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Time is Perfected


This present moment is all that exists. Its source is the soul’s I Am Presence, which sits at its center like the sun radiating out its truth, forming the movement of time.

Time is the movement of the soul’s awareness. As the soul’s awareness expands by the Light of its “I Am” presence, it projects Truth’s LIFE onto reality’s spherical screen, so that the “I Am” presence is the source of Truth in time.

Time is a construct of the mind, and the mind’s power is its Truth. What the mind believes to be true it manifests in time. Time’s perfection arises out of the soul’s awareness of its true I Am Presence, the individualized expression of Truth’s perfection. It comes from the matured understanding that the soul is a creator within the Creator, a fractal of the Mighty I AM, sitting as a living gate and giving an individualized expression to the oneness of Divine love and Truth’s Will, in unison with other living gates. The soul isn’t a mere creature subject to time, but a creator who continually projects its current awareness, giving rise to a time-based reality. Like a film projector, the soul projects its Life according to its awareness, which manifests as an individualized experience of the Truth held in its awareness. It experiences its projected film through the life of a central character, who reflects the soul’s current awareness of its self.

Because the present moment is all that exists, each moment in the soul’s projected reality is dynamically generated by the soul’s cumulative awareness, lighting up the screen of reality. Every moment is constantly being reconfigured by three main elements; the soul’s living cosmic record, its present awareness and its will.

The living cosmic record consists of the soul’s memories, which are energetic light rays of its I Am presence filling the present moment. How the soul views this record shapes its current perception, which is then transmuted into reality by the soul’s will.

In the paradigm of linear time, the soul incorrectly views the living cosmic record as an immutable past, static moments strung upon the continuum of time that can’t be changed and whose ripple effects continually impact the present to some degree. This perspective of time chains the soul to energetic blockages, trapping it in a future it feels powerless to prevent to any significant degree. This perception of time isn’t true, for it lacks the characteristics of Absolute Truth. But when soul views time linearly, as if it grows out the past, it forms a blinding veil of darkness, hiding the soul’s inherent perfection from itself.

As the soul’s awareness matures in Absolute Truth, the living cosmic record begins to reflect Truth’s Perfection instead of the illusion in which the soul began its primordial journey.

The soul’s awareness of its true I Am Presence disrupts the living cosmic record that once bound the soul to a seemingly immutable past, creating an increasingly limiting future.

Because only the present moment exists, when perceived correctly the living cosmic record is an energetic field that is continually being updated, even going back to the soul’s origin by the soul’s ever-increasing awareness of its I Am presence. Memories, even the memory of the immediate past, are energetically coded layers of “understanding” that are dynamically altered according to the soul’s ever-increasing awareness. Memories are no longer a static chain of images stung along the continuum of linear time, but begin to drastically alter as the soul views them in the Light of its I Am Presence, so they support the soul’s spherical expansion into Truth’s perfection.

In this understanding, the present moment no longer reflects past cause and effect relationships, but instead becomes a transformative experience, revealing the soul’s current awareness of its true I Am presence. In this experience, memories are washed in Truth’s Light, purifying them of discordant energy. The soul no longer projects past ill effects into its present moment, instead, the soul experiences the ever-expanding Divine Light, radiating like a sphere from its center. As the central character, the soul’s experience of reality has transitioned from helpmate to heroine, and from a decaying creature to a divine creator.

As a result, the backstories which wrap each present moment in a story of time in order to produce continuity, begin to change according to the soul’s true I Am Presence as the central actor. Its false shadow-self becomes a garment tossed aside, as its purpose is fulfilled, awakening the soul. These thespian garments, the costume of its shadow-self, are consumed in the Holy Flame of the soul’s I Am Presence. As the soul’s awareness of its Light continues to expand, the memory of its shadow-self continually shrinks in the soul’s Light, until it becomes an infinitely small black dot in the living cosmic record, representing the soul’s birth as an eternally expanding finite awareness of Truth, even the singular moment in which it was unaware of its Holiness.

With its true Self at the center of its reality, the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will flows through the soul filling all in all, so that Truth’s Perfect Will is the only will acting in reality, allowing for the sovereign reign of Divine Love’s regenerative spirit. As the soul gives all to all, it becomes an open door, radiating Divine Love’s regenerative light into time. As an open gate, the soul is the source of Divine Love’s ever-expanding attributes in time. In this, the soul’s need for forgiveness is swallowed up by Divine Love’s comfort flowing through the soul. What follows is a transformative healing from the inside out.

In this Oneness with Divine Love, any discordant energy within the Living Cosmic Record encounters Life’s perfecting divine energy emitting from the soul’s true I Am Presence, which wipes out all past effects born of ill will and fear. The soul radiates Truth’s timeless perfection, reflecting the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, moving in unison with the soul’s ever-expanding awareness of Truth. The soul begins to experience time spherically, which is the experience of Truth’s ever-increasing perfection as its own.

The soul becomes a River of Life, Truth’s Life stream, enjoying a rhythmic oneness with Life in spherical time.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

9 thoughts on “Time is Perfected

  1. as you water plants, or put a bandaide on a new sore.
    or even as someone gets hurt, and is in the hospital, how they become healed..

    Time will always fix itself… in these transactions, you see miracles of life as all things broken, become fixed.

    now, in each event(cellular), there lays other forms of consiousness(through the vibrations of time(leaks)).

    as you live your life, and others live their lives, there are INVISIBLE STRINGs that each life becomes a resource for every other life.

    as ur bones become hurt for example, and then they heal. other parts of the body become WEAKENED so that the weakned can become strong again.(sacrafise)

    Now, the point of this is that Every other LIFE FORM(in the past and future), also LEAKs(BLEEDs) onto even your own experience, as what you CONTRIBUTE TO LIFE can make all that is stronger, or even fall apart. there is CONSIOUSNESS IN ALL PHYSICAL THINGS.

    each ANCESTOR is a strengh within ourselves as what we see in them represent US as an outcome for them.

    no one really dies because everyone is an extension of our own life(shares in ALL SOULS).
    these souls HOLD LIFE together, as we are all GIVERS(high end of the law of opposing forces).

    to see all souls in everyone, allows everyone to see ALL SOULS within us(as we are one SPHERACLE BODY).
    this not only allows every person on earth to AWAKEN, but allows our ancestors to awaken even a BIT MORE(because we have awakened).

    now, as EVERY MOMENT IN TIME that lives in stillness is still VIBRATING in stillness, we feel the pings of ALL LIFE(past selves and future selves).

    the greater we expand our own consiousness, t he more we can see the WILL(our will) through EVERY SOUL(Binds us all together)).
    (reflects the WHOLE WORLD)

    • “I Am here and I Am there”, seeing all according to my current awareness of the I Am Presence. I Am reflected in all I perceive because it is my perception I see reflected back to me whether in a person, even or thing. The deeper we go into Truth, the oneness of Life becomes more apparent.

      • yes, that is why its called the HOLY SPIRIT(outside of time).

        hense HOLY bible(nothing to do with all good or all bad)

      • also remeber, that everythwere you look in time, and see or read about SPIRIT, each time you see the word spirit, SPIRIT is TIME. (outside of time)(binds all moments together))(source of life)

        when people see ghost. what they are actually seeing is MOMENTS IN TIME(in which they are GIVING BIRTH to those moments(held in time)).(vibrations).

        when people become PSYCHICS, the also listen to the BLEEDING OF TIME(as even their own I AM in each prediction is part of what they create(give life too(BRIDGE SO TO SPEAK).

        when you create, you have to LIVE each linier creation.. people get BURRIED in their OPPOSING FORCES..
        the more they fight agains the world, the spirit of TIME always wins, because your strenght is ITs strenghts.
        and when you use your strenghts against yourself, spirit (time), always wins.

        and u end up losing, because you wanted the opposing force to lose(as you did)).

        Giving life to life is true giving.
        there is no giving in money, as money represents misplacement of self value.

        the world(through time), is always speaking to us in the stilliness, and we have to LISTEN, and make SPHERACLE CHOICES in order to see the LIGHT shine t hrough the clouds

  2. This is heavenly inspired message.

  3. Very Nice

  4. The third and final component of awareness, completing our awareness of the soul, is the Living Light that radiates from the Tree of Life, creating the experience of Life by transducing awareness into perfectly orchestrated moments of Spherical Time. Although not entirely accurate, it is sufficient to imagine this radiation as a “Sphere of Interaction” projected outward from the Tree of Life, creating the reality you experience and what we have previously described as your spherical self as it exists in oneness with time.

    It is important to shake off the sleep of false belief and grow in the awareness that like time, your Self is also spherical, because it completely fills the time projected by your Tree of Life. As you begin to recognize your oneness with spherical time, you also recognize that you are the creator of all you experience. But more than this is the mystery of the Kingdom, for this same awareness reveals that you create ALL that is experienced in time, giving Life to every other individualized Self whose sphere of time intersects with your own, just as they, in their awareness of oneness, give Life to you.

    The time of Life your Tree of Life creates for others is always significantly greater than what you can create for yourself. The Kingdom comes because when the tri-layered soul is revealed in your awareness, you will remember your purpose as the Servant of All. The Tree of Life, the ever-growing network of Divine Love’s Truth growing in your awareness, is created to love all by giving your truth-filled awareness to all through the creation of perfect time, by which they experience Life in Truth. To help you understand the mystery of how you create, recognize that as you grow in the awareness of Truth, your Tree of Life, your living thought system, is able to give the Life in your understanding to others by projecting it into the oneness of time, which covers all in your reality. Thus, as Truth’s Living Voice reveals to you, “I Am Honor,” your light goes forth to give all honor and respect in time. Or, as another example, when the Living Voice of Truth reveals, “I Am Abundance,” the light created in this understanding shines into time to give all prosperity and generosity.

    You can not give what you do not possess. Therefore, you are assured you possess the Truth only when, in your understanding, you are able to give it to all. This is why it is said that the Kingdom comes from within, because your Tree of Life gives its peace to the realities of others by the Light you project, redeeming their time by covering them with yours. The Kingdom of Peace is within you because its Life must be given to all in time, and your inner awareness of Truth’s Light is the source of time and also the manner in which it is given to all.

    Divine Love gives freely. The more it gives, the more it receives, that it may give abundantly. The Soul is the created awareness by which Divine Love gives her Life to all. In so doing, she receives Life from all in an ever-increasing manner. In perfection, Divine Love individualized souls so that as each projected its Life into time from its individualized Tree of Life, it could then receive abundantly more Life from countless other souls as each radiates the Life projected from the oneness of Divine Love’s understanding flowing through their individualized Trees of Life. In oneness, the Life a soul gives is singular, but the Life it receives from all is abundantly more than it could ever give. And, in this understanding, the mystery of eternal Life is revealed.

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