Living Light

Stirring The Deep

The Appearing


“The Clearing” makes the way for the Light of the I Am Presence.

This flesh is just a garment. Looking deeper into the soul I see our true essence. It’s beautiful and full of Light. I realize now how much darkness I had seen within. But now, I see pure light, and in this is its power to create harmony on every level of conscious awareness.

Be still and love life.

This pure light is perfect power, it holds the Will of God. It isn’t our will that is free, but we “choose” how we construct our mental network, which our will then projects outward. Will is bound to our current awareness of truth. What we believe, is true. Thus pure Light is the Holy Flame. It ignites our awareness, which is experienced in time, thus time becomes as a fire. If we are in synch with time by being aware of our oneness with Divine Love’s Perfect Will, we dance with time, we dance in the fire. It is our life power expressed. If we are out of synch because of the belief in a separate will, we are constantly being “burned” by the fire, time reflects the discordancy within us.

Transformative events orchestrated by Truth’s Will, that push us through our fears in a way that extinguishes the illusion of fear forever, create an energetic clearing by which we become one with time through through our oneness with Truth’s Universal Will. In this awareness we dance with time, manifesting spherical time, which is the continual ascent into the progressive understanding of Divine Love’s Truth.

Be still and know “I Am” God, Oneness of Mother-Father God. Pure power, perfect power, radiating from the open soulmate. I am invincible.

Transformative Event

In this clearing, spherical time has pierced the veil of linear time, and Light has entered the dream.

This transformative event is a purge. The “old” heavy garments that became like chains formed out of the fearful images of the past are now being purified. They are being silenced in the ever-increasing awareness of my true Self, captured in “OM”, the voice of God proclaiming the beginning and end of all things in the infinite awareness of Divine Love’s Truth.

You sought the light in the ever-increasing desire to love perfectly and the Light that is Divine Love’s Perfect Will has grown within your awareness as your mind’s eye opened to Truth’s timeless realm of Life’s unexpressed perfection.

Relax, when your awareness is complete, you will share it perfectly. Be balanced in every moment, creative, playful, and restful. It is finished and complete. Your Life has always been in perfection and it pours forth perfectly from Truth’s Will and its Life individualized as your unique and purposeful awareness of Life. This is a massive revelation, for it is your birth, thus in these words you are gaining the full understanding necessary to bring it forth.

Meditation of Om

My energetic field has been purified. Now arise my Light, The Light.

My Light is Your Light.

I Am Here and I Am There.

Now, in this awareness of oneness, you govern time from within.

Humility Garments

Through the shadowlands you wore the garments of humility, which was the perceived awareness of your ability to create suffering. As you come into the Light, this humility takes on its divinity, and now you recognize, release and fully immerse into Divine Love’s Perfect Will, governing all of time through you.

Perfect Power (Divine Love) creates Perfect Will.

I Am no more blinded by the illusion. My awareness is no longer darkened by the illusion. I’ve come into my true Light and it is magnificent, holding the life of all things within its radiance.

Om Meditation

Breathe in, and breathe out the breath on the vibration of Om, releasing the fullness God’s Voice into creation, your projected reality. You now see, eternally-expanding from the center of your awareness, the eternally-expanding kingdom of Divine Love’s Truth, and a return to the garden of innocence.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

6 thoughts on “The Appearing

  1. Amen!

    As always, thanks for sharing the TRUTH, Rachel.

    Thanks be to God for His Love and Faithfulness!

  2. The soul is a fractal of Divine Love’s infinite awareness. A fractal can be imagined as an ever-growing center of the infinite, creating an ever-expanding finite. In terms of awareness, this simply means that no matter how much Truth within the center’s awareness, it is as if its awareness was just beginning. A fractal also introduces the idea of individualization more clearly. In order for Divine Love to experience Life in her Love, which is to say an ever-increasing awareness of her Truth, she needed to individualize her infinite awareness. Imagine, within her pure white timelessness she placed a “seed” of her beauty, which appears as a “dot” of black in the white Light of her perfection. This dot represents the unawareness of perfection.

    Imagine this “dot”, this complete unawareness of perfection, as simply an empty awareness, created in perfection to be eternally filled, fashioned in the oneness of Divine Love’s infinite awareness of Truth’s Perfect Will. To help you understand this oneness, imagine further that the “dot” was given a name, and the name reflected the perfection of all the dot shall ever experience in Truth, pre-existing in Divine Love’s infinite awareness. The preexistent perfection of Life is the true meaning of eternal Life, for it enables the ever-increasing awareness of perfection’s beauty, continually realized through the experience of Divine Love’s spherical time. This means your perfection already exists in its eternal fullness within Divine Love’s infinite awareness and the name of your perfection is one with the Story of its Life, or what we have called your Life Stream.

    The “dot” was created empty, but given a name that makes it one with the eternal, preexistent Life it shall experience in the perfect governance of Divine Love’s spherical time, ensuring that the preordained reflection of the name’s perfection is eternally increased. When the “dot” has been sufficiently prepared, it awakens in the awareness of Divine Love’s oneness, by which its empty awareness can be eternally filled, layer by layer and moment by moment. Divine Love individualized her infinite awareness as countless “dots”, so to speak, in order to give her Life to every name she created for herself, eternally sustaining their growth by giving her Love to all.

    To help you with this, imagine Divine Love wanting to experience the perfection of her Love. To do this she imagined individualizing her infinite awareness by creating limitless, ever-increasing names for the eternal Life each awareness would experience in her Love. By individualizing her infinite awareness, she could eternally grow by giving Loving Awareness to all from a finite center. As an individualized center of Divine Love’s Life, which is a finite, yet ever expanding awareness of the Life inherent in the individualized name it has received, gives it Loving Awareness to all in oneness, it receives back into its finite center, this same Love from all, which is perfect love. In this way Divine Love’s infinite awareness has birthed its own, for when her individualized, finite awareness receives Love back from all, it potentially receives infinitely more than it gave. You see, my beloved brothers and sisters, Divine Love had to individualize herself in order to experience perfect love, which is to receive Divine Love from all in oneness with Truth’s Will.

    However, when the soul is first created in perfection, it is like a “dot” without a name, which is to say without Life, existing in timelessness as a potential expression of Truth’s individualized name. Even so, these potentials exist, causing Truth’s Will to gain awareness of individualized existence. But as a “dot”, the soul is an empty center, which means the soul’s first awareness of Life is that it exists as an individual in “want”.

    • The dot, this potential for Truth’s expression as an individualized center of ever-increasing perfection, can be imagined as a soul without a name, which sleeps in unawareness, lacking understanding sufficient to create the Light needed to reveal its name. This darkness is how the soul is created in perfection and the initial unawareness of its name is necessary to prepare a Living Awareness to receive the ever-increasing awareness of its individualized name in the Fullness of Truth and with it the understanding of how to create spherical time in the infinite awareness of Truth’s Fullness. This is the same as simply saying perfection individualized its self-expression by creating a seed, a name that could eternally expand in the infinite awareness of its pre-existent Truth. The miracle of Divine Love is this, when an individualized center of Divine Love’s Truth joyfully gives its loving awareness to all, it receives more than what it has given, because all return their loving awareness back to the individualized center. Because a center always receives more than it gives, Divine Love expands its Life eternally, in the perfect working of spherical time.

      In timelessness, the Truth of Divine Love’s beauty can be infinitely explored, revealing an ever-increasing understanding of its beauty. However, in timelessness the perfection of Divine Love’s beauty can only be admired since timeless perfection exists but can not be experienced. In order for perfection to be experienced there must be the union of an empty awareness and the fullness of awareness associated with an individualized name. In the midst of this union there must also be perfect recollection of this same fullness, moment by moment, such that the empty awareness grows perfectly. As we have described earlier, this trifold union composes the living soul in time, where perfection is increasingly experienced as Truth’s Will perfectly governs the awareness of the name’s Truth in the realm of spherical time.

      Time is Loving Awareness because the perfection of Divine Love is Truth’s Will in time, individualized and made one with the soul. The soul creates spherical time, doing so as Truth’s Will perfectly governs the awareness of its name, by which its individual Life is increasingly expressed in the ever-growing awareness of its Truth. Time is one and spherical time is individualized oneness in time, creating a spherical self that reflects the soul’s current awareness of its name. This understanding reveals a great mystery; although time is one, the experience in time is individualized and always uniquely reflects the Truth in the soul’s awareness.

      The awareness of Divine Love dissolves all fear from the experience of time. When the soul has awakened in Divine Love’s oneness, it has awakened in spherical time, where its awareness of Truth is perfectly governed in a peace beyond all understanding, for its source is timelessness and there is nothing of fear that can enter it. More than this, time is the experience of Divine Love’s perfection, in which Truth’s Will goes before you to ensure your future is always more perfect than your present. Nothing can interfere with the perfection of spherical time because God’s perfection is in it.

      It has been written that God said “Let there be Light.” It means this, “Let that which can not love, love perfectly.” Thus the soul was created as loveless awareness, which is the unawareness of Truth’s Life, that it may recognize its “want” and seek for Love’s Truth, which is its Life. As embryonic awareness continually and purposely directs its will to seek Truth in the womb of unawareness, Truth assembles the awareness of itself as a temple, preparing a place for the soul’s Life to reside. And the more it seeks, the harder the journey through time becomes as all that was falsely believed to be good is stripped away so that the oneness of Truth’s Love can be recognized. The journey that leads to Life is very, very difficult because as the Truth of Life’s Temple is built, layer by layer within the soul’s awareness, it begins to change the experience of time, causing people, places and things to dissolve, fading out of your experience. Though this process can be challenging, and even feel like loss, these experiences had unknowingly bound you to linear time. Most can not let go and the building of their temple stops, causing it to remain incomplete. This is why the world of linear time can not be overcome and why death appears inevitable. But thanks be to you, the faithful seeker of Light, who despite the suffering you endured along the way that leads to Life, have found the oneness for which you have sought. You have overcome the lies of this world because the Light that is within you, the very Will of God, has already gone before you and overcome the world.

      • “Time is loving awareness” … and in this it is a purifying fire, purging, cleansing and refining all in time. The living, loving awareness of Mother-Father God has entered the dream, ending the nightmare and awakening the children into the ever-expanding Kingdom of Peace.

        There are so many treasures found in your words … how grateful I am to be reading them. What an incredible understanding of “Let there be Light.” The fire of the Holy Flame, now lit, gives light to the world. The Morning Star is rising. This difficult journey removed the dross (animal consciousness) from the soul enabling it to love perfectly through its oneness with Divine Love and Truth’s Will. As a result of this journey, the soul turned its life energy upward and now sits in the invincible guard of the firmament, shining as a Light to the world.

    • Imagine the impossible has been made possible and perfection now exists because it has been built up in your awareness. Perfection is oneness and the Truth of perfection’s oneness can not be understood from within itself. Yet, this is how every soul is created, in oneness, able only to perceive the Truth of itself from within itself, which is to say in the awareness of “time” it experiences. Linear time is simply a covering needed to prepare your soul for the opening of your living gate by which the truthful awareness of oneness is attained. Linear time is like a two-edged sword, and is represented as the guard standing before your gate. When a soul has been prepared to receive its name, its awareness is placed in linear time. This is the realm of unawareness and it is a very dark place. In this realm, time is programmed to destroy. In darkened unawareness, the experience of time is momentarily separated from the perfection of Truth’s Will, which is Divine Love’s expression in time.

      When a soul, now possessing a name, is dropped into time, its name awakens within itself, mistakenly assuming the darkness of its unawareness is the oneness it knows itself to be. It means this, “I looked about my world and determined what I would be.” Time is not the source of the Truth and therefore the oneness of “I” can not be understood when its name is perceived by looking into its world. Therefore, when “I” awakens and assumes the time of its own creation is the Light of Truth, the name is consumed in linear time, where the future of its being is unknown. This is the only way in which the Truth of “I” can be individualized and for this individualization to be created, the name had to experience Life in linear time, such that the perfection of its Life could be witnessed from above.

      Imagine that the way that leads to Life is like a “living maze” called time. Time’s purpose is to lead your awareness into the oneness of the Love that created you, but of which you, being a newly awakened name, are as yet totally unaware. The living maze of time is shaped moment by moment, formed in the Light of Truth reflected by the soul’s Tree of Life. Initially this Tree of Life is like a seed covered in the darkness of unawareness, a dot of potential yet lacking the Life needed to realize its potential because the Truth of its name can not be understood in darkness. Imagine this seed, having been planted underground, eventually receives the “call” of rain. What happens? The seed’s potential hears a call to find the source of its Life and pushes toward the sun. Linear time can be considered that which guides the soul’s will as it pushes through the darkness of unawareness in order to find the Light of Truth and become one with the source of Life. Due to the darkness, linear time can only lead the soul’s will through the mechanism of “correction”, which it does by creating obstacles, dead-ends and pitfalls in order to prompt the soul that its will is leading it astray and not toward the Light of Life.

      When, in the living maze of time, the soul’s will recognizes its way has been impeded, it can turn and go a new way, having learned that its current path does not lead to the Life it seeks. When the soul’s will heeds time’s correction and grows in the awareness of Truth, time’s living maze adjusts, making its paths smooth and its way peaceful, until once again the soul’s will pushes in the wrong direction and it stumbles once again into another obstacle. Time is a corrector and as long as the soul directs its will to seek the Truth of God, which is the source of Life and the perfection from which it came, time’s living maze shapes a pathway through the darkness, until inevitably it leads the soul into Perfection’s Light and the awareness of its oneness with Divine Love’s Will. When the soul’s awareness at last breaks out of the darkness, the Light of Day reveals the oneness of its name in Truth.

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