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” The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Divine love awakens us into our true greatness.

As our soul awakens, we shed the shell of littleness and our true greatness begins to shine. Greatness is an innate quality that infinitely expands our individualized Spirit enabling the power and unlimited nature of divine love to eternally flow through us. Our greatness is God’s glory expressed in magnitude and magnificence.

As an embryonic Self of God, we experienced a dreaming mind while enveloped in the womb of creation. Yet unaware of the Truth and that we were dreaming, our sleeping mind constructed a false likeness of ourself because we didn’t know our true divine Self. We thought we were tiny creations, like shells of a seed, believing ourselves to be our bodies and living in a reality bound by the body’s extensive limitations. We slept unaware of the life-giving greatness we held within that we were destined to express. Finiteness, limitation, weakness, and littleness defined our false self, creating fear which limited us further. We succumbed to our belittling imaginations of worthlessness, weakness, frailty, vulnerabilities, and insignificance. We felt little.

In our fearful imaginings, we sought to cover our littleness. However, as long as we held the belief in littleness, endless images of it filled our sleeping minds. At times, from deep within we felt the call to greatness, but often instead of seeking the Truth of that call, we sought for superficial grandeur in the limitations of the tiny self we believed ourselves to be. We pursued glory among a finite world where all ended in decay and death. We sacrificed as we endlessly strived to hide our littleness from ourselves and others, and at other times we collapsed into our seeming insignificance. We tried to diminish the littleness we felt with shiny trinkets, trophies, and accolades that we knew would eventually disappear when we went through the gate of death. Our deep sleep kept us unaware of our true Self and true nature, until it was time for our awakening.

At the altar of Truth, the Truth rises sovereign over all our imaginings. As we awaken, untainted in the essence of our true Self, the shell of littleness which brought us to our birth no longer has a purpose and falls away into nothingness. Though some habitual thoughts of littleness linger, they no longer have a source within our minds, therefore no power. Our true greatness begins to bud in our awareness for the first time.

Freed from a dream of littleness, we rest in the present moment in the emergence of our united will with God. Our will that is now one in the same as God’s magnifies our greatness into creation. The recognition of our infinite worth, limitlessness, invulnerability, and significance expands until this is all we perceive. Finite adornments are exchanged for infinite ones of incomparable worth. We begin to see we are far greater than we ever imagined or could imagine. Who can see the likeness of a majestic sequoia in its tiny seed?

Unlike the finite dream where we see the continuum of life from beginning to end, as our eternal true Self unfolds we experience unexpected wonders. Like a magnificent sequoia, though far greater, we can’t tell from our present moment what we will express, for it isn’t recognized in our current state and its knowing is beyond our present awareness because it comes through the God act of emergence. Yet, we know we will increasingly magnify the glory of God.

Greatness is the state of our soul through which divine love flows, because this love is the expression of God who has no limits. Greatness is a quality all souls share in equanimity, therefore to see it in ourself is to see it in others.

All souls are God’s Self expressed in endless arrays of individuality that eternally exalt his glory. Because seeing is creating, one of the greatest gifts we give each other is to see each other’s true greatness, because it is the outlet for endless expressions of the glory of God.


“A little one shall become a thousand, And a small one a strong nation. I, the Lord, will hasten it in its time.” ~ Isaiah 60:22




Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

14 thoughts on “Seeds of Greatness

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  2. The TRUTH. What is the TRUTH? And how does it come about?

    To know the real TRUTH, one must lift up their earthly consciousness since we’re all grounded to this physical realm. Study yourself, why do you think your feet is grounded to this very Earth? Why don’t we have wings like birds so we can fly and leave this ground so that we can lift up our consciousness to a higher place? Our conscious mind is the very body and earth itself. It ties to this physical realm. But we’re not conscious mind. We’re subconscious minded beings like water and air both physical and non-physical. Water, a symbol of facts and earthly TRUTH and air, a symbol of spiritual TRUTH. Understand only facts and earthly TRUTH is not good enough, one must lift themselves up to the spiritual truth….then and ONLY then do they understand the REAL TRUTH. Like water, one must lift themselves up into the cloud (convert from earthly facts to spiritual truth) and then fall down like rain to Earth (consciousness). Then and ONLY then do you help your conscious mind (earth or body) to know the real TRUTH. Otherwise, what you thought is real is not. It is the same for those who study the Bible and learn about facts and truths and believe in them without understand that there are spiritual truths behind them. Why? Because they have not lifted up their conscious mind yet. So they ended up translate every words in the Bible by its literal meanings. Believing in earthly facts and truth without a spiritual understanding is like person walking toward a pond and bathe in it and then come out of it and say I am cleaned when YOU KNOW you have not washed from within. It is no difference than a person who read the words titled, “Book of Revelation,” and translate it to mean book that they can pick up and read, when in actuality, it means body of revelation. Whatever a man do in this realm, his intent, words, and deeds are written in his body (spiritual body) and will be revealed in the end time. No rock is lie hidden in the spiritual world, everything will be revealed when one no longer has the physical body. You see, with the physical body, man can hide their intent and speak of the truth or do things when they intent not. But every truth intent is written in their body and when they no longer has the body, they will find they can longer can hide but reveal the truth. When men enter the spiritual realm once they leave the body, they will find they look exactly the same as they were in the physical world (hence, some did not know they have died) with the same eyes, noses, head and body….EXCEPT one is spiritual and the other is earthly. But if they’re evil person, their faces will slowly turn into ugly because the face is an image of their intent and love. So whatever they love to do in this world, it will be revealed through their faces as well as the whole body since they no longer can hide. Likewise, if you’re a good person, your face slowly transformed into a beautiful face. You reap what you sow. You create your OWN SELF in this world. What you create become who you are…your love, your intent, your work and deeds are the very essence of who you are as a person and it will be revealed when the angels open the book and read your body.

  3. thats a very interesting theory about the spiritual side of existence but there is a absolute sure way of nowing truth completely …ITS CALLED THE WAY OF PRAYER…FAITH IN ACTIVATION AWARENESS..IT WILL INDEED BRING YOU A FULLNESS OF JOY UNSPEAKABLE..

  4. the seeds of greatness in the depths of the soul is a divine truth that has always been hidden and is the very reason we are on this begin to understand our very purpose for being alive ..IS THE REVELATION OF GODS BIRTH IN MAN…AND THE SOULS AWAKENING LOVE IS THAT KEY..

  5. Faith is an inner recognition that something is true, and since faith and truth are one and the same, it follows that an outward recognition without an inner one is not faith and that being convinced of something false is not faith either. An outer recognition apart from an inner one is faith in the unknown, and faith in the unknown is nothing but information held in our memory that becomes a conviction if there are arguments to support it. People who hold to such convictions think something is true because someone else has said so, or believe it is true because they have convinced themselves; yet it is as easy to convince ourselves of something false as it is of something true. Thinking something is true because we have convinced ourselves of it means thinking what someone else has said is true and looking to support for it without first examining it for ourselves.

    I also want to say this: Faith does not accomplish anything good or useful by itself, but only from love or caring as its source. Caring and faith are united in the same way that our will and our understanding are united, since our will is the part of us that cares and our understanding is the part of us that has faith. Caring and faith is united in the same way that goodness and truth are united, since what is good is the object of the desire in our will and what is true is the object of the thinking in our understanding. In short, caring and faith are united in the same way essence and form are united, because the essence of faith is caring and the form of caring is faith. So we can see that faith without caring is like a form with no essence, which is nothing, and that caring without faith is like an essence with no form, which is nothing. Caring and faith work exactly the same way as the motion of our heart and lung, which is why will and its motivating feelings are meant by “the heart” in the Word, and understanding and its thinking by “the breath” in the Word. So “breathing one’s last” is no longer living and “giving up the ghost” is no longer breathing. It follows then that there can be no faith without caring or caring without faith and that faith without caring is like the breathing of the lungs without the heart. This is impossible for any living creature. Caring without faith is like having a heart without lungs, in which case we would have no awareness that we were alive. So caring does useful things by means of faith the way the heart accomplishes action by means of the lungs.

    Believing what the Word or the church teaches and not living by it may look like faith, and some may even conjecture that they are saved by it; but the truth is that no one is saved by faith alone. Faith alone is a conviction one deliberately induces in oneself. A self-induced conviction is when we believe and love the Word and the teachings of the church not for the sake of their truth or in order to live by them but for the sake of profit and respect and to be thought learned. When this is the kind of faith we have we are not focusing on the Lord or heaven but on ourselves and this world. People whose faith is self-induced do not know from any inner enlightenment whether what they are teaching is true or false and as long as the crowd believes them, they do not care. In fact, they have no interest whatever in knowing the truth for its own sake. As a result, if they cannot obtain status or profit they abandon their faith because self-induced convictions does not live within us. It remains on the outside, only in our memory, so we can call on it when we’re teaching. This means that this type of faith vanishes after death and so that the truths that go with it, because the only kind of faith that remains then is the kind that lives within us….that is, that has taken root in our doing of good and has therefore become part of our life.

    The Dragon in the Book of Revelation symbolizes people devoted to faith without caring. There are many kinds of people, some who form the head of the dragon, some who form the body and some who form the tail. The ones who form the tail are the ones who distort everything that is true in the Word, which is why in the Book of Revelation it says of the dragon that its tail drew down a third of the stars of heaven. “The stars of heaven” means knowledge concerning what is true and “a third” means all.

    • The road of light is the road of joy, of divine glory, of ecstasy and gladness. To travel the highway of light until one at last becomes immersed with light, or “Anointed with light,” one must of himself leave the darkness behind. Never for a moment must sadness or despair be permitted to lay hold of one. The door to heaven is love, but the key to the door is ecstasy or joy in all its Spiritual outflowing glory of singing power. That song of joy must never be permitted to die, not for one instant. It is the contact with the Spirit of God. It is Spirit. Love, ecstasy and that glorious spirit of anticipation is the very essence and Spirit of the power of God. It is faith’s singing glory as it swings into action. It is power triumphant that will bring fulfillment — “for it promises all things, and will fulfill all things.”LETS KEEP IT REAL…..

      • So as long as you’re in the light or on the highway of light, you’re good? Of course! Who doesn’t know that “the road of light is the road of joy”? But you don’t just talk about it. Words are meaningless if you don’t explain to others what constitute light and how to immersed in light. Everyone can go around preaching their Bible, but if you don’t put your work in it or help others fulfill that work by explaining to them, it is meaningless. This is why I explained that faith without love or caring is no faith. A person maybe the most religious person in the world and read their Bible and keep their faith, believe they’re on the right path and done nothing bad. But when they enter the spiritual world, the angels will say, oh you have done nothing to fulfill your faith because all your life, you only care about yourself, not much from others, why should you belong in heaven? Loving the Lord and loving your neighbors is how you obtain heaven and loving yourself (debunked everything people said, self glory?) and loving the world is how you obtained hell.

    • So true.

      Love is the fulfillment of all things scriptural for Bible “knowledge” points to one end…and that end is the Revelation of Jesus Christ…within. It is good to understand knowledge, mysteries, allegories, parables, types and anti types, etc., etc., however they are only the shadow of love. Shadows aren’t real but the image of what cast them is…and this is the unconditional love of God for all. It seems this is such a simple concept, however by the time the carnal mind filters out the simplicity in Christ, all that is left is the husk, the “outward” covering of the love within.

      Again, very good.

      • One whose soul is thus opened wide to comprehend and to receive the appeasement of his hunger and his thirst, will be prepared to begin to comprehend the great TRUTH and the law which governs it. He will be rewarded by the attunement of his whole soul being opened to hear the voice and the minute, individual instructions of God — for God will become his instructor…..


  6. MOST EXCELLENT POINT I TRULY ADMIT THANK YOU …THE sacred Path of fulfilling and of unfolding glory is so clearly revealed and its powers made so plain, that as Isaiah declared, “A FOOL NEED NOT ERR THEREIN, though the wicked can never cross over.”..”Yes, he that repenteth and exerciseth FAITH and bringeth forth good works, and prayeth continually without ceasing unto such is given to know the mysteries of God; yea, unto such it shall be given to reveal things which never have been revealed; yea, and it shall be given unto such to bring thousands of souls to repentance.” This glorious Promise was revealed centuries ago and it still stands in all the power of everlasting fulfilling and eternal PROMISE…..”But no man is possessor of all things except he be purified and cleansed from all sin.

    “And if you are purified and cleansed from all sin, ye shall ask whatsoever you will in the Name of Jesus and it shall be done!”


    • As one works upon himself, instead of upon others, seeking to perfect the gift of love within himself, he truly begins to “evolve from the man kingdom into the God Kingdom!” As one’s heart is generated by love his being begins to change. His heart becomes softened and melted and opens wide to the great inflowing love of God. Then it is that he is offering to God the only approved sacrifice — The sacrifice of a broken or OPEN HEART and a contrite (humble) spirit. This is the only sacrifice acceptable since the supreme one of the Son of God upon the cross. As one thus opens his heart he is preparing himself to be taught of God. “And they are called Gods unto whom the word of God comes!” These are the ones God is able to teach! This is the divine, holy contact with the Almighty, which is achieved only by learning to LOVE GOD WITH ALL THE HEART!….

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