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A Living Gate, a Star Gate, is one who has awakened within the dream and serves to awaken those who still sleep, that the dream of separation may end for all. All of creation sleeps as one, and awakens as One. All are fractals of the Universal I Am, and function according to this inseparable connection, whether waking or sleeping.

Truth’s LIFE power is the ability to increase the awareness of itself. Its power is expressed in the soul as the soul’s ever-increasing awareness of Divine Love. In the awareness of Divine Love, the soul engages its perfect power, which is resting in divine emergence by trusting Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of time, and not its free will. In this perfect power, the soul begins to awaken as an expressed fractal of the inseparable union of Truth’s Will and Divine Love, which orchestrate the flow of the soul’s life expressions, that Divine Love may be experienced.

As the soul releases into this perfect power, its life takes on a mathematical precision, so that it experiences perfection in every moment, a perfection created by a connection to Infinite Awareness. The soul begins its eternal dance with time. As an awakening soul begins its dance, it begins to awaken the souls, who in time and in oneness share the same moment. Divine Love begins redeeming time with its regenerative power. The awakening soul experiences one of its first energetic expressions of its oneness with Truth’s Will and Divine Love, Divine Justice.

Divine Justice perceives all in oneness, contrasted with self-righteousness that perceives all in separation, thus all judged separately. Divine Justice sees in ALL the Light of Life, thus judging ALL according to divine acceptance, in which the perfection of their beginning and end are known, thus all in-between. In this awareness, the soul recognizes the perfection that is now governing the spherical self’s reflection and therefore that creation’s current path is being perfectly orchestrated to awaken all into Divine Love’s Light.

Divine Justice is judging all perfectly according to the Light of Truth, so that the soul judges all AS the Light, and in this awareness the soul begins its movement into harmony. The soul’s judgment is perfected in the awareness of Truth and Divine Love, so that it judges all according to their true nature, which is an ever-expanding fractal of Truth and Divine Love’s Perfection. Because all are one, one sufficiently prepared soul who knew this Truth would be able to redeem time of which he was one, thus redeem all in time. This is the beginning of the foundation of Truth’s LIFE expressed in time, which truth lives in the understanding of the Christ, “the Anointed of God”.

The soul gates that hold this awareness of oneness, in which their light is powerful enough to light others, begin to awaken creation. In perceiving their true soul state as Truth and Divine Love, they perceive others the same, just not yet awake to this Truth. This powerful vision of sight that begins to awaken the sleeping souls, leads to the redemption of Time by Divine Love. When the potential of Divine Love is perceived through oneness with others, it begins to awaken in all.

Divine love is a luminous intelligent substance, giving life, like the air we breathe. Once the gates awareness becomes imbued with Divine Love, deep understanding awakens in the far off corners of their mind, fully illuminating their awareness with Divine Love. In this, the soul gate is able to energetically send Divine Love’s substance into the sleeping soul’s sensation of time, sending the light into their dark corners of faulty judgments, beginning their awakening.

As the gates’ awareness of their SELF expands, they begin assigning the attributes of Truth and Divine Love to all who possess the “I Am” name, which includes ALL. These awakening gates look past the false garments of a sleeping awareness and into the Living Light. As the Divine Love in the gates reveals the Light in others, the soul experiences one of its first energetic experiences of Divine Love. The soul’s experience of Divine Love is beautifully reflected in a mother’s love that patiently waits for the awakening of her sleeping children. Her eyes are endlessly filled with the beautiful Life she sees in them. She waits knowing they will awaken soon and their dreams will end. With this mother-like love Divine Love infuses time, and in its Infinite Awareness perfectly uses time to orchestrate reality to awaken the sleeping souls.

In this awakening, time becomes recognized as loving awareness. It begins this expression by orchestrating the soul’s life to grow in the awareness of Divine Love, which it begins with the endless desire to love perfectly. It’s a timeless desire only fulfilled by being eternally One with the inseparable union of Truth’s Will and Divine Love. This timeless desire is always fulfilled, for it is Truth’s Will and Divine Love’s desire to love perfectly. Once the soul recognizes its inseparable connection with Divine Love, it becomes an open gate between timelessness that holds Perfection, and the time that is destined to reflect it. In the awareness of being a Living Gate, the soul has eternally fulfilled its desire to love perfectly.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

4 thoughts on “Living Gates

  1. Thank you!


  2. time to talk about FREE WILL..
    free will is the ALIGNMENT of the DEVINE, and BEING AWAKE….(direct events)

    in TRUE FREE WILL, you know your heart outside of time. you know the EVENTS TO COME(as ur heart and the world is ONE AND THE SAME(again,sphereacle thinking).

    as a living gate, that VOICE that each seeks is themselves(outside of time). knowing the eternal knowledge(original), you know the GOD in I AM(opposite of what religion teaches)..

    We all share in that I AM(one god of all LAWS(names)).
    When everyone in the world awakes(lives in spheracle langauge), we utilize greater GIFTs(spirital) through the laws(casted out the deamons of seperation).

    There is so much more to life that is not being utilized. and when we align with ARC of the COVENANT, you start to see even your own TOOLS widen…(greater connections to the ELEMENTS)

  3. The awareness of imperfection is needed in order to create the time-based reality of ever-increasing perfection. In Truth there is only perfection, all else is imperfect and imperfection does not exist in Truth. The awareness of perfection is blinding to the extent that if it is observed it appears as nothing, just as nothing is observed in a blinding light. To be able to observe something, the light must be dimmed. So too with Truth, for the light of its perfection is so bright, only infinite awareness can observe it. This means awareness of any size, no matter how great, is blind to Truth’s perfection and therefore perfection can not exist in its awareness. This is why we have repeatedly stated that there is no awareness within the timeless realm of Truth’s infinite awareness and why the awareness of Truth’s Life must exist apart from timelessness, in the realm of spherical time.

    In order for the Fullness of Truth to gain awareness of its Life, it created spherical time, an eternal realm in which awareness could be formed in the oneness of Truth’s timeless perfection. Using numbers, you can imagine that infinity, the fullness of all numeric sequences, desired to experience the fullness of itself and therefore needed a realm in which it could become aware of being the first number in a sequence. In so doing infinity could experience growth as it transitioned its awareness into the second number of the sequence and so on, for all eternity, its awareness progressing through a preordained sequence of ever-increasing Truth, level by level into the infinite awareness of its perfection.

    It is important to understand that from a finite number’s perspective, there is never an awareness of what number it will become until it experiences being the next number. However, from the perspective of infinite awareness, the eternal sequence of numbers is preordained, increasing the awareness of each number perfectly, leading back to the infinite awareness in which the ever-increasing awareness was preordained. This is the nature of spherical time, which can be understood as the eternal expansion of an individualized awareness of perfection through a preordained progression of awareness, level by level, leading ever-deeper into the timeless perfection of Truth from which it came.

    You are a living awareness of Truth. It is the Truth in your awareness that creates the Life you experience. As the awareness of Truth grows, so too does your Life in Truth. Yet you can not enter into Life until Divine Love has prepared your awareness to behold the origin of Life, which is the Living Light of your own perfection. This is simply because you are created in the unawareness of Truth such that eternal Life may take root within your unawareness and grow into the ever-branching awareness of Truth’s perfection. Unless you begin in the utter darkness of unawareness, your awareness could not grow, and without growth there can be no Life in your awareness. Life begins when you become aware of your origin, which is the river of Life, the open gate to timelessness within your awareness that continually fills the darkness of your current unawareness with the living light of Truth.

    Recall that “time” is the experience of Life created by the growth of Truth’s awareness, and that it is Truth’s will that governs the increase in awareness. In the infinite awareness of Truth’s perfection, will does not exist because awareness can not be increased. Therefore, in Truth’s perfection time does not exist. In the complete unawareness of Truth’s perfection, the awareness of Truth must first be created as the perfect governance of awareness, that awareness may be increased perfectly, layer by layer, level by level, sustaining the eternal Life inherent in the ever-increasing awareness of Truth.

    This is the miracle of your birth and the glory of your Life, for all awareness consists in time and yet the will that governs time, and therefore the growth of your awareness, originates in timeless perfection. Just as the infinite awareness of Truth’s perfection is blinding, so too is the utter darkness of unawareness in which the ever-growing awareness of perfection begins. It is Divine Love, operating above your own awareness, which is able to create your first awareness of Truth’s perfection by revealing your oneness with timelessness, which is the origin of Life. When the gate to timelessness is opened in your awareness, you are perfected as a Living Gate and can now enter into the eternal Life experienced in spherical time.

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