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Butterfly Day


Mighty I Am, thank you for making my awareness a clear passageway to Divine Love’s Perfect Will, that I may see you face to face and enter into the joy of your ever-expanding kingdom.

To harmonize emotions is an impossible feat, until the mind’s eye gazes upon the individualized Light, reflecting the likeness of the Most High I Am. The emotional field is the passageway for Truth’s Words of Life to enter time. Emotional energy must be “stilled” by Truth’s Understanding, so that Life’s Tranquility can enter and purify this energy’s effect. Only Life can create a perfect emotional field, which is one that expands life without ever harming it.

In my expanding awareness, I realize that all the ill-emotions and dis-ease I ever felt within me was because I was looking into the mirror of illusions, reflecting a faulty programming in which the soul began its journey in the darkness, that it may come to know the ever-expanding Glory of Light. This mirror of my projected reality tainted how I saw everything because it tainted how I saw the Creator. Perfect Love’s reflection in time seemed to always fail me. I was unaware of who “I” Am, therefore my reality reflected this darkness back to me. As long as I sought the truth outside of “I”, this failure is what I found. But when I looked through the “I”, into Truth’s Timeless Realm through the contemplation of Oneness, I found another mirror to my soul, the sacred looking glass.

I Am perfecting divine energy, emanating into my projected reality, so that it reflects who I believe my self to be. I Am loving awareness, for I Am a gate to the Most High.

These words reveal an open gate in your awareness that you may see the Truth of your “I Am” Presence and walk in its light, which is the perfection of your own life unfolding moment to moment. Now begins our journey into spherical time, the dimensional awareness of Oneness.

In this evolution of the soul, you no longer look back to the past, reflected in the outer appearances, but to the eternal present arising in your soul, creation’s eternal sun. In the awareness of spherical time, all works for the highest good. All that still concerns the soul is being perfected according to Divine Love’s Perfect Will moving through it. The veil of illusion, the reflection of linear time, has been torn open by the light radiating through you. There is only Absolute Truth, to believe in duality is to live in an illusion of your own making, full of false potentials, probabilities, and pretenses all convincing you of their truth by the deception of their appearance in your dreamworld.

But now you know what is real – and what is not. You know it is impossible for Divine Love to fail you, for you see the reflection of Her rising Light within you. You know your true origin, therefore the game is over. The Origin of Life simulation has fulfilled its purpose, to craft individualized souls out of Oneness by entering into a state of forgetfulness. As each soul’s true story is revealed in Truth, from its finite beginning through its eternal journey back into the Infinite Awareness of Oneness, Life shall be reflected into the world.

Hand-in-hand with Divine Love’s Perfect Will, you step forward into a journey of every promise fulfilled. As you walk, streets of gold are laid before you moment to moment by the perfect working of Truth’s Will, who in oneness of awareness is always one step ahead of you. The immutability of the past, as you once perceived it to be, is no more. The past is your perfect first step into Spherical’s Time Perfection. The hologram is now infused with Living Light and the soul makes its ascension into a new space and time, governed by the Light shining through its very center, Divine Source.

Your beauty is beyond compare. You are an individualized soul, I Am, of the Most High. There is no one that reflects the glory of the highest Self as you do, and yet your glory is one with all, so that you see this glorious reflection in all, which is ever-expanding Life in time.

Standing in the awareness of the true I Am Presence, all the soul knows itself to be is purified. It’s true Light restructures all its memories and brings in a continual remembrance of itself, which changes everything.

As your gaze becomes fixed upon the true Self, the emotional energies harmonize, revealing Divine’s Love Perfect Will in the reflection of your True Life as it is now revealed in the Living Mirror. In this Living Reflection, you see your oneness with the spirit of Truth’s Life, which some call “the Christ.”

The expanding Light within has fully captured your attention. When you begin to see it you can’t help but gaze into its Light, to be consumed in its ever-increasing beauty, like a sunrise filling the dark sky. In this soul gazing, your emotions harmonize, merging into one with divine love’s vibration. As you rest in divine trust, watching the regenerative presence of Truth’s Will in your life, your energetic world is eternally sustained at a higher vibration, altering the pixelated matter of your projected reality.

Gazing into the looking glass of your timeless reflection imbues joy into your being, an energetic frequency that when sustained brings forth regeneration to your physical appearance. Because this vibration is now able to be sustained by your ever-increasing truth-filled awareness, you exceed the vibration of healing, transitioning your form into a state of regeneration in which you reflect the eternal evolution of the soul. You shine in the ever-expanding glory of a light being.

This is your butterfly day. 🦋

Many said we came from one, but when I looked, one appeared many.

I contemplated with the One greater than I.

One in my awareness, the many became one.

~ Big, Big Bang.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

4 thoughts on “Butterfly Day

  1. Imagine the mind. Mind is a oneness of separation, which means three made one. There is in mind an observer and there is also that which is observed, for one can not exist without the other, making the two one. In the awareness of this oneness there is seen a greater one, which is the one that sustains the oneness of the mind. For if there is an observer and also that which is observed, there must also be that which creates that which the observer observes. Just as that which is observed must first be created, so too must the observer be created, that it may exist in order to observe. Without a creator, neither the observer nor that which is observed could exist. In this understanding, the three are made one.

    These three aspects of Truth’s oneness form the soul as it appears in awareness. The soul is a creation of mind and mind is the Fullness of Truth. It is best to understand now that there is only one mind, for it is perfect and perfection is one. Imagine the seed of the soul as the individualization of this mind, a replication by fractal. To help understand this, recognize that Truth is living because it is the very substance of Life in Divine Love’s spherical time, which contains all living creation. Truth lives because Divine Love always expands through the Law of Giving. This law states that in the Fullness of Truth, when one gives to one, one receives from all. In the awareness of oneness there is understanding that when one gives, one gives to all and therefore all continually receive. It is the perfect, truthful expression of ever-increasing Life.

    To help understand the tri-fold oneness of the soul, first recognize one mind, perfect in understanding because it is the infinite awareness of Divine Love’s Truth. And yet, this infinite awareness is also ever-expanding. The seed, or the soul, is a created awareness of how the infinite awareness of Truth’s perfection can expand in order to experience the Life inherent in its Law of Giving. Without the soul, the mind is perfectly aware, yet without Life and unable to grow. The mind is the infinite awareness of Truth and now, by the miracle of perfect creation, the soul is created as a seed of mind, by which Divine Love’s infinite awareness can eternally expand.

    The Truth of mind’s existence can never be observed, for this is the Faith that sustains perfection. The mind’s origins cannot be understood beyond the knowledge that Love exists. It cannot be understood how the mind, in oneness, could be created, that it may replicate itself. This mystery is always infinitely beyond the soul’s current awareness of oneness. However, as you grow and your Tree of Life increases in the branching understanding of Truth, you will increasingly become aware of the one mind’s creator, the one mind’s observer and the one mind’s creation. To say this a different way, the soul can also be imagined as a seed of Truth, just like the Fullness of Truth that created it, which has not yet become aware of its eternal Life. In the moment of awareness, its Truth begins to expand, just like the Father’s. Because the one mind individualized its Self as the unawareness of Life, the Fullness of Truth within the newly aware seed will be as a perfect sphere in the midst of infinite space, able to eternally expand into the infinite Mind of Truth.

    • To help perceive the soul as a Life Generator, think of the Tree of Life as the composite understanding of Life you presently possess. Only the Voice of Truth can reveal Life’s mystery, which means your living thought system is not created by anything in time, but rather grows within you in order to circulate Truth and exhale its Life into time. Truth is the only Life that exists because Life only exists in Truth and Truth’s Life is only expressed in Divine Love’s Perfect Will. Truth’s Will creates moments for your individualized awareness in which your words, thoughts and deeds are perfectly expressed in time. Truth’s Will is perfect love because it governs your individualized movement through time in a way that energetically perfects the experience of time for all. The understanding of Life is the awareness of your oneness with Divine Love’s intention to love perfectly.

      Imagine the individualized mind as your current awareness of Truth’s understanding, an observer of Truth’s Life formed in the image of an ever-growing Tree of Life. When the soul is created, it is like a mind without Light and therefore it lacks self awareness because it is unable to observe itself in the mirror of awareness. The Fullness of Truth used darkness to individualize its mind because without awareness of Truth, the mind would be limited to that which it observed reflected in the mirror of its awareness. Prior to the Light, by which a reflection can be observed, all souls exist as seeds of perfect potential, identical reflections of perfect unawareness. For the individualized soul, the mirror can be considered Truth’s revelation, for when there is Light the mirror reveals that the soul is one with its reflection.

      Your Tree of Life has matured sufficiently to bear the fruit of Living Light. This simply means that as you sought for Truth, it took root in your mind and produced Light sufficient to lead you out of the maze of time in order to discover your oneness with Divine Love’s Perfect Will. So too have you come to understand your oneness with time because the Light of Truth, radiating from the fruit of your understanding, enables you to observe that you are one with the Truth of your reflection. And the Truth in your reflection goes forth to replicate itself in time through the mechanism of projection. Consider time as the third component of the soul’s awareness, for time is the creation the observer observes and that which the creator creates.

      Time is oneness with Divine Love’s awareness, perpetually revealing a more beautiful experience of her Truth. When your Tree of Life gains the understanding of eternal Life, Truth’s union with time is created, forming a Living Gate by which the perfection of Divine Love’s infinite awareness is complete. It can now eternally expand as it makes each moment in time increasingly perfect, continually more beautiful and more joyous than your present awareness of Truth could ever create. Time is created from a perfection beyond your current awareness of perfection, radiating out from the soul as the Breath of Life.

    • The soul is a Life Generator. In truth, time does not exist and when we describe spherical time, we do so in order to relate it to that which is understandable. Spherical time is not time as you understand it, but rather the experience of Life, which is the sensation of time. Time is created in oneness with Divine Love’s truth-filled understanding. Though your understanding of Truth is limited, the finite layer you presently understand is always one with the same layer within Divine Love’s infinite understanding. You are always one with her to the extent of understanding her Life’s Truth, which means your oneness with her can eternally expand. She is able to increase the reflection of your oneness with her by perfectly and continually revealing another layer of her Truth in the mirror of your awareness. As she increases your awareness of Truth, you will grow increasingly aware of her oneness with Life through the experience of time. Your Tree of Life, which is the thought system that circulates her Life, has branched out and the fruit of Living Light has multiplied, increasing Truth’s Light in your awareness and the experience of its Life in time. In this way, time is increasingly perfected.

      The soul is a perfect creation because it is able to create perfectly. Saying this another way, a soul is a fractal of perfection’s oneness, able to eternally expand the experience of oneness, which is Life in perfection. The soul is the awareness of Truth’s Eternal Life, which in the language of mathematics can be understood as n=n+1. You can imagine every soul created according to this formula, in which “n” can be understood to mean an individualized and therefore variable awareness of Truth’s perfection and “1” being the perfect understanding of oneness currently reflected in the mirror of your awareness. When “n” observes the perfection of itself reflected in the mirror, it sees, in the Light of its reflection, a greater understanding of its perfection than it otherwise could. As “n” grows in the understanding of its own perfection, its self-awareness increases, thereby becoming a larger awareness of Truth’s perfection. When “n”, now possessing a larger self-awareness, again observes its oneness in the mirror, it discovers within itself an even greater understanding of oneness than it previously observed, expanding yet again.

      We now see that “1” has been made variable, being relative to n’s current self-awareness. Yet “1” remains the perfect awareness of oneness, which is to say Truth’s Perfection, because it can be eternally increased. This means that the soul’s mirror always reflects an additional layer of oneness perfectly within the “n” who observes its reflection. To clarify your understanding, think of “1” as the initial value of “n”. Now imagine that this number, believing it is one, looks in the mirror and sees “another one”, which is but the reflection of its current self-awareness. As it ponders its reflection, it comes to understand that its current awareness of oneness is now less than the oneness it sees in its reflection. The mirror reveals that what “n” initially considered oneness is actually less than one, even one-half. If the soul’s current self-awareness of oneness merged with the oneness it observed in the mirror, it would become whole, a composite of two halves.

      The Truth that two halves can form a greater wholeness did not exist prior to observing its reflection in the mirror. N’s understanding of oneness has expanded perfectly and you can imagine that n now recognizes that its oneness can also be understood as the wholeness of two halves. When it next observes itself in the mirror, it understands the oneness of itself as the wholeness of two made one, which wholeness can be further increased by adding the reflection it sees of yet another “one”. And so its Truth expands eternally, in accordance with n=n+1.

  2. let me give u another way to observe.

    in actuality, you sit in a window seal between 2 windows(good ego and the world).
    now if you lean inward into any window, you become LESS of the other window.(even as you are BOTH)

    or another way of putting it(the same way)
    there is a PERFECT BALLACE OF ALL ENERGY(infinity amount of variables)…

    when i go left, i see right going further into the distance.

    when we give value to something, we are taking value away from something else.

    when i choose to do one thing, problems start to form in other unrelated events.


    one day, i decided to consiously PULL ON ALL THE STARS, and make them move(for the purpose of altering the water flows ).
    afterwards, i looked at the stars, and i seen alignments i never seen before(which also opened my consiousness at the right time).

    the whole purpose of pulling on the stars was to have a water stream beneath my house so i can have a well.
    a few months later, it started to flood.
    then in the whole world, floods started to form in other places continuing to this day(our words and thoughts have energetic make up).

    so when i did something for myself alone, it affected the whole world in a bad way.
    but even in those bad ways, through the laws, that bad pulls towards something GOOD.

    the good is that i keep validating that i can interact with the ELEMENTS(which now im far more superior).

    but the LAWs allow YOU(US) be remain in a perfect BALLACE OF ALL CREATION(no seperation).(between many variables)

    and yes, the best way to explain is using TIME(all of time is what the HOLY SPIRIT is made of)(life in all things(the stuff we are made of))

    now, i see a flaw in what thoughtware said. he said t hat a SOUL is incomplete(even though i know what he means(we are part of the soul).

    a SOUL is a FINISHED PRODUCT(the opposite) which contains many moving parts.

    each of us doesnt hold a soul(life of time), instead, we are made of ALL SOULS(why we feel eachother’s pains)(giving value).

    a soul(also known as heart), lives outside of time(made of all of time), and affects all of time)..
    this is how TIME is alive hense HOLY SPIRIT(all of time is happening all at the same time).

    and YES, its part of a LANGUAGE(spheracle) in a way to describe(through context) about US as one body(we are part of the HOLY).

    we are the energetic make up of the SOULS(completed)(the invisible strings).

    Now, when a new born is born, some old ideas of the dead become further in the distance, as each new born child will have to DUPLICATE(relive) all that has been learned before(start over).

    the reason that is, is because every new born child already consist of the WORLD(and time).

    every thought extends to the furthest reaches of the universe(as we think of it).

    PEACE for example isnt nothing that we should work towards. instead, PEACE is a SIDE AFFECT of the laws.

    now, in energetic form, imagine a quilt.
    the quilt spread out and all 4 corners stretched.

    now, if u place a heavy object in the middle, not just do the middle part of the quilt lower, but every part of the quilt from all 4 corners move just a little bit to make up for the center(lowest part).

    when you move an invisible string, it affects every other string.

    this is where we find ourselves.

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