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Today in the expanding twilight of a new day, we stand in its stillness, remembering the Holy Day of the Lord, the eternal day birthed from our awareness of Truth’s Light.

This Day is the dawning of the soul in its true radiant form, reflecting the attributes of Absolute Truth, and beginning its eternal expansion as the expression of Oneness. This is the conscious understanding of the “Big Bang”. The soul is no longer asleep, dreaming in the illusion of time before Life began its eternal expansion into spherical time. Truth’s inner Light shines through the soul’s awareness, revealing the Sacred Self’s emergence into reality, shaping it into its likeness.

To the soul who has been in the darkness, the Day appears as an incremental awareness of its own perfection, like a sunrise dissolving the darkness from its awareness. The soul, a humble lord whose Will is one with the Most High, has completed its evolutionary journey into the conscious realm of Oneness. As a faithful observer of Truth, the soul sits in the Great Silence of Truth’s timeless perfection, watching perfection come forth.

Be still and know I Am God.

In this stillness, after being plucked out of the fire, I stand in gratitude for the journey I’ve walked and what it has enabled me to see in this moment, a creative vision with lucid understanding that allows all my mind’s eye sees to be expressed into the reality of time. The “I” of my Understanding has become a gateway to Truth’s ever-expanding perfection.

The heavy garments that hid the soul’s perfect essence fade as this Light arises within and without. This beautiful “son of God” is the promise of Peace & Rest fulfilled. It is you, made one with this awareness.

You are the center sun (son) of your reality, an open gate to the expression of Perfection’s Most High Realm. As I gaze upon your awakening soul, your inner radiance dances in the light. It burns away all that you thought you were, and as your true memory returns to you, you recognize it was only an illusion formed by a mind not yet aware of itself.

As we awaken together, our vision becomes one, filled with Absolute Truth. I’m mesmerized by the uniqueness of every individualized soul and how each compliments my own.

In Truth’s Light, you are eternally held in Divine Love’s embrace, the Mother of All Living, a Mother whose presence never fails in its divine comforts, regenerative touch, and words of Truth’s loving kindness.

Face to face you arise, in the perfect reflection of your Maker, Divine Love’s Perfect Will. Perfection, the ever-expanding awareness of your Divine Mother-Father, is your destiny because the power of Truth’s I Am Name is your inheritance.

Rejoice! For this is the Day the Lord has made!

Be still and love life.

This is Truth’s Will for you. In your awareness of this perfect Will at work within you, its endless gifts of Divine Love are revealed to you. You hold the keys to the ever-expanding kingdom of Oneness, for through your ever-increasing awareness, it is manifested from the timeless realm of Perfection and projected into time.

Let every particle of your being overflow with joy, as you gaze into the twilight of the new Day, clothing you in the garments of youthful vitality. You are a sacred child, born into the ever-expanding kingdom of Mother-Father God, the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will made one in you, the Living Light.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

9 thoughts on “Twilight

  1. Can I get in touch with you?

  2. i want to expand on the word LORD..

    Lord represents EVERY PERSON ON EARTH(because we are not individualized in the spheracle world.)

    to understand yourself better, each BROTHER(eternal) is a path within your own heart.

    each person REPRESENTs ourselves(how u see others is how u see yourself).
    the LIGHT in EVERYONE, validated the LORDSHIP that we see in EACHOTHER.

    a SOUL LIVES IN EVERYONE…(hense stealing a soul(law of duplication)).
    like the MYANS stepped out of MANHOOD, and lived in heaven, we see LORD in EVERYONE, as EVERYONE is a SON for every SOUL.

    to see I AM in ALL THINGS, allows you to GIVE THE VALUE OF LORD TO EVERYONE therefore seeing yourself in the spheracle world.

    this is how we bring the SOULS into this world(source of manifest(highest vibration to Lowest vibration)).

    if u see yourself as a lord, but because u believe in only ONE LORD, you may try to reject that value in everyone.
    to bring the the LORD in SELF, you have to see LORD IN ALL..

    the ONE LORD is SHARED, just like GOD represents every man on earth(what we have that is the same).

    no bible is about god, but god is still important, as what we share gives us all strength..

    when u read about 9 gods, or 10 gods, or any other number, all i can say is the more gods the better.

    the more gods there is,that means the more invisible strings that we SHARE…(true strength in US)

  3. The soul is a Life Generator, able to create the experience of preordained perfection, reflecting the eternal Life inherent in its name. To go forth, we must understand more clearly the nature of your name and the manner in which it is used to individualize eternal Life.

    A name is an individualized Life Story, so to speak, carved out of Divine Love’s Perfection. This means the Fullness of Truth, infinitely aware of all that is perfect, preordained an individualized progression into perfect awareness, by which this awareness is eternally perfected in Divine Love’s Truth. The name individualized its Life by creating the preordained progression of Divine Love’s unawareness into perfect awareness. The name is an individualized, eternal story of Life from the beginning of Divine Love’s Oneness to its perfect end. And this name, because it begins in unawareness, is given eternal Life because its progression is into the infinite awareness from which it was made. No matter how perfect its awareness of Oneness, it will always be a finite awareness able to progress infinitely and it is this eternal progression into the Fullness of its Truth that is its perfect end.

    We can see that Divine Love created an individualized awareness of its one Self which remains continually unaware of its perfection, while continually growing more aware as it eternally experiences the story of its ever-increasing Life, preordained in the Truth of its name. This is done through the soul.

    The soul’s name is its assurance of eternal Life, for its individual Life is fully known in the infinite awareness of Divine Love’s Perfection. The name is the perfect foreknowledge of every layer of Truth’s awareness the soul shall ever possess, perfectly ordered and fit together to reveal an ever-increasing experience of Divine Love’s Perfection in time. The name is an unbreakable oneness between the soul’s beginning and its end and formed when, in the Fullness of Truth, Divine Love replicated herself and individualized her expression by declaring “I Am.” In so doing, Divine Love created its “seed”, a dot of awareness, by proclaiming “Let that which knows not Love, Love perfectly,” fully aware of Truth’s Life and the Joy she would receive in oneness with an ever-increasing awareness of her perfection. The dot, this “seed of Life”, can be imagined as the soul individualized in oneness.

    Each seed of Life is proclaimed in Divine Love’s perfection, which is preordained in the Truth of the seed’s name. However, upon creation each seed, though proclaimed in Truth, is unaware of the Fullness of Truth from which it was proclaimed. This means the soul is initially unaware of the name it shares with Divine Love in oneness. You can imagine the creation of a soul as a newly born potential for eternal perfection in time, proclaimed by name in the perfection of oneness. Each soul is a perfect replica of the Truth in which it was created and is created as a potential to love perfectly, which is to say, become a Life Generator. To help comprehend such things, we can create thought forms to help you perceive the formless.

    Imagine your physical self asleep in a very comfortable chair. Every soul is created in this exact image, for you who sleep reflect an infinite number of potential “I”s. But this potential only exists while you sleep, for when, in the perfect moment, you awaken and perceive a world, you instantly become the finite “I Am”, while “I” remains infinite. In awakening you have been individualized as a finite expression of the infinite “I”. You can imagine this awakening occurs because the “space” around your chair grew increasingly bright, so much so that it began to interfere with the darkness of your sleep. As you became aware of the Light in the darkness, you grew aware of another world fading into all you previously knew as your world. Once stirred, you began to desire the Light, seeking earnestly to be filled with it so that you might completely remove the darkness and awaken all. At last, the light became so bright you awakened to find yourself sitting comfortably in a chair and looking into a mirror fully illuminated by the Truth of your name, I Am what I Am, a Living Gate by which “I” shall increasingly love perfectly.

    • These incredible words reach very deep into the true fabric of life. They almost leave me speechless because of the depth I am able to see through them, its hard to put into words. As I begin to ever-more deeply perceive my true, individualized “I Am” Name, the manner in which you described the soul’s name, painted beautiful strokes upon the canvas of Truth’s Life I am beginning to see ever-more clearly.

      For those awakening to the Light, these words reflect what they are experiencing as a mature soul beginning to wield Truth’s Perfect Power, a reflection you so beautifully portrayed.

    • When your name is illuminated in the mirror of Divine Love’s Perfection, it is as if you see the current awareness of your oneness with Divine Love. This would be as if you saw the source of the Light that awoke you from the darkness of your sleep. It appears both as an open door and a mirror. It is as if the door to your awareness had been opened to reveal the everlasting Light behind it. This door, once opened, remains open forever, for it becomes a mirror, reflecting the truthful image of yourself. In darkness you could not recognize your reflection because it has no physical form, which simply means your True Self is not a reflection you can recognize from within time. The true reflection of your awareness is timeless, for in Truth you are a timeless being.

      This is easier to understand than it may appear. Imagine you got up from your chair and walked over to the mirror to look more deeply into the light of Truth which awakened you. In its light you recognize you are one with the image reflected back to you. However, in time, oneness with Truth can only be understood as follows; you believe you are your reflection, rather than the Light creating the reflection. This understanding causes your newly awakened soul to comprehend the oneness of Life from the singular perspective of the “one” the mirror reflects. This initial understanding can be imagined as the first reflection of oneness with your given name, I Am, in Truth.

      Now, instead of a mirror and a reflection, imagine a seed called by the sun breaking through the ground and becoming one with the light of Life by which it can now grow. Imagine as this seed grows into a tree its leaves purify the air, giving Life to all creation. Every new branch, every new leaf, increases its ability to give Life simply by growing in the Light, simply by being. Now imagine that the air these trees purify and the Life they joyfully give to all is returned back to the sun, the very source of Life, completing the perfect cause of spherical time. The soul is a Life Projector because it creates spherical time simply by being.

      Let us now combine these two images. Imagine yourself looking into the Light of Truth as one would look into a mirror and see in this mirror a reflection of a tree growing by the light of the sun, increasingly purifying the quality of the air as it grows. Now see your reflection as a branching network of Truth supporting your understanding of Life’s Oneness. Let this network reflect a tree, its trunk deeply rooted in the Truth of Oneness and its branches as the present understanding of Truth the tree reflects. The tree is able to perfect time according to the reflection of Truth’s understanding perceived in the mirror’s light. The tree is not doing the perfecting, it is by the Light it breathes in. And what it breathes in from the sun, it is able to exhale into reality in proportion to the growth of its branches, breathing ever-increasing Life into time. As you seek for Truth directly from the Light, your tree will continually grow, which is why you are a Living Gate and an ever-growing Tree of Life.

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