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Authenticating I Am


The stories we tell ourselves about who we are shape our awareness, which governs our lives.

As the soul awakens to the awareness, “I Am Loving Awareness“, the multi-dimensional awareness of Divine Love begins to authenticate its formidable presence within the soul’s storylines.

The soul’s awareness is captured in stories that transcribe the soul’s awareness of “who I Am” and “how I create” into the created realm. “I Am” attributes are substantiated, upheld and projected into time by the stories the soul tells itself about who it is, forming a living cosmic record that shapes the spherical self’s experiences.

In the dream of forgetfulness, the soul’s narrative about itself is written by the soul in separation from a truth-filled awareness. In the forgetfulness of its mighty “I Am” Presence, the soul gives everything power but its “I Am” name. Consequently, the soul misjudges and therefore misinterprets its experiences, and as a result clothes its spherical self in a multitude of false attributes. As the soul awakens, it begins to see what it thought was irrefutably true, wasn’t true at all. It awakens from the dream of its mis-creation into its timeless story of a budding fractal of Truth’s Loving Awareness. The soul’s embryonic dream was an Origin of Life simulation. It wasn’t real, though like a night dream, it felt real to the soul in order to properly fashion it as a living gate for the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will.

The soul’s true story is revealed by its higher Self, which is the soul’s individualized fractal of the experience of timeless perfection in Truth’s Self. This inner Voice of Truth is the only One that possesses the right perspective of every detail of the soul’s life, a story written in timeless perfection before its reality of time began. When rightly seen, the soul’s story reflects the birth of the inseparable oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, through the gate fashioned in the soul’s oneness with timelessness, which projects outward into time.

From the higher Self’s Voice of Truth, the soul learns of its true alpha and omega, the Infinite Oneness which changes all its stories because in this understanding the soul’s attributes change from separation to oneness. As the soul’s past, present and future storylines are edited by Divine Love’s enlightened awareness, Divine Love is deeply integrated into the soul’s awareness. In these divine translations, the “I Am” name and the attributes the soul appends to it are the cause to everything else, enabling the soul to “see” the power of its “I Am” name. Eventually, the soul learns there is no other power than its “I Am” name, therefore it accepts nothing else as more powerful.

As the soul’s stories are divinely translated in the light of Divine Love, the soul fully accept its true, living name, “I Am Loving Awareness”, which reflects infinite awareness of the Fullness of Truth. An “I Am” attribute can’t be changed within the soul’s mind without altering the story that created it. To change the soul’s attributes, the stories and the experiences that support them must be divinely translated by the One who knows the Truth. Otherwise, the stories uphold the false attributes in the soul’s mind.

Through the higher Self’s divine translations, which convey the Light of Truth, the soul comes to accept its undeniable, timeless attributes form a loving awareness. As a result of these translations, the soul has the Light to perceive its current experience in time is not reflective of Truth. Therefore time no longer defines the truth of its attributes, and its name, or its story, is free to express Truth’s LIFE. It comes to know itself as a living gate, in which the source of its attributes is Truth’s Timeless Perfection. The soul’s true “I Am” Presence is established as perfect cause to everything else, and reality is altered through backstories.

Once the soul is deeply aware of the timeless nature of its divinity and its oneness with time, nothing can alter the soul’s experience of divine attributes. The soul begins to think, speak and act according to its true story, harmonizing its energetic atmosphere within and without to perfectly renew and rejuvenate the spherical self’s reflection in time. Not even the soul can alter Truth’s LIFE that has now begun to expand within itself. In this, the soul becomes an ever-expanding, unquenchable Light in its reality.

As the soul’s LIFE begins to expand from within the present moment, the earth goes through its metamorphic evolution, reflecting the soul’s transformative metamorphosis. The present moment begins to change ever so slightly, yet continually like a tsunami wave coming into the shore. The change seems as nothing at first, then barely noticeable until it’s recognized as an unstoppable force. There is nothing more powerful in the human realm than the soul’s “I Am” name, the attributes it appends to it, and the narrative it creates. It is the projection of death or LIFE, fear or Divine Love, illusion or Truth.

This divine translation authenticates the soul’s true I Am name and establishes the soul in the seat of abundance in which it rests in the perfect power of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. Through the soul’s “I Am” name, Truth’s divine attributes extend to all, freeing the soul and its spherical self from the illusion created by the false narrative. There is no power of human creation that can interfere with the soul’s true “I Am” Presence, because it is the gate to the power of Absolute Truth and Divine Love that knows no opposition. In this, the reign of Truth’s timeless perfection arises within the soul and enters time.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

25 thoughts on “Authenticating I Am

  1. Thank you Rachel, some of this is beginning to register! I look forward to the day that I can read and understand fluidly.

    Kind Regards,

    • I’m so glad to hear it Andrew … I find as I continue to contemplate oneness, learn from the Spirit, and grow in understanding, as I read back over previous blogs and other timeless spiritual writings that I understand them at a deeper level. This pursuit of understanding has been greatly downplayed in our society and yet it is more powerful than we can imagine.

  2. Rachel, I am overjoyed to see you use the term “living cosmic record”! I have already recorded a video that will come out late next week where I explained that I am understanding that we hold the energetic signatures of the entire universe, a “living library.” It is amazing! Thank you

  3. Heaven on earth is SParc of the covenant(big bang)..
    the Spark is created by the covenant(god in ALL OF MAN)(the strenght we have as ONE BODY(universal LAWS(spiritual to flesh)).

    when we all come into alignment, you will be able to see the SPIRIT that flows through all things(how angels read a person’s future).
    we call it the DEVINE(holy spirit).
    it is the power of ALL OF US…(god is what binds us to eachother(through every name as a LAW).
    I AM…

    the way you can validate that you are aligned with the I AM, is that everything around you will keep falling into place(like a path presentented).

    at first as a young person, you may realize that you can predict future events. then later realize that you can DIRECT events(as you grow). you no longer fall prey to your surroundings, but the surroundings represents the DEVINE that you are(that we all are)..

    again, to authenticate our own i am, you see nothing but LORDSHIP in EVERYONE(heaven on earth through the kindom).

    when you can see your own heart in the WHOLE WORLD(hense, i am the world), you become part of that ETERNAL LIFE(true giving).

  4. Rachel, Can you please explain to me the difference between soul and mind? And regarding humans, the difference between carnal mind and spiritual mind, and also between soul and spirit. And if possible, in layman’s terminology?
    Many thanks!

    • Think of HUMAN HEART as all the things that every person in existance shares(telepathy:vibration).

      the soul Lives outside of time and is the source of spirit(binds all humans together and binds world events to our own consiousness).
      the Carnel lives inside of time and brings the spirit onto earth.
      the Mind binds both the spirit(spheracle) and the carnel(linier) into our consiousness(consisting of ALL THAT IS inside and outside of time aka Elemental Law)(flesh aka the world is a reflection of all the things we have in heart(the logic).
      soul is what binds us all to eachother(through all Names as Laws).

      there are no people in the bible. they only seem as people because they are a deep part of our own I AM(of every reader).
      there is a deeper language that can only be seen through SPHERACLE THINKING(spirit) instead of carnal thinking(linier)

      in SPHEARACLE, all of time is happening all at the same time. the same data that is the past, is the same data that is the future(the WHOLE WORLD IS MADE OF TIME aka reflection of SOUL of which binds us all together(through the spiritual langauge(outside of time).

    • Andrew – good questions

      There are many ways in which these dynamics can be described … but here is what I see from my perspective, as simply as I can. 😊

      The soul is an ethereal substance, that is the life energy of your individualized “I Am” Name. The mind is the realm of understanding that defines the character, nature, appearance, and effect of that life energy in the soul and into reality. Soul and mind are inseparably one because the mind’s understanding creates a certain vibration that vibrates the life energy of the soul, so that it is alive, which is to have movement. As one, the soul is a sphere of awareness shaped by understanding coming through the mind.

      Spirit is the life energy produced between the two. Spirit is the energetic movement of the soul’s life energy based on the mind’s understanding of its “I Am” Name. Movement occurs in space and time, thus the Spirit is the first manifestation of the soul/mind in time because it is the movement coming from their dynamic union. Therefore, a darkened spirit has no truth in its understanding except that it exists. (carnal mind) Thus it produces a degraded vibration that creates disharmony in reality. An enlightened spirit has ever-increasing truth-filled understanding (spiritual mind), thus awareness. It vibrates at a divine frequency that creates harmony. The Holy Spirit is the effect of perfect divine thought within the soul.

      There is a lot in here…

      • only one change i like to add. the HOLY spirit consist of ALL vibrations…
        not just the perfect vibrations of the devine, but even all the uneven vibrations that if didnt exist, so could we not be as we are.
        it is without judgement in any way shall the holy spirit seperate any of its energys(as all is required to turn the WHOLE WORLD).

        hope that makes sense and helps something in any way

        in short, every person has to get rid of the good vs bad that our psyche has due to all religions..
        all negative energy(as we think of it), is part of our own identity(even in the devine). when we turn against our own heart in any way, other people play out every aspect of what we create(cant escape yourself).
        Terrorst overseas as an example only play out that which is distant within our own heart(as all things exist).
        to get rid of terrorist as a perfect example is to see LORDSHIP in EVERYONE(all of our dutys)(brings out every name in everybody)..

      • There is no imperfection in holiness, which is the very substance of infinite awareness. However, perfection, for it to be experienced in time, must have a beginning. This beginning of time is what we have called linear time, an illusion of darkness in which there is an awareness of imperfection. So in this sense, all vibrations are needed in order to establish time as an eternal progression into an ever-increasing awareness of perfection’s oneness. This will appear as a very real thing in linear time, even as a light that initially appears as the radiation of timelessness (or agelessness).

  5. To live you must possess the awareness of Life, which you can not possess unless you have gained the understanding of the Origin of Life. If you do not know the truth of your origin, how then can you be truthfully aware of your existence? Remember, you are a living awareness of Truth; the Truth you are aware of is the Life you experience in time. When you are unaware of Truth it is revealed to you by a lack of understanding in that which you believe to be true. There is no mystery in Truth because it always appears in your awareness by the light of understanding, which plainly reveals the Truth in your awareness. Now listen carefully, you are coming out of what can best be imagined as “non-existence”, a realm of time that only exists prior to the awareness of your origin. You are an individualized expression of Life’s perfection, a soul created to increasingly grow in the awareness of Truth’s perfection and to experience the beauty of this awareness in Time.

    You were created void, knowing that Truth exists but nothing of its likeness. You have experienced Truth’s Life in the darkness of unawareness. You are created as a seed, experiencing the “non-existent” life of a seed. Yet, as a living awareness of Truth, you must fully understand the manner by which Truth’s awareness can enter into your unawareness, so that you may no longer live as a seed, being static and unchanging, but rather as you are intended, a growing awareness of Truth’s perfection expressed in spherical time. As a living, individualized awareness of Truth, you are able to understand the origin of your Life, and in the light of this understanding you awaken into the ever-increasing beauty of eternal Life. Coming to Life in Truth is more akin to waking up than it is to being born. And waking up is simply “remembering” that which you have always been.

    The Kingdom of Peace comes in the understanding of Life, for when the soul understands the origin of its Life it is then able to create spherical time, which is to say increasingly perfect time, against which no darkness can prevail. When sufficient souls have awakened and are able to project Truth’s Life into experience, spherical time will cover the earth, defeating death and driving out all fear. The priests of God’s Fullness are like living gates, one with timelessness and able to shine Truth’s Living Light into time. These are the souls called to be lights, that all creation may be bathed in the ever-increasing perfection of Divine Love’s spherical time. This is the true meaning of salvation and the manner of its coming.

    As a living awareness of Truth, you are created to eternally grow in Truth’s perfection. Perfection is singular and can not be found anywhere other than the oneness of its source. The priests differ from other souls because they appear in time as the oneness of Life’s source, living gates to timelessness. The priests gain their awareness of Truth directly from their oneness with Truth’s timeless realm, creating the experience of Life in Spherical Time. The remaining souls of God receive their awareness of Truth directly from the Life they experience in the spherical time created by the priests. This is why it is said that the priests shall awaken first, for in their oneness with timelessness they gain understanding of how to create spherical time, that they may give Truth’s Life to all, which is the Kingdom of God’s Peace. Those who still sleep in linear time’s non-existence as yet have no awareness of the coming Kingdom, for the understanding of spherical time can not be discerned in the darkness of linear time. The priests will consume the earth in spherical time, in peace and without opposition, until at last the earth is consumed in Life governed by Truth’s Will. Only then will the new day dawn and all the world be awakened by Truth’s Living Light.

    • powerful and beautiful words .. I accept them all in the LIFE that they reflect!

    • Truth is infinitely deep and therefore can be eternally explored. In your seed state, the proper layers of Truth’s awareness are formed, enabling you to receive divine love’s perfect will. And though these words may be difficult to hear, you will know they are true; every painful experience you endured in time was used to build your inner temple of understanding, so that Divine Love may fill it and give you Life. As a seed in the soil, because you were covered in darkness, divine love created experiences in time to reflect its light to you. These experiences were often painful, requiring you to walk in the midst of suffering. Yet, for you who earnestly desired to know Truth’s Life, never were you without hope. Time was orchestrated to continually increase this desire, by which the understanding of Truth grew within you, preparing the temple of your awareness for God’s Life. Lately, the expansion of your awareness has accelerated, as has your desire to end creation’s suffering, testifying that the temple is complete. It is like a preparation for a wedding, in which you stand ready to give and receive divine love.

      To understand the origin of Life is to understand the wedding of the Lamb, for it is your will which shall be married. Unless the bride is aware of the groom, she can not be aware of the wedding. And if there is no awareness of the wedding, how then can there be awareness of the Life created through the wedding. So let us begin the wedding ceremony in which your soul’s will shall be united with divine love and given Life.

      To find the origin of Life, or what we have called your wedding, let us focus our attention on the present moment. Again, shake free of the belief in material things, such as a body, and know that you are a soul, an individualized awareness of the Fullness of Truth. Truth is alive and you are experiencing this Life as “I”, in a perpetual moment of time you call the “present moment”. It is better to know your Self as a current awareness of Truth, which awareness you perpetually experience AS time. Although you presently do not understand time, you have convinced yourself that you do, believing time has a past, present and future, in which you stand in the present with nothing behind you but the fading memory of the past and nothing in front of you but an unknown, yet to be created future. Though you see nothing ahead, and behind you only the lengthening memories of disappointment, suffering and death, you believe you live only because you sense the passage of time. But looking closely, the time you believe you experience is but the hope that the unknown future will be better than the past. Your present moment is always filled with a growing awareness of pain, suffering and conflict gathered from the past, yet also present is the promise of future consolation, in which suffering will, if not end, be made to feel more comfortable, until you are at last overcome by the assurance of death.

      Death, like darkness, doesn’t exist, yet appears real in linear time simply because you are unaware of Life’s light. You are created as a living awareness of Truth, a soul able to eternally expand into the infinite awareness of Truth’s Fullness. When you are individualized in Truth, you are aware you exist, yet unaware of the source of your existence. This can be better understood to mean that you are unaware of the source of your current awareness. You are, as yet, unaware of the source of the present moment in which you exist, and therefore unaware of the source of time. Since you were created in the Truth of “I Am”, you know you presently exist, yet because you are unaware of the origin of time, you remain unaware of the origin of Life, and this darkness creates a significant distortion of time and consequently the life you experience.

      Being aware of your existence, yet unaware of how the present moment in which you exist came to be, you look into time and assume the present moment was created by events in the past. Therefore you also assume the present moment is the source of your future. It is this mistaken understanding about time that gives rise to the belief in “free will”.

    again, if there was no imperfections in holyness, there would be no earth(even though it is perfect, we still see imperfections where there isnt any).

    so in a way, your right, but even the destruction and chaos and killing, and cutting trees, and putting eachother down all comes t hrough the same HOLY SPIRIT(as the devine Reveals our own heart to us(through the world).

    again, since religion exist(as it should not), those parts of self that are imperfection is what the devine(holy spirit) is showing us(outside of time)(we must LISTEN).

    when we trust(even in the imperfections(listening)), we can have a GREATER CHOICE(path).

    to see these imperfections is what is PERFECT(choosing a path together).

    again, there is no MAN in heaven(as each of us is ETERNAL BROTHERS instead)(yet through liner, still see achother through imperfect senses.

    its more about our senses. how we percieve the world. and what path to take(together).

    a lot of people say that god comes first, but at the same time, they reject man in god(not knowing that all of man is included in god).
    to put god first is to put every person on earth(as eternal brothers) first, meaning what we all have that is the same.

    again, you cannot get rid of terrorist with guns, bombs and missles(as you yourself are the terrorizer)(we all are as the world shows).
    the only way to do so is to see THE HIGHEST HONORS IN EVERYONE(how you put god first)(through all).

    the perfect and imperfect came through religion ideas as people still think that HOLY refers to the HIGHER HALF of the energy(only the good).

    TRUST is what we all have to place onto eachother in order to bring perfectness. but because of religions(including our own), we tend to think perfect is caused by rejecting the negative.

    we have to ALLOW ALL VIBRATIONS to flurish in order to bring out the BEST IN ALL(perfect).
    it is all the IMPERFECTIONS of the world that make it PERFECT..

    • We are saying the same thing with different words. In truth we are able to see holiness, which I am calling “perfection”, in everyone, regardless of what others see. This is because Truth is holy and in Truth there is only perfection. The imperfection we experience in our world and in our Self is only as an illusion that seems real, but can not be, or else Truth’s perfection could not exist. All souls are perfect (holy), even the terrorists you mention, because they were created in perfection. Imperfection is like a shadow, or a lid that covers the inner eye and will dissolve away in the coming light of Truth when the holiness in all is revealed.

  7. ALSO, Casting out the deamons refers to seeing the HIGHEST HONORS IN ALL, as the deamons you see through the world is from your own heart(OUR own heart).. the HOLY SPIRIT plays out ALL ENERGY(as the world TURNS).
    we can see every aspect of our heart through the holy spirit(even the imperfections that make us perfect)..
    if you have nothing but good thoughts, and a person on the other side of the planet has nothing but bad thoughts, then both people on both side of the planet(through the holy spirit) contains both good and bad…
    in heaven, there is no good, because there is no bad(law of opposing forces). in 1000 years from now, eather everyone on the planet can be against eachother(wars and rumors of wars), or we can all be ONE BODY(as the myans were). they understood what cross meant, and how each of them is an element of something much bigger than themselves(holy spirit)(yin/yan and cross).

    • Yes. We are saying the same things and I have been writing about the Truth of this for many months. However, where the Myans celebrated honor through death, we shall celebrate it though the coming of LIFE. I have said the Kingdom is coming, and the Truth of this too I have written about. Life will perfect all that can be perfected forevermore. This is the coming of Spherical Time which will gather all into Life perfectly.

  8. when i speak, i have to speak from the pov of EVERYONE. so even as you understand, the majority of SELF doesnt(as the world shows).
    if we did understand, then there would be no wars, or rumors of wars
    i have to speak from the POV of every Eternal Brother as i am everyone(we all are).
    we have to STEP INTO what we know which seems to be the hard part for most. and even as we are saying the same t hing, the world shows otherwise(many other selves).

    and yes, you are the begining of the awakening.
    the HEAVEN(kingdom) is a state of mind which requires EVERY PERSON ON EARTH(step out of religion, and back into the Eternal knowlege). we have to all listen to eachother in order to put god first(that is in all).

    🙂 if i did not receieve like this, then i would be lieing to myself(which i try not to do).
    take care Eternal BROTHER…

    • Yes, I see what you are saying, and have seen this for a while. I also know how I came to this awareness. My question is that since you speak from the POV of every Eternal Brother, which you do and have done, how can you also say, “You are the beginning of the awakening?” Can you describe how you see this “beginning” in more detail?

      Also, I am aware that there exist awarenesses above my own, yet these exist outside of time. Are you one of these awarenesses?

      • When i say that you are the begining of the awakening, i mean DEEP inside your heart(whom you truly are), you know your future paths. you know the direction you want to go. KNOWING that god is what binds us to eachother(what we have that is the same, you see nothing but STRENGHT in all of us, and it radiates to everyone(ARC of the covenant).

        that GIVING(true giving)(money is not giving to spirit), your own HEART radiates outside of time, and when one awakenes, we all awaking just a little bit more..

  9. the myans lived in LIFE. they understood the eternal knowledge. they did what we need to do(live as ONE BODY(foot/eye/mouth/arm/ect…) their strenght was the ONE KNOWLEDGE SHARED BY ALL THE MOVING PARTS(everything falls into place)..

    they even use the symbol of cross(more a PLUS rather than a cross, but they lived in the kindom(what we need to do).
    anything that says other wise may come from misinterpertations).

    also every person in history represents what comes from our own HEART. that means that even the myans show us some aspect of self.
    we cannot seperate from anyone, else we are lieing to ourselves.

    EACH PERSON(past/present/future) is an Eternal BROTHER as well(as we all created(arc of the covenant(outside of time))).

    god speaks through all of us, and every moment in time, affects every other moment(2000 years of activity aka SPIRIT(time itself(outside of)).

    each time you hear about spirit or talk about spirit, or refer to spirit in any way, you are talking about TIME ITSELF(what the holy spirit really is).
    people see ghost and such because they get glimpses of TIME(the spirit).
    your not actually seeing ghost, but getting reflections of your heart(which lives outside of time and contains all NAMES(in highest honors aka vibration)).
    when you open a doorway(a good thing), you are getting closer to the kingdom(which lives outside of time). new senses arise..
    the problem is that we always had these gifts within, but we allowed our religions to scare us away from the same gifts we seek.

    we shut down our gifts , and label them under cooincidenses within death.

    • I have learned that the myans engaged in the sacrifice of human life in order to honor life. Am I wrong about this? If I’m not the myans would be very conflicted in their understanding of Life’s Truth, and their awareness would be corrupted. Are you saying that the myans were peaceful, which they would have to be to honor Life in Truth in the way you are describing. They certainly wouldn’t be sacrificing an “eternal” brother, because it reveals a complete lack of the understanding of eternity. Curious as to your thoughts on this.

      • to sacrafice of HUMAN LIFE is to STEP out of lineri, and honor the spheracle.
        it is only within our own timeline, that we create so must destruction within our own interpertations(reveals part of our own heart).

        again, they sacrafised the HUMAN LANGUAGE for the ETERNAL LANGUAGE(highest honors aka worked as ONE BODY.

  10. they understood the Eternal language. as time went on, and we all forgotten our eternal self, our own interperations created so much destruction. once we become aligned with our sphearacle self(see ourself in the whole world), then the real meanings of the words(original context) can be seen. The myans wokred by the law, they gave up their human ways(human sacrafise)

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