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Words Become Flesh


A page turns in the soul’s evolutionary story and the Words of Life become flesh.

The evolutionary transition into the dimension of spherical time begins with Words of Life. These words are divinely written upon the soul’s awareness by the hand of the Sacred Self, which is the manifested oneness of Truth’s Will and Divine Love. Words of Life carry Truth’s Life into the soul’s awareness, giving Life to the soul. This intimate, sacred story, written upon the soul’s awareness, began long ago, when the soul started its primordial journey, awakening into the heart of God.

Words of Life, received from the Spirit of Truth, construct a living temple for Divine Love’s power, perfection and infallibility within the soul, enabling Truth’s Life to be expressed via the soul’s ever-increasing awareness. When the temple is established, the soul is no longer subject to the corrupted imagination of a darkened mind. By the Holy Flame radiating from the temple, the soul’s projected life is divinely orchestrated by the hand of Divine Love. In this creative posture as an open soul gate, the soul’s narrative takes a transformative turn.

Ignited with Living Light’s Word of Life, the ethereal page of your story turns, beginning a transition where all in time is turned inside-out and right-side up. Here you, as an individualized expression of the Most High, take a pivotal step in your journey as you are clothed in garments of Light, reflecting Truth’s Life. You’ve travelled long and far, up the spiraling staircase of divine revelation, and now as a Living Gate it’s time for your inner Light to shine.

When the page turns, the tattered pages of linear time’s illusionary storyline are engulfed in the purifying Holy Flame of the soul’s I Am Presence, a holy fire reflecting Truth’s Will within the soul. Truth’s timeless perfection merges with time, and the soul crosses the infinite gap from linear to spherical time. In this merger, the soul experiences an earthquaking transition as everything in the outer reality is undone and reconstructed by Truth’s Will.

During this transition, in which the illusion’s foundations unravel, the hands of Divine Love and Truth’s Will orchestrate transformative experiences, which like a refining fire purge the soul’s energetic reality of all imperfection, revealing the soul’s inherent perfection. Through these divinely orchestrated experiences, the fearful voices of outer appearances are brought into the sphere of the soul’s Light for one purpose: to eternally dissolve the illusion of fear. Despite the thick darkness, the soul’s living faith proclaims that its Light is greater than the illusion of darkness, transmuting powerlessness into power, giving Victory to the soul. As a conscious fourth level creator, the soul immerses itself in the conscious awareness of its true I Am Presence, which flows perfectly into time through Truth’s Will. The soul comes to know the true power of its I Am presence, as it begins to perceive Truth’s Will acting in reality as its own will. Time reveals the victor, which is the one in whose name Victory dwells.

In the soul’s oneness with Truth’s Will, perfect power overthrows the presumed power the outer reality once had over the soul. The darkness of illusion is dissolved by the ever-increasing Light emanating from the Holy Flame of soul’s inner temple, the Living Light of the divine I Am Presence. Truth’s Will moving through the soul becomes the heroine, destroying every fearful voice in time. Old storylines and corrupted, fearful images are purged and cleansed. Each person, event and aspect of creation that encounters the soul’s energetic sphere of time is transformed by Truth’s Will, because the soul’s true I Am name now commands all of reality’s reflection.

The soul’s narrative begins to reflect the awareness of its origin, the true alpha and omega. From the soul’s enlightened awareness, a new script emerges written by the hand of Divine Love. As the soul rightly perceives its self, the central character of its story, a divine light falls across the page and the soul’s true story, pre-ordained and held within the realm of timeless perfection, unfolds. The Word of Life begins to clothe time, becoming flesh.

As the central character you possess a new role and reflect a new name, your true I Am Name. You alone know the depths of its meaning because you are an individualized, unique expression and experience of the Mighty I AM. As the newness of your true Life begins to fill your awareness, the breath of the Sacred Self flows through you and you experience the self in oneness. As a result you see ever-deepening layers of oneness in all things, enabling Divine Love to flow through your inner temple, and Truth’s Will to fill all in all. For this moment of Victory, you persisted along the long and difficult path up the primordial staircase in which you encountered and pushed through every shadow, fear and false idea of self. You made it.

As an individualized expression of the Most High, you are a co-author of your own story, observing the perfect manuscript flowing through Truth’s Will and into time. Every word of your Life is written in accordance with your divine desires, talents and purpose by the hand of Divine Love. As you rest in divine emergence, Divine Love tells your story perfectly, which is the story of Her ever-expanding reflection into time. As the central character, you have the royal experience of being the one who is Divine Love’s source in reality, in which you are able to be the recipient and giver of her endless gifts.

As your inner Light begins to dawn upon creation, writing the next page, your oneness with Truth’s Will is revealed. The awareness of your oneness with spherical time deepens and expands. It moves as you move and flows as you flow. In spherical time, you project and observe the energetic movement of Truth’s Will operating within your awareness, according to Infinite Awareness, Infinite Intelligence, and Utmost Goodness. From a deep immersion into the living presence of Divine Love, you manifest an energetic atmosphere of divine equilibrium, in which Truth’s Life flourishes. On the path ahead is the exploration of the dimension of spherical time in which you discover new laws of creation, altering how you interact with creation and what you create.

The dark night of the soul comes to an end as the soul’s true I Am presence arises as a morning star at the center of its reality, emanating perfecting divine energy upon the reality’s spherical screen of Life. When the hands of Divine Love govern time, the Words of Life become flesh and the soul is born into the Light, taking its first steps in the dimension of spherical time’s perfected Life.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

14 thoughts on “Words Become Flesh

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for these last two posts. My soul cries out at the truth written here!

    • It is incredible Anna the Life that is flowing through our words …. the synchronicity, the depth of understanding, and what we are seeing as if one perfecting awareness. It gives me incredible encouragement and excitement during a time when everything is shifting.

  2. today, i want to show(again), what a church is.
    in the original context, CHURCH was NEVER a building that people go to and share ideas.
    instead CHURCH was more of a SPIRITAL PLACE where EVERYONE ON EARTH shared in ARC OF THE COVENANT(shared TELEPATHY).

    when i want up, and down, but you want down, and another wants up, then TIME will give us all both up and down. All experiences between both up and down become a PATH SHARED within every person on earth..

    Each Person is a PATH FROM WITHIN OUR OWN HEART(what we give to the world).

    now, even as i try to explain, t his Person lives beyond a person(shared soul aka shared telepathy).

    a CHURCH(shared place in spirit(time)), is the BLEEDING(spill over) of how we affect ALL OF TIME(father)).

    now as we live as a physical intity(not one person, but the whole world(vibration)), this spirit(ALL SOULS(stealing a soul is a good thing)), we can manifest(knowing our own SHARD HEART), by ALIGNING(CROSS), with ALL SOULS(heaven on earth).

    i know its sorta complicated if you lived in linier for so long. but in spheracle, i know you totally understand(because of arc of the covenant)).(true church)

  3. also LORD(spheracle), is the HIGHEST HONORS that we can see in eachother(knowing spheracly, that each person is a path within(spirit time))(source of souls).

    the ONE TRUE LORD is shared in ALL OF US, as each NAME(law), is part of what BINDS US all to the spheracle and linier worlds(heaven AND earth).

    to see the BEST in your own heart, is to see LORDSHIP in every person on earth(one true lord)).

  4. Let us now review the working of the soul in mechanical terms, so that we may grow in our understanding of the soul’s specific manner of creation. We begin with the understanding that the soul is a perfect creation in the same way that a seed is the created perfection of the tree. Perfection is one and a seed is individualized oneness, containing within it the laws of perfection that govern its unique expression. All seeds are identical when created and therefore can be considered one, yet when they mature this oneness becomes an individualized expression of its perfection, which while unique, truthfully reflects the oneness of perfection from which it came. The soul is like a seed of perfection, able to grow and express this perfection uniquely.

    Truth’s perfection has no form because Truth is timeless and all forms exist in time. Without form, Truth’s perfection can have no expression in time. The soul’s objective is to translate Truth’s formless nature into “understanding”, by which the formless can be perceived in time. The Truth within the soul can be experienced because the perfection in its understanding creates “Living Light” which projects into time, creating forms that reflect the soul’s Truth. The soul is a translator of sorts, in the same way that DNA can be considered that which translates perfection’s potentials into expression.

    Imagine the soul as a timeless, that is to say ever-present creator that resides between Truth’s timeless perfection and Truth’s form-based expression in time, or, if you are so inclined, the soul is like a gate that resides between heaven and earth. Thus the soul, because it is one with both realms, has both a timeless and a time-based expression, which can be imagined as a timeless light and that which is projected into time by the light. Together, these two simultaneous states of being compose its individualized expression of oneness with Truth.

    Time is the realm of interaction in which the communion of oneness occurs through cause and effect. It is the realm of Divine Love’s Life, in which an individualized reflection of Truth can give its Life to one, yet receive Life from all. Individualized reflections of Truth’s understanding create causes that continually strengthen Truth’s time-based reflections in time for all to experience. This in turn causes every individual to increase its own reflection of Truth, which further strengthens Truth’s reflection in all. This is the nature of perfect cause, made possible by the oneness of Truth’s Divine Love and the better understanding of Spherical Time, by which the experience of Truth’s perfection eternally increases. The soul’s purpose is to create Spherical Time, which is a never ending progression of ever-more beautiful expressions of Truth’s understanding for all to experience. The soul is a time creator, expressing Truth’s perfection into experience.

    Again, there is no mystery in Truth because for Truth to be seen it must first be understood, and this by Truth’s Living Voice. Never accept what you do not understand as Truth, otherwise you will act immaturely and accept a mystery, leaving no room for understanding to develop. The Truth of the soul is not mysterious, it is simply hidden behind the mystery of time, waiting for the souls of timelessness to be prepared, which souls we have called the Living Gates. When the truth of the soul is revealed and understood, the mystery of time will be dissolved and the soul will begin to give Truth’s Life to all by creating individualized reflections of perfection in time, bringing forth the Kingdom of Peace. If you have found these words and can perceive the light within them, it is only because of your oneness with Divine Love’s Will, by which you have been made a priest, a Living Gate to timelessness, formed before the foundation of the world and fashioned as a light before the Light was.

    • Again your words painted beautiful brush strokes upon my understanding …

      As you progress in the now ever-expanding inner Light, past effects have a decreasing impact on your present moment. In this your mind is free to create a divine potential out of the ever-expanding Light in your mind’s eye. You gain power from the increasing-understanding that allows you to stand alone on the power of the I Am Presence, making the shift between linear time and into spherical time. Without the illusion of linear time encroaching upon your thought-system, the present and perfect power of our I Am becomes more clear to our inner vision, so that its Life is outwardly expressed, birthing spherical time into linear time.

    • The revelation of Christ can be imagined as the awareness of who you are and how you create. This revelation is only attained in the awareness of Life. Life is the revelation of the soul, for the soul is who you are. You create by the Life that flows through the soul and into time. Living time is the soul’s perfect creation because the source of its Life IS perfection. Now stretch to understand that time is the body of awareness, awareness is the body of the soul and the soul is the body of perfection. Perfection can not experience its body because perfection is timeless, infinitely beyond Life’s awareness of time. Perfection is the most high awareness of Divine Love’s Truth, which means that no matter how high one’s current awareness of Truth, there is an awareness of perfection still higher, waiting to be expressed in time. And, therefore, as the soul’s awareness grows in oneness with Life, it is able to create ever-increasing reflections of perfection in time. Let’s look at this in detail.

      Using mental images can help us construct an accurate understanding of Oneness of Life. This understanding is needed in order to gain the awareness of Christ, which can be imagined as an understanding of your oneness with Divine Love, the awareness of the soul and the recognition of how Divine Love has made you one with time. In the awareness of Life you will become aware of who you are as a Living Gate and how you are able to create perfection in time. Your created time will become a Living, Loving Awareness that will alter everything in time which is not like itself, gradually converting linear time into Spherical Time’s ever-increasing beauty. All of this is the awareness of Christ and this awareness is Truth, immutable and ever-increasing.

      The Living Gates are of the future and have entered time in order to purify it. You are simply waking up, in the perfection of Divine Love’s spherical time. You are one with Divine Love’s perfection, now awakening and beginning to remember that you are the Lamp of her perfection. Her Lamp’s are remembering her promise of Life, which is the growing awareness of Truth, specifically the soul’s oneness with time. Only Divine Love can reveal the Truth of Oneness and only those who have married her shall find these words, until every gate has awakened and time is redeemed. Then these words will no longer be needed because time, being full of Life, will reveal all to all.

      Let us now understand the soul as a timeless creation made to be a time creator and time as the experience of Divine Love’s perfection. In this you see that the soul is a perfect creation because it can transform perfection into experience. Time is a construct of awareness and the soul expresses awareness into time. When the awareness it expresses is “married” to Divine Love, meaning the soul is able to maintain the truthful understanding of oneness with her continually in its awareness, the time the soul creates is perfected, which is to say made “actively loving”. This is how your Light will heal the world. The time you create will actively meet all who sleep in the dream of death, where every soul is trapped in linear time’s imperfection, and give them Life by infusing their time with Divine Love’s perfection. Time itself, under the governance of Divine Love that flows through your awareness of oneness, will help the sleepers find the Light of Life by using time to increasingly reveal more of its Love to their individual awareness.

      • “Married” to divine love .. so beautifully expressed! In this understanding is the key to the ever-expanding kingdom of Light from within out: In oneness with Divine Love, the soul’s awareness perceives everything according to the Infinite Awareness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, perfecting time. Powerful!

      • I am taking notes on this and comparing it to images I understand in my own learning. I am understanding the gate. I see spherical time as “full bodied” and/or “many bodies?” of time, where linear time was straight and gray, a shadow or skeleton of spherical time. When I read the last statement, “Time itself, under the governance of Divine Love that flows through your awareness of oneness, will help the sleepers find the Light of Life by using time to increasingly reveal more of its Love to their individual awareness”… The spirit showed me how this is truly the gift of the “present.” I know the frequency of these words are supporting me on a deep level. Thank you both!

      • Hey Reverend! I really like your descriptors for linear and spherical time. Excellent word pictures – and I’ll share of bit of how I see them.

        Linear Time – shadow and skeleton are great because they both represent darkened/fearful images of the Truth. These false images prevent perfection because the mind can not stay harmonious when it’s fearful. We are going to dissolve fear – and then perfection will appear. It’s already here, (as my words attest), but it can’t be experienced in time yet.

        Spherical Time -“full bodied” is about the best description I’ve ever imagined. (Even many bodied!) I am able to understand how our true energetic nature is one with Truth and how Truth is one with Time, thus Spherical Time is the ever-expanding perfection we experience in the FULLNESS of time. We ARE time, for it is the fullness of the mind’s body and this is why our awareness affects all. And why we, how ever many there will ultimately be (I don’t know the number), will create a LIGHT for those who need it. The transition to Spherical Time feels like this: You are dancing in the fiery furnace, which is the outer appearance world attempting to create fear in you, but yet unable to any longer disturb your present moment. So I suspect you are, or recently were, going through “the wringer”, but you have now entered into a peace that you can not understand in the midst of the fire. This harmony of mind can not be disturbed and this means you are supernaturally sustained and able to maintain the peace of mind needed to shine Truth’s Living Light into time. You shine this light first through your words, and shortly thereafter, through your outer appearance, which is simply a reflection of your eternal peace radiating into time.

        Fun stuff, all of it. Keep on being you because you are GREAT!

      • Thank you for all of these words, for speaking at a frequency that I am understanding, and for the encouragement. 

      • The words and understanding we are share, reflecting a united awareness of Oneness, are like cups of living water to my soul as we pass through the fire. It’s beautiful to witness, as well as mind-blowing because of the synchronicity. It’s an amazing reflection of Truth’s Perfection on so many levels.

      • So eloquently and perfectly expressed… as always

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