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As we spiritually awaken out of the illusion and into Truth, the cosmic record is renewed, going back to the beginning of time, when the illusion began.

The cosmic record is an energetic code comprised of all human thoughts, words, emotions, and experiences that shape reality. Written upon the collective consciousness, it orchestrates the cellular structure/substance of creation. It anchors the past in our mind/body reality so that the past defines the present. Unless altered, the energetic blueprint of the past replicates its likeness generation to generation.

In the space/time continuum, the past determines the present. As we awaken out of the illusion of our sleeping mind, for the present to reflect the Truth, our perception of the past needs to reflect the Truth. Therefore, the cosmic record that energetically binds the past to the present needs to be renewed. This seemingly impossible feat is possible because the cosmic record was written by the erroneous perception of a darkened mind, unaware of the true SELF. It’s a record of an illusionary dream and not the Truth, therefore it can be altered, changing all of time.

Being comprised of energy, the energetic code of the cosmic records are maintained by our beliefs. When our true Identity is revealed which completely alters our beliefs, the records dynamically change to reflect the Truth.

Truth is. It is the only REAL. Thoughts apart from Truth make up dreams. In a world of dreams, truth is relative because whatever the mind can image and believe, it can project upon the screen of its mind. As a result a dreaming mind unaware of truth creates a counterfeit truth, establishing a false image of the self. This counterfeit truth is the content of the cosmic record held in our memory and cellular structure that create continual death and decay.

Beyond the illusion of this false record is the cosmic record of our true SELF, which reflects absolute Truth. It is written from Truth’s perspective based upon our true SELF, whose story is one of eternal harmonious growth and true Life. As our eyes open to the Truth that always was, is and will be, the records of time dynamically change to reflect our enlightened awareness.

As our true story illuminates our awakening mind, it sets us free from the past as we once perceived it. Knowing our true SELF, changes every perception we ever held of our self, others, God and creation. As the past, based on faulty judgments, is illuminated with the awareness of our true SELF and its essential, embryonic journey, it becomes clear that all we once believed (our relative truth) was based on a darkened, erroneous perception, thus we let it go.

As the pages of time are perceived in the Holy Light of Life, the perfection of our true SELF is revealed along with all the eternal gifts inherent in its being. As every thought is enfolded in Living Light, the true record is written upon creation.

In this illuminated vision, gratitude infuses every memory completely changing the energetic vibration of the past, which brings every thought into energetic harmony with the Truth inherent in the present moment. This heightened vibratory state prepares our mind to convey divine thoughts into creation.

As we receive divine thought, Truth is established in reality, and the true cosmic record is written upon the fabric of creation through divine emergence. Emergence brings forth Truth’s expressions, which dissolve the dream and create reflections of eternity, the REAL, transforming and regenerating Creation to reflect its inherent perfection.

When we rest in Divine Emergence, the Divine Will flows (unhindered by a separate self-will) through us according to Truth. Emergence is a state of being in which we reside in divine humility as an open door to the Divine mind. In this oneness, our individualized self expresses Truth’s perfection. As a child of God, emergence is a state of surprise and delight. As the Self of God, it’s our eternal harmonious growth. As a creator within the Creator, it’s our power to create Divine Harmony for all. Through emergence, Truth’s living energy is expressed through us as Divine Love, an expression comprised of all the divine attributes.

In recognizing the present moment’s inherent perfection, energetic waves of gratitude fill every present moment, elevating the overall energetic vibration of our mind to a living frequency in which we connect to the Life Stream of divine thought. As divine thoughts fill our consciousness, they rewrite the cellular structure of reality establishing the true cosmic record upon the fabric of creation, transitioning reality from the illusion of death to Truth’s Timeless Perfection.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

20 thoughts on “Living Cosmic Record

  1. Something even more wonderful than I could have imagined how was I speaking of cosmic and then I knew. †HIS is hOw. Wow. Real or not. It doesn’t matter to me anymore. I hope to hug you one day sister. I hope ~


    • It’s always good to hear from you Travis …

      Unreal to REAL .. everything is perfect in its purpose as we are the eternal Effect of God, our Perfect Cause. As we perceive the increasing Light, gratitude fills all our moments that brought us into the Radiance of Living Light.

      • I am here and understand this. Why? I am here with this. I was saying last week in a Journal, to read your words is one thing and it id raining from roots of the vine. Being in solace with this, anyone i know i would love to share this with may become fuzzy as each sentence is WOW that was before this next anticipated read. i knew you were coming with this just because of what i have been witnessing the last 7 days heavy in the light and shadow The good news is as far as what you say here I have nothing more to decern about on this these matters. I am moving to the next and i say i do it in silence for now LOVE LOVE LOVE above the law AHA ~

  2. Again. Wow Wow Wow. Its all true. What happened? Everything. Love you


  3. Can Truth be perceived? If so, who or what does the perceiving?

    Let us first consider the idea of perception in the context of absolute Truth, which states that Truth ALWAYS IS, ever-present in its fullness.

    Perceiving implies the concept of separation in that we have a “perceiver” and that which is perceived. Perception becomes a form of interpretation in which the mind comes to discern the “meaning” of an experience. Thus the goal of perception is to “discover the meaning” within a present experience. If meaning is the goal, then the perceiver which seeks for meaning lacks understanding, else perception would not be necessary. Therefore, what is perceived must also provide the criteria by which its meaning can be determined since the perceiver does not possess any understanding of what it perceives.

    If, for example, one was to perceive a tree, how could its meaning be understood unless it could be correlated with that which has been previously perceived. Only by the analysis of previous perceptions of that which the mind determines are similar to the tree in its current experience, could any meaning be derived from a tree perceived in the present. One could not comprehend the perceived movement of the tree’s upper limbs unless it had previously perceived the movement of air, the flexibility of tree limbs and the presence of force the air produces upon these limbs.

    Thus we can say this about perception: the past must always be leveraged in order to provide meaning for present experience. Without the past there can be no perception because its meaning can only be derived from the past and perception’s goal is to provide meaning to the present.

    The concept of perception can therefore only exist in the realm of time and space because it is a construct of relativity. Perception requires a cognitive analysis of past experiences, by which time and space can be measured and compared relative to the present experience. Based on the analysis, a correlation is made between the apparent similarities of the current experience to those judged relevant to provide meaning from the past. Its as if the perceiver assesses the time and space details of the current experience and then makes a judgment as to which previously recorded experiences can be used to determine its meaning. The past is always extended into the present, and without the past the present has NO MEANING.

    Thus it becomes clear that perception exists only in the past, which no longer exists except as a datastore used to convey meaning. Thus for the mind that relies on perception for meaning, it exists forever trapped in a non-existent past, in a world where the present moment has NO MEANING.

    Since Truth always is, it must therefore be recognized not through perception, but by an altogether different mechanism able to comprehend the inherent and truthful meaning of the present moment without making any judgments of the past.

    • If Truth is not perceived, how can it be known? Is there a knowledge discerned without perception? What can be known without first perceiving its existence? How can truth exist if not perceived?

      The mind wrestles with these questions because it is only accustomed to perception as a means of defining that which it believes to be “true”. Therefore, the mind uses judgment to assess what is “good” (what it desires in its world) and that which is “bad” (undesired). To make these judgements, the mind perceives the past, that it may establish the “goodness” of a current experience by the relative comparison. The mind depends on the framework of time and space to make such a comparison, providing a judgment on the experience, which will in turn become a criteria for future judgment.

      Yet, if the same experience is judged in a different time, or a different space/location, a different outcome may occur. Therefore, the judgment of good or bad is always RELATIVE to the time and space in which the judgment is made. The mind becomes accustomed to relative truth, and dependent on the analysis of goodness in its world by the construct of time and space. The concept of absolute truth, which ALWAYS IS regardless of how the mind judges good and bad, has no meaning to the mind in terms of believability. The finite mind, existing in a reality of time and space, is simply unable to comprehend eternal truth.

      We return to our question: How then can truth be known?

      To approach the answer we must explore more deeply the absolute nature of TRUTH. When we speak of eternal truth we must describe it in terms that the finite mind can comprehend. This is itself difficult and at best we can paint a picture of the concept as one might create a three-dimensional representation of time and space within the frozen moment of a two dimensional photograph. It is not the truth of the experience, but reflects it accurately.

      To begin let us consider the foundational truth of “goodness”, that we may explore truth’s absolute nature. What does it mean for goodness to be “absolute”? How might absolute goodness “appear” in a reality of time and space?

      An initial consideration of “goodness” in the absolute sense reveals that it always is and is everywhere present. Its absolute nature then precludes the concept of “badness” from ever existing. If, for example “badness” existed, where would be the “always, everywhere present” nature of goodness?

      • God is truth and we must learn to perceive Him as He is and His righteousness. We were
        naturally born wit the opposing , adversarial carnal mind to learn what truth is. Opposing and adversarial forces bring two choices to mind and we are here to learn to deny the will of self and adhere to the will of “Himself.” God will bring about all the opposing forces that each of us need according to our calling and order…and we will be tested and retested until we come forth in His image and character. It’s a well designed process to teach us, not two ways but one way. I have always liked the way Paul put it about searching for truth, obtaining the truth and the speaking the truth in simplicity. What he was saying and teaching is that putting on the ways of Christ is the answer to all things in obtaining the truth.

        For I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified. And I was with you in weakness, and in fear, and in much trembling. And my speech and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power: that your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.
        1 Corinthians 2:2-5

        In other words kindness in doing unto others as your would have them do unto you, sums up the entire written word and as the disciples, as Paul stated above truth is easy when we understand the phrase, “ For I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.” Many do not understand the meaning of this line, for it has nothing to do with the natural crucifixion of Christ, it has everything to do with the “old man,” the first Adam being crucified “within us” for once our carnal nature is crucified or put to death on “our” cross truth can then come forth, the likeness and character of God. The cross is where our carnal will crosses His will and one must die and one must live. Yes God is absolute and we will come to this same likeness of this truth absolutely.

        The beginning “and end” results of this passage we’re making through this experience was planned before the world was, before we came to this earth, and before we had done anything, right or wrong, and yet His promise is sure;

        For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made alive. But each in his own order: Christ the first-fruits; then they that are Christ’s, at his coming. Then cometh the end, when he shall deliver up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when he shall have abolished all rule and all authority and power.
        1 Corinthians 15:22-24

        And as it is said, “every” knee Will bow to the will of the Father, “every,” so in order for our end in Him to be secure, we can plainly see we have nothing to worry about, He will call us forward to be processed according to His will, not ours, it is only for us to remain steadfast in His truth as He reveals Himself to us. It may take one lap around the track for some and many times for others, however we will all cross the finish line and will all eventually stand before God in our finished state in which “He” accomplishes. Knowing this brings such an unfathomable faith, trust and belief in the truth, which is God.

    • In time and space the mind judges it possible that at a certain “time” an experience was “good”, but now it has turned bad. Or, the mind might likewise judge that goodness is present “here”, but not over “there”. The mind uses “time and space” to justify that goodness both IS and IS NOT, that goodness can simultaneously exist and not-exist. The mind accepts these opposing truths as both rational and logical. How does the mind do this without going insane?

      Rather than truth, the mind accepts the APPEARANCE OF THINGS, which are then substituted for truth. Because the unawakened mind can not perceive absolute truth, it accepts labels and symbols in place of truth.

      When a mind judges, it assesses whether the past labels it has associated with goodness can be affixed to a present experience. If so, the experience is good. These labels are differing variations of time and space, consisting of physical appearances, or sensations “perceived” through the bodies senses. The mind holds vast stores of appearances that it categorized via judgment as either “good” or “bad”. Thus the truth of any experience is determined by the labels the mind appends, which are selected based a judgment of the “physical, outer appearance” of that which defines the experience.

      We therefore understand that the mind uses the body’s senses to determine truth, and this by making a judgment on the outer appearance of the experience. If, for example, the experience appears similar to past appearances the body has judged “good”, the current experience will also be good. If not, the experience is “bad”. The results are stored, and available to quantify further judgment.

      Rather than truth, the mind accepts its own judgment of appearances. The appearance of things become truth for a mind functioning in time and space. (It can be noted that what the mind holds as truth, becomes REAL in experience).

      Absolute truth is eternal and changeless, always being what it is. Goodness, being truthful, must therefore ALWAYS BE GOOD, everywhere expressing itself. Further, goodness could never become that which it is not, being above the constraints of time and space. Because truth is everywhere present, “badness” DOES NOT EXIST, nor ever will exist. For the moment badness appears, goodness disappears, no longer being the TRUTH. Goodness may SEEM to exist along with badness, but it is always a version of badness that has the mind judges to have an “outward appearance” of goodness.

      Absolute truth ALWAYS IS, and therefore goodness (and only goodness) always is. This is good news – for it reveals that badness does not actually exist, but only appears real because of the mind’s faulty judgment.

      Should an individualized mind awaken and comprehend the absolute truth of goodness, never would the outer appearance world, within the sphere of this mind, ever reflect anything other than TRUE GOODNESS. All judgment is rendered meaningless in the absolute nature of truth, for absolute truth is itself the final judgment.

    • Let us look more deeply at the outer appearance world. If it is not the source of Truth, is it then the source of lies? The answer is both yes and no.

      To better comprehend the outer world and its relation to truth, consider a shadow. It can be said that a shadow is a reflection of the an object, and according to the laws of light truthfully reflects the nature of that which casts the shadow. Yet it is common sense to understand it is not truthful to proclaim the shadow IS the object.

      Likewise, in the outer appearance world we recognize that there is light, objects illuminated by light and reflections given by the objects so illuminated. In the case of a shadow, the object prevents the light from creating a reflection of the object itself, and instead casts “darkness” according to the laws of light. And yet, the darkness is created by the light and resembles, albeit in a distorted manner, the reflection of the illuminated object.

      But there is another type of reflection that more accurately portrays the object. If instead of observing the shadow one took notice of the LIGHT reflected off the object, a more faithful image of the object appears, including color, dimensional accuracy and proper proportion.

      When an object in the outer appearance world is observed by the darkness it reflects (i.e. its shadow), it is without proper form and altogether different than the object. Yet when this object is observed by the light it reflects, a much more accurate image is created. While both are merely reflections of light, one is much more aligned with truth than the other. If one mistakenly believed that the reflected darkness was the object and had no ability to observe anything but shadows in his world, all he believed about the nature of his world would be true in his mind, yet completely false to the one who was able to see his world reflected in light.

      And so long as the one who perceived shadows as truth remained unable to see the light, never could he be persuaded to accept anything but shadow as the truth about his world. A reality of darkness is therefore created in the mind, and every thought about the world and one’s relationship to it will be defined by this truth, which is upheld by one’s BELIEF that shadows are real. It is only when one is able to see in the light that there exists a door to another world, leading to a reality of light that more accurately reflects Truth, that the mind can begin to accept that one’s world is made of more than shadows.

      Yet as long as the mind remains fixed on the darkness of shadow as its SOURCE OF TRUTH in the world, one also remains in a shadow reality.

  4. I would agree with this since “perception” is the ability to perceive something through the senses which are related to creation in time. Our time is dedicated to our past as related to in the confines of this earth experience. Therefore our ability to perceive is a mechanism of the ability to discern between two created things, in this life…mainly good and evil. There is no need for perception or discernment in absolute truth which is the nature of God’s character, love.

    Our life which was before the world was and what it will be after this earthly experience I would say was and will be absent of any need to perceive or discern anything for we will be as He is. It seems like all discernment and perception has to do with our coming to an understanding of what the will of God is and this is being taught and learned by God through Christ during our time on this earth. The spirit that is within us that is of God, behind the veil of fleshly senses and is constant without division (for God cannot be divided) and is not subject to the fallible abilities of the soul . The soul being the only thing fallible within us, is the one which learns obedience through the things it suffers and it learns by discernment and perception. The senses are of the holy place, the place of the soul, where all five senses are exercised. Once the discipline of the soul is complete, the spirit and soul is again united as one, the soul again taking it’s direction from the spirit of God within us. ( As before being separated in the allegory of the garden.) We do have that constant spirt within which has never experienced sin, and this “subconscious” is what leads us, the conscious soul back to “Himself,” which is the truth that never left our being since our initial creation before the world was.

    Perception does imply the concept of separation, thus perception and separation will both die the death of death along with the rest of the attributes of the carnal mind. When the concept of right and wrong cease to exist and we return by awakening (redeemed) to our oneness with God, we will all be filled with joy that separation only existed by only dreaming that we were. I think the problem a lot of people have is in not understanding God’s plan from the beginning to the end and it’s true purpose. While one believes in a God of separation, they will remain separate until God opens their mind to the truth and that is that God has never been separated from us and never will be. It’s literally impossible. Nothing exist that is not God or of God for all things consist within who God is. Is there a place where there is something that is outside of God Himself? Of course not. The “thought” or dream of separation was instituted to bring about a valuable lesson of obeying the will of God throughout our eternal life in order that we an enjoy the life as God envisioned it to be for us “all alike.” There had to be a place of “separation” to instill in all of His children of what life is like in loving in obedience vs disobedience. To be given the freedom and ability to “choose” and not by rote or to be “programmed” without choice is not in keeping with God’s likeness and image of Himself. So we dream separation in experiencing disobedience so we can be created in God’s same character with His same like abilities. The freedom of choice to choose the good and reject the evil is what makes us like our Father.

    As you allude to we must come to connect to that one spirit which always “is” as we can come to do that now in the present. There is no fear of loss for even one, Loss is just an illusion of “what if.” It is better to obey than It is to sacrifice for the disobedience of the soul. We are a work in progress, each going to our own order.

  5. In today’s world, Truth is just a blown out version of religion ideas… we still over exert truth..
    In the original Context, Truth was intended to refer to the ETERNAL SPIRIT through the Eternal Laws(which we are all part of in thinking and being(perception)).
    get rid of religion, and there is no good vs bad. In the Original Context good vs bad = christ vs satan.
    Christ and satan are not seperate Entitys, but refer to one of the Orignail laws(law of opposing forces).
    the idea behind the Law(opposing forces) is that neither is seperated from the other(every element of existance is always pushing and pulling on two different forces).

    if one of the ends of opposing forces overides the other, then good vs bad or up vs down, or left vs right or right vs wrong come into existance. There is that Perfect Frequency when we can align ALL LAWS together(ultimate frequency:allignin with spirit).
    this is how we interact outside of time while being inside of time(yin/yan).

    • Anti, All, in response to this…please see my response to Thoughtware. I have always liked your comments, and although we don’t all agree on all points, I see something so much more important in some of our dialogue and that is the goal that we see set before us. As it says though we may understand all knowledge and understand all mysteries and have all the gifts of the spirit, and have not respect and love for one another, we have nothing. You have made many comments to just this same respect and I respect you for it. Where can or where cannot a person speak freely his heart and mind that is not controlled or is attempted to be controlled by another? “Religion” does not have to be in a system and labeled, religion is a belief in controlling others as Diotrephes wanted to do. Yes, we see it in every aspect and area of life, even in a person who has a no name church, or who meets in one’s house, or under a tree as though the carnal mind is not with us in each of these places. Religion is of the heart, it’s not a physical place, it’s an attitude that “I” want to control the message because this is the area of my domain, where “I“ speak. Denomination is domination and it starts in the “individual” heart…and if one thinks that they should control the words of another or shows even a subliminal resentment, there name is “Diotrephes.” If we don’t have love and respect for those who are still maturing out of an abundance of words then we need to take a look at ourselves and cut out the little foxes which spoil the vine, that little resentment and disrespect we have for “any.” When we shed these attitudes and see all In Christ, we will know what truth is because we will then speak from the truth in which we have become. The best understanding and speech comes from an intent to have a truthful heart. I understand that we are all on this same path so let our every thought word and action be to bring about the “love” that is only in the truth….

      It is all good, even in learning about the little foxes which spoil the truth that could be…however we are to be rest assured, the sooner we crucify this old man we will “have the new.”

    • Anti,
      Your comment on how “religion” uses a false narrative of what truth is to supplant the truth sparked my response for you put it so well without being offensive. However we know that truth will offend and should if there is something in us to to offend. If we get offended, it just means truth is doing “His” work to get the offense out.

  6. Handling it on a beautiful thing on a Sonny day ~ and we will remember the day

    • LOL my typing UGH Handling the truth on a sunny day. A beautiful thing. …and we will remember the day. then again no accidents keep our hearts on the connected divine thin vine line

  7. hi all. in no way am i against any word here. i cherrish everyones growth. the only intent i have is to keep us in alignment with the original context in which everyone seeks. the love is the I AM in which we are all part of. we are all on the same paths within every difference of the same BEING. we say the same things in different ways. i am glad of the knowledge u all have. i just KNOW that all religions are doing more damage than good. they detour our own growth and cause seperation(unintentional). we all have to get rid of our religions and reach for the same knowledge in which is all our goals. i see truth is a referance(before religion) as the ETERNAL SPIRIT aka ETERNAL HEART aka holy spirit. i do agree that we should never suppress creativity of others as that is what gives us all life and sets our own paths to the same end.
    sometimes it seems we may disagree, but i know we say the same things in different ways. we are not disagreeing, we are growing together…

  8. to have a truthful heart is to see life through the eternal laws. there is much more than man made ideas..

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