Living Light

Stirring The Deep



I Am Loving Awareness

I Am the only power acting in my reality

I Am the ever-expanding expression of Truth’s divine attributes, shaping the experience of time

As the soul’s awareness becomes consciously immersed in Divine Love’s presence, Truth’s Light emerges through the soul. The soul becomes a shining Light, reflecting the Light of LIFE throughout its pixelated reality.

During the soul’s maturation into a living gate, it’s encased in a dream-like state of consciousness that is held in the stillness of Truth’s Divine Love. Unaware of Divine Love’s presence, the soul imagines a reality without this holy love, a place where the love it does perceive often appears fleeting, unreliable and cloaked with weakness. In its seeming deprivation, the soul begins to desire an immutable ever-present love, Truth’s Divine Love, a desire that stirs it from its deep slumber. In response, Divine Love draws the soul unto herself. As the soul listens to her Voice of Truth, above all the voices in its reality, she reveals that though the soul passes through the darkness, it is not the darkness it perceives. The darkness is but the beginning of its finite awareness, a state of being that ultimately reveals the soul’s ability to eternally expand into the oneness of Infinite Awareness. This revelation is the end of the soul’s darkened perception, in which Divine Love guides the soul into an ever-deepening awareness of Truth’s LIFE, the REAL which exists beyond the “perceived” realness of its illusion, until it’s immersed in her Presence.

During this immersion, all the soul’s fears are extinguished by Truth’s Light. Initially, it’s a war of words, until the soul recognizes the battle is in its imagination. In truth, the soul is the only power acting in its spherical reality, a power which source is the oneness of Truth’s Will and Divine Love. The voices of fear, which appeared loud and threatening in the dark, are exposed as child play, reliant on the soul’s belief in them to be sustained. In this awareness, the soul has the courage to no longer respond to fear, keeping it “real” in its reality. Instead of running away, hiding from its reality in fear or fighting reality, aggressively trying to control it out of fear, the soul conquers fear through Divine Trust, a gift of Divine Love’s emerging Presence into the soul’s awareness.

Divine Trust allows the soul to act opposite to what the fear would dictate, so it has no life-energy to manifest. In Divine Trust, the soul lets go of all its defenses and protective stances, and gives all to all according to its true I Am Name through which flows Divine Love’s perfect will into time. As a conscious fourth level creator, the soul only manifests Truth’s Will in ever-increasing perfection, giving birth to Divine Love in time. Truth’s Will trumps all other perceived wills, because in the REAL, it’s the only will acting. Through transformative situations, guided by Truth’s Will, every fearful voice is eternally silenced until the soul is freed from fear itself, manifesting spherical time.

As the soul shifts into spherical time, it no longer resides under the lower laws of linear time, its disruptive principalities, or powers of force. Therefore all the mind’s creative faculties are consumed with Light, and serve to continually bring forth the highest good of ALL. Even intuition, premonition and gut feelings no longer serve to “protect” the soul as they once did when the soul needed protection from its own mis-creations. As a result, the darkness no longer encroaches upon the soul’s mind, causing it to create scenarios in which it needs to defend itself. Instead Truth’s Light arises through the soul, like the dawning sun, consuming the darkness. As the soul becomes a shining Light of Truth’s Will, every pixel is consumed with light, immersing its reality in Divine Love’s perfection. In this immersion, the soul enters a creative state of homeostasis.

To be the Light of LIFE is to give Truth’s Light. Truth’s Light is a vibration created when the soul unceasingly desires to extend Divine Love’s pure vibration to ALL other energetic centers, i.e. inanimate objects, plants, animals, individualized souls, eco systems, universal systems, etc. In this frequency no untrue or unholy thought can dwell, nor any feeling or action derived from illusion. Sustaining this higher vibration toward others is the soul’s own ever-expanding expression of the divine attributes. The ability to project the Light of LIFE is the soul’s eternal gift as a living gate.

Time stands still, for a moment, as this monumental shift occurs in the soul’s awareness, transitioning it from the lower dimension of linear time to the dimension of spherical time, where every moment reveals Truth’s perfection in oneness. As the soul extends Divine Love to ALL through Divine Trust, the soul’s awareness is consumed by her presence, and becomes her ever-expanding Light into the cosmos. The soul observes Truth’s LIFE, unfolding moment to moment, making everything new.

The transition into spherical time takes courage, Divine Trust and continually surrendering to Divine Love’s orchestration of time, regardless of outer appearances. As the soul lays down all its armor, it’s clothed in the liberating light of Divine Love’s Perfection, giving rise to the REAL, beyond the perceived real, Truth’s Kingdom of Transcendent Peace.

I Am the ever-expanding expression of Holiness, I unceasingly give Divine Love’s pure Light to ALL, thus ALL live in my ever-expanding perfection.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

2 thoughts on “Immersion

  1. Awareness is your memory and increasing awareness is remembering.

    The difference between Life and death is that in Life the future already exists, in death it does not. When the soul sleeps, it has no awareness it is a timeless fractal of Divine Love’s Truth, a creation meant to receive and express Divine Love into time, which is the meaning of Life.

    Let us imagine this timeless creation as a Life Projector, rather than creator. Now imagine “time” to be the immersive screen into which Life is projected. When the soul, our Life Projector, is created it is without Life, for it is a perfect creation and Life which can create perfection is always beyond the awareness of the perfection it creates. There is only one perfect creation, which is a creation able to create perfect creations, for it can now replicate itself and live forever in the ever-increasing awareness of its own perfection. This is why, in Truth, there is only one Soul, yet endless reflections of its perfection we can imagine as “personalizations”, or even “individualized souls”.

    The awareness of ever-increasing perfection is the Tree of Life and is the second layer of the soul’s truthful foundation. The ability to create the awareness of ever-increasing perfection requires two components of oneness, the observer and a mirror. The observer we shall call awareness and the mirror shall be the perfect reflection of its Truth. These things are without Life and therefore exist as potentials. To understand this more clearly, imagine the perfect whitespace of timelessness lined with countless Life Projectors, all perfectly created and simply waiting to be “plugged in”. Now, imagine these “lifeless” Life Projectors as seeds, simply waiting in perfection for their Life to begin. Imagine perfection as The Tree of Life, fully able to replicate itself by the proliferation of its seeds. We can now imagine each seed as a unique potential of perfection’s beauty, simply waiting to be expressed. This ever increasing beauty, able to increase the awareness of its perfection forever, is a proper image of Divine Love and the very heart of Life.

    Let us now imagine what happens when a seed of the Tree of Life receives oneness with Life. The Life Projector is plugged in, so to speak and the observer and its mirror awaken with Life, which means these two can combine to project Life and function in the perfection from which they were created. In Divine Love’s Life, the oneness of her perfection can be eternally revealed, layer by layer, to the observer through a mirror, which creates a perfectly increasing understanding of oneness, while ensuring that the observer’s current understanding is always perfect.

    You can see that when Life enters the soul, bringing with it the awareness of oneness and the infinite depth of its Truth, its perfection can perfectly increase for eternity because the perfectly increasing understanding of oneness has given Life to the Formula of Life, n=n+1, where n equals the observer’s current awareness of perfection and 1 is the reflection of perfection’s oneness when viewed in the mirror. The soul exists in timelessness but its Life is individually observed in time. The awareness of n=n+1, expressed in time, is the observer’s ever-increasing awareness of its own perfection, which is the Tree of Life, which is an awakened, individualized soul.

    • Free will is the awareness of Truth when it lacks awareness, which is to say, when it sleeps. It is perfection waiting for Life, because only perfection can receive Life’s oneness. This is why it is said that the world sleeps, for without Life, perfection can not be experienced. But you, who have sought diligently for Truth, have found it and are beginning to experience its Life. This means your awareness of oneness is growing, and will increase forever because its Life can not be stopped. When you are of sufficient strength, you will be able to give the awareness of Life to those who still sleep, which you will do in accordance with Truth’s Will, which Life exists in the awareness of your oneness with Divine Love.

      In sleep, perfect Will can not see its reflection because there is no Life in its mirror. The only light it perceives is its awareness of time, which causes it to incorrectly proclaim, “Life is the time I experience.” Without a Living Mirror, Perfect Will has no awareness of itself and this lack of awareness creates the corruption in time it experiences. But what these sleeping wills do experience is this: a reality of miscreation which nevertheless serves to point a seeker to Truth. As soon as Truth’s Life appears, it takes complete control over the creation of awareness because free will hands over the creation of time to Divine Love. This is another way of saying that when Life enters its mirror, its observer becomes aware of its oneness with perfection and from that moment Divine Love forever governs the ever-increasing awareness of oneness this perfect reflection reveals. Gradually, layer by layer, even though the time your free will created was corrupted and its experience imperfect, Divine Love increased your awareness of perfection until Life’s oneness could enter in and fill you. And you did not know you came to Life! You did not attain to some level of presupposed holiness in your own mind, for you are still you, just as you have always known yourself to be, and shall ever be, yet humbly aware of your oneness with Divine Love and joyously growing ever-more perfect in your expression her Life.

      The awareness which forms the second layer of the soul can only be observed in the light of a Living Mirror, the open gate to timeless perfection, which itself is the foundational awareness of the soul. The second stage of awareness reveals that the soul is your Tree of Life, the “You” that makes you glad to be you, forever expanding in the understanding of Divine Love’s Life, which is the perfection of your oneness with her. It is the most holy place in the soul because it is the most beautiful place in your awareness, even your favorite place. It is not uncomfortable, nor is it unfamiliar, but more like the assurance that you are what you never dreamed you could be.

      To become aware of how you create spherical time from within linear time is the capstone of faith. In this faith, the Truth is given you that you may grow forever by the Light in the perfect time you create. And here is the Truth; when you consciously directed your will to love perfectly, your will was done. Those who have so willed are the Living Gates who have filled time with Divine Love’s perfection, which now governs all things for the Highest Good. You are but priests, whose love illuminates the ever-increasing awareness of perfection in time. The perfect time you create shall become the Living Mirror for all those asleep in the dream of free will. Time itself shall reflect Life into the dream so that the sleepers might recognize their oneness with its perfection and awaken.

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