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As creators, we are the writers of our life’s story. Our programming language (ethereal pen) is our inner vision comprised of thought energy, which our mind projects upon the screen of reality, creating a living narrative.

Every moment has a backstory that tells how that moment came to be. Backstories wrap each present moment in a story of time that connect it to the past and future. They are the mechanism by which a timeless mind creates coherency in an illusionary world of time and space.

The past doesn’t exist but as a story within our mind, so the cause to our present moments isn’t a non-existent past, but the frequency of our thought energy (thoughts and the energetic structures they create). Our thought energy charges our reality with certain qualities (i.e., gratitude or complaining) and then our mind constructs a story of time reflecting those qualities connecting the past and future. Therefore, backstories are dynamically created moment to moment according to the present energy we are extending into reality. As a result, our life can change in a moment in desirable and undesirable ways. It’s also why when we energetically hold onto past grievances some things never seem to change.

When we are unaware of how we create, backstories hide our mind’s creative prowess and power. The past appears to hold the cause to our present experience, so that we don’t recognize it’s the present energy we are extending into reality that creatively effects reality. When the effect is mis-named as the cause, the true cause of how reality is created remains unknown. This misunderstanding of the true cause to the present moment entraps us in a world of suffering we unknowingly create, while blinding us to our ability to create a reality of peace and joy.

Our inner vision is a perceiving/receiving as well as a projective mechanism of the mind. According to our accepted source of truth, whether it is the outer appearance world or Truth’s Living Voice (Spirit of Truth), our inner vision is correspondingly darkened (asleep) or illuminated (awake). Depending on the source, our inner vision energetically projects darkness or Light through the mind, which creates our present moment and its supporting backstories.

When our inner eye is closed, the mind sleeps. Without the Light of Truth, the sleeping mind’s individualized judgments based on the outer reality (relative truth) stand in the place of Truth. False judgments are based on past interpretations of experiences, which become the personalized meaning we give to things, and our accepted truth. Because judgments are based on the past, the past appears to be the cause to our present, therefore hiding the true cause, thought energy. When our judgments are the substance of our thoughts, then our inner vision is full of darkness (lack of Truth).

Without the light of Truth, the only way the sleeping mind can create is according to its judgments. These judgments, full of corrupted and erroneous thoughts, project an energetic field of disharmony. As a result, the mind creates backstories which support disharmony, and we experience conflict, suffering, and harm.

When we turn to Truth’s Living Voice, the Spirit of Truth, as our source of Truth, our inner eye begins to open. As Truth illuminates our inner vision, divine thoughts replace false judgments. Our subjective judgments become irrelevant and nullified because the Truth is clearly seen and known.

As our mind becomes an open gate to the Divine Mind so that it receives divine, revelatory thought, backstories are created by the Divine Mind in oneness with our awakened individualized mind. As our reality is energized with divine qualities, the backstories reflect these qualities so that we experience peace, joy, and perfect provision.

Understanding how the narrative of our life is written allows our mind to consciously create according to the ever-present Truth and no longer according to past judgments. As our inner vision is illuminated with Truth, the backstories enfolding the present reflect the most desirable and unexpected outcomes, creating a landscape of miracles.

“The lamp of the body is the eye. Therefore, when your eye is good, your whole body (reality) also is full of light. But when your eye is bad, your body also is full of darkness.” ~ Luke 11:34

Author: Rachel

My passion is cultivating a deep relationship with God and helping others to do the same. I LOVE sharing with others insights that God has taught me and hearing what God has taught them... thus my blog, Stirring the Deep. My focus is on a relationship, not a religion. Life is in the relationship. I believe in a balance and unity of body, mind and spirit. I feel it's important to nurture all three for they all affect each other. I try to live in the present, where the Holy Spirit is. And I try to do all with the motive of love. I've come to believe life is a journey and not a destination. It isn't about perfection, is it about growth.

6 thoughts on “Backstories

  1. Greetings Rachel…..EL.. in your Name very significant.. check Hebrew also your biblical Rachel…. very profoundly strong biblically.., Yeshua meaning: Saviour. Best to avoid the nick name jesus which means son of zeus So much deception by those in Centuries past in the Roman Army Church with corrupted soiled minds those agents of Lucifer, swallowing those in positions of government deceiving the nations. Nothing has changed since this drop of poison.
    But all matter returns to matter( so what does it matter ! ) ref: Gospel of Mary
    Yahweh has the perfect plan in His mighty hand. Remain on track keeping your buoyancy in Him.

    The following may help with your….Back Stories Teaching….

    To be born again if you will is to LET GO Of The past, and to look without condemnation on the present. This is a ‘miracle of truth’ that enables you to see your brother without the past and to perceive him as born again. His errors are past and by perceiving him without them your are releasing him. Since his past is yours too, you share in his release. Let NO dark clouds of the past obscure you or him, for truth lies only in the present. Looking for truth where it is not is divisional. Your past was made in anger and if you use it to attack the present you will not see the freedom that the present holds. Judgement and condemnation are behind you, and unless you bring them with you, you will see that you are not free of them. Look lovingly with joy upon the present for it holds the only thing that is forever true.

    Debra from Australia
    From her teachings

  2. Divine truth reflects the eternal nature of its source, the LIVING PRESENCE of God. When the first drops of truth enter the mind, each contain the fullness of God’s eternal LIFE, which is the same as saying each drop contains the whole of truth. Truth is living and the life is the LIGHT by which Truth is known. And since the life of truth has its source in God, it is by truth’s light that God is known, for only truth’s life that can reveal God’s infinite whole to a finite, individualized mind.

    There is only ONE LIFE, which is the life of God inherent in truth. Truth is life without expression. It is the mind that gives expression to truth, for when truth illumines the conscious awareness of an individualized mind, it radiates life into experience so that its expression reflects JOY back to the life that created it.

    Prior to receiving the first drops of the liquid light of truth, the mind could not perceive it was in darkness, which is to say without awareness of life. Recall that we have said the mind created its own meaning for the concept of “life”, which appeared separate from the mind. The mind judged that only that which will die has life, for opposites are always required for a darkened mind to assess that which it believes to be true. Thus, life was considered finite and temporal, appearing for a moment, after which it transformed into death.

    Those things in the reality of darkness that could not die were judged to have never been alive, and therefore the mind believed that “life” must die or it is not life. Truth brings with it the mind’s first recognition of what life actually is: timeless, creative, ever-expanding and full of joy.

    Only life creates, and this because its source is God. Life is the very extension of God’s presence, and it is conveyed into the mind by truth. Because the mind is able to consciously contain truth (the LIFE OF GOD), it becomes one with this life and therefore able to share in God’s attributes, specifically the ability to be a perfect creator.

    Looking back we recall that the sleeping mind believes itself to be housed in a body, which it uses to create through the physical manipulation of the outer appearance world. Without the body, or the use of force, the sleeping mind does not believe it creates anything, but merely gives instructions to the body, which then creates as the mind wills. Life is believed to be that which empowers the body to serve the mind, much like electricity might power a mechanical object.

    To the mind life is a temporary power source that eventually drains down into death. Yet somehow it is able to replicate itself into newly created beings, giving the mind comfort that life is renewed despite inevitable death. Thus the sleeping mind believes the creative power of life is beyond itself, existing as miraculously created “biometric” energy that powers the “living things” of its outer appearance world for a short time.

    And here is found the separation that causes blindness. For a mind without the knowledge of life sleeps in darkness, which is the belief that life’s creative light exists “outside” of itself.

    • Recall that the label “darkened mind” is used to paint a picture of a mind without the conscious recognition that it creates the reality it experiences. The blindness of darkness is caused by the mind’s belief in time, which the mind experiences as a reality of pre-created outer appearances. As a result, the mind can not believe it creates anything because every appearance in time contains the story of its past creation. How, for example, could the mind ever comprehend it created what has seemingly already been created?

      The deception of time is upheld in the mind’s foundational belief that its reality is comprised of outer appearances, separated from each other by “space”. In a reality of separation, creation can only occur when seemingly separate things are brought together and combined into something new. Without the ability to “close the space” between separated things, the mind believes it has no affect on its world.

      Further, in order to navigate the space between separate things, the mind must also believe it is separate from that which it approaches, and therefore believes it is a body capable of movement through space. For the mind asleep in time’s darkness, its creative power is limited to that which the body can physically approach through any of its sensory perceptions such as sight, sound and touch.

      Yet the mind also recognizes that it is separate from the creative power of life because it realizes that all the body physically creates is without life. It perceives life’s creative power in its outer appearance world, even the power that creates and sustains its own body. Yet, because life creates apart from the body’s movement through time and space, the mind assumes life is a foreign creative power of unknown origin. In its reality of separation, life exists as separate “living things”, which appear for a time and then disappear. Consequently, life is believed to be a temporal power which functions to sustain the brief outer appearance of separate things which the body uses to create according to the mind’s judgment of good and bad.

    • Let us return to the nature of thought, that we may better understand its function in the mind. Consider that the body uses its senses to perceive the reality it inhabits. Since the body exists in the realm of outer appearances, its senses are designed to interpret the “truth” from these appearances. This is why it is said that the body’s source of truth can come only from the outer appearance world. Yet now we recognize something new in the way the mind “perceives”, which is to say recognizes that which it comprehends to be true.

      We have previously said that anything perceived through the bodily senses is brought into the mind where it is judged good or bad, desirable or undesirable and then reckoned to be true through the power of belief. The body can be seen as a sort of gate, by which information gleaned from the outer appearance world is brought into the mind, judged and given meaning. Before the light of truth enters the mind, all that is believed to be to be true flowed into it through the body’s sensory gateway. And never had the mind experienced perception except through bodily senses.

      When absolute truth enters the mind it does not come through the body’s sensory gate, but instead through a gate within the mind which is always present, yet unrecognized in darkness. For a mind accustomed to sorting through the body’s continual stream of sensory data in order to judge what it believes to be true and discard the rest, the sudden appearance of absolute truth in the mind has a profound impact, creating an experience many have labeled a “spiritual awakening”.

      The mind is intensely affected by the instant recognition that there now exists a source of truth that is not dependent on the body’s senses. Even more jarring is the mind’s recognition that it possesses “sight” that does not involve the body’s eyes, a vision capable of beholding truth’s inherent light. The newly recognized mechanism of sight has been labeled the “third eye”, but can be more correctly understood as REVELATORY THOUGHT.

      Prior to the advent of absolute truth, the individualized mind existed in the darkness of its own belief, created through the judgment of outer appearances. In darkness the mind is unaware of thought’s function, much like a body in a pitch black environment would be unaware that it had functioning eyes, and therefore no conception of the purpose its eyes might serve.

      It is a good analogy to consider revelatory thought as the EYE OF THE MIND, yet without the light of life inherent in absolute truth, thought is without true power. Instead the mind attempts to determine thought’s meaning in the only way it knows how, through the use of the body’s senses. The mind fashions thought as a form of “hearing” and this through the spoken language with which the body is most familiar.

      Thought is therefore interpreted as a mechanism for the mind to speak to its Self, with the same spoken words the body uses. Because the mind’s words are not “heard” by the body’s ears, the mind assumes its thought-based communication is contained within the private space of its own body, having no effect on its outside world. The mind simply believes that thoughts are “words without sound” and used for private interpretation.

      Just as the function of eyes could never be imagined in a reality without light, so too does the true nature, and revealing power of thought remain hidden while the mind sleeps in the darkened state of unawareness.

    • The function of mind is self-expression. Thought is the revelatory power that enlivens the perfect function of mind, ensuring that the self radiates truth. This is a significant understanding because it implies that thought is the conduit for truth’s light, and without light, the mind does not think truthfully, but only imagines it is thinking.

      When absolute truth flows into the mind, its thoughts are enlivened (given life) by truth’s inherent life. Therefore, thought’s revelatory power describes the manner by which thoughts are given life by the truth that that flows through them. Thought is alive because it conveys truth’s living light. And it is by the power of life flowing though the mind’s thought that the self is truthfully expressed. When a mind begins to truthfully express its self, it is said to be awakening.

      Thought is the mechanism by which truth circulates through the mind, filling it with the light of life, which is the creative power to express its self. Previously we have used the symbols “darkness” and “sleep” to describe a mind unaware of its creative power. We are not saying a sleeping mind does not create (it does), but rather that it is unaware that it actively creates the reality it experiences. This unawareness causes the mind to rationalize that all it experiences must be an effect of past cause. The sleeping mind ascribes all creative power to pre-existing appearances, believing all that is made was created by that which was made. We see therefore that the sleeping mind believes it stumbles through a darkened reality that seemingly creates itself.

      How can the mind accept and believe such an insane idea?

      To understand the answer we must more deeply explore the meanings behind the symbols of “reality” and “self”. It is always wise to consider the mind as an ever-growing state of conscious awareness. It is “awareness” that empowers the mind and enables its individualization, combining to personify its self expression. Thus we can wisely consider that self expression is the result of that which the mind is consciously aware.

      When we therefore say that the sleeping mind is not aware of its creative power, it can now be understood to mean that the mind has no conscious awareness of how the self creates expression, which is the same as saying the mind has no awareness of its self. To the mind, a self without expression does not exist. And yet, even in sleep, the mind is always aware that its self exists.

      It is for this reason that the sleeping mind dreams.

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