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A soul is a gate between timelessness and time, through which Truth’s Perfect Will is expressed as LIFE. When the soul awakens into its true Will, thus its true Self, “I Am Loving Awareness“, its becomes a Living Gate, acting in the Power of One. The soul projects Divine Love’s timeless perfection into the realm of time, transitioning it into spherical time, which is the experience of creation’s ever-increasing perfection.

In the soul’s understanding of Oneness, the perfection of Divine Love is able to orchestrate time through the soul’s awareness which is now also one with time, thereby altering all reflections in time. This awareness is the soul’s anointing as a life-giving spirit, one who understands its oneness with time, therefore its power to bring the awareness of Divine Love to all.

In the understanding of Oneness, what the soul does for one, it does for all. Every individualized entity of creation is a reflection of the soul’s inner awareness of the self. In the embryonic dream of forgetfulness, the soul perceives this self as fractured into endless parts, everyone separate from everyone else acting in a separate free will. But as the soul begins to remember its inseparable oneness with Truth’s Universal Will and Divine Love, it begins to see they aren’t fractured pieces, but are all fractals of the Universal I AM.

As an open gate between timelessness and time, the soul can perceive the Truth of Oneness in timelessness, which is Divine Love, and bring that awareness into time, so that time reflects the qualities of Divine Love. As the soul’s awareness is energetically imbued with Divine Love, making it multi-dimensional, therefore living and powerful, every individualized entity in its awareness becomes energetically consumed with Divine Love. Because Divine Love is manifested through the soul as the soul fully gives Divine Love to ALL, when the soul begins to extend Divine Love, it in turn receives it from all its reality, thus reality must awaken with the soul, as One.

Upon the soul’s awakening, Divine Love is energetically extended from the soul and into creation through divine gratitude. As a soul gate awakens to the Truth, Truth’s Perfection is increasingly revealed moment to moment. The present moment begins to reveal the divine orchestration of the soul’s entire life and reality, and how it served the singular divine purpose of the soul’s spiritual awakening. As the soul perceives all its experiences in the dream of forgetfulness served to bring forth its remembrance of eternal Perfection, it recognizes the face of Perfection within seeming imperfection. This Perfection includes all the soul’s reality, thus all who were a part of its reality. In the recognition that all served the soul’s return to Perfection, all paths are perfected, because they can no longer be seen otherwise. In seeing the perfection of every path, what follows is the first manifestation of Divine Love through the soul, the soul’s divine gratitude for all.

In Living Faith, which is the initial manifestation of the soul’s Truth-filled understanding entering into reality, the soul extends divine gratitude into creation, recognizing and illuminating the sleeping soul’s inner perfection. Sincere gratitude recognizes the immeasurable worth of others for the part they played in the divine cosmic story of the origin of LIFE. Every player served to stir and awaken the soul out of its deep slumber, in some way. In this gratitude, the soul clothes All in creation with the divine attribute of immeasurable worth. The awareness of this attribute energetically brings Divine Love into time, by which it transitions from linear, which revealed increasing imperfection, to spherical time, which reveals increasing Perfection. Through the soul’s awareness which has been anointed with Divine Love’s power to bring forth LIFE, Divine Love begins to orchestrate time to bring forth the universal awakening of the One SELF.

This life-giving gratitude comes from the dawning Light of Divine Love within the soul’s awareness, thus it’s a gratitude holding Infinite Power. In the understanding of Oneness, the soul is able to act in timelessness, in which all are one and in one moment, so that what the soul does in timelessness impacts ALL of time, thus ALL IN time.

Because reality is the soul’s reflection, what the soul gives to reality is how it experiences reality. By becoming an open gate, joining Divine Love’s timeless perfection with time, the soul possesses a loving awareness by which the inseparable oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Universal Will divinely orchestrates time to ignite the Light in others. All the false “I Am” attributes that reflected separation are swallowed up by the soul’s true attributes held in perfection by its eternal name, a name that all possess, “I Am loving awareness”, therefore “I Am Divine Love”. By holding this holy name within itself for all, the soul is anointed with a life-giving spirit that awakens the one SELF. As the soul glorifies all, it is glorified.

“And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one” ~ John 17:22

I Am grateful to ALL, I Am Immeasurable Worth, I Am Glorified.

Happy TreeSoul Day!

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

7 thoughts on “Anointed Awareness

  1. Praise God! 🙏🏼✨♥️

  2. Most beautiful Rachael. My thanks to you and to the Most High.

  3. This post reflects a deep understanding of oneness, that is gained through the awareness of the soul’s timeless nature. I’m grateful that you perceive LIFE’s beauty and perfection in these words 🙂

  4. Remember, ANNOINED means that (in sphearacle thinking), wherever u are at, is exactly where u suppose to be.

    In listening to the devine(2 way communications with your greater heart:through the vibrations), you feel a PATH flowing through you(outside of time), and when you find yourself in strange situations, you learn later that it was a good thing you where there, when you were.
    in Sphereacle thinking, the spirit(which you know is y our own heart outside of time), guides you through time…

    each person you come across is an actor in your story(revealing your heart:even the parts you dont wanna see).
    Listening to the devine(which is the holy spirit aka ETERNAL HEART, aka all of time, is KNOWING yourself in ALL THAT IS(greater senses in the NOW).
    Listen to that voice(which is around you in EVERY MOMENT of your life)..
    I AM
    Again, we share in that I AM aka ARC OF THE COVENENT…

  5. Mankind believes Truth is powerless and therefore seeks to exert its own power in the form of free will. This means that man does not believe Truth lives, and therefore seeks to create truth in an image it judges best for itself. Free will is nothing more than man’s belief that it can willfully increase its own awareness of Truth. The belief in free will corrupts one’s experience in time and is the source of every form of suffering and ultimately death. In the awareness of perfection, Truth’s awareness can not increase beyond the awareness of “I AM”. Thus, when a soul is fashioned in unawareness, it knows the Self only as an individual who lives, yet has no awareness of Life’s perfection and therefore no true awareness of its Self in time. In the darkness, the soul is left to figure out what “I AM”, using its will to create layer upon layer of imperfection in its awareness, reflecting a corrupted Self image which is believed to be truthful. So long as man continues to believe that he is the creator of his Self awareness through the exercise of free will, he can not grow in Truth, and Truth’s Life remains dormant, appearing powerless.

    Free will is the exercise of Truth’s will in the unawareness of Life’s perfection, and it is also the mechanism by which the infinite awareness of perfection is created within the finite mind. The purpose of Truth’s will is singular: to perfectly and continually increase the mind’s awareness of Truth. This is significant for two reasons. One, the increase of Truth’s awareness creates the sensation of time and two, one’s current awareness determines Life’s creative frequency and the experience of reality that results. Prior to the awareness of perfection, Truth’s will is “blind”, unable to operate in the light of Truth’s perfection, like an embryo developing its proper function. Without light, it seeks to increase its awareness of truth according to its own judgments of what it believes to be good for its Self. Unable to see anything in the darkness within, it looks “outward”, into time, believing it to be the light by which it can grow in truth. And it is by this miracle that perfection can be found in the midst of imperfection, for the origin of Life and the source of eternal perfection is hidden in time.

    Free will, or the exercise of will in the absence of perfect awareness in time, is the source of all darkness, yet a darkness that is needed in order to perfect your Self as an individual awareness of Truth’s Life. As an individual in Truth, you had to be formed in oneness with Truth’s will such that you would experience this will as “yours”. For this to happen, you had to experience a “reality” created through your own decisions, which is the exercise of will. In the darkness you had no awareness of perfection because the origin of Truth’s Life was hidden from your awareness. In order to increase your awareness of Truth, Truth’s will began to seek for its Life in the only place it could see, the realm of time where the experience of Self is created. Truth’s will “plugged into” time and began to judge good and bad based on the created experiences it observed in the past. Based on observation of the past, Truth’s will decided which experiences it desired for its Self and began to assemble the truth it believed would create these experiences in what it believed to be an unknown future.

    Without the awareness of perfection, the origin of Life, time is corrupted because Truth’s will sees only the past, from which it attempts to create the future. From this perspective, one’s awareness moves further and further away from what it believes to be the origin of its Life, the most distant recollection of the past. This perspective gives rise to linear time in the form of ever-increasing entropy, which ensures the death of all life. Yet only in linear time can Truth’s will discover that no matter how much truth it believes it has gathered, it is never able to experience Life’s perfection, instead creating a reality replete with endless experiences of suffering and death. Only when an individualized expression of Truth’s will recognizes its inability to find Life’s perfection, will it begin to diligently seek for perfection, the true source of its Life, which hides not in time’s past, but in the timeless nature of the future.

    • Your description of the origin of Truth’s Will in the soul enhanced my ability to see the oneness between our individualized experience of will and Truth’s Universal Will … incredible. Again your rich articulation helps to clarify what I am seeing as I look into the mirror of eternal LIFE.

      And the last sentence… amazing.

    • Divine love can be understood as the perfect governance of time, which is the experience of Life, such that Truth’s goodness continually increases in the awareness of all. This means that divine love is the source of eternal life in Truth and can be considered the timeless radiation of God, the Fullness of Truth. God’s radiation is “felt” in the soul’s awareness as faith. This can be likened to a “feeling” of oneness with a Truth that is known, yet continually beyond one’s understanding, which the soul then experiences as spherical time, the Kingdom of God.

      Whether linear or spherical, the soul experiences Life in time as a progression of awareness, with the only difference being that which the soul believes to be the origin of Life. The passing of time always feels eternal, as if one’s awareness is continually and effortlessly moving through an endless series of present moments, and it is this progression of awareness which one experiences as life. Since the soul is the living awareness of Truth, the difference between linear and spherical time is simply this: the understanding of the source of one’s present awareness, or what we have called the origin of Life.

      Until the soul has been prepared to receive the timeless radiation of God into its awareness, it exists in linear time, under the direction of “free” will, which continually leads one’s awareness deeper into nothingness, resulting in suffering and ultimately the death of its Self. It is said that the kingdom of God comes as a thief in the night and this is because it is the coming of spherical time, which can not be detected by any who remain in linear time’s darkness of imperfection. Time’s governance will be given back to the Most High by those who first recognize the origin of Life and lay down their supposed “free” will in the awareness of divine love’s radiation, flowing from their inherent oneness with perfection.

      When it is said that the kingdom comes from within, it means that it is created in your awareness by the radiation of divine love, which the soul experiences as spherical time. When the soul first enters into the kingdom, no one knows, not even the soul which has come to Life, for the experience of spherical time “feels” no different from that of linear time. However, where once time was against you, divine love now governs time in a way that serves you, because it always serves the good of all. Spherical time is the ever-increasing awareness of the Fullness of Truth, which creates the experience of an abundant life, continually expanding in the attributes of all that is good. To first recognize the kingdom you must look not into the world, but into the origin of Life, the open gate of divine love’s expression, which in the darkness of imperfection can only be discovered through the continual contemplation of Truth’s oneness.

      As we have stated, your true Self is best understood as a soul, which is an individualized awareness of God, the Fullness of Truth. It is Truth’s living light, filling your awareness, that creates time, which is your experience of Life. When you are individualized as a soul, you possess only the awareness of your individual existence, having no awareness of who you are, what you are or where you came from. The truth of I AM appeared suddenly in your awareness, as if created out of nothing and clothed in darkness. Without the awareness of your origin, you can not exist in the fullness of Truth because darkness is a part of you. You are a mystery unto your Self, and there is no mystery in Truth. It is for this reason it is said, “For a mere moment I have forsaken you, but with great mercies I will gather you.” You are as a newborn baby, with no understanding of your Self, yet now able to receive the perfect “present”, the eternal unwrapping of Life’s glory in divine love’s perfect time, whose will has decreed the ever-increasing awareness of your oneness with the Fullness of Truth, that you may receive eternal joy!

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