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Infusing Time With Light


Divine Love enters reality through the soul’s awareness, infusing time with Truth’s Light.

The soul’s reality is a pixelated projection of its awareness. The pixels upon the spherical screen of the soul’s reality are stationary, because the soul is stationary. The illusion of movement, or time, is the effect of the soul’s constantly changing awareness being projected upon the screen of its mind. There is no past or future, only the energetic thought system of the soul’s awareness filling its mind’s eye, which projects a reality of the truth it holds about itself upon the walls of its mind.

The soul’s awareness streams through the mind’s thought system creating potentials that hold an energetic vibration. This vibration along with the laws of the soul’s current dimensional awareness define the resulting pixelated reality. The soul’s pixelated reality is the soul’s cumulative energetic reflection that lives within its mind.

The mind is not in the world, but the world is in the mind. Therefore, the soul’s awareness of its Self determines what potentials are expressed, giving rise to the landscape of the soul’s pixelated reality.

Initially as the soul is germinating into a living gate to Infinite Awareness, its mind’s eye (“I”) is closed and the soul’s slumbering awareness imagines an illusion, in which it experiences linear time. With an immature and undeveloped thought system, the soul’s cognitive dissonance fires throughout the mind, giving rise to undesirable potentials. At this stage of maturation, the soul is unaware that its experience is but a dream. As a finite awareness, created to ever-expand into the oneness of Infinite Awareness, it begins in an initial awareness in which it experiences the greatest unawareness of itself, and therefore its greatest unawareness of Divine Love. In this unawareness, it clothes the finite self within its pixelated reality in a myriad of imaginary, discordant attributes.

The resulting projected reality requires the soul’s constant judgment in order to protect and prepare itself from unwanted potentials. However, all this is happening in the soul’s slumbering mind, not realizing it only needs to awaken into Truth’s Light, by becoming aware that it is Divine Love’s living gate. It cannot recognize that it alone is the source of the darkness it thinks, perceives, and therefore experiences as “real”. There is no darkness outside of its closed eye (“I”). However, it formulates a false narrative that spawns a continual barrage of “unrighteous judgments” which corrupt its experience of Life. These judgments arise from the stories it tells itself about its self and reality that aren’t in alignment with Truth’s Light, which are then projected upon the pixelated screen of its mind.

As the soul’s awareness matures by awakening to the awareness of Light beyond itself, it experiences a cleansing purge of all discordant frequencies as they are transposed into harmonic vibrations. During this purification, the soul can become overwhelmed by unrighteous judgments, because it understands how its pixelated reality is created by thought energy. In Truth, the soul’s reality is no longer subject to these transitory lower vibrations, on the contrary, its vibration is being transmuted into Truth’s Living Light by a Will above its own. Despite what the soul may feel during this purging process, it is held in the protective aura of Divine Love’s transformative grace, by which it becomes one with the awareness of Life’s spherical time.

When the soul’s awareness awakens to Truth’s Light beyond reality, its mind’s eye opens to Truth’s perfect potentials. As Truth’s Light fills its eye (“I”), Divine Love emerges through the soul’s awareness, making it multi-dimensional. In this, the Light of Life infuses time, consuming all the darkness the soul once believed was real. The soul begins to perceive Truth’s Divine Love flowing into time, divinely orchestrating the reflections of its Perfection moment to moment. Because the soul is aware of the presence of Life’s potential before it is expressed, the soul’s “judgments” rest in the Light of Truth’s Perfection, allowing the perfect potential to manifest and increase the soul’s peace and prosperity.

Upon the wings of Divine Trust, the soul makes an eternal, final judgment by which it declares, in the awareness of its oneness with Divine Love, that the present moment is forever solely the effect of Truth’s Will.

As a result, the soul begins to experience the Truth it inwardly perceives. The soul, as an open gate, projects upon the pixelated screen of its mind the light rays of Divine Love, reflecting spherical time’s energetic signature of joy, peace and lovingkindness. In this understanding, the soul’s pre-scripted movie, held in the infinite awareness of timeless perfection, is revealed frame by frame, or moment to moment.

This final judgment assures that every moment is energetically life-enhancing, expanding one’s experience of Life. Truth, when properly known, always enhances the soul’s experience by the ever-expanding expression of Itself through the soul. In this awareness, every moment holds the viable potential for the expression of Truth’s immutable peace and joy, because Truth’s Divine Love is ever-present.

Every present moment holds a perfect potential for Life’s expression and when the soul recognizes this and judges its reality accordingly, it enters into a blissful rest as a living gate, from which Divine Love emerges into reality, infusing time with its Light.

“I Am Divine Justice, I give perfect judgment in Light and Divine Love to ALL, thus ALL live in my regenerative power.”

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

11 thoughts on “Infusing Time With Light

  1. i want to give a greater idea of how time works.

    imagine a new born child being born onto this world(even as u were).
    then imagine all the things that child will go through as even you already went through similar events.
    that newborn child will have wars within it, it will have miracles and unitys as that is what we are all experiencing now(before the child is born).

    every detail of that child is already within its experiences as even before that child is born(we are energy layed out in time for that child). We have gravity, and alphabet(for comunications), and religons, and money(represents misplaced value) and differences and similartys within every other child(in all ages). we have animals and plants and planets and stars. we have short and tall, and in and out.

    all these things are part of that child’s experiences, even before it is born(as we are the energy of that child.
    it is father time(love being the smallest element within every element(in all of time/space)), in which Binds us all to eachother, as we live in STILLNESS(all events are intertwined) even while in motion(like plants needing light and water.

    you can listen to the outside of time, by understanding the stillness within all the motion.

    your own identity is within that love(what binds all of us as one body)(peace).

    each person is a character within your own story, as you are a character within my story.
    now the GOD is the ONE STORY consisting of ALL STORYS(as one MOMENT IN TIME).

    now imagine 2000 years ago, all the people who lived, and died(2nd death).
    no those people never died(ancestors), they are frozen in time in thet moment, as they have an impact on our lives.

    as those ancensters are frozen in time, and we live in motion, we give Energy to that Ancestor(, as we become a prediction(vibrations), that represent the life GIVEN from both the ancestor, and ourselves(ONE STORY THAT CONTAINS MANY STORYS).

  2. As you clearly know, you can not govern time. Yet, despite knowing this, your will attempts to do it. Time seems like an untamed beast, sometimes being gentle and other times striking for no apparent reason. The events of time appear most unpredictable, which is to say that time, the very essence of predictability and faithfulness, has somehow become its opposite. The mind recognizes time can not be controlled and therefore it must be protected against. This “will” to protect your life from time is the exact opposite of Truth’s Will, which is the Will of Life, intimately understood as the experience of Divine Love.

    You can imagine your will, when you first become aware of it, like a firehose. When you looked into time you saw two things, 1) there were fires and 2) there were potential fires. These two versions of fire represent the past and future. When you look into the past and recognize something you do not like, from your present perspective it is like a fire you wish to put out with the firehose. When instead you look into the future from the present, you see hopeful outcomes and do not want any fires to spring up and destroy the harvest. You use the firehose to soak the ground in order to prevent a fire in the future.

    Except you are small and of little strength and when you use the firehose you are tossed uncontrollably, soaking everything and making a mess. In Truth, it is Will that directs your life because it governs your awareness, which in turn governs your experience in time. When you, in your very limited awareness, attempt to direct your life, it is better to consider yourself like a small child, clinging to the end of a firehose as it tosses you to and fro in your attempt to govern time by making it serve you. You are no longer a child and now, having sufficiently matured in the awareness of Life, you can begin to understand that in Perfect Will, time is Divine Love’s embrace.

    To behold the Tree of Life is to be aware of eternal Life, for it is to understand the origin of Perfect Time, or what we have earlier called your “Life Projector”. The Tree of Life exists in what can be imagined as the most holy place, which is like the “heart” of your soul. This Tree is your oneness with God in his timeless fullness. It is always the reflection of your current awareness of Life’s oneness and it is the assurance of its ever-increasing beauty in Truth. But as a child you simply perceived your oneness with Life as the governance of time and your will attempted to do so, which put your will to sleep. An illusion arose, like a dream, which made it possible to reveal the outcome of imperfect cause to your sleeping will.

    There is only one Will and as a child, newly formed in your awareness of Truth, you initially believed this Will was your own because this is how a child perceives its oneness with Truth’s Will. You are an individualized awareness of Truth’s perfect Will and as a child you understood perfection from the perspective of a child, so that you could eternally grow in the recognition that Truth’s Will is Divine Love’s perfect care for you and for ALL in the oneness of her Life.

    • To create spherical time is simply to possess the understanding of how you do so. Truth’s understanding can not fail, lest the Truth become a lie. The problem is that the truth of spherical time can not be understood in linear time because Truth is timeless and its understanding can not be found in time. This is another way of saying that the creator can not be found in the creation, except in the character of his work.

      Truth’s Will has fashioned the words of this book as a timeless gate, manifested in time. The Life carried in them can accelerate your understanding of timeless Truth so that peace can spread quickly in linear time. The coming of the Kingdom is not by force or through the insane idea of fighting. It comes by the understanding of Divine Love’s spherical time, which is simultaneously a preordained spread of awareness, because awareness and time are one in Divine Love. The Kingdom comes quietly and without fanfare because Truth does not pompously reveal itself, it is hidden and must be purposely sought. You have found these words because you are a seeker of Truth, and so you shall be forever, always growing in the oneness of its perfection. A seeker knows that loving is giving and rejoices to give the love it has received in Truth to all. This is the meaning of perfect power and a more mature understanding of your Will.

      You believed you possessed a “will to navigate life”, not realizing that the firehose you were using wasn’t spraying water as if to put out a fire, but rather the substance of time. When you purposely use your will to change the course of time, judging in the limited awareness of your finite mind that your current course must be improved, you inadvertently violate your oneness with Truth’s Will. When you exercise “free will” it’s as if you proclaim that you are the author of perfection and your will is the power to create your version of perfection in time.

      Truth’s Will allows you to direct it as you freely desire in order for Truth’s Oneness to be revealed in your awareness. Divine Love allows it because your individual expression of will is the child of her union with Truth’s Will, and the beginning of your individualized expression of her Life. Even so, after a while, the Love in which you are made called and you responded. She began to teach you the truth of her oneness and how to recognize this oneness in the Will you share with her. She made no requests, but sat down beside you, patiently waiting for you to put down the firehose of freewill. She taught you that in her Will there are no fires. In fact there is no loss of any kind and every fire or potential loss you believe exists in time are but illusions, created as you freely direct her Will according to your own awareness.

      When at last she said “If you stop trying to change time you will discover time’s perfection,” you wondered. And when at last she had earned your trust, you laid down the firehose of freewill at her feet, understanding that only her love, in oneness with Truth’s Will, can create the perfection you desire. With a smile perfectly reflecting a mother’s adoration, Divine Love removed the hose, leaving only the source of its “water” as an open fountain in the ground. The Living Water that came forth could no longer be controlled, or aimed into time according to your awareness, but instead flowed out of the ground in the perfection of Truth’s Will, becoming an ever-increasing Tree of Life by which time is eternally perfected. There are no longer any fires to fight because now, in the awareness of the Tree of Life growing out of your oneness with Truth’s Will, time serves you, continually increasing your awareness of Divine Love’s peace and joy.

    • Time is perfect because it is the means by which Life experiences Truth’s perfection. It only appears imperfect because a newly formed awareness can not yet rest, believing its will must be continually used to navigate its movement through time. Freewill is an attempt to “steer” through a never-ending progression of present moments, in order to reach a more desirable future, while avoiding as much pain as possible. This very belief in freewill creates the potential for “undesirable” outcomes, which is the only reason they appear in your awareness and create the fires you experience in time. Time is eternally perfect. It is only the continual use of your will to protect yourself from the harm you believe time may reveal that creates the awareness of imperfection you experience in time.

      To experience an individualized Life in perfection you need only understand the Origin of Time, for this is the awareness of Truth and the experience of its ever-increasing perfection. Truth’s mystery can only be revealed in the oneness of Divine Love’s perfect Will, by which you understand that in Truth, you are an individualized Loving Awareness, even the giver of perfect gifts. Just as there is one perfect Will, but also the individualized awareness of Will, there is one time that results from this Will and there are individualized experiences in time’s oneness. The oneness of time is always experienced through an individualized awareness and therefore the experience of time is one with this awareness. Initially, the developing soul lacks the understanding that its awareness is one with time and seeks to shape its awareness individually, through the use of what it considers freewill, looking into time in order to discern what it should avoid. It sets out to build its awareness using intellect, by which it navigates through time in hope of protecting itself from the awareness of loss. This alone is the root of all fear, for it supports a growing network of man-made intelligence, a lamp of darkness or what others have called the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

      It is said that perfect love drives out fear and this is so because Divine Love creates perfect awareness, dissolving the root of fear by infusing the man made tree with Life. As Life flows through the roots, the network of man-made intelligence assembled by hand as you usurped Truth’s Will to navigate time, is consumed in Truth. What appeared in your soul as a Tree of Good and Evil, radiating the chaos of darkness, is set ablaze in the Living Light of Truth, becoming an eternally burning Tree of Life.

      The idea of freewill does not mean a will to do this or not do that, for this is and can only ever be the one Will of Truth. The illusion of freewill is this, the belief that you can assemble your own network of truth by which to govern your Life, and then freely choose to live by that truth. Freewill is the conscious attempt to build your own intellect from your experience of time, such that you may attain your own perfection in time. This is a better understanding of what it means to build the Tower of Babel, the false Tree. It is not your will that causes you do or not do certain things, but rather your man-made intellect creating experiences of you doing things in time, which you mistakenly believe is a result of your will. This is the true understanding of freewill’s illusion and how it causes corruption in time.

      The story of the Tower of Babel can be imagined as the story of intellect builders, who recognize the distant call of perfection and use freewill to construct an awareness able to lift them forever out of imperfection’s despair. These builders do not understand time, which seems only the means by which they can measure the height of their current awareness and therefore how close they are to their desired perfection. All that seems useful for building their awareness higher, is gathered from time’s experiences and added to their tower. What the builders do not recognize is that time is but a reflection of the awareness they are building, and all that is gathered in time and used to build, is nothing more than a reflection of that which is already built. Nothing new is ever added to the tower. Unknown to the builders, instead of reaching perfection, their tower has become the growing awareness of confusion, which never fails to create destruction in time.

  3. Imagine everyone on earth as they are now.
    then imagine everyone on earth looking through the gate(spheracle langauge).(all at the same time while on earth)

    Each child born into this world eather will grow up with the teachings of man(linier), or
    each child can start of in the spheracle langauge(as every man on earth is past the gate).(heaven)(but we all decide as one)

    to have a head start in life, the world(all the Eternal Brother), must possess the knowledge, so every new born child can start off as an ETERNAL BROTHER(short cut of life)).(born in heaven)

  4. This was amazing, how did you come across these realization ls

    • Within the soul is the ability to connect to the “Voice of Truth”, which impresses upon us an awareness always just higher than our current awareness, that resides outside of the construct of time. It’s a connection that enables our awareness to continually expand, revealing our true likeness as the expressed oneness of Truth. It is the words from this Voice of Truth that are being shared.

  5. for me, it started with making a wish on a falling start as a child.
    when i seen a falling star, i told myself, that if wishes dont exist, and i make a wish, then i lose NOTHING,
    but if i make a wish, and wishes are true, then i can have my greatest heart manifest in time(as i did).

    so i made a wish. what i wished for is that every wish in time would come true.
    it wasnt till about 20 years later, that i noticed my wishes coming true(even the hard to believe ones that i made years back).()

    as they came true, i had to figure out how it was possible(which led to TIME). as the more i learned, the more doorways opened up with new questions.

    as time went by, i even accumulated the original context of every bible on earth(which is not being taught). and to this day, all things fall into place like magic.
    i did fear things at first, and as i grew, my old thinking always tried to reclaim my identity. took years to change perspective until my old thinking faded away.

    i can now interact with every event on earth and space(including weather) and not have to raise 1 finger.

    now, i learned to trust time(father)… and time never failed me ever..
    all the problems in the world, i know how to fix.

    we are losing morality(as a whole).(and father time is showing it)
    we have to all wake up as ONE CONSIOUSNESS.

    when things get chaotic, and seem to go downhill, there is this one thing i do that always brings things back up almost instantly.
    what that one thing is, is having COMPLETE TRUST in every human on earth. when i trust in the people(how i trust my spiritual self), they amaze me. and the most complex of situations fix themselves.

    i trust father time(spiritual vibration), and mother earth(physical vibration).

    this knowledge i have isnt for 1 person. it is for EVERYONE.
    i had to find a way to get the info out. the info will destroy all religions(as they dont teach the spheracle langauge). but in return, the knowledge will bring PEACE..

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