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A grateful spirit of Truth is a powerful spirit, one who brings forth miracles.

Along our journey of enlightenment, we learn of the nature of our true Self, which is made in the image of God. Divine gratitude is inspired by this Truth and as this gratitude consumes our thoughts it creates beautiful and unexpected miracles. Divine gratitude is an enlightened creative act by an enlightened mind. It’s the transformative power of the Light Bearers, who by their shining are able to change reality from the unreal to the real.

Gratitude produces vibrational energy of incredible creative impact on the landscape of reality. For those awakening, it’s how the Truth of our divine nature we see with our mind’s eye gets expressed into reality, transforming it from darkness to Light.

Gratitude for the Truth is divine gratitude. When gratitude is given for Truth, it’s a living creative energy of tremendous power. It’s energetic vibrations change the forms of creation, so Truth is expressed in reality, initially appearing as miracles until a reality of Truth is formed. A miracle is a reflection of Truth where there once was an illusion, Light where there was darkness. Miracles are born from our thoughts of Truth extended into reality through divine gratitude and are manifested through the creative act of emergence.

Divine gratitude is the means and end to our awakening as we transition from the unreal to the real. It translates the Truth we received from the Spirit and can perceive with our mind’s eye, into outward expressions that reveal the Kingdom of Peace.

Being an embryonic Self, through whom the Kingdom of Peace is created, the first revelations of Truth we receive is our understanding of our true Self and its oneness with God. Because Truth is ever-present, the spiritual attributes of our true Self are also ever-present. Therefore, we can be sincerely grateful for the Truth we’ve been taught about ourself and everyone else, in every moment, all the time. In this understanding, we always have an abundance to be grateful for, regardless of what the illusion may be reflecting around us. When we extend Truth into creation through gratitude, despite the illusions, everything is touched with Truth’s life-giving energy, and the illusion begins to fade.

Even in the dream we can see the effects of gratitude upon our physical reality, as seen in Dr. Emoto’s water crystal studies. However, the dream’s foundation is fear, a state of mind that evokes minimal and inconsistent gratitude, and even so gratitude for an illusion is gratitude for nothingness. Therefore, gratitude doesn’t exhibit its true potential until we begin to understand our true nature.

During our awakening, where we are in a mental transition from the illusion of our false self to our true Self, there are times when the illusion feels like it’s closing in on us as we actively push through its darkness. At these times our mind can habitually retreat into perceiving the illusion as true. As a result we can tailspin into despair and complaining, two energetic vibrations that create disharmony. In these moments, we can instead choose to give gratitude for the understanding of our true Self. Even though gratitude may feel half-hearted, it remains sincere and therefore effective because Truth is ever-present regardless of how we feel in the moment. Our choice to give divine gratitude becomes a transformative power that brings our mind back to the Truth and fills our reality with Light.

Because our thoughts extend outward and create, this exchange from complaining about the illusion to gratitude for Truth is powerful beyond our imagination. We can’t hold a thought of gratitude and complain at the same time, and the one we choose, we project and create. Do we choose to see our false Self or our true self? Do we choose to see the illusion or the Truth? Do we choose to see darkness or the Light? These all are the same question with the same answer. Again, what we choose is what we create. Choosing to give divine gratitude lifts us above the illusions our physical eyes perceive, where we feel subservient to the illusion, and welcomes the Truth into our mind giving us sovereignty over the dream. In this sovereignty, divine gratitude reshapes the landscape of our reality into expressions of Truth.

As we practice divine gratitude and it grows more consistent, like a dawning light in the darkness, we bring Truth into the Illusion. In this dawning Light, the Kingdom of Peace emerges as our true Self extends its miracles.

If you can see the Truth of divine gratitude, you will want to consistently practice expressing it until the Kingdom of Peace is manifested. This is the high calling of the Light Bearers.




Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

12 thoughts on “Miracle Makers

  1. Nicely said…We do not pay anything for the gift of life nor does God expect us to. However, the highest accomplishment we can have…is an appreciation and a gratitude for the gift. This is love returned.

  2. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

  3. You say:

    “Because our thoughts extend outward and create, this exchange from complaining about the illusion to gratitude for Truth is powerful beyond our imagination. We can’t hold a thought of gratitude and complain at the same time, and the one we choose, we project and create.”

    When we see God in reality, we are so overwhelmed with gratitude in that we “see” that He loves “the least of these as He also does “me,” for we see no difference. There is a such an appreciation and gratitude for understanding what the word “all” does really mean. All “does” simply means all. This is such a simple concept that is hard for the carnal mind to its demeaning and elevated honor of itself. We feel our greatest gratitude when we understand that whomever we meet, we know their end is our end…in Him. When we can feel gratitude for another as we do ourselves…we are getting closer…to the Truth.

    When we connect on such truths…it is a spiritual thing.

    • Unity, all, and oneness reflect a simple concept that is hard for the sleeping mind (carnal mind) to truly comprehend because it perceives separation in everything to some degree. So to perceive with increasing clarity the unity and oneness of all is a great blessing as it reflects we are consciously connected to the divine Mind of God.

      As our gratitude multiplies as we understand this oneness and in turn expands our experience of joy; a great gift indeed.


    • This blog post came with a very high energy that I felt and I could perceive an incredible power in the Truth it conveyed. This morning I realized this is an integral aspect of “resurrection power.” So incredible.


  5. Emergence has always been our creative capacity – except in sleep we did not recognize it.

    In our sleep we dreamed, and we placed “false-truth” within our holy place, covering our altar in fear. Fear then emerged into our reality – creating an expectation of seemingly random accidents, suffering and misfortune. We became so accustomed to the emergence of these undesired potentials that, instead of truth, we filled our sleeping mind with solutions (idols) to mitigate the fear we expected.

    Yet, as we awaken by the light of truth, we see that love resides upon the altar, and in our gratitude we open the door for for love to emerge, instead of fear – creating joy for all.

  6. the light that abides in the very center of man is the discovered miracle to yet be awakened…… ITS LIVING DIVINE LOVE..THE I AM..

  7. “HE WHO IS THANKFUL IN ALL THINGS SHALL BE MADE GLORIOUS!” It is as one perfects this law of appreciation that he becomes attuned to the enfolding glory of God and begins his advancement into the everlasting realms of Light. He truly becomes GLORIOUS! And within himself is released the singing love and gratitude and praising ecstasy of heaven……..

  8. the power of pure meditation is dynamic thinking in great silence..I AM teresa roberson..🔥 occult mystic 🔥

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