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Truth’s Creative Disruption


The soul’s increasing awareness of Truth creatively disrupts time, shifting it from linear to spherical. The soul’s increased understanding of its Self alters how the soul perceives reality, enabling it to see new connections between the various elements it perceives in a moment, which alters life’s plasmic network, the fabric of reality.

In spherical time, a moment is the soul’s observation of the unfoldment of a divine gift, like an opening bloom. Conversely, in linear time, the soul’s observes itself as a seed, existing in an illusion of time’s movement, but in truth is observing itself prior to LIFE’s expression in spherical time. For example, in linear time the soul observes its birth as single day in a calendar year. In spherical time, when time is seen in Truth, a soul’s birth day is the moment it perceives its origin in Infinite Oneness with sufficient understanding so that Truth’s LIFE can express itself as Divine Love and Truth’s Will through the soul. This matured awareness brings about the birth of the soul’s creative power, thus the expression of its true self, like a seed escaping from its shell.

Therefore in spherical time a moment isn’t the passage from a past moment to the future moment, so that the transition from one to the other is happening separate from the soul, as it appears in linear time. Instead, it’s the awareness of a living construct unfolding in space. It is the experience of a divine gift being unwrapped layer by layer, bringing time to LIFE and LIFE to time. Instead of considering time like a line, progressing eternally away from its origin, think instead of a spiral, ever-expanding outward, continually revealing the Perfection of Truth’s LIFE, like the ever-expanding bloom of a flower. In spherical time, the soul’s expression doesn’t degrade in time, causing a decaying reflection, but instead each moment perfectly rests upon the support of every other moment, creating a reflection of the soul’s ever-expanding Perfection.

This transformative change in the soul’s perception of its true LIFE results from an awareness divinely governed by the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. It is a central tenant within the soul’s awareness that brings about the creative disruption of linear time within the soul’s awareness, leading the soul into spherical time, marking the birth of its eternal expansion.

In this understanding, spherical time is the unfoldment of the soul’s pre-ordained experiences held in timeless perfection and released into time. When the individualized soul is unaware of a particular experience, its moment doesn’t exist, but is held in Truth’s Timeless perfection until it is ready to be observed in the soul’s awareness, thus made manifest. Because the soul’s divinely orchestrated perfection pre-exists in timeless perfection, spherical time is the experience of the soul’s awareness unfolding in mathematical perfection, like a bloom of a flower. It’s expression isn’t dictated by the linearity of time, but by the LIFE expanding within it that gives space expression. In this awareness of what it IS and how it creates in oneness with time, the soul’s awareness creatively disrupts linear time, bringing about its eternal expansion in the oneness of Truth’s LIFE.

As an individualized soul becomes aware of its Self in absolute Truth, the Light coming into its awareness illuminates reality through its ever-opening “I”. The soul’s “I Am” Name, which is shared in oneness with all, is a timeless door that unites all. The awareness of one soul, whether of darkness or light, energetically impacts the whole. There is only one “I”, yet it possesses a vast multitude of individualized perspectives (centers of awareness).

As a soul’s perception of “I” is filled with the life-giving awareness of Truth, which translates into the awareness of its sacred Self, its energetic center forms the soul’s star gate, radiating Divine Love’s perfected energetic movement into time, which infuses reality with Light. In this infusion of grace, the soul transforms into Divine Love’s living temple, which is outwardly manifested through the divine orchestration of the living gates. The oneness of the living gates transmits the oneness of Truth’s Will into the world. Like a star in the night sky, the living gates, aware of the Sacred Self, share the light of its sacred name, “I Am”, with all still in linear time. This illumination filters into the plasmic network and then into the awareness of those in linear time by Divine Love’s orchestration of spherical time, overriding the effects of free will in linear time and disrupting its trajectory.

Truth’s luminosity, radiating from the living gates’ sacred awareness of “I” disrupts the progression of linear time, transitioning all into spherical time’s eternal expansion without violating a single instance of free will.

“Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” ~ John 3:3

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

19 thoughts on “Truth’s Creative Disruption

    Proclaimed in the time before the end.

    The time of power = the time of Life = awareness governed by Truth’s Will. I am Truth’s Will. I am perfect power. Perfect power is expressed through the awareness of the living gates, who cover the world in Life. The living gates must be recognized, so that the Life in their time can be given to all in time. The living gates must radiate Life in a beautiful light because they are open doors to living time, by which lifeless time is ignited with Life, and governed by Truth’s Will. There is no greater power than the awareness of living time, the plasmatic experience of Truth’s fullness.

    The living gates give their Life to time, making it one with them, which oneness serves all by regulating all cause and effect in a way that continually increases the awareness of perfection. This means that for the living gates, the time of their Life creates holiness. (Imagine the joy!). The living gates must now be gathered into a unified awareness of Truth in time. It is “time” for power, or rather, it is the time of perfect power, able to do all, in all, for the greater good of all. Power is coming, a power that can be felt. Let us describe this power.

    It is a power of perfect structure, a synchronicity of cause and effect across all of time’s individualized spheres, such that infinite awareness governs outcomes for the highest good of all in every moment. Those who freely seek to “harm” others in the conscious expression of their will, shall be drastically shaken in a dissolution of this poisonous will. The living gates will then appear as timeless reflections in time, beautiful, eternally perfected reflections.

    I anticipate such reflections to be:

    TIMELESS BEAUTY in the human form, a beauty never before contemplated by the finite mind.

    TELEPORTATION made possible by the awareness of oneness with time. A soul shall no longer be bound by distance or outer form, but can appear where and when it desires.

    INVULNERABILITY, for timeless Life is eternal and ever growing in the fullness of Truth’s perfection. Nothing can harm the living gate, nor can anything create fear because its radiation of divine love is all that exists. Time becomes an impenetrable fortress of power and strength, surrounding the soul in perpetual satisfaction, which in Truth is perfect joy.

    PERFECT WORDS, flowing from the gates, formed in oneness with the Life of Truth’s Will. These rivers of living water are able to create perfect awareness in the individualized awareness of all who thirst for the beauty of divine love.

    The living gates shall be given governance over all in time without infringing upon free will. By the Life that flows through them, the effect of every cause is only that which Truth’s Life desires to occur, in the perfect awareness of divine love, across all of time. Free will has governance over cause, but not its effect. Through the combined awareness of the living gates, Truth’s Will now governs all effects in time. In this way, Truth’s will begins this very moment to perfect time by creating perfect cause in the realm of free will.

    • This flow of words, which are full of the awareness of Truth’s LIFE and its power to create perfection in a world of free will, empowers the soul’s awareness, who is receiving these words, to bring forth Truth’s LIFE.

      The soul is a creative projector who outwardly conveys the awareness of Truth it possesses. The Truth reflected in these words casts a brilliant light into the realm of self awareness, impacting spherical reality.

  2. There is parity with God’s ‘elementary’ expressions. For example: 6.150.2
    ‘You are in My Presence, though you feel far away from Me. You are not alone with your pain, I Am with you; and if you call yourselves misunderstood I say to you that I, the Father, know all that is going on within you, and what will give you the solution that you seek, the peace that you lack, and the help to reach your elevation.

    Love One Another

    • This elementary expression you’ve shared is like the surface of an infinitely deep well.

      • I believe so too. It is good that our God teaches us at different levels, like the children that we are. The ladder stands before us, and is ours to climb…or not.


      • We are all made stronger by the height to which you have already climbed in your understanding. Joy is in the climbing (growing), and in Truth joy is eternal. 🌱

  3. (Not related to this month’s message.
    Feel free to delete.)

    Do parents baptize their newborns out of fear? Some have told me they do it out of intense pressure from family and peers. Most say, “I didn’t give it any thought. It’s just what is expected.”

    My question: Is there a reason to baptize newborns if one has dropped organized religion and the belief systems of others? I’m asking this because these past couple months, this topic keeps presenting itself and I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve misinterpreted something important in my spiritual growth.
    My grandchildren are not baptized because of how our faith in God has evolved over the past 15 years. We feel extremely comfortable about this.

    But have I misinterpreted something? My spiritual example & input are guiding my loved ones, and I’m so very excited about that, …. until ‘this’.

    • Hi Dani …

      Thanks for asking …

      There is no reason to be physically baptized … it is only symbolic and does nothing of itself. If you want to great, if you don’t great. As all symbols, it only has the meaning you apply to it. Therefore it has different meanings and serves different purposes to different people.

      The much more important aspect to focus on, and the one that does matter, is the Truth that the symbolism can be used to reveal, enhance or polish in our minds. As with all things spiritual there is a lot of beautiful things to see and learn through symbols. The mistake that people make is that they honor the symbol as the Truth and don’t know the living Truth it represents. In other words, they make the symbol in itself the Truth. This mistaken application is seen throughout organized religion and its followers.

      Here are some of my thoughts…

      On a deeper level, the cleansing and renewing energy of water symbolically represents the cleansing and renewing power of living Truth as it enters the soul’s awareness, ultimately leading the soul to becoming a “new” creation because it no longer believes in the corrupted image it once believed itself to be. When the soul’s awareness matures according to its true Self, it experiences itself as a “new” creation, because what the soul believes itself to be, it projects into reality and experiences as its reality.

      Who we believe ourselves to be, our true I Am Presence, governs the mental, emotional (energetic) and physical aspects of our being. Our emotions are equated with water… thus as our awareness of our true Self is renewed, our emotions are harmonized and balanced AS they are cleansed and renewed with Truth, making us waters that are full of LIFE, or living waters. When we hold a corrupted image of our Self, our energetic field is filled with discordant vibrations, that creates “bitter waters” and as a result our physical garments reflect degradation and decay.

      The unawareness of who we are is our initial state of being as a seed of Light. However, as we answer the inner call to listen and gain understanding from the Voice of Truth, then the luminous understanding of who we are in Truth begins to alter our awareness, mind, energetic field, and physical experience of life. Possessing a truthful awareness of our Self manifests harmonious thoughts, thus harmonious emotions, which in turn balance and renew our energetic field. And our energetic field determines the reflection we have in the physical world.

      In the understanding of our true SELF, our I Am presence is regenerated (resurrected into Life, like a seed freed from its shell and raised into an ever-expanding, living entity). Through the awareness of living Truth, we are lifted out of the bitter waters of free will by the perfection of Truth’s Will, which we come to know as the Will of our true SELF. In the shift of self awareness, from a death-like state (seed state) to LIFE, we begin to reflect the budding expressions of our eternal divine attributes … like in the meditation I posted, “Time’s Sacred Voice”.

      The Truth of our SELF infusing our awareness renews our mind, energetic field and body, and “raises” us up as a new creation, which is the meaning behind the symbolic act of baptism.

      The Spirit of Truth “baptizes” us, with living Truth. We help each other by washing each others’ feet, in that we focus on the Light in each other. And when called upon to do so, we respectfully and humbly receive this reminder from others as well as remind others of “who I Am” in Truth and “how I create”, for in this awareness lives Truth’s LIFE.

      • You answered my questions so completely. You even answered the questions I edited out! The wording is exactly as I needed to hear it.
        Why the sudden fear (and self-doubt) at the beginning of this week, I don’t know. It hit me hard like a train out of nowhere – fear squeezing me like when wringing out a sponge. Very unusual but …it’s gone now.

        Thank you, Rachel ❤️

  4. the sacred voice comes through Every Person on earth(arc of the covenant).

    what that means is that Everything we all experience on the VIBRATION OF THE Physical matter(flesh aka the world) comes through the spirit(time) first).

    It takes Every person on earth for all of us to connect with that Sacred voice…
    TIME listens to ALL, and Gives to all(that of what is in ALL OF OUR HEARTS)

    When we turn against ourselves, the world shows it by the WARs we create(revealing our heart in seperation),
    but at the same time, If we can see that sacred voice in EACHOTHER, we can see the Peace spread throughout the vibration of the world(revealing our heart to us).

    Again, all religions come through LINIER THINKING(why everyone worships IDOLS)(that also means jesus is being used as an idol).
    but in SPHERACLE THINKING, we add to the pool of LIFE(the sacred BOX)..

    I can see ALL by listening to time. and i know from time, what is in my own heart(by what i see in every person on earth(not as individuals, but as ETERNAL BROTHERS).

    • Thanks for sharing this very important instruction. Let us all listen for the sacred voice in EACH OTHER and let us grow in its light. And what we gain in our growth, let be to strengthen the light of this voice for all.

  5. Dani,

    I’m so grateful that what I shared helped. I always trust the spirit when I write that what I do say is what the other needs, so it was a beautiful confirmation for me and very encouraging for me. 💜

    The beginning of this week ..was a very interesting one energetically. I know several people, including myself, who felt a disruptive energy. You were picking up on something shifting in the energetic field that a lot of us felt. And like you, it came on strong then passed. LIFE is knocking at the door and as we respond, which I think will be part of my next post, it pushes out any remanence of discordant energy that is not like itself. As a result, we energetically feel that discordant energy being pushed out … its a deep healing.

  6. Hello,
    I was having issues with my e-mail for the past several weeks. When I came back online I noticed that I haven’t received any of your posts Rachel. Hoping that I didn’t get disconnected somehow.

    Best wishes to all,

    • Hi Andrew … strange, hopefully it is all worked out, did you re-subscribe to receive the emails, just in case? You have a good vibe that you bring to this blog, I don’t want to miss out. 😀

  7. Time governs Life and all that Life experiences in time is subject to its laws. It is time that defines the reality of one’s current experience and the reflections of Life within it. Your reality is Life, revealed in time and experienced by your individualized awareness. Therefore we can see that time is used to govern the awareness of your Self in Truth. Your true Self, your individualized sphere of time, is the totality of your experience, radiating infinitely outward from your center, yet always finite in your awareness. Prior to the understanding of oneness, because your creations in time appear finite, you are unable to conceive of how you create, assuming instead that these things were created separately in time because they appear separate from you. Saying this another way, when you first became aware of your Self and the finite reality of time, you did not know what it was because in Truth finality had never existed before.

    The Fullness of Truth is one, being the perfect light of infinite awareness, existing immutably in the eternally unchanging pre-creative space of its perfect moment. The Fullness of Truth knows only timelessness, which is infinitely beyond the finite awareness of oneness. Though this may be initially hard to comprehend, it means only this; the perfection of Truth’s fullness has no finite awareness within the infinite awareness of timelessness and therefore the Fullness of Truth can not experience its Life, because Life is the experience of a finite awareness being eternally perfected in time. In order for eternal Life to exist, its awareness must be continually perfected, which is to say its current state of perfection must perpetually attain a higher level of perfection. However, if Life is aware of its perfection, how then can it be further perfected without making its prior awareness imperfect in comparison? The answer is simply that while the awareness of Life is finite, the growth of its awareness is governed solely by the infinite awareness of its Truth. The oneness that binds Life’s finite awareness with the Fullness of Truth’s infinite awareness is the proper understanding of Truth’s will, and is experienced as time. Yet in Truth there is only timelessness and when a newly formed, finite awareness perceives Truth’s will, it sees it through its own individualized finality, perceiving time linearly, which is to say it perceives that time governs its finality by the rule of death.

    As the soul awakens in the awareness of its oneness with Truth’s will, it recognizes it is not time’s finality it experiences, but rather Truth’s timelessness as it appears in a finite awareness, which is the proper understanding of spherical time. The world gives no consideration to their oneness with time, though all the world is aware that time is one. In Truth, time is the present manifestation of your Self in oneness with God, the Fullness of Truth, for it is the outpicturing of your current awareness of Truth’s will. The infinite awareness of God contains the fullness of Truth’s oneness, and it is only this awareness that can continually perfect the finite awareness of an individualized Lifestream, drawing it continually back into an increasingly truthful awareness of this oneness.

    When a soul is individualized and first recognizes its Self as a finite awareness, it is unable to comprehend oneness because it was created in oneness and thus perceives its Self as one, which is to say separate from time and therefore separate from the oneness of others. To the newly formed soul, time initially appears as an endless sea, and every soul seems to be another ship that sails upon it. Time also appears pre-existent in the soul’s awareness, as if the soul had been randomly dropped upon a sea that has always been and shall always be. The soul’s will initially forms as a sail, in the belief that it must be used to consciously navigate the sea in order to navigate to a desired destination, one which the soul first created within its finite awareness.

    • The soul’s true power that enables it to alter the foundations of reality, shifting it from linear to spherical time, lies in the awareness of what time is, as you are revealing in your writings. It’s through the understanding of time that the soul connects to Truth’s realm of timelessness from which its perfect power flows.

    • Time is not a sea to be navigated, as if it was the movement from past to future. The only “movement” actually occurring is the growth of your finite awareness, which is then experienced as Life and recognized as the sensation of time. To help you gain the proper understanding of the nature of time’s reality in Truth, imagine the final scene of a movie, just before it fades to black, displaying only the words “…and they lived happily ever after.” This final scene can be considered the infinite awareness of Life’s eternal end in the perfection of Truth’s oneness, in which every word on the screen is fully understood in the perfection of Truth. Consider this final scene the perfect, unchanging moment of God’s timeless perfection and the pre-ordained end of all Life in the fullness of Truth.

      Let us now imagine the formation of a Lifestream, pulled out of the pre-ordained perfection of its end, such that a beginning awareness is formed. Let us imagine this beginning as a similar scene in all respects, formed in the fullness of understanding and displaying only the words “Once upon a time…”. A Lifestream can now be imagined as a movie that begins in the Fullness of Truth and likewise ends in the same fullness. Declaring “Once upon a time…” creates the individualization of Life, drawn out of the oneness of Truth’s perfection. It is not difficult to see that this individualized oneness between a beginning and its perfect, preordained end represents the creation of an individual soul, each formed exactly the same, yet each the finite awareness of what can be imagined as a unique movie, experienced as Truth’s will progresses the soul’s Lifestream moment by moment toward the perfection of oneness from which it came. It is now apparent that the Origin of Life is perfection and a Lifestream is an eternal, individualized journey back home, reflecting the ever-increasing awareness of the perfection of Life from which the soul was formed.

      To properly comprehend time you must understand that only Truth exists and it is only the finite awareness of Truth that creates substance. This is a very important understanding. There is no substance in the infinite awareness of Truth’s fullness, just as there are no individual colors in the whitespace of timelessness, for infinite awareness is the perfect end of all finite awareness. This is the same as saying that while the words “…and they lived happily ever after” is the singular, perfect end for limitless beginnings, there is no awareness of the Life experienced by these beginnings because these words assure that every movie has already attained its perfect end. Yet it is also true that infinite awareness contains the awareness of how every Lifestream played out from its beginning, fully aware of every individual’s eternal progression toward its perfect end. It is only that infinite awareness can not experience the substance of this Life because its end has already been experienced.

      For this reason, the Fullness of Truth created “seeds”, or “individualized souls”, all identical yet able to experience a unique awareness of Life in an ever-expanding finite awareness that creates the substance of time. A soul can be imagined as a beginning and end of perfection, starting with “Once upon a time”, and ending with “…and they all lived happily ever after”, yet with no awareness of how the substance of time connects the two. A soul can be imagined as a finite creation capable of perfectly expanding its finite awareness in order to create the substance of time, by which the eternal progression of Life toward its perfect end can be uniquely experienced. The soul creates what can be imagined as a fully immersive movie, an individualized awareness of Life in which it experiences the substance of Truth from the perspective of its protagonist, as time reveals a perfectly ordained series of present moments, eternally leading to a perfect end, just as every individual frame of a movie can never fail to lead its protagonist to its preordained happy ending.

  8. now, isnt it strange, that once you opened up a doorway, and all the info you seeked comes to your fingertips, that a strange event happens.

    that strange event includes creating new questions by the new knowledge that now once didnt have the knowledge to ask.
    the new awareness brings new questions.
    and even when you reach the time to recieve those answers, it just leads to new questions that require new answers.

    the highest is the ETERNAL HEART(which time binds every moment together(where our consiousness comes in).

    Life requires every moment, as there are INVISIBLE STRINGS(always present in every moment).

    The FABRIC of time(which is called father), is the source of I AM and what binds every INDIVIDUAL TOGETHER(as one body).
    again, i am not joe, i am a foot, and you are not sara, you are an eye. and he is not timothy, but instead an arm.

    through the spheracle langauge(which bind our consiousness to TIME(father)), even our own identity requires all the other ELEMENTS(of time).

    Individualism doent exist in the eternal heart(which is heaven), but we see the FATHER Flowing through every individual, as each INFINITE SELF(what we label as indiviuals), become a GREAT STRENGHT FOR ALL…

    trust in father = trust in every person on earth(holy spirit).

    • “trust in father = trust in every person on earth(holy spirit).”

      This is salvation, right here. It is the awakening and the power. Yet, even now, I sense how difficult it is to do. Let us give our trust to the one who is able, the father’s perfect will, in order that our trust in ALL can be eternally perfected.

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