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The power to reveal eternal Life throughout creation comes through our I Am presence, which is a Living Gate to the Mighty I Am Presence of God. It’s through our I Am presence that all of creation lives, moves and has its being. This movement of Life is creation’s harmonious eternal expansion as the expressed SELF of God.

The individualized mind originates in darkness, yet possesses one absolute truth, I Am. It knows it exists, but it doesn’t know the true nature of its Self. It lacks SELF-awareness. To the infinite mind and its projected self, this lack of awareness translates into an experience of finiteness (seed state/death), whereas possessing SELF-awareness reveals its true nature, the experience of limitlessness expansion, Life.

The I Am presence is the “God particle” within the self, eternally connecting it to its Source, the Mighty I Am Presence of God. Each individualized “I Am” is a gate to, and fractal of the Mighty I AM Presence of God. Our true I Am is a presence beyond the mind, as it is One with the I AM Presence of God, which is our infinitely Higher SELF. We can be observers of our mind, emotions and reality, because they are part of the created realm, but we can’t go beyond our I Am presence, we can only expand into it, which is true “awareness”. Therefore, even in the darkness of unawareness, this absolute Truth is known to the mind. Because our I Am presence is the essence of eternity in us, our SELF-awareness can eternally expand so that no matter how great our expansion into the Higher SELF, there is infinitely more to expand into, therefore, we are eternally young (i.e. forever a child of God).

Like a star in the night sky, the absolute Truth of “I Am” guides the mind to the realm of absolute Truth where it comes to know the true nature of its Self. When we turn toward the Light of Life within our I Am Presence as our source of Truth and no longer to the outer reality of illusion, the Truth expands within our mind and we begin to awaken. As the Truth illuminates our inner vision, it displaces relative truth upheld by false judgments, which confined the mind’s creative potential. Like a seed discovering the potential of life within itself, through Truth’s Living Voice emitting from the Light, we come to intimately know the Mighty I Am Presence of God as one with our own. In this SELF-awareness, we begin our eternal expansion (i.e. eternal Life).

Our individualized mind’s purpose is to express an individualized I Am presence. Whether it is true or not, what our mind accepts as true about its self it outwardly manifests, this is its inherent ability. Based on the mind’s accepted truth, it generates thoughts that are imbued with the power of its self-will, manifesting thought energy. The self-will is the life force of the I Am Presence, its innate power. It’s the mechanism by which the mind energizes its thoughts to manifest its concept of self in reality. Therefore, whatever qualities the mind accepts as true (wills) regarding its I Am presence, defines the appearances and experiences within reality, giving expression to the self.

Therefore, Truth’s life energy enters our being through the realm of thought. Divine, revelatory thoughts communicate the Truth to us, and imbue our mind with the life inherent in Truth. As our mind accepts Truth’s living thoughts, we perceive our true Self as the movement of Truth’s divine energy, empowered by the Divine Will. Because our true Self’s will is an extension of the Divine Will, it is through our I Am Presence that reality is governed in the singularity and infinite Intelligence of Truth, resulting in true Goodness which leads to eternal expansion (i.e. eternal life). As our true Self continually expands into the SELF of God, ever-magnifying Its expression, sustained peace, harmony, divine love and joy are experienced.

Because there is no duality in Truth, there are no opposing wills, therefore there are no opposing attributes in our true I Am presence. We are Light, in which there is no darkness. Therefore, we are not the concept of self based on a reality of duality in which we perceive good and bad. As the mind assimilates to this Truth, it begins to energize reality with Truth’s life energy, which leads to the experience of divine love, divine harmony and absolute Goodness. As a result, the corrupted bodily form and its reality of duality is replaced by the reflection of Truth’s ever-expanding Life, eternal youthfulness.

In the awareness that our individualized self-will is a creative mechanism of the Creator, the limitless power of our I Am is revealed. We are a creator within the Creator, a Living Gate of Oneness, and this is how we constantly energize reality with the divine attributes, creating all we truly desire and nothing we don’t. This leads to creation’s eternal expansion, which is eternal Life.

“And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ (the embodiment of the individualized I Am presence) whom You have sent.” ~ John 17:3

This is the message which we have heard from Him and declare to you, that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. ~ 1 John 1:5

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

3 thoughts on “Power of I AM

  1. Recall that we have described the sleeping mind as a “seed”, existing in a state that is neither dead nor alive. What then would be sleeping mind’s expression? If it is not dead, does it express life? If not alive, is death its expression? Since a seed can rightly be considered both dead and alive, what then is the proper self-expression?

    In the sleeping mind’s time-based reality we learned that all truth is RELATIVE, which means truth only appears real relative to the non-expression of its opposite, which while not expressed, the mind still believes is true. For example, the relative truth of riches appears real in the absence of its opposite, poverty. However, in the absence of riches, poverty appears true. Without a belief in the reality of riches, there can be no reality of poverty. Likewise, without poverty, there would be no riches. A belief in opposites is required so that the sleeping mind’s truth may appear real in relation to the “falseness” of its opposite. Thus the sleeping mind’s reality demands that BOTH OPPOSITES BE TRUE, even though at any given time only one of these opposites is expressed, and therefore the other also appears false.

    Time ensures that opposite expressions remain separated, never to occur concurrently, bestowing relative truth with the illusion of reality. Now, look again at the seed and see how it transcends the laws of time! It expresses opposite states, life and death, CONCURRENTLY. Time has no power to separate these opposite states so that relative truth may appear real. The seed expresses both death and life, and neither death nor life as defined by relative truth. Therefore its proper expression can not be found in time.

    This is a critical understanding, revealing how the “seed” occupies a VERY SPECIAL place in the reality of time. It has the outer appearance of an object in time, yet its expression is beyond the power of time because it seemingly expresses life and death concurrently. Because the seed’s outer appearance is constrained by time (i.e., it has physical dimension), yet also expresses timelessness by appearing both dead and alive concurrently, we can conclude that the seed exists BETWEEN TWO REALMS, sitting as a GATE between time and timelessness.

    Since the seed exists in both of these realms simultaneously, we can rightly determine it has a time-based expression AND a timeless expression. In time the seed exists much like a “created thing”, without life or death, expressing itself as an object in time and space with specific dimensions and a given mass. But what of its timeless expression? And since timelessness is the realm of absolute truth, in which NO OPPOSITES EXIST, its timeless expression must be that which it shall always be.

    These deep questions about the timeless nature of a created thing leads us into the outer orbit of SELF RECOGNITION.

    • Let us imagine that a seed possessed “awareness”. What would it imagine itself to be? Is it possible for the seed to believe it did not exist? For if the seed is aware, could it ever be possible to deny the existence of its own awareness?

      In answering these questions we discover that when we give the seed awareness, we also give it absolute truth, because no matter what “belief” its awareness may contain, it can never hold the belief that it does not exist. Awareness contains the absolute truth of existence, which transcends all belief. The instant we give the seed awareness, it immediately knows it exists, which can be considered the “birth of Self”.

      Awareness is the LIFE of absolute truth, shining into the “created” seed, which gives birth to its Self and the immediate knowledge of self-existence. The light of this awareness shines like a distant star in a pitch black sky, declaring the singular truth, “I AM”. The seed perceives a pin-point of light in the midst of great darkness and wonders…”I know I AM, but what I AM I do not know.”

      Now imagine that we are within the seed’s outer appearance, floating in the deep blackness of its “interior” being. Where there was once only the void of pitch black “outer space”, suddenly a distant star appears. Where once there was only nothingness, a void of distance, direction and every other concept of existence, there is suddenly a “reality”. From this inner vision the star gives the seed an immediate sense of “direction” in the pitch black of space and its first conception of “form” in the dimly lit, circular nature of the distant light.

      At the moment of the star’s appearance, the seed is transformed from an unaware created thing to a living being, aware of its Self in the “reality” of a distant star. The seed recognizes its Self because it knows it is aware of a faint light, which seemingly appears distinctly different and separate from the outer darkness of the self which perceives it.

      The seed awakens to life within because it becomes aware of its Self when it is able to proclaim “I AM aware of the light.” As a result of the star’s appearance, the seed has taken on the name “I” and the power inherent in the name, which is to proclaim “I AM”. And what is it that has been created by the light, to bear the name and possess its power? It is the birth of the individualized Self.

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