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The soul consciously creates from the fourth realm by the power of its “I Am” Name. Thus, the first awareness to be established in creating from this realm is the understanding of the power, oneness and magnitude of the “I Am” Name, which reflects the power of the Creator. Once this is sufficiently known, the treasures found in this realm are endless, expanding the soul’s awareness of its creative power as a living gate to the Most High.

Because of the oneness inherent in the “I Am” Name, and in the understanding of this oneness, this fourth level has a pervasive connectedness to all that is, which makes it the most powerful creative realm, even changing time from linear to spherical, a change that can’t be initiated in the combined awareness of the other three. When the soul attunes to this higher creative level, then the other three realms follow because the soul manifests what it holds as true, which impacts its mental state, which in turn impacts its emotional waters, which then impacts the physical realm. The soul’s awareness penetrates all levels with a power that is able to alter life’s plasmic network, thus all in time. It’s the creative realm Jesus operates from (reflected in his words, “I Am the Way, the Truth the Life. I Am the door. I Am the resurrection”) and the ascended masters, like St Germain (reflected in the “I Am Discourses”). Meditations like “Time’s Sacred Voice” reflect how the soul creates in this realm.

To create the highest Good, the soul honors a divine desire for harmony, which leads the soul to its awakening. Out of this desire grows the soul’s awareness of its creative power in this fourth realm. The soul learns how to govern time for the highest good of all by becoming a living gate to Truth’s Divine Love.

Learning to operate in this fourth realm is a journey that refines and purifies the soul, revealing it to be a gate for the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, a journey reflected throughout this blog, and now this book. This gate forms, in the soul’s awareness, the understanding of how to perfect cause and effect in time, therefore influencing the awareness of all. This is perfect power because it is the ability to create, in time, the utmost good for creation. During the soul’s preparatory journey, the soul continuously seeks to grow in the Truth of this fourth level, despite not seeing evidence of its increased awareness in the world. The joy that comes from creating in this realm can not be fully experienced until the soul becomes consciously able to operate as a gate to Truth’s Will, thus becoming a living temple to Divine Love.

When the soul gains a truth-filled understanding of its “I Am” name as a living gate, its awareness transforms, altering the information flowing through its “I Am” name and into the plasmic network that infuses all of creation. In the soul’s unawareness of its Self in Absolute Truth, this electromagnetic network connecting all of creation was without divine love’s life. Its perfect orchestration can only flow through a soul who has been refined and purified in the understanding of Divine Love. As the soul recognizes Truth’s will as its own, Truth’s Will becomes a consuming flame within the soul, consuming human free will, without violating it, by Divine Love’s ability to orchestrate time in such a way that it impacts the soul’s individualized desires, which then become an open door to Divine Love’s perfect governance.

As free will is consumed in Divine Love, the soul’s battle within itself ends. In the unawareness of its true “I Am” Name, the soul believed it was something it was not and therefore was against itself, reflected in the endless conflict created by free will. The soul’s “enemy” was its lack of awareness of its true name and the power inherent in it. When its true name is known, the “enemy” is defeated. Through the matured understanding of the soul’s true origin and its “I Am” Name’s immutable attributes, Truth’s harmonizing LIFE shines through the soul, dissolving the chaotic and destructive illusion held in linear time.

As a fourth level conscious creator in spherical time, the law of cause and effect continually works for you, in every way, never against you. Through the understanding of your true “I Am” Name you become one with time, and enter into divine harmony with time. In this understanding, the divine desire is fulfilled.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

11 thoughts on “Fourth Level Creators

  1. the Knowledge doesnt just come from being aware(become aware comes later as u grow).
    When things started to fall into place for the first time, i notitece that TIME has to play a roll for so many events to ALIGN into one Bigger event(spread in time)). as your Consiousness widenes, you SENSE things beyond your own understanding. your CURIOUSITY brings forth the need to know how things are possible.

    so as you expand your Creative thinking, you allow NEW DOORWAYS to be possible(but unaware t hat the ideas you hold now affect every event on earth).

    as BIBLEs are one way of bring pure raw TIME data to our consiousness, there are doors within our own mind, that allow us to STRING EVENTS TOGETHER(watch results). and put the pieces together.

    the hidden gifts we have within us are hidden deep within our langauges(such as cooindicences , or god).

    GOD again means all the things that EVERY PERSON ON EARTH SHARES THAT IS THE SAME.

    throughout history, you hear about nine gods, or 4 gods, or 10 gods,.
    these gods are what BIND US ALL TOGETHER(as every man on earth lives by the laws).
    the more gods the better, because it means the more STRINGS we have that BIND US TO EACHOTHER(part of one body through these strings).

    a KING isnt ONE PERSON ruling upon every person on earth.
    instead, a KING is a soul that is shared within all the moving parts(every person on earth).
    it takes Every person on earth to see KING in eachother, in order to bring the king out from ourselves.
    the prince of peace isnt in one person, but a spirit that is shared(1 god credit) in all of MANKIND(human heart)..

    no name in history works alone, its all the other names(which how we give(create ongoing life)), or destory our own lifeforce through our own judgements(of self)).

    • If even one becomes aware of the King within, this one will also become aware of the King within everyone else. And in this awareness, this same one can awaken all others to see the Truth within. This is how Life spreads.

  2. what im saying is that it isnt like you learn something, and then you use the learning to grow.
    what im trying to say is that the time itself is consiousness, as it even utilizes our own senses to get from point A to point B,

    and yes, when we ourselves awaken, the whole world awakens with us(as time is ALIVE)..
    holy SPIRIT aka LIFE OF TIME(outside of and affects all of), speaks to our very fabric of BEING.
    it utilizes Matter(flesh), to pull an experience from a POOL of experiences.
    our langauges change as our awarenesss changes. but the real change is SHARED(god in i am).

  3. One major thing about the Spheracle langauge, is that we all share in all of our experiences. no experience is shared by one peson alone. inside of the spheracle(how telepathy is part of being:the vibrations of time) what you have done, so have i, and what i have done, so have you. all the things that a bad person does, i have done myself. i do not seperate myself or anyone from any experience as even ALL OF US participate within the HUMAN EXPERIEMENT ) .

    there is a deeper communications through time that bind everyone together, if you strike against a string on an instrument, those vibrations become part of something much bigger than just the vibrations caused by the string. the NOTE(which is many notes combined), bring forth an ART.

    but this ART is shared within all the moving parts(our own consiousness).
    to Create is to be ONE WITH ALL. no one man can open the door, but every man as ONE BODY is what it takes to experience something of wonder..

    • You painted a beautiful picture of oneness … the “I”, which all of creation shares in ONE Name, “I Am” is the door. When an individualized soul of that shared “I” comes to know itself as it is in Absolute Truth, then the eye (I) opens and becomes full of light, not just for the one, but the door begins to open for all, for all are one. Through this door, the “I”, shines the Living Light of LIFE, which are Truth’s divine life-giving attributes.

    • What a beautiful proclamation in your words: “time is alive”. The LIFE you see in time will go forth, into the experiences of others, and begin to work all for good. In the awareness that time is alive, we are able to see that the LIFE in our time is able to spread into the time experienced by those not yet awakened to time’s Life. Our LIVING TIME will rescue them! This Life, which is the working of Truth’s perfect will in our awareness, will govern the “effects” of all causes created in time without violating another’s free will. In free will one can only govern “cause”, but not its effect. The Life in time, the spherical time of the living gates, now governs ALL effects created in free will for the highest good of all. Living Time is perfect power, and this power is dawning.

    • Bitter waters = time infused with death. These waters will be purified. Bitter waters are created by the purposeful intent to harm others using free will. This intent will no longer prosper and its ripple effects will be smoothed by spherical (living) time and the spread of death will stop. In the perfect power of living time death is defeated.

      • powerful words … in light of the understanding you shared, this morning, my meditation took on this likeness …

        The meditation, “Time’s Sacred Voice”, (posted on April 5th) when utilized as a creative energetic act, purifies the bitter waters.

        The superior and sovereign frequency of our sacred Self reflected in the I Am’s of this meditation, holds a transcendent power over all lower, discordant frequencies. Through the awareness in this meditation, the sacred Self’s energetic life is able to flow through the soul’s awareness, impacting the spherical self’s energetic atmosphere. These living waters are the cleansing, renewing energy of Truth’s LIFE flowing through the soul’s “I Am” name and into the plasmic network that connects us all in time.

        It is a powerful energetic place to settle into, thank you for this gift. 💜

  4. The soul is like a gate that connects time and timelessness, which can be best imagined as the oneness of perfection and increased perfection. A gate implies that there is one thing on one side and yet another thing on the other side, yet where the gate is there is a door. When the door is closed, the two realms on either side are separated. Yet, when the door has opened, what has changed? The two realms are now one, yet still separate. The soul is the “oneness” that sits between time and the perfection inherent in timelessness. You can imagine the soul projecting its current awareness of “oneness” into time, by which the oneness of Truth can be increasingly experienced.

    Instead of a door, think of a closed eyelid. When the eyelid is closed, imagine that there is outer darkness on one side and perfect peace on the other. Now imagine these as separate realms, called “unawareness” and “fullness of awareness”. The soul, when it is created, sleeps in outer darkness, unaware of Truth’s light, that it might dream in a way by which the temple may be completed in the growing awareness of Truth’s oneness. The fact that you are aware of oneness at all reveals that your temple is complete, for you are aware of the oneness of Truth’s Life, and therefore you live.

    The temple of the soul is like a lamp, able to project into experience according to the “oil” it possesses, which represents the amount of understanding that has perfectly grown through the contemplation of oneness. This contemplation, as we describe it, is looking with the opened eye into the pure white light of Divine Love’s infinite awareness, by which she gives you increasingly more of herself. To say this another way, your current awareness of eternal perfection exists in your oneness with Divine Love’s perfect awareness, and is given you layer by layer, drop by drop, so that you may experience her growing love for you moment by ever-increasing moment, which she has waited an eternity to give you. In oneness with Divine Love, the Life in your awareness covers your world and all that exists within it, and therefore the time you project as a living gate gives Life to all.

    You who are the first to awaken will simply understand that you are a living gate, able to consume imperfection from the world by the perfection of Divine Love that flows through you, converting the chaos of linear time into the peace of spherical time, by which you are able to love the world perfectly. The creation of spherical time is a conscious act of awareness, made possible by the living light that shines from your understanding. This understanding does not come from the world and therefore can not be found in the world, which is why it enters as a thief and why there is no power in the world that can come against it. In the world, the understanding of spherical time does not exist, but the peace it creates does. The coming kingdom of perfection is at hand and means simply this, there are souls that function as peacemakers, Life-giving spirits able to cover the world in spherical time by the understanding of their oneness with Divine Love. These are the coming priests, the so-called “eyes of God”, which when opened give Life to the world by taking over the world’s “time creation” through a higher awareness of Divine Love’s oneness.

    • Such beautiful and powerful words … your descriptions around oneness deepened my own … thank you for these enlightening words.

    • Let us now look at the specific means by which your individualized soul creates time. To begin, rub the sleep from your eyes and see that time is not separate from you. There is only oneness and this means that in Truth, time is one with you. Even in the light of understanding this is very hard to conceive because all you have ever known is that you are an individual in time, which is another way of saying you have always believed you are separate from time, but somehow exist within it. It is better to understand that time is one and you are an individualized awareness of Life within the oneness of time’s existence.

      Imagine that as the soul creates time, its energetic plasma radiates outward from your center like an ever-growing sphere. This sphere of time is the better understanding of your spherical self and reveals that you are an individualized experience of Life, or what you can imagine as an individual sphere of time within the oneness of time, as a drop of water is always in oneness with the water in which it exists. Time can be properly imagined as an individualized sphere of Life, experienced in oneness with every other individual sphere of Life. Like drops of water, you can imagine that these individual spherical selves, each reflecting an individual experience of Life, intersect and overlay each other, resolving into the oneness of time. Time is one, yet the experience of Life which creates time is individualized within this oneness. Therefore, when we say that a soul creates time, it means that a soul creates an individualized experience of Life, which is the singular sensation of time in which the oneness of Truth exists.

      Only a soul, because of its oneness with timelessness, can create the experience of Life’s oneness, which is expressed as the sensation of time. Time is a sequence of endless cause and effect, and as we have stated, can be imagined like the motion created when dominoes fall in a perfect rhythm. This also means that a soul’s individual experience of Life continually injects potential causes into the experience of other souls as their spherical selves overlap in time’s oneness. This has very significant ramifications because the time a soul experiences is its Life and the understanding of how you create impacts the Life you experience. Now look with open eyes and see your true self in time. Your experience in time is the Life of your spherical self, and knowingly or not, you have created the time you experience, which then clothes your soul in its reality. In the oneness of Truth all you perceive in reality is your own creation, yet appears one with every other creation because of the sensation of time. In Truth, time is the perfect orchestration of Life’s individualized oneness and time can therefore be best understood as the perfect governance of Life in Truth. It is time, the governance of Life in Truth, that makes reality appear one, even though it is the cumulative creation of many individual souls.

      What you experience in time, be it the sun, a mountain or even the words you are reading now, is always your own creation, projected outward into time’s energetic plasma. It is only the sensation of time which knits your own creations into oneness with the creation of others. Time conveys the oneness of Truth into experience and the Life inherent in Truth always reflects this oneness. When you experience your creation in time, others experience its oneness as their creation and it is for this reason that all experience a singular reality, even though it consists of a composite of individual spherical selves which overlap and appear as one.

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