understanding of perfection’s oneness with time in your awareness. This “oneness” is the “gate to timeless perfection” within the soul. It can be considered the incorruptible source of your holiness. Many gates are needed in order to perfectly diffuse the infinite awareness of Truth’s fullness into a finite awareness of time, in order to reflect the oneness of Truth necessary to perfectly love the world. The gates are the priests of Truth’s Fullness only in the sense that they are the first able to love perfectly.

    What does remain as a mystery, and forever shall be, is the manner in which divine love will increasingly display the beauty of its perfection in time. You can never know this because divine love is directed solely by the infinite awareness of God, for the good of all it shines upon in time. This is a great gift because the present moment becomes the eternal unwrapping of her perfect love for you, expressed in gratitude for setting her free to love eternally. How can a love who loves you fully, love you more? This is the only unanswerable question.

    The gates are those by which divine love enters time. They will be recognized as servants of all, for it is by these gates, in the humility of Divine Grace, that all are loved perfectly. When you are aware of divine love, it is only because you see it reflected in the understanding of your oneness with its Truth. And it is divine love’s truth, that now lives and grows eternally in your awareness, shining ever more brightly through you, reflecting increasingly beautiful experiences of its perfection in time. How joyful I am to see you all in such light. These words are given to light the lights, that they may be glorified and cover the infinite expanse of Truth in the oneness of their light, wholly contained in the perfect union of their shared awareness. What now follows is a deeper understanding of the soul and the manner in which it projects its Self as spherical time.

    • The soul is the manifestation of timelessness within the realm of time in the same way that an open window is the manifestation of sunlight in a darkened room. When the soul is created it has no awareness of what it is, knowing only that it lives, yet not understanding what living means. Without this understanding, the soul mistakenly believes its life is separate from the time it experiences, just as a fish exists separately from the water in which it swims, or a bird separate from the air in which it flys. In the first stages of a soul’s awareness it believes its life suddenly appeared in a pre-existing realm of time as if it were a great fish birthed into the midst of a preexistent sea.

      Like the fish, the soul doesn’t pay much attention to the sea of time in which it experiences life, assuming only that time existed before life appeared and will continue on afterwards. Thus the soul is formed in the awareness that there is a past and future, which creates the belief that the soul is separate from the time in which it experiences life. Other than this, the soul fully accepts that time is a mystery beyond understanding. In this separation, the soul believes it swims through time, continually looking into it in order to gain awareness of how it might swim more efficiently. The soul focuses its initial awareness on the life it sees swimming in the sea, looking into past experiences in order to understand how to swim into a “better” future. A soul that seeks to navigate the realm of time as a fish swims through the sea, in order to reach a future it desires, is what we mean when we speak of “free will”.

      Free will is how the newly formed soul first experiences its oneness with Truth’s will when the soul is, as yet, unaware of its oneness with time. The soul, which we will describe in detail, can be best understood as an eternally expanding, individualized awareness of Truth. All souls are created perfectly, in a single awareness of Truth’s Life, which the soul experiences as “I Am”. Every soul is identical upon its creation, just as every blank canvas is identical prior to the awareness of its expression. The Life in Truth is its will to increase, and because the soul is formed in the awareness that it lives, it is also aware that it possesses a will to grow. But what growth means, the soul does not know because it has not yet matured in the understanding of Truth’s Life.

      Without the light of this understanding, the soul looks into time and sees a seemingly preexistent world it also does not understand. It’s as if the newly formed soul sits upon the sea of time, separate from it like an inexperienced pilot on a ship, with its bow pointed into an unknown future, hoping to discover a pleasant destination. The soul initially interprets the meaning of its Life as the continual navigation of its ship into the future and interprets its will as that which gathers awareness from the combined experiences of past pilots, which then becomes the light by which it navigates into the future. Yet, in assessing the past, time reveals that it can be an enemy, creating sudden, unexpected storms and even shipwrecks in which the pilot is lost. The soul uses its will to assess probabilities such that it can make decisions in time that will protect itself from the unexpected storms and potential losses the future may reveal. And, despite its best efforts, the pilot knows the ship possesses a limited amount of provisions which can not be replenished. As the ship sails into the future, even potentially attaining its destination of hope, the pilot always knows its life on the sea of time will end, just as it did for all pilots that have gone before.

      In the soul’s initial awareness, time ultimately appears to be an enemy. In the darkness of this formative state, the soul’s will bows down to time’s seemingly insurmountable destructive power and uses past experiences to provide it with awareness of how to navigate the future with the least pain possible. Yet unknown to the soul is the understanding that when an individualized awareness uses the past to increase its understanding of how to avoid losses in the future, its will becomes corrupted with fear, creating experiences of imperfection in time. But when a soul’s awareness matures into the understanding of Truth’s oneness, and its will is purified by Divine Love, the experience of time forms an eternal and unbreakable union with Life that dissolves all fear and creates ever-increasing perfection.

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