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Divine Willpower


In the awareness of our true creative power, we transition into the next phase of our awakening soul. At the Holy Altar of Truth, we lay down the scepter of self-will, and our true Divine Will arises in its place, giving expression to the true Self.

The last act of the self-will is the choice to lay it down, ending its reign. This pivotal act brings about the dissolution of relative truth’s governing presence within the mind, thus an end to its reflected reality of opposites. As the Divine Will takes its place, the mind aligns to Absolute Truth in the outer realm of consciousness, where Absolute Truth is conveyed into daily thoughts. Through this alignment, which is the quintessential effect of Divine forgiveness, Absolute Truth’s divine qualities emerge into reality causing it to rumble, quake and break away as it brings forth reality’s true, divine Reflection.

Being a creator we govern the energetic atmosphere around us, which determines reality’s reflection. In the unawareness of Absolute Truth, we accepted relative truth as true. With a mindset of separation, we imagined we possessed a separate will, a power limited to the body. This self-will was our scepter of power, even allowing us to define truth according to our individualized perceptions and judgments. Self-will appeared to give us limitless freedom, thus we perceived it made us “free”. As we wielded this seemingly free-will it gave outer expression to our personal, relative truth.

Through many manifestations, relative truth revealed itself to be a destroyer of peace, harmony and joy. As the body tried to obtained what it judged good for itself, it exerted its self-will which in turn demanded sacrifice, required endless striving, forced dominance over some while submission to others, and manifested destruction in unexpected ways. Each one’s relative truth produced endless battles within the self that outwardly manifested among the individualized selves. In this constant power struggle, lasting harmony, peace, and joy found no resting place within us or among us.

We awaken out of a mindset of relative truth when our mind’s eye becomes increasingly illuminated with the Living Presence of Absolute Truth. This renewed vision leads to the metamorphic transformation into Truth’s living thought-system and our accepted source of creative power shifts. We clearly see that honoring self-will keeps us from expressing who we know ourselves to be in Truth, thus from what we truly desire. Through Truth’s Living Voice we receive divine revelation and come to know and desire Divine Will as our true creative power, which flows through us as we rest in divine emergence. This power is given us when we accept the Divine Will as our own, which creates the eternal and harmonious expansion of our expressed Self. True, limitless creative power doesn’t flow through separation in which the self-will is in constant opposition within itself and with other self-wills, but through the Spirit of Oneness in which the strength of a singular, sovereign Divine Will is our own.

Because our mind holds the function of projecting truth into reality, once it awakens to Absolute Truth it’s the means by which the Divine Will is expressed. The Life within Absolute Truth possesses its own perfect will, the Divine Will. It’s the only Will that exists, because there is only Truth. As our mind awakens to the Seven Sacred Truths, it actively engages its true creative center, the trifold synergy of the Holy Flame, Holy Altar of Truth and Holy Present Moment, through which the Divine Will operates. In this, the self-will is no longer our scepter of power, but the limitless Divine will, which is the energetic power of the Holy Flame that materializes the divine qualities of Absolute Truth so they are outwardly experienced.

Transitioning from a self-will to the Divine Will is a natural part of our awakening soul. We are leaving our embryonic soul’s dreamworld and entering into the eternal reality of our true Self. Because our mind is transitioning out of an illusion that it experiences as real and operates according to a self-will, our mind goes in and out of the self-will’s dominance as it breaks free from its governance. Every back and forth movement propels us a little further, like the life in a seed pushing through a hardened shell. The Life-force of the Creator, through the Divine Will, is bringing forth our true Reflection, thus Victory is certain because it already exists.

In the Light of Absolute Truth, there isn’t a separate self-will only the all-powerful Divine Will inherent in Truth. It makes no demands, and only asks we be its living door by which it expresses its perfection into creation. In the restful state of divine emergence, the Divine Will works through our individualized mind for the highest good of all. We become a creator who extends life-giving rays into the energetic atmosphere, so that we are the giver and receiver of the immutable qualities of Truth; peace, harmony, abundance, joy and divine love.

As we awaken and the Divine Will’s life-giving energy moves through our mind and into creation, it shakes creation out of its deep sleep. Like the dawning sun of a new day that is unfazed by the thick darkness, the Divine Will brings forth divine reflections with unstoppable power, and creation breaks forth into expressions of timeless perfection and eternal, harmonious expansion, reflecting true Life for the first time.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

10 thoughts on “Divine Willpower

  1. Nice..

  2. Reflect for a moment on this significant question: What do you presently believe yourself to be?

    Now consider why you believe such things. When you sincerely meditate on these questions you will discover a surprising revelation; every belief you’ve ever held about your Self is rooted in past experience. It’s as if you used the past as a mirror, believing it reflected the truth of your Self back to you. What you believed you are is that which you believe you HAVE BEEN, and what you believe you may become is based on what others HAVE BEEN. This is why it is said that there is nothing new under the sun, for all that is believed to be is but a reflection of that which has been.

    The past is a reflection of “the created”, the frozen world of outer appearances in which everything that exists is bound by physical dimension and separated from all else by time and space. When the mind perceives its reality, it “sees” a world in which all that currently exists appears to be created by that which previously existed. Thus for the mind to believe that something is real, it must originate from a physical outer appearance in the past.

    Now you can realize that the sleeping mind naturally applies the same belief to its concept of Self, believing everything real about the Self originated in the past. The mind uses this reasoning to accept that the Self is therefore a creation of the past, and since the past is defined by outer appearances, the sleeping mind’s concept of Self is likewise rooted in physicality. Whether it be the outer appearance of a physical body, the influence of other body’s, or the individualized experiences in the outer appearance world, the Self is believed to be the cumulative creation of past outer appearances. Just like the reality in which it exists, the mind believes the past created the current version of its Self.

    But what then is the role of mind? Is the mind simply an observer of the Self as it is molded and shaped by ever-increasing past experiences? Does the mind observe its Self, as in a mirror, and proclaim, “this is what I appear to be today and tomorrow I will simply be an extension of that which I was yesterday?”

    Recall that the mind is not bound by physical appearances and therefore is not, nor could ever be, a creation of the past. The mind is timeless and it is not possible to discover the mind’s true nature and power in the reality of time and the corresponding world of physical appearances. Recall also that the mind uses belief to uphold all it judges to be true, and it has so judged the truth about its Self and believes it is real. Thus the Self appears real, even though it is clearly not a truthful understanding because the sleeping mind’s self-concept is rooted in the physical appearances of the past.

    However, the mind is able to discern absolute truth, because like truth, the mind also dwells in timelessness. Therefore to comprehend the Self, we must look not into the physical world of time, but into the formless realm of timelessness, guided by the light of Truth.

    Take a moment to still your mind of worldly thoughts, that everything you currently believe your Self to be may be set aside. Close your eyes and let go of every thought of the physical body, habits of experience and every notion of your physical existence.

    Engaging in this exercise is difficult because the mind actively resists it. Belief upholds the mind’s truth (realness) about its Self, and if belief is stripped away, what of the Self remains? The exercise forces the mind to consider its Self from a perspective the mind initially does not believe is real. From the origin of its existence, the mind has clothed its Self in belief it created from past judgments. These outer garments, strewn from the past, became real to the mind by the belief within them, and the Self in turn, became a three-dimensional reflection in time.

    • Our understanding that Truth is eternal (timeless) reveals that a time-based understanding of the self can not be truthful, regardless of the mind’s belief in it. Since every aspect that the sleeping mind believes to be true about its self is upheld by beliefs formed from past experiences, laying down our beliefs is analogous to stripping away the outer garments of time which have covered up and hidden the Self’s true nature.

      Since Truth is timeless, and timelessness is without form, the true nature of Self is likewise without form. This is very difficult for the sleeping mind to accept because all it has ever believed to be real is rooted in the time-based reality of outer appearances. The mind simply does not believe in the existence of that which can not ultimately be experienced through the body’s senses.

      Yet how is it that the mind, being without form, does not doubt its own existence?

      The reason is that the mind dwells in Truth’s timelessness and perceives the LIFE inherent in it. Truth’s life fills the mind with light, which the mind recognizes as AWARENESS. Thus the mind lives because it is aware, and this by the light of Truth that flows through it. There is no life but that which is in Truth, which is why, despite what the mind may currently believe, only eternal life exists. It is not possible for the mind to doubt the life within it because it KNOWS it is aware. It is only “belief” that can be doubted because it is a creation of the mind, fashioned from the judgment of outer appearances which are recognized not through awareness, but through the body’s senses.

      Belief is a FALSE IMAGE OF THE LIVING LIGHT OF TRUTH, and therefore no matter how real these beliefs may appear, there is no life in them. Recognize this very important consideration: Belief is a great deceiver and the source of every abomination in your present reality. Belief deceives the mind by appearing as a messenger of light and this is why you think the reality of time is full of light, (i.e., real). It is not the living light of Truth you perceive, but rather belief’s lamp of darkness.

      As you ponder the meaning of the words above, consider your answers to the following questions: Do you believe you can be harmed? Do you believe you can lose? Do you believe you are weak? Do you believe you will die?

      Now reflect on this: Has truth taught you these things? Or, have you, by looking into the past, judged these things to be true and then believed?

      You are NOT what you believe your Self to be. Belief is a significant power, and when it is placed in the things of darkness, they WILL appear real. Turn from the lies of the past, no matter how “truthful” they may appear, and face the light of life within. You have sought for truth, now put your belief in the TRUTH you can “see” within, and your belief will become FAITH. And it is by the power of your FAITH, the KNOWING of Truth, that you will overcome the darkness, and not for yourself alone.

    • Truth is not discerned through the body’s senses, and therefore is not “believed”. It is readily apparent that “belief” is a creation of the mind, for every mind believes different things about its Self. Truth is absolute and therefore its singular meaning is never ascertained by what an individualized mind believes it to be.

      We have said that you are far more than your mind ever believed your Self to be. Consider again all you presently believe your Self to be, and consent to lay it down. Agree to allow these outer garments you’ve acquired during your experience in time’s outer darkness to be stripped away. Let go of every belief so that you may turn to look into the timeless light of LIFE and see your Self as you are in absolute Truth.

      This act of turning away from pre-established beliefs to look into the face of Truth is the better understanding of repentance. It is the turning away from the reality of time, the darkened dwelling place of belief, and stepping into timelessness and the KNOWLEDGE of absolute Truth. It is the letting go of death, that you may receive life. It is your freedom from ALL believed limitations.

      Are you ready for what may be the first true awareness of your Self? Are you ready to turn and look into the light, that you may know the Truth of Life? For we have arrived at the source of light within your holy place and our journey through time ends here. Now, if you are ready, we must leave the world of time and enter the timeless realm of Truth, that you may come to the knowledge of your glory, power and creative perfection. Now we shall enter into the light, that you may know of your oneness with God and the ever-increasing joy of KNOWING that you are God’s expression into reality through the Self of an individualized mind.

      In your initial awareness your mind believed the outer appearance world was its source of truth, and used your body to “feel” its way through time’s darkness in order to determine the truth about its Self. And though we may speak of “false belief”, the mind always interprets it’s belief as real and turning away from these beliefs about your Self initially “feels” like you are turning to the “unreal”.

      However, what you discover is that KNOWING is superior to belief in the same way that light is superior to darkness. Let us now make this “turn” together, that you may experience the superiority of knowledge, for these shall be your new garments, radiating the many colors of life’s light, reflected in a new reality divinely constructed in the perfection of God’s love.

    • All you believe your Self to be has become its expression. Because you were unaware of your ability to shine belief into expression, you did not know how the expression appeared. Instead you reasoned that every outer expression resulted from that which was already expressed. You believed every expression reflected truth because you observed your belief in them. You observed the body and saw in it the truth about your Self and did not know it was but an expression of your belief.

      You suffered sickness and isolation only because you believed them part of your self-expression. You accepted every undesirable expression as your Self’s true nature because you did not know your own belief was the SOURCE of this expression. Since belief is a creation of the individualized mind, its expression created an individualized Self, which the mind accepted as true. The mind did not recognize it served a false image of the Self because it looked only into the darkness of its time-based reality for truth.

      In preparation for our turn into the light of timelessness, let us recall that there is but ONE SELF with the potential for limitless expressions. Although a crude analogy, in the realm of time it may be considered that there is but one human body with near infinite combinations of appearance, personality and lifestyle expressions. Thus we make the attempt to find the Self without expression, which is to go back to the origin of life, when the conscious awareness of light first came to your mind, giving birth to your potential for individualized self expression.

      Having removed your outer garments of belief, imagine your Self now without expression. Imagine there is no time based reality of outer appearances, no past mistakes which cling to you, no body to judge and no limitations of any kind. Dwell here for a moment, continuing to let every perceived self-expression fall away, along with the world the self inhabited. When you attain the stillness of timelessness, center all awareness on the LIFE that fills you and IS you. Let the words “I AM” consume every thought, drawing you deeper into the awareness of the very source of your existence.

      This is a significant meditation, for it is the mind’s first awareness of oneness with God’s LIVING LIGHT. It is what the mind first perceives after awakening from its sleep in the darkened world of time, which is now better understood as the unawareness of your I AM presence. It is the first use of you inner eye, which having only known the darkness of belief and the reality of outer appearances, is unaccustomed to Truth’s living light.

      In the unawareness of your I AM presence, which we labeled “sleep”, you mind created its own light, which it then perceived through the body’s senses. The mind judged the light truthful and then gave this truth a form of life by infusing its judgements with belief. Thus the mind used belief to create its own truth, which it then expressed into reality.

  3. i fullly understand and agree with the anology given thoughtware, and the process for which it is intended.

    i can tell u more about BELIEF to validate what you are saying.

    if you said what you have said to a christian, their response would be, OH NO, satan is trying to get me to not believe in christ and therefore turn your words into a threat.
    they will not listen to you as the priest are who they give value to(a different form of idol).

    now,what made me write this is because i know that the useage of BELIEF in the bibles are not the same as what we humans and conditioned a belief to be.

    the way we believe now is that we tell our minds what to believe, but when the BIBLES talk about belief, the true beliefs are way above the pay grade of the MIND. true beliefs come from heart, and the mind has a hard time trying to put the true beliefs(frome heart outside of time) into words..

    • “True beliefs are way above the pay grade of the mind.” Wise words.

      Fortunately we can be awakened to discover a new mind, fully able to grow eternally in truth. I’m grateful that you possess the eyes to see the difference between worldly belief and faith (the knowledge of truth). And your faith can save the world, my friend.

  4. thank u for that validation.
    i know what happens when we die(in human terms)
    we come back into this world.(as u cannot escape your heart)
    what that means is that every child born of this world is a constant manifest of our true spirit(through I AM).(each person in existance become self)
    when everyone awakens in eternal truth, each child is BORN into heaven(highest LANGUAGE OF GREATER SELF) on earth.
    so when i die, i know that when i come back into this world, i want it to be heavenly as it is intended.

    It may take many many many lifetimes to transition back into the VIBRATION of the spirit through the world, but as for those who seemed to have died(again human terms), it happens in just a FLASH..

    it is IMPORTANT that we all awaken as every person out there is a possibility of your own identity(in spirit terms).
    when i see pain happening in others, i know that that could be me(from the perception of everyone’s point of view).
    so to SAVE the world is be born into heave(in the lifetime of every newborn child)..

    sometimes i jugemyself of how people may respond to the knowledge i give. but then the spirit always reminds me, t hat the only judgement is my own..

  5. also, when it comes to the mind.
    first. the Heart is what u live in, and the MIND is how you see the heart in which you live(gives life to).

    each aspect of self within its many layers and dimisions cannot exist without all other vibrancys.
    the mind like everything else is a REFLECTION of all our TOOLS coming together in order to see through our own senses.
    again, every mental tool is of PERFECTION..

    even the ego is agood thing(i know the world has been trained to see their own tools as bad to fit their religion).
    in return of all this going on, it creates a MUCH bigger CONSIOUSNESS in which you have known as the HOLY SPIRIT.
    it is within ALL THINGS in which these super consious parts of our own BEING requires a MIND(which is more diminsional than we make it to be).

    the mind takes the TIMED SEQUENCES and puts them together to make all the pieces fit

    • Yes, even the ego, as with all negatives have their “good” created purpose for did not God say after creating all things…it is good? Our eyes and minds just have to be opened to see the “one” and only one purpose in all…and in all things. “All” things work together for our good, it is written…even evil itself is self correcting.

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