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Seven Sacred Truths


As awakening dreamers, we witness the Light of Life dawning into reality. As we witness the Light, we know we are shining the Light.

Once our mind matures into a Living Gate for the Divine Mind so that it is able to receive Its divine thought, Truth goes forth like the shining of a lamp and Its Light is reflected in our reality.

There are seven mental constructs that prepare (mature) our mind to be a Living Gate so it can convey the holiness and timeless perfection of Truth. As these constructs converge in a harmonious integration within our mind, they create an eternally open door through which Truth flows allowing its Divine Radiance to be expressed in reality, so that we become the Light of the world. The harmonizing effect of these seven constructs is reflected in the seven musical notes and their illuminating presence is represented in the seven colors of the rainbow.

As our awareness increases in these seven constructs, our mind goes through a profound metamorphosis, which enables it to convey Truth’s holy and harmonious qualities into reality. Through this metamorphosis we transition from a counterfeit truth to Divine Truth. When we hold the counterfeit truth as true, the Truth is unknown. As the Truth becomes known, the counterfeit is made obsolete as it is clearly seen as a slumbering mind’s illusion. As a result, the mind is prepared to receive Divine thought, creating an inner feeling world of harmony, gratitude and peace that are outwardly experienced as healing miracles.

Our mind shifts from:

  1. Relative Truth to Absolute Truth
  2. Time to Timelessness
  3. Striving of Self-will to Emergence of Divine Will
  4. Judgment to Divine Forgiveness
  5. A Temporal Body of Lack to a Life-Giving Spirit of Abundance
  6. Creature to Creator
  7. Separation to Oneness

Transitioning out of a counterfeit truth which derived from a darkened mental space void of the Light of Truth, takes diligent and persistent attuning to the Spirit of Truth, Truth’s living voice. The mind bound in relative truth’s distortions can only receive the Truth drip by drip, like oil filling a lamp, because of the counterfeit truth it possesses in Truth’s place. When we believe something is our truth, we’ve assigned it the characteristic of immutability, thus to alter our truth is a methodical and diligent process. It’s only through our continual communion with the Spirit of Truth, who intimately knows our vast web of interlocking lies, that we break free from the illusions we exalted as true.

As our awareness increases, these overlapping and interconnected mental constructs reveal our true SELF, so that we come to understand who we are and how we create. Once our mind accepts the ever-present nature of these seven sacred constructs, then Truth flows through us, transforming reality by bringing forth the Light; which is the Righteous Reign of Absolute Goodness.

These seven constructs are deep and layered and their light fills the volume of this entire blog. Led by the Spirit of Truth, we ascend the primordial staircase and our awareness expands drip by drip until our mind is able to convey Truth. Our cumulative understanding transforms our mind into a Living Gate for the Divine Mind. Divine harmony and Divine love (Truth’s reflections) energize our lifestream, creating the highest good for all. The Divine Truth beyond us, flows through us, and into reality which reflects the Light of Life back to us. In this we witness ALL is ONE.

By shining the Truth into reality, the mind becomes a co-creator of miracles as the Living Light infuses the darkness with infinite intelligence and enfolding divine love bringing reflections of timeless perfection where shadows of death once dwelt. The ultimate miracle being the birth of our true SELF’s expression into reality.

And he said to me, “What do you see?” So I said, “I am looking, and there is a lampstand of solid gold with a bowl on top of it, and on the stand seven lamps with seven pipes to the seven lamps. ~ Zechariah 4:2

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

14 thoughts on “Seven Sacred Truths

  1. Ah, now we are arriving. And of course we have an intimate supply of sources to rely on in our experience to compare perfection to? Of course, we are able to see and understand perfection because we have never experienced it before, that is until now, seeing we have nothing within ourselves or within our lives to compare it to, then it must be timeless? By the advent of time is the only way we can describe perfection, by the suggestion that it is timeless then we were imperfect because time held us in bondage?So to find our perfection, we must step into a frame of no references, in which case we will define perfection? We can prove perfection, yet time cannot allow it. I have to enter another state of mind? So, perfection is a state of mind? Or is the mind simply creating a metaphor for something that isn’t true within ourselves? The mind is looking, but the mind is surmising, so that surmising makes it true, as long as we use the key word of “negative time”, we can consider that phrase perfection.
    If time is an illusion, I don’t think one can locate perfection. There is no reference point for it. So we begin cultivating love, to bring us back to what is actually outside~ that we need to bring in which is that relationship with God, who actually is that personality that is not that critical of us,, because He knew us before we had a concept of knowing. If we see our failures, our sin, then that has been annihilated and we can stop the striving for perfection because of Grace, forgiveness. Isn’t this what the Son of Man was telling us, before the striving became the Goal?

  2. Perfection doesnt need to be approved… it just lives within itself..(true love). (Life within the Elements)…(our identity also within that life)..

  3. We now recognize that a mind becomes consciously aware that it existed in darkness only after the separation from light has been dissolved. As long as separation from the light of absolute Truth exists, the mind is not consciously aware of either darkness or light. When oneness replaces separation, the mind RECOGNIZES that its awareness has changed from darkness to light, and that it is no longer separated from the light. The mind then KNOWS the source of light is its ONENESS with it.

    At this point our words shift into the frequency of LIFE. Previously when we spoke of the mind, we did so from the perspective of time and the darkened reality of separation. A mind that is separated from truth because it lacks the conscious awareness of Truth’s inherent timelessness is said to “dream”. A mind that dreams it has life does not yet live, but sleeps, that it may be prepared to awaken into life. A dreaming mind does not know it is dreaming, until, at last it is awakened, and this by truth’s perfect orchestration.

    In order that these words can be understood by minds yet dreaming, we will use symbols and expressions understood in the reality of time, that a proper picture of timelessness may be created. Timelessness is a reality without form, which the dreaming mind hazily comprehends as a “spiritual” reality, though it attempts to fill it with shapes and forms.

    In consideration of a better understanding, it is best to call the mind to paint new pictures, using new symbols, that a new reality may be more accurately imagined. At times old symbols will be used, such as the word “spiritual” in order to help the mind accept a new, more accurate symbol in its place.

    There are other words that have been so tarnished by the finite mind’s attempt to conform them to fit into its reality of time dependent images that they must be tediously reimagined such that the symbol’s truthful meaning can be properly understood. Truth is timeless and a mind still dreaming of time will need to go beyond the symbols and labels used to convey it, such that its formless nature can be observed.

    • Let us return to the nature and power of LIGHT. In the reality of timelessness Truth is the source of ALL because it is infused with the light of LIFE. Where truth is, there is light and where there is light there is life. Where life is, so too is God.

      Because truth is formless, it can be expressed in forms and symbols, yet not be bound by them. Instead all must be conformed to reflect Truth’s perfect expression and this “perfect reflection” is the better understanding of light.

      We now recognize that Truth shines its own light, and that this light reflects the creative power of God’s life. It is LIFE that causes all the mind perceives in symbols and forms to radiate truth. Thus truth is KNOWN by the life of God within it. When a sleeping mind awakens to truth, it does not mean that it has, of itself, discerned the knowledge of God, but rather that Truth has entered a readied mind, brining with it the light of KNOWING. Where there was once darkness, there is the awareness of light in the mind’s consciousness.

      As the mind developed, it sought to understand the truth of its Self and all its world by using its bodily senses to assign meaning (judgment) to all it perceived in its outer appearance world. When truth appears of itself, the mind instantly recognizes its light via an inner “sense” of perception the mind never knew it possessed. It’s as if the mind believed it was blind, only to discover by the light that its eyes functioned perfectly, but in the darkness did not know it could see. The mind “sees” the light of truth through what is better understood as the inner sense of KNOWING.

      How then is this light first conveyed into a mind which only knows of darkness? If the mind intimately believes that truth is only found in that which can be proven by the senses, to be revealed only through the symbols and forms of the outer appearance world, how is it able to recognize the truth in that which has no form? And since truth is formless, how can the sleeping mind, which is wholly dependent on forms, ever become conscious of its light?

    • We now enter a transition point between the world of time, and the timeless world of divine Truth. Time is the realm of the sleeping, developing mind, in which it believes it inhabits a world it did not create. Time is dependent on physical movement and applied force. Where there is great force, significant movement occurs, and where there is an absence of force, nothing moves.

      The mind, being non-physical and without form, is unable to exert physical force in its world, and therefore does not believe it has the ability to “move” its reality, nor the resulting belief that it can create. It therefore depends on a physical body for the force required to create movement and change its physical reality. The mind’s blindness to its creative power is a better understanding of the darkness of sleep.

      When at last Truth begins to illuminate the mind with the light of life, it brings the awareness of the creator’s power. For the first time the mind becomes aware that there is a creator greater than physical force. This is a significant transition in belief as it is directly opposed to everything the mind has come to understand is true about its world.

      Nevertheless, once the light of awareness has been conveyed into the mind, the belief in this “higher creator” takes root and continues to grow. Should the mind continue to cultivate this growing life within by “turning” to look more deeply into the light of this awareness, a greater understanding of the “higher creator’s” nature is continually recognized because the light will appear to grow brighter.

      The nature of mind is to hold Truth, which in turn creates the experiences the mind receives. When the mind develops in preparation for its role as a transducer of absolute truth into experience, it remains unaware of Truth’s creative “life” and its power to create all the mind experiences. As we have said, this “unawareness” is the better understanding of darkness and a necessary stage in the mind’s preparation to receive the power inherent in Truth’s creative life.

      Even in darkness the mind comprehends that truth is real, yet is unable to know what the concept of “real” actually means. Consequently, whatever the mind BELIEVES is true, it also believes is real. However, the darkness prevents the mind from recognizing that whatever it believes to be true actually creates all the mind believes to be real. This is a critical understanding because it reveals that the mind functions as a transducer of truth into expression, regardless of whether truth actually flows from the source of life, or is simply a false image created by the mind and believed to be true.

      Therefore, whatever the mind believes is true, even if it is but an illusion, is projected into an experience the mind interprets as real.

      How then does the mind surrender its illusions if they are believed to be true? If what sits in the mind as truth determines all the mind conceives as real, how can the mind ever let go of that which it believes is real? Is it even possible the mind would exchange the real in its world, for what initially appears as an “unreal” idea?

      As long as the mind believes its false images of truth are real, they can not be uprooted by anything the mind determines is “unreal”. Any idea not reflected in the images of the mind’s present belief will be rejected as unreal. Which begs the question, if absolute Truth is not believed, how then can it ever be accepted?

    • Because darkness prevents the mind from recognizing that the false image of truth it believes to be real still goes forth to create the REALity of its world, anything in its reality that contradicts its beliefs is considered unreal. Saying this more simply, the living truth can not enter the mind through any aspect of its created reality because it will not be believed.

      Belief sustains the mind in darkness, preventing the mind from becoming aware of its TRUE creative power. The mind experiences a world it believes is real, yet has no idea that it was created in the false image of truth it also believes is real. Without recognizing the source of its reality, the mind therefore believes that reality is the source of all it believes to be true. It’s as if the mind observed a reflection of itself and then believed it WAS this outer reflection. And it is this belief in the outer reflection as its truth that keeps the mind in darkness.

      Yet, as even the deepest darkness is immediately dispelled by light, so too does the light of truth instantly dispel even the most deceptive beliefs. Truth, when it enters the mind from its LIVING SOURCE, does not shine away false beliefs with “better” beliefs, but instead reflects something NEW to the mind, something altogether HIGHER.

      Instead of being believed, the living light of truth is KNOWN. The only way that belief in a false understanding of truth can be overcome is by mind’s ability to KNOW truth by its light as it enters the mind from its living source. Truth extends from life itself and therefore radiates the LIGHT OF LIFE because it reflects its source, which is recognized by the mind’s formerly latent “inner sense” of KNOWING. Because this sense is higher than the body’s senses of perception (by which belief is formed), knowing is able to overcome belief in all false images.

    • “Knowing” is a label used to paint a picture of the way in which Truth supersedes that which the mind “believes” to be true.

      What the mind believes is true, IS true to the mind, even if what it believes is misconstrued. Therefore, any construct that is contrary to that which the mind believes to be true is rejected as false. Since belief is a creation of judgment, and judgment is a creation of perception in time, the mind creates its own belief, and ultimately its own truth.

      Because the darkened mind doesn’t realize that the truth it creates goes forth to create its expression in reality, the mind unknowingly experiences a world of its own creation. A world the mind believes is real, yet is upheld only by its belief.

      “Belief” is a label used to describe that the mechanism by which illusion’s reflection appears as truth. Absolute truth, living and eternal, reflects the Life of its source, which we have labeled “light”. In contrast, since illusion is not absolute truth, it does not radiate light and can be considered “darkness”. When an illusion reflects darkness, the mind interprets this lack of light as a belief that there is light. This is why belief requires judgment, for the mind must perceive the darkness in order to decide whether or not to believe it is light. By this, some illusions are judged truthful, and others discarded as false. When the mind lifts up its authority and becomes the judge of truth, it unknowingly becomes the source of its truth and the creator-god of its illusionary world.

      Consider that a mind which creates its own truth, has in actuality used the mechanism of “belief” to separate itself from the idea that it can receive truth from a source higher than itself. And while the developing mind may BELIEVE there is a higher source of truth, as long as it relies on belief the mind remains in darkness, separated from union with this source.

      We recognize that “belief” is the mind’s judgment about that which it defines as true, and that it originates from the darkness of illusion. Therefore, as long as darkness remains, the mind will use “belief” to affirm that there is light. However, at the perfect moment, the life inherent in absolute truth begins to trickle into the mind, and its light shines in the darkness. This initial induction of light into a mind accustomed to darkness irrevocably transforms the mind by the KNOWLEDGE of light’s existence. Always had the mind used its power of judgment to determine whether an idea was true, then upholding that which it judged true by the power of belief. In the initial moment of light’s awareness, the mind awakens to the understanding that there is truth received without the mind’s judgment.

      Now there is light, and the mind recognizes truth because it KNOWS the LIFE within it. This monumental and transformative shift in conscious awareness has been labeled by many as a “spiritual awakening”. It can be better understood as the immediate recognition that there is truth that transcends the mind’s belief. We will use the label “knowing” to describe the mind’s awareness of that which is higher than belief, but it can be equally considered the proper understanding of “faith”.

    • How then is light carried into the mind? From where does it come? And since light is the radiance of LIFE, what effect does it have on the mind’s experience of reality?

      We have discussed that a darkened mind is one which lacks awareness of how the experience of its reality is created in truth. In darkness, the mind assumes it is separate from its reality of outer appearances and also subject to its limitations. When the mind observes its reality through the blindness of all it judged to be true, it “sees” immovable mountains and vast forests deeply rooted in the past, completely unaware that it is the mind itself that has established such things, and that it alone has the limitless power to recreate its experience in any way it desires according to the laws of divine harmony.

      The inflow of light can then be better understood as the growing awareness of the mind’s TRUE nature, as an extension of life’s creative power. In its blindness, the mind believes life exists only in the outer appearance world and separate from itself. But at the moment of its initial “spiritual awakening”, when the light of life appears within the mind’s conscious awareness, the mind becomes faintly aware of the existence of ETERNAL LIFE, and this by the LIFE within the light.

      When light appears, bringing with it the revelation of LIFE, the mind immediately recognizes that it has “appeared” in the mind like a revelatory “flash of lightning”, rather than carried into the mind through the use of intellect and judgment. Whereas the darkened mind had been accustomed to ascribing meaning to its outer appearance world, that it may determine what is good or bad through using judgment, light reflects its own meaning, declaring “this is good”.

      For the first time in the mind’s awareness it recognizes that which it KNOWS to be good, without using its habit of judging the good by its relationship to something bad. In darkness the mind had always used its own judgment to assess the good, and then upheld this “goodness” by believing it was true. When absolute truth enters the mind, the life within it radiates goodness, which the mind then KNOWS to be true.

      It is the immediate knowledge of goodness inherent in truth’s life that the mind recognizes as light. Here again we are reminded that the goodness of truth is established by the LIGHT OF KNOWING, rather than belief based on judgment.

    • Spiritual books have used “faith” as a label to describe the “knowing” reflected in the light of truth’s inherent LIFE. Thus faith does not come to the mind through its use of judgment, nor is it upheld by belief. Instead faith (knowing) comes by the inflow of living light truth carries into the mind, which is then “heard” or “seen” via the mind’s inner senses which are able to recognize LIFE.

      All judgment is sourced in the outer appearance of forms the mind perceives in its reality. Since truth is KNOWN without judgment, it does not enter through anything the mind perceives as separate, or “outside” itself. Thus truth is not found in outer images, or even in the outer words spoken through bodies controlled by other individualized minds.

      Absolute truth enters the mind from within the mind, revealing itself to be somehow ABOVE the mind, yet also one with it. Therefore, to understand the source of truth within, we must consider that which is in the mind and appears separate and distinctly higher, yet also one. In this consideration we recognize that our THOUGHT is a living gateway for the inflow of absolute truth.

      Truth is ONE, able to convey its absolute nature to the mind with out the requisite need for judgment to ascribe meaning. Truth is beyond the mind’s judgment because it is formless, and without the mind’s conscious awareness of distinct forms, judgment is impossible. Yet, how can that which is formless convey absolute meaning to a mind dependent on forms to interpret its reality? To the mind, that which has no form has no meaning. Since truth is formless, how then is its absolute meaning conveyed without error to every individualized mind?

      We see at last the genesis of truth’s creative power, for being without form yet full of life, it is able to CREATE forms within the mind by using THOUGHT. These thought-forms radiate the life that created them, which voice then conveys its intended meaning to the mind. Whereas a mind uses the forms of outer appearances to create judgements about that which it believes to be true, absolute truth creates living thought-forms by which perfect meaning is received in the mind without judgment.

    • While the mind sleeps it is unaware that all it believes to be true goes forth to create the reality it experiences. Whatever the mind upholds as truth, whether illusion or not, reflects itself back to the mind in experience. In sleep the mind does not know it creates its own reality by the projection of that which it believes to be true.

      Consequently the mind experiences a reality of darkness, which simply means it experiences the reflections of the false truth it upholds as REAL through belief. Because the mind believes these false ideas are REAL, it also believes their reflection is REAL. The sleeping mind does not understand the source of these reflections, yet believes in their reality. Thus, the mind rationalizes that the reflections, because it believes them real, must therefore be the source of the mind’s truth. Since the sleeping mind is unaware that whatever it BELIEVES is true actually goes forth to create a reality from its reflection, the mind ascribes the source of its truth to the reality it experiences. Darkness prevents the mind from knowing that truth is CREATIVE, even if it is but an illusion believed to be true.

      Truth is the central tenant of mind and the source of all it experiences. It exists in the so called center of mind, radiating outwardly to project its reflection back to the mind such that the mind may experience its Self. This experience is the “reality” in which the mind appears to exist. Thus the center of mind, where truth is stored, radiating its power outwardly to create the center of experience, can be considered the “holy place”, or the place of LIFE within the mind’s awareness.

      All that resides in this so called “holy place” goes forth to create the life the mind experiences. Before the mind receives awareness of the living light of absolute truth, its holy place is filled with the darkness of that which the mind judged true and full of light. Unbeknownst to the sleeping mind is that the darkness is given a form of life through belief. It is BELIEF that stands in the holy place of the mind, deceiving the mind into thinking that darkness is light and full of life, sending it forth to create a reality of darkness.

      Yet this belief, the source of darkness, is immediately consumed by the light of absolute (divine) truth when, in the perfect moment, it enters the mind’s holy place in the form of “revelatory thought”. Until this point, all the mind believed to be true had been received into the holy place from the outer appearance world through the mental assignment of meaning, and this by the mechanism of judgment.

      What the mind perceived in the apparent REALNESS of its outer appearance world was then judged to be true, carried into the holy place by the conduit of thought and given a form of life through belief. When absolute truth enters the mind, its inherent light reveals its source to be WITHIN THE HOLY PLACE, rather than the outer appearance world.

      This inner source of absolute truth is a new phenomenon for the now awakened mind, which it recognizes as REVELATION.

    • We have said that when absolute truth enters the mind it is immediately KNOWN TO BE TRUE, rather believed. We have also said that belief is a creation of the mind, used to uphold meaning the mind judged to be true. Before the light of truth enters, the mind is accustomed to trusting the authority of its own judgment to define truth, which it then establishes by infusing with belief.

      These judgments of meaning, which the mind believes to be true, BECOME ACTIVE and go forth to create experiences in the mind’s reality. Though the sleeping mind does not realize what it has done, BELIEF has given its illusions of truth creative power in the mind’s reality, just as if they were truth. This is the deeper understanding as to how darkness can appear as a messenger of light.

      All is purposeful in the process of a mind preparing to receive divine truth, which reflects an ABSOLUTE MEANING that is known, rather than believed, and is therefore above all judgment. Because divine truth is known, rather than judged to be true by an individualized mind, it is always received with perfect understanding in every individualized mind. When we speak of truth’s absolute nature, it is because its MEANING is always perfectly understood by the individualized mind receiving it. How is this possible?

      Unlike false images of truth, which are mental creations upheld by belief, divine truth is FULL OF LIFE because it is infused with the living presence of God. Divine truth is not created, but is rather the living expression of the creator. It is by the LIFE within that truth is given a VOICE, the so called “Spirit of Truth”, which can be “heard” by the mind as revelatory thought.

      As a mind develops in preparation to receive divine thought, it becomes increasingly inward looking which results from the growing awareness of its thought life. Where once the mind was more fully engaged in the outer appearance world, a mind prepared for light turns its conscious attention to its inner world of thought. As it does so, it hones its ability to “hear” this inner voice as the mind continues to process its experiences, its basis for judgment and the beliefs it upholds. The mind invests energy in developing the inner world of interconnected thoughts, attuning its ability to process meaning. And though its derived meaning is still without truth, its ability to convey thought increases in preparation for receiving the revelatory thought of divine truth.

  4. the heart is what you live in, and the mind is how you see the heart in which you live.
    (time/Direction = Creativity/mind)
    (space/Purpose = Logic/heart)

    the i am(which is source of the whole world/and universe as we think of it)
    i know that religion will call this new age and such things, but listen to that inner voice(the frequency that flows through the whole world). the HOLY SPIRIT is all of time… it binds all moments together(through that frequency)

    Again, we are all on the same paths(leading to the same ends)..

  5. i want to add a new dimension on what SACRED really is.
    through the ETERNAL, all of time is happening at the same time.
    for a prophet to consiously create, we have to DEDICATE a part of reality for an event to take place.
    when something of great value is to be created, we have to have SACRED space in time for that event to take hold(THROUGH ETERNAL LAWS). nothing shall change those SACRED EVENTS as they come from heart of the eternal(through all prophets).. ancestors are Creating this very moment in their own timeline. their timelines affects our timelines, as what we do affects theirs(the coutcome of HEART)… what we do in our own timelines show the strenghts of the prophets in their timelines(what we all do now can hur them of give them strenght).

    to live in truth(through eternal laws) is to live in other diminsions…. what is SACRED means it holds SPACE(logic of life).

    anything that is sacred must be played out in reality… every one of us is an element of that sacred space(outside of time).
    to read any bible on earth in its orignal context must understand the eternal diminsions of our being.

    • God, the eternal, does not ever need sacred time to create. He is able to create because of the power of the Word and the Holy Spirit. the only way you can follow Truth, and know Truth is to have a comprehension of who God is. The Word of God, says that Jesus Christ was the Express Image of God. the only way you can find what is sacred is to know what is precious, which is the Word of God. Jesus said beware of false prophets who come in My Name claiming “I am” He. Jesus will bring the love you need to your heart, cleansing you from the quest to achieve without love. God’s love is reaching out to you today. Their are no mediators, that he is requiring for you to find Him or to know Him.

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