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Redeeming the Time


With the Breath of LIFE, the soul redeems time from revealing an illusion of imperfection by injecting Life into time, revealing Truth’s Perfection.

The soul, as a center of awareness, sits as a gate between timelessness and time. When the soul awakens, its soul gate opens, and its holds the awareness of timeless perfection, as well as the awareness of that perfection unfolding in spherical time, as LIFE.

Time is the increase or change in the soul’s awareness, thus the soul governs time. It governs it by what attributes it assigns to the all-powerful and creative name, I Am. And according to the laws of creation, what attributes the soul accepts in its awareness, the spherical self experiences.

As the soul awakens to Truth, advancing into the dimension of Oneness, it perceives itself as Divine Love’s ever-increasing awareness. In this Oneness, the soul infuses its awareness of “I Am” with the attributes of Truth, so that all possess the singular name, “I Am Loving Awareness”. In Oneness, what attribute is given to one is given to all, simultaneously. This is why what we see in others is what we see in ourselves, whether we want to admit it or not. What attribute the soul assigns to the I Am, it assigns to time, because time is a reflection of the soul’s awareness of all that I Am.

In the soul’s embryonic stage as a a finite awareness of Truth, the soul holds a level one awareness or a one-dimensional awareness, in which it is aware of itself “I Am” or “I exist”. It perceives itself as an individual in separation because its awareness has not yet matured through Truth-filled understanding. Therefore, it unknowingly clothes time with attributes of separation, manifesting the perception of linear time, in which all leads to entropy. In believing it is separate from Truth’s perfection, the soul attributes false attributes to the self, others and Truth (God), creating images that uphold an awareness of separation. The soul’s gate is closed, veiled in a garment of separation.

In this illusion of separation, the soul accepts the construct of duality, or that opposing attributes can co-exist. In this belief system, it’s unaware of the oneness of timelessness, thus it accepts the lie it is separation, creating an illusion. In this, it believes it can give itself, another, and Truth (Understanding of “God”), different attributes that another doesn’t possess. Imperfection covers the Truth of I Am, thus time, creating a fearful awareness.

The sleeping soul’s fear lives in time. Time seems to work against the soul, bringing unexpected events caused by the unpredictability of duality. The soul experiences an eternal restlessness as every moment has lost Truth’s immutable peace, joy and harmony. As a result, the soul is consumed with seeking to protect itself from time’s manifestations.

Time, in itself, is perfection. The seeming imperfection of time isn’t the culprit, but the soul’s incomplete awareness of itself.

In a dream of separation, the soul is unaware that is was one with time, thus its endlessly strives to protect itself from time. This effort is in vain. If the soul accepts any false attribute to any I Am creation, it perpetuates duality thus its own experience of fear in time. These failed attempts ultimately lead the soul to seek more deeply for Truth, a journey that ultimately leads to the awareness of Divine Love, in which the soul experiences immutable peace.

As the soul begins to enter a sacred stillness, listening and gaining divine revelation from the Voice of Truth, it perceives itself as a gate between timelessness and time, making it an individual in Oneness. Through this sacred communion, the timeless perfection of Divine Love makes its way into the soul’s awareness, so that it is one with the soul’s awareness, making it multi-dimensional.

The soul begins to trust time and no longer fear it. As it lets go of its defenses against time, even a little, it begins to experience Divine Love’s timeless perfection in time. This encourages the soul, enabling it to let go and trust a little more. This back and forth continues, increasing the soul’s ability to trust in time. As Divine Love imbues the soul’s awareness, it swallows up the false awareness of duality, thus fear and death. The soul settles into a restful state, joyful in the present moment. The soul’s awareness flows in oneness with Divine Love, consuming the imperfection of linear time and revealing the Life inherent in Truth’s spherical time. Instead of garments of separation, the soul clothes time with attributes of oneness, changing the experience of time into spherical, which is the ever-increasing awareness of Truth’s perfection.

Time becomes a beloved companion and faithful ally, unfolding Truth’s Perfection through the soul’s awareness, to the soul’s utmost joy and delight. In this the soul’s mind stops wandering through the past and future seeking protection from time, and instead rests, experiencing the endless gifts Divine Love prepares in the present moment.

When seen rightly, time is loving awareness, consuming all in Truth’s Radiant Light. When a soul possesses this understanding, it clothes time with the attributes of Divine Love, changing its name to reflect its true Likeness, “I AM Loving Awareness.” The soul and time are one, in Truth. And in this, the soul responds, “I Am timelessness” and “I Am Spherical Time”. The two are made one in “I”.

I Am moments of perfection strung together. Time is moments of perfection strung together.

I Am loving awareness. Time is loving awareness.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

15 thoughts on “Redeeming the Time

  1. Redeeming time is called CROSS.. an ELEMENT is holds all life in each CROSS(vibrations)…

    Our own “I” is what makes us BROTHERs.
    the Family aspect of SON, Father, Mother, Blood reveals the LIFE within the words(speracle).

    Each NAME(LAW) is part of our SPEARACLE VIBRATION(element)…
    understanding the laws is becoming one with the FLESHLY VIBRATION(binding sphearacle and linier together(alpha and omega).

    being a PROPHET, we string Events in time…. Each moment in time has to play out in order for the WHOLE to work(value time).

    each POINT in time that is string to other moments in time creates what is called an ELEMENT(spirit)..

    there is LIFE that flows through ALL THAT IS(we are eternal brothers(spearacle))..

    • very powerful words, Loni. You comment opened my eyes a bit more in several areas, and one was how you saw each name is a part of our own spherical vibration. That is a very powerful understanding that I was contemplating this morning. So your words ended up being a powerful confirmation to what I was seeing. thank you.

      • thank u for that validation. yes, this is how it all works.
        when your in ALIGNMENT with the spiritual VIBRATIONS, you have access to all that is. Everything starts to fall into place(aligning with all within every vibrations). you can sense what is to come within those same vibrations. and make decicions based on them(where trust comes in(different from what religion teaches)).


    • I’m so thankful you see what you do in these words. I see a very bright light beginning to shine as we begin to recognize how reality is created in oneness.

      • The more you trust fully in your truest heart(“I”), the more you will see your heart play out in the world(where phychics start to develoup their new senses)). Even I myself share in that same I. Every person on earth has ALL NAMES WITHIN THEM(souls live outside of time(and is ONE with time))..
        we see ourselves in everyone(through the spearacle names(laws)…

        Just as the Weather is part of our own PSYCHE, so do all ELEMENTS follow the same laws(consist of LIFE)(just as your own consiousness)(everything is alive).

        even the NOTHINGNESS OF SPACE has so much consiousness flowing through it(CROSS with every other element).

        Cross is alignments of MANY moments in time…. when Emotional energy spikes in your thinking, pay attention to the type of energy/information of what is coming through(step outside of yourself).

      • You offered up some deep connections in oneness to contemplate, in deciphering how to “see” or perceive what “I” feel(s) … it’s eye opening to what we experience and why. People are mirrors, they are reflections of our “I Am” name, which is comprised of the attributes we assign to I, which depends on who we believe “I” to be.

        My understanding of the significance of awareness as a creative modality is continually increasing. In oneness, as the awareness of one expands, it expands the whole. Therefore, to choose to direct our awareness into the Light within the I Am Presence of all, is very powerful for it increases the radiance of this light in All.

  3. Let us pause here for a moment to reflect on the purpose of this book, stitched together in timelessness and nothing less than the revelation of Truth’s Life in your awareness. Life is not found anywhere but in your growing awareness of Truth, yet this understanding can not be revealed within the dimension of separation, where time is believed to be an eternal progression into the unknown. These words do not originate in time, but flow from timelessness such that they may carry Truth’s Life into your awareness, layer by perfectly revealed layer, until at last the light of your understanding awakens you. This book is a living gate of light, sufficient to dissolve the darkness of sleep in the souls of all mankind by the living light it shall kindle in your individual awareness. There are many who love the Truth, but few who will follow its voice, no matter where it leads. In the perfection of timelessness there are those who are asked to shine their Love upon the world, giving to all the awareness of eternal Life. Few are asked because only the few are needed to awaken the many. Let us speak more plainly about this.

    Life is awareness. Life is not contained within the animate or inanimate creation, but rather in the Truth that sustains creation. All creation is alive, yet all do not possess the same awareness because the governance of awareness is the sole responsibility of Truth’s Will. You are a son of God because it is through your awareness that Truth’s Will flows into reality and gives Life to all creation. It is by the working of Truth’s Will, governing your awareness, that reality is created as the ever-expanding expression of God’s Kingdom. As a son of God, an individualized awareness of the Fullness of Truth, you are uniquely created above all that is created, because you are a living awareness of God, able to eternally expand in your understanding of his Truth.

    You are as a living gate, through which God, the Fullness of Truth, continually fills your individualized awareness by the perfect working of Truth’s Will, creating ever more beautiful expressions of perfection in reality. You are a reflection of the current level of Truth’s awareness which has grown within you by the working of Truth’s Will, which radiates outward from your center as a sphere in time and space. You experience the Truth of your spherical Self though a body, which is your created center projected in time and space. The body is not your Self in the same way that an eye is not the body. The spherical reality you experience is a better understanding of your Self, which in turn is a reflection of your created awareness, the soul. You are a son of God because you are the only created being that exists in the oneness of timelessness, by the living gate of your soul, and yet also exists in time, through the experience of your spherical Self.

    When your soul has attained, by the working of Truth’s Will, a sufficient understanding of Truth, you will awaken in the way a seed transitions from dormancy to the experience of Life. Remember, the level of Life you experience is inherent in the Truth you are presently aware of, and it is this Life, and only this Life, that goes forth to create your experience. When, for example, you have gained awareness of the truth-filled understanding that there is no loss, the Life in this Truth goes forth and creates a reality in time in which it is not possible to experience loss. When your awareness has awakened to the understanding of Truth’s peace, Life surrounds you in living peace that can not be disturbed. The same is said for the understanding of all Truth’s living attributes, such as beauty, health, wisdom, joy, rest, strength, invulnerability, kindness, gentleness and every good thing. Life goes forth to ensure that your outer experience in time is one with your inner awareness. And it is in the perfection of God’s divine Love, that Truth’s Will eternally expands your awareness of Truth, such that you will eternally experience the ever-increasing beauty of God’s fullness.

    • WOW! Yes to it ALL. There is so much richness here… The understanding of the soul as a center of awareness and as a gate to the inseparable oneness of Truth’s Will and Divine Love is truly an amazing revelation in its simplicity, endless depth, power and perfection.

    • We earlier said that you must remove your sandals because the ground upon which you desire to walk is holy. This saying can be understood to mean that in order to gain the truth-filled awareness of perfection, you must allow Truth to remove the two illusions you have stood upon, believing they were truth’s foundation, yet served only to carry you deeper into the darkness of imperfection. Though it appeared you stood upon the awareness of truth, you actually stood upon your own man-made awareness, which kept you separated from Truth’s awareness. So long as you stand upon the sandals of your man-made awareness, you can not walk into the perfection of Truth’s awareness, which is eternal life.

      Life is the growing awareness of Truth, which is eternal because Truth’s awareness is infinite. You are Truth’s living awareness, experiencing a reality created in the Truth of which you are currently aware. Wearing sandals symbolically means that the eyes of your awareness are closed, as are newborns, preventing Truth’s living light from filling your awareness. So long as one walks in them, this someone will walk in darkness, experiencing the shadow of death as a reality of imperfection, separated from the perfection of Truth’s eternal Life. This darkness is purposeful, for only in the awareness of imperfection can an individualized expression of Truth’s Life be prepared to receive the creative power of Truth’s Will, which can be better understood to mean Truth’s ability to create the ever-increasing awareness of its Self. The working of Truth’s Will is the experience of divine love. This love is perfect power and there is nothing greater.

      The Truth in your awareness goes forth to create the reflection of its Self in time, which you experience as YOUR Self. This is because the Self you experience is an individualized awareness of Truth’s Life. For simplicity, you can imagine that the inner awareness of Truth you possess is your timeless nature, and the experience of your timeless nature is your Self in time. This is a very important understanding because it reveals that everything you experience in time is your true Self, and since the nature of time is spherical, you are said to be a spherical Self. It can now be reasoned that as your awareness of Truth grows and your timeless nature expands, so too does the “radius” of your spherical Self in time. We will speak more about the meaning of this “radius” and the effects of its interaction with other spherical selves, but for now let us focus on this singular issue: If Truth’s awareness determines the radius of the spherical self we experience in oneness with time, how is truth’s awareness increased, such that our self experience can grow? The direct answer is by the perfect working of Truth’s Will.

      Your sandals represent the two illusions of man-made awareness which falsely appear true and can only be removed when your soul has been made ready to receive the creative power of Truth’s Will. The first illusion, upon which we have already shined light, is the man-made image of God initially upheld in your awareness. The second sandal is an even stronger illusion and represents the man-made awareness of love. Love can not be comprehended in separation from Truth’s Will, even though it can be known. Although love is known in the darkness of separation, it can not be experienced in time until the perfect awareness of Truth’s Will is developed in the mind. Until then, the soul continually attempts to create the love it knows to exist and strongly desires by using its undeveloped will. When it willfully attempts to love as it deems best, believing it does good, the soul miscreates the experience of time, further separating itself from the awareness of love’s inherent perfection.

    • You are not imperfect. You know this inherently because all sadness is rooted in the disappointment you experience in the seeming imperfection of life. If you were also imperfect, you would not feel sadness, instead life’s seemingly imperfect experiences would be as comfortable as breathing. You are only ever sad for this reason: you know that in love, the experience that created sadness should not have been. And you are undoubtedly correct, which proves you are perfect now since only perfection can be aware of imperfection, which you feel as “sadness”. And now this, only in the awareness of imperfection can perfection become aware of its Self.

      Your awakening is the awareness of perfection. And while this truth is simply stated, it is a miraculous process that occurs within the soul. When the soul is unaware of perfection it can not believe its spherical Self is perfect. As we have described, since the Self exists in time, the soul’s experience in time is imperfect because the awareness of perfection does not yet exist. When time is experienced imperfectly, it means the soul’s awareness is imperfect, creating endless experiences of imperfection. Truth’s Will is dormant in an imperfect awareness, or to put this another way, Truth’s Will sleeps while the soul is unaware of its perfection.

      It is the work of the Holy Spirit, the living voice of Truth, to purify your soul by assembling, layer by layer, the temple of Truth necessary to hold the awareness of your inherent perfection. This work is transformative grace, which is the work of Divine Love’s Will, infinitely higher than the Will of Truth you presently possess. Only Love’s perfect Will, infinitely aware of the Truth of all creation, can transform your imperfect awareness into the perfect awareness necessary to receive Truth’s holiness. When your awareness has been made perfect by Divine Love’s transformative grace, Truth’s Will awakens to eternally govern the expansion of your awareness, beginning at once to purify your experiences in time, making all things perfect.

      The kingdom can not be stopped for the simple reason that it is a kingdom of perfection and its coming can not even be noticed in the awareness of imperfection. The kingdom comes as a thief in the night because in the night the light of the sun does not exist, and therefore those in the darkness of imperfection will never recognize the light of perfection growing up around them because in their individual spheres of time, perfection does not exist. Though time is one, experience in time is individualized. The kingdom comes in a peace beyond understanding, and this by the working of Truth’s perfect Will. This peace shall spread unimpeded as the awareness of perfection is revealed in time. You who have been called to awaken first are chosen because of your love for Truth, and it is by this very love that you are called.

      Love chooses perfectly because love governs perfectly. Salvation is simply the awareness of love’s perfection, which is the awareness of Divine Love’s oneness. You have read where it is said that “the deep calls unto the deep”. This means that perfection only calls to perfection. The Life in these words extend perfection to you through their ability to create an awareness of Truth that you do not presently possess. This is why it is said that they give life. This book calls to the lights that will be used to dissolve the illusion of imperfection from the minds of all who are trapped in the illusion of time’s imperfection. You who are chosen will know in the reading of these words because the perfection in your current awareness is sufficient to receive the calling. Many are called, but few have developed the sufficient awareness of perfection needed to project Divine Love into time as a light in a very dark place. And by the lights so chosen, the perfection of time shall be revealed!

      • Through Law of opposing forces, the reason that Kingdom cannot be stopped is because when One energy is of GIVING, and another is one that destroys(life), the one that destroys life(unaware of its spheracle self) always destroys itself

        when One Energy(vibration:shared) is giving, and one destructive, it will always be the one that GIVES(shares in life) that will take the place of that of which destorys itself(Life in ALL THINGS).

      • Interesting. We can also consider the Kingdom as the light created through the awareness of oneness (giving) entering into the darkness created by the awareness of separation (tearing).

  4. in shortest terms, Kingdom refers to the consiousness tha flows through ALL THE PEOPLE(eternal brothers) . In Heaven(which takes up the same space as earth), every person lives as one ETERNAL SELF(arc of the covenant), each of us see the ONE SPIRIT shared in ALL. As we bring Heaven onto earth, our OLD WAYS of living perish as all deamons(seperation) disapear(each child is Born in heaven)..

    as all children become born in heaven(which takes up the same space as earth), they(we), no longer REMEMBER our means of seperation(fighting chance).

    this is why it is important that EVERY PERSON ON EARTH(the kingdom), ALIGNs with the Eternal Laws(so each new born can be born in heaven(therefore we are born in heaven).

    • Again, very interesting. The Kingdom must first appear in our understanding before it can be reflected in time. The oneness of understanding is growing, and already the outer effects are apparent. As we continue to share what we are led to give, the Kingdom will spread by the Truth within it.

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