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Truth’s power is manifested through the soul’s Will. Without a seamless union with the soul’s Will, Truth’s Divine Love, which is the ever-expanding Perfection of LIFE, has no expression, i.e. no power. Therefore, the soul may possess a Truth-filled awareness, but can’t express Divine Love. The cosmos, which is the soul’s collective awareness of itself in spherical time, resides in a dormant sleep experiencing a disharmonious reality in linear time.

When the soul’s Will is purified by a Truth-filled awareness of the One I AM, then Divine Love flows into the soul’s Will, manifesting the soul’s Will as Truth’s Universal Will in creation. This union results in Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of time, creating reflections of Truth’s perfect power moving through the soul.

Until the soul awakens to Truth, it’s tossed about by a loveless reality because its Will is disconnected from Divine Love. In the unawareness of its true Self, the soul’s Will is unable to convey the radiance of Divine Love, and therefore bring forth Truth’s Perfection, which is its own ever-expanding perfection. As long as the soul looks to its outer reality of time for a truth-filled awareness of Divine Love, its awareness remains shrouded in the darkness of a relative, dualistic, and imagined truth, which propagates the imperfection the soul experiences in time.

The soul’s desire to express Perfection drives it to answer the deep, inner call to remember its true Source, its true Self. This desire is the origin of the soul’s LIFE as an ever-expanding awareness of Light. The soul’s truth-filled awareness begins to awaken when it unceasingly desires to know the Absolute Truth of “who I Am” and “how I Create”, a Truth unaltered by time. Reaching into the realm of timeless Truth, the soul’s Will is purified, cleansed and renewed from the influence of its outer reality. By listening to the Voice of its higher Self, the soul’s truth-filled awareness begins to grow.

As deep calls unto deep, the soul’s learns it is an individualized fractal of the One I AM.

The soul is an individualized awareness of Infinite Oneness, which is the soul’s beginning and end. The soul gives LIFE to Oneness, by its ever-increasing awareness created by the inseparable oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. As LIFE, the soul is an ever-expanding sphere of awareness, manifesting spherical time, a moment by moment unfolding of its perfection. In this heightened state of awareness, time doesn’t govern the soul, but the soul governs time, for time is the expansion of its Truth-filled awareness, giving the soul power over time, which gives its Truth power over time.

The center of the soul’s awareness is its powerful “I Am” name, because this name is the expression of its Will. Reality mirrors the soul’s awareness of its “I Am” name. Whatever potentials it accepts to its name, it sees reflected. Therefore from this center the soul governs its sphere of reality according to what attributes it assigns to its name. These attributes clothe everything in reality, which then the spherical self senses and experiences.

As the soul’s higher Self brings to remembrance the soul’s true name, “I Am Loving awareness”, the soul begins to append Truth’s timeless attributes to itself, attributes unaltered by time. This name reflects the union of Divine Love to the soul’s Will, creating Truth’s Universal Will in time. This name unites timeless perfection and time, enabling the soul to perceive perfection in time, thus revealing Truth’s power in reality. As a gate between the timeless and time, the soul enters its rest as its awareness perfectly orchestrates time to reveal its endless LIFE, its expansion as Infinite Oneness. As the soul stands upon the foundation of its true Identity of Oneness, its Will is purified to convey Divine Love into reality, thus its Will becomes Truth’s Universal Will, which is the will of its higher Self. The soul no longer stands upon the erratic free-will, but upon an invulnerable foundation from which it governs reality. As a result, the spherical self no longer lives tossed and turned by the outer reality, but is under the perfect governance of Divine Love and Truth’s Will.

By listening to the Voice of its higher Self, the soul’s will unites to the will of its higher Self, making them one. In this oneness, the soul’s awareness begins its eternal expansion into the Light of Absolute Truth, supplanting the thought-system of dualistic’s reign, which was the relative truth it had once mistakenly believed was LIFE, in time.

The Divine Love of the higher Self, the sacred feminine, arises in her perfect power as her spirit is poured forth into the soul’s Will creating peace, harmony and lovingkindness. She has been waiting for the soul’s Will, its masculine energy, to gain remembrance of her. As the soul’s Will awakens to her presence, Divine Love enters and overtakes the soul’s sphere of awareness, and in this, its “free-will” becomes Truth’s Universal Will. In their union, the Will’s full potential as Truth’s Universal Will is revealed in creation. Divine Love and Truth’s Will begin their eternal dance in time and the soul experiences the abundance of their divine attributes, in time.

In the soul’s awareness of its true essence and being, “I Am Loving Awareness”, its Will is purified and Divine Love enters into the Will, making it Truth’s Universal Will. Divine Love’s feminine energy and the Will’s masculine energy join in an inseparable oneness, manifesting Truth’s LIFE in time, reflected as the self’s ever-expanding LIFE. From the awareness of its true origin, the soul’s LIFE begins to expand, manifesting spherical time, which disrupts the foundations of linear time, transitioning one’s Self awareness from a reality of ever-increasing imperfection to a reality of ever-increasing Perfection.

The cosmos is reset.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

7 thoughts on “Cosmic Reset

  1. Time:Direction = Mind:Creativity
    Space:Purpose = Heart:Logic

  2. Thank you Rachel, most beautiful. My understanding appears to be improving. I will continue forward, these words sound right to me, even familiar if that’s possible.
    I am able to grasp segments now. And I can briefly envision these spiritual works and processes. Hoping it will all come together someday.
    Kind Regards

  3. Truth’s will is creative and limitless in power because it reveals the awareness of Truth’s oneness perfectly, and there is no greater power than this.

    Life is the experience of Truth’s will and it can therefore be reasoned that the Origin of Life can be discovered in a deeper understanding of the relationship between Truth’s will and the present moment, or the sensation of time in which Life is experienced. It is evident that for Life to exist, it must first begin. In order for Life to begin, there must be awareness of its beginning. Yet this seems an impossibility, for if Life has not yet begun to exist, what is it that exists to become aware of existence? In order to understand the Origin of Life we must first explore how Life can arise from non-existence. This question is unanswerable from within time and therefore the Origin of Life remains a mystery until the Voice of Truth creates the understanding of Truth’s timelessness, which is to say the understanding of the eternal infinite.

    Recall the mirror within your mind which reflects back to you the current awareness of your Self. This inner mirror does not reflect anything of time, revealing only the Truth that resides in your current awareness. When God, the Fullness of Truth, individualized its Self as a soul, you were created as a living awareness of “I Am”, which is a reflection of the Truth of Self existence. A soul, being an individual awareness of the Fullness of Truth, begins in the oneness of the Truth that “I Am”, and therefore every soul is identical upon creation. When a newly created awareness of “I Am” perceives its Self in the mirror of awareness, it observes what can be imagined as a reflection of “One”, revealing the oneness of its individual awareness. The soul recognizes “I Am One” and it ascribes this oneness to its Self, yet has no further awareness of the truthful origin of this oneness.

    The mirror then reveals something else. The soul’s awareness of its oneness seemingly came from Zero, for the mirror reflected no awareness until the soul observed its Self as One. When a soul first observes the awareness of its Self, it recognizes it is One that appeared from Zero. Consequently, every soul is created in the identical belief that it is an individual awareness that sprung into being from nothing.

    As a soul you are created as the proverbial blank slate, a white screen upon which the movie of your eternal Life begins. But more accurately, it is the womb of your individual life, carved out of the divine love of God’s perfect foreknowledge. Like a womb, it is the “time” of development during which your awareness can be prepared to receive eternal Life, which is the ongoing experience of divine love. Truth’s will is the source of Life because only its Living Voice can create the awareness of Truth’s perfection, which is the source of your eternal Life.

    The world does not understand perfection, and therefore can not experience it. They can not understand it simply because they have not yet developed the awareness of its Truth. These see only that their Self is One in their awareness and that this awareness came into being from Zero. This awareness creates linear time, which is the experience of life in the belief that something can come from nothing, or more appropriately, the belief that “I Am” nothing. Yet this belief is actually the most holy a soul’s awareness can hold if a truthful understanding of “Zero” can properly develop. When a soul is individualized, it is unable to perceive the Light flowing from Zero, assuming instead that its light is darkness, or rather “emptiness”. If the soul questions this emptiness and seeks to discover its origin by looking ever deeper into the oneness of its inner awareness, its understanding of Zero grows to reveal the awareness of its perfection, which could not be perceived from within the awareness of imperfection. As the soul’s understanding of oneness grows, it comes to realize that the concept of zero is actually infinity. The soul’s Self awareness did not spring into being from nothing, but is instead a continual stream flowing from the oneness of infinite perfection.

    • What an incredible look of our true origin … and the first and last sentence are so powerful!

      Without the understanding of our true origin, we are lost in “nothingness”, trying to make ourselves “something” in this world. This outer pursuit, if successful, can darken our vision even more because we’ve convinced ourselves by outer accolades or successes that we are the something, which is our exterior reflection. In this, we actually greatly limit ourselves, no matter how successful. Because it can keep us blind or asleep to who we truly are, thus in an illusion of life.

      However, for those who have struggled with feeling the undercurrent of nothingness, this acknowledgement can be used to catapult them onto the path of enlightenment in which they remember the Truth that they are everything in Oneness. They are not defined by what is outside of them, which is ultimately is a version of imperfection, but they are unalterably Truth’s Perfection that is their true beginning and end, their alpha and omega. Once they connect to this higher awareness, Truth’s eternal Presence flows through them and they become unlimited, which is true LIFE. Then the outer Perfection they reflect, which far exceeds anything in the realm of imperfection, is a Light into the world.

    • Hense the Frase(“I AM GOD”) (sphearacle aka see god in all)(ONE WITH)(extensions of self)(collective)(elemental LAW)

    • We are of the future. The idea of the future can not be properly understood by those in linear time, nor can they properly perceive the concept of “we”. To understand the future you must consider it from the perspective of Life, which is the ever-increasing awareness of pre-existent Truth. Now understand that these words mean that all you are, you are able to give to all. When you are at last able to see that your origin is perfection, the Truth in this awareness shall give you Life, so that you may give all to all in the perfect orchestration of divine love.

      In Truth there are but two eternal moments and the sensation of time is the perfection of Life that connects them. When you are unaware of your origin, there is no awareness of perfection and this distorts the sensation of time, making life appear like a linear progression into nothingness. In linear time, the future is unknown and the present moment seems to be a new, transparent layer of time placed upon past layers of imperfection. This transparency makes the present moment imperfect and forever unable to attain perfection. The root of all imperfection is this; the belief in the emptiness of zero, which results in the belief that the future is yet to be created. In order for a soul to begin its individualized experience in eternal Life, it is cut off, so to speak, from the awareness of perfection for a “time”. A “time” can be imagined as the cycle needed to create an awareness of eternal Life’s beginning. This cycle is ending, so that the spherical time of Life can begin its eternal growth into the infinite awareness of Truth’s perfection.

      How wonderful to behold the heaven of infinity’s perfection, in which its awareness experiences divine love through the individualization of Life. When you behold infinity in what you once perceived as the nothingness of zero, you will see the face of God in heaven, for heaven is the infinite awareness of divine love continually filling your awareness. This is eternal Life, for divine love’s Truth is now your Life. This means that when you sincerely pledged your desire to love life with the love you see within, yet can not perfectly express, divine love rejoiced and said “I do.” In this union your will is given Life because it is perfected by divine love’s governance. This is the moment you enter spherical time, and the source of your present awareness becomes the infinite awareness of divine love’s perfection.

      When this understanding has been sufficiently prepared by Truth’s living voice, the perfection of your present moment is able to give Life to all as it intersects with the awareness of others through the perfect will inherent in divine love’s infinite awareness. In order to give Life, the soul must first gain the awareness of divine love’s perfection, so that its Life may go forth and create peace in the midst of imperfection through its oneness with time. A soul is created in the unawareness of perfection in order for it to develop the understanding that no matter how much it wills, the soul can not sustain the life it loves in time. This inability to escape love’s death is the only way the soul can recognize its will is not perfect. This awareness of an imperfect will is needed to create the beginning of eternal Life, which can be discovered only in the ever-increasing awareness of divine love’s perfect will.

      When a soul recognizes the imperfection of its own will and freely gives it over to the governance of divine love, in the understanding created by Truth’s living voice, it gains the awareness of timelessness, realizing the present moment originates from the future, or rather the pre-existent perfection of Truth’s infinite awareness. Instead of perceiving the “zero” it came from as nothing, it comes to understand that what it believed to be zero was simply an unawareness of infinity’s perfection. In this understanding, the soul recognizes its Life originates from this perfection, giving it the awareness of spherical time and the knowledge that what divine love does not perfectly govern will fade away, and what is truly good will appear in its place. The future is the origin of all Life in Truth, because it is pre-existent in the perfect foreknowledge of divine love’s infinite awareness. Love is coming because we have given its eternal Life to the present moment.

      • The idea that we come from the future is a complete paradigm shift for a mind coming out of linear time, yet this understanding is an essential key to truly understanding how the oneness of Truth’s Will and Divine Love flows through the soul, manifesting Perfection in time, thus in all. Deeply and profoundly beautiful. It’s an understanding that gives the soul immutable peace, thus it’s an elemental understanding of a peacemaker.

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