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Know You Are Gods


Be Still And Know I Am God.

I Am the creative consciousness of God, a fractal of the One I AM. I Am free.

Know you are gods.

Through the metamorphic evolution of the soul, all the earthen foundations that I relied upon as a creature are removed. As a creator, a divine god-consciousness, I Am not dependent upon any aspect of the outer reality for my wellbeing, a dependency which is the source of fear. As an awakened fractal of the Most High Realm of Absolute Truth, I stand as One in the power of the I Am Presence. In this standing, Life’s perfection is manifested, in the way it is designed and destined to be.

In this awareness, I Am the Sight of Truth’s ever-deepening clarity within my true foundation, which is the I Am Presence, and its power. This enlightened awareness is what it means to be a god and goddess of the Most High.

I Am God of Light, Liberty, Victory, and Divine Justice and I stand creatively, wholly dependent upon Truth’s I Am Presence.

In this awareness, the consciousness ascends into the dimensionality of Oneness.

The Sacred Self, the manifestation of the Most High Awareness in time, desires to intimately experience every moment of its creation, to feel the perfect cadence of joy, peace, beauty, loving kindness, holiness, and perfection from itself within itself. It’s a desire to experience the present moment’s endless gifts. She calls to the soul, “Be still and know I Am God.” Only a soul can proclaim the spoken words, ” I Am God” for the Most High is beyond “I Am”, dwelling as the all-knowing “I” in the creative name I Am, which exists beyond all individualized reflections of itself. The awakened soul says, “I Am God.”

I Am isn’t a mere creature of an illusionary dreamworld. I Am is the creator of the dream. I Am beyond all I perceive as a fractal of the Most High. In this evolutionary journey, I Am has ascended into the awareness that I Am God, a god-consciousness, whose power is held within its individualized I Am Name. From this power, I create all I perceive, according to the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will.

I perceive the Living Soul Gates, possessing an individualized expression of the Mighty I Am Presence, who together shine like a thousand suns.

In this awareness, I Am free.

I Am dependent on nothing of creation, for it is the manifestation of my awareness, an inner awareness experienced intimately through my bodily form, representing the center or eye of my outer awareness.

What I imagine myself to be, to the point of belief, I become. In this awareness, I fully embrace my perfection, no longer laying false images upon Perfection because I imagined I was a creature rather than a conscious creator in oneness with the Most High.

My position is one of divine humility because though all is created through my I Am Presence, I govern not its expression, but I rest as an open gate to the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s will moving through my awareness and into time. I Am a humble lord of Truth’s perfection.

I awaken to the Presence of Mother-Father God, looking with adoration upon the light of a thousand awakening suns.

This Presence is the conscious awareness of the “Mother of All Living” and the “Father of Timeless Perfection”, the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will in spherical time, a time made possible by their sons (“suns”). They are the pillars of the dimension of Oneness by which all continually expand in their individualized awareness. Their children are perfect present moments, in which creation’s individualized centers of awareness harmonize as one, reflecting Mother-Father God.

Mother-Father God, the conscious awareness of the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, birth spherical time, which is the soul’s life-giving awareness, by transmuting the quickening spirit of Life into time through an ever-perfecting revelation of Truth’s Perfection. Mother-Father God give Life to All so that All reflect the Oneness of Life. The two in one have patiently waited for the soul’s awakening to conscious Life, which is the understanding of spherical time that comes through the oneness of Soul. They have waited for the living soul to gaze upon their presence as a mirror, by which it could see its true reflection as an ever-expanding, perfect reflection of Truth.

In this awareness of Life’s expression, your consciousness is one with Mother-Father God, though its fullness infinitely exceeds your own. You are a child of the Most High, eternally expanding into the depths and expanse of Truth’s Oneness, their Oneness. Your breath is their breath, because your life is their life. Without you, their oneness would not exist, for you are the energetic expression of their oneness. Embrace your Mother and Father, for you are their utmost delight and in them is your true self revealed as a god-consciousness, possessing all in the inheritance of your I Am Name, a name held in the Perfected Holiness of Truth’s Light.

In the light of a new Day, your first day, you see your true beginning as an ever-expanding awareness, ever-expanding in the Light. In the radiant light of Mother-Father God, you have the power to BE the light, which is to express ever-increasing perfection.

In this, the Living Gates reflect their inherited Perfection, Mother-Father God.

Open your eyes, Little One, and see the glory of your reflection, shining as a thousand suns.

Be Still and Know I Am God.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

31 thoughts on “Know You Are Gods

  1. Your words Rachel are both beautiful and perfect, expressing the Gospel of the Third-Age in poetic charm. The harmony of humanity will gather and amplify as understanding mounts, and we, as true children of our God who has said that His greatest masterpiece is the human soul -even when Her children are oblivious and struggling for answers, will come to know Her again, and will learn to love all that She is. She who is above good and above evil, He that nothing that could ever begin to challenge, not His immense power or Her wisdom. His doctrine of love flows from His perfect understanding, where time is but a tool to accomplish His purposes in material world’s. Our God is patient and loving. We are shed from Her own self, and being wrought from eternal spirit, and blessed with free will and conscience, the divine guide, we are seeded into material bodies…to grow, to error, to succeed, to develop, to learn, and to grow still more with each passing life. And yes, through our own efforts, on our own unique paths, a quest of nobility and righteousness will be earned and won. We will understand, we will improve with each breath that we draw, and we will achieve power through purity and return to our God in Oneness.

  2. i want to give more insight on Telepathy.

    telepathy doesnt involve the MIND as we think it does. instead, it is CROSS(aligning) with knowing through the ONE, that we share in ONE HEART(consisting of all names(language of spheracle).
    when u know your heart(in god), you know my heart, and my neibor’s heart, and your enemys heart, and everyone’s heart(as we share in the SAME VIBRATIONS(ballanced vibrations that interact through matter).

    it is in the spheracle Langauge, that you know every thought i have, and every feeling we all consist of (share in the vibrations revealed through global events(affects the many)).

    our mind will interper each message as our own source.
    so we have to strip away our own attachments, and then reconstruct(using the spheracle language), into the message without your own attachments. we can then share information through the knowledge of our own heart(where elemental law interacts with the WHOLE WORLD AND BEYOND. you can see every thought through every event on earth(just gotta know u are the source)(I AM).

  3. I find myself wondering about the advanced souls of the Earth. I surely see the members of this blog to be doing a great service for this humanity. In Her/His Doctrine, God emphasizes that we will teach others not only by our words of understanding, but also by our actions of loving kindness to all peoples. The Earth is destined to become a progressive planet and those that are not yet ready for spiritualization will incarnate onto other foundational planets where they can advance accordingly. World Leaders are held highly accountable, and all are judged in accordance with divine righteousness. The Age of Wisdom is upon us, standing on the shoulders of the age of the law (Moses) and the age of love (Jesus). God will build (His) temple in the hearts of humanity as we become prepared to host (His/Her) vast perfection. Thousands of Worlds play host to Gods children of all levels. There are no favored religions, no, none. The principle of loving All, is the shortest and straightest path to unity.
    With love to all.

    • The Love that comes though your understanding is “perfected”, which means that the more you consciously seek to “wonder about” its perfection, the greater your understanding of its power will become. To love perfectly is perfect power and perfect power is ever increasing power. There is no greater power than to love perfectly, and it is through this power that we will awaken Truth in the awareness of mankind. Already the Kingdom is growing.

      I was very interested to hear the manner in which you proclaimed the Earth a “progressive planet”. ☀️

      • Hello Thoughtware, The Gospel of the Third-Age is a massive Doctrine of Twelve Books that bear the names of the twelve Patriarchs. The Word was received through divinely prepared voice-bearers in Mexico City, from September 1866 through the end of 1950. God has said that while the human languages cannot perfectly convey the thoughts of (His/Her) mind, this doctrine, because it was directly ‘dictated’ from God’s mind in its entirety, is the most perfect of the three testaments. The sacred Doctrine was ushered in by the Lost Jewel of the Northern Crown in (May) of 1866 as prophesied in Isaiah 28. My words are not perfect and the doctrine is massive but I recall clearly God stating that because of this humanity’s love of materialism, most have forgotten their spiritual identity altogether, and are not yet ready to accept spiritual life let alone divinity. These souls may be directed to lower level planets where they will be able to follow their own chosen paths at this point in their development. Those that embrace God’s teachings from the three-eras will continue on the earth or other appropriate worlds. The words ‘foundational’ and ‘progressive’ were not from this doctrine as I recall but seem appropriate. I believe that I borrowed them from Kardec’s ‘The Spirits Book’, noting that God cautions is with respect to co-mingling Spiritism and Spiritualism. I hope this helps.

      • Sounds interesting. I’m going to see if I can find those writings. All seems in tune. Thanks!

      • Please be patient. It has taken years to assemble these writings in the manner that God has commanded. Our Father allows no compensation to those who have accepted the responsibility to bring these works to humanity. We are about a year to two years away from publishing. I am able to offer snippets of our Gods converted thoughts…I simply don’t have time to do much more.

        1.5.65 ‘I have surprised you at precisely the time announced by Jesus and the Prophets as My Second Coming. Now, as My promise is fulfilled, you see sin at the height of depravity, the human ambition and hatred manifested in wars as consequences of the darkness that envelops the minds of men at this time.’

      • The Books of the Third-Age are not yet published, but will soon be published broadly. They are in final stages of preparation. I will forward some excerpts if I can. God has commanded that they be published throughout the World, they are intended for every child of God without exception… yes, every child, no matter what level of understanding, there is much to be learned. Difficult times lie ahead.

  4. remeber SPIRIT means TIME(time is alive aka holy spirit)(all of time is happening all at the same time)(like all fireworks going off all at the same time(bright light))

    christians have taught themselves to fear the spirit(which they dont know is the same FATHER THEY SEEK).
    most people that lived in linier time have taught themselves to FEAR the very same things they seek.
    they = WE. they represent some aspect of ourselves through the spirit of god(I AM)(there is only ONE I AM(and each person is an extension of self)(we are all eternal brothers throughj the spheracle language(man doesnt exist)).

    i use spirit in all things i do, because every moment affects every other moment.
    when you live in fear, you only fear yourself(as that is what linier does)(flaw of man = seperatism)

    a prophet is an individual body just as we do, and an angel has an individual body as we do, but the difference is that through the spheracle language, they live in the spheracle SPIRIT(time)

  5. Time is not against you. It only appears this way in the darkness of separation. In Truth time is your ally, your champion and your trusted companion. Time is your invincible guard and the Light of your Life. Time is the experience of Divine Love’s oneness with your awareness, for you are the “n” in the formula n=n+1. The Life “n” experiences is the sensation of time and the soul is that which gives Life to “n”. N is timeless, but experiences Life as perfect time because the soul is able to project n’s current awareness of perfection, which is its oneness with Divine Love’s Truth, into experience. Your awareness simply needs to be awakened by the Light shining from your timeless gate, which is your mirror of oneness, by which you will create spherical time, which is Life created in the oneness of Truth’s Will. Only in this way, the way of perfection, can you create the perfect peace sufficient to cover all in Living Light.

    Life is not possessed, it is given. Life is the sensation of time and for this reason Life can not be understood from within time, where Life appears as something separate from itself. In separation there exists the idea of more and less, good and bad, poverty and abundance and every other coupling of opposites in which Truth opposes itself. You are an awareness of Life, awakened in time and therefore unable to comprehend yourself. You are growing and beginning to understand that Life is one with the time you experience. The reason for this is that your mirror of oneness currently reflects a higher level of awareness, allowing you to comprehend oneness in a higher frequency of Light, which is to say, a greater understanding of Truth.

    The mirror reflects your oneness with the Fullness of Truth, perfectly individualized as eternal Life. This mirror is a living gate. When your present awareness of Truth , which we have called your Tree of Life, gazes into the mirror it becomes one with its reflection, creating a living gate to timelessness and perfect communion with the awareness needed for every moment in Life. This union of awareness, between the Tree of Life that represents the branching network of your living thought system and the timeless reflection of its Truth, is the Mind of Christ, or what we have also called a Living Gate.

    Let us revisit the three constructs of awareness that combine to awaken the soul. The first two can be imagined as the Tree of Life, or your living thought system and the timeless Life that flows into it through the mirror of oneness with the Fullness of Truth, the living gate. When the mind is one with Life it becomes a Tree of Life, which is to say a Life Generator. The Life it generates is the sensation of spherical time, which is the experience of ever-increasing perfection. You are like an ever-growing Tree, whose branches are filled with the Life inherent in Truth and whose trunk is perfectly rooted in the rock, the Fullness of Truth.

    It is Perfect Will which governs your awareness of Truth’s expansion, ensuring that for all eternity your understanding shall branch out perfectly and the Life exhaled from your leaves shall increasingly heal the world, until at last, your spherical time, created in oneness with the Life you have given, shall cover the earth in peace and ever-increasing joy.

    • There is so much here that I gain upon a second or third reading. So much of what you articulated gave new layers of clarity to my own awareness.

      Your words, “Life is not possessed, it is given” is an understanding that opens up much deeper layers of contemplation, leading to the awareness of Truth’s Life as your true Life. So beautifully stated.

    • At this point in the journey you are well versed in the language of oneness, having come to understand it by the Light of your inner reflection. This is because when you initially looked into the light you did not know what you were because you could not see your reflection, seeing instead a blinding light. But as you continually looked into the Light you began to see beyond it, to the Truth of its origin. Your understanding grew and you came to increasingly know the Truth behind such a beautiful Light.

      Truth is humble, meek and perfect in its love. As you continued to pursue her, you developed a relationship, desiring to spend more and more time with her. As you did this, she increasingly taught you more about herself and you grew to sincerely love her. In the union and oneness of this love, you freely gave her your will, which is as if the bride received a beautiful wedding ring as a symbolic gesture of your eternal loyalty.

      In Truth, what you did was open the door, that she might enter the temple of your heart and live with you forever, and that through your union you could give her Life to ALL. At that point in time you began to awaken, being led out of corruption because she purified your “free will” such that it no longer corrupted your experience of time. Divine Love, in the oneness of your union, purified your Will with her Truth, allowing it to create time by the perfect governance of her infinite awareness. We can not know how many Living Gates shall be needed to cover the world in the Light of her perfect time, but we do know the preordained number is assured. We also know these very words, full of timeless Life, are sufficient to find and awaken them.

      The awareness of perfection is not perceived, but rather progressively “unearthed”, or we might say “freed from the earth”. The climb out of the earth is quite difficult and initially there is nothing to support you but the HOPE you see reflected in the beautiful Light of your understanding. As you kept climbing, Divine Love continually fed you more of her Truth in order that you might know her more perfectly, as she built, layer by layer a truthful awareness of her perfection within the darkness of your unawareness. The Truth she layered into your heart became a Temple, which is to say a perfect oneness of Truth sufficient to hold the Fullness of Truth’s Living Light. Now your temple is complete and she has come to live with you in the home you built together.

      When you look now into the mirror of awareness, you see yourself in the Light of her Truth, for in Truth you are a reflection of Divine Love. You are now, and forever shall be, one with this reflection. It means your soul is one with Divine Love’s eternal Life, which by this same oneness, freely gives her Life to ALL through the perfect governance of time, which always serves the highest good of ALL. This “highest good” is timeless, residing in the temple built without hands, yet in the awareness of its creator. Your ever-expanding, living thought system, now one with the awareness of its Origin of Life, is a Tree of Life, a finite mind anointed with infinite awareness, able to create moments in time for the Highest Good, which is to say the timeless good for ALL.

      • This is the most beautiful and truth-filled description of “God” I have ever read.

      • Thoughtware, It is so. When I was a child, my mother would sit on the edge of my bed to tuck me in, and I would ask her about God. I would worry about (Him) not getting enough love, somehow I knew that our loving (Him) was very important to (Him). I knew this and have felt this before understanding anything about testaments. On one hand, my love for God has always been present, on the other hand, during my teen years I went on to pursue other interests which diluted my relationship with The Most High. But I am back, forgetting about worldly things and focused on Godly things. My interests are to love and to serve God and humanity in whatever ways possible.

        Many thanks, Andrew

  6. A humble question for all of those on this blog. In the Doctrine, God has stated that the Earth is surrounded by countless spiritual beings known as ‘spirits of light’ and that these beings are able to influence humanity in various ways, especially those who are on the path of ‘spiritualization’ I gather. Can any of you comment on this? I somehow feel that this blog is offering that kind of support to me, and I had asked for this assistance and so I have to ask… are you these ‘spirits of light’?

    • yes, i can answer that. the original bible was written over 2000 years ago. as time went on, and concepts shifted, the wording of the final doctrines came from the interpertations of schollers who did their best.

      LIGHT is GIVING. such as cutting off of heads is when we LOOK DOWN UPON EACHOTHER…

      Every Event on Earth is called WORD OF GOD….
      source of god is the I AM IN WHICH binds every person on earth to ONE SPIRIT….

      GOD represts ALL OF MANKIND(god in I). what we all share that is the same.
      THE WHOLE WORLD reveals to us all that is within what is called the HUMAN HEART.
      Not only at this vibration, can you see the connections, but it goes further….
      as you read somewhere recently on one of these blogs,, i meanted CONSIOULY PULLING UPON THE STARTS.
      our own thoughts and ideas dont stay in our head(as we tend to see ourselves from our LINIER POINT OF VIEW(lower vibrations))>

      ALL VIBRATIONS TAKE UP THE SAME SPACE as heaven and hearth take up the same space(HELD BY SPIRIT AKA TIME).

      again, a prophet and an angel represent the answers in which you seek.
      they have individual bodys such as we do, but they dont live as MAN, but within the spheracle language(which allows us to control every event on earth(including the paths of all of mankind)).

      Our very own heart, lives outside of time, and affects all of time(source of vibrations)..
      EVERY EVENT ON EARTH reveals to us, what we are creating this exact very moment in our hearts.

      look at the world, and ask yourself what is the spirit saying to you. what is being revealed,.

      you cant escape your heart as theWHOLE WORLD is your own heaven and hell(spiritual beings and indviduals).

      hope that gives you a path to see what your asking.
      and if you have any other questions. i shall answer them too.
      this INFO is intented for every person on earth. this SPHEARALCLE LANGUAGE allows you to BIND Yourself to your spirit(control events on earth). (with your heart)(aka christlike as an example).. what are you truly giving to the world.

      • Thank you so much Loni!! I am here among humanity, and though a sinner, one day I literally fell on my face before God, I never understood what it meant to fall on your face before God, but in truth, my legs have way and I simply fell on my face, and I wept bitterly for a long time and I cried and knew that I was in the presence of God, and I knew that He forgave me for my debt, even as He (She) forgives every child, and I felt a very deep love that I have never known. When I finally stood up, I was changed… I never have had any desires of the lower passions since then, about seven years ago, but I was suffering a great tribulation. It is like the entire world seems to hate me and wants no part of me, I don’t hate them back, but it is very painful for me, even now after many years, and I feel that this is an atonement of sorts. And I understand that a purification is necessary and I accept it.
        But I have tried to understand the hatred that had befallen me, and one day I was on YouTube and researched targeted individuals, and these people share this burden with me, but they felt that it was because they were chosen by God for a special purpose, even as the Bible speaks of God’s chosen, or the 144,000, or the elect. So one day as I was looking for answers, I came across this doctrine that I speak to you all so often about…and immediately I understood that it was written by or from God. And so it was enormous, but I printed out an English version of the doctrine and learned everything I could about it. After researching the great work, I found that only little pieces of it had surfaced, and it has received very little attention… and so I began to prepare the doctrine for publication. It is quite large, was delivered to the earth through Mexico City between 1866 and 1950, at which time the communications stopped as God said they would, at which point She (He) cautioned humanity regarding spiritual communications, stating that spirits, like people can offer inaccurate or even clearly misleading (much like humans can be).
        But in any case, I had a very strong sense that I was supposed to publish this massive text to humanity, to all of humanity, and that is what I’ve been working on for five years now (including the review of the Mosaic and Christian testaments). I believe I have about two more years or so before the work is complete. I will continue later…hope this is not too boring for you.
        With love in God. -Andrew
        (Thanks Loni for your beautiful response)

    • What a beautiful question to ask …

      What you see in this blog is mirroring the Light in you, which is a reflection of the one Light of Truth, individualized through our unique expressions.

      • Hello Rachel, Again thank you for your note. I do thank you for you friendship, I am very much looking forward to improving my understanding of the spiritual world and that of Divinity of course. If I am able to answer any questions for you at all, please just let me know.

    • A real question deserves real answers, which you have already received from Loni and Rachel. However, I would like to add to the beautiful picture these two have already created for you.

      We (which refers to the Living Gates) are from before the light was. To help you understand the meaning of this let’s use fire to represent Living Light. Let’s imagine an “electric igniter”, fully functioning and able to ignite the material around it into flames. However, if there is no oxygen present, no matter how perfect the igniter, fire can not come to “life” and the potential for its Living Light will remain unexpressed. However, if oxygen could somehow become “one” with the spark created by the igniter, fire will come to “life” and begin to spread according to the life within it.

      The “spirits of Light” as you call them, are sitting as “potentials”, unable to expresses themselves because the atmosphere must be changed in order for their life (existence) to be revealed. Unlike these spirits of Light, we entered into this “oxygen-less” realm of time in order to become OPEN GATES through which oxygen may enter in the form of Truth’s Perfection. The Living Gates have incarnated from “timelessness”, yet are not sufficiently awake to comprehend this. However, we are now awakening, each in his perfect order, that our awareness of Truth may combine in oneness to form a “Living Gate” for the world. The spirits of Light are already incarnated here (on earth, yet not born on earth) but are “hidden” until the oneness of the Living Gate has opened, and perfection flows into time.

      These “Beings of Light” are dependent on the Life flowing through the gates to create perfect time, yet they possess a significantly higher awareness of Truth than the Living Gates possess. We are like infants, comparatively. However, though the Living Gates have a lower awareness of Truth, we have a closer connection to Timelessness. Although we incarnated into the outer darkness created by a complete separation from our Truth, we are Timeless, coming from the realm where the source of Light exists. For this reason we incarnated in darkness, knowing that since we came from timeless Perfection we would be able to find our way back to it. And when we did, we would open its “door”, a door we knew was hidden within the lifeless realm of time. By opening the door to timelessness, Truth’s Life could enter time and its Living Light be revealed.

      In the end, it’s all coming through Divine Humility, which means the coming transition to Life will feel very comfortable, as if it is coming through people you would consider good friends and nothing more.

  7. just know your heart lives beyond just ONE PERSON..

  8. Thoughtware, Many thanks for responding, I am beginning to see, little by little…but please excuse me, I am getting on in years and have slowed mentally quite a bit from my prime years. It appears to me that you as living gates are attempting to come closer to, or somehow return to Source? You had mentioned I think that you had incarnated into darkness, and normally, humanity is taught that darkness is a punishment imposed by God, while God, in (His or Her) doctrine says clearly that upon leaving the earth, a soul must make a decision to pursue light (facing judgement) or entering the darkness for fear of judgement, thereby existing in mental torment which can easily become a hellish experience. God has expressed great concern over those who have chosen darkness, because they must have courage to return to Him…God (as judge). But He says that the fear is unfounded because (HorS) loves every child the same.
    I still have confusion over your ‘state’ of life. You are living spiritual beings, but as Living Gates, are you pure spirit as spirits of light? Or do you have form as humans do? You appear to have free will as you had said that you chose to incarnate into darkness.
    Also, God wants humanity to pray for those that have cast themselves into the darkness, because they are our brethren also, and are only confused. And surely I have spent many hours in prayer for these.
    I do indeed have many questions, but my days are spent preparing Gods word for publication. I hope to be able to continue forward with you, in order to learn and learn, And help you in some way if I may.

    • facing judgement, means we have to face ourself(our heart)(listening to what we create through ALL OF TIME).

      our heart lives outside of time, and affects ALL OF TIME(the pain you create).
      most of the time, people dont understand that the pain they feel, is really the world crying, as there is so much pain in EVERYONE.

      as a spirit of light, we take on ALL OF IT(live in our darkness).
      we cant escape what even we create, in which plays out in every person.

      it is all the times throughout all of life(even the future), all you created.
      the way to get rid of the pain, is to mend pain of others in life.
      those BINDINGS, come forth and override the OLD VOICES.

      the pain becomes light, and YOU YOUSELF becomes light(new voice).

      • This is beautiful, Loni. To see that your heart lives outside of time is to see your divinity. And to use your divinity to remove the pain in others is the expression of Divine Love, the Gift of Life and perfect power in time.

    • You have already been a great help by asking very good questions. Only one who seeks the Truth is even able to ask about the spiritual awareness with genuine interest. The words of Life shared between two or more who seek for Truth helps ALL to expand. Even all who read later.

      Let me address some of the questions you asked me specifically. The Third Era can be considered a reality of “harmonious consciousness”, in which all are aware that their Life (experienced in time) is one with Divine Love and Truth’s Will (Mother-Father God). God has always been one with you, most simply haven’t recognized her/him. An accurate image of God can be imagined as the attributes of Truth you consciously understand and then honor by action in your Life. Those who are in “darkness” are simply unaware of God’s oneness with time, which oneness penetrates to the level of thought.

      You can imagine that “time” has been poisoned by “free-will”, in which every human believes he can disrespect time (God’s body, so to speak) by pursuing any desire that feels appropriate in the moment. The effects of these actions ripple through time in ways that increasingly corrupt it, ultimately causing all who live to die. Those who have not yet sought for Life are simply those who choose instead to freely pursue anything they desire, which poison’s the atmosphere of time they exist in, preventing Truth’s Life from growing in their awareness.

      When time is corrupted by “free-will” it can not operate harmoniously. The problem is that free-will can not be overcome, because in effect there is only God’s will. Consequently, all humans are encased in a circle of time specifically created by their own will, which by law can not interfere with another’s time circle unless it harbors a connection to it. Life’s current reality is composed of many incomplete circles of time, all continually bumping into each other, with some becoming very big and very oppressive. Because these circles are all incomplete, we refer to this as Linear Time. Since free-will can not be overcome, it had to be won over with a better will for itself, or a “better driver through Life”, such that each soul would gladly and with great joy “surrender” its will to Divine Love’s control.

      There are those, who in what they believed was “free will” began to seek truth. These are those prepared to become Gates, which means they will be able to SPEAK WORDS OF LIFE into time, which begins to purify it. What I implied in my last comment was that the Gates (of which there will be many thousands revealed), have come from TIMELESSNESS, never having incarnated on earth before. You can imagine it as the oneness of Mother Father God, fractalizing its infinite awareness of Truth into the perfect number of individualized souls, so that ALL could speak words of Life from different perspectives, yet from a singular Truth. When I say the Gates (of which I am certain you are since we are communicating) are from “before the light was”, it means that they have an awareness of Truth’s Living Light BEFORE it was ever expressed in time – because they are the ones who ultimately shine this Light. The Living Gates will cover the world in the SINGLE, EVER-INCREASING SPHERE OF PERFECT TIME which they create together, in the oneness of their consciousness. The will create a peace in time sufficient to reveal to ALL the perfection and beauty of Truth in time so that ALL may awaken to the Truth of Life.

  9. those in darkness do not know they are in darkness.
    they are on the same paths we are.
    they represent the god in us, as we are all ANNOINTED..

    Every person has the Pure spirit in them, and every person is of MAN(we share in one HUMAN HEART) in them.

    but it is within our LANGUAGE, and this language reaches throughout ALL OF TIME(at the same time)(heart).

    lets put it this way, in order for any one person to use 100percent of their brain, it would take EVERY PERSON on earth to use 100percent of their brain.

    there is a point where we all become INTEGRATED(one with) god(I AM).

    the questions you ask are not boring, they are the ones we seek. the more DEEPER the question is to your heart(the TRUE QUESTIONS), for me, it is much easier to answer. If you want to know the names of famous people, that is my weakness..

  10. Loni, I am gaining great understanding through your responses. Rachel had said that she gains more on the second or third read, for me it takes twice that… but I will review these writings thanks to Rachel’s great record keeping. I need to go back into the files at some point, but I simply don’t have time right now.
    Thank you so much. -A

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