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The Golden Path of Divine Trust


The Golden Path of Divine Trust


Through the workings of divine love the soul is empowered to breakaway from trusting in a reality perceived through the senses. This sense-based reality creates the illusions that steal life. When instead the soul trusts in the unfailing nature of divine love above the sense-based illusions, it honors the divine nature of God. In this living connection of honor and love, the soul grows into expressions of abundant life.

Trust in divine love is the natural result of growing in its awareness. Cultivation of this powerful trust starts with becoming intimately acquainted with all the attributes of divine love, which we do by going inward to commune with the Spirit of Truth and then desiring to express this love outward. Trust in divine love empowers us to manifest abundant life by bridging the gap from where we are to where we desire to be. Divine trust is the golden path into the materialization of the divine qualities of peace, harmony, and joy.

Trust in divine love is a gift and precious treasure to our soul. Divine trust is the fruit of an honest journey of the soul into truth and divine love. It is the catch all, to transform all. In every situation, we can chose to trust that God’s love will never fail us and when we do that situation will manifest the perfect potential. The further we walk down the path of divine trust, the more conscious we become of the divine qualities in our lives which give expression of the abundance of our Creator.

When trusting in divine love we relinquish our god-like self-power to create our  expectations. Instead, we trust the Creator’s divine will and power to grow and shape our lives. The results are often not what we expect, because in the end they will exceed what we expect.

There are three thieves, fear, lack and hopelessness, that steal abundant life through deception of the senses. Initially, these thieves will appear very strong as they use the senses as weapons. But as we trust in divine love’s unfailing nature despite what our senses would cause us to believe, each thief is eventually conquered and what was stolen is restored abundantly.

Conquering Fear

Our reality is an accumulated reflection of our thought life. As we think, so we are.

Because reality is constructed by thoughts, when we act out of a fearful mentality we create disharmonious situations, which in turn create more fear. Trust in divine love breaks this cyclic dynamic. When we know divine love, the moment a situation arises that initiates fear we are empowered to trust that this love will not fail us which frees us from the prison of fear. When trust in divine love replaces our fear thoughts, then fear is pushed out of our mind and its effects out of our reality. As we continually act in trust, we are led into a more harmonious reality, and we cease to create anything that induces fear, and fear is conquered.

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. ~ 1 John 4:18

Conquering Lack

Lack is another framework of thought that steals abundant life. When we consistently think we don’t have enough, then we create lack, which causes us to believe in lack. Trust in divine love breaks through these habitual thoughts of insufficiency. Instead we focus on what we do have, we are grateful and avoid complaining. When we come up against lack, and still chose to trust in the unfailing nature of divine love to provide perfectly, we open up our lives to create the potentials that supply our needs. Instead of staying trapped in a deficient mindset, the path of trust leads us into a place of growth and provision. Again, our reality is created from our thoughts. Our thoughts determine what potentials come into our lives and which ones do not. When we trust in divine love, different situations, people, and ideas come into our lives that wouldn’t have otherwise, and these potentials of divine love are ones of abundant life.

And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. ~ Phil 4:19

Conquering Hopelessness

Hopelessness often wears the guise of depression and comes when we face what seems like a unbridgeable gap from where or who we are to where and who we want to be. Trust in divine love releases us from our reoccurring thoughts of hopelessness. When we feel hopeless and powerless in our prayers, in divine trust we nonetheless pray the blessings of joy and hope for others. This trust dissolves the emotional atmosphere that perpetuates a hopeless reality. Trust introduces new potentials into our reality that otherwise wouldn’t have appeared and fulfills our expectations in ways we never imagined.

Trust in divine love is your God given power to defeat fear, lack, and hopelessness. Divine trust is a very precious treasure that we gain from a diligent soul journey into enlightenment. As you walk the golden path of divine trust, the circumstances of your life refine your trust in divine love making it increasingly true, real and sincere until it becomes a bridge out of depravity and into abundant life.

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. ~ Romans 8:35, 37

~ TreeSoul

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

12 thoughts on “The Golden Path of Divine Trust

  1. Thank you Rachel for this very perceptive blog. I very much enjoyed reading it, and it reflects my understanding of this subject, and adds to it, which is very helpful for me.

    • Hi Humphrey, Thank you for your comment … it means so much to me to hear others resonating with what is shared. Its the golden threads of truth that connect us all.

  2. I view life as i can see myself from the inside out, and outside in. i like to wave at the sky and say hello to my sky self. i love an event where my human self is under my tree self. life and all habitats show me some aspect of my FULLEST of self. Greatest of trust where man no longer lives…

    • A beautiful reflection of oneness. How blessed you are to hold these perspectives. With eyes of light, we look out upon creation and see it is our reflection, and we give our highest love to it. Trust in divine love unfolds our present moments into the kingdom of God, where all is one.

  3. This is a good word and is on time and in tune with the spirit I believe, since I’ve been learning to not be fearful or anxious about all the crazy trials around me that are basically out of my control. I just learn more to trust in the Lord to be with me and take care of it, giving me wisdom on my situations, and to be content with food and clothing, giving thanks.

    • Josue – It is a gift to me to read your words. We are more than conquerors as we trust in divine love because in this trust we open our lives to divine perfect potentials that are of the true and real and thus sovereign over the false and illusions.

      • Amen

        James 5:11 Behold, we count them happy which endure. You have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen the end of the Lord; that the Lord is very pitiful, and of tender mercy.

  4. Wonderfully said. When God predetermined the beginning, journey, and the end of “all” things, He determined them complete in Himself according to the vision He Himself had of His finished product…the new creation man. When God looked down through the corridors of time in which He created He saw the end, just as He saw the beginning for it is just all one complete part of the same one plan. “All” things end as in the beginning. All things started in the love of God and all will end in this same love. All the things that seem to be negative, failing, and unloved…are but parts of the “means” to this great end of this resurrection of life where all things will come full circle to its beginning. Love to love. All that happens in the “in between” are the justifications of the means to an end. The “means” can be mean to the unenlightened soul but once the revelation comes into ones being, we “see” all things are but a means to the end of us all…and that was predetermined before ever a soul committed a sin. Our end was preordained and established before we ever “sinned” or our soul was ever established in sin. Sin was created to be a part of the means which awakens us to the end and realization of “all” things.

    To “know” and to “see” and to understand that God’s love permeates “all” (all, all, all) things whether in heaven or “in” earth (our earthen body) is the only thing that can give us a true peace. To have an understanding of anything less that the “least of these ” having the love of God established in them as it will be in ourselves, is a life of an uncompleted love…for no man can say they love as God loves and see another, any other, in a permanent torment and lacking in our Father’s likeness.

    Therefore when we love, we can only love in the degree in which we can see “the plan” in it’s entire completion and the why. To see and negatively criticize a lack in another is to have a lack within our own being… of the very love of God we seek. Again, to have love completed “within” we must see love complete eventually for all…from the least to the greatest, from the vilest sinner to the greatest saint.

    The word “all” is a very inclusive word in the scriptures, when we understand what “all” includes and means we “see” a most remarkable life that awaits us…”all.”

    “All” things are inclusive in the love of the Father…from the lowest valleys to the highest mountain peaks, spiritually speaking. When our soul meets our spirit in oneness again our mountains will be on the same plane as our valleys…all things being on the same plane, in the same oneness we seek…and “will” find.

    The end does justify the means…so let us learn to love in our valleys as well as on our peaks for the path over and through each of them lead us all to completion.

    To “deny” Christ does not mean to deny that He lived, lives or exist, it simply means to not deny Him coming into our heart and we becoming just as He is. To deny Christ is to reject His nature in becoming our nature…so when the scriptures teach to, “let this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus”, it means just this…so we love all just as our Christ loves all. You cannot have love and hate your brother, any brother. So we learn to see all people inclusive in the all inclusive plan for all beings. We may see a filthy shell of a person as we observe some others but within that shell is the same seed that was planted deep within our own earth. We (our seed) all will receive our watering (spirit) and the appropriate heat according to which harvest we will be gathered in…Passover, Pentecost, or the feast of tabernacles. These yearly feast are the 100, 60, and 30 fold gatherings….we all are in one of them. Cnrist, the first fruits, and then they at His “coming” ….”within” us.

    So much is like you say, one stands at one corner of a pyramid, another at the other, but as we gaze up at the pinnacle we are each looking from our beginning love perspective, to the very same place of our completion, in the completed capstone which is in Christ…in us, the ending and love of us all.

  5. (for Rachel)

    Night Falling At Swans Lake

    Night is falling not at all


    swans to be seen pure white

    blue water slowly, dancing round in winter

    with leaves pure orange

    there are trees standing, where

    people skating have taken

    Christmas pictures making

    every person new, there are

    places never seen

    in crystal weights or paper

    held to desks of oak, December

    carving, scrapes of pencils

    perfect working circles

    for poems, rewritten with

    frost white feathers from

    the water, golden embers

    of these letters, sharpen

    talons from

    the eagles

    Indians telling

    stories in the woods of

    tribes, brought to leaving

    magic grounds.

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