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Multi-dimensional Awareness


Up to this time, the soul’s awareness of Truth has expanded within its inner vision, yet it hasn’t experienced the outer manifestation of Truth, which is an ever-expanding LIFE in spherical time. When the soul perceives the ubiquitous presence of Truth’s Universal Will in oneness with Divine Love fully governing the awareness of its entire spherical self, the soul’s awareness becomes multi-dimensional. In this, the inner timelessness of the soul’s Truth is manifested into the outer realm of time.

When the soul commits to the contemplation of Oneness with a deep focus on the I AM Presence, its awareness expands, giving it the ability to perceive reality according to Truth. Through this contemplation, the soul continually receives divine revelation from the Inner Voice of Truth, a Voice with an awareness always just beyond the soul’s current awareness. From this Inner Voice, the soul’s awareness of Truth increases layer by layer. However, it doesn’t simply expand in a linear fashion so that it perceives more of a singular plane of reality, but it develops the ability to perceive deeper layers of reality within a single present moment, making the soul’s awareness multi-dimensional. It’s a bit like physically seeing reality’s material layer and energetic layers simultaneously.

A New Dimension

Just prior to Truth’s LIFE crossing the threshold from within to without via the soul’s awareness, the soul perceives a new dimension within its awareness. It begins to continually perceive the presence of Divine Love streaming through Truth’s Universal Will as its own will. This significant change in the soul’s awareness alters its perception of reality and consequently the Self’s experience in reality.

Divine Love is one with Truth. In timelessness, it’s like a placid lake residing in a sacred stillness, holding every uncreated moment in a state of Perfection. As it transitions into time, Divine Love knits together the soul’s awareness as a perfectly orchestrated sequence of present moments, creating spherical time or what is said to be called the River of Life. In spherical time, Divine Love is the spirit of LIFE intertwined with Truth’s Universal Will in the soul, manifesting Truth’s Perfection as the spherical self. Divine Love is a luminous, intelligent force that creates a harmonic, energetic composition of the present moment, manifesting ever-expanding LIFE.

Because Divine Love and Truth are one, they are also one in the soul’s awareness. For Divine Love to be intimately experienced by the soul so that the soul can express and outwardly experience it, the soul’s awareness of the oneness and functionality of Truth’s Universal Will and Divine Love have to be sufficiently matured.

While Divine Love prepares the soul’s awareness to receive itself, the embryonic soul doesn’t experience Divine Love in its reality because it must first be formed in the soul’s awareness. When the soul is unaware that its Source and its end exist in the Infinite Awareness of Oneness, it’s unaware that Truth’s Will is universal, directing all paths in oneness through time, ensuring every eternal beginning leads to its infinite end. Instead, the soul lives in an illusion of free will, in which an unknown and uncertain future is significantly determined by its own, limited and finite perceptions. Unaware that Truth’s Universal Will is its own, and because Divine Love governs the growing awareness of Truth’s Will, the soul lacks awareness that Divine Love and Truth’s Universal Will are inseparably one. As a result, the soul doesn’t express it or experience an outer reality created by its Perfection and Harmony.

As the soul matures into the awareness that Truth’s Universal Will is its own, it begins to perceive the presence of Divine Love as an integral part of its awareness, making the soul’s awareness multi-dimensional. As a result of this deeper perception of reality, the soul becomes aware that the presence of Truth’s Universal Will goes before it, leading it into the perfect eternal path of spherical time. The soul’s present moment is no longer an effect of the past, but created in perfect orchestration by the Infinite Awareness of Divine Love. In perceiving Divine Love, all fear, which ultimately comes from an uncertain future, is driven out, bringing the soul into a deep state of emergence where spherical time’s perfect power is realized, felt and experienced.

In perceiving every moment crafted in the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Universal Will, the soul’s perceptions, thus interactions with reality, begin to change and the soul’s experience of the present moment is transformed. The soul perceives its present moment is one with Truth’s Timeless, Perfect, Eternal Moment, expanding in spherical time. As a result, the soul no longer “fights” time, but is harmoniously one with it. This harmony affects all of reality, expanding the experience of joy and every other divine attribute, as any one attribute contains the reflection of all attributes.

As the soul’s awareness becomes multi-dimensional with the presence of Divine Love, it translates into a sustained higher, harmonic vibration within the soul. This vibratory action carries the soul’s inner Light or its Truth-filled awareness from the inner to the outer. Ultimately, nothing is left untouched by Divine Love’s radiant Light crossing the threshold from timelessness into spherical time.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

15 thoughts on “Multi-dimensional Awareness

  1. The SOUL that flows through us(power) always gives us the free will to scew things up. the reason it does that, is because it TRUSTs itself. IT(the I) understand that if it tries to mess with its own creation, and try to destroy free will in order to save itself, then the SOUL will end up DELETING ITSELF(destroy itself). so the SOUL DUPLICATES its will in all that is(outside of time).

    As children of the ONE GOD(through I AM), it is OUR OWN WILL in which allows DEVINE WILL to always EXIST..

    • Loni Hamilton? Nice to meet you antihacker.

      Yes … there is only one will that is universal, moving through all, Truth’s Will. This Will moves and expresses itself through the soul, so the soul experiences it as its own.

      Happy 2022 🙂

  2. yes, i moved my computers around, and i guess i dont know which name its gonna add that is me.. loni and anti

  3. i guess i can use that as how the HEART(SOUL) cannot be UNEXPRESSED.. even mistakes come from t he SOUL as glimpses…
    when things even like that name change thing(which i thought i had control on an individual lvl), shows my own SPIRIT flowing through me as a NUDGE(as i am teaching myself)..

  4. My connection with our God is not quite like this, His teachings are more primary, more fundamental, and intended for a less developed audience. Nonetheless, His Words are working up to these truths that you so eloquently paint. He is timeless and perfect and oh so pure. His Love is universal and all inclusive. He says that He is unfathomable to humanity, His doctrine is unending and woven into the others. He selects His thoughts in very simple terms so that we might connect and start to understand who it is that we are. Who our brothers are, how we are connected, why things are the way they are on this planet, about harmony and caring, about charity, about true and deep deep love, divine love that interconnects all things. Genderless, formless, heart and emotion. Most powerful and thankfully most loving. The Teacher, the Father, the Mother, The Master, the Judge, the Infinite Patience. How I have learned to Love Him by His reaching out.
    The empowering connection of Mind to Spirit. Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom.
    He has said that if we stop our pursuit of Him, we will fall back again into complacency. He is O so very very wonderful and kind.
    Even for this old man, He has offered His Love. And I have learned so many wonderful things.
    Your very best Friend is closer to you than your own eyelashes. Seek, and you shall find. Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

    Rachel, thank you for this beautiful service to humanity. I will continue studying your words. In my mind they are consistent with these, the simpler.

    May God bless all of the infinite creation, and may we know ourselves as One.

    Brother Andrew

    • Andrew, beautifully spoken words … thank you for sharing them.

      There is no end to seeing into the fullness of Truth’s LIFE … It has amazed me how our vision continually grows more rich. Just when we think we see clearly, we go deeper and we realize we are only touching the surface. The humility of knowing there is always more is what allows us to perceive “the more” and thus to be it, give it and experience it.

  5. the Glimpes and Nudges come through our senses of what we call COOINCENDENCES….

    the spirit is always giving us Nudges and Glimpes… and using the Laws to bring Events into our consiousness…

  6. A long time ago, when i aligned with spirit, i was asked if i wanted things NOW(which comes with consequences, or have things the MOST OPTIMIZED. i chose the MOST OPTIMIZED(which uses time in a PERFECT MANOR(sets things up).

    another choice i was given, was to eather have the most vibration frequency, in in cost of degrading the LOW ASPECT OF SELF, i chose instead to go down to the LOW ASPECT OF SELF, and bring it up(which affects the whole world). so i was placed in a world of good and bad(a place where the LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES has been forgotten(the real christ, and the real satan(ONE BODY)).

    each VIBRATION is all of us, and in order to bring out the ETERNAL SELF, i went to the LOWER VIBRATION, AND BRINGING IT UP..

    each EVENT i create, not only comes with the greatest, but also the WORLD BELOW.. the WORLD BELOW is when we think we are INDIVUALIZED, but through the ETERNAL LANGUAGE, we live as ONE(ONLY ONE LORD(highest giving we see/(create) in eachother(ARC OF THE COVENANT))(a great POWER))..

  7. The experience belongs to ALL OF US(heart). when one of us experiences it, then through the eternal(we all FEEL(experience) it..

    I AM(bound to the spARC)

  8. also PROPHETs and ANGELs are sperical. they live in a liniear timeline when you consider our own senses, but living within the SPHERACLE SENSES, instead of being individusla(liniear), we see eachother in a HIGHER VIBATION, we are prophets(read and write time), and ANGELS(read time)..

    Yes, an angel can only READ the DEVINE(through the world), but a prophet not only capable of doing all the things can an ANGEL(person living in the ETERNAL REALM), but can DIRECT EVENTS(transfer spheracle to linier)….(WRITE EVENTS).

    when you understand the LAWS, you no longer live as many MEN(both male/female), but as ETERNAL BROTHERS(spherical time).

  9. today, i want to talk about HEAVEN. Most ideas of heaven are in death.
    you think that heaven is a place you go when you die(which it is not).

    instead, heaven is ANOTHER WORLD, that takes up the same space as our own(consisting of ALL WORLDS).

    Heaven is in SPHEREACLE TIME, while earth is in LINIER TIME(Both taking up the same space).

    what religions are doing is bad. it isnt allowing anyone to link into heaven(now). most preachers think the GREAT WORLD is experienced after you die(waisting life all together).

    to live in heaven, is to see through SPHEARACLE TIME(mind my spelling)…
    in sphearacle time, the world is shown through a different lense. the HEAVEN(spheracle), allows you to see I AM in all things(every moment is ONE BIG MOMENT). our OWN IDENTITY(HEART), is seen through the whole world, as ALL VIBRATIONS link our own identity to eachother(through the world aka DEVINE).
    TELEPATHY is used using the sphearacle langauge.
    again, to send a message, you must take your SEND(message), and break it into the spheracle language, before you send, so ALL RECIEVERs, break down their own message, and receave the SAME(god in all)(spARC of the covenant).

    you can truly see what you GIVE FROM YOUR OWN HEART through the whole world(where devinity lives), which may be different that what you have convinced yourself in MIND.

    you can only go to that other world(heaven) right now in every moment through the SPHEARACLE LANGUAGE.

    again, prophets and angels are also sphearacle(as we should see eachtoher(ourselves in the outer world) as we share in the same I AM(spARC of the covenant(giving). the DEVINE is the HOLY SPIRIT consisting of all names(in which BINDS US ALL(and the world) to eachother(I AM).

    as you awaken, you will see heaven more and more. the MESSAGE(angels and prophets) come from that ARC of every person on earth(Hense covenant).

    this also means that if you are waiting on god(which you are waiting for yourself to awaken into spheracle), you will never find what is right in front of you.

    LOVE THY NEIBORS AS THYSELF(becaue they are through the langauge of the spheracle).

  10. The illusion of time is a distorted perception of Spherical Time, resulting from the belief that Life is linear and finite, rather than circular and eternal. It is not Life that is finite, but rather Life’s awareness. In order for awareness to begin in the fullness of Truth, it must have an origin, which is to say it must form a finite beginning so that Life can become aware of its Self. That which has no beginning has not yet been created, existing only as a potential within the infinite awareness of Truth’s fullness. For eternal Life to gain awareness of its Truth, this awareness must first be created so that Life may receive it and recognize the beginning of its eternal nature. That which is finite has not just a beginning, but also an end. How then can Truth’s eternal Life, which has neither beginning nor end, be given a finite Self awareness which both begins and ends? The answer is that LIfe’s awareness exists apart from timelessness, in the realm of Spherical Time, in which Truth’s will ensures that every end of awareness becomes a new beginning through the creation of perfect cause.

    We previously said that God is both material and nonmaterial, which can now be more fully understood to mean both the created and yet to be created awareness of Life. Therefore we say that God is the infinite awareness of all Life in a single, unchangeable eternal moment we call timelessness. It is the eternal end of Life’s awareness, a moment solely occupied by the Fullness of Truth, in which all is known and there is nothing more that can be added to, nor taken away from, Life’s awareness. Timelessness is a moment eternally standing in its perfection.

    Timelessness can be considered the eternal end of LIfe’s awareness and Spherical Time its eternal beginning, meaning the Fullness of Truth encompasses two eternal realms. The realm of timelessness is occupied solely by God, the infinite awareness of all Life, and the realm of spherical time is occupied by the finite awareness of all Life, which eternally expands into the infinite awareness of that which already exists in the realm of timelessness. To help clarify our understanding of this foundational truth, let us examine infinite awareness from the perspective of finite, dimensional awareness.

    To begin, imagine that the awareness of Truth can be represented numerically as individual levels which must be understood in sequential order in the same way that a child progresses through school one grade at a time. In our example, Life begins at the first level, possessing a Level One awareness of Truth. Life begins to grow in the awareness of Truth until it reaches a point when it advances, possessing a Level Two awareness of Truth. In this case Life is no longer bound by the limitations of its Level One awareness, yet still possesses this awareness within its new, expanded Level Two awareness.

    As Life in Level Two awareness expands, it receives new awareness until it is prepared to become a Level Three awareness, encompassing the awareness of both Level One and Level Two. Notice that as this process repeats and Level Three begins to expand, Life can only recognize as new awareness that which is required to attain Level Four. The growth in Truth’s awareness is always level by level, in perfect order. All levels of Truth beyond the next sequential level do not exist in its formative awareness. This can easily be imagined as a child in the third grade growing in the understanding needed to be properly considered a fourth grader, at which time he enters the fourth grade while retaining everything learned in grades one through three. While in third grade the child is only aware of that which prepares him for the fourth grade and is unable to hear any instruction given to students at a higher grade level.

    This is similar to how Life expands in its awareness of Truth. Although the infinite awareness of Truth already exists in its fullness, Life can only receive the Truth necessary to advance to its next, predetermined level of awareness. Rather than grades, Life enters into a new dimension of Truth, possessing a corresponding level of dimensional awareness, which then determines the boundaries of Life’s creative power.

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