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The Prayer of Light ignites the eternal Holy Flame, the Spirit of God within our true SELF. This sovereign Spirit consumes everything not of our true Likeness in our mind/body reality, making way for creation’s true Reflection, as the expressed Self of God.

Given in the understanding of who we are and how we create, sending the Prayer of Light to ALL signifies the completion of Divine Forgiveness, opening the door to the purifying Holy Flame of God within us. As an open door, our true power as creative beings in oneness with the Creator is made known as the Holy Flame’s Radiant Truth consumes all our mis-creations, ultimately freeing creation from the darkness we laid upon it.

As creators and not mere creatures, we are the cause of our reality. Like a mirror, reality reflects our state of mind, so that whatever we believe, reality reflects back to us. Reality is not the cause of itself, of itself it is neutral. Thus to change reality’s reflection from discord to Peace, our state of mind must change.

With a mind darkened from a lack of Truth, we laid a multitude of erroneous judgments and false attributes upon our selves and reality, hiding their inherent perfection. Believing we were separate from our Creator and unaware of our true nature and power as a creator within the Creator, we perceived ourselves helpless to the forces of the outer reality. By accepting the false attribute of helplessness, we created a destructive cycle within us, which reality reflected back to us. A belief in helplessness generated fear, leading to responses of attack/defense. Unaware we were its creator and reflecting what we energetically gave to it, reality barraged us and others with all kinds of attacks, deepening our belief in helplessness, which in turn increased our own attacks/defenses.

As we awaken, we become aware of the inherent Power in our true SELF and that we aren’t helpless by any means. In this understanding, we begin to take back the power we unknowingly gave reality and end the destructive cycle. As we reclaim our true Power, divine forgiveness is complete, which ignites the Holy Flame, the consuming Spirit of God, within us.

Divine forgiveness is the awakening of our inner vision from darkness to Light as our awareness returns to the true SELF. It’s the transition from a belief in helplessness to infinite Power, as we recognize we are one with the Source of Power. In this awareness, we release the world from ALL the distortions we heavily laid upon it because of the false attribute of helplessness we mistakenly accepted as true. Without a belief in helplessness, there is no more fear and without fear there is no more attack/defense. Without attack, there is no need for forgiveness, therefore it’s complete. As our true power replaces a sense of helplessness, the divine love it radiates drives out all fear. Instead of destructive creators with an alien will belonging to a false self, we are peace-makers reflecting the One Divine Will.

With Divine forgiveness complete, we become an open door to the Divine Mind. As an open door, we rest in divine emergence in perfect oneness with the Divine Will, the only way our true power is experienced. In the stillness of being One with the Mighty I Am Presence, knowing there is no greater power, we no longer rely on outer forces to try to bend reality to our will, as we did in a state of helplessness. By resting in divine emergence, the Divine Will is free to express Itself according to its Infinite Intelligence, which knows the eternal ripple effect of every act. It works throughout creation according to a perfection far beyond our current awareness for the highest good of all, using our individualized mind as a gateway for its expression.

As our mind returns to its fractal nature in oneness with the Divine Mind, we extend the Spirit of God like a consuming fire into reality. This Holy Flame consumes our mis-creations because they aren’t of Truth/Divine Love, renewing reality through the invincible Peace of Divine Harmony. It doesn’t matter how little or great the distortions, the Holy Flame consumes them all. Reality transitions from the chaotic energy of attack/defense that created destruction and decay into the harmonic energy of Peace that creates youthful vibrancy. The “effects of time” are removed, and reality reveals its timeless perfection.

In being still and knowing the All-Mighty Power within our true SELF, the Prayer of Light ignites the Holy Flame. Because we are conscious of being one with the power of God and no longer helpless, reality changes to reflect this renewed awareness.

“For our God is a consuming fire.” ~ Hebrews 12:29

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” ~ 2 Timothy 1:7

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

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  2. Holy Flame🔥♥️🔥
    The title alone provides fresh manna for my innerman to feast upon! Even before I read the contents, the title alone revealed the resonance of what would be read! I know what its like to give whats sacred to those who may not have ears to hear! We were incarnated in the flesh to embody this truth. This means that we are the word of God in the flesh. I read all of the comments on this blog and I honor them! I also understand that there are different realms in which words are expressed in. For example if I mention the phrase “take off,” It could mean to go forward, or it could mean to reduce items which means to go backwards. So I try not to simply read your words, but to resonate with them. Words are only tools in which we use to express the resonance that we feel within us. Therefore resonation is true communication. Sometimes i feel that words may dilute the resonance felt within just by trying to find the right words to express the resonance. I dealt with this in the past on my youtube channel because I didn’t want the audience just to see or hear me, I wanted them to feel me! Sometimes I would come into such deep truths, I would simply sit in silence on the video as a discreet way of saying that some revelations should be experienced and not simply expressed. I couldn’t finish some videos due to tears when channeling the words to express the beauty of the revelational resonance. I want you guys to know that my heart is open and I receive the resonance that you feel behind the words you’ve sent out to express it. I can feel your hearts as my own via the Spirit of Truth.

    The secret to life is death. It is appointed for man to die. Even what we refer to as dis-appointments are only appointments in killing the carnal expectancy and bringing forth the spiritual which means that there are never missed appointments. All things work together, we can’t lose.

    I ponder Jacob before he wrestled and seen the dawn! It says prior to wrestling, he took his family and his belongings over the river jabbok. Then he came back and seen the dawn of a new day. Jacob detached from all attachments and entered into a narrow “stream” of conciousness which the Jabbok River represented. Some things in our life nourish and feed the old man, which keeps it anchored. It was a story of ascent.

    Sometimes the levels of ascent into divinity seem so far away yet they are not far at all. I have to become so sensitive just to feel the subtle garments of carnality I Am clothed in just to be able to take them off. I used to beg Father to simply strip me naked into my body of light. Yet, I sit in HIS sufficient grace which creates a tamed undulation which births a transcendent nonlinearity.

    If you remove the houses, the cars and the man-made items, the earth is simply a garden or a park. Yet when you add the houses, the cars, and the carnal expectancies man has decorated the park in, it then becomes a “theme” park. You are expected to live within the bounds of the theme created or the narratives which men go by. Yet, I live by no themes nor any narratives. To get out of this theme park or circus’d perception, I swallowed the fire. I no longer go by the themes or narratives that society does and because of that, I sit in Love.

    I have come to a place in which I don’t understand instances which would cause insult or anger or any of the things that govern the everyday experience of people. Even the word forgiveness is only a word used to point you back to that which it expresses. Yet forgiveness has had it perfect work and I no longer need the tool called forgiveness because I’ve recultivated my mind to the point in which i no longer relate or understand what they do. There is no need to forgive what hasn’t harmed me! I am free! I have become a foreigner. People refer to trauma as isolated incidents but i tell you the truth that the very character created by conforming to this World is a trauma!

    I often speak of power because as I become ‘spirit sensitive,’ I feel a literal physical power. I first felt this power during my near death experience! I encountered God and HE said some things to me which I deem sacred and when I was back in my body I felt like light was bursting out of me! The power I felt was LOVE, IT WAS GOD WITHIN ME. Once I was back in my body, the power started to fade. I asked God why was it fading and HE explained to me that the body is not in alignment with it. The spirit is in heavenly places but the body is conformed. As i kill the body, it comes out. There were other things that happened that were so sacred! There are secrets God told me in which I’ve searched youtube to find others that know. I was taken behind the veil and shown some things. Im sure you guys know things also that you dont mention in your posts.

    The body is a harness. It harnesses different vibrations. Just as you can take on a belief system that harnesses pain, you can harness heaven! God HIMSELF told me some of these things during my experience. We have dominion! It is only in the mind that we are not aware of this. It is just a deceptive frequency that we are tuned into which seperates us from divinity! Ye are gods!!! As Rachel said, Since we are “electricians” we must “conduct” ourselves as such. To “conduct” is to transmit energy yet it means the behavior also! There is a certain “code of conduct” we must put on to harness the power of the God in our vessil. An “electrical code’ is the set of regulations for the electrical wiring in a building. There is an electrical code of conduct or heavenly code of conduct or behavior that you can harness to turn on the heavenly lights in the temple to shine here on earth just as on the mount! The testator has died and the Will left by Father is not for when we leave, it is now! The kingdom is now!

    God told me many secret things during my experience. I sometimes dislike using the word experience because all of this is an experience! Yet I encountered God as the people in the Bible did! I seen sacred things. I look for those who know these deeper things. The truth is stranger than fiction. Even though we only share certain things on the blog, I’m sure many of you also know much deeper truths as well.

    I know nothing so that i may know all things. I AM all that HE is and HE is all that I AM. As stated in Phillipines, i find it not robbery to be equal. God told me reciprocation is needed to bring the divine into this realm. We have dominion, let us take the land at once!

  3. The things you speak are beautiful yet.. I’m not sure if anyone understand what I mean when I speak of power. Do any of you have youtube channels or other modes of communication?

    • I haven’t posted a new video since 2014 … but they are all still up at “stirring the deep” … is your YouTube channel still up so I can check it out?

      • Hey Rachel. Its awesome how I commented before I read your post and we both spoke on forgiveness in the same way. I guess we are all on the same journey! Stirring the deep! I remember running across your videos maybe a couple of years ago. I guess that means you are still stirring the deep! I have posted a few of my older vids on a channel that I don’t really use just to give you a guage of how my channel was. Yet the videos are a bit old, just as yours and I would like to discuss deeper things! Nevertheless, here’s the link.

      • It’s an incredible dynamic to see the synchronicity of understanding happen with another before we realize it … your words ” There is no need to forgive what hasn’t harmed me! I am free! I have become a foreigner. People refer to trauma as isolated incidents but I tell you the truth that the very character created by conforming to this World is a trauma!” reflected my own.

        You have a gift in sharing the depth of what you’ve received … I know how difficult that can be to translate what we perceive that is beyond words into words … and as you said our words pale in comparison to the overall impression/experience we have of the Light, and yet when they are spoken from the heart, as you do so well, you can feel their deeper intention and purpose.

        I’m checking out your videos .. thanks for sharing some with me. I just finished listen to your thoughts on men as trees – very interesting. What I find fascinating is the connection between things that initially seemed disconnected, you often share these hidden connections, this journey into Truth is so fascinating isn’t it?

        I agree deeper and higher … the Truth of our being is continually expanding. As our mind awakens to the Light of Truth, the Christ mind, we experience this expansion through an ever-increasing awareness of all that truly IS. Powerful.

  4. You’re welcomed. Thanks for watching. The videos I shared are a bit old. I have come into deeper truths concerning the power of God manifesting in this realm. I dont share them because they are sacred to me. Have you experienced the power of God in this realm? If not, I will not go any further about it. I know everyone has different walks. : )

    • Thanks so much for your video (Welcome :-)) .. I agree – there are deeper revelations and experiences we receive that are sacred to us and often for our particular journey that remain unspoken on such public platforms. Yet on a deeper quantum level of consciousness where we are all connected, all that we receive of God is given to all (in Truth we are all one and thus God gives to all as one), in such a way that the outer mind of humankind can’t mistakenly judge it to dismiss it. Only one individualized consciousness, that is one with the whole, is needed to receive revelations so that they are held within the collective consciousness, like a match that lights up the room. In this we see our “private” or individual journey, isn’t private or individual at all … but all that we receive into our awareness of Truth is now available or more readily accessible to all. So for example, the revelations you are receiving are enlightening my own and vice versa, without saying a word .. and yet it is done in the stillness of going within. Of course, sharing is also significant as spoken words facilitate our outer being, whose acceptance of Truth expands with outer confirmation, so that the outer can come into alignment with the inner.

      Thanks for sharing a bit of your story … and I understand your consuming call for the Kingdom … as I feel the same.

      As for the power of God .. often what we experience whether seemingly of the supernatural or on the level of miracles … is often a reflection of Truth that we don’t yet comprehend. Because only Truth is. I’ve seen this in my own walk, as I’m sure you’ve seen in yours. Though I’ve had some moments, my journey has been mostly an ever-deepening awareness of Truth by going within, while my outer reality pushed me to keep going and keep seeking. I think we receive whatever we need to further us along our journey and keep us focused on our path according to our particular individuality and purpose. Thus I think most of our experiences in which we feel the power of God in a way that we don’t normally are suited to our individuality so we can more readily receive the Truth. Then whether we share our experiences or not, I think it is the Truth we gained that is the most significant part in our sharing, because it is the Truth that is being revealed through our experiences that “sets us free”.

      But this brings to mind the most apparent expression of the power of God in us that goes unnoticed by most – the incredible intricate and detailed reality we each create every day (most don’t realize they are creating their experiential reality, but subservient to it). We are far more powerful creators than we realize. Nothing happens outside of us, but because of us. Our journey is interesting because it is one of becoming an expression of what we already are in Truth. We discover our true power is found in the stillness of being our true SELF and no longer giving our mind to create according to a mistaken identity of something we are not. Who we believe we are right now is what we effortlessly create and that is very powerful.

  5. Hey Rachel
    Beautiful words! Yet the internal realizations should produce something Rachel. Once you found the true power in the stillness of your being, there is something beyond that. The expression of the power of God within us births something else.
    I am not simply speaking on random supernatural experiences, but something bigger. This is beyond just the controlling of realizations and your experience in this realm.
    I break down the body in my older videos sometimes only to show the tools used to harness this power. Everything you speak of in what you wrote above, only speaks of the innerworkings. Yet, there is something beyond that Rachel.
    The things which I speak of were explained to me by God. He still speaks! I often went unbelieved, due to having no comely appearance. Yet. All is well.
    Thank you for listening Rachel.
    I Love you.

    • I totally agree with you … it is the expressions of this power in ways that transform all of this reality from one of suffering (born out of illusions) to one of Peace (born of Truth), for if even one is outside of Peace then its suffering is felt by all … and what is the point of knowing the Truth if it doesn’t express itself in all its Perfection? We are on our way …

      • Onward!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

      • I enjoy talking to you guys!!! : )
        I have a question. Once you embody the revelations and they have its perfect way and you’re now shaping your reality, what things do you think are possible as far as what we can do in this realm? With God, all things are possible. What does that mean to you other than the powerful revelation of shaping your reality?

      • What energizing questions! Please share your ideas with us too – I want to know (a lot) more about your revelations!

        If LIGHT is Truth, how then can darkness exist? Before I can answer your question about what is possible for those who embody the Light, I first have to answer this first question.

        As you know already, religion is a man-made concept full of mystery while TRUTH is consistently logical. However, TRUTH is an energetic concept that can not be readily accepted in a reality defined by the physical limitations of time and space. A mind that sleeps, regardless of its intellectual capacity, is bound by the limitations of its bodily senses because it believes that only the body’s senses can reveal the truth about its world. This is the symbolic meaning of darkness.

        Now, back to our original question. If LIGHT is TRUTH, then light always IS. How then can there be darkness at all? If, for example, we both stood in a darkened room and you said, “Look, there is Light!”, I could rightfully not accept it as Truth. “Not at all, I might reply, “for we are both in complete darkness”. And if I, in truth, see only darkness, then my reality must also reflect this darkness back to me, otherwise I would not accept the truth of it. How then could there exist both LIGHT and DARKNESS if only Light is true?

        The answer is self-evident, for since Light is True then the ABSENCE of light creates the illusion that darkness is true. For you would say to me, “No my friend, there is Light. Let me open the shades that the light of day may be made visible to you.” The room fills with pre-existing light and I respond by saying, “You are right! I was unaware the light was beyond the limits of this room. But now I see with my own eyes, and I believe there is light!”

        Back to your original questions. Here is some background:

        We are called to be windows of LIGHT. We who are growing in the understanding of the higher laws of Truth are being fashioned into “open doors” by which the light of TRUTH can be energetically translated into that which can be perceived by the bodily senses. Since sleepers trust only what the bodily senses reveal, we are going to “hijack” the body’s senses by creating an outer reality that reflects the truth instead of lies. In so doing we will use peoples own bodies as a witness of truth to their minds.

        In the light of Truth we are taught that thoughts become physical things. Just as software code can create limitless virtual worlds, so to does our thought create the reality we experience. As an open door we recognize that our conscious mind is not the “creator of divine thought”, but rather its transducer. Our purpose as lights is to receive divine thought that it may create a physical reality that reflects the divinity of its source. Not us, but God in us.

        Where sleeping minds have been deceived by the voice of the physical world, we will overcome the world to CHANGE its voice. By the transduction of divine thought into physical reality, the creation itself will be used to testify of the light. The first fruits are those able to receive divine thought because they have sought, found and opened the window to God’s mind. As divine thought cycles through our conscious mind, a divine reality will emerge according to its likeness.

        Not all are able to find and open the inner door to Truth. We who are able have become living gates, now standing open that the light of Truth may shine upon all.

  6. Did Paul refer to the inner war of progression as the true self begins to express the light of its true “being”?

    Our false self, who we fully believed ourself to be, uses guilt to inhibit our belief that we can express perfection. Guilt is the false self asserting that IT is our true nature, and when the mind compares this false concept of self to the light we see within, the contrast creates an inner conflict we label “guilt”.

    Guilt is created when our inner consciousness sides with darkness, accepting that the darkened, sinful image of our Self is real and the idea that we are the perfect light of truth is false. When we “turn our back” to the light by giving the power of our belief to the false self, we imbibe it with “life” and in so doing create the experience and feeling of “guilt”.

    Looking deeper we recognize that guilt can only be experienced by those who are called to the light. For our true nature, holy and perfect as the expression of God’s thought, is the light that shines into the darkness of the false-self we were deceived into believing was our true nature. This creates great conflict in the mind as the false-self, which encompasses all we ever believed our Self to be, begins to fade. As it does we experience feelings of loss because the very existence of our self concept is threatened.

    The conflict, the so called war in heaven, is a battle for the power of the mind’s BELIEF, for whatever the mind believes its Self to be, it creates. The mind has the power to create the reality “self” experiences simply through the radiation of its BEING, and this by the belief it holds about its self. Thus, as our inner light grows brighter and we increasingly believe we are the eternal and perfect expression of TRUTH, the false self uses every perceived “imperfect” thought and action to accuse the mind of its own imperfection, in an attempt to deceive the mind and justify a belief in an imperfect self.

    These accusations proclaim the “son of God”, (true self), must die and the false self should live because its alleged sin proves that the son of perdition (false self) is the real self. The false self rightly proclaims that the son of God could never sin and since the self has sinned it is not be the son of God. Consequently it argues that the mind must give the power of its belief (life) to the false self, which alone can sin. When the mind accepts these accusations and BELIEVES its self to be a sinner, the mind accepts the son of perdition as its true being, which then stands in place of the son of God. As long as the mind believes that it is a self separate from the sinless son of God, its awakening is stifled. For we always express that which we believe our self to be.

    Yet the war is already won and the accuser tossed out of heaven by the LIFE inherent in Truth. As the mind continues to persistently and dedicatedly seek for the truth of its Self in proper relation to God, the Sprit of Truth will unfailingly lead it into an ever-increasing awareness of ONENESS with God. As oneness is received and taught by the Spirit of Truth, the accuser’s lies become increasingly ineffective in creating guilt…and the chains of sin slowly dissolve.

    This growing freedom from guilt allows the mind to fill with light and give more of its belief to the revealed Son of Light. And as the mind begins to reflect the belief in its true self, its new sense of BEING creates a reality that increasingly reflects the self’s true nature as a Son of God.

    • Hey Thoughtware, You speak invigorating and life giving words as usual! I enjoy what you all have to say!

      When I make these videos on showing how the body is inter-related with creation, it has a much higher purpose than I reveal. I plant seeds of inter-relation first so that what I reveal later would be actually integrated rather than observed and understood. Im sure that you’ve noticed that truths and scriptures are referred to as “passages.” There is one thing for the passages to be read but it is another thing to walk through that passage to become what it speaks of.

      We know that matter is anything that takes up space. To interact in this realm or space you needed a vessel or a ship. Therefore the body is a spaceship. Paul revealed to us that we must plant the body here and kill it to inherit a celestial body. If you look up the word celestial body it means “planet.” “Spaceships and planets” may not sound like something a preacher would speak on yet i formed the connection to show that everything you hear and see speaks of God’s divine order. Everything is inter-related. Everything speaks of God’s divine order.

      It is amazing that man created a device called a walkie talkie or radio to harness different channels or frequencies to allow you to talk to someone that you are not even standing beside. This is a physical device that can harness invisible airwaves of divine ordinance. We marvel at this, thinking it is a step forward, yet it is a step backwards. The body is the most advanced peice of technology which was meant to harness frequencies and vibration. People have revelations within yet create external devices.

      Even though we call it the skull, God referred to it as Golgotha. The Body is not what man has deemed it to be but how God created it to be. Yet, divine use of the temple has been left and transgressed. The brain is a divine peice of equipment meant to commune with God yet it is filled with carnal instructions on how to reprogram the smart remote! Ha! Imagine the temple of God being transgressed with everyday illusion! No one has truly cast their net to the otherside due to being caught up with an inter-net of carnality.
      When connecting to the internet, if your computer has a lot of spam items on it, it won’t connect properly. Imagine only programming the divine temple with pure unadulterated divine law. You will then see what EYE HASNT SEEN! Even a conversation with someone is more deeper than you think. Each conversation is a conversion or a form of intimacy. Minds are fused and influenced in different realms of understanding which are transcending or transgressing. If you noticed in scripture, it wasn’t just people that murdered and killed, that were not taken in Noah’s ark. It said that they were simply “eating, drinking, and giving away in marriage!” Psalms tells us that this whole earth off course! Ye are gods, yet without realization, you will die as men! Even the things you deem as normal are transgressed.

      Adam and eve were born in the garden so they got a glimpse of truth then lost it. The gates to the tree of Life were then closed. Everything after that was born outside of the garden so it never got a glimpse of truth. Some can’t see the deception because they were born in it! (((Because of this even when the spirit of truth comes, many apply these higher truths as icing over a mindset still based in deception.)))) They simply apply something good, to something bad! The angel of light sits in the temple speaking truth! It is not a matter of coming into truth. That is to bring Christ down! It is a matter of dissolving into it.

      I become nothing so that may become all things! I know nothing so that I may know all things. He can do abundantly above all you ask or think. That means if you can think it, its not high enough. Stop thinking! Faith is to turn off all faculties and exist in the underlying essence of reality. What is possible? The answer is, what isn’t. Clear your cache and Believe!

  7. Hey Rachel, I agree with everything you’re saying. : ) I’m saying that there is something deeper after these realizations. These realizations speak of nothing due to the fact that they only get us back to our true state. There are things that happen once you embody all of these realizations. I think most speak on the realizations with the character not realizing that the realizations only testify of the underlying of the undressing of the character. Once you undress and dwell in the underlying, there is something beyond Rachel. Do you understand what i mean?

    • totally 😀 and I agree … Truth is and once it is known and accepted by the creative mind of our individualized consciousness, then it has a gateway to express itself … A light can’t be hidden and isn’t meant to be hidden. It may take time for the electricians to lay the wiring, but the whole point is to shine the power/glory/likeness of God, for the awakening of all, and for the blessing of all.

  8. To thoughtware. Yes Paul did refer to the inner war. It is coded in the scripture.

  9. Thoughtware I agree with what youre saying as well.
    Yet, Revelations are only gears to get the machine up and running properly. Once the machine is up and running, it produces something. I wanted to speak on production. It produces the realization of controlling your experience in this realm but there is more.

    Love you guys. Enjoy your day. : )

    • Glad you are posting here. 🙂 I am the one who commented on your recent videos, which I enjoyed immensely and hope you feel led to create more!

      • Awesome. The vids on the channel are a couple of years old. Im working on one now though. : )

  10. I figured this is a good time to awaken everyone to why the LAWs are important.
    as man, we live in seperation, but as eternal spirits(of the father), there is a different set of laws.
    the important thing about the laws, is it is how we live in spirit(immortal). when we live by the ETERNAL(spiritual) laws, we become ONE WITH THE ETERNAL SPIRIT(what we call god). the real god involves everyone as one BODY..

    BEING IMMORTAL, we live outside of time, and control all the dust(elemental law).
    2000 years in the past, and 2000 years in the fiture = 2000 years(not 4000).
    the same data(yin/yan) binds all elements together(waves of energy).

    it was never about being good or feeling at peace as it was about BEING ONE with all things…,,
    religions use man made laws to keep others imprissioned within their own data.
    Eternal Laws allow us to see ourselves outside of ourselves(in spirit)

    MORALITY lives inside and outside of time(brings both worlds together)(through the Natural Ego)…. (through the spiritual LAWs)

    Law of Opposing forces, Law of unity(oneness), law of attraction, ect…..
    it is within these laws in which we ALIGN in SPIRIT(awaken).

    • Certainly. The ability to “see ourselves outside of ourselves” as you say, is the great gift of inner vision we receive by the Spirit’s Light of Truth. I think this is the same as saying that we are able to see our True Self in the light of a PERFECTION that exists beyond everything we currently understand perfection to be. We become aware that we are a being of eternal life, growing always into a perfection beyond perfection, if you will.

      As we grow in oneness, which only the Spirit can truthfully teach, we can begin to operate in these HIGHER laws of truth, and in turn grow ever more deeply into the expression of truth’s perfection. In oneness we come to understand our current expression includes the ability to shape our entire conscious experience, and the recognition that this is so because God is all in all, as are we. Thus our ever-increasing comprehension of the higher laws will continually shape our experience to reflect the oneness and beauty of truth.

  11. Everything simply points to what already is. Even the expression of “being one” leaves what already is in order to point to it. When I read the book of numbers, it can be confusing because its says:
    3000 sheep
    1234 goats
    5500 oven

    It has all of these numbers and items but the book of numbers is only encoding or javascript. When you look at a computer screen, even though you see a screen saver. It is only 0’s and 1’s. Its looks like this….


    But you won’t see the numbers you see the bigger picture on the screen. This is what the bible and every other revelation represents. It’s only coding for the PICTURE OR IMAGE OF CHRIST. When I read the book of numbers I just see one picture or image of CHRIST

    I say that because ive noticed that everyone speaks the Javascript but some dont feel the resonance of what embodying the coding produces! The character itself can speak the truth but the character must die in order to be it. I feel the Love that the coding and revelations produce. I Am this Love!

    There is a difference between speaking about the kingdom and speaking from it!

  12. I AM god(every person on earth as one body(human heart))
    christ(high end of the law of opposing forces)(giving end)
    holy spirit(living life through the lens of the Laws)

  13. I get what you guys speak because Ive come into that understanding as well but I’m not sure if you guys understand what I speak of when I speak on power. Understandings have different realms.
    I do get the angle in which you all speak from but it goes much deeper. I dont say this from speculation, but from experience. I know some people that meditate in order to put the body at ease in order to experience the spirit within. My goal was always to subdue the body to walk in a state of meditation through transcendence even when interacting. This is meditating day and night. This is when the day and the night are both alike and all is One! When i speak of power l, i speak of it in the realm that most don’t seem to believe. After power is realized in the way that you guys speak of, there is more!! There is an app called messenger in which you can make calls on without revealing your number. I Am not opposed to talking. Word are challenging because each word has different depths. Feel free to let me know if you would like to discuss these things. We can build off each other revelations. : )

  14. Wonderful words and wonderful thoughts.
    I think we understand where your coming from, Heavenlyvibrated, as we also understand we progress through levels of understanding to get to the “promised land” or the level of the Holy of Holies. I believe these levels are progressions in maturing in “love” in which God put it simply. In the natural temple which was patterned after the true tabernacle there were steps leading up to the outer court, then up to the holy place and then on into the Holy of Holies. For those who understand the symbolism of these natural steps, these steps are our steps of rising through the different levels of ascendancy to the Holy of Holies where God dwells in His fullest…within us for the tabernacle was only a shadow of the true temple which was to come…in which we are. I believe from my discernment of your words that you also have an understanding that we are the true tabernacle in which the natural was only a shadow of the Christ to come. Everything in the type that was in the natural tabernacle is in the anti type within the spiritual tabernacle in which we are. This allegory explains all we are and how we all function in “relationship” to our Father.

    As we come out and up through the first steps into the outer court leaving the world behind (so to speak) we then take higher “steps” into the holy place of the soul where all of our carnal vices are dealt with for this is where we make our prayers known to God (laver of incense) as we thank Him in appreciation and gratitude for all He has done for us. In this place of the soul, it is where we take in our daily bread from the table of shewbread (always provided for on a daily basis) as we consume Christ in our daily walk (give us this day our daily bread). And here in the Holy Place we find the “natural” light of the soul provided by the seven golden candle sticks signifying our growth through the seven realms of the seven churches… also within us. The seven churches in their highest meaning are but a symbol of our progression to maturity as in Revelations for each church showed our level of growth as well as our lack. The tabernacle is a good study of ourselves in our progression in and to God’s love, likeness and character. There is no power higher than achieving God’s love In humbleness where we all become one in spirit, where none are looked at as below us nor do we put anyone on a pedestal to look up to or through to obtain this love of God. Man looking to man is dealt with up to and including in the Holy place, our soul realm.

    I think when we come to this third heaven realm (Holy of Holies) there is only the light that is provided by God’s presence for we have left the realm of the Holy Place where the natural light of the “soul” was provided for by the candlesticks. It is a wonderful thing to see these things as I see you do…and a much more and better thing is to possess this great power…of love matured within. Again, Love is a humble power, it is a power of one, undivided by the veil between the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies, the spirit and soul…and it is a blessing to see these two come together as one…as the veil is rent… making

    What you will find here on this blog with Rachel and Thoughtware is a realization that there is a realm much higher than any “natural” words of knowledge and doctrine which can only speak of and describe this love but realizing it is not love itself. I think to understand this power, we have to enter into and “become” this power, this love. I think we are all speaking the same language. As we move from the lowest realm (sea of humanity) to the realm of dry land (religious realm) to where the mountains meet the heavens, we mature into these higher and heavenly places. There is a daily walk where we present our best, whatever that may be or to whoever that may cross our path… without any consideration of who they are or what their past. With patience it will come to all as we are filled with the perfected love of God. The blessing is in knowing that we will “all” reach this likeness and character of our Father…where we with God will see past all boundaries and conditions.

    Love is to be found in the unveiling of knowledge, doctrine and in “obtaining” the mystery of mysteries…all that Christ is, His likeness within us. You will find great confirmation and an affirmation of this love on this blog. Of course we all are growing and have our differences and perspectives, however we are all bound by the same intent, to love which is above “all” the lower realms of the shadows. Love has no boundaries. If there is jealously, resentment or any other fleshly carnal mind that remains to divide us, we have yet to enter in, for this is a boundary which prevents the flow of love’s fullest. Love which is the mind of God dwells with you right where we are…in whatever phase of heaven or hell we may find ourselves in for heaven and hell us just a condition or level of maturity within. Remember as the place and workings of the spirit and soul was in the natural it is within the true….It is all within. Blessings and love to all.

    It is..all..good.

  15. Hello Sonny
    Wonderfully said. Yet, I don’t disagree with anything you’re saying!
    This power that I speak of is simply the Love of God!!! This is why I’m not sure if you guys understand what im asking. Nevertheless, as you said…..

    All IS WELL.

    • We understand you well, very well, and we agree that there is no higher power than who God is….for He is truth Which is love and we are to be…exactly as He is. You know that in the tabernacle He was always present behind the veil, where man could not see Him…but they knew that He was there. So it is within the true tabernacle, we can’t see Him with the natural eye but seeing with the spiritual eye we know He is in our Most Holy Place.

  16. I had an experience years ago. I was caught up to God. I did not see His face or His makeup but I heard His voice. He revealed some things to me that are not being revealed in this blog. Yet the things you guys speak are completely true. Ok. I will bow out this conversation.
    With Love.

    • Heavenly, I think I speak for all in saying that we’d be blessed to hear more about your inner journey and its accompanying revelations.

      As Sonny alluded, we all see within that which reflects our own inner understanding, as if we are all exploring the same infinite expanse of land and sharing with other explorers the beautiful scenery we have experienced. Though we not fully grasp the revelations of another, its is always a joy to hear the personal revelations of one’s journey into truth, and I hope you will feel comfortable sharing your own personal experiences on this blog. The gift of personal revelation is the treasure that makes this place so special.

      • Hello Thoughtware.
        Much Love to you and the others.
        You have an awesome kindness about you.

        Sometimes its a bit challenging explaining the things I experience. Just as the body has a solar plexus, God’s universe has a solar system, Just as we have a nebula, there’s a nebula in space as well. When the temple is brought into subjection, more happens than we think! It is a Grand Scale! You guys speak of an angle of this when you express us controlling our own reality. Yet, when the power of His ressurection is achieved, well let’s just say that the truth is stranger than fiction! I understand we all simply share what we have, yet all is One.

        I was caught up to God a few times during my journey. The second time, I felt HIS presence but never seen a face. He felt like an overwhelming, unexplainable, Love/Power! I didn’t want to leave. He allowed me to ask questions and He answered them. I share a few of the things He shares with me, in my videos. I didn’t understand why He talked to me at the time because I was a nobody and I didn’t know what was happening.

        We all have special revelations. The scripture says if you wrote down everything Jesus said and did, the world could not contain the books. There’s a lot to know. Yet, it is simply all about Love as Sonny stated.

        I only awakened 6 years ago. . Ever since He touched me, I just feel like a kid. I am not articulate. Im just glad God loves me. I was just passing through.

        I Love you.
        You guys be blessed!

      • You said it well. We should all share things as we see them and as others do, respect it and them for it is not so much about the content of the piece, but the content of the character of who writes it.

  17. I was answering Thoughtware’s 29…10:21 comment….

    • Agree completely. This is why it is important to respect what others believe, because for them it is their “truth”.

      When someone comes along to verbally disagree, often in a contentious manner, it is only because their own storehouse is empty and there is nothing from which to share. And why is this? It is because one who does not share his spiritual insights (the true meaning of “giving witness”) will not receive additional insight. Therefore, share insights not because you desire to “teach” others, but because you want to manifest your spiritual vision into reality through words. The message and deep meaning of any insight you feel inclined to share is always meant for YOU. Write therefore for yourself, and the words, if given in LOVE, will do their perfect work.

      This blog is an invaluable tool for spiritual growth, not because of the content it contains, but because it offers an opportunity to share insights with ALL THE WORLD. And as you give, so too will you receive even more beautiful insights, creating an ever-increasing brightness of light within.

      • Beautifully said Thoughtware. It is true. What we share should come from our experiences and how we see things that God has taught and done for us…then if we share in the right spirit….maybe it too…can be of benefit to others. Some walk ahead so that it may be easier for others. Is this not what Christ came to do…and to ask us to do as He did…like wise?

  18. Heavenlyvibrated:

    And to all.

    You say: “ Sometimes its a bit challenging explaining the things I experience.” End quote. I think we all have this same exact problem of “translating” into words that in which we see, especially spiritual things. Such as, is there a natural word which can ever do justice to explaining the character of God? I Myself don’t think so even though words are designed like signs to point us in the direction of our journey. A sign along the highway can give us encouragement that we are headed in the right direction but the “knowledge” given by the sign is not the destination itself. I don’t think God ever intended for the natural description of things to equal it’s spiritual counterpart. For example the tabernacle is a type of us in every detail and helps us to understand our member parts of spirit, soul and body..but it cannot be truth for truth is spiritual. A person can be compared to a type of tree so to speak of a like character but we are not a tree.

    I think we do our best in trying to understand the analogies in the natural…until the spiritual awakening begins to take root. We are in reality spiritual beings and no matter how we may try to explain this using scriptural parallels, we are what we are. We will cease using natural terms to attempt to describe our spiritual reality as we awaken to it. So to be who we truly are as spirit beings, it cannot be explained very well by natural words because “to be” our true self is far and apart from any natural definition. We may be like a “rock” but we know we’re not a rock, yet we know we can be immovably if we are founded upon the “rock” which is only a metaphor for Christ.

    I would like to say to you that as I understand Rachel and Thoughtware, this blog is open to all who would like to share their journey as they are led to share it regardless of where God is leading them from. There have been many to contribute on their own level of understanding and all have been accepted as they are. However there have been times when certain immature or mislead ones from adhering to a certain label, came along wanting to be as Diotrephes as mentioned in the third epistle of John, however this is not the place for any such person to establish a following for we follow only “One.” Some have came here to recruit and to set themselves up as did Diotrephes but here it is a message of oneness for which no one can lead or dominate. We can share all the truth we have been given and though it may be all factual and without error, it is still not the truth for truth is who God is. To become this truth we must all share on a equal footing with no big I’s or little U’s. We are all one even though we may be at different points and levels along the same path to this oneness.

    If one were to be perfected and shared with another whether on this blog or anywhere else and they walked with God in the third heaven experience, that is very good for them, however none of us can live on the revelations and stature given to another. We can respect them and love them for their personal walk, and learn from them, but we must also learn to walk independently in the sameness of the oneness of the spirit. Being established in this way of thinking, saying, and doing is by no means rejecting anyone at all. We are to accept all just as they are and I think this is where a lot of misunderstanding comes from. When one says what they believe and how their walk has been, this is wonderful if it is given with a love and respect for others as they express their personal views. Love and respect is on a different and higher level than one’s personal opinion, knowledge or understanding. We can all have the same respect and love for the other whether another is atheist, agnostic, religious or spiritual. As God is, so are we to become. We must become of this one and same mind as the mind of God. He does not deny that anyone is not His offspring regardless of their current situation. Who can we reject that our Father accepts?

    It’s not about intellect or having a great knowledge and understanding of the mysteries in the scriptures for many a kingdom of self has been built on the subject matter found in the Bible. The law is good if it is wisely applied for the good of all. Speaking of something you shared, I had a good friend that was thirty years my senior, did not finish grammar school, taught himself to read the Bible, and thought of himself as nothing because of this. Yet, he had all the intent and attributes of one I believe God requires of any. He passed many years ago and though we met being some thirty or so years apart, neither looked at the other as being anything less or more in the sight of God. God showed each of us we each stood on our own in relation with our creator and one could not walk for the other. He like you, had audible conversations with God and as He shared with me these conversations, I could see these conversations were meant to strengthen him and to establish him In His weakness. I never asked for the same privilege from God as I was given an understanding of their relationship and that what God has to do with another does in no way take away my relationship with God. So let us all accept all others as who they are and as our mutual Father accepts us and them.

    Again, let none of us take the understanding and perspective of any as being at variance with them. If we see in a different light as another, love and respect will always fill the void. I’m still sharing on this blog after many years never agreeing with any one person on any one subject matter and have thought many times to move on..but what came to my mind was to move on from what…and why? If our differences of opinion about a subject matter was the defining factor of our friendship..who would be friends with anyone? What defines any person and why any friendship endures must be based on an understanding that agreeing on knowledge is not that which binds us to higher truth. We see this attitude failing miserably in the many denominations as they try to establish righteousness based on a consensus of a same principle or knowledge. This is impossible to think oneness can be accomplished by one having a divisive and resentful attitude toward another. However there is a higher understanding which binds us together in spite of our differences. This is because of the understanding that as we are enlightened to the true character of God, we take no offense of what another may believe in the moment for we are all susceptible to change, from where we are to where He is.

    The only thing we must realize is that change comes to all so my present lack will fade as will all others . As I continue to grow in God’s likeness and learn of His ways I must also come to be of one mind. It is the higher calling, that has nothing to do with our differences, that make us as one, it is understanding the “One” and the way of this one which rises above all things, natural and spiritual. If we rebuke others for their lack or we want to separate ourselves from them because of a carnal or natural vice such as resentment or jealousy of what another may “seem” to have we remain immature and in our darkness. Let us not be bold in defending our fears and positions on truth or fiction, but bold in defending our love and respect for all. No, it won’t be accepted as intended by many for if truth led Jesus to the cross where do we expect the same truth to lead any of us? The higher nature was evident when Christ prayed, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” This is the spirit of oneness manifesting itself in the midst of the most divisive of situations. Christ was of a forgiving nature to those around Him whether they were atheist or believers. His oneness of spirit shown in His forgiving nature to all alike, whether they loved or hated Him. So should we then let even a small thing such as a disagreement over a perspective turn us away from any other? The carnal mind will remove itself from the truth as we have witnessed many times. It is the carnal nature in man which will divide and separate people by factions, parties and divisions as made clear in Galatians.

    All things come under the headings of fear or love. God which is love will cast out all fear. If our intention is to arrive at this same simplicity to love…all others….all the knowledge of it cannot replace it. We must “be” it to fully understand it. It will come to all of us in our own order so we should take every opportunity to heal the bridge to any. At one time I couldn’t put two sentences together and I find it still challenging even today. What made a difference with me is just making myself available and if the word came fine..and if they didn’t I was O.k. also because I never liked being the center of attention..and remain this way. However part of our sacrifice is doing what we had rather avoid. It’s still a mix as I try to explain one thing from many different perspectives often becoming redundant. We also don’t want to show our own vulnerabilities and lack but we must understand that lack is with us until there isn’t. So we forgive until 7×70, meaning forgiveness becomes our nature cancelling out any past, present or future offense. We always hope to ease the burden of this life with what we have to offer.

    God has shown me that nothing is done but for our benefit. This truth makes this life come to be viewed in a totally different light. It is a new perspective in that all things perceived as evil was only created to teach us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Resistance and opposition proves us, and establishes us to remain on our journey through this valley of the “shadow” of death experience. It’s not real, it’s only a shadow.

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