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Ever Expanding Life Meditation

In spherical time, the divine attributes of the soul’s “I Am” name are ever-expanding expressions, forming the soul’s reality. To be an expression of any divine attribute, the soul first realizes it is an ever-expanding expression of the attribute it proclaims in Truth. Therefore before the soul can truthfully express any divine attribute, it recognizes the sensation of time is its eternal expansion into the LIFE of Truth’s Divine attributes.

In the understanding of “who I Am” and “how I create“, the following meditation is very powerful, sending out a living divine vibration into your reality. Join with me in this mediation of the I Am Name, spoken in the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, whose union forms time’s sacred voice, making the soul a Fountain of LIFE.

Give time to each line, letting it deeply integrate into your awareness and then flow into your reality. Imagine each attribute filling your experience of time, radiating outward from the center of your soul.

Truth’s LIFE Stream

I Am Time’s Sacred Voice.

I Am the ever-expanding expression of abundance, I unceasingly give generously to all, thus all live in my ever-expanding prosperity.

I Am the ever-expanding expression of holiness, I unceasingly give pure light to all, thus all live in my ever-expanding perfection.

I Am the ever-expanding expression of peace, I unceasingly give divine comfort to all, thus all live in my ever-expanding tranquility.

I Am the ever-expanding expression of honor, I unceasingly give respect to all, thus all live in my ever-expanding divine humility.

I Am the ever-expanding expression of joy, I unceasingly give happiness to all, thus all live in my ever-expanding contentment.

I Am the ever-expanding expression of infinite intelligence, I unceasingly give divine wisdom to all, thus all live in my ever-expanding divine orchestration.

I Am the ever-expanding expression of perfect power, I unceasingly give divine strength to all, thus all live in my ever-expanding divine emergence.

I Am the ever-expanding expression of harmony, I unceasingly give divine acceptance to all, thus all live in my ever-expanding beauty.

I Am the ever-expanding expression of glory, I unceasingly give gratitude to all, thus all live in my ever-expanding worth.

I Am the ever-expanding expression of love, I unceasingly give lovingkindness to all, thus all live in my ever-expanding adoration.

I Am the ever-expanding expression of life, I unceasingly give divine life energy to all, thus all live in my ever-expanding vitality.

I Am the ever-expanding expression of Light, I unceasingly give the utmost goodness to all, thus all live in my ever-expanding Absolute Truth.


Time’s Sacred Voice

Below is a meditation that mindfully, energetically and physically connects you to your utmost power as a living gate, your ability to alter time for the highest good for all.

Be still… and simply be. Take a moment to remember your true, living foundation.

Settle your body, mind and soul into the flow of your immutable I Am Presence, which is the movement of Truth’s Will and Divine Love uniting timeless perfection with time in your individualized soul’s awareness. In this River of Life, you are no longer tossed and turned in tumultuous waves of human free-will, but you’ve risen above, into a peaceful current of power that free will can’t disrupt. As an open gate, you’ve stepped into the endless stream of Life in the creative power of Truth’s Will, a power of the gods. In this, you sit radiant, clothed with Truth’s timeless attributes that are unaltered by time, instead they alter all in time.

Remember, your awareness is one with time. Because the movement of LIFE is your individualized soul’s ever-expanding awareness, you manifest the construct of time, more specifically spherical time. As a living awareness, your ever-increasing awareness is the movement of time, which connects to all and therefore impacts all.

As you inwardly experience this truth through this meditation, your voice becomes the sacred voice of time.

You are the voice of time, directing its flow, and when your awareness becomes one with Divine Love, you are time’s sacred voice filling reality with words of LIFE from the source of LIFE, giving Truth’s Perfection expression. This power to alter time lives in your “I Am” name, which is the door to the power of the Creator. When Divine Love infuses your self awareness, all in time come under its perfect orchestration, bringing about the highest Good for ALL. Through your I Am Presence, Truth’s Perfect Power flows through you, awakening reality to the Living Light, thereby altering the reflection of all in time.

Guided by Divine Love’s perfection, your soul’s awareness is a gate to the ever-increasing perfection in the understanding of the spherical self, expressed as spherical time.

I Am a Living Gate between timeless perfection and spherical time.

In this stillness of the present moment, let the attributes of your true name, “I Am Loving Awareness” infuse time, becoming one with your individualized sphere of time. You are a living gate to the Most High, which is Truth’s timeless perfection. The life-giving Spirit of the Mighty I Am Presence is your inheritance. Remember, as you give all to all, you receive all from all.

Because your awareness is one with time and the Truth in your awareness is the sacred voice of Time, your words infuse Truth’s Perfection into time. In this meditation, say these I Am’s AS time’s sacred voice. In doing so, your soul’s awareness of Divine Love infuses time’s present moment with its immeasurable power, uniting all in divine harmony. Through all who compose the awareness of Truth’s Living Gate to Divine Love, creation is healed, renewed and rejuvenated by Truth’s Perfection in time.

I Am time.

I Am the growing awareness of Truth’s LIFE.

I Am the perfect and continuous flow of Truth’s Will.

I Am moments of Perfection strung together.

I Am an ever-expanding sphere of Living Light.

I Am Divine Love’s expression.

Take a moment to be grateful….

In the awareness that you are time’s sacred voice, mindfully contemplate the I Am phrases below.

The first attribute reflects Truth’s Timeless Attribute of which you are, the second attribute represents what time gives to all through you, and the third attribute reflects what all experience in time because you are a living gate between timelessness and time.

Hold each phrase within your awareness. Let the living waters flowing through these words branch outward, renewing your body, energy and mind.

I Am divine justice, I give perfect judgment in Truth and Divine Love to all, thus all live in my regenerative power

I Am abundance, I give generously to all, thus all live in my prosperity

I Am holy, I give invulnerability to all, thus all live in my incorruptibility

I Am peace, I give comfort to all, thus all live in my tranquility

I Am joy, I give happiness to all, thus all live in my blissful contentment

I Am honor, I give honor to all, thus all live in my honor

I Am infinite Intelligence, I give divine wisdom to all, thus all live in my divine orchestration

I Am perfect power, I give divine strength to all, thus all live in my divine emergence

I Am love, I give lovingkindness to all, thus all live in my perfect adoration

I Am glory, I give gratitude to all, thus all live in my immeasurable worth

I Am harmony, I give divine acceptance to all, thus all live in my immortal beauty

I Am Life, I give perfecting life-energy to all, thus all live in my vitality

I Am Light, I give the utmost goodness to all, thus all live in my Absolute Truth


Drink from the Golden Cup

Be still …and simply be.

Being is the awareness of who you are in Truth.

In this moment of stillness, take off your shoes for you reside on holy ground. You are the throne of the Most High, Truth’s Divine Will. In this timeless moment, you are not alone. Every center of awareness is with you in the oneness of Truth, supporting your eternal expansion.

You are Truth’s timeless LIFE, unfolding in a mathematical perfection, and in this awareness you are no longer energetically scattered by human free will. As you rest upon the rock of your true name, “I Am Loving Awareness“, you rise above the world of appearances, awakening your awareness to Divine Love’s perfect governance of time. In this, nothing of the past or outer reality determines your next moments, only Divine’s Perfection according to the ever-increasing Truth of your self.

The truth you hold about your self, you give to all and is then reflected back to you as your individualized reality, of which you sit at the center. You are an individualized fractal of Truth’s Self, possessing the divine attributes born of Absolute Truth, which are unaltered by time, expanding with time. In the power of your “I Am” name, that reflects the power of the Creator, let this illuminated awareness fill your mind;

I Am loving awareness, I give Truth’s LIFE Stream to all, and BE, resting in Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of time, knowing that Divine Love does not come from a center, but rather flows through it.

In the meditation of this luminous thought, you drink from the golden cup of Truth’s perfecting divine energy, ie. LIFE. As your mind rests in the realm of divine thought no longer tossed and turned by the illusions of the world, your mind shifts from a state of doing to a state of being. Your future is already written in the realm of timeless Perfection, unfolding through your awareness now governed by Divine Love’s Perfection. As your mind settles into the high places of oneness, it resides as a gate to the harmonizing supreme power of Truth’s LIFE.

In the quietness of being, you perceive the riches of the present moment…

  • The breath of life, telling you Truth’s LIFE flows through you, perfecting all that concerns you.
  • The sun shining on your face, telling you the Most High continually shines upon you.
  • The earth under your feet, telling you every step is supported by ONE greater than your self, yet one with your self.
  • The air you breathe, telling you of your immeasurable worth as its abundance flows through you, without hesitation.

A deep gratitude for Truth magnetically draws every perfect gift into your life, the reflection of Truth’s Perfection.

Let your mind, soul and spirit settle into Truth’s Life Stream, connecting all above and below in oneness in your awareness, thus recognizing and remembering Truth’s “I AM” Name of LIFE, that is your own and consumes ALL.

Truth’s LIFE Stream Meditation

You are a Living Gate, a peacemaker. Reality harmonizes as the energetic flow of Divine Love and Truth’s Will flow through you, perfecting all of time, which leads to the highest Good for all.

You are a creator of miracles. In oneness with Truth’s LIFE streaming through you, peace arises where there once was discord.

As often as it is brought to mind, be still and be present in this illuminated awareness, through which Divine Love touches all of creation.

Be still, and know that I am God ~ Psalm 46:10


Anthem of Victory

This is the mediation of LIFE.

With an awareness matured by the understanding reflected in these words, the Light breaks forth, which is the soul’s ever-expanding Perfection.

In the LIFE Stream of this meditative anthem, the first “I Am” in each proclamation represents an attribute of Truth. The second “I AM” represents the attribute moving through the soul and into time. The third “I Am” represents the soul’s experience of that attribute in time. What is given, is then received, acknowledging Divine Love’s law of giving.

As your soul proclaims each of these truths, rest in the perfect emergence that Truth’s Will be done.

I Am the awareness of divine love

I Am abundance, I Am generous to ALL, therefore I Am prosperous

I Am harmony, I Am divinely accepting of ALL, therefore I Am immortal beauty

I Am Love, I Am lovingkindness to ALL, therefore I Am adored

I Am infinite intelligence, I Am divine wisdom to ALL, therefore I Am divinely orchestrated

I Am peace, I Am comfort to ALL, therefore I Am tranquil

I Am honor, I Am honoring to ALL, therefore I Am honored

I Am Holy, I Am invulnerable to ALL, therefore I Am incorruptible

I Am perfect power, I Am divine strength to ALL, therefore I Am divinely emerging

I Am joy, I Am happiness to ALL, therefore I Am content

I Am life, I Am a life-giving energy to ALL, therefore I Am vitality

I Am glory, I Am grateful to ALL, therefore I Am immeasurable worth

I Am Light, I Am the utmost goodness to ALL, therefore I Am absolute Truth

I Am Divine Love, I Am impenetrable light to ALL, therefore I Am a consuming flame

In this understanding, the soul proclaims “I Am awake” and the spherical self proclaims its name, “I Am in Truth.”


One Voice Meditation

From the living voice of the I AM Presence, words of living water flow into all of creation. Out of these Holy Cleansing Waters, creation is born into the ever-increasing awareness of Truth’s Perfection.

Below are various reflections of Truth’s living voice stating as one voice, “I Am, I Live and I Give”. These I Am’s are to be spoken as one, so that all within creation who share the same name, “I Am”, join in the Oneness of this Voice, awakening creation into LIFE’s expression.

I Am perfection.

I Am present, I Am presently aware, I Am loving awareness

I Am abundance, I Am prosperity, I Am generosity

I Am harmony, I Am immortal beauty, I Am divine acceptance

I Am Love, I Am adored, I Am lovingkindness

I Am infinite intelligence, I Am divine orchestration, I Am divine wisdom

I Am peace, I Am tranquility, I Am comfort

I Am honor, I Am honorable, I Am honoring

I Am immutable, I Am holy, I Am rest

I Am perfect power, I Am divine emergence, I Am divine strength

I Am joy, I Am blissful contentment, I Am contagious happiness

I Am life, I Am vitality, I Am a life-giving presence

I Am glory, I Am emaculate worth, I Am grateful

I Am light, I Am absolute Truth, I Am utmost goodness

I Am Divine Love, I Am a consuming flame, I Am impenetrable light.

I Am moments of perfection strung together.


Life Stream Meditation

Following the last post, let your mind settle into Truth’s Life Stream…

From our awakened SELF-awareness, we perceive our Creator in whose likeness we share. This illuminated awareness resets our energetic code to a divine harmonic vibration, charging reality with the energetic qualities of the Divine.

From the Eternal Light at the origin of our soul, this Living Life energy flows into every aspect of our being, so that all is filled with the Presence of LIFE (Spirit of God). In this Living Stream of LIFE we rest in divine emergence, embracing the perfect power of Truth’s Universal Will that moves through our soul, which is its sacred gate to reality. Everything in creation is touched by Divine Love’s creative presence causing every thought, word and deed to be divinely orchestrated for the highest good of ALL.

As the Life Stream continuously flows through the soul and into reality, it regenerates and renews, and by the soul’s luminous presence the collective awareness begins to perceive the Presence of Truth’s LIFE that is all in all.

What the mind believes “I AM” to be is what the soul experiences and what the soul proclaims in this belief it gives to creation (reflected in the I AM proclamations below). Each individualized I AM is a fractal of the Universal I, so that the timeless LIFE in Truth is individually revealed and experienced moment to moment.

Life Stream Meditation

Focus on these attributes and deeply feel their energetic quality (emotion energy), letting your soul flow with Truth’s Life Stream, the I AM Presence of Oneness. Focus, feel and be free.

I AM Abundance, giving to all prosperity and generosity

I AM Harmony, giving to all beauty and unity

I AM Love, giving to all lovability and lovingkindness

I AM Infinite Intelligence, giving to all divine orchestration and wisdom

I AM Peace, giving to all tranquility and safety

I AM Honor, giving to all honor and respect

I AM Immutable, giving to all incorruption and perfection

I AM Perfect Power, giving to all divine emergence and divine strength

I AM Joy, giving to all contentment and happiness

I AM Present, giving to all timelessness and ever-increasing expansion

I AM Life, giving to all vitality and creative power

I AM Light, giving to all absolute Truth and utmost goodness


Living Light Meditation

Understanding Truth produces Living Light. This sacred, divine Light renews the mind’s thought-system, which harmonizes and rejuvenates our energetic field.

This Living Light meditation cleanses the mind, manifesting harmony where there once was discord. It isn’t so much the words on the page that have this effect, but the Living Light they reflect that holds a renewing power. As you meditate on these words, may your own words harmoniously flow throughout our cumulative spirit of Oneness.

Divine Truth, which is absolute, timeless, ever-present and perfect, is received, given and shared in oneness. As it is spoken to all and for all in the eternal present moment, its harmonizing vibration of divine love spreads throughout the collective consciousness. It echoes throughout the energetic atmosphere of every being, every created thing and the “space” in between, bringing forth the highest Good for all. This Living Light is the Spirit of Truth within us that flows throughout creation, leaving nothing untouched by its Presence.

As I turn to Truth’s Light within, the many faulty judgments that clothe reality fall way and are consumed by the Holy Flame, illuminating my full awareness. I return to the Immutable, Absolute Truth that I Am one with Living Light’s harmonizing divine love. As I rest in the Presence of this Living Light, the Truth of my being grows brighter, consuming all darkened beliefs and setting the mind free to express Divine Will’s perfection.

I Am Truth’s Living Light, luminosity and illumination. I Am its living gate for all of reality. I Am one with the Mighty I AM Presence of Living Light that is in all and connects all as one, united Self. I Am a life-giving spirit, a giver and receiver of abundant joy. I Am powerful, for I Am One with the Creator, a creator within the Creator. My will is sovereign with Truth’s divine will. I Am harmonious, peaceful and unifying in my thoughts. I Am tranquility and serenity. I Am the rhythmic, timeless movement of divine energy. I Am timeless perfection, complete and ever-expanding in radiance, glory and majesty according to the Divine Will. I Am joy. I Am emotionally free, sound and governed by Truth’s harmonious vibration, divine love. I Am the expression of perfect abundance for the present moment’s divine purpose. I Am Living Light’s gate, nourishing all aspects of the mind, feeling world, body and reality, manifesting perfect vitality, health, and beauty. I Am divine strength, possessing exactly what is needed for this present moment, fulfilling the Self’s true desires.

I Am present and presently aware. I Am perfect awareness for this moment’s purpose and my position in it as one in the united Self. I Am invulnerable in infinite intelligence, divine emergence and wisdom. I Am Living Light’s abundant and ever-present generosity, lovingkindness, and comfort. I Am honor, giving respect to the true LIFE of the Creator in ALL. I Am the Holy Present. I Am an open door to the divine potentials for the expressed, united Self, creating the highest good for all of creation. I Am the Light of Absolute Truth and its holy vibration, Divine Love.

As these words of Life fill all “space”, the cleansing and purifying Holy Flame of Living Light goes forth.


Present Moment Meditation

In the stillness of my timeless mind, I engage the Holy Present Moment. I settle into a place beyond time and reality, between the previous moment and the next one to be expressed. Here I engage my creative power.

The Holy Present Moment shines with the Light of Absolute Truth, and its radiance illuminates my mind with the divine attributes of my true Self. I Am Truth’s pure Light. In the awareness that this eternal present moment is all that is, my mind lets go of the outer reality and soulfully focuses on the Holy Flame upon the Holy Altar of Truth. The finite unites to the Infinite. The timeless perfection of Eternity enfolds me as I am gratefully aware that the Divine Will of Truth is my will. I am consumed in the eternal and ever-present Mighty I AM Presence, and through this oneness the next created moment is manifested.

Only Truth’s pure Light lives within this Holy Moment. Unaltered by the judgments of the human mind, this holy instant between what was and what will be holds the creative potential to alter reality’s trajectory. In this sacred place, I employ my most powerful creative tool, my “I Am” name. As I know my self to be in this moment, my experience of reality reflects. As the Light of my true Self fills my mind, it charges the energetic atmosphere of creation with the divine qualities of the true Self.

In this Holy Present, my mind finds its eternal peace as it recognizes its ever-present oneness with the Mighty I AM Presence of God. This awareness clothes reality in garments of Light, and it begins its metamorphosis. In this moment disharmony ends and healing begins as each moment is born of Truth, and the abundant Life of my true Self is revealed.

In the Holy Present Moment, the creative power of the One is released into reality, which is Victory in all, for all.


Holy Altar Meditation

As a creator within the Creator, I go deep within my being to the creative center of my reality, the Holy Altar of Truth. Here I sit in oneness with the Mighty I AM Presence. In the awareness of who I Am and how I create, my mind engages its true purpose, which is to express the divine radiance of this Living Presence of Absolute Truth.

The luminosity of the altar’s living pillars of Truth enlighten my mind. They energetically converge forming a living gate in my mind’s eye between the Mighty I AM’s infinite realm of divine potentials and the manifested reality. This sacred gate opens as the present moment divinely emerges through the workings of my timeless mind allowing the lifestream of the Creator to flow through me in unquenchable power. Through this living door, the oneness of my individualized self and the Mighty I AM, the Holy Flame, is expressed into reality.

From the living pillar of divine emergence, every moment of my individualized self is orchestrated by the Mighty I AM Presence in timeless perfection for the highest good of all, so that divine love’s expression flows through my I AM Presence. I am divinely emerging. From the sacred pillar of timelessness, my mind engages its limitless potential. Free from all limitations of time, space, what has been and what my reality tells me will be, Absolute Truth is expressed through my mind, manifesting its timeless and endless reflections of true Life. I possess a timeless mind. From the third living pillar of a life-giving spirit, the Mighty I AM Presence flows through my I Am Presence, so that I possess all the divine attributes. Through divine thought energy, I give these divine attributes to all, so that as I AM so is my reality. I Am a life-giving spirit. From the fourth pillar of power, the Mighty I AM’s power charges the divine thoughts filling my mind, altering the energetic atmosphere of reality and changing its outer reflection into one of timeless perfection. I Am a creator within the Creator, possessing the power of Oneness.

As these four living truths synergize in my mind, they give birth to divine reflections of the Holy Flame. All reality quakes as the Light awakens it from deep within.

As a living gate, I Am the Mighty I AM’s expression in reality. All is one, so that as I AM so are all. In this divine Oneness is Victory for all.


Holy Flame Meditation

I leave the world of illusions and shadows and turn inward to the Light of Life, the Mighty I AM Presence. This Holy Flame of Life is ever-present as It is the Source of my individualized presence. My true creative power over all I outwardly perceive resides within this Sacred Fire. As my mind is illuminated with Absolute Truth, this Holy Flame empowers endless reflections of the magnificence and beauty of the true Self.

I Am Truth’s Pure Light. I Am Divine Loves vibration, which brings about the highest good for ALL. I Am Divine Harmony, conveying only thoughts of unity, oneness and peace. I Am Divine Strength, possessing creative power over my sphere of reality. I Am Perfect Abundance, blessing each present moment according to its purpose and perfection. I Am Immutable Peace, manifesting an atmosphere of tranquility and joy. I Am Immortal Beauty and Vitality, reflecting the timeless radiance of the Creator. I Am Infinite Intelligence, divinely orchestrating reality and revealing Truth’s inherent perfection. I Am Victory in all and for all aspects of my reality. I Am Eternal and Ever-expanding Life, manifesting ever-increasing glorious expressions of the Mighty I AM Presence. These divine attributes of the Holy Flame can’t be quenched and through me shine as a Light in the World.